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  • Current Version: 4.1.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Auxy
  • Compatibility: Android
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Auxy Studio App

Madeon: “The automation is terrific. I'm now doing things with Auxy I wouldn't easily do with my main DAW. Your design style is insanely smart and forward thinking. It's productive for me to use, but i've also shown it to children who have been able to have fun making real music. It's the best new audio product i've seen in a long time.” RAC: ”Auxy is by far my favorite and fastest way to get what's going on in my brain into a musical format. It's simple on the surface with a tremendous amount of depth if you need it" Design Awards: “The thing we love about Auxy is how they use technology to let people be creative, without letting that technology get in the way.” * Apple Design Award Winner * WHY AUXY Making your own music is a fantastic experience. With Auxy, our goal is to remove friction and make sure that technology doesn't get in the way of your creativity. We want you to help you develop your musical ideas into finished tracks. Real tracks that people want to listen to. CREATE AND MIX YOUR LOOPS Make melodies and beats with the super smooth loop editor—carefully designed to make the step from idea to music as short as possible. Build complete tracks by mixing loops into scenes. FIND THE RIGHT SOUNDS The app comes loaded with more than 50 unique sounds and drum kits. Expand your collection with premium sound packs made by world-class producers. MIX WITH PRECISION Each sound has a set of carefully crafted effects and custom controls for tuning it just right. All the controls can be automated over time for perfect mix control. JOIN THE COMMUNITY Explore the Auxy Feed where we post creative challenges, featured tracks, and projects that you can download and remix. Join the Auxy community and find people to collaborate with. EXPORT ANYWHERE Tracks can be uploaded straight to SoundCloud or exported as video. You can also export MIDI files or audio stems and continue working in apps like FL Studio and Ableton Live. JAM WITH FRIENDS Auxy supports the Ableton Link standard, which lets you jam in sync with other apps and devices that are connected to the same Wi-Fi. MADE IN SWEDEN Auxy is built by a small team in Sweden. Our mission is to put a studio in everyone's pocket and push music forward as an artform. Share your feedback via


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Auxy Studio app reviews

  • Must get! 5/5

    By Aliendude43
    I got this app 1 year ago and am still in awe at how spectacular it is! All of the Auxy packs are also a must buy.
  • Really Good! But Some Suggestions 5/5

    By Kyouko_Doggo🐶
    I recommend you add in a undo button (trust me it's going to be useful for people like me) and maybe add a three bar thing? Why have two and four but no three? Also, I don't exactly see what eighth bars really do, especially since the second half gets cut off. Other than that, this is a really great electronic composing app! I'd recommend it to anyone that likes to make electronic music.
  • Simply genius. 5/5

    By CPagano
    The creators of this app should be so proud. Such an amazing way of making songs. At first, it sort of overwhelmed me so It just sat on my phone and I never used it. But after watching a video of someone making a song with it and learning the ins and outs (which are a lot simpler than I believed)....can’t stop using it. Loads of synths, great drum tracks, and a good amount of sound packs to purchase if u want more exploration. This app has brought out so much music in me, I’m so grateful for it. Thank you auxy
  • Please let us sample!!!! 5/5

    By Mr. MechBurgerYT
    99% perfect. The way you guys make this is absolutely phenomenal. Believe me I’ve tried FL Studio. It’s a lot harder to make music than on Auxy. I’ve been making tracks and albums and posting them on YouTube and sending them to my friends. I love music in general. I was searching for YEARS the perfect app for making beats. Then, I came across this. I was surprised at how simple it was to make stuff. I have made several remakes of songs, and trap and rap instrumentals. There is one thing, however, that would literally make this app 1000% better, and that is that we should be able to SAMPLE. One way you could do this is screen record what you want (with the help of IOS 11), then put the video into the app, and the app would take the audio from the video and create an interface allowing you to adjust the tempo, pitch, etc., etc., and then the loop would show up as “Custom Audio” or something, and instead of little dots it would be a wave pattern. Myself and other users would love this. Thank you! 5 stars!
  • The latest version has a major flaw 5/5

    By Edster123456
    I absolutely love using this app to make simple or complex beats for projects. I noticed that after updating this app to it’s latest software that it no longer works. I open it up which brings me to the main interface, but once i tap “new project” it takes me to a blank screen and just idles there permanently. If you can address and fix this issue, that would be magnificent. Overall, I’d give it 5 stars.
  • Dear director 4/5

    By Jesse hates this game
    This is by far the best ios app for making cool beats.. it’s very simple but has a lot of options as far as combining different sounds together.. -to the app director Request: could you add background vocals, and or maybe horns and flute sounds? I feel like with those three new instruments added, people would be able to add a lot more of their own unique styles to their music.
  • Auxy is Perfection!! 5/5

    By Radelite
    Imagine a future where music is something everyone can enjoy creating. A future where the possibilities are literally at you fingertips. Thats auxy. Im not a professional musician, im just a guy who enjoys making music during his free time. I’ve tried some other apps like drumpad but as someone relatively new to making music I found them hard to comprehend. With Auxy I can focus more on the music and less on the learning curve because it is insanely easy to figure out but still a very powerful tool! I recommend auxy to everyone who has a love for music and for anyone who looks at popular music and thinks “how hard could it really be to make that”.
  • Works beautifully but missing... 3/5

    By druariel
    What it has works perfectly but it is missing legato and slurs although shape control kind of hacks this. Most importantly it needs to have different time signatures: 3/4 and 7/8 at the very minimum, and tempo should not be fixed for the duration of the song. A brass pack would be pretty darn awesome. Time signatures would get one more star, and tempo changes would make it a five star app. Keep on it! Edit: Word to anyone considering the signature pianos - these are beautiful pads but still only sixty keys, so if you are looking for a grand range ....
  • Rip off 2/5

    By tgwaste
    Decent app but $20 for a VERY small amount of sounds was a complete rip off. Just get Korg Gadget instead. Way more bang for your buck.
  • The Best thing I’ve ever found! 5/5

    By Music12lover3456
    I use this almost daily to write music. It’s really very simple and only takes a bit of messing around to figure it out. After using it for about two years I’ve started putting my music on SoundCloud and it’s been going great!
  • Give us Metronome!! 4/5

    By Yolobear
    A Tap tempo and metronome click feature would make this my number 1 app to getting down those melodies that hit me throughout the day. Smart quick intuitive. I love Auxy! Let's make it perfect
  • Awesomeness 5/5

    By 0Nyx33
    This app is incredible, allowing me to be more creative when making music 🎶 🎼 🎵
  • I love it. 5/5

    By buterflyboi
    Y’all should add a tape stop effect.
  • BUGGED 1/5

    By YoloWatermelonSwag
    Theres a bug when i try to export a beat into sound could that says upload failed
  • Lost projects 4/5

    By Naval76
    So I love this app but I was about to finish up my album today and I logged on in the morning to find more than half of my album missing. And they are missing from the back up section too. This is a great app and I was wondering if anyone could help me. Thanks
  • Intuitive, great sounding, worth it. 5/5

    By ChuckKrz
    This app is such a privilege to have for free. The intuitiveness of the UI and the amount of different sounds you can create with this app is just astounding. I wouldn't mind even paying for this app, as it is such high quality. The sound packs are professionally designed as well and are definitely worth the extra cash. What else is great about this app is that now whenever I have an idea for a song, I can instantly create it on my phone instead of having to bring something like a laptop with me all the time. Overall, this is a great app, both in design and functionality. I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who likes to make music on the go or just needs somewhere to jot down ideas.
  • The greatest 4/5

    By earthfridge35436
    I love the app but I think you should bring back the option changing the octave of sequence with the press of a button
  • so awesome that i can’t even speak 5/5

    By what-the-boo-boo-for
  • Just missing one thing. 5/5

    By Iden rahtsami
    A couple things that would be great is if you added organic instruments into this like acoustic guitars or something and another thing is that we were able to make 3 bar loops instead of having to make a 4 or 2 bar loop all the time. Sometimes music loops can be odd Yunno?
  • Logical for non musicians 5/5

    By devtank
    I have been attempting music for 20+ years with all kinds of gear, mostly portable recorders, minidisc and actually cutting tape with razor blades to come up with something-anything, but my attention span lies in photography and cinematography. Auxy is the first music app that I can understand, and with that make something coherent and even actually OK. I can only recommend it in so far that it speaks for me in ways that I've wanted go for a long time. Whatever magic the ppl behind Such have done, it's working. Thanks for giving me the ability to speak in a language that has thus far been inaccessible for me.
  • Simple, easy and beautiful 5/5

    By Amysnake
    As a classically trained musician in college, I have trouble working my way around with music technology as they only offer music technology courses to composition majors. Thanks to Auxy, I now have an intuitive way to compose music without having to spend hundreds of dollars on complicated software or having to spend a lot of time trying to learn my way around technology. Please add orchestral instruments next!!

    By Che-z games
    Auxy is awesome! I challenge myself to get better every day. But there is a bug that I found. If you copy and paste diagonal precision blocks it can go well beyond the max note. But other than that Don’t stop improving😀! I have a picture of the glitch but I don’t know how to send it.
  • Auxy is a gift from the gods 5/5

    By Peopleneedlives
    I love this. Amazing work from Sweden. Thank you.
  • Awesome and easy to use 5/5

    By Natarakun
    I love this app, I been using it for a while now and I have to say it's one of the easier music makers out in the market.
  • So much freedom 5/5

    By CocoBark
    This is the best app I've found. I can create my own leads and pad loops. It's simple, layering loops. Creating a whole piece. Upload directly to SoundCloud or Dropbox. Download it, and you can start immediately.
  • Beyond any app 5/5

    By ArthurianTheory
    This app's capabilities are unmatched when it comes to making music. It is the perfect fit for a mobile device. In all honesty, I may owe my future to Auxy Studio.
  • If you have not checked out this app, do your self a favor 5/5

    By Dylan Q Smith
    This is an amazing, easy to use app with a great community forum behind it. Need extra inspiration to get started? They have weekly challenges to get those creative juices flowing. I could not recommend this app more highly. Trust me once we see how straight forward and easy it makes it to make sweet beats and edm, you'll be challenging yourself everyday to get better. It's such a blast! Do yourself a favor and check this app out.
  • Phenomenal! 5/5

    By Jrod31799
    This is an amazing app and I really enjoy how you can just make Incredible music out of the blue. When I would listen to artists like Alan Walker and The Chainsmokers, I would think to myself, "Wow it must be so darn hard to make that stuff-In which it is-but I never thought I could make something of my own in a similar sense. The only two things that I request from the DEVS is: 1. Lowering the prices for each sound pack. About $5.00 for an average of 10 sounds. Kinda sounds rediculous concerning the fact that there's not that many sounds to be given for $5.00. 2. Sometimes the "bar" feature can get frustrating if you just want to add a tiny or potentially longer amount of length to the initial bar length. So, I suggest that you guys add a feature where you can add additional length to a bar without having the additional length to be a "second bar." Just that optional little extra length in between a bar and a bar. Thanks! Tremendous App!!! I suggest anyone who loves to create sounds, loves edm artists, and has a passion to make music, use this!
  • The best music production app ever made. 5/5

    By 19NINETEENeightyfour84
    This app is amazing I can’t wait to see what else there is to come. It’s so easy to use the only challenge this app has is how go get creative with every new beat you make!
  • This app Rocks! 5/5

    By Which one is Pink
    If you don’t have it - get it. This app is very unique in that you can put some pretty good sounds down in a easy to use interface. Spend the bucks when it’s time to pony up for a great app. You’ll find yourself getting to enjoy a nice concept!!
  • I only need these things and then this app is perfect! 4/5

    By Grantcfo
    This app almost has it all for me! The only things I need to be included in future updates are: Notes that can sustain into the next scene, the ability to toggle attacks on a note, a grand piano sound with the ability to change the touch of the piano (soft to hammering), the ability to set the time signature, the ability to change the time signature, tempo up to 240bpm, changing of the tempo, ritardandos, key signature changes, and maybe 64th notes.
  • A must have for Producers on the Go 5/5

    By Skobie Won
    I have used many, DAW’s, Many Apps, and have had several studio set ups over the last 10 years. Auxy is the simplest and cleanest design I’ve ever used on a mobile device!
  • I love it 5/5

    By The Writing Rex
    This app is amazing. I already have a YouTube channel with music made from Auxy. This app is a must!
  • Not enough instruments but over all it's fantastic 4/5

    By rjw.ill.ixms
    Need more sounds but it's a great app
  • Not accessible with a voice over function for Apple products 1/5

    By Blindy630
    Although I cannot see well, I am able to use apps that are accessible like garage band and drum loops. I was really looking forward to using this app but was disappointed when voice over barely read anything on the screen. If you could fix this that would be wonderful!
  • Jaw dropping 5/5

    By Lalo7421
    This app has been nothing more than perfect. It has shown me perfect performance and perfect sound. I would even say that it is better than GarageBand.
  • Really good 5/5

    By Geengir78
    Great sounds, intuitive and simply fun to make music with...its worth it!
  • Band mates want to collaborate 4/5

    By veronicaducusin
    My band mates LOVE using this app for ideas for songs, but it’s hard to download and share/fix a few parts on each other’s songs. Please add a collab feature!
  • A Music Producer with a Portable Studio 5/5

    By Devin Lorega
    I have had this app around it’s initial release. Using it at that time it was fascinating. It wasn’t like other apps where the sounds were made for you and you just gotta play them when it sounds right. It’s your own creations, your own loops, entirely your own masterpiece. Many updates later this app literally became a studio. You can make entire songs that fits right into the genre and put them onto SoundCloud or YouTube if you’d like. The app is easy to use, quick to learn and if you struggle a bit they provide you with tutorial videos. If you love the Electronic genre and want to try making your own, I say you give this app a go. It’s well worth it.

    By Link6407
    Why are the sound packs $4.99?! Please, PLEASE, make them cheaper! I can’t afford this! I don’t have $4.99 to spend on whatever i want, because i hafta SURVIVE. Please make them cheaper. Other than that, SOFTWARE IS AMAZING GET THE APP.
  • Love it 4/5

    By MarAndMonAld
    Really enjoy this app, what I was looking! I really wish there could be a place on the app itself where we could here everyones creations!
  • Woah! 5/5

    By dvial5
    I use Auxy every day! It's a great app for music making mostly anywhere! It should a mobile record company too. For now, I use amuse.
  • Why can’t I play in low power mode? 4/5

    By Awesomevideyo79
    I love this app but I can’t think of a genuine reason as to why I can’t play my music in low power mode.
  • Deserves Editors Choice 5/5

    By Randomgamer112
    I love his app because you don’t have to be a good musician. I like the simplicity and the ability to make it complex. And I love the community on the website, and the look of the app. But I also think you should add some more of those how to’s. I still think this is a 5 star app, and it deserves editors choice. I hope to see this app progress! :)
  • Simple, versatile, brilliant app 5/5

    By Powmayer
    Love it. Great UI, easy to pick up, hard to put down.
  • Great! 4/5

    By Podcaster #1
    For a free app, this is packed with content. Not only are IAPs completely optional, it has a large set of instruments and tools from the get-go. More robust tools like pitch bending would be nice, but as it is this app is excellent and absolutely worth downloading.
  • Best mobile DAW on the market! 5/5

    By the score guy
    This has almost everything you need, all of the essentials and it’s very stable and powerful. If it was any stronger people may stop buying anything else.
  • No midi 1/5

    By Almostghosts
    A old version of this app had midi and it was amazing. This one doesn’t. So much potential squandered. Response to developer response: There are no other apps that do it as well. Or in quite the same style. You can say not that many people wanted it or used it but you have no way of knowing that.
  • Shayan 5/5

    By Shayan mooooosavi p1
    Really nice 👍👌👌👌
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By CODpooPBuTMcgeE
    Very simple to use but yet you can still make some pretty dynamic tracks. Awesome app!

Auxy Studio app comments


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