BAND - Organize your groups

BAND - Organize your groups

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  • Current Version: 6.0.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Camp Mobile
  • Compatibility: Android
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BAND - Organize your groups App

Are you a group organizer? Looking for a new community to join? Then BAND is the right app for you. BAND helps you organize your groups and also discover new groups catered to your interests.. BAND is BEST for ● Teams/Clubs - Post notices, schedule meetings, and chat with all members in a group chat or 1-on-1. ● Gaming Clans/Organizations - Strategize, play, and stay connected with team members. ● Open Forums - Discuss your favorite topics and make new friends who share the same interests; from video games, sports, and fitness to fashion, relationships and everything in between. ● Local Communities/Meetups - Connect with people in your area about the topics you care about most. ● Work/Projects - Share important project updates with your work team. ● Personal Groups - Privately share photos and updates with family, friends, etc. Why BAND? ● Stay organized with the ultimate features. - Community Board / Chatroom / Group Call / Poll / Calendar / File Sharing / Photo Album ● Be anyone in any Band. - Create different aliases for different groups so you can be free to talk about anything with anybody. ● Personalize your group settings to fit the group’s needs. - Set privacy levels (Secret, Closed, Public) / Manage memberships (Admin & Co-admins) and Assign privileges / Make a vanity URL dedicated to your group. ● Access your group on any device including your phone, tablet or laptop by going to We value your feedback! Send any suggestions or report bugs to us so we can make BAND better together! Email: Facebook: Youtube: Twitter: @BANDtogetherapp @BAND_Gaming Instagram: BANDtogetherapp Blog:

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BAND - Organize your groups app reviews

  • Calendar 5/5

    By Huntinpa11111
    I just started using the app a few days ago. So far, I believe it is going to be a great tool to keep our group organized. I noticed that November 5 is listed twice in the calendar which causes other dates after to be incorrect. Could you also add a message or email to report problems or suggestions? Great app!
  • Fantastic group app!! 5/5

    By Eddie Cue
    This app has been the perfect communication base for my online gaming guild. Love everything about it. I just have one request, if you could add an option for gifs maybe from giphy. Would make it perfect to add this option. Otherwise, awesome!!
  • Unable to read long chats 1/5

    By D4nny..
    Can you guys update because app isn't working properly, if you have a lot of. Messages pending in a group chat, and you try to read them app lags out and messages start coming from top instead from bottom, really laggy after last update, and takes a long time to load any images on the writing.
  • Share extension is broken, but otherwise decent 2/5

    By _Bri_Bri_
    I would give this app a higher rating if it wasn't for two long time flaws: The share extension is broken. I constantly want to use it to share content to my groups, especially web links, but a lot of the time doing so crashes Safari, or if it doesn't crash it just silently fails, which in a way is worse. Maybe like 25% of the time it actually works, and I'm being generous here. The other issue is that the app adds BAND-centric promotions and ads into my feed *and* sends me push notifications about it. I get that this is a free app, but it's really annoying when I get a notification that I think is one of my friends posting or replying to something only to find out it's some inane BAND promotion I care nothing about. There's no way to turn this off. With these two problems solved this app would be fairly decent. They're lucky all of the other social networks are even worse and the bar is set so low!
  • New update is terrible 1/5

    By Mikebo11
    Makes it impossible to read old, unread messages. As soon as a new message is posted, it jumps down to the bottom.
  • Really like it! 4/5

    By Chenojl
    It has assisted in keeping my team on track. Still need to discipline the process but for the most part it is really effective at keeping people informed of upcoming events and progression of assigned tasks. This is especially useful when team members are not behind a computer. Collaboration still occurs. Glad to use the app. Could use some fixes for fonts and jerky scrolling. Would like to see an ability to attach items NOT only from "DropBox" but from your email or photos. That would be great.
  • Update has problems 4/5

    By BrickitSAM
    I like this app but this new update ruined the search function to find chat messages, it takes forever to search and when it finally finishes it crashes the app
  • Tagging 4/5

    By Dibarrondo
    How do you tag people in posts or group chat? I write out their names and the option to tag doesn't pop up.
  • Good idea, needs improvement 3/5

    Love the purpose and function options. However the format is confusing and the app takes up a lot of space, a lot of group members deleted it for storage purposes :( also push notifications didn't work, not sure if this has been fixed
  • ugh the new logo is so ugly 3/5

    By Mr Keeb Breezy
    why have you done this?
  • New update makes scrolling herky jerky 4/5

    By Proman Noah
    Would be 5 Stars except (as the title states) the latest update makes scrolling a chat painful.
  • Co Admin Needs to be able to edit Admin Posts. 4/5

    By Sariles
    Co Admin Needs to be able to edit Admin Posts > Edit Albums.
  • Exactly What I've Been Looking For 5/5

    By SoliDeoGloria1517
    I'm a pastor of multiple congregations in a rural area and this seems like the perfect communication tool for my members. I love how it's simple to use and easy to set up. That's exactly what my older members need. It's also extremely functional and gives instant access to information and that's exactly what my younger members need to stay connected and involved. Thanks to the developers!
  • Need Help 3/5

    By Ya boy guapo
    How do you leave organizations? Also the app just forgot about me because I stayed login and my bands are not existent.
  • Like it but needs a few more updates 2/5

    By Mnh22
    I have recently started using this for my job since I am over 25 people. The only thing I don't like is that you can't send GIFs in the group chat as well as like certain messages in the group chats. If those things were fixed it would be 5 stars instead of 2.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By Caelan99
    I'm glad to have finally found an app that is perfect for creating a planner. This helps a lot with organization mainly because I can keep a calendar, a To Do list, and pictures if necessary on one app for future reference. The part I like the most is the simplicity and functionality. Great job with the development. I'm looking forward to any future updates :)
  • Junk 1/5

    By xxelendilxx
    Gets boring quickly.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By Mguthrieco
    Such a great way to communicate with staff about changes and updates. Works flawlessly!
  • Good for gaming 5/5

    By Dark_Zombie92
    It seems to work well with being a part of a large clan
  • Perfect for group planning 4/5

    By cookie4casey
    I got this app to coordinate with friends for a bunch of upcoming wedding-related events over the next year. so far I'm very happy with it! my only complaint is sometimes it's a little slow to connect to servers, like I had to input my confirmation code a few times before it accepted. so that could be improved. otherwise I love it!
  • Theft 1/5

    By Pretty solid for an app
    This idea is stolen and then poorly executed. If you're going to steal an idea at least do a good job.
  • Not working 1/5

    By Mikey3053
    Junk won't accept password
  • Not good idea 2/5

    By Poethetortoise
    This is one of those "what if there was an app that combines all my apps like everything in one" it does none of them well
  • Why this and not Facebook? 3/5

    By Witness2Fitness
    I'm curious as to the Pros of Band Vs FB. I'd like your opinions.
  • POLLS bug 2/5

    By Jeremy221
    For the past few updates creating time restricted polls has been non-functioning. This is very important for my group. Please resolve this issue soon. Thank you.
  • LOVING IT 5/5

    By haaannnaaah
    The idea is nothing new but ITS MUCH NEEDED! Kinda like a social media like facebook for your personal groups. Executed well and been using it on my fellowship groups and family! CURRENTLY LOVING IT. DOWNLOAD IT. You wont regret it. (This review is not paid)
  • Unintuitive and annoying 1/5

    By JayMillz28
    It's just an imitation Facebook that's poorly designed. Unintuitive menu navigation and it has ads. Just make a Facebook page or use an app like group me.
  • Poor customer protection 1/5

    By I Am Second 2 God
    This app is similar to other apps that are for use of chat. The difference is customer service does not protect band members (customers). I was a part of a particular sports band had some deep discussions regarding sports, nothing inappropriate, nothing threatening, just sports talk the admin felt as a fan of the opposing team to block me without a warning. I explained to customer service the situation and I asked if that's possible and if so how are we protected as bandmembers. The simple answer was the admin has control of doing whatever they want. At that point I deleted the app and leaving the review after I received input from customer service. We all know customer service is the most important part of running a business, and this business is highly not recommended!
  • Good, but import google calendar needed 3/5

    By GuruGamma
    Great app. But the calendar aspect isn't powerful enough yet... most people have already established calendars... they're unlikely to duplicate everything in BAND where they're already using something else... but an IMPORT feature would make BAND a powerhouse... please add this
  • I love BAND! 5/5

    By willinghamkaty
    We use it at my job to keep everyone in the loop and it has been beyond helpful. The only suggestion I'd make is that I'd love for there to be a widget for iPhone. Besides that, it's freaking AWESOME!!
  • This needs more Reviews!!! 4/5

    By yingsansgsfoot
    So far so good, I'll update after a couple months. I'm thoroughly impressed. Only 4 stars for now because it hasn't been that long yet. Layout is good and intuitive. Very simple setup. Great job Band team!
  • BAND 5/5

    By Gerrydka
    How secure is the"secret" group setting? I'm worried info will be uploaded via cloud to the internet or hacked.
  • Mobile alt to trello/slack? 5/5

    By mk\ultra
    Excited to use this app. Seems like a great communication platform to support user groups/interest groups, conventions/events, meet-ups, remote teams etc. hoping to see a Trello/Slack combo in this. Neither of which (in my opinion) have a great mobile platform, so I find myself using them mainly on desktop. Would really like a mobile equivalent. Haven't used this app a ton yet - will update after some use. 5 stars because your social media marketer is good, & they should know it.
  • "This Band has been deleted" ????WHAT THE HECK 1/5

    By kaylasugar
    Hi so i use this app for school sports and family bands. I loved the app initially, it seemed to work great and i was able to add everything that i needed to calendars, etc. One day i went to add something to the calendar it would pop up and say, "This Band has been deleted" and i would have to press "ok" and it wouldn't add to the calendar. Then i logged out of my account and tried logging in again and it said, "Temporary Error Occurred". I tried deleting and re downloading the app before logging out and restarting my phone. I don't know what to do, and I need to get this fixed ASAP!
  • Omgg!! Awesome app. BETTER THAN WHAT I EXPECTED 5/5

    By Jazzvvv
    I just wish I could see who actually read my posts..
  • I like this 5/5

    By J_rod0409
    Our band director told us to download it to stay in touch but I never expected it to be so expansive. All sorts of different groups, post, and people.
  • Great app for clans 5/5

    By Doreaga
    Great app to organize and connect with clan members. From tools to calendar events ect. What I would like to see is when I'm mentioned in a comment is a notification to check it. I'm in a clan where my notifications go off all day. New update from me can band make it so I can use my iMessage stickers? Would love to be able to use my own stickers.
  • So far, so good! 5/5

    By LiNSY
    Working great for me so far! Unfortunately the update only allows for text modifications on the main band board (not the side chats). Oh well. Also wish you could "heart" comments. But those are small things!
  • New Update fail for iOS 10.3 1/5

    By L.C.H
    I can't see any chats or messages I send in my chat rooms nothing I'm Blind in there please fix this with an update with an update please I have iOS 10.3. iPhone 6s
  • Looks great and fills a need! 5/5

    By JanuarieK
    I just downloaded this app. And I think it might be just the perfect place for me to put my coaching clients Who wish to opt in. I'm hoping to create a community where I can stay in touch with them via their cell phones rather than having to craft emails every week and never knowing if they get opened. I also like that you can create more than one community. This really seems like it's going to be fantastic!
  • Huge Cop 5/5

    By G-dog balls mongler
    Greatest app ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ 10/10. Should Bang for shizzle.
  • sport 4/5

    By phosanity
    The app isn't so bad but when selecting the sport option it would he great if we can put numbers and position with the profile
  • Temporary Error Occurred 3/5

    By Daveo_7
    Every time I try to join a group I get an error that says temporary error occurred, not sure what is wrong
  • It freezes. 1/5

    By Sofia099199
    I would love to use the app, as it seems to be just what I need, but it freezes before I get the chance to log in. I will probably come back next update though as it seems amazing.
  • Freezes!!!!! 1/5

    By Ron JC
    I downloaded this app to see if it would provide the features we need;however, I can't even sign up on the app without it freezing up on me! The product needs updating!
  • App support 5/5

    By Mountain Dew 24
    Is there a way to contact the makers of the app. I could use tech support but,no where do I see a contact us
  • Great 5/5

    By Asstoucher
    This is the best app to communicate with your fiends and it is also great for Clash of Clans. My clan members stay in touch with this app. Well done.
  • Nice 4/5

    By LosoTheRed
    This is a great alternative to slack as you have a lot more control and features. You can access so much within the app, try not to get lost. Theres nothing more to say lol. My only gripe is that there are a lot of notifications from the app that I haven't found a way to turn off (bc they are unnecessary IMO) and when u check a notification it stays red even after you have read the notification. May be a bug.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Light skin rated
    Me and my friends have used this and it's amazing
  • Nice app for groups very well thought of. 10-10. 5/5

    By Thornstar.jn
    Very well though of app. Great app for friends and schools in would use this anywhere. Have a nice day. 10-10.

BAND - Organize your groups app comments

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