Barnes & Noble – shop books, games, collectibles

Barnes & Noble – shop books, games, collectibles

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  • Current Version: 3.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Barnes & Noble
  • Compatibility: Android
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Barnes & Noble – shop books, games, collectibles App

Put the World’s Largest Bookstore on your iPhone! The official Barnes & Noble iPhone app is the ideal store companion for book lovers who want quick and easy access to the world of books. Use your iPhone to search, browse, and shop for millions of items. Our store locator will help you find the Barnes & Noble store nearest you, see upcoming events, and get directions. Plus, explore amazing, exclusive Barnes & Noble content from your iPhone including Product Details, Product Images, Customer Reviews, Editorial Reviews, Best Sellers, NOOK devices and much more. (Please note that in order to provide the best pricing for our customers, we are currently unable to provide an in-app shopping experience for Digital Content, including NOOK Books.) Features: • Massive selection of millions of Books, Textbooks, Kids' books, Magazines, CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray, Toys & Games, Home & Gift items, Gift Cards and much more • Search using your iPhone camera by scanning the product barcode or by typing your search criteria • Find your closest Barnes & Noble, get maps and directions, and view upcoming events • Wondering what to read next? Browse through different categories and best seller lists curated especially for you by our experienced Booksellers! • Fully secure. All purchases go through the secure Barnes & Noble systems • Access your purchase history and manage your Barnes & Noble account all through the app • Reserve items to be Picked up in Store right through the app • Get notified of promotions and store events

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Barnes & Noble – shop books, games, collectibles app reviews

  • Please fix 1/5

    By carlins
    Barnes and noble would get so much traffic if their app worked and they updated the features. I really hope they plan to soon because it would make mobile book buying so much easier!
  • Crash and Burn 1/5

    By Wordsmith5
    I love Barnes and Noble but this app is rubbish! I can't even sign in to my account on it. Every time I try it either gets frozen while it loads or the app closes. This is so frustrating. I'm getting ready to delete it because there's no point having an app that doesn't work. Please fix this mess!
  • Please fix 1/5

    By Wunderlist 😀
    It doesn't work it says check network connection and I'm connected to wifi and doesn't work. So please dix
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By toneybarber
    Little more I could add that hasn't already been said. One of the most disappointing things for me is that I cannot add my membership card to the app so that it is easily accessible when shopping in the store. I suggest replacing the app with a new design team. Horrible.
  • It's as bad as they 1/5

    By Chas Rabbit
    Read the reviews and thought it couldn't be that bad. It really is.
  • Purchases 1/5

    By 4thtryatanickname
    Won't let me buy book on my iPhone app. Says "not supported" kind of pointless if you ask me. I have to have the nook app to read books I buy, but I can't buy them from this app? Hmmm
  • Reds to be updated!! 1/5

    By Pedro Olea
    It's very slow and takes for ever to upload anything. Sometimes it crashes and constant need to resign in. Really annoying.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Amie Alice
    Freezes all the time the crap just spins loading but never loads. Sometimes crashes. Worst app ever considering this is a big corporate company I don't get it why not pay to have your app work it makes zero sense to me. I've dated many times forget it and opened amazon and ordered my books from them because their app actually works
  • Can't buy nook books 1/5

    By Lagcco
    Why does Barnes & Noble not want my money. I can't buy anything for my nook. Maybe it's time to go to a kindle Amazon has everything else and they want my money.
  • POS 1/5

    By Hydejb
    Delete immediately. It doesn't even load.
  • Do you have the book or don't you? 1/5

    By sludge
    Why is it so hard to find out if they have the book in stock at a store nearby? I'm saving you montby being willing to drive and get it. Work with me here!!
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By This nickname is taken 6
    I was going to write a review detailing just how bad this app really is but then I just continued living my life on Amazon.
  • Please Fix!! 1/5

    By Sluhhhhhhh
    This is the most frustrating App I've ever downloaded. I love Barnes and Noble, they have almost every book I've been looking for, but I can't stand this App. I figured it would be an easy way to buy books online but it's just not worth it. If it was to be fixed, I'd probably give it another shot. But until then, heck this.
  • Can't even sign in! 1/5

    By Jcornell13
    Can't even sign in to see how horrible the app is. Won't recognize my password thought maybe I had it wrong so I changed it , the change was accepted and I STILL can't log in - not to mention no cut and paste.
  • Error 1/5

    By 718konig
    Internal Server Error - Read The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Reference #3.4e95fea5.1458828939.2300e65
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Tsm1988
    The worst app I've ever used. Constantly crashes. Hardly ever opens correctly. Then once it does good luck on clicking into anything else but the main home page. Seriously Barnes and Noble. Get your crap together. It's what year now? Hire people to make a working app you cheapskates. With what I pay for a yearly membership along with however many people you can afford a working app.
  • Inoperable, won't open! 1/5

    By R_Loz
    The worst. The Donald Drumpf of apps - incompetent in every way.
  • Don't upgrade- blank white screen 1/5

    By CalifReader
    If you have an older version of this app, I recommend staying with it. I upgraded yesterday and found the new version a bit slow and now, one day later, I can't get into it at all as only a blank white screen appears when I try to open it (my internet connection is working fine with other apps). I had put several books in my cart and now can't access them. Not only useless but a time waster. PS if you write a review, copy it before sending. If you pick a username that is already taken, the whole review gets wiped out here.
  • Better 3/5

    By abentikvah_
    A lot better! Still needs work. Can be a bit buggy at times. Still can't add membership card to apple wallet. Nice to see Barnes & Noble showing more attention I the app.
  • Super slow, useless 1/5

    By Valpal06
    I'm unable to even use the app, it crashes constantly. When I'm actually able to use it it's extremely slow. Please fix this.
  • ragingly incompetent 1/5

    By Weems
    Barnes & Noble does not want any online business. That is the most positive conclusion I can come to, considering the abysmal quality of their app and website. Expect things to time out, 404 you, crash, and about every level of frustration imagineable. After no less than 12 tries to get into my account to change my address, and continuoually reaching error messages, I changed my address and placed an order, only to have that order shipped to the address I had deleted. Two weeks later, and I still haven't received my full refund. Email Help requests go unanswered, and chat is okay, but only if the site is actually working, which is about 25% of the time. When B&N goes out of business, one of the primary factors will be their incompetent and horrid attention to having a remotely useful online presence.
  • Below one if I could 1/5

    By LBSmurf
    Why is it so difficult for these "gift card" chains to make an app that will hold all their gift cards in your phone for you? And you can't even shop on this one? Bleh - as an educator, I try, but I have to stick with Amazon.
  • Ridiculous 1/5

    By Euodia
    There is a nook app but you can't purchase nook books on it...ok I understand that. But to have an app for B&N and not be able to purchase nook books that's plain ridiculous!!!! Sucky app!!!
  • Virtually unusable 1/5

    By mudblood.doc
    While I appreciate the need to keep the application secure, the need to constantly re-enter my password — while disabling the ability to paste text into the password field — makes the app unusable, especially to anyone who uses password management software to create and store highly-complex passwords. This makes no sense, in terms of account security, and all-but-ensures that I have to take my business elsewhere.
  • Great bookstore! Terrible app! 1/5

    By KBeall
    Bugs galore and crashes without warning. Please fix!
  • Very poor job 2/5

    By e s t h e r
    How many sales had Barnes and Noble lost because it's app functions so poorly? Millions I think, extrapolating from my own experience. And how does such a big company fail to resolve these problems? Incredible incompetence at the top, though they are probably paid millions. The app freezes half the time, and it has inconsistent login scenarios requiring multiple logins if you pick the wrong access point for what you want. It's sad for those of us who don't want to give up everything to Amszon.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Surefee
    This app keeps crashing and does not connect to internet
  • Getting better... 3/5

    By someone929292
    Still feels like a web app, but it's much better than before. Still needs: 1.) Touch ID support!!! Lack of this is unacceptable. 2.) Speed 3.) Get rid of the splash screen, that's a HIG violation.
  • Still Crashing. Still Slow 1/5

    By JakeT907
    Everything is the same, but just looks prettier. I appreciate the new look. However, it is still slow and crashes often. Please incorporate Touch ID sign-in, or at the very least have the "Remember me" sign-in actually work. I always have to sign in, even if I checked "Remember me"
  • Good design but painfully slow 2/5

    By Weather pain
    I like the design and feel of the new update but when clicking on things and putting items in your cart, the app is painfully slow. Once the speed of the app is fixed, I'll be pretty satisfied.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By rfpesq
    One of the worst apps I have tried to use. I now buy my books on Amazon app instead.
  • Useless lately 1/5

    By Drumming in the Dark
    Have used the app happily for several years, but recently it's essentially useless. Any search attempted from the opening page leads to a blank screen. Sad!
  • Worst app of all time, maybe ever 1/5

    By bhfp28
    If the app even opens, which it may not, you can not view any books or search for any books. In fact, you can't do anything without the app completely destroying itself. Big fail
  • No complaints 3/5

    By Rachel Harrell
    Ever since I've downloaded the app, it's worked for me. I've kept it regularly updated and had absolutely no problems. I'll continue to use and recommend this app.
  • Works fine for me 5/5

    By TropicalD
    I loaded the app to my iPhone6 this afternoon and was able to easily login to my account and order a book.
  • Login Crash 1/5

    By colec74
    App crashes when I try to login.
  • No Nook Purchases 1/5

    By Smithbreem
    Can't purchase digital content through app
  • Uncertain! 2/5

    By SincerelyKaySea
    I love BN with everything in me. However, here recently I have trouble with logging into my own account. I even tried "forgot your password" just to see if it would log me in. Unfortunately, it won't allow me. It says my email is unreadable. I even noticed when I try to confirm my email. My email is in foreign symbols. I'm not sure how that is possible. I even deleted BN app off my phone, and it still does the same thing. I hope the problem gets fixed, because I was in the process of ordering Harry Potter Hardcover Boxed Set: Books 1-7. It's cheaper online than in store, but now I cannot order. I'm very unhappy!
  • Thieves 1/5

    By Angry angry student
    YOU NEED A NEW DEVELOPER !! This is terrible and your yuzu app another failure ! I see amazon taking all your business
  • Bad app 1/5

    By Yuureiffhdhdh
    This is a horrible app don't waste your time.
  • Buggy, very slow and irritating 2/5

    By hleenii
    Buggy, very slow and irritating. Even the store locator map doesn't work normally
  • Diabolically bad 1/5

    By Xenaciara
    Right now this App is simply a white screen that I cannot escape from. I am trying to support B&N but this app and the equally useless website are pushing me very strongly to Amazon which is dramatically superior in every way, how can Amazon be better at finding books than B&N? Don't know but it is....,
  • Bad 1/5

    By beautybypg
    One star because I like the concept but app won't even open :/
  • Worst shopping app ever 1/5

    By Emaniac
    Can't login. Can't purchase. Holy cow this app is a piece of garbage. Trying to use gift cards before they are out of business. Angry at people who gave them to me -- who shops here anymore?!?
  • No way to go back 1/5

    By Tanner123542
    I wanted to purchase a book with a gift card I got and although it was only for $10 I ended up with over $100 in my cart cause I liked the discount I was getting. I was unable to go back and edit now stuck and can't continue cause I hit the wrong button. Don't want to go to Amazon, nothing bad, just want to support a local store and I need the book, so I have to do Amazon. Can't make it to he store before book club :0( Sorry BN you need to fix this it would help your mobile presence
  • 😒 1/5

    By Jingles123456789
    Really laggy. Needs a new look. One that doesn't look like a website. Please update IMMEDIATELY!
  • Password doesn't match 1/5

    By DanieBoye
    The app will not let me sign into my account. What good is an app if I have to open my browser to sign in and order from? Not worth it in my opinion.
  • What a pointless app 1/5

    By wsumom14
    Why even create an app that you can't purchase eBooks through?
  • Can't actually order books... 1/5

    By Xenarion
    App is very good for looking up books, but the last 6-12 months any time I try to order I get hung up on the credit card info page, and have to go to a computer and order there. At least it's free...
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Frances A.R
    I got the app because the website didn't work well for me. However, the app is glitchy, and it's almost exactly like the website. I kept getting an error message every time I went to submit my order. I had to disconnect my phone from the wifi and restart my router just to get it to work. Also, every time I exit the app, I have to sign in again, which is really inconvenient. You're better off actually going to the store than trying to use the app.

Barnes & Noble – shop books, games, collectibles app comments

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