BAND - Organize your groups

BAND - Organize your groups

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  • Current Version: 6.1.9
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Camp Mobile
  • Compatibility: Android
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BAND - Organize your groups App

Organize your group on BAND! It’s the perfect group communication app with features like Community Board, Shared Calendar, Polls, To-Do Lists, Private Chat & more! BAND is BEST for: ● Sports Teams - Schedule game days or practices with the team calendar, notify all members quickly about canceled practices, and share videos + pictures from games with the team all in one place. ● Work/Projects - Share files and keep everyone in the loop with the community messaging board. Have a quick group call with remote teams. Stay accountable with shared to-do lists. ● School Groups - Plan all your school events easily with the calendar and use polls to decide activity and food options. Send out group messages to update everyone on how the event is going. ● Faith Groups - Organize activities with a weekly notice and calendar RSVP to all members. Support each other throughout the week by privately sharing prayer requests through chat. ● Gaming Clans and Guilds - Set up a raiding schedule with the group calendar and share important information about any game with all your members. Use multiple chat rooms for group finder, recruitment and sharing strategies. ● Family, Friends, Communities - Stay connected with your family and friends. BAND also has public groups! Use the discover feature to find communities with similar interests or near you. Why BAND? BAND is the best way to stay connected with all types of groups! ● Be social & organized in one place Community Board / Calendar / Poll / Group File Sharing / Photo Album / Private Chat / Group Call ● Create or join a space that meets your group’s unique needs Adjust privacy settings (secret, closed, public), control notifications, manage members (admin & co-admins), assign privileges, and make a vanity URL or home cover design dedicated to your group. You can customize everything about your group and make it unique! ● Accessibility You can chat wherever you are. BAND can be used on any device including your phone, desktop, or tablet by going to We value your feedback! Send us your feedback and/or suggestions so we can make BAND better for you & your groups. Email: Facebook: Youtube: Twitter: @BANDtogetherapp @BAND_Gaming Instagram: BANDtogetherapp Blog:


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BAND - Organize your groups app reviews

  • Amazing App 5/5

    My Explorer Program uses this app on a daily to keep everyone interested and informed. By far the best organizational app out there!
  • Annoying 2/5

    By MJ_1121
    It’s so busy and not very user friendly. I am so annoyed by the “Sticker” notifications. The ads make the app confusing to look at maybe because they’re so big. The faster I can read whatever message was sent to me the better so I can close the app. But the notifications for irrelevant things like “stickers” annoy me so much.
  • Perfect app 5/5

    By Jeremy Washington
    I don’t know where my organization (Dazzling Divas of Essence) would be without it
  • Great App!! 5/5

    By Afshan9977!colony
    Wonderful app. We are using it for our alumni. Suggest having a feature in a chat where user can press a comment and reply to it so it becomes a thread .. Also allow # (tags) search within chat group in a particular BAND.
  • Thanks for iPhone X version 5/5

    By 32like
    Once I grabbed iPhone X in my hands, I could meet a beautiful screen on BAND app.

    By mastergamer86
  • Now that it seems to work for me... 3/5

    By Iffy350
    Now that it seems to work for me I now have a new problem. I have a coworker who is a bit annoying and won’t stop posting band comments on every little thing. Is there a way to block individual users within a group? This one is a bit of a hAssle.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By busymom2000
    Brian a home daycare and this app has made a huge difference in the communication with all my families. I can post messages to individual people as well as to the group. I love all of the features that allow us all to communicate effectively and quickly.
  • Using for a Conference 3/5

    By Brandibug
    I am using Band for a conference. So far I like the communication channels and it seems to be handy, however I have one major annoyance. Conference attendees are using the upload photo feature which is great, however I want to be able to turn off notifications for photos but keep notifications for important posts on and there is no way to separate the notifications. This seems like a no brained thing to have set from the beginning, so please fix this feature and I will be able to recommend your app to others.
  • Error when uploading original HEIF 3/5

    By Exive
    New iOS came with new image format and when uploading image with original, Band fails to upload a post and its attachments. I guess HEIF is not supported yet because uploading with JPG original is fine. Please support HEIF upload with original version.
  • Made the switch 1/5

    By Greedyformoney-/()
    We took our 105 person Band group and switched to Discord. Band is a nightmare to navigate. Trying to get someone signed up is like walking through hot glass shards. Deleted.
  • Stop with the notifications!!!! 2/5

    By MORE ANGRY!!!!
    This app would be AMAZING for my group if it didn’t send me notifications about other groups and stupid stickers all the time. I’m pretty sure most of the people in the group have turned off their notifications already because they keep turning out to be from BAND instead of from me which pretty much defeats the point of the app. If I could pay to turn this off for our entire group, I would. Knock it off with the stickers and the posts about other groups already!! I just want an app to communicate with my group— not another social media outlet!!
  • Great app needs an update 1/5

    By myPHATmonkey
    This app was rated 5 star until the last IOS update. All notifications no longer work for the app. I checked all settings and did research and found that I’m not the only one with this issue for many apps. It seems the apps need updates to send notifications now. Plz get this fixed!
  • GIPHY 3/5

    By k3tchUPman
    This would get 5 stars if it had GIPHY put into it kinda like the app groupme but other than that this app is pretty good.
  • Does just what it says on the tin, however... 4/5

    By SonicGusAlpha
    It should be rated 17+, as kik is, because it's basically the same thing, and it has erotic, violent, and drug groups on it as well. Please either rate it 17+, or put an option to turn off many key words relating to drugs, erotica, or anything else 18+.
  • I want to like it... 1/5

    By LukeaseP
    My school’s drumline and I have used this app for about a year now, but lately, nobody has been on. There’s a bunch of problems with the app, but i’ll start with some positives. First off, I loved the calendar. This is something I had trouble using in other group chat apps (mostly because it’s non-existant in most apps). When I asked who still even used it, most of the members said “I only look at the calendar anymore.” Another positive how when you post, it’s like a dashboard. It’s great because people can see what’s important. Unfortunately, we’ve stopped using it for a couple reasons. First off, THE DUMB NOTIFICATIONS. This shouldn’t have to be a point, but it is. Nobody looks at their BAND notifications because half the time it’s like “Check out the new Summer sticker pack!” which is ridiculous. It’s probably the number one reason that people deleted the app. Secondly, the chat system is super weird. The board posting is cool, and it works. Usually people ask questions here. There isn’t really a reason to have the SMS chat, but it’s there. So many people got confused by it. Another reason is the fact that there’s just not much you can do with it that you can’t do any other way. It basically just turned into Remind. It was just the leaders of the chat sending posts to everyone else with little conversation. If we used Remind, we could have done the same thing and cut out all the extras. I want to like this app, but if it did without the self-marketing and if it stopped acting like a social media app rather than a group chat one, it would probably see a lot more use.
  • You have no control 1/5

    By Jay is Frustrated
    I started a band and wanted to delete or remove it and the app won’t allow it. Crazy! Every time I try an remove the band I’m the admin of and created it say’s I should choose another admin. Well no, there is no other admin. I chose to remove it so I should be able to do just that. If you want complete control of information you choose to upload and post don’t use band try Shutterfly.
  • Content Posting with Delay 3/5

    By kutiekaye
    I get push notifications when someone comments or chats, but when I go to the post or thread, I don't see what they wrote right away. I have to close the app a few times or wait a few minutes before I see the message.
  • The Appearance is a Clusterf*** 1/5

    By Ads start randomly
    “Organized” is what this app is not. Please make it better like GroupMe. My company insists on using this.
  • Ehh? 3/5

    By JUA VAJ
    The application is great for users who need an easy interface, yet doing lots of tasks at once. The problem right now is that when setting up an event or specific date. You cannot set it on the correct day in which you want. Ex: Creates event for Tuesday the 17th, (which is two days away from today (10/15/17) ) it’ll glitch after you have made the event and it’ll be put on the “actual day it is on your phone (10/15/17)”. Please fix ASAP, we all know this app has GREATT potential for all who needs to group up.
  • Stop stealing my info 1/5

    By rt46373883
    Not going to give you access to my phone number, email address, or Facebook so you can sell my info. Sorry not sorry. Email should be enough.
  • Good App but needs to be fixed 3/5

    By Notsofondofit
    When I have the app open and someone sends a message I don’t get a notification, nor is there a green symbol next to the chat to show there’s a new message. Please fix this. It has been this way for weeks.
  • Good lawd stop the notifications 3/5

    By Spurs make me sad
    For the love of all things in the world stop pushing me notifications that do not directly relate to groups I'm using. Ive tried to turn off ALL notifications and some how they still invade my life like a candy crush invitation
  • New messages hidden 3/5

    By vanpelta
    Overall it’s a good app, very helpful for managing a group like an online clan, but there is one flaw that needs to be addressed right away: Sometimes when a person in a chat room posts something, the small green notification icon doesn’t appear, and it appears as if nothing has been said in the chat. You can only find the message if you click on the chat room, which has notification that something has been said in it. Please fix this.
  • ㅇ 5/5

    By 염염 예원이
  • Awesome app. BETTER THAN WHAT I EXPECTED 5/5

    By Jazzvvv
    Thanks for fixing The Who read my posts option😇😇
  • Make a dark mode 3/5

    By Triplem21
    Wanna to say in the app make a dark mode
  • Was good but now terrible 1/5

    By DDJaySinger
    Was working fine until today and it’s just died. Won’t let me do anything.
  • Security risk?!?! 1/5

    By UnderGodsArmor7
    Great app, but after its latest update, it’s completely bugging out. So much so that I tried going to customer support but my phone warned me that they haven't renewed their certificate or whatever and that it’s a security risk. Not sure what’s going on, but it doesn’t look good. Hopefully they fix it soon 😕 My group had over 300people in it and now it’s scarring people from the app
  • So far so good 4/5

    By Shiya444
    I’ve been using Band for about 2 months now and I must say I like it. It’s very easy to navigate and love that we can have multiple groups and can create events. Only thing needed now is to have the same functionality as the android app as far the night modes and being able to take payments. Good job.
  • ?? 1/5

    By DaphneJoanna
    All of the sudden it won’t let me get on the app or the website and is saying that someone is imitating this app to get your financial information
  • Server and app unresponsive 3/5

    By Geekboydave
    This app was good, until the recent update, in which I was looking in my band (which corresponds to a clan in clash of clans) and everyone started saying the server wasn't working. Immediately I saw as well. the server wasn't loading with an error that said something about an invalid certificate. people in the clan who didn't get the update said the app worked just fine. upon uninstalling and reinstalling the app, the app just froze altogether when hitting "already a member? log in" link. should i exit the app, if i try to get back in, it will crash every time. i've uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times, and i have the same result. thank you for reading.
  • The last update broke it completely 1/5

    By IridAngel
    Band no longer works in my iPhone7 not much of a loss due to the constant decline in stability that's caused me to stop using it. Find something else
  • Server going down 😡 2/5

    By coach rae
    A few times it keeps saying the server is invalid and I can't talk to my cheer team! This is VERY frustrating as a coach. I have parents and cheerleaders texting me and calling me asking what's going on. GET IT TOGETHER BAND
  • Sounds good. Works. 4/5

    By Natty305
    If I didn't have to disable the SUPER annoying notifications...FOR STUPID STICKERS THAT REQUIRE CHALLENGES then I'm sure it would be a lovely app. This isn't 2009, apps that are annoying get ignored. Apps that are annoying get deleted. I would love to use it more for my groups but as is, it's very annoying. It works...stop the spam. *Update* Updating score to 4 stars from 1 due to developer's prompt response addressing my complaint. I think the UI is a little cluttered but along with the clutter comes functionality, which in the end makes this app much better to use. Thanks Band team!
  • Great App With Issues 3/5

    By Victorchew2011
    The app is great from what I can remember, however I re-downloaded the app and it crashes about 5 seconds into signing in so I can’t sign in.
  • Too much happening 2/5

    By Troop6WV
    There are many options that are great(calendar, messaging, photo albums), but their is too much happening. For a majority of users such as myself, we just have one group. There is not an option that I have found to make it default. Constant notifications about ways to create a new group for different kinds of groups are annoying and help turn off users. When you run a group like mine your biggest problem is people getting annoyed and shutting off notifications. Sending pointless push notifications about “new stickers” helps push busy families to that point. I will be switching my group back to groupme until this app is uncluttered and simplified.
  • iOS 11 - band get yourself together! 2/5

    By Reviewstradamus
    Love this app however since iOS 11 dropped it has gone way downhill. Constantly logging me out (10 times in a day) and then I have to re download all my stuff again, lose all custom settings etc
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Grass and Flower Music
    Amazing App for my Church ! Thank you ! 😃👍🏼
  • Great App 5/5

    By imjustsarah515
    I’ve been using this app for about a year and I was shocked that it only has a 2.7 or so rating. This app is great! It works well, is fast, and has a great user interface (and is even more awesome via the web). It’s a great and viable alternative to Facebook Groups and has comparable features without overloading the user with options. Keep us the great work!
  • Ok 3/5

    By FinnaBeFamous
    My only complaint is this needs the ability to post GIFs and post them in the comments!!
  • Shinkar not impressed 1/5

    By j-briegus
    Bottom text
  • File sharing 3/5

    By Whydoihavetochooseafakename
    I downloaded this to use for my Girl Scout troop, it only allows you to download files from Dropbox- who keeps files in drop box I use google drive, pages, google docs, sheets, iBooks, GoodReader, excel And none of these are options At minimum you should use google drive Honestly who keeps files in Dropbox- no one !
  • Great! 5/5

    By LoneStar🌟
    I just heard about this app and I think it's exactly what my marching band has been needing! Excellent idea and engagement with your consumers!
  • For old community 1/5

    By zakk23v
    I see only old generation using band. Not much content
  • Had to quit using 2/5

    By gsmom65
    As one of 3 Girl Scout leader3, we loved it but we have parents who use window phones. It's not available to them so we had to quit using.
  • Good app 5/5

    By Rate572
    It is easy to organize your groups on this app I recommend it!
  • Horrible ad band with NO option to remove them. 1/5

    By GwenMyung
    The purpose of the app is nice. But it is annoying so much that I had my groups NOT to use this app. This is another advertising populated app. Not worth it.
  • Exactly what I was looking for 5/5

    By westpiper
    I help organize a small group of teen leaders who are all on different platforms. Facebook seems to be not as popular with young people like it once was, so I started looking some an app that functioned just like a Facebook group, but without all the other stuff. That's when I found Band. I've been using it for over a year now, and have had a great experience. I've even recommended it to other people who have similar needs. The only thing I would change is to allow me to turn off notifications for other groups in the area. Perhaps a premium feature?
  • Looks good, but lacking... 2/5

    By Oz2275
    Looks like a great app for organizing my Girl Scout troop communications but I can only upload files from Dropbox. I don't use Dropbox - I use OneDrive for my troop newsletter & permission forms. Wish I could upload files from these so I could use the app.

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