Audm - The Atlantic, WIRED

Audm - The Atlantic, WIRED

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Audm - The Atlantic, WIRED App

Audm presents the world's best long-form journalism, read aloud word-for-word by celebrated audiobook narrators. Listen to hours' worth of new stories every week, from publications including: * The Atlantic * WIRED * BuzzFeed News * Esquire * Harper's Bazaar * Foreign Policy * The Daily Beast * The New York Review of Books * Outside Magazine * Backchannel * ProPublica * London Review of Books * Tablet Magazine * The Atavist * Epic Magazine * Pacific Standard * Guernica * World Policy Journal * The Bitter Southerner * The Marshall Project * The American Scholar * The Morning News Add stories to your playlist to download them, then listen on the go -- even with no Internet connection. Within a story, jump to any paragraph by tapping on it. Choose the narration speed you like best. After your free trial, you will be charged $6.99/month for access to the entire Audm catalogue. Payment will be handled through your iTunes account. The first charge will occur when your trial ends. Your subscription will automatically renew 24 hours before the end of each subscription period. You may cancel your subscription by going to iOS Settings > iTunes & App Stores > Apple ID > View Apple ID > Subscriptions > Manage. If you cancel in the middle of a subscription period, your cancelation will become effective at the end of that period. Terms of use and privacy policy:


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Audm - The Atlantic, WIRED app reviews

  • Excellent app for listening to articles 5/5

    By Platonicrythem
    I have an iPhone 7 running the latest software, it runs smoothly and I have had no issues. I can put my phone on standby and the audio still runs. The text automatically scrolls as you listen which is wonderful for reading it as you listen. I’m Very happy with this app!!
  • Slow buggy app but good concept 2/5

    By Cesar GC
    Gave up, Tried it for few months. The content is great but the app is literally unusable. User interface is slow buggy unresponsive. Downloads simply won't work.
  • Great service with a poor app 2/5

    By VictoryCig
    I love the Audm service. The articles and sources are top notch, and the readers are clear and expressive at various speeds. The app, however, is slow, often unresponsive, and sometimes crashes. It doesn't make use of standard iOS gestures or UI elements, and it doesn't provide enough visual feedback to indicate a user's interaction has been noticed by the app. (For example, selecting download for later doesn't give any feedback that it was tapped. The share button doesn't seem to work at all while listening to a story.) I'd love to see the app use native UI and implement better feedback. I'll likely allow my one month subscription to lapse, and may check the app out again after some updates.
  • Bad update 2/5

    By Jesse1244557
    I quite like this program but the latest update is a mess. I'm using an iPhone SE with latest version,and I seriously can't get any thing to play. Hate to have to end my subscription . Can you fix it? Update, September 15: I appreciate the response, but since it was made, 15 days have passed and all I received was a bill for $7.37. I've tried to be patient but it hasn't been a useful program for almost a month. I'd appreciate at least one free month to try to keep up my interest.
  • Forced Subscription and Limited Content 2/5

    By sixthhour
    Interesting idea but the forced subscription and limited content inhibit a positive user experience. To try out the app, you have to subscribe. Sure you can cancel the 3 day trial but good luck with that. You can't even cancel within the app. There should be free preview content. Even an excerpt of a story would be better than a forced subscription. Normally, I would delete an app with this gym membership style of subscription. Instead, I signed up and set a reminder to cancel my subscription. Now, to the content. I came here because of an Atlantic article. The article was fine. The readers voice took a little getting use to. It was a little to monotone and was hard to focus on at first. During the article I was annoyed how frequently the current US president's name and actions were mentioned, especially when it wasn't necessary. I don't like him nor this constant obsession with him. You might think this has nothing to do with the app. When I took a look at the other news sources, I realized that they are mostly unabashedly left wing sources. Even the technology magazine Wired has drifted from its roots in order to find a new audience. I'm looking for both sides to the story. A little left and a little right. Most of us are not extreme right or left. I want compelling stories without the petty drama. In an app like this, there needs to be more moderate content. I understand that this could change in the future. More international sources would be great too. I know you've got to start somewhere and this is a good start. I might give this app another chance. I'm just not sure I will want to pay in the future to find out if the app has improved.
  • Concept and Content Great. App - Not So Great 3/5

    By LDCYE
    As other review mention, the selection quality, long-form journalism made available for walks, car rides, etc. has been very enjoyable, although expensive. But the app itself has been very disappointing and frustrating. Running on iPhone 7 128GB version with latest iOS. It is slow to load and very unreliable while playing. If I begin play and have my screen shut off, it stops playing. In a 50 min audio article, I have had to open my phone (and the app, since control through Control Center doesn't seem to work) about 10 times to restart the audio. I went to the Audm website for troubleshooting or support, but found nothing.
  • Just the service I was looking for 5/5

    By Illustrate352
    But I suggest you reconsider of the app's name and the icon.... For an Audible and Podcast fan, the name and the image are not sticky enough. I think the app can grow much faster with rebranding.
  • Off the amateur podcast 2/5

    By Bay area runner
    Great app. Now I don't need to fully depend amateur podcasts. The selection can be improved but great start and love the long form on long runs. Pricing is an issue. Audible, Spotify etc has exponentially more stuff. I would say sure winner at 2.99 price point. Additional inputs after extensive use - Taking 2 stars off the review. 1. App is slow, especially navigation and performance in 4G areas. Used the app extensively at our Aspen retreat and Rocky Mountains roadtrip. Audible and Apple podcast and Spotify worked just fine. Not Audm. Simple caching is itself missing. 2. Content is great. Much better than anything out there. 3. Pricing is off at 6.99. This is more like a 1.99 to 2.99 app. Will be discontinuing.
  • Auth 4/5

    By listener20984
    //my bad, I didn't see the update, looking forward to trying out the app! Give your users other auth options - i.e. don't force them to authenticate using FB only.
  • Wonderful app 5/5

    By Iced Teaparty
    The Audm app is edited by excellent editors who scour the literature news world for fascinating and valuable articles on a wide rand of topics. Articles are presented by skilled readers. A great experience for commuters, for those who'd like to be read to, and anyone who can't read but needs their information fix.
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By Elle 1957
    Audm is a fantastic way to be informed and entertained!! I'm enjoying the wide variety of articles from many different publications!
  • Learn Something New Every Day 5/5

    By culverfran
    Great curation of articles - I always find something interesting to listen to and most times it's a piece I wouldn't have picked up and read. I am constantly introduced to new subjects and I feel like I learn something every day. The readers are great, too, which is an issue I have with similar apps/programs. I am always recommending it to others - whether it's my 70 year old mother in law who likes to listen to books on tape or my 24 year old cousin who commutes an hour to work each this app.
  • Perfect for commutes 5/5

    By Audio142837
    This is the service I've been waiting for. The readers are the best I've heard anywhere and the partnership roster is fantastic. All of my favorite publishers in one place. As a lover of longform journalism, this app made me hate my commute exponentially less.
  • Totally worth it 5/5

    By Jerry2244
    Great to listen to while I exercise, drive, and get ready for work. Really high quality articles that are well chosen and well read. I use this everyday! Really worthwhile.
  • Happy subscriber 5/5

    By Mkatch
    I subscribed basically when Audm launched. No other service on the market works with better publishers or curates better content. I've discovered new publishers through Audm and gotten through articles I'd be scrambling to find the time to read anyway. The app is easy to use and intuitive. Now I can't live without Audm!
  • Quality audio articles for my commute 5/5

    By seven-up-coca-cola
    I love longform articles but it's difficult to find the time to read. You've solved that problem and I now have a great alternative to podcasts on my commute. Keep adding publishers, keep updating the app!
  • HWW1012 5/5

    By HWW1012
    This app gets me through my commutes everyday. Before I know it, my 30 minutes are up, and I'm left wanting to drive more to hear the end of these perfectly narrated stories!
  • Huge fan 5/5

    By Yoeeyoeeyo
    I've been waiting for an app like this. I'm a devoted audiobook listener and lover of longform journalism so this is a perfect fit for me. The app interface is sleek and intuitive. I just want them to produce more content. Can't get enough! I absolutely love Audm! I appreciate the wide range of articles, and in particular, the ones that focus on social and educational issues. The narrators are spectacular. I recommend this app wholeheartedly.
  • Great find 5/5

    By jw1951
    I stumbled across this app after seeing their audio on The Atlantic's page. I've never really had the patience for longer articles. Audm delivers this great journalism in wonderful audio form, which I listen to on my long commute. I don't particularly like podcasts. To me, this is way better. I've been recommending Audm to colleagues who also have longer commutes to work. This is a gem of an app! The stories are just terrific, nicely narrated and selected for a wide variety of interests. The political pieces are particularly compelling and now more than at any other time in US history has there been a need for in-depth articles that are articulate, concise, and deeply relevant. Bravo!
  • I'm impressed 5/5

    By Eliz22
    I'm totally a fan. I've been looking for something like this for awhile and am surprised at how first- rate the narrators and articles are. It feels like a curated news source for the best long-form articles I don't have time to read. Excellent publications and super well done!!!
  • Content, app, and customer service are all excellent!! 5/5

    By greenlimouzine
    This is the app I've been waiting for. Three cheers for Audm. I hope that they continue to expand the list of publications.
  • Buggggy 3/5

    By flashpirate
    * can't queue an article for download later with the + button while cellular data is disabled * audio skips and cuts while backgrounded * long delay when pausing and unpacking audio from lock screen * cannot always resume play back from lock screen or control center even if app is still open and was recently playing Please add player controls to main window outside the article view.
  • Great App 5/5

    By OneAppTooMany
    The Audm app is great for commuters on the train, I love the variety of content.
  • Love listening to The Atlantic to work! 5/5

    By Gustaf.A
    This is a great way to listen to your favorite magazines and I love it.
  • OMG Thank You - Great app, great content, great and diverse narration, just great 5/5

    By johnr97397
    I have long been a fan of long form journalism and for that reason will sometimes hoard magazines like Esquire or The Atlantic (and many others) because of that one piece I haven't yet read that without fail proves so informative and fulfilling to read. And now - to see this App that curates those articles and has them read by a VARIETY of PROFESSIONAL readers (if you subscribe to the New Yorker on Audible you’ll know why I’m emphasizing this) is INCREDIBLE. And hey folks - for quality you can't have free - the monthly cost is oh so worth the experience provided. I often find myself showing up to meet friends or loved ones after being immersed in a story and just having to gush about the experience I just had and then try to relay the things I learned that day.... so worth it!!! Please stay Audm, we need you, especially now - the diverse coverage on politics has been a refreshing change from the echo chamber I'm immersed in. Great app, great content, great and diverse narration, just great.
  • Wonderful App... 1/5

    By apfigueorajr
    But the price is steep for the content.
  • Beautiful App 3/5

    By BS701
    But $6.99 per month .....
  • Half done APP 1/5

    By Bill diggs
    I sign in via FB ACCOHNT then stuck on the last button, seeing the clock rolling then anything happen. Can not access in at all. I can't believe launch a new app with the bug like this.
  • Love It but... 4/5

    By Pumpkins68
    ...the price? That's the deal breaker for me, sadly. As a subscriber to prob 20+ print magazines, satellite radio, digital magazines and other monthly subscription items (monthly crates/blocks), I have to cutdown somewhere and the $6.99/month is the deal breaker for me. I don't want it to be but it is. I don't drink coffee or smoke get the idea...finding another $7+ (taxes, can't forget those) per month isn't in my budget. $2.99/month and I'm in, so in! Even a flat $40-50/year I could prob do. Any codes/discounts for teachers? 😬 Wonderful app that will only get better but I need a lower price.
  • Big win 5/5

    By Stick shaker
    A win if there ever was one. Lovers of podcasts will enjoy this new way to indulge In high quality media
  • Great articles, a number of app problems 4/5

    By CountBasil
    Enjoying the trial. Issues include: * Bluetooth controller buttons (eg on bluetooth headset or my Pebble watch) don't activate rewind/fast forward :( → I probably won't subscribe until this is fixed! * Share function doesn't work → Audm is really missing out, because they could have a plug for Audm at the bottom of the shared email, message, etc! Looking forward to improvements...
  • Great app, provides a unique service 5/5

    By ibprvdnc
    The concept behind this app is great. As a frequent podcast listener, this app allows me to consume news content in the same manner as a podcast -- in such a way that allows me to multitask. The app is well organized, elegant, and has high quality audio. But it could be even better if there was a way to filter the audio articles so that they can be ranked in terms of length or popularity. Hopefully, The New Yorker will be added to this app one day. The support staff is very helpful and friendly. The app is sometimes slow when loading the settings or main menu pages, but otherwise works fine.
  • Good Content, but Slow 3/5

    By Kenya Hudson
    I want to like this app because I like the content. However, it is a slow and quirky app. It takes several seconds to load the main screen and several more for buffering the article. There are oddly long pauses within narrations. Between the title and author and beginning of the text there is a long pause and similarly so between paragraphs. The pauses are long enough that I check my iphone to see if something is wrong. Sometimes the audio has simply stopped playing. I'm hoping that these problems are fixed in future updates.
  • High quality audio for high quality articles 5/5

    By alfhNY
    This app allows those without the ability or time to read hard copy to listen to high quality audio versions of long form articles. The selection of content and narrators is interesting and, importantly, diverse. Now I feel I am able to actually 'read' the things I want to whenever I happen to find a few moments, which is usually crushed between hundreds of other New Yorkers, to and from work!
  • Great idea! 5/5

    By Mee22two
    Awesome articles, great audio narration. Enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would.
  • I have been dreaming of this app 5/5

    By b41
    Excellent content, pleasant playback and easy to use. This is how I like to consume media. Saves your eyes and is less frenetic than other audiovisual sources of news. Hopefully more content coming soon to match the price. All in all, I'm hooked!
  • Cannot end trial period 2/5

    By Zeitmaus
    Not many titles included, and incredibly short trial period--3 days. Now I cannot end it so I may be automatically charged. (I followed instructions for stopping a subscription, but Audm isn't listed there.) The website has no support provided, and indicates no way to contact the developer. This should be reported to Apple and stopped. The two articles I listened to, from the Atlantic, were very well narrated.
  • Didn't Know I'd Like It But Now I'm Sold 5/5

    By texmelly
    When I heard about this app I was lukewarm on the idea. I don't have the patience to sit still and read longform articles in my daily life. But I like audiobooks so I thought I'd give it a try. Now I love this app. Its great to have these articles in audio form. I actually find myself opening up Audm more frequently than Audible. The performers are excellent and I can always find an article that interests me. I was also surprised that the app shows you a written version of the article in such an easy to follow along format. Very helpful.
  • Love the concept, love the design -Just want more 5/5

    By Avid reader now listener
    I love this concept, love this app. The only thing that could make it better would be more content : Harper's , New Republic, New Yorker!? The Economist, Science mags?- please guys? Though it is reminding me that I've been missing Foreign Policy and ProPublica - I can't wait to see this app G-R-O-W!
  • Well-read without reading 4/5

    By Reydio
    This app is what I've been waiting for. I'm an adult with ADHD. It's hard for me to sit down and read long form publications because my mind won't let me focus on sentences without going into this rabbit hole of spin-off ideas about the writing, the positionality of the writer, the content, the blind spots in the perspective, and so on. It makes it hard to read often and read a lot. This app helps me with all that. I can take in articles in a quarter of the time (thanks to double-time playback capabilities), which has made me feel so confident and well-read. I've struggled with achieving that feeling prior to his app because I'd barely get through one article in a day. Now, I just "read" 5 articles in an hour an fifteen minutes! It's perfect for listening/learning while cleaning, cooking, driving, or any other activity that takes your time but not your full attention. I see people have critiques about the price, which I get considering that there aren't many publications available just yet, but I'm trusting that the content will eventually expand. I also imagine that the developers are paying people money to read the articles so nicely, so I don't mind paying the $7 a month. 2 cups of Starbucks is not going to break my bank, even if I am currently unemployed. Get this. Pay for it, and be smarter for it.
  • Great Idea but too expensive for what is offered 5/5

    By Pfaef
    I think this is a great idea. But the offerings just don't match the $6.99 monthly fee. Too bad - I really liked this app.
  • Great Concept and Execution / Too Expensive 4/5

    By justinpaulware
    I love the concept behind this App. I listen to Podcasts constantly, and this fits right in with my news/media consumption habits. I'm in the middle of the trial, and I'm really enjoying the content, the high quality of the reading, and the interface. The Atlantic is what drew me in, and is definitely the content that I'm most drawn to here. That said, the subscription cost feels a bit high... I'd be happy to listen to some advertising, perhaps different subscription tiers could be introduced. I'm having a difficult time justifying paying to hear articles that are freely available to read with online advertising. Also, I'd love to see additional publications added, and the volume of content expand. The App itself is very attractive, though I have encountered some playback glitches. Love what you're doing and excited to see how it evolves. I want to subscribe after the trial ends, please make it worth it for me!!
  • Awesome but too expensive 3/5

    By Starkels
    The price point is too high given I can pull the same articles into other apps that will auto dictate for me for free and I already use the great curation of longform . The ease of use would be worth $4 a month to me not $7.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By DramaJP
    Cant set up this app because signing up with my email is glitchy. Terrible!!! Forces you to sign up with Facebook which im not going to do.
  • Where has this app been all my life?! 5/5

    By Nick p 57
    As a big podcast/audiobook fan I've been desperate for a way to listen to longform articles on my iPhone. Thank you, Audm! This app is exactly what I've been looking for! Instead of settling for the robot-Siri voice that reads back articles for me on other apps, Audm has some incredibly talented readers that really perform the stories. Plus the articles are all top notch -- consistently fascinating listens from the best journalists and publishers out there. Now anytime The Atlantic releases a new longform piece I'm eager to read, I head straight for my Audm app, where they've somehow already managed to post a beautiful recording of the same article. Love it! If you're a fan of podcasts, good journalism or storytelling, this is the app for you.
  • Just finished listening to My Family's Slave 5/5

    By Seito123
    Did not know this even existed but there was a link from The Atlantic and instantly fell in love. Will be listening to a lot more and couldn't be more excited!
  • Great 5/5

    By Popcorn fan
    Great content, great voice overs and really nice layout. Worth it.
  • Too pricey! 1/5

    By Mashardy
    $7 a month is a little too high, unless you're really into listening to stories you can read online! App is free with indication of in-app-purchase, but once you get the app you have to sign-up and you realize you have 3 days and you need to subscribe! Not worth it in my opinion.
  • Perfect for long drives 5/5

    By Shorty_143
    This app is sleek and easy to use. But more importantly, the quality of the audio and the stories are unmatched. I've discovered a number of new publishers through Audm. They curate terrific content and I've come to trust their decisions in the stories they post. I hope they continue to grow!
  • Great content, app needs work 1/5

    By wrs7zzz
    The content is super with excellent selection of articles. The readers are good. However, the app needs a lot of work. It takes a long time to start and crashes frequently. Sometimes it will just stop reading for no reason. With a recent update I could nolonger sign in the app from iTunes. when I did the password reset, it tells me I have another account. There is no way to sign into the account from itunes to get to the restore screen.. so now I have a paid subscription that I can't access and a trial subscription at the same time. There is no app or subscriber support on the app or their website. Just a place to leave your contact info for the Android version. It would be wise for the developers to fix the iOs version first....

Audm - The Atlantic, WIRED app comments


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