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BaconReader for Reddit

  • Category: News
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  • Current Version: 3.2.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: OneLouder
  • Compatibility: Android
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BaconReader for Reddit App

BaconReader is a tasty Reddit client that lets you enjoy all of the best content and features of popular social news site Reddit. Access news and entertainment content, post links, submit pics and comments, upvote and downvote to your heart’s content – all in a beautiful interface enhanced for easy use on your iPhone or iPad With features like multiple account support, messages, enhanced search, follow friends, direct image uploads, and a unique subreddit explorer, BaconReader is intuitive and easy to use new and experienced redditors alike. Join the BaconReader community at r/BaconReader for the latest news and updates on BaconReader features and release plans. Features: • Support for iPhone X • Compact Mode available for viewing more content in a smaller space • Gesture support for quick voting - 2 finger tap to up vote and 3 finger tap to down vote • Supports 3D touch for Front Page thumbnails and Home screen • Support for multitasking on iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro devices • Dual-Pane view available for iPhone Plus devices • Image/gif viewer: Supports swipe up/down to close and Imgur album captions • Subscribe, set User and Link flair, submit posts, upvote/downvote, full iPad support -- all for free! • Cake day notification • Reddituploads image display support • Filtering: Keyword, Domain, and exclude subreddits from r/all • Moderator features: Modmail, approve/remove posts, mark as spam) • Switch between multiple accounts and create new ones • Select Explore from the menu to get started discovering great new content. • Create and manage multireddits, add subreddit to multireddit from sidebar • Select between list and tile displays – swipe sideways in detail view to access the next story without returning to the front page! • New search makes it even easier to search for posts, subreddits, and users • Follow posts/comments made by other redditors by adding them to your Friends list • Bookmark a subreddit, multireddit or keywords for quick access, without adding it to your front page • Post images directly to imgur within posts and comments • Left-handed mode allows you to switch thumbnails from right to left for easy access • Draw on or "meme-ify" posted pictures to enhance the fun through built-in image editor


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BaconReader for Reddit app reviews

  • Developer addressed issues... 2/5

    By scottjl
    Developer has addressed issues that had cropped up, but I’ve moved on to a different app already.
  • What did you do? 4/5

    By ZOM
    Same opinions as the reviewer above. This was a first-page app on my phone since I discovered it a couple years ago. But you guys totally borked the UI and UX. Just please roll everything back to the way it was. As it stands I’m looking for a new client since this is borderline unusable. Update: Nov. 22 The developer thankfully listened to our concerns and made it much more user friendly. It’s still wonky in places but it’s much more usable. I really appreciate the feedback.
  • Nice app but bad scrolling 3/5

    By RUconscious
    I love the new features and that the app supports the iPhone X. I just wish this app had smoother scrolling. I'm going to explore other options even though I paid for this app. I have to have a better experience if I'm going to use an app consistently.
  • Disappointing compared to the Android version 1/5

    By Vsod99
    Baconreader for Android has a beautiful layout and is very easy to use. I use both iOS and Android, and upon installing on iOS, I was baffled by how disorganized this version is. You can't simply upvote and downvote comments without accessing a separate menu. There is no subreddit stroller, to access a specific subreddit, I have to search for it. I don't see an intuitive way to access /r/all, only /r/popular. All in all, this version is a mess and I will be looking into different apps.
  • A step back 1/5

    By JM1ish
    The latest update crashes constantly - loading images, reading comments, you name it. I’m restarting every fifteen minutes or so now. If this isn’t fixed soon, I’ll be moving on to a different app.
  • Still better than Apollo 5/5

    By Paladuck
    Everyone is super high on Apollo the new reddit app but I used it for a long time and still prefer Bacon reader. Easier to navigate through posts and subreddits and cleaner design.
  • New UI makes voting a pain 1/5

    By BaconReaderDoesItBetter
    Since the last UI update the up and down arrow placement in comment threads is exactly where I scroll with my thumb causing me to downvote things without knowing it. Will not change my 1 star until this is addressed.
  • Arbitration clause 1/5

    By lleidr
    Before you can use the app, you have to agree that you waive your right to sue them. If they find an exploit in iOS that allows them to purposely steal your credit card information and sell it to criminals, you can’t sue them for damages. They also reserve the right to change the agreement at any time without notifying you, and your continued use of the app constitutes acceptance. They specifically say it is your responsibility to constantly review the agreement to make sure they haven’t slipped something new into it. They could add a clause that says you consent to allowing them to put a lien on your house if you use swear words on Reddit, and you agree to it just by using the app.
  • Best Reddit app (edit: hate new UI!) 2/5

    By Peasantsong
    Edit: I so strongly dislike the changes to the app’s UI that I actually am editing my previous review. I hate that you can’t swipe to upvote or comment! As if I’m going to two or three finger tap to vote (I can’t even remember which one upvotes or downvotes!) and commenting is an unintuitive hot mess. Why would you remove the swiping option on purpose? I hope you update to bring this back soon. I've tried pretty much every Reddit app around (including Reddit's own) but I think this one is the best of them all, as long as you spring for the paid version because no one likes ads. The interface is easy to navigate and the browser and image upload/viewer extensions work very well for me. My only complaint is that it seems to devour my battery, but I'm honestly not sure if that's just because I spend too much time on Reddit. Regardless, it's not enough of a complaint to get me to switch to a different app.
  • Hey it’s fixed 4/5

    By Tyrecke
    Still getting used to new stuff but it works again, thank you. Maybe consider a ‘re-rate us’ push notification, I’m sure most people won’t remember their review like I did
  • Compact View Worthless 2/5

    By Maddcat
    The Standard view is UGLY and the Compact view is worthless. I have the same number of posts available on my screen in the compact view as the standard view, the only benefit is now those random spaces between the posts on the standard view are gone.
  • New layout wastes lots of space 1/5

    By screech996
    I'm not one to write negative reviews of apps if I haven't used them enough to form an opinion, but I've been using BaconReader for at least a year now and I feel like the new layout takes up too much screen space. As a frequent Reddit lurker, I prefer to read comments and posts with minimal scrolling, hence why I use this app instead of the abysmal official Reddit app. Now there's way too much blank space anytime I'm viewing comments on a post. It's saddening because this app has been a longtime favorite of mine because all of the features are otherwise perfect, and the developers have always been responsive to their users' wishes, so I'm hoping this will be remedied in some fashion.
  • How do I even upvote comments? 3/5

    By naboudara
    As others have said, the way you upvote and reply to comments has changed a few versions ago. Instead of swiping left to reveal the arrows, you must long press on the comment to reveal them. In the latest version, that doesn’t even work. The only way I found to vote is to tap the three dots to the right of the comment and tap “Upvote Comment”, which is even more clunky.
  • Haha wow 2/5

    By Shinxanta
    Apollo is so much better now, you killed the simplistic design. Great job.
  • love it but very disappointed in newest changes 1/5

    By shupah
    been using this app for a couple of years. great support. just pay the couple of bucks for the premium. it's worth it! UPDATE: these new changes make me unable to up/downvote posts that are longer than the length of my phones screen. please fix UPDATE 11/2017 from bad to worse. now the app looks as cluttered as every other reddit app. im considering myself on the market again..
  • The UI isn’t simple and intuitive anymore 5/5

    By dragonitebruh
    Can you guys stop updating this app to where it looks more and more horrible each time?
  • Update 5/5

    By Nexg3nz
    Loving the update. New features are great. The only reddit app that you can swipe post to post. Love that feature the most.
  • Absolutely hate the new layout. 1/5

    By C.S. Cummings
    I’ve had this app for 3+ years and it’s been my preferred method for reddit browsing. Simple, sleek and no-frills. Absolutely hate the new layout you’ve decided to force. Adds two lines of text to each post on list mode and draws the eye away from the actual content. What used to be a simple and compact horizontal viewer now forces your eye to the vertical which, in my opinion, completely clogs up the page with info you could access easily with just a swipe (the intuitive controls is what made your app special.) Now it’s just as clunky as the next reddit browsing app, which I’ll certainly be moving to. So long BaconReader, it was good while it lasted. At least give us the option to keep the old layout which I loved so much.
  • Why is username up top and sub at the bottom? 3/5

    By Bob5737269
    Makes more sense to have title up top, then sub, then user.
  • New voting method doesn’t work. 1/5

    By akerf
    New method doesn’t work. Tapping just collapses the comment and the app is overall slower than it used to be. Will be looking for a new app.
  • Why oh why would you change 1/5

    By tombraa
    Seems like they are feeling the pressure from Apollo to provide a super complicated UI that wastes screen space (compact mode still has lines dedicated to just naming the user...) Not only that but if you’re going to go that route you should at least provide the customization options they do...
  • Love the app...wish it didnt have recent update with post swiping 4/5

    By MS3 peds rotation
    I really love this app, the only bad things about it in the most recent update is that now instead of swiping a comment to upload it, you have to hold your finger over it and then select to upload it or download it. The old system was a lot better where you would swipe it to upvote it. It’s practically annoying now because on looking at a sub Reddit, you upload a individual post by swiping, but you can only upvote a comment by holding. I extremely dislike how it is incongruent between the sub Reddit versus the individual posts. The other thing that I don’t like about it is that you can’t copy a text item from it. For instance you can’t hold your finger over an original post’s text, select individual text to copy it so you can paste it into another application, email or something like that. That’s extremely upsetting especially in that they are actively going against that ability with the most recent update.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Nbbfan2100
    Amazing app, love the hold to upvote, never change!
  • Love it 4/5

    By BaconFalcon
    The UI is really easy to use and i actually use this more than my pc to browse reddit. Would be 5*s but i’m not liking the new change with comments.
  • Upvoting 1/5

    By Martin(sap)supportapioneer
    I really miss the sideswipe to upvote/reply to comment. I’ve used the app for over a year & hate this update.
  • Buggy 1/5

    By Patrick Kramer
    I keep getting Unauthorized warnings and have to log out and log back in; support link just pops up a warning stating that my device doesn't support email when it clearly does.
  • Can’t upvote or reply with this version. 1/5

    By Shotgun don't work
    Ruined went from useful to clunky+ jumpy. Up voting is now impossible on long posts.
  • New update broke everything 1/5

    By brodibot
    Now I just get an error bad request 400
  • Swipe left went away 1/5

    By Da real KJAM
    You had me trained to swipe left to upvote or downvote in a post and now I have to hold it down. I still can’t adjust my brain to the switch and it’s been weeks. Like the app overall but one star for the Apple do it out way or else change.
  • Absolute trash 1/5

    By Random1168
    Scroll left and right to read?! Are you people seriously this stupid? Refund me or roll back.
  • Best reddit app I've used (and I've used them all) 4/5

    By Meepmeepster826
    This app is pretty much what alienblue wishes it was. Good interface, good customizability, everything is easy to learn, lots of little shortcuts to discover along the way. If you need a good functional reddit app, this is just about as good as you're gonna get.
  • These changes are bad. 1/5

    By Coolgmail77
    Why does left swiping on a comment no longer work? Why do I have to hold down now?
  • Used to be great but way too buggy now 1/5

    By MikeTovarez
    For some reason, since the last update this app crashes every time I click on an external link. I get a white screen and have to force close the app.
  • Much better than the rest of the reddit readers I have tried 4/5

    By Tank9785
    Much much better
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By 186839erunnn86352728
    Very disappointed with the latest update. I hate having to hold to up/downvote. I can’t even vote on comments that extend beyond my screen because once I hold to vote, the screen scrolls up, not letting me view the options. Then when I go to scroll down to the options, they disappear.
  • Dissapointing Changes 1/5

    By JK3169KJ
    I have always used BR for it's simplistic lay out, well they have done away with that and now the screen is an ever loving mess. Why are subreddit options no longer the default when doing a search? If I type in "Movies" I don't want the first five options I see to be six year old posts. So you have to go through yet another step to select a subreddit. The bottom of the screen is a mess with messaging tabs etc no longer being accesses via hidden sidebar. Hate that. And also, I can not even listen to music while using the app because the loud and intrusive adds that pop up will override your music app and stop your music forcing you to leave the app the reselect the play button. Some of that could potentially be overlooked if the app ran smoothly, which it doesn't. Always has errors when loading, randomly crashes, intrusive adds in every corner of the screen... I am not happy at all the with the previous slew of updates. They are far from improvements. Also, now you have to hold a comment in order for the reply/upvote/downvote/etc. to appear. This is far less intuitive than swipe the comment to the the left. Now I just find myself either accidently swapping posts or being annoyed to the point where I don’t want to upvote/reply to comments. I find myself using other mobile Reddit platforms increasingly more often. This app gets worse and worse with every update and I will be making the move to another platform permenantly if this trend continues.
  • Audible ads that you can’t stop? 1/5

    By Derekhuff
    Really guys? I can’t close an ad with sound?
  • Hey 5/5

    By Father meme master
    That's pretty good
  • Simple viewer for reddit 5/5

    By EdwardK85
    Works great
  • Small bug 2/5

    By ThatChrisKiddo
    I can't use search in a subreddit if I've clicked through from another post, it's really annoying and stops me from checking something quick without losing my place in the feed.
  • Was a great app... 1/5

    By M41234
    Now every page is a "no data. Tap to refresh" error... time to find a new app for Reddit
  • Switched from Reddit is Fun 1/5

    By honestrevi
    And now I hate Reddit . Worst app ever. Have to manually scroll or type in a sub. Worst app.
  • Why am I still using this app? 2/5

    By WhitChatJ
    So now instead of being able to swipe to vote, comment, save, etc., we have to do a long press? I keep automatically trying to swipe which takes me back to front page and I have to start all over. Annoying!
  • Long press on comments is broken 3/5

    By Hangglide for fun
    We used to be able to swipe sideways on a comment to vote and comment. Now you have to long press which takes much more time. Also, long press doesn’t work as expected. When you press it scrolls up to the top so you can’t vote. If you scroll back the vote option goes away. Now you can’t vote or comment. The app is broken. Go back to side swiping on comments. The only reason to keep this app now is because you can side swipe on stories to get to the next one. Other apps don’t do that. As soon as they do I am switching.
  • Best Reddit App Ever 5/5

    By Nickylu22
    Even better than Reddit's own app.
  • No commenting ability 3/5

    By Deeisnottaken
    Otherwise the app is good
  • Autoplay audio ads now 1/5

    By Jaroberts24
    Be advised there are now audio advertisements on auto play so I deleted it. Besides the countless bugs, this app isn’t worth it. POS
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By sailoramy2273
    New update crashes immediately upon trying to open every single time.
  • Loud ads 1/5

    By cidneyd
    I have been a bacon reader user for a very long time. I love the UI, the dark theme, and the fact that the ads aren’t intrusive. HOWEVER, recently I’ve noticed that if you accidentally click on and ad it plays sound loudly and obnoxiously. How am I supposed to browse reddit quietly in bed as my SO sleeps with these ridiculous ads waking him up every time i accidentally click an ad!?!?
  • What happened to most of the settings? 2/5

    By It's That Guy
    Hello mister developer. What happened to most of the settings like quick view? Please add back and I’ll gladly update to 5 stars.

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