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  • Current Version: 5.2.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: BandLab Singapore Pte Ltd
  • Compatibility: Android
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BandLab App

At BandLab we innovate to break down the barriers between inspiration and creation. We want to be there every step of the creative process, supporting you, the artist, to create great music. BandLab makes it easy to make great music and find great music to listen to. You can listen to tracks from other creators as well as create and collaborate with other musicians from all over the world. BandLab is a global and social music community with a built-in 12-track DAW (digital audio workstation) which works across iOS and the Web and stores your songs in the cloud. So you can make music on BandLab wherever you are. KEY FEATURES • Record, edit and share your music—all in the same place! • 12 track recording—so you have plenty of room to work on your projects. • Connect your guitar to BandLab—we’ve created a bunch of built-in amp simulations and effects, so you can sound just as good online as playing live! •BandLab works across different platforms, so whether you want to record on your mobile device or on your computer at home, your songs will be synced and saved in the cloud. COMMUNITY FEATURES • BandLab is a growing community of music makers who are actively sharing and collaborating on songs. Whichever genre you play or instrument you use to make music, you'll find your community here. • Collaboration is at the core of BandLab's "Fork" feature, as it lets you pick up where other artists have left off. Fork a song to make it your own, then you can write, remix and rearrange the whole thing in the Mix Editor. Save and publish your songs to the community—and allow forks so other BandLab members can work on them with you. • Explore the BandLab community, find people you want to collaborate with and form a band! Band members can communicate through band chat and collaborate on songs privately—no matter whether they live next door or on the other side of the world! • Want to collaborate with someone, but just on one track? Find a feature artist and invite them (from inside or outside BandLab) to collaborate on a specific song. • Shouts are a fun, creative way to share what you’re doing right now. Snap a photo or video then swipe to add a filter. Add a caption, emojis or even draw on it before publishing to the community to share with your friends! It doesn’t matter what sort of music you’re into or which instruments you play, there’s a place for everyone to create and collaborate on BandLab. And it’s FREE - join BandLab today!


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BandLab app reviews

  • Best app! 5/5

    By Shegzyne
    This is an amazing app blve it or not! I just wish I could save my songs directly on my phone or on YouTube
  • Best real studio app 5/5

    By Mrbdash1
    I love this app. I don't have money or time to go to the studio. This apps works great and gets outlasted regularly. 5starz
  • Dope 5/5

    By D___~hackz
    Amazing app love it 🔥💯
  • Very interesting app! 5/5

    By Eazy Dub
    I just started using BandLab, and I'm still playing around with it and figuring it out, but so far I think it's a really cool little app, and I'm very interested in learning more about it.
  • Great 1/5

    By Jamdelvamp
    My favorite part is when it doesn't load or save your songs 🔥🔥🔥
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By Q.S0L0
    Superb musical experience
  • Best app 5/5

    By King Bomber
    This the best app hands down came across on accident lol glad I did though
  • Collaborate & Listen 5/5

    By SearlesBunch
    I was searching for a collaboration tool for friends that were in another state and this is THE perfect app for that! AND more! It can be as powerful or simple as you want. I always recommend this to my friends, students, and fellow musicians.
  • Best on the App Store 5/5

    By torries13
    Great place to share my music and never charged or annoyed with ads. Great community with awesome amateur artists with amazing room to grow. Would love to see the loops in the browser studio added to the mobile platform. Other then that, this is the music app to have.
  • Honestly 5/5

    By Vxngamer27
    It's a great app,perfect for making music and meeting people. You should try it out... This app has a lot going for it and could be the next SoundCloud or something.
  • Great 5/5

    By iWhitted
  • -___- 1/5

    By Sskskkskskxkd
    All the time I get into the app it asks for my username and it logs me out
  • Great, but confusing deleting 3/5

    By Parasailing Kinam
    I love the ability of the app and functions, however the delete function on the tree is rather confusing. I had attempted to delete one of the recordings of my song in the same project, but ended up deleting the entire project. A project very dear to me and sentimental. Please make the delete option more specific.
  • App review 5/5

    By Fla5h_Fleezy
    App is a very good.
  • Terrible Service 1/5

    By Annoyed Bandlab Artist
    I emailed your team a couple days ago about a syncing problem and I haven't gotten one response yet... I'm just trying to make music and enjoy the app but it makes it kind of difficult when the people who create the app won't even take the time to help their community.
  • Cool 4/5

    By Yea buddy 73737294
    It Would be perfect if we were able to save the music to our phones so we can post them on other networks .
  • Distortion 5/5

    By Travis Simmons
    Can you fix the distortion
  • Great Studio App! 4/5

    By TfkNino
    This App Is A Great Way To Make Music! I Enjoy It A Lot And I Am No Able To Make Music Anywhere I Want. I Would Give This App5 Stars When There Is An Autotune Feature! Also We Should Be Able To Add This To SoundCloud So We Can Get Our Music Out There. Other Than That, Its Perfect! Thank You Band Lab !!!!!
  • Band lab 5/5

    By Zonr_7
    Great app and website!!
  • Good stuff 5/5

    By iamavigilante
    Great app
  • Update broke the app 3/5

    By La Drip
    Everything I upload the bass is to loud but when I'm recording the bass is perfect but once it's uploaded it's not
  • Update Broke the App 5/5

    By communitykid
    This update has caused the app to stop loading on my iPhone 6. I can't even get to the sign in screen or home page, it just keeps crashing. For anyone interested who doesn't have the app, it's phenomenal - and even better when you use the tools on your computer. So be patient if it isn't working yet, it's worth the wait.
  • It's fire 5/5

    By buudolla
    It's that fire, now let your boy get some free promotion
  • Help Please!! 2/5

    By DaTrilloXoFFicial
    wont let me open messages at all says "something went wrong". Please help fix and i will change to 5/5
  • Mp3 formatting? 4/5

    By xX_Sasuke Lightning_Xx
    I would like to share my song as a mp3 format, other than that, the editing studio is amazing and cant be found anywhere else on iOS in my opinion. Thank you.
  • Great app just wat I was looking for 5/5

    By The_mind_behind_bars
    I think u should rename this app pocketstudio cuz that's wat it is If U ask me how u can make it better I'd say if at all possible add an auto tune feature. Also maybe find a way to make the music on here available to purchase and build and expand on ur app. Also I think for the artist at the least there should be a download button I hate not being able to play MY music offline. So make it to where the artist can save their own song to an offline library or be able to download the song directly to something like google drive. Just a few ideas I have many more to offer an look forward to being a part of this apps growth. I think this app is the future of recording
  • Update Is Not Working 1/5

    By Update major bug
    The update for the app came out and I tried to install it onto my iPhone, but it kept telling me it's unable to download. Even if I said 'cancel' it kept trying to be downloaded and a notification kept popping up that it was unable to even when I told it to stop. When I tried deleting the app, it just went dark on my home screen and says 'waiting' on the bottom. It won't even let me delete it, and it's been like that for an entire day.
  • Update for iPad 5/5

    By M.Phlegm
    Thank you for the iPad version THANK YOU! Now the only problem I'm having is hearing through my headphones all of a sudden. Also I make beats on iMaschine 2 and am no longer able to upload my instrumentals onto BandLab. Hopefully this bug will be fixed soon. Thank you for the update l love it! I'll stay posted with any further updates. I'm using earbuds they use to work fine. Maybe I'll stick to the iPhone version until the bugs are fixed. Thanks again you guys are awesome!
  • Connecting ideas. 5/5

    By The $mith
    I love the idea of seeing all these "flavors" of music mingling together. Such a great way to be inspired, and inspire others. I am thoroughly enjoying. Thanks Bandlab
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Pavy R.
    I wish I could share my recordings with other people outside of the community from the app. Like being able to share it through text message or other social media platforms, aside from that I give this app five stars. I'm very pleased with it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Must have app for artist 4/5

    By Keithmuaddib
    Like a mini studio for your phone. Just wish the video clips would upload correctly to other sites like YouTube and Instagram.
  • Good app 5/5

    By Platiums
    This is the perfect app for recording any type of music but can you add an auto tune feature?
  • The good and the bad 5/5

    By isoulmello
    Great app wish it came with more beats though .
  • BandLab 5/5

    By kingontchi
    It's lit kid
  • Awesome. Just awesome 5/5

    Best app ever
  • Been waiting for years now and still no way to integrate with other iOS apps 1/5

    By slyyyde
    I can't use any iOS synth/sampler/fx apps with BandLab because it only records external audio. Please add IAA and/or audiobus support.
  • Had to put 5 stars for devs to even show my review 5/5

    By Timothyjgoss94
    They deleted all my projects and haven't helped me fix it at all. They steal your work and leave you to dry. Trash app and pathetic devs
  • Just what I was looking for 5/5

    I spent so long looking for an app like this. I never write reviews but after messing around on bandlab for several hours I was so impressed that I had to.
  • More effects and black background options 5/5

    By WillyJonesHugg
    The effects are amazing but I think we should have more and have it to where we can choose black or white background more vocal effects
  • I LOVE Bandlab! 5/5

    By Sboek123
    I love this app! I love being able to record music on my iPhone and having it saved to my account so I can access it on my computer. I love the quality of sound I get when recording vocals using the Bandlab microphone on my iPhone. I love having a program like GarageBand that works on my Windows computer. And the tracks are compatible with both programs so I was able to upload a track I had recorded on someone's GarageBand and import it into my Bandlab to edit it and add it to my other tracks. I wish there were more options to select from for enhancing the sound of each track. But I won't complain. It's a great app!
  • You need more 4/5

    By Kingteeflii
    BandLab I think y'all should put audio tune more sound and more promotion to get out there more
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Pooh1040
    This is the app I've been looking for!! I can be heard with this app. I love music so five stars from me but I need to learn how to change the pitch.
  • 5 Stars: Here's why - Incredible app with the best iOS interface on the market 5/5

    By Stevemorgan
    I have used band lab on my MacBook for quite a few weeks and love it for recording remotely, outside of my studio. I recently received Bandlab's Link Analog. It is a portable interface with XLR and quarter inch inputs. By far, this my favorite interface for recording. Not only does it sound great but the quality is unmatched. No more flimsy XLR/quarter inch connect, dangly from a wire. Link Analog is table top friendly and built ready for use right out of the box. Using it with bandlab on my iPhone and iMac have been a cinch. I can use it to record ideas and collaborate with tons of other musicians around the world but it is also a great practice tool for sitting on my couch and creating at the end of the day. Highly recommend. 5 Stars!
  • Sharing 3/5

    By Bird12083
    I love bandlab, but when I tried to share my first song, everything glitched out on me. It won't work on my phone OR my laptop. Also the link won't work when I try to share it. It always says "ooooops" .
  • BandLab Is The Truth 5/5

    By @donniecashstro
    BANDLAB!!!! I BELIEVE IN YOU!!! Incredible app! People talk about glitches... doesn't happen on iPhone 7😝. This app is the truth! For those who know what it's like to record in a top dollar studio, will agree that being able to lay down concepts & ideas, record and play back to get a feel of your vision before you step into a professional studio is a major plus and doing it all from your phone... you could be anywhere in the world and be inspired and BAMN!!! Layout it out in BandLab and keep it pushing. Plus it's a social networking app as well that is designed for musicians, connecting us from all over the globe. If you have any complaints about this app you must have never recorded in a closet, spit rhymes through a hanger and pantyhose or just wanted to hear your lyrics over the beat to get a feel of your concepts. Remember it's an app! Have fun with it and appreciate the time it takes developers to create tools like this.... OH AND THIS APP IS FREE!!! Get The FOOH @donniecashstro
  • Drums and sharing 4/5

    By Gina.99
    Be cool if you guys added a drums track with its own FX as well and it would also be great if it could let me share my projects with other social networks like Facebook and Twitter.But pretty great so far👌
  • Purpose! 5/5

    By NAmos79
    This App provides the type of Networking that Social Media was Intended for.. its advantageous not detrimental.
  • Wow 5/5

    By Chalie Nehrue
    This is crazy add Visual eq 3-7 band and compressor reverb this would kill
  • Best app ever made 5/5

    By Vhjvndbvbx
    It's like a actual studio for phones or lap tops
  • Nope. Just don't use your phone 3/5

    By BillyTheMilkMan
    Pretty good from the start. Great interface and is very easy to understand overall. The problems start at the most crucial stage, when you want to share it. So many glitches. Too many, actually. I hope they fix it, but I won't be using it until then. Just another reason to treat your phone like a phone, and leave the studio with your laptop/desktop. 3/5

BandLab app comments


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