Barnes & Noble – shop books, games, collectibles

Barnes & Noble – shop books, games, collectibles

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Barnes & Noble – shop books, games, collectibles App

Put the World’s Largest Bookstore on your iPhone! The official Barnes & Noble iPhone app is the ideal store companion for book lovers who want quick and easy access to the world of books. Use your iPhone to search, browse, and shop for millions of items. Our store locator will help you find the Barnes & Noble store nearest you, see upcoming events, and get directions. Plus, explore amazing, exclusive Barnes & Noble content from your iPhone including Product Details, Product Images, Customer Reviews, Editorial Reviews, Best Sellers, NOOK devices and much more. (Please note that in order to provide the best pricing for our customers, we are currently unable to provide an in-app shopping experience for Digital Content, including NOOK Books.) Features: • Massive selection of millions of Books, Textbooks, Kids' books, Magazines, CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray, Toys & Games, Home & Gift items, Gift Cards and much more • Search using your iPhone camera by scanning the product barcode or by typing your search criteria • Find your closest Barnes & Noble, get maps and directions, and view upcoming events • Wondering what to read next? Browse through different categories and best seller lists curated especially for you by our experienced Booksellers! • Fully secure. All purchases go through the secure Barnes & Noble systems • Access your purchase history and manage your Barnes & Noble account all through the app • Reserve items to be Picked up in Store right through the app • Get notified of promotions and store events


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Barnes & Noble – shop books, games, collectibles app reviews

  • If I could give 0 stars, I would 1/5

    By AMP76VA
    The B&N app is by far the worst app you can have. Obviously B&N does not want online business because you cannot do anything in the app. Any item selected goes straight into an hourglass freeze. Removing the app and buying all my books on Amazon from now on. 🙄
  • Terrible order tracking 1/5

    By IAridgeRunner
    The order did not show up in order history. Phone rep says to reorder and we ended up with 2. Contact seller, they said to return 2nd package unopened. No refund 2 months later. Worst site ever. I’m done with Barnes & Noble.
  • Unable to purchase books on app 1/5

    By dsbeulke
    I used to purchase Nook books through this app. I no longer can make purchases. Why even have an app?
  • Don’t bother downloading 1/5

    By bbbelle
    Doesn’t allow for in app purchases. Don’t waste your time, data or memory space.
  • The app is pretty slow 3/5

    By redpants16
    Barnes and noble as a store is a nice place to go with varied selections of books. The app however is lacking. The app tends to run slow on my phone which isn’t very old, and one thing I’m most annoyed with is the lack of an lgbt book section which the physical stores have. If the app can have an erotic fiction aisle, then why not general lgbt content?
  • Function 1/5

    By Legendary princess
    Worst app ever. Even Ebay functions better than this. I tried ordering a book but it wouldn’t let me track the package. But luckily my app doesn’t crash. This only problems I have with the function is slow and sometimes wouldn’t load up. I have to re open the app in order to have it load.
  • Could be great but... 3/5

    By Aaronvindi
    This app has the potential of being great but it’s DECENT AT BEST. Maybe a tier below DECENT. My complaints are primarily: 1. Ridiculously slow 2.No BACK button or arrow that takes you back through all the authors and books you’ve searched for. For example say you look up an author who has written many books with multiple additions, than you find the best edition, you click it, choose the format such as hardcover, decide to read a review before buying. BUT THAN AS YOUR GOING TO CLICK PURCHASE YOU ACCIDENTALLY CLICK ON AN ADD OR B&N COUPON. Your now forced to do the search and 3FILTER3 all over again 3. The filter is only useful if you want to search for the new/old releases and High/lowest cost. I don’t like 4ebooks5 4. If you click book on the filter it doesn’t filter ebooks out. 5. A general search consist of way to many ebooks. It’s annoying having to change the format AND ESPECIALLY INFURIATING TO FIND A BOOK YOU REALLY WANT OR THAT ATTRACTS YOUR INTEREST TO FIND OUT IT IS only available in ebooks.
  • Pointless app 1/5

    By Kmm7989
    Doesn’t allow purchases for digital download

    By Whoisdidier
    It’s quite slow! I tend to give up and just exit the app and just use the web browser instead or end up going elsewhere (legit that’s how slow the app can be). And it needs and iPhone X update!!! It would be every book lovers best friend!
  • Just downloaded the app 1/5

    By KiraJ202
    And nothing has happened, all I have is the main screen with the throbber spinning for five minutes. Deleting it.
  • This app never. works. 1/5

    By cazzy_knickers
    It doesn’t matter how perfect your internet connection is, this app won’t work. It just won’t. But if it did, it would be great, which is why it’s so frustrating. I loved that you could look up if a book was in stock in a specific store and what section it was in, so you could grab a book quickly. I feel like a large successful business like Barnes&Noble can create a decent app! Come on guys!!
  • Going crazy! 1/5

    By Knotsure
    I thought I was going nuts as I could not buy an e-book on the app. Thank God others posted. What a joke/disgrace. I went to the full website to get what I was looking for...but now shopping for a Kindle. If this was an intentional change, shame on them. I'd be more forgiving if it is an app problem they are resolving. Guess it's time to research before I raise a ruckus!
  • So so frustrating. 1/5

    By TCCM9256
    How can an app in this day & age be so “incompetent” to quote another reviewer?? I keep going back, wanting to order from B&N and to give a company other than Amazon my business. They, you B&N, make it so hard to want to continue. One needs to wait much too long a time to reboot when clicking on an item I’m interested in. I go back to other things or to find the item elsewhere. When will you B&N be fixing this???
  • WHAT App?! 1/5

    By Cubachik
    I can't even get past the first image, and it hasn't been updated since March 2017! Come on, Barnes & Nobles - do you WANT business?! you got to do a better job!!
  • 😔 5/5

    By Becky Katie tut
    Please fix your bugs or something
  • Could be better.... 4/5

    By Susie125734
    Not sure if it's because my IPod touch is outdated, but it seems to work decently well. Pretty slow but not 5 minutes slow. Needs a significant update which I hope will come soon.
  • Barnes and Noble is unable to access this app 1/5

    By Sasha1812
    I keep getting a pop up saying “Barnes and Noble is unable to access this app (About) on the phone.” I tried placing an order and spent 4 days emailing back and forth with customer service before the problem was resolved(it took my gift card but didn’t place the order).
  • Bugs 1/5

    By Ardrex
    A simple search results in error. Stunningly incompetent app.
  • great store, bad app 1/5

    By Mikey132
    Unfortunately the app is buggy, glitchy, and extremely slow. Every time I click on a book to learn more about it/go to its information page, the loading icon appears on my phone screen for ages, and never redirects me to the actual information page! I can’t even look at the summary or price of the books I want to buy. Please fix this. Barnes and Nobles is a lovely store but that does not translate into its app!!
  • :-( 1/5

    By Hotrods fan
    Could be better
  • Very poor app 1/5

    By MaryMarguerite
    Can’t search for anything w/o getting a message saying “Barnes & Nobles is unable to access this app (About) on the phone”. Perhaps an updated version is in order?
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By Doug-Loyd
    First of all, I tried Barnes& Noble’s web app through a browser. I couldn’t even get to a product. Second, I downloaded this app. This time it locked up while logging in to my account. (Yes, I changed my password.) This app is, perhaps, the worst shopping app I’ve ever TRIED to use.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Nova alien
    Just doesn’t work
  • Very disappointed 1/5

    By yessel01
    I love Barnes and nobles so I decided to download the app. I had the app for less then 10 minutes and I receive a notification while the app saying “ this app does not connect to this phone” and the app is going very slow. I was so excited to use it, but now it doesn’t even let me. Very disappointed.
  • App is terrible 1/5

    By ayarel
    Almost everything in this app is poorly designed. It doesn’t keep you signed in, it’s hard to find anything, it doesn’t remember your preferred store, it crashes repeatedly, and the layout is terrible. Just go to the store; it’s more convenient.
  • The Worst 1/5

    By jcameron023
    This may be the worst app I have ever used. The website is terrible and the app is even worse. How is this place still in business?
  • Useless. 1/5

    By Davintx
    Id rather use the dewey decimal system to find a book instore then this app. Endless blue circle not doing anything. Freezes. Crashes. And a waste of megabytes on my phone.
  • Poor App Design 1/5

    By Vishal Mistry
    Basically they just use the mobile website as their app. Inconsistent user experience. No support for iPhone X.
  • Speed Sells Books. 1/5

    By Susurrator
    Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo slooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow. . . . Speed sells books in the information age. . . . I’ve emailed this before, so I’m going public in the hopes of saving & strengthening a powerful multi-tiered book- and information-selling platform. Skip to C. for app-specific suggestions. A. Consider shifting B&N’s business model to subsidize brick-and-mortar stores, from online/shipping sales. B. Consider, the store should also be viewed (financially) as an advertisement. C. Please hire a competent IT firm. Write down everyone’s complaints. Correct them. Fix these things specifically: App takes an inordinate time to open home page. Re-code to open home page swiftly, if at a reduced capacity. App logs out, regardless if the “Keep me logged in” box is checked. Recode not to rely on browser settings, but return *secure* app information. App utilizes spinning “thinking cursor.” Spinny thing of death on an app!? This is not the 90s. Recode, utilizing native platform “thinking” icons. -Typically a horizontal set of three well shaded pips (specifically an ellipsis, to signify more is coming soon) which successively appear then fade. Furthermore, recode to return information swiftly, thereby mitigating spinny-thing-of-death usage! Correct Boolean search capabilities: Adding an extra letter to an author’s unknown name returns a null value. Offering suggestions will not slow down a competently written program. Rewrite the program to return suggestions. —Please don’t Blockbuster this problem. Rather, Barnes & Noble this. We love you. Make this happen.
  • Slow, Needs Improvement!!! 1/5

    By Fox-Hair-3663
    I was using this app just to browse for books and stuff. Regardless if I’m using the Wi-Fi or cellular network, this app is running super duper slow like it’s doing nothing. This app is acting worthless and someone needs to step in and fix up all the issues with this app.
  • Beyond Expectations 5/5

    By Chris J from LA
    I don’t understand why there are a lot of problems with the app. But if there is, I haven’t stumbled upon any of them. I simply downloaded the app in order for me to check if a certain book is currently at a specific location or to check when a new book will be released. It’s no Amazon, so I don’t set high expectations to an already superior book store. Barnes&Noble is the best of the best. I hope this is of help to anyone looking for an honest, frank, and sincere opinion.
  • The app is VERY slow. 2/5

    By Jessljgdadfhj
  • A web browser posing as an application 1/5

    By davbran
    If you attempt to use this app on iPhone right now, the menu doesn’t work, the page is filled with code. The app is unusable and I’m attempting to break away from Amazon, as their customer service is the worst. I hope this gets resolved soon. Coders, test your code. This should be an embarrassment.
  • Worst App Ever 1/5

    By Bawk bawk 19
    There comes a point when bad service can no longer be tolerated. I've held on since this is the last bookstore to offer variety. Recently I put books in my cart, go to browse and come back to my cart to find it empty. I have tried everything to resolve this issue. The only thing I can do is no longer purchase from this establishment since they obviously don't want to make the app usable.
  • Very slow 1/5

    By Yellowmallard6
    Most of the time when I search for a book it loads for an entirety and I have to reload the app. I would suggest they make some improvements so it’s actually useable. The real life stores are fun to visit like a readers toys r us. So the app should at least live up to it a little.
  • This app is not good 1/5

    By Groverbox
    Installed this app, then deleted it about 5 minutes later. Navigation is terrible. I tried to dismiss it by thinking I could manage through it somehow, but the final straw was not being able to select my state in drop down menu to add shipping address. You just lost a purchase.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Cristhiancv10
    So bad , so slow. Just go buy in eBay , so much cheaper.
  • Poor Ap 1/5

    By CarolJanR
    Doesn’t recognize my security question answer. Doesn’t recognize my email. Screen freezes so deleted the ap and reinstalled. No change. What’s up with this? Frustrated. Will stay with ordering from Amazon.
  • Don’t Like 2/5

    By sportsjunky2006
    Downloaded the app and logged in just fine, but the problem I found was, I kept getting this message stating that “Barnes and Noble is unable to access about in the app.” I’d be fine with having the alert once, but every time I search or go back gets annoying.
  • Unusable 1/5

    By hamshack
    I love their stores but the app makes me want to never shop there again. It fails to load at least 2 of every 3 visits. Guys! This “me too” attempt is making you look bad.
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By Dj Whizlam
    The app just runs forever when you search for a book, and it doesn’t make sense why this hasn’t been fixed.
  • Horribly slow and search function doesn’t work 1/5

    By Irritated in Afghanistan
    Despite great internet service and exact names of products, this app is slow and inaccurate. Also, why isn’t there better tracking of the in-store stock. Such a shame for a great business. Get with the times BN.
  • iPhone X 1/5

    By BrianSMcDonald
    I’ll give you a 5 star review once the app is updated to support the iPhone X!
  • Crashes, timeouts, and log-outs 1/5

    By The 902
    Absolutely ridiculous that I have to sign in every time I open the app. This needs some major improvements. I’d hate to support Amazon, but B&N makes it so hard sometimes.
  • Will Always Prefer B&N to Amazon 2/5

    By Thatrussiagirl
    Barnes and Noble—I adore your company and do my best to support it in every way that I can; but it is sad to see such a poor quality app, and a mediocre website. Improving the quality of your online presence might just help in the fight against Amazon. I will always purchase all of my writing and reading needs from you, whether in store or online, but I can say it would be far more convenient to have a more streamlined way to order online.
  • Useless 1/5

    By The onion lord
  • Horribly slow 1/5

    By LaceyAG27
    For such a large company I’m shocked with how slow this app is or doesn’t work at all. It is very frustrating as a user.
  • The app is great with this format 4/5

    By TracerChaser
    This format is great but there is room for improvement. The wishlists can’t be deleted which is quite a nuisance because in just want to have my personally made lists not the default wishlist. Another issue I have is with the recommendations they are completely random and have nothing to do with any of the items on my wishlists.
  • Sucky App for Apple 1/5

    By Gilberto Estrada
    This app is useless! Nook app to read books, another app to listen to audio and yet another to purchase books....ohhhh doesn't support digital content?! Seriously?! Why cant one app do it all?! Android version does...ridiculous.
  • Can't buy digital content! 1/5

    By jdkkl
    Why would you create an app that does not allow the user to purchase a digital book? I am using a digital device. I want a digital book. I can't buy one on this app. I am amazed.

Barnes & Noble – shop books, games, collectibles app comments


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