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  • Current Version: 3.7.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Baker & Taylor
  • Compatibility: Android
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Axis 360 App

Axis 360 gives library and school users the ability to search, browse and discover ebooks and/or digital audiobooks available for lending through their public library or school with ease. Designed to provide a mobile experience for users of the Axis 360 digital media library, the Axis 360 app lets you sync with your local library or school’s digital collection, allowing you to check out materials in a user interface optimized for your device. The free app allows you to browse, check out and read ebooks or listen to audiobooks in a single app. To find out if your local library or school participates, please visit Axis 360 is a service from Baker & Taylor, the premier distributor of books and entertainment products.


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Axis 360 app reviews

  • Terrible 1/5

    By Kenendra
    Stops and stalls mid sentence. Drops connection, ap ends without notice. Terrible for audio books.
  • Content downloaded...but doesn’t always recognize 2/5

    By Edikai
    Been trying to listen to an audiobook for about two weeks. I downloaded the book to my device, but if I am not on a wifi network, roughly 95% of the time I load the app and click continue it throws this error: “Internet not available. To download this title please turn on cell data download in preferences.” It really takes me out of the experience of the book and makes me not want to use the app. The only reason I continue to do so is that this app is the only app to carry this audiobook.
  • I like the axis app 5/5

    By paddling maniac
    This app is user friendly.
  • Don’t bother 1/5

    By talsabroad
    Useless, doesn’t work without WiFi. And when it does, it’s choppy, goes in and out or stops altogether.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By pvsamw
    The latest update puts my checked out books on the startup screen. I love being able to search my library from wherever I am - download and read books. It now syncs across devices!
  • Great library app 5/5

    By birdiegirl23
    Love this app. Well curated collection of new and classic books.
  • Works great 4/5

    By Aloha adventure
    Axis 360 is great for both audio books & eBooks.
  • Love this app 4/5

    By Still getting used to it...
    Great app, love that I have easy access to many good books.
  • Getting worse 1/5

    By Ruler of Universes
    I rarely write reviews but this is ridiculous. My library switched to axis and now I have to deal with so many glitches that I’m about to give up. Play means play the book. When a chapter ends, it should automatically move on to the next chapter. Constant messages that say I cannot log in or error 352 mean they cannot be bothered to fix their app. Searching is ludicrous- how hard is it for you to look up words and match them to your system? I have to search various ways to find what I am looking for - with today’s technological advances this is a waste of time. Please fix this. I am trying other apps and will not return if I find one with fewer glitches.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Lemming96
    My library recently switched to this service and it had been nothing but trouble. Audiobooks will just stop playing and delete the downloaded copies from IPhone, making it impossible to listen to unless you are on WiFi. I have tried several times to get assistance from tech support who states they “have never heard of that happening.” They have offered no solution beyond uninstall and reinstall app. This has happened with every audiobook I’ve checked out. I’ll have to redownload books dozens of times just to be able to finish them. This app is garbage!!!!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Ydnic5
    This works great for playing audio books from my library. Best app so far for my old iPad (2011). Downloads quickly, easy to search for more books, and simple features. Makes my long commutes enjoyable.
  • Axis 360 is a failure 1/5

    By Vintage guy
    This app requires the user to download the audiobook over and over again. This happens almost every time the book is opened. It is not intuitive in any way.
  • Just keeps getting better. 4/5

    By WeatherMom
    Each time you update this app it is better. I have no problems in use at this time.
  • Audio book problems 3/5

    By Sick at home
    I tried to download a book but it didn’t fully download but I started to listen. At every chapter it balked about continuing until finally I returned it and started again. We shall see.
  • The WORST 1/5

    By Elizabethpon
    It was a dark day when my library switched. There was much weeping. Takes forever to load. Uses my data. What is the point of downloading a book if you need data to read it?? I think about Overdrive every day. Please. Come back to me.
  • Gets the job done-mostly but needs work 3/5

    By WhiskeyToo
    Can't figure out whySonoma County Library switched to Axis360 for recorded books. This app gets the job done in that I can listen to recorded books. For at least a week I was locked out of the app wth a 302 error. That problem was fixed. App design is far from intuitive when it come from the user point of view. I can tell that pieces were designed then strung together like old Christmas tree lights. Instead of a cohesive dashboard the user has to go back and forth to look at the chapters, set a timer, and change volume. But at least I can listen to recorded books using multiple devices.
  • Great cross-platform library reader app 5/5

    By Coastsider@
    I use this on my Kindle and my IPhone. Love that I can switch back and forth between devices seamlessly within one book. Easy to connect to my library, easy to browse and download books. There are some minor interface frustrations from time to time but overall this app is aces!
  • Download. 3/5

    By Suzyfretwell
    Sometimes books must be downloaded a few times. It seems, for no good reason I can see, that the book just goes back. This becomes an issue when I know I’m going to be away from wifi and download a book. It goes back while I’m away and then I cannot read it.
  • Love my public library ebooks in Axis 360 5/5

    By Cuddlingmama
    Great App! Love that I can read books in the app without going to kindle. Have had no problems. Please don't change it!
  • Good App/Grateful for It 4/5

    By topcop400
    I also hope was unhappy with the loss of my books through the app my library used before switching to this one but I an happy with this app overall. I also appreciate the selection of audiobooks available through this app.
  • Doesn't even let me find my library 1/5

    By DizzyYak
    To begin, you have to find your library. You can do a freeform search (came up with no matches even though others I know use this very same app) or find it by selecting both country & state. Both fields are required, but after I selected my country, I couldn't select a state. It wasn't giving me a dropdown selection at all, & I couldn't type it in. One star would be no stars if I could, because I can't even get past the Get Started screen.
  • Great App for listening readers 5/5

    By Stilwelltoo
    Got hooked up with this app through our local library and love it. Easy to use - great audible quality.
  • Love, Love, Love 4/5

    By Mzloucee
    💗 Great for travels!
  • I don’t have proper words to describe how ugly this app is 1/5

    By Denis Barushev
    It’s buggy, it doesn’t respect users, all UI experience is very bad. It keeps downloading something even when I download books to my phone and expect them to play them w/o internet. Sometimes it completely forgets that book is downloaded and re-downloading it again wasting 400MB of my data plan. Sometimes it silently skips the whole chapters 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • Underwhelmed 1/5

    By Lodiverlo
    The Axis 360 interface, with large keyboard and icons, is visually clunky/chunky and feels like Fisher-Price™. I have great resolution on my device, but I don't feel like this app utilizes the 'real estate' available to it. While trying to scroll through the list of titles, the header stays across the top of the screen which limits my viewable area. Why list topics/genres if there are no titles available within them? Even on wifi, opening the app and navigating within it takes a while. The reading assistance (dictionary, encyclopedia) is non-existent. I have used Overdrive and found its interface much more sleek and refined. Overdrive can sort by relevance when searching, as opposed to Axis 360's popularity sort. (When searching for "George R.R. Martin" in Axis 360, unrelated authors and titles are suggested using its popularity algorithm. I must sift through juvenile or young adult authors/titles before finding what I was searching for.) Overall, I am underwhelmed by Axis 360.
  • Love it 4/5

    By Jolene30
    This is one of my favorite apps. I truly love it. It makes checking out books for my book club so much easier! The only downfall is that it doesn’t have some of the books that I want, and sometimes it’s hard to search for a book. Searching by author or book title may not come up with the result even if it’s actually in there. I highly recommend this app! I can’t live without it!!
  • Needs improvement 3/5

    By Katie.M.12
    I love this app and use it daily, but there are many glitches and it doesn’t save your place in your audiobook unless you bookmark it. Edit—took off a star because there are so many more glitches after the latest app.
  • Better than Libby 3/5

    By KerMel01
    My library recently switched to Axis360 from Libby. Libby had a very limited selection of books and they were frustrating to sort through. Axis360 has a better selection and they are easier to find. Though many times I find the books I want are not available or there is only 1 copy. I hope this is improved with time. The app is easy to use and I have not had the glitches other reviewers describe. It saves my page, does not shut down, and so far has worked seamlessly.
  • Consistently glitchy 2/5

    By Pisces2022
    This app has regularly misplaced my checked out audiobooks, randomly requiring me to re-download them several times per read. I either need to use cellular data to do so while out & about (not ideal) or wait for WiFi each time. If I’m outside of cell service, I often simply don’t have access to my audiobook - even though it had completely downloaded previously! Incredibly frustrating. For those times when my audiobook is downloaded I don’t have the option to only download parts at a time or delete parts I’ve already listened to (as the wonderful OverDrive allows), which can be frustrating when short on phone storage. Developers: please update this app to be as user-friendly as OverDrive!
  • Glitchy 2/5

    By Stereo Otaku
    I’ve used this app for a bit more than a year. It used to work quite well, but now it seems to have glitches all the time. I lost a hold on a book cause I didn’t check it out during the time window, cause I couldn’t get to the screen or nothing would appear there. Now whenever I play a book I get a close error. I can still listen, but it’s become a nightmare of lag time and having to constantly re-select because these faulty error messages.
  • Pleased 5/5

    By Linculfel
    I have been happy with Axis. It syncs to page read in both iPad and droid tablet.
  • Works fine with public library audiobooks. 4/5

    By DanishViking
    I've used this app for about a month. So far it's good. Initially the audiobook didn't continue where I ended my session. But I'm now using bookmarks which solved the issue.
  • Needs to work some things out 3/5

    By roxy0679
    Not too bad of an app except for the fact I have to constantly redownload the same book multiple times. I liked this app for the simple fact I could listen to a book offline after it’s downloaded. But recently the book will not play unless I wait for it to download again. This is very frustrating and sometimes the book starts back at the beginning. Fix this problem.
  • Terrific Way to Listen to Audiobooks 5/5

    By Mike M from San Francisco
    This is a wonderful application for listening to audiobooks. It's very simple and intuitive to use. I use it regularly and enjoy it immensely.
  • Great way to read books for free! 4/5

    By DebN1951
    I have had no problems with finding or downloading books with this app. My only complaint is that when you leave a book and go back to it, you have to go through a couple of steps to get back to where you were.
  • Not very good 1/5

    By Nank4
    My library used to have Overdrive, which is a much better app. The search function on Axis360 is horrible. Sometimes it can find the book by title, other times only by author. Sometimes typing the exact title gives me several pages of garbage, followed by my book 2 miles down the list. Once I find the book, the download works pretty well. However, I can hardly get the screen orientation to change. I have to have my iPad upside down (home button at the top) to keep it plugged in and Axis will only load the other way around. It's very difficult to get it turned the other way. I much preferred to read on my Kindle e-reader, but Axis won't work on a non-Fire Kindle. Fail.
  • Better than driving to the library 4/5

    By Oaks girl
    I love being able to download and check out books. It saves me driving some distance to the library.
  • Access denied - again 1/5

    By cunnynghame
    This app is down more than it is up. I can’t get in most of the time. I never had this problem with Overdrive - ever. Really unhappy with this “improvement” to the library.
  • Enjoying Overdrive 5/5

    By iGrice
    I’m enjoying Overdrive. It is so much easier to use than the previous app used by the Library. I can request, place on hold, and return books at ease. From time to time, there are little bugs but I’m figuring them out. Overall, I appreciate this app.
  • Workhorse of a reading app 2/5

    By SybilUnrest
    I’ve had a couple of books that malfunction- download the book, open it, and have it crash the app over and over- but this mostly a good app for reading on the phone. The interface is far easier to use than any others I have experience with. The variable background color, font, and type size make it easy to set up the reading experience however you want it. I have not used the audiobook capabilities yet, but my friend who has said those too are easy to use. That said- it would be nice to be able to request books to be added. It seems like the collection is stagnant other than acquiring new bestsellers, and that’s just not what I want to see from a public library app.
  • Needs work... 3/5

    By Rickfman
    Nice for access to my library and reading on the go, but quite glitchy. Mixes up books and their covers in my downloads, doesn’t go back to the page I came from, other random anomalous behavior.
  • Old version 3/5

    By Polo gal
    The old version was easier to find my library and search. Why did you change the format?
  • Axis 360 5/5

    By Fcioga
    Great way to get the most current books for free! I have been using Axis 360 for a longtime. Love it!
  • Easy to use. A library of books in the palm of my hand! 5/5

    By hlfinfrock
    I am glad my library subscribed to this. Am reading more books than before. Very little convenient. Need more copies of popular titles.
  • So far so good 5/5

    By qnsbkrder
    I’m excited the Queens Library went digital woo!!
  • Works for me 4/5

    By Doot's mom
    This app works for me. I’ve been using it for a couple years. Sometimes I have issues when I want to extend rental but then I just return and rent again. I’m very happy my library offers an app
  • Easy to use 4/5

    By AMR510
    I like the ease of finding books that my library owns and keeping a wish list. I also like to browse suggested titles. I’ve had some trouble downloading / opening books when not on WiFi.
  • Keep losing my books 1/5

    By Maaarrrrriiaaa53
    I rarely write reviews, but I’ve just had so many problems with this app. Periodically (usually when I’m in the middle of a really good book), it will say that there has been an error with my login and I should contact my library administrator. It will then proceed to erase all my books from the my stuff tab and make me lose my holds. This is super frustrating, and I wish my library had never switched apps.
  • Debbie Macombe love writing 5/5

    By Yjado
    This app is wonderful. I have no problems downloading and clearing off books when finished. As much as I love going to the library downloading is my new thing to do on this app.
  • Not always good 2/5

    By Snookie !!
    Most times it does not save your place even when u bookmark. Search not the best, don’t know why they switched the original app. I went to another town and paid to get old app.

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