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Barclaycard App

Securely Peek or dive into your account wherever you are….Peek, FICO®, balance transfers, redemptions and much more! FEATURES for all your Apple devices - Use Peek for a quick-view of key account information before you log in including your statement balance. If you have Peek on your iPhone®, you will be able to use Apple Watch™ to Peek at your account on your wrist - Access your complimentary FICO® Credit Score any time - Redemption is available for cardmembers with cash back or statement credit rewards and for those cardmembers with automatic rewards, see how close you are to your next auto redemption - Set up your Username and Password log in credentials - Track recent and past transactions - Traveling? Be sure to let us know about your upcoming travel plans so we can put a travel alert on your account - Use the Purchase Planner to estimate your monthly payment FEATURES for iPad® - Ability to add a bank account from the app for easy payments iPhone, iPod touch and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. FICO is a registered trademark of Fair Isaac Corporation in the United States and other countries.


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  • Similar to Chase and other bank apps 5/5

    By lexsani
    Works like every other financial app. Bad reviews come from the ignorance of others not taking the time to understand technology. Seems like they fixed any major bugs prior to today. Happy customer :)
  • Fix your app 1/5

    By Grafenstine
    So I am all for security but this app demands that I enter a text message code or answer a list of security questions after I literally just logged in with my fingerprint. Even after logging in with my fingerprint and secure password the app asks me for further proof that I am, in fact, me. I used to just put up with these annoyances but today after fingerprinting and putting in my password, I was asked to enter a secure code that would be delivered via text. When the code arrived, I entered it and the app said it was not recognized, I requested another text code to be sent and the same error persisted. Seriously, just fix your app so that I can pay my bill and check my balances.
  • Use the app daily 5/5

    By MaximaMom
    I don't use Touch ID. I love the Peek feature. Easy to make payments. I have no complaints. It helps me easily do what I need to - pay and monitor my credit card.
  • Always prompted to answer security questions 1/5

    By Joseph__
    There's a problem with the app and website (both desktop and mobile). I have to answer my security questions on every login. This is highly annoying and makes me not want to give Barclaycard my business. I have cookies enabled.
  • Great App, Stop Whining 4/5

    By Alacalv
    The security feature is added as extra security, simple and easy to use, and aesthetically pleasing. A+ for sure
  • Canceling card because of app 1/5

    By Miro818
    What's the point of using Touch ID if I have to answer two additional security questions every single time I log in? How is it that every other bank or credit card app remembers my device, but this one can't? Not worth the hassle. I switched to the Citi American Airlines card instead to get the same AA points without the horrible app experience.
  • Touch...ugh! 2/5

    By TheMainah
    Same as others. The touch feature never seems to keep my info and I often have to put in my password. Really annoying.
  • Limited options, often down 2/5

    By Nohfhbcfghklk
    There's no way to set up automatic payments on the app, their website is often down, and customer service is nearly worthless
  • Extra Steps for login 1/5

    By Oggito17
    The "false" security imposed by requiring additional personal information for each login is not acceptable. That only weakens my personal information (I expected it was to be used for for recognizing machines and recovery situations). Eventually, after points are reached, it will sit in my wallet.
  • Verification STILL a problem 5/5

    By Kmoney689
    The verification issue needs to be fixed. Touch ID should be enough to open the app. Edit: Thank you for fixing this issue. I love you.
  • Every time Security Questions !!! 1/5

    By ssinha06
    Please please please remove those unnecessary security questions or the text message code validations. It's unbelievable how difficult those are every time. It makes the app almost unusable, please please remove asap.
  • 3 passwords required for login?? 1/5

    By Bmac927391
    I've become so used to other banking apps that allow the finger identification as enough security to enter the app. The Barclays app requires a minimum of 2 passwords each time you open the app. I would much prefer a feature that allowed for quick access.
  • Two factor 3/5

    By mists_of_morning
    Really getting old having to enter the six-digit code every single time.
  • Broken 1/5

    By Stewsburntmonkey
    Currently the login fails because it says it can't connect to the service.
  • There are better cards 2/5

    By Bigfoot777
    I must agree with the one ⭐️ reviews. I just put in my password 3 days ago. I opened the app and I did the Touch ID. Then it asked for my password again!!!! Really???? Also there are no push notifications when using the card. I've signed up for everything. Sometimes, not always, I'll get an email message a day or so later of a charge. So let me get this straight. You pester me with endless passwords and questions to use the app, but you won't give me the info so I can see if there's actual fraud going on??? My wife buys gas, charges things and nothing ever comes across. I might as well turn off the notification. Other cards are instant. Pretty simple. I'm actively looking for a better card now. I've waited a year for these guys to clear up their nonsense but it's futile. It's easier to just move on. I originally got this card because they said it was a true chip and PIN card outside the US. Not! Every time it spits out a receipt to sign. So outside the US where they don't check the signature, there's no security. You lose the card, they'll be on a spending spree.
  • No push notifications 2/5

    By Mbp124
    Please add real push notifications that show up as alerts on the phone. I set up text and email alerts through the app and I never receive any alerts. This is a feature that works on all my other cards from different companies.
  • Touch ID doesn't work 1/5

    By Rdutli
    App would be fine if it didnt ask security questions each time logging in with touch ID.
  • Decent app but requires security questions EVERY time 1/5

    By adamfudge7
    Even with Touch ID enabled you still have to answer two security questions instead of the app remembering your device after a first successful login. Defeats the Touch ID Purpose and is SUPER annoying >:|
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Sachisakura
    Your update is a downgrade. I have to do the Touch ID and then either security questions or two factor verification - every single time I use the app. It's so senseless.
  • Still has issues 2/5

    By ljgrasso
    Still asks security questions. I would like to see this fixed
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Kapester
    App is terrible. Most times I try to log on, the app makes me enter my password and won't just let me use the Touch ID. When this happens the password I enter is never accepted, the account gets locked, and then I have to call to unlock it. Worst app I've ever used.
  • most annoying app ever!!!! 1/5

    By jrwinona
    security questions... even one I know I didn't answer...every time I log in. If not fixed in a few days, deleting this rotten app! thanks for wasting my time!
  • Horrible experience 1/5

    By docsocko
    Always security questions after touch ID. Gotten pretty boring getting the account locked up daily and have to use the computer to unlock. Horrible!
  • Security Questions?! 2/5

    By vinylbond
    Sure, why shouldn't I enter answers for two security questions every time I log in to the app? Time efficiency: dead.
  • Security questions annoying! 1/5

    It's really cumbersome to request users to answer security questions every time they login!
  • Terrible app!!!!!' 1/5

    By NatsNutley
    Difficult to let you add a new travel itinerary, particularly, Washington, D.C. Also, will not let let you change your text alert, on dollar amount you will be notified, if there is a transaction above this amount. Now, it asks for a text, email, or phone call, in order for you to Log In.
  • Awful 1/5

    By luroropa
    Just got the card an the app, and I have to say out of all my banking apps this one is the most annoying. Every time I log in even wit touch ID it asks me two security questions. It's actually worse than just having to put the password in. It's like having to use touch ID to then have to put in two passwords. It's ridiculous. Fix it.
  • Disappointment 1/5

    By BO NYC BO
    Finger ID not always working. Why don't hire better company to do this app. like Citibank and Chase bank, they have perfect app. when so much error and not function, that make me wonder how secure is your banking system.
  • Too much security 1/5

    By Musicbing
    It's very frustrating that I have to answer my security questions every time I login. For this reason I have completely stopped using the app. I feel like my fingerprint should be plenty.
  • New update locks out Aviator Red card 1/5

    By MTLaw02
    Aviator Red MasterCard holders manage their account through rather than Unfortunately, the new update for this app accepts only a username/password for the latter, leaving Aviator Red users without access to the app. I tried to create a login at, but it automatically sends me to the Red site. Another critical update needed please!!!!
  • Security questions 4/5

    By Cldiv
    Are sooooo annoying. What is the point of using touchid if you then have to answer two questions every single time? Typing the pw is faster... otherwise a very nicely designed app.
  • Needs transaction notifications 2/5

    By LONE ST4R
    It would be easier to forgive this app's rough edges (authentication questions when using Touch ID, etc.) if it wasn't lacking real-time transaction notifications that other credit card apps have.
  • Security questions 1/5

    By vjfromnj
    Yes it's still me. Fix this issue please and you get more stars or cookies or whatever.
  • Do they read the reviews 1/5

    By Nygbo
    Multiple complaints from customers about annoying confirm identity procedures with Touch ID, yet the issue persists. If your customers tell you that this is not desired why continue to do it
  • Worst ever 1/5

    By Jetblue is the worst ever
    Barclays is terrible. I tried to integrate Barclays with a cool new Facebook messenger app called "trim" and trim said Barclays was blocking access to third party apps. I called Barclays and spent 20 minutes on hold before hanging up with a crappy Filipino call center. I am canceling my account. Say good bye to $100,000 annual spend. The worst!
  • Push notifications? 2/5

    By hmangnx
    The app works fine, but it lacks Push Notification for card transactions etc. Come on guys!
  • what a joke haha 1/5

    By madscientest
    forgot username? this app wont help. the link to forgot username does not reset or email you. it only says your username is what you use to log in with. really? what dumb developers. and every time you log in it asks for verification. again these developers should be fired, or fired at.
  • At least it's secure, because it's a PITA to login 1/5

    By klewis511
    Each time I launch the app, it asks for security questions. Over. And. Over. Again. Even though I have Touch ID enabled. Other credit card apps aren't as annoying. Aargh.
  • Verification on every load 1/5

    By tyler_hammer
    Having to answer security questions every single time I launch the app is the most annoying thing I have ever seen. No other app on the planet makes me go through so many hoops to log in.
  • Security Questions Fixed! 3/5

    By Night Heron 72
    So the last update got rid of the security questions even when using TouchID so that's a step forward. Still no update to the Apple Pay image when you add an Aviator MasterCard. If you add the card to Apple Pay the image is a US Airways Dividend Miles card 🤣 Seriously how hard is this? How do you think AA feel about it? Also please improve txt alerts so that you get notice when a transaction is processed rather than posted i.e. Immediately. And as of Aug 2017 still no update to the card image. Clearly no one from Barclaycard reads these reviews...
  • Can not display multiple cards 1/5

    By InfoPrincess
    Barclay was kind enough to give us two separate accounts (husband/wife) but we cannot add the second card to the app like you can with other credit card apps. Lately every 3rd or 4th time I try to access my account, the app doesn't recognize me. It's a total PITA to reset my password all the time. This app is useless most of the time.
  • Constantly asking for verification!! 1/5

    By LoveandMercy69
    You cannot log into this app with Touch ID without it asking for answers to security questions or text/email verification. This is the most inconvenient credit card app I've ever used.
  • Fix this constant verify identity problem at each log on attempt!!! 1/5

    By MazeJack
    Whoever ran into an idea of implementing to constant identity at every log on had to really wake up on the other side of the bed that day. Simple check box to remember the device would fix this issue greatly. This still hasn't been fixed!!!! There has to be a one person in this team to have a bit of a common sense.
  • Turn off two-factor identification!! 1/5

    By C4F
    At first the update stopped asking for email/text verification but now it started doing it again!! This app is so annoying to use, especially when you open it on a daily or more basis. It should be able to recognize you are using the same device and stop asking the security questions or for a 2nd verification.
  • Security Questions even with Finger ID ????? 2/5

    By Jlhputts
    Very annoyed by the log in procedure. Even with Finger ID log in I must answer security questions each and every time I log in to account. This is the ONLY financial account with this procedure. While security is always important, this seems to be a waste of time and is very annoying!!!!!!!
  • 👏👏👏👏👏 5/5

    By ojesus2015
  • Updates every time, CMON!!! 1/5

    By wayniacc
    Im sick of the two factor authentication, ive changed my password 20 times due to forgetting because YOUR ALWAYS ASKING TO UPDATE/REENTER USERNAME AND PASSWORD WITH A FINGERPRINT?!? STOP!!!
  • Updated review - MUCH improved. 5/5

    By JV123654
    They listened!!! They login is vastly improved. App is great to quickly check balances, make payments, etc. I use it daily and have had no issues since the last couple updates.
  • Touch ID 2/5

    By AaronKitchens
    Why offer Touch ID then have your customers also answer two questions to get into the app? Makes no sense.
  • Latest update working better 4/5

    By StarryNightin
    Since the latest update on Feb 13th (2 days ago) I have been able to sign in with touch id without being asked for either my password (which i don't know off the top of my head - if you do it's a poor banking password!) or verify via txt/email. It appears they are at least attempting to fix the issue. If you're still being pestered for those verifications, you might want to try deleting the app and any cached app data and reinstalling.

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