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  • Developer: Barclays Bank Delaware
  • Compatibility: Android
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Barclaycard App

Securely Peek or dive into your account wherever you are….Peek, FICO®, balance transfers, redemptions and much more! FEATURES for all your Apple devices - Use Peek for a quick-view of key account information before you log in including your statement balance. If you have Peek on your iPhone®, you will be able to use Apple Watch™ to Peek at your account on your wrist - Access your complimentary FICO® Credit Score any time - Redemption is available for cardmembers with cash back or statement credit rewards and for those cardmembers with automatic rewards, see how close you are to your next auto redemption - Set up your Username and Password log in credentials - Track recent and past transactions - Traveling? Be sure to let us know about your upcoming travel plans so we can put a travel alert on your account - Use the Purchase Planner to estimate your monthly payment FEATURES for iPad® - Ability to add a bank account from the app for easy payments iPhone, iPod touch and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. FICO is a registered trademark of Fair Isaac Corporation in the United States and other countries.


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  • Alerts and Face ID.. 2/5

    By KC1974
    Alerts come days late, and for a bank that provides the Apple Store card, I’d have expected Face ID by now.. instead - on my iPhone X I need to manually log in every time.
  • Perfect App 5/5

    By Tbro1
    Love this app, it’s great for all of my iOS devices. Love the peek feature, I use it often on my Apple Watch and iPhone 8+. Its has the perfect amount of info for the Apple Watch. Haven’t used it too much on my iPad Air 2 but when I have it had always worked well. Thank you 👍🏻!
  • Don’t often write reviews, but this app deserves one 1/5

    By bluthmangroup
    Wow. One of the worst apps I’ve ever used. Card is fine, but man this app is a laughable joke. Don’t expect to get any real use out of it. Still not even optimized for iPhone X. Guess they’re still trying to figure out how notifications work?
  • Update for iPhone X!!! 2/5

    By Al_Capony
    This is how I pay my APPLE CREDIT CARD!!! Update for the iPhone X!!! Face ID!!!!
  • Pretty bad 1/5

    By MaRkii3
    Easily the worst out of all my banking apps. No support for iPhone X, ugly design, notifications don’t work, etc. Please rework the entire app.
  • Update this app for iPhone X 1/5

    By Rhxurvsj
    Iv never had a problem with this app but now that I don’t have a way to sign in with my finger allow me to use Face ID.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Omg Swaggg
    Useless app, always end up having to go to website. Also please optimize for iPhone X screen
  • Don’t try paying with the app 2/5

    By Sid Richison
    The worst app of all my cards and accounts for submission of payments. Enter your payment, hit “confirm,” get brought to the SAME blank screen you started on, do it all again, get brought to the same blank screen - until you realize that you need to check on what’s happening - then find out you have submitted the same payment multiple times. AND the app provides NO way to modify or cancel a scheduled payment making it the ONLY credit card app with this glorious “feature.”
  • No facial recognition? 2/5

    By Astroglide8
    Pretty much every other financial service company I have a relationship with already has facial recognition...except this one.
  • Annoying App / Useless Alerts 1/5

    By JamesK07
    One star because I don’t need a notification telling me that I’ve been signed out of my account. Obviously when I close the app I anticipate that to happen. I don’t need extra obnoxious push notifications telling me something that I don’t care about. Also, all of Barclaycard’s credit products have mediocre rewards compared to Chase/Citi/Amex.
  • Update 3/5

    By The Original Fish Slayer
    Crashing after update:(
  • iPhone X support 1/5

    By btrinidad20
    Is support for the iPhone X’s display coming, ever? It’s almost half a year the phone has been out.
  • Slow updates 2/5

    By rymcol
    As of February 2018, still zero support for iPhone X screen size and all the TouchID buttons refer to TouchID. No push notifications support. For the app behind Apple’s branded credit card, it is surprisingly lacking.
  • App doesn’t seem to work anymore... 1/5

    By WufPup
    I can’t log into the app anymore - the it tells me my username / password are incorrect, yet the same credentials work perfectly fine when logging into the Barclay Card web site. Go figure...
  • Tee 1/5

    By Tee tou
    This card interest is so high , when you call all they say we can not do nothing about it. I am just about to transfer their balance into another company card.
  • Can’t log out 2/5

    By The Sidewinder Three-Thousand
    This isn’t a bad app, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to log out. I’ve looked in all the obvious places and can’t find anything. Frustrating.
  • Needs new design 2/5

    By When Are u
    Deeds new design, needs a notification alerting when there was a purchase on the card and when there is a fraud event. Please update
  • Awful app 2/5

    By Dan12993
    Pretty awful app for a financial institution. They can’t even send push notifications and they clearly don’t care about the app judging by the update history. 2+ months without an update as of this post
  • Ancient app 2/5

    By eelynek
    This app still has no Face ID feature and still has not been updated for iphone X. On top of that, it lacks several major features that good apps, like Capital One’s, have. I use it to see what charges post to my account, but beyond that it’s fairly useless. The credit card itself I’m happy with; just wish they’d enter the modern era.
  • No support for iPhone X 1/5

    By first_noel
    Terrible waste of an app
  • screen optimazing for iphoneX 1/5

    By fantomfa
    its the avrage app because its not optimized the screen for iphone X screen fitting for all screen
  • iPhone X 2/5

    By Mastro.Mark
    Fix the app to fit the screen on the iPhone X
  • Needs a dedicated product team - or a new one 2/5

    By Ak_intl
    This app is way behind the times in terms of utility and usability. A couple notes: - constantly makes you log in, even if you have faceID/touchID enabled - lack of helpful alerts - annoying and not helpful "you've been logged out after 10 minutes" alert. - still not optimized for iPhone X - no option to use LastPass or other password manager to login The Barclaycard credit card itself is excellent, but unfortunately their app doesn't live up to the standard of mobile banking set by other apps. Please dedicate a team to improving the user experience of the app. What % of customers access their account through the app? What are the weekly active user numbers? Start there!
  • Easy 5/5

    By Katherinr
    I was afraid to open app after reading bad reviews. Fortunately I was able to pay my bill very quickly. That's all I want.
  • Poor UI 1/5

    By i_viento
    Wish this app would’ve supported Face ID for iPhone X users. Even the screen resolution seems to be small for it.
  • Horrible Reset Options 1/5

    By Memoimoimeme
    I forgot my password and the only reset option is to have your current card handy. Getting real, I cut it up because I don't want to incur debt, I want to pay it down. I called customer service and they couldn't help me, which is ridiculous because every other bank can use your social security number. Not Barclays. They just tell you to go online and follow the prompts. Be warned that if you forget your password and you don't have your card, you must get a new one before you can access your account.
  • Just the basics 2/5

    By Cebiv
    This app gets the job done. No frills. It needs to support FaceID to get 3 stars or more.
  • Please Update 2/5

    By CaseRyan
    Please update this app to be compatible with iPhone X, including support for Face ID and the display of iPhone X. Otherwise, this app does what you would expect it to.
  • Please update 3/5

    By Joseprofet
    I’m enjoying the app with minor annoyances. Please update for Face ID and iPhone X support.
  • No iPhone X support 2/5

    By funnystone64
    Seriously.... Its been 3 whole months since the iPhone X launched and this is the only app I use that still hasn't updated.
  • Touch id still making problems. 1/5

    By Niknejm dat is not jet tejken
    That's it. „For your security” we make this app useless AGAIN!!! That should be the corrected message from the app. I have to go back to manual typing of password into a sophisticated device with fingerprint reader. 01/28/2018 Put that Touch ID back!!!!! Or better - do not bother. I am removing this app. Going back to computer. More convenient to type password manually on regular size keboard. Send me email when fixed.
  • Dreadful, Useless, Unacceptable 1/5

    By Zacitus
    Please fix your app. Why are you sending me push notifications that you logged me out for inactivity? Why can’t I add my payment info from the app? Why are you using a hamburger menu? This is terrible.
  •  why? 1/5

    By Serhii Aksiutin
    Why Apple partners with this bank? It doesn’t care about customer best experience as much. The app is outdated. No access for 3rd parties such as Clarity Money app. No iPhone X screen support. No reaction for feedbacks for a year now. Apple, I’d think again about this partnership 🧐
  • Touch ID joke 2/5

    By czyrkr
    Why did they enabled Touch ID in this app when you need to re-enter the password all the time to verify your identity. My finger apparently is not good enough.
  • Won’t even open... 1/5

    By Ywain1369
    I have not been able to open the app for a couple of months now. I monitor all my cards through apps and this one just stopped working. It was great until recently. Now, I don’t know my minimum payment, nor can I see fraudulent charges. Who has time to call the automated system these days? The site is down too, so making payments became more difficult... disappointing to say the least...
  • Incessantly broken 2/5

    By jkirk1626
    Management failure. Its notifications are prolific, prominent, useless, and in your face. Had to disable them. Competitors' apps keep notifications useful and limited.
  • Touch ID doesn’t work consistently 1/5

    By mac_guy1975
    This morning I tried to sign on using Touch ID and after the 2nd attempt it made me use my password which is ok EXCEPT that I couldn’t then reset things to use Touch ID next time. The option had completely disappeared and I had to delete and reinstall the app. The offshore agent tried to convince me I had to delete the fingerprints on my phone and re-do them. I’ve used 5 or 6 other apps this morning which use Touch ID so I’m sure that’s not the issue. Update: 1/25/18 Now the app doesn’t work at all. I’m not sure if it’s because of the latest update to the iPhone software or just BarclayCard’s general lack of people who know what they’re doing. I keep getting an error message that says the service isn’t available at this time. I can sign in on my computer & through the Apple Store but not through the app itself. I mean geez really BarclayCard?? None of your competitors has this problem.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By jarrod hayes
    I liked the introduction offer with apple but the app itself never allows me to login due to “security reasons”. For a first time card user with this company and the fact of missing a minimum payment voids the introduction zero APR rate seems sketchy. I can’t use the app to make minimum payments or in other words the company seems like it wants me to miss it order for the 28% interest to fall. If you want a good deal on having the ability to purchase an apple computer then this card is legit but maintaining your balance through this app is impossible.
  • Can't type in numbers 1/5

    By ShinhwaO66
    Can't type in correct Also won't let you to change currency
  • Not a good mobile app - needs push notifications 1/5

    By Andrem720
    Yes, this app is hideous. But my main criticism is that it lacks push notifications for transactions. Almost every other bank/credit card offers this and it’s a really useful way to make sure you are being charged correctly for in-person and online payments. Please add!
  • App needs updating 1/5

    By Writerevie21
    App does the basics fine. But hey, Barclaycard, you guys are a fairly huge company. With a (I hope) well-funded IT department. Considering the iPhone X has been out for several months, can we please have Face ID supported? Also, fix the way we have to contact App Support. Tapping on the link directs me to the website to log in (not the app itself), and then there’s no option to contact App Support.
  • Update 5/5

    By Kingsantos_
    Please! Update To support iPhone X
  • No Face ID 1/5

    By macjmillsx
    For a card that I only got for Apple purchases and rewards, and as the ONLY financing offered through Apple, I’m surprised that it asks for Touch ID when I have an iPhone X with no Touch ID. Also it took two calls to barclaycard to answer multiple credit bureau questions before the card could be verified and added to my Apple Wallet.
  • I phone X Support, please!!!!!!!! 4/5

    By maritoa5617
    Need i phone X Support!!!!!
  • Terrible for Travel 1/5

    By julia-x-nicole
    I seem to have endless problems with this account. Most recently buying flights with a domestic airline and booking a hotel in peru. The first I gave up with in the end and used PayPal and the second was initially denied, but after I called card security and resubmitted the payment while I was on the phone it went through and the hotel confirmed it. But then today I can't find any trace of the charge so I called the card yet again and they confirmed the charge. So there's a $700 charge on my account and record of it anywhere except in the difference between the available credit and the current balance. I'm so tired of this account. World Elite Mastercard is calling me back.
  • Need push notifications 2/5

    By Jen Gen
    In the Manage Alerts tab, the info icon explains how to turn on PUSH notifications for alerts, however there are no Push options on any of the alerts presented. Either it’s not user friendly or push doesn’t exist. Would be nice to see iPhone X support.
  • Still no iPhone X support?! 1/5

    By Introverttt
    How are you a multi billion dollar credit card company and can’t get iPhone X support. It’s been months...
  • Useless... like seriously useless... 1/5

    By Flip flip
    Can’t even log in to the app. Stalls, crashes and dosent do anything at all. seriously garbage.
  • Useless 1/5

    By ahtigers10
    No push notifications for charges, and the app has yet to be updated for iPhone X. Pretty much useless and pathetic for a banking app in 2018.
  • Almost every time I log in.... 2/5

    By Theman0800
    Why must it ask for my password every almost every other time I log in? I’ve done this several times and I’m pretty sure I’ve had to turn on Touch ID multiple times when I’ve never turned it off before. I don’t have this problem with any of my other credit card apps. They have easy Touch ID log in without asking for my password ever other time I log in. It’s very inconvenient and renders Touch ID useless.

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