Baseball Boy!

Baseball Boy!

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  • Current Version: 1.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Voodoo
  • Compatibility: Android
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Baseball Boy! App

Hit hard or go home! Hit your baseball as hard as possible and upgrade your stats! Improve your best distance and unlock even better baseball bats! Prepare for some endless baseball fun!


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  • Too many ads 1/5

    By Mikeydoesntknw
    There are too many ads in this game. There is an ad after about every 4 hits
  • Buggy 3/5

    By Rabbits23
    It’s fun but ever since the last update it’s been buggy. Balls disappear after being hit and the turn just starts over. I’ve hit upgrade several times where it took the money but didn’t actually upgrade the skill. Fix some small stuff and it’s back to being great
  • Fun game needs improvements 4/5

    By BakedDragon
    This game is fun for small breaks and mindless television watching. One thing I wish it had was procedurally generated levels so it’s not the same thing every time. As one commenter said also, you can hit it center perfect and a light pole or car or curb will send the ball backwards essentially ruining that play. Would be nice to not feel like you’ve wasted a shot because of that. I did not buy the no adds upgrade so that means after every hit I have to watch an ad that’s 5 seconds long and you can end it or watch the 30+ seconds one for double money. Gets annoying after a few plays, but not delete the game annoying. Overall it’s a fun game and I think any future updates will make it even better.
  • Not a bad game. 4/5

    By MAJIG824
    I really enjoyed playing the game but it has a few flaws. One of the biggest flaws it that it has NO at all. It gets very boring, especially when the ads that you have to sit through have sound but the game you’re actually playing is dry. Another flaw is the lack of effects. Like another review was saying, the ball will be stopped by anything other than a hill. Btw, it’s always best to hit towards the left side. When the ball hits the concrete for the rivers, the left side gives the ball a boost. The right side kills the ball because it’s raised much higher. Idk why but it is. I would love to have more bats!! I have completed the game. 16,000M earns you the last bat. Currently my high score is 31,012M I’m afraid that by the time we do get an update with more bats, I and other players will still be batting far beyond the updated levels. All in all, it was a fun game. I really liked how they allowed you to watch ads for a free upgrade. Those REALLY come in handy!!
  • Happy Gilmore Meets Minecraft 4/5

    By MikeyG74
    One thing I think of while playing is mix Happy Gilmore with Minecraft then give him something to hit a baseball with. Anything from a bat to a stop sign and even a cactus. The game over all is entertaining but only for a few days. I hit the maximum distance challenge in two days. My only complaint is at various times it freezes when the ads get done playing. But I still find myself playing the game. Good for a quick non mental game that you will find yourself not putting down. HINT: Go ahead and view the ad between every shot to get double the coins since one is going to pop up anyways.
  • Sooooooo bad 1/5

    By LazerAce18
    This game was fun at first, but then it started lagging and now I have to restart. If I wouldn’t have had to restart this game would still probably be fun. You guys need to fix this glitch now.
  • Review 5/5

    By Foreign Jess
    Add sound
  • Very buggy but occasionally 25 seconds of fun 2/5

    By MrSavaage
    Still... no sound in this game aside from the ads? That seems weird. Haptic feedback also not working. (Old review below) ...And today an ad popped up IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GAME, ball bouncing then BOOM, ad. Also, the "edge" of the map that the ball bounces off time my ball just jumped over the edge of the map and the game reset and didn't give me any points. Would looove to play this game when it's a bit more stable and maybe even LESS ADS, wow, never seen so many ads in one game. Cheers!
  • Ads 2/5

    By Reynal888
    I just started playing the game and I have to watch a 20 second ad? Constantly? Instant delete. Instant turnoff.
  • Yooo what??? 1/5

    By Hhhgfdhggvb
    I don't play the game for a week and all the upgrades I had including my money I made was reset the only thing that didn't reset was my bats but everything else did please help
  • SOOO MAD 1/5

    By All the kills37
  • 15 minutes on App, 30 seconds of gameplay 1/5

    By Matt122333
    I’m short, the game it self is simple and addictive, however, you get basically an Ad after every hit and it is awful. I recommend not downloading the game until this assault from Ads are ended for this game and other games like this that doesn’t know how to properly balance ads with gameplay.
  • Mindless Entertainment 4/5

    By - Mr. Pringles
    Downloaded the game yesterday and got the final bat this morning. I downloaded it to kill time waiting on a few emails and I ended up getting sucked into its mindless challenge of getting over 17,000m and the final bat. Ended at over 19k and deleted the app from my phone. Also, the sweet spot is just to the left/right of center. Getting a perfect isn't ideal due to the amount of obstacles.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By realistbynature
    Don’t waste your time... there is a 30-second ad after every hit.
  • I get 20,000+ 3/5

    By Tanner_PusC
    Add new bats i got them al nothing to get now add more Update now getting 60k plus after update add new stuff come on
  • Weird 1/5

    By myctenor
    Why is there no music? Or sound. It’s weird. Also, screw you for the ads you are required to watch for choosing to collect rather than double. Collecting should be free. You will not get more than 1 Star from me til you fix that.

    By Wolverines1992
    You hit the ball once and you can double your money if you watch a ad but even if you click no, one plays anyways and doesn’t even double your money. Get rid of all the ads and the game would be fun. Deleted it because way too many ads
  • Ads take away from the game 3/5

    By Awesome45779(3
    This game would be amazing but the ads really bring it down, I understand they have to pay the bills but having an ad pop up after every other hit really takes away from the game. Other than that it’s a good time killer
  • Typical 2/5

    By M2gamer10
    Ads can often soft lock the game. No cohesion between a time waster game and a cash grab through. Typical fun game ruined by terribly sourced ads. Not surprised nor am I mad about it. I know it’s how they make their money, it’s just sad that after getting a million games like this, the ads can still make you forget you got this to enjoy yourself.
  • Nice game 5/5

    By Jeffffffffffvvvvvfdfg
    I was downloading a bunch of games none were fun... but then I found this game and it is a score.
  • Ads are excessive 2/5

    By Harriice
  • Cool game but why can’t you hit true center ?? 2/5

    By Please add SMS
    I’ve regularly had the arrow hit top dead center. I’ve even screen shot it to zoom and make sure i was actually right in the middle yet the ball always hits to the left or right of the center road markings. Never right down the middle. Is rather have a faster moving Arrow harder to hit top dead center than a slower moving arrow that doesn’t even allow the ball to go right down the middle. Oh and $3.00??? This is a $.99 game Update : so now they just goofed it all Up. If you hit the vented and bounce you’ll inevitably hit something. Start rolling backwards and all of a sudden nothing gets in the way ?? Lol. The update now made it so bouncing off the sand or hilly areas doesn’t happen if you’re leveled up enough. And why can’t you still hit dead center and go down the center of the road ?? It’s always a little to the left or right.
  • Poor game company 1/5

    By Steelersfreak14
    The game play is fine, but the whole purpose of a lot of voodoo’s games is making money/currency while not playing. They still have problems where the video or game will freeze and you will not get any of the money you made while you were away.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Ahmedslick
    Love this game I will play it 24/7
  • Add crisis 1/5

    By Dyl56 56
    Way too many adds
  • AD after every hit?! Really?!? 1/5

    By C H E P
    At least give free users a chance to experience the game. I close it after every hit as these ads are extremely irritating. I’d consider purchasing to get rid of ads. But I can’t tell if the game is any good as I quit it within 40 seconds of opening.
  • Ad Whores 1/5

    By Kevin Caro
    Wayyy to many ads
  • Very good 5/5

    By Pokemonkid824
    This game is very good but it needs some music
  • Needs more content 4/5

    By Teh_Black_One
    Took a few weeks for me to get all the bats. I love the updates coming out. Just needs a few more bats. Maybe more detailed landscape or different landscapes as different levels. And pls add sound even if it’s just like birds chirping or something lol. Fun time killer though.
  • Very addicting 4/5

    By McQuainJ
    I beat the game in one week! I turned off my internet to cancel the ads!
  • Don’t double your money 1/5

    By 55stlfan
    Oh now with the latest update when you go to double your offline money, you watch the stupid ad, and then the game freezes and you don’t even get your money. What a waste. Plus you still can’t fast forward. This game is becoming a joke
  • Sound 4/5

    By The-Blur
    The game is great but please add sounds to the game
  • Meh 3/5

    By Vassago68
    Only game I know where if you hit it perfectly, you get penalized. Since all of the roads, cars, light posts are right down the middle, your bound to hit something and end your roll/bounce in the positive direction. Meanwhile, hit it off the mark a bit and it’s open fields for the most part.
  • Do NOT download this 1/5

    By OverwatchIsBæ
    This is the most money hungry franchise in the entire app world. After EVERY SINGLE hit there is an add, not to mention the constant banner adds that lag your game. To progress you basically have to hit “perfect” but that is extremely difficult with the banners that lag your game and make the arrow skip around.
  • More watching ads than playing the game 1/5

    By Cp33333333333
    More watching ads than playing the game
  • Bats 4/5

    By siroin
    Add more bats
  • Great 4/5

    By Pfc.Alejandro
    Awesome game! Just WE NEED MORE BATS!
  • Overwhelmed by Ads 4/5

    By motorcycles01
    The ads are ridiculous!! After every hit I have an ad pop up on my screen. They rerun the same ads too! Like, if we didn’t want the game the first time you showed an ad, dont show the ad again! It is a money thing. If you pay 2.99, they are earning money. If you watch the ads for like 5 seconds, they get paid.
  • Too many ads, no sound effects. 2/5

    By Godhatesme
    Too many ads and no sound in this game. Why? Why, people?
  • You have to spend 3 bucks to Enjoy 2/5

    By AntGames95
    After every hit you watch the ball fly through the air, it lands eventually and you collect your coins. Then you get a 30 sec. ad. Repeat.
  • Bored 3/5

    By Kelsea❤️💛💚💙💜
    I have the cactus. Any other goals or distances to beat and more bats to get? Good game but I’m playing it for nothing now. And too many ads too.
  • Earnings Lowered 3/5

    By Dingus Mo'Hingus
    Ever since the new update, my offline earnings don’t work. The max I earn is 12,960, with a 350% raise level, even when I’m offline for 15+ hours. And the earnings I make when I hit the ball a long distance have lowered significantly. Please fix this.
  • Great game.. kinda. 3/5

    By madbenco
    This game is fun, but even after purchasing premium, you’ll still spend 70% of your time watching ads. Sheesh.
  • I don’t know 4/5

    By TypeODaddio
    Yeah I’ve already got to the cactus so I guess I’m done. Took me maybe 3 days. Hard to put out $2.99 for that short of a game. Yes you really do need to chill out on the ads.
  • Dumb 1/5

    By Whattttt!?
    Low quality game with insane amount of ads. Lags and aiming scheme is pointless.
  • FLAWED!!!! 3/5

    By Mateix833
  • Ads 2/5

    By Simon1234567890997654321
    The overwhelming amount of advertisements makes this game unplayable
  • How about another carrot to chase? 3/5

    By trunolimit
    I got into this game before it was patched (FYI for you new iOS developers out there, there are ways to make sure people aren’t cheating your time based reward system). I was able to rack up millions of dollars and have reached level 72 on all my stats. I don’t really understand the offline rewards. You get rewarded for not playing the game? Just weird. Anyway how about you add more bats? Or at least make it so all the bats have different strengths and weaknesses.
  • Okay but Ads still have volume 3/5

    By The beast$&&@@"
    Some Ads hack into your volume control and play noise even if your phones on silent. That should be fixed, it’s a great game but I have my phone on silent for a reason. Other than that I like this game.
  • 👌🏻 5/5

    By Gugsrtbkhghb
    I have every single bat.

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