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  • Compatibility: Android
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BandLab App

BandLab is changing the world of music. Join millions of creators and fans using BandLab to make and share their music from more than 180 countries around the world. BandLab makes it easy to make great music and find great music to listen to. You can listen to tracks from other creators, publish your own as well as create and collaborate with other musicians. Global competitions to win cash and prizes are launched regularly and community events are driven by our passionate audience of creators to discover new artists. Unlike other apps, BandLab’s award-winning creation and social features are completely FREE with no ads to ruin your music experience either. CREATION HIGHLIGHTS: • 12-Track Mix Editor - record live audio, import, mix, solo, pan and mute tracks to create the perfect song. • Unlimited Projects & Secure Storage via the Cloud - no limits to your creativity. • >30 Guitar/Bass/Vocal FX Presets - world-class cross-platform FX with real-time monitoring. • Looper (NEW) - make your own beats with just your imagination and a few clicks with our professionally created Loop Packs. • Tweak Your Beats (NEW) - gate, retrigger, quantisation and FX all available in the Looper. • Work across ALL your devices - all your projects, feeds, bands and communities are cross-platform and accessible via iOS or your browser (even more features available). • Photo/Video Shouts - share photos, videos, add emojis and publish it to your friends and followers. • Built-in Guitar Tuner & Metronome - the tools you need to capture inspiration. • Remix Tracks - “fork” tracks that other creators have shared with the community and make it your own. COMMUNITY FEATURES: Join the world’s fastest growing social network around music. Follow other artists and their creative process, share and publish your music to get heard, keep your followers up to date to get feedback and much more. Start bands and collaborations to meet new musicians and work on projects privately or publicly - no matter whether they live next door or on the other side of the world! Create collections and playlists of your favourite music and listen to them wherever and whenever you want. Whether you like Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B, Blues, Funk, Rock or Jazz - millions of creators and fans use BandLab to make and share their music - with more than 4 million tracks created and listened to on BandLab to date. Get #InTheLab today!


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  • BandLab is lit for days 5/5

    By Djswissh21
    This app literally can make music and raps and beats and record them with a real sound effect and become popular on Facebook and Instagram which I hit almost 30,000 Instagram followers @djswissh21 I really recommend this to a prouder or someone who wants to record and make music
  • Weird ch-ch-ch sound 4/5

    By GUMP12.34
    I recorded a song with 6 layers (drums bass piano and 3 guitars) and heard this ch-ch-ch sound, which I originally thought was the drums. I took them out to re-do, only to find the noise stayed. Other that that, 5 stars, and for free!
  • Great idea, poor execution 4/5

    By Lj Bell
    Entirely too glitchy every time we get an update it seems like another problem appears. For one sending invites to fellow collaborators most times fail for some reason, id text my friends and ask like a week later and they could go on the app refresh and still no invite sent. This is definitely a must fix please! And one more things is now for some reason the app has a serious bug where for some reason it wont let me work on projects anymore. When i open up a project it just freezes I know i only have an iphone 6 but i think i should still be able to do the basics like recording or mixing.. please fix these problems ASAP my creative mind has been losing it!
  • Need more beats 3/5

    By NFA_hunna
    Need more beats
  • Fun app! Can learn a lot 5/5

    By Thrift works
    Although it's been acting weird lately, a song I created won't open up, it crashes often, other than that it's awesome, can you add more sounpacks? More lofi type
  • Used to be good 1/5

    By cmayo0721
    Drum machines don’t save properly anymore. It’s a shame since this program was so good.
  • Can't download 1/5

    By simone powelle
    Can't download the songs man. What's the point?
  • Something is wrong! 5/5

    By K Yella
    Ok I got a problem BandLab! Every time I go to edit my music an save it to a certain point it never saves it anymore an I have to restart every time an it’s starting to become annoying... just like when I want to save my music to my photo library on my phone it keeps saying something went wrong! What’s going on? I need a resolution
  • Wonderfull app but still needs improvement 4/5

    By The gshock
    The app overall works great but every now and then after i go to save a revision it dosnt update at all. It takes far too long for the revision screen to pop up and sometimes it dosnt pop up at all Which leaves me unable to publish a song. I hope that will get fixed soon but overall im in Love with this app😋😋
  • Saving To My Phone/CPU 3/5

    By Whdjwbeirorndbsidvjnrjedjfi
    I downloaded the update and I still cannot save files to my library. Now, instead of the error bugging out and not showing up correctly, the error message works fine but i still cant save to my library. However, on the desktop website, I can save files but they aren't mp3's and they aren't recognized as mp3's so I can't do anything with them.
  • Better than most! 4/5

    By Ksmusic99
    I like to record music on my guitar as well as vocals, this is easy and great! Cool effects too. Only one I use and recommend
  • 👏🏿🎉 _ 5/5

    By The Notorious D.A.N.
  • I would give 5 stars but..... 3/5

    By NemiNation
    It logged me out and when I tried to log back in it said that my google account is already used for someone else’s.
  • More options on song types. 1/5

    By Henrybonner
    Why gospel or Christianity isn’t an option on this app? It’s always Rap or hip hop and country and all other type but Christianity or gospel.
  • Best Music App (BUT...) 4/5

    By Swole Shady
    No doubt this is the best app to make your own music with. However, I think it’d be a whole lot more enjoyable if the user is able to actually save their work, as in being able to export their music from the app to his/her phone. The only way to access my songs is to go to the app itself. If anything, there should be a BandLab Pro where there’s an option to save the music that’s created. If the user enjoys his/her BandLab experience, they can purchase BandLab Pro and have access to all features, like saving their files to their phones. That way, they can use their own work for projects like lyric videos or short films. Please do something about this or at least consider it.
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By Clarkbythaway
    This app is amazing and if you do music or any sort I would highly recommend this app 5 stars all the way
  • Fix your crap 1/5

    By Ants541
    It deletes my revisions and won’t let me post anything 😡🤬

    By Larissa☺️
    gotta love this app
  • Song Charts 5/5

    By YunStaxx
    I Feel Like The App Should Include Song Charts For Artist Based On Numbers And Likes They Get Top 100 Charts
  • Great App, BUT NOT SAVING/Publishing 5/5

    By JiggyOmega
    I’ve created many songs on bandlab and it’s my go to app for recording, but lately it doesn’t save nor publish any of my tracks. I have to record over and over to no avail. Then when I click on a song I had previously worked on, it loads indefinitely. It’s really driving me nuts not being able to record my new ideas. Please help.
  • Greatest App Ever Used 5/5

    By YellowMellow25
    This app helped me so much and I love it. I can make music and it’s just crazy. I’m speechless. Only thing it’s missing on the mobile version is when I save my music it turns into a video I want the mp3 straight up. It’s a long process tryna convert it to a video pls help.
  • Phone Song Download 3/5

    By Bih Deez Nutz
    I can't download the beats I've made. It keep saying "Something went wrong"
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By Introspek
    I'm an avid user of this app and i love it. The only problem is the chat messenger has bugs for days, as well as the app in general needs alot of fixes. There's a badge telling me i have collab invites but i really dont and it keeps bringing up old messages telling me theyre unread. Once the kinks get worked out it'll be the best app on the market for music artists to use.
  • Can't download 4/5

    By Acase2589
    Can't download songs after update
  • Please Resolve The Crashing Problem! 3/5

    By J Valor
    I love this app but it keeps crashing every time I go to the library to try and Save/Publish one of my recorded Songs. I can’t even access the song because every time I click on it The whole app crashes of me and this is very frustrating even after the update.. Please resolve this problem!!!!! Thank you, Also keep up the good work Because other than that problem the app is awesome even better than Sound Cloud. Although Sound Cloud doesn’t have a crashing problem. Anyways Again please look into and resolve this problem please the sooner the better
  • Only 1 reason not 5stars 4/5

    By Schmidtyboi
    Please please please allow options to send to SoundCloud! The popularity is not as big on BL yet, and it would be sick to be able to post to SoundCloud with an easy link to promote it. Other than that, this app rocks, and keep it up!
  • Best app ever just gave suggestions 5/5

    By halorecords
    Definitely best app but is there anyway to make the audio of the beat and your voice sound good together like the app should automatically mix and master the song
  • Can’t use Dropbox Anymore? 3/5

    By Tyler Gabaree
    Tried to import from Dropbox and I can’t please fix

    By Kenteezy323
    WATCH OUT SOUNDCLOUD!!! This app is incredible and I predict it will be bigger than soundcloud in the near future! I only wish we could save the mp3 to our phone somehow!!
  • Really love BandLab 4/5

    By SemiSweet29
    Have pretty much all good things to say about BandLab! It’s easy to use, the community of people rocks (everyone I’ve met is super cool & helpful) and did i mention easy to use? I know nothing about making music, br connecting with people who do has been amazing! A word of caution: remember to save your work repeatedly and often because my app has been crashing quite a bit lately!
  • PLEASE HELP ! 3/5

    By Real GMontana
    CANT SAVE TO LIBRARY IT SAYS SOMETHING WENT WRONG Username - Tgeentertainment No Songs Can Save
  • Great 5/5

    By Second member
    This is the best app ever!!!
  • Okay 3/5

    By snooxe
    Great for makin music but it freezes way too much it’s very frustrating to the point where you don’t even wanna use it I can’t even go to a song to make revisions without it freezing on me it’s like I gotta game that’s scratched up and it keep pausing on me
  • Highly Underrated. Highly Recommended. 5/5

    By torries13
    From the ground up this app is absolutely golden. Limitless audio uploads. Lightning Fast collaboration. Professional audio loops. Easy to pick up. Easy to use. This app is a studio on its own and then some. I’ve gotten more work on here then on SoundCloud. To add to its unsaid list of great perks; there is no charge for ANYTHING. No charge for audio upload. No charge for use of the software. No charge at all. If your looking for somewhere to get your music out with no worries; THIS IS IT!
  • Best Free Music Making App 5/5

    By IIColtonII
    Seriously no joke, this is besides GarageBand the best music app I’ve ever come across. The support team is there if you have any questions, it’s easy to make authentic music/ beats. You can even select beats made by other people and add lyrics over it & save it to your library. Great app guys, I love it!
  • Can’t see my notifications. 5/5

    By Beats Of Life
    This app is AMAZING! I haven’t had any problems. The only MINOR thing i’m starting to experience is not being able to see my notifications. But other than that, AWESOME APP!!
  • It kicked me out of my account 1/5

    By OriginalGalsote
    I have soo many projects and I have been using this app for months but all of a sudden I’m logged out and when I try to log in it says it’s wrong but when I press forgot my password it says my account isn’t there even though it has a check mark next to my name
  • This app is pretty cool 5/5

    By James Eazy
    This app is pretty cool but I wish there was a way to make money on it like how People on YouTube make but different like you should make like $100 off One each play it should be a easy way to make easy music in support your music career
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Mrbruin
    Tried to upload a song from the music library on my phone but nothing happens.
  • It won’t save my tracks once I save them 1/5

    By Supercool gaming
    I really like this app I’ve been using it for a year now but it won’t save my tracks after I finish them for some reason and it’s been doing it every track so this problem has to be fixed
  • Flawless Faneto 5/5

    By Flawless Faneto
    This App speaks for itself... if you haven’t downloaded yet.. you must do.. love the atmosphere, culture and inspiration that comes within the app. You meet different people from around the world, make friends and awesome music together.✊🏽👍🏽🔥🏎💨Vroom Good Job BandLab
  • Great app but 1 problem... 4/5

    By RunningQueeen
    This is a great app! I have easily been able to create music successfully! However, when I went to create a band through BandLab, I received a message telling me that I need to confirm my email. I went to confirm my email, and it still wasn’t confirming. When I would press the button to send another email, a message would say that something went wrong. Does anyone know how I can fix this?
  • LOVE IT...but 4/5

    By Vainskua
    The only problem I have with this app is how it crashes a lot of the time when I pick a genre in looper. It’s really frustrating. Other than that I love this app
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Ejcavazos
    this app is so good like it can really help out artist that don’t have a studio etc, it helps me a lot without this app i’d be bored as hell. Making music is my passion this app really needs more exposure people can really make a career out of this, it ain’t just soundcloud 5 stars for this app.
  • Better 5/5

    By ufcgod
    You should make like a button we’re tho you can remove the static from the back round of your song call it static clear an that will definitely make your app the best rap at on the market
  • Best studio app alive!!!!! 5/5

    By Yoda241
    Best app overall
  • How do you upload mp3 audio 5/5

    By The guy who wants a playlist
    I’m confused af and need help
  • What happen to DropBox 2/5

    By asvpedub
    That’s was the main way I uploaded my music it’s my exclusive Muisc now I can’t upload anything without it smh plz fix this I love Dropbox
  • It’s great but.. 5/5

    By Radlybradly
    When I record a song and download it to my camera roll the video keeps skipping back on its self and when I try to send it to someone on an Instagram DM it won’t send and it creates like 3 more copies of the video to my camera roll.
  • LOVE THIS APP!!! 4/5

    By D.thom
    Add autotune. Auto tune that we can adjust to our own personal voice and this app will be even greater!! And also did y’all take monitoring off while another track is playing because when i pause the track and talk i can hear myself but when the track is playing i cannot hear myself

BandLab app comments


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