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Badminton League

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  • Current Version: 2.7.3108
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: RedFish Game Studio
  • Compatibility: Android
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Badminton League App

The best badminton game with realistic gameplay! Take on your friends in 1 vs 1 mode, or win the Badminton League trophy in Tournament Mode! Customizing your character with tons of items. And level up your ability to do stronger smash and jump! Now grab your racket to smash, hit the shuttlecock, do a crazy smash to your opponent like badminton star! Features: - Multiple game modes available, play with sports fans in local - Create your very own character, and level - up - Easy to control, challenging to win - Simple and elegant UI design - Cool stunts and realistic hitting shuttlecock experience - Numerous gorgeous badminton outfits How to play in 1 VS 1 Mode: 1. Open "Badminton League" and select 1 vs 1 Mode together 2. Select your connect mode 3. Connect the same WiFi with your friends or turn on your Bluetooth 4. Bet with coins, tap "HOST" to create a room, then waiting for them to join 5. Remind them to tap “JOIN” when see the room you create 6. Now you will know who is the Newbie 7. Make sure you use same version of the game Remind your friends to download Badminton League before above operation :) This game needs an internet connection to play. Like us on Facebook:


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Badminton League app reviews

  • Phenomenal 5/5

    By holy moly cool
    This game is simply great. Even though it’s simple, it’s incredibly fun. To the developers, I would recommend adding an online mode so one can play with other around the world.
  • Fun & Addicting 5/5

    By iMythicalFlames
    Although some kind of win streak bonus will be nice. :)
  • Was fun! 2/5

    By Ar shooota 15
    Game was great! I had alot of fun playing until they make it impossible to win a match without buying power ups!
  • No online & unethical ads placements 3/5

    By dynaken
    The players you play against are computers not real players although the name suggests that they are. Also, ads are intentionally pop up right where you have to press for accidental clicks. Very unethical. Deleted after I figured out that I wasn’t playing people but computer that takes other user names.
  • Meh. 2/5

    By hdhxnsmd
    Utter trash.
  • Smash’s not recording 4/5

    By Dave'siTunes
    Why are my achievements not recording. Been playing for 2 weeks and my smashes still say 309? I should be at a 500 or so!
  • Osthir !!! 5/5

    By sakib2439
    Amazing Game ...
  • Game review 3/5

    By BrandonG9836
    It was a really good game, but for some reason the ceo of the company kept asking for “titz or gtfo” through email... overall decent game
  • Easy five 5/5

    By ogPringle
    Great game.
  • FUN GAME! 5/5

    By I AM SAM........
    I love this game.
  • Ehhh 3/5

    By #Raft587
    Well I Was Looking On The App Store To Find Some Good Games And I Stumbled Across Badminton League (the game I’m reviewing) I said sure why not just try it let me tell u it’s pretty annoying how u can’t swing the racket while running so it gets pretty rage inducing
  • To Ower Guy 1/5

    By MysticClippz
    Horrible because there is not very much moves and I'm tired of me and the ai just doing jump shots but waiting until the next upcoming update
  • Easy to beat 3/5

    By Gonepostal1968
    I enjoyed it at first, but I soon discovered if you just low hit it to them and you can slam it and and works every time. So it’s boring
  • Why cant i get the red ones 2/5

    By jiyongking
    Im at the highest level (6500+) and beat every single tournament games to unlock every equipment i could get except the best ones(or the red ones). There is nothing more i can do to get it except just playing tournament again and again hoping one of those four equipments will pop out. But it never does. Is buying with real cash the only way to get them??? It says that i can get them from the tournament boxes?? Please do something.
  • Great 5/5

    By ThomasPippne1211
    Super fun
  • This game is trash 5/5

    By Jacob Plume
  • Fix 1 vs 1 2/5

    By Mr. Blitz
    Versing your buddy in this game is terrible, the game can’t render whenever you hit the birdie. I’ve literally seen the racket go through the birdie and not go the other direction. This is a problem because not only do you have to pay to play against your friends, but the match isn’t fair do to these errors. Fix your game.
  • Looking Good!!! 5/5

    By Kongitron
    Just downloaded the update and works like a charm!! Love this game and really appreciate the response to all the feedback!! Keep up the great work!!
  • Exciting way to kill time! 5/5

    By Jake19473739
    The tournament mode always has me coming back for more!
  • very gooooooood!!!! 5/5

    By سيد موسوى
    it’s very good. very beautiful and nice!!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Game is fun but.... 1/5

    By Firefighter3012
    This is a very fun game with a very good setup. A little confusing on how to star, due to a lack of instructions, but once you get going it is very simple and easy. The thing is this game is set up very good but the controls are absolutely horrible. One minute they are working fine the next the buttons won’t click and you end up losing games. Should have a constant movement system where you drag similar to a joystick. And the buttons need to be more responsive. Good game, good idea, good setup, horrible controls.
  • Badminton League 3/5

    By Jobomber 37
    There are a lot of sports games on the iPhone, some ranging from simplistic to complicated. Badminton League takes a place in the more simple category. It has easy controls so people can learn quick and master the elements of the game. While the gameplay is structured well, some parts around it lack and make it not as enjoyable as it should be. As I said before, the basic controls will be great for everyone. If you enjoy the types of games that are easy to learn and can notice your skill increasing, you’ll enjoy Badminton League. It’s a rewarding experience to know when to smash and when to volley, or use a power up, although some of the power ups need to be edited or even removed. There’s one that makes a lag-effect on the screen, meaning when preparing for a shot it stops for half a second and by then it’s too late. It seems like an unfair mechanic for a game that only requires 10 points to win a match. Another issue is the experience points. They gain slowly, and take some time to get for your novice player. It’s actually better to get clothing that increases some stats, which is concerning as that revolves around a pay-to-win style. Online play is also lacking. There is a WiFi mode that you can access with other friends, but matchmaking would make this game a lot more addicting, although I understand if they decided to wait for the online services because of expected issues. Overall, the gameplay and controls work well for a badminton game. They’re fluent and respond well. It’s the mechanics and added parts of the game that are underwhelming, and strip away some of the charm it has
  • Very worse game. If you wanna watch free ad download. 1/5

    By Giash1092
    It is a creepy game for badminton lovers. It doesn’t work as real badminton at all. Also those movement arrows don’t work properly. They need lot of improvement. Thanks guys for your efforts. Just little bit update can make it better.
  • Waste of Time 1/5

    By Mallardj
    This app was boring and in my first match the buttons disappeared. The basic controls make this game boring as there is not much skill necessary to play. Furthermore, the developer responded to me saying that I will fall in love with this game and offered me no solution to my concerns and then asked me to change my rating. No I will not change my rating and lie. This app gets one star and they have to deal with it.
  • Lovely game 5/5

    By Good off
    Gertrude is a comedian
  • If you’ve ever played badminton competitively... 2/5

    Horrible representation. Also some horrible latency issues and lack of swing options.
  • Good game 5/5

    By karlos-br
    A good game and a little had thanks App Store
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By Xon3m
    They set the game to be unbeatable until you purchase more stamina. Once the player gets tired he cant return the ball any more. Unless you spend $50 and buy stamina. What a scam of a game
  • Good game but some minor issues 3/5

    By Kickkid13
    This is probably one of the easiest mobile games to get into and it’s pretty good. As usual most games now days push in app purchases for coins and this game has it but doesn’t push it to hard. My main issue with the games is the walk buttons are to small so often I’ll give up silly points because I can’t walk backward or forward far enough, I suggest having a slider in the settings so you can make the walk buttons slightly bigger or smaller. I might just have big fingers. Other than that it’s a good game with great simple graphics for mobile.
  • Great game, but the controls need some work 3/5

    By smoothlab
    I love this game. I want to love it more but the controls need improving. The left right buttons are too small. There have been so many times that i lost a point or a whole match because I missed the button when trying to move toward the shot. The buttons should be bigger. It’s a frustrating reason to lose a match.
  • Ehhh 2/5

    By $€¥¢£₩
    Game got boring extremely fast. What did they expect when all you can play against is AI and don’t get me started with the local play. It’s such a flawed model there is no point in local play most people won’t ever use it at all. This game is in dire need of multiplayer
  • Movement 4/5

    By OpRaider
    I really like this game but the movement is a bit buggy and cause cause people to lose games. For instance I was playing a game and I almost won but the opponent smacked it down on me and I couldn’t move.
  • Great Game! but needs better iPhone X support 3/5

    By it is chet
    I love the gameplay! It’s a blast to play but I am constantly triggering the “home button” on the iPhone X. It would be perfect if it had the hidden home button feature I’ve seen on other apps
  • Yeah...not a chance 1/5

    By iCritique Music
    Bad buyers choice. You win next to nothing if you play against the computer. When and if that happens, then you only unlock items that you can THEN purchase. Plus, when you lose against the computer, it takes your money and points away. So another beautiful option for them to them offer selling you more. Finally, when playing against friends on WiFi or Bluetooth, the action is so erratic and flat out sketchy, that the game freezes and you have coins taken from you as the game just dies and takes you back to your phone home screen. It’s a purchase machine for the developers who want your cash and aren’t in the habit of giving you your money’s worth. Greed. Greed. Greed. Caveat Emptor
  • Cheating 3/5

    By Ghajajajzjzj
    Every time I’m about to win Tournament match it getting glitched so I can miss the shot and turn into lose
  • Horrible controls 3/5

    By Ifhffjrkfu
  • Good game but glitchy 3/5

    By jpgeorge
    This game is enjoyable when it works smoothly. Unfortunately it is quite glitchy - often times when you press the buttons (movement buttons especially) there is a significant lag which can easily make you lose. It gets more noticeable the more you play.

    By 😍😍😍 I love this app
    The controls don’t work it’s such a bad game
  • Fun 5/5

    By Fan1351
    Very fun!

    By mirlind balidemaj
    The game is awsome i love it so much put i recomend to do a dance at the end like a running man a dab worm or something thanks if you see this byeeeeeeeeeeee!
  • The Game is near perfect duo to 4/5

    By ahmad_samir_93
    The game is funny and was waiting for a game like this since 2009! It’s Perfect but the buttons is very small to my fingers especially the movement one please make it bigger or at least make option of a bigger buttons I’m losing because of this :(
  • Glitch 4/5

    By Peto12233
    The button the move right stops and won’t let me move
  • Why I love this game... 5/5

    By Chickboy18
    I never wrote a review so this made me write one.The controls were pretty hard for me at once but I practiced a whole day and I can beat a pro 2-0,I also love the abilities so it gives me a sort of advantage when I run out of mana. THANKS FOR THE BEST GAME EVER!!
  • Fix the controls 3/5

    By iMidnighti
    I would give 5 stars but one problem, which annoys me so much and make me lose is when I press the moving buttons, sometimes my player doesn’t move and results to me losing a point and probably losing which is no fun. I know I’m ok and losing to someone I know I CAN beat is just annoying, so please fix this.If you do 5 stars WILL come
  • Good game 5/5

    By Lindarose77
    I love this game!
  • Really Fun Game (Bug) 4/5

    By OtakuBoi54321
    I really enjoy playing this game but I gotta say that there is a bug that I really can’t stand. The Bug is that sometimes I’m not gonna be able to hit or move. I check my stamina and it’s all good but still I’m just frozen for a couple of seconds and get scored on. If you guys can fix this Bug sometimes in the future I would really appreciate it.
  • Amazing!!! 5/5

    By scinday
    This is the a great game.its challenging at first but you’ll get the hang of advise you to buy the no ads because it only cost 99 cents. Some adds freeze so just buy that.i one hundred percent need to get this :)
  • Should be called Glitchminton 1/5

    By Smbfs from
    Can’t even get through training without glitching so bad I have to quit. Absolute garbage.
  • Lag 2/5

    By Crappy as heck
    I like the game but so much lag.
  • Controls do not work and game constantly freezes 1/5

    By L Kaysef
    Whenever playing the forward and backward buttons do not work and game constantly freezes then unfreezes and I lose points.

Badminton League app comments


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