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  • Current Version: 6.19.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Barclays Bank Delaware
  • Compatibility: Android
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Barclaycard App

Securely Peek or dive into your account wherever you are….Peek, FICO®, balance transfers, redemptions and much more! FEATURES for all your Apple devices - Use Peek for a quick-view of key account information before you log in including your statement balance. If you have Peek on your iPhone®, you will be able to use Apple Watch™ to Peek at your account on your wrist - Access your complimentary FICO® Credit Score any time - Redemption is available for cardmembers with cash back or statement credit rewards and for those cardmembers with automatic rewards, see how close you are to your next auto redemption - Set up your Username and Password log in credentials - Track recent and past transactions - Traveling? Be sure to let us know about your upcoming travel plans so we can put a travel alert on your account - Use the Purchase Planner to estimate your monthly payment FEATURES for iPad® - Ability to add a bank account from the app for easy payments iPhone, iPod touch and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. FICO is a registered trademark of Fair Isaac Corporation in the United States and other countries.


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  • Constantly ask to confirm identity 2/5

    By Dgreen2135435
    I use Touch ID but then it still asks me to answer security questions every time I login. This needs to be fixed. The same happens if I type my password instead. Also, if the app could show the points earned per purchase like the site does it would be great.
  • New good update 5/5

    By Pvdaniel
    With the new update it does not ask you for your password anymore if you have touch id enable.. so all the bad reviews were because of that.. good app
  • Functional but missing key features 2/5

    By Anonymous1231012
    This app or Barclays Bank really needs to implement either app notification of transactions or text message. The app doesn’t offer the former and you can’t sign up for text message notifications like other banks do. Pretty terrible
  • Uber should change a bank 1/5

    By יוגב222
    Got the uber card and downloaded this app. It’s probably one of the worst banking apps out there. Seriously considering to cancel the card because of this app. Uber please do something!
  • Inconvenient to use 2/5

    By @xW777
    Every time you login, it asks you for security questions. Such a terrible balance between security and convenience.
  • Is there a fix coming soon? 1/5

    By KingFlash
    The app used to be fair to good, but with poor or nonexistent notifications. Now, using iPhone X, I get “The Barclaycard mobile app is currently unavailable.” This has been the message for over a week. What major bank allows their mobile app to be nonfunctional for more than a few hours? Get with it and fix it.
  • 3 passwords required for login?? 1/5

    By Bmac927391
    I've become so used to other banking apps that allow the finger identification as enough security to enter the app. The Barclays app requires a minimum of 2 passwords each time you open the app. I would much prefer a feature that allowed for quick access. Update: glitchy and bugs all the time.
  • App no longer works over WiFi 1/5

    By Akuzaru
    App is totally faulty. It no longer works over WiFi. I’ve tried over several difference devices and it’s all the same thing. It only works once I connect to my celular network connection.
  • iPhone X support 1/5

    By Rib Licker
    I just want iPhone X support.
  • Garbage app 1/5

    By Tryates
    Always asks for security questions when logging in and it doesn’t support iPhone X display.
  • Awful font choice!! 2/5

    By mdveight
    Whatever font that is... It's awful!! It's not Comic Sans... But it's close!
  • Security Passcode 1/5

    By Detex1
    Get rid of the security passcode every time I am trying to log in. No one in this century does that unless it’s coming from an unknown IP address. This app needs a lot of help and for that it gets only one star.
  • Broken 1/5

    By jimalich1
    Used to work. Current version doesn’t accept USERID or password that work on the web site. No longer accepts fingerprint authentication. Worked great in previous versions.
  • Please update to support Face ID soon! 2/5

    By AndrossP
    The app has been working fine for me lately. It doesn’t support iPhone X yet but hopefully soon. Please allow Face ID to authenticate me, having to retype my password every time I want to access the app is getting redundant and taking too long.
  • Buggy 1/5

    By kibinchi
    Doesn’t let me log in. I just get a dialog saying “the barclay mobile app is currently unavailable”. Bad user experience...
  • App becomes unusable 1/5

    By swifty93
    I can’t even log in to the app because it says it’s currently unavailable and that I have to go to the website. Why do you have an app then?
  • App no longer works 1/5

    By Mg1167
    App has not worked for the last 5 days. A message says to use Barclay website.
  • Worked well when it worked 1/5

    By Jon122342692393
    App hasn’t worked in 2+ days, access to my account via the web is rather cumbersome.
  • Not acceptable 1/5

    By ReadRidingHood
    When I first downloaded it- I enabled touch id and even then It would make me answer security questions. it updates and Then- It logs me out and requires password- another update- NOW- it says app unavailable - log on to website for limited access. Not accessible- non-functioning- less than satisfactory.
  • The worst credit card app I have seen so far 1/5

    By KodeKabuki
    I downloaded this after I got my Uber Visa card. It took me 30 mins just to go through their horrible account registration flow. I trusted Uber to work with better partners- almost regret signing up for the Uber card now.
  • Mobile App Currently Unavailable 1/5

    By Shoop- Da- Whoop
    I’ve been getting a message for the last 24 hours when I open the app that the mobile app is currently unavailable. This downtime is unacceptable. Fix your app.
  • Is always offline 1/5

    By 00000000000000189878
    This service is constantly down. A real headache compared to the capital one app.
  • No push notifications 1/5

    By amiskwia
    My main complaint about this app is that there are no push notifications for new purchases. For me, this is a must need feature. Secondly, it does have an extremely annoying notification several minutes after you leave the app, informing you that you've been logged out. This is completely unnecessary and very annoying.
  • Unable to open app 1/5

    By haoleboy316
    My app updated yesterday and as of yet I have unable to open the app. The app keeps telling to login to the site for limited access. This is a bunch of crap. If I login I should have full access to my account via the website or app.
  • Doesn't work at all 1/5

    By LookingAround-notImpressed
    I can't open the app and I can't log in. I have deleted and reinstalled several times and I always get the error message "The Barclaycard mobile app is currently unavailable..." The desktop site also doesn't work. I guess Barclay's doesn't want me as a customer.
  • App or Web 🙁 1/5

    By moeman11
    So he app is down and you tell me to use the website. The website is circling me around and around and is not working either 🙁
  • Worst credit card app 1/5

    By Fooooy
    Allows you to use touch or Face ID then asks security questions each login. So bad.
  • No push notifications 1/5

    By Crazy Apple!
    Even though their Twitter feed shows customers asking for push notifications on the iPhone for the past three years, it’s now almost 2018 and they’re still ‘working on it’. Get with the times and help your customers fight cyber theft!
  • Touch ID does not work 1/5

    By AngryAngry
    Why release a feature that doesn’t work?
  • Face ID 3/5

    By ika1ka85
    I no longer have touch ID capabilities with the iPhone X. Rather, I have the Face ID so this app should be updated for the Face ID.
  • The app is garbage 1/5

    By transientShow
    Shut it down, rebuild it and relaunch it. Incredibly buggy app. Sign up experience has no descriptions for form fields. Asks to enter a password for a new account without explaining where I should get this password. Randomly logs out for inactivity while using the app. “TouchID” integration crashes. Asks to enter login info for sections within the app after I already logged in. Come on guys... don’t just do a cheap webview app (which probably still cost you tons of $$$K) and call it a day. 🙏🤯
  • Needs Updating 3/5

    By KilJoy
    Needs a iPhone X update please.
  • Eh 2/5

    By ljai1
    Can't access past statements. No "Statement" tab to click on. What's the point of this app other than checking current balance and fico..?
  • Please optimized...... 4/5

    By Goofy dawy
    Please optimized for iPhone X ASAP!!
  • One major issue 3/5

    By Scibona
    When you go to make a payment, there is no option for total balance. So you have to remember the exact amount and manually type it in. So silly
  • Verification STILL a problem 1/5

    By Kmoney689
    The verification issue needs to be fixed. Touch ID should be enough to open the app. Edit: Thank you for fixing this issue. I love you. Edit 2: Retracting my statement. Security is ridiculous again. Get it together Barclays. Also, I should be able to shut off the 10 min inactive notification.
  • Security Questions and Purchase Notifications 2/5

    By aboolean
    Regardless of using Touch ID or password to login, the app requires answering two security questions at every login. It’s extremely inconvenient, to the point of discouraging frequent use. Also, unlike every any of the other several credit card apps I have, there is no means to receive push notifications for purchases! Overall seems to be a stable app that provides basic functionality.
  • Unnecessary UX & UI changes make transactions harder 2/5

    By Juan Esteban Delgado
    I'm not sure what interns they have working on their mobile UX/UI platform, but it has become unnecessary difficult to conduct basic business like pay an amount, amongst other things. You should study USAA's banking app, it's award winning for a reason.
  • Can't even update 1/5

    By Mjdagaman
    Won't let me login, says I must update, but nothing happens!
  • Security questions every time?!? 2/5

    By SnowVe
    Please add the feature to stop asking security questions every time. So frustrating.
  • Stop asking security questions... 1/5

    By Dburkett2122x
    Every time you want to log in. Ridiculous.
  • Why ask me security questions every time? 1/5

    By sliferchang
    What’s the meaning for fingerprint to exist?

    By LisaAndAdam
    Have you never heard of a password manager? The whole idea is to have really complex and unique passwords but you can't paste into the password field! To make it even more infuriating unless I use a simple, easy to remember password I can't even switch back and forth between this app and my password app to painstakingly enter the password a few characters at a time because the password AND username clear every time you switch back to the app. I won't even bother bringing up all of the other annoyances that are listed in other reviews since I can't even sign on to the app to be annoyed by them!
  • Update this for iPhone X 1/5

    By notlm
    Please update for iPhone X, or at least allow Face ID for logging in.
  • Security questions EVERY SINGLE TIME 1/5

    By RadioFemur2440
    REMOVE THE SECURITY QUESTION PLEASE. I want to use the app as often as possible, but this “feature” is driving me insane. This does NOT add any security, only annoyance. Security questions pop up every single time. Keep in mind this is the same phone, at a usual location, and I signed in using TouchID without any issues. I don’t know how these questions add any security. If you want real security, please implement two-step authentication.
  • Not worth using 1/5

    By red20172018
    Repeatedly asks the security questions when logging in. Sometimes the questions it asks me to answer aren’t even the ones I selected, so I have to close the app and try again. Defeats the purpose of enabling Touch ID if I have to answer the security questions every single time. Real oversight on their part - clearly the developers aren’t using this card
  • Stupid login policy 2/5

    By kiwj
    The mandatory security question challenge makes logging in to check balances etc. take far longer than it should. It’s a stupid policy that no other bank uses.
  • Login so cumbersome 1/5

    By ellensamann
    Never seen a bank mobile app ask you to answer security questions EVERY TIME you log in. What a time waster
  • Headaches 1/5

    By very ennoyed user
    It’s incredible how annoying a not-well-developed app can be!!! Every time one signs up it asks for password and secure questions. One activates Touch-ID, it still asks secure questions!!! Invest some time and money and develop something good. It feels like a child created app!!! Shame!!! I think app is on its way to trash can !!!
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By Kouroshmk
    I have setup my finger print, nevertheless it asks for my password every time. Besides, It asks me to confirm my identity either using my secure questions or by text message every time. It is frustrating.

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