Baby Tracker (Feed timer, sleep, diaper log)

Baby Tracker (Feed timer, sleep, diaper log)

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  • Current Version: 2.06
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  • Developer: Nighp Software LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Baby Tracker (Feed timer, sleep, diaper log) App

Baby Tracker features native user interface for both iPhone and iPad, and is the only log for your baby’s health that allows syncing among multiple devices without compromising your privacy. Designed by busy parents, for busy parents, Baby Tracker offers a simple, streamlined way to track your baby’s daily habits, health, and exciting “firsts” of those precious early days and months. Record feedings, diaper changes, and sleep patterns with a quick one-handed tap, then feel free to go back later and add details and even photos. Baby Tracker makes it simple to track all of your child’s important information for doctors and caregivers, as well as share all the exciting milestones of his or her development with friends and family. Perhaps most importantly, Baby Tracker handles all the details so you never have to take significant time away from the joys of parenting. Comprehensive Feedings Tracker * Start and stop nursing timer with one tap for convenience and accuracy * Settings for nursing, formula, solids, or any combination. * Track time nursing per breast and total for full nursing session * Tracks pumping totals as well as feedings * Notes section allows you to enter details on formula brand, preferences, or allergic response Track Diaper Changes * Summary screen shows time of last changing, along with feedings, and sleep schedule * Accurate records mean faster response time for concerns like dehydration, constipation, or diarrhea * Easily share documentation on bowel habits with doctors or caregivers Sleep Schedule * Know exactly the date that your baby starts sleeping through the night * Recognize nap time and nighttime sleep patterns to better plan your day or share with caregivers * Compare against other data to more easily track down potential causes for baby’s fussiness * Set alarms for putting baby down or to create more structured nighttime feeding sessions Growth Records * Enter measurement data and compare against World Health Organization averages * See baby’s progress and growth over weeks, months, and years * Look at logs to compare them for a more comprehensive overview of your baby’s health and wellbeing. Milestones * Make custom categories for baby’s first smile, first tooth, or first step * Snap a picture on the spot, or add one from your existing library * Use photos for a gallery-style album of baby’s goals and achievements * Create an entry with a quick tap, or include journal notes for more detail Health * Log medical history such as medications, vaccine shots, and temperature checks Data Interpretation * View logged data by day, week, or month * Shows previous 7 days and previous 30 days * Quickly identify data patterns, habitual trends, or abnormalities * Export data via email as a PDF * Print directly from app to add physical copies to your personal records Data Sync and Auto Backup * Works with iCloud or Dropbox for secure, cloud-based auto backup * Sync data among multiple devices for all caregivers or easy sharing of your baby’s progress with others * Clone data to another device using AirDrop for a fast transfer that doesn’t eat up your data plan

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Baby Tracker (Feed timer, sleep, diaper log) app reviews

  • Nice app 5/5

    By N1XAC
    This has been great for doctors visits. Can tell them how they are sleeping and stuff
  • Fantastic Tool 5/5

    By Annie16742
    Very user friendly app! My husband and I both use it to track our newborn's sleeping, diapering, and nursing needs - Really helps us keep track of time and see patterns in the baby's routine. Highly recommend the app for new parents or parents of infants!
  • Baby Tracker 👌🏽👍🏽 5/5

    By BlueRhythmBones
    I work evenings and nights so my wife has the app and linked my phone to the account so if she's sleeping or forgets I look it up call her with whatever the baby needs. A changing, feeding, etc. it's a wonderful app.
  • Great for sharing! 5/5

    By marlsusa
    I share app w/babysitter. Sync works beautifully. I feel so connected w/baby throughout the day. Two thumbs up!!
  • Great for twins! 4/5

    By J Brand
    This app has been so convenient to use with my twins! You can customize each profile with their names and pictures and easily switch back and forth between the two. The only suggestion I'd make--I wish it said how many days it's been since a dirty diaper on the main screen. It just says "days" when it's been more than one. I have a breastfed babies who only have one dirty diaper a week. It's time consuming to look back on each day to see when their last dirty diaper was.
  • Love it!! 5/5

    By Spidey's Mommie
    Absolutely love this app! Juggling everything is hard enough without trying to remember when his Poop was or how many times or how much my little one ate when the Pediatrician asks. This app makes it so easy and handy, I feel like a Pro when I can simply answer all her questions with ease and a flick of my phone!
  • Almost perfect 5/5

    By jnnttlzbth
    I love this app, it is super useful! It's indispensable for knowing when we last changed or fed our baby and to track everything else. The ease of use and rich features make this app the best of its kind, and the full version is well worth the upgrade cost. I agree with previous reviewers, it needs a couple things to be perfect: -Option to hide features. I really want to be able to turn off the sleep and pumping records at the moment. -Ability to keep the screen on while breastfeeding. It's hard to pause or resume while holding and feeding the baby.
  • Amazing App 5/5

    By Schwarz41
    Great app I high recommend it
  • Very helpful 5/5

    By Keesee27
    Very helpful and beneficial to use as a first time mom. Really easy to use and keeps track of all the important things for your baby. Glad I got it!
  • Very happy and highly recommend 5/5

    By Qtee 143
    I have a 15 day young newborn and I have been using this app since our first day home... it's been a life saver in terms of trying to remember the time of last feeding, bowel movements, sleeping patterns and becoming familiar with/recognizing patterns of my newborn - being sleep deprived first time parents and having so many new things to get used to, this app has proven to be very helpful in remember these important details. Love this app and I have already recommended to other soon to be mommy friends!
  • Great App 5/5

    By Mamma612
    I tried a few apps among my kids and this is my favorite. LOVE the pattern feature that lets me see how feeding and sleeping patterns are emerging. Well done!
  • Fantastic 5/5

    Best app for charting newborn details!
  • Newborn to buy item number 1 5/5

    By kartadmin
    Def buy for newborn's parents. Helps you track the sleep, diaper and feeding count. Which is absolutely necessary for all Pediatric appointments.
  • Must have for new moms! 4/5

    By Norah's Mon
    This is a must for any new mom! Love that it keeps track of everything I need, and even graphs the data so you can figure out baby's natural schedule. Only wish is that there was a way to see the nursing times when the phone is locked. It's hard opening phone with one hand while nursing.
  • Great help for new parents 5/5

    By Qk6eks
    Great to track all things for the baby. Great companion to have when going to Drs office. Syncs between all devices (2 phones and 2 iPads using Dropbox for me). Don't know where I would be without it.
  • App stop working after couples days 2/5

    By Mimi2323
    The app works fine for a couple weeks but after without a notice stopped working and i couldn't see my previous days, you have to pay 4.99 if you still want to using it.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By Memory Queen
    I've been using this app since we came home from the hospital. Without it, I'd be totally lost on how much our baby is eating/going to the bathroom. Sleep deprived first time moms, this app is a MUST.
  • A newborn necessity 5/5

    By Dawnkay
    I don't write reviews, but this app is a must have with a newborn. We have only been using it for the past 4 days but it has added some organization and sanity to our lives. Our son had jaundice and we needed to pay attention to what kind of diapers and when/how much he was feeding. Being so exhausted, it is easy to not pay attention to what time the baby ate last or was changed last. I remember at my last appointment I was trying to calculate how often the baby fed and how much etc. I'm ready for our 1 month appointment now. I can literally show his doctor how often he eats, is having wet/dirty diapers, and how much he is sleeping. I tried writing all this down on a log, but we kept forgetting to do it and was guesstimating times. At 4 am in the morning I can just press the plus sign and log how much and it records the time etc. I haven't played with too many features, but have noticed you can log activities like tummy time, the babies weight/ length. I love that there is a chart to see where he is on the charts with growth. I wish I had looked or found an app like this with my last baby. I also love that this app doesn't cater to just breastfed babies or formula fed, but both. This is also great for moms supplementing as they can log both very easy. It gives an option to log pumping sessions as well. You can also add notes with all of your logs.
  • Breast feeding made easy 5/5

    By bbriggsseeley
    Very pleased
  • Must have 5/5

    By Eyeheartfootball
    I'm a first time mom with a 1 week old. I cannot imagine getting through the day and night without this app. It gives me peace of mind and does a great job of logging feedings and diaper changes. Easy to use. Thank you to creators of this app.
  • Wonderful 5/5

    By N78drt
    This app is absolutely amazing. Easy to use and quite compete
  • Great app but no voice commands 4/5

    By Wifi looker
    Easy to understand and can store all the key things about newborns/babies. But would be nice if it had Siri and Alexa voice integrations as it can be hard to enter information when my hands are full with baby. Would be nice to be able to say "Alexa mark a 2oz bottle feeding at 8:32pm" or "Siri, when was the last diaper change?"
  • Very helpful 5/5

    By remhr
    Very helpful in keeping up with feedings and diaper changes, especially in the first couple of weeks before routine is established.
  • Two weeks in and liking it 4/5

    By Kttally
    I started using this app when my youngest was just 2 days old. She is now two weeks old and I love it! Logging feeding times and diaper changes is a breeze. I don't log naps (yet) because she sleeps so much, but I can see doing that when she gets older. I love that you can have more than one child! I added my oldest last week when she got sick and logging her temperature and when we gave her medicine was the smartest thing I did in my newborn, sleep deprived state. I wish that when nursing, it would automatically lock your phone from sleeping (a suggestion I saw someone else make). I haven't started pumping yet, but I do plan to use this app to log it when I do.
  • Amazing for time mommy app! 5/5

    By Kbaila18
    Wonderful app for a first time mommy like me that is breastfeeding and pumping to know when my baby ate and keep track of diapers and breastfeeding. Also great for showing history and information with Pediatrician, love it!
  • Excellent &a Easy! 5/5

    By Minkle4
    Love this app!! Easy to use and keep track of everything when I watch my granddaughter. I can even print out a quick list of her day when mommy picks her up!!
  • Great App 5/5

    By brooklynmint
    The fact that my wife and I can sync data is great. When speaking with the pediatrician, the reports come in handy.
  • Awesome for new parents 5/5

    By Jim6767
    Really great app. We use it daily for our newborn. I hope we can get even more data visualization and integration with Apple Watch in coming updates.
  • Perfect!!!!!!! 5/5

    By lovelyeden1004
    This app is great and perfect!!
  • Life Saver! 5/5

    By ElySaldeen
    I really don't know what I would do without this app. My baby lost 12% of her body weight in the first few days of coming come so it became incredibly important to accurately track her eating, my pumping, her diaper changes and when I took my medication. This app is the perfect fill-in for all the brain power I'm lacking due to sleep deprivation. I love it!
  • Fantastic App 5/5

    By WayFassstWhitey
    It significantly helps with a newborn/new parents to track all their eating, diaper changes etc. This app is worth he little they ask for it.
  • Full app version 1/5

    By Mbuck16
    I got this app specifically because it works with my Apple Watch and because it was free. I knew there was a full version you could buy with added features, but no where did it state you had to buy the full app for it to work on your watch after he first few weeks. Since it doesn't work with my watch anymore I am switching back to an app that works better on my phone!
  • Very well thought out! 5/5

    By Mokirooh
    All the features of this app seem very thoroughly researched and thoughtfully designed.
  • Great to keep track 4/5

    By Vickypaut
    Love it, wish you could edit diaper changes and other data while you are feeding. Other than that I really like it so far.
  • Great App for FTM 5/5

    By Lbcopley
    As a FTM I am so grateful for this app. We've been using this app since day 1. I basically use it for help with nursing only. To be able to see how long it's been between feeds is a lifesaver! I'm also able to see how long he nursed on each side. As a sleep deprived mom, this app helps remind me which side to feed from next!
  • Love love love this app 5/5

    By Dglove123
    It's so hard to track your babies eating, peeing and pooping habits when they are newborns but this app makes it so easy.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Works wright
    The app is very useful I have a 2 month old and it's the way I track her feedings and diaper changes. Before I had the app I couldn't keep track of when I last feed due to being sleep deprived. I like the graphs as well it helped with giving her doctor information about how often she's eating, sleeping and using the potty.
  • Mrs mom 5/5

    By Cowgirl685
    I love it! This is my first baby and it has helped me keep my head on straight. The schedule keeper and timer and charts are very easy to navigate!
  • Great 5/5

    By Marshall_b19
    Great app
  • Love it 5/5

    By Rageintheslope
    Helps me see when the last feeding and diaper changing is since I never remember.... Not understanding the chart though....
  • The most useful app I have 5/5

    By Ohnicole
    I got this app as soon as I left the hospital because I didn't want to track my baby's feeding and diapers by hand. It's always open on my phone, is effortless to use and gives me so much data about my baby's habits. Can't live without it!
  • Great! 5/5

    By AJ20132009
    I love being able to track everything from medicine to diapers to sleep! It makes everything so much easier!
  • Works great for what I use it for! 5/5

    By Niddles11
    I only use the app to track feedings and sleeping while I am sleep training my 4 month old. It has a ton of other great features that I'm sure would be useful to many! I do really like how the app compiles all of the days activity on one "review" page.
  • Excellent! 5/5

    By Drchvz
    I love that we can download the app on different devices.
  • Good App 4/5

    By Rachhhhhhhhhhhokokokokoko
    This app is useful for remembering day to day details - especially when looking for patterns or sharing info with the doctor. Being able to share info across devices is particularly helpful, so my partner and I can enter things when we are on solo duty and know the other will see it.
  • Don't know why this to raving reviews 1/5

    By Fremont, CA
    I had high hopes for this app due to other reviews and ratings. Unfortunately, when I started to use it, I could not update/input new information easily. Therefore, all my tracking of pumping isn't logged in. So frustrating.
  • a MUST for newborn life 5/5

    By Brittany from Hershey
    If you are a new mom or expecting, download this app. It is the source of my sanity. Otherwise you will realize you are constantly checking the clock but cannot recall what time you started what. It's so quick and handy, and my life wouldn't be the same without it!
  • Baby Tracker - Life Saver 5/5

    By Aprice79
    No matter how many kids you've had - newborns are a blessing, but exhausting! This app takes all the guess work away when you need to know what time you finished feeding them, how much sleep they've had, when did they poop last. It's user friendly and great to look back and see what pattern try may be forming so you can better prepare for the day.
  • Good app 3/5

    By ILikeMyCoffee
    Been using this app for 2 weeks and so far I like it. Got the paid version for more charts and to get rid of ads. One big thing - nursing time should say what time you started, not ended. Regardless of method you count by when baby started feeding last, not ended to check the timing of feedings. This gets confusing and sometimes I've gone a little bit longer to feed baby and have to recheck the review section for correct time. Put it as a time range like sleep and pumping sections or change it to last time started.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Deployment countdown
    I use it all day to track my sons input and output! Very useful in helping me to remember which side he fed on last and for how long!

Baby Tracker (Feed timer, sleep, diaper log) app comments

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