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Basketball Stars™ App

The world’s best multiplayer Basketball game on mobile, from the creators of multiple smash-hit online sports games! Dribble, shoot, score, WIN! Grab the ball and take on the world with BASKETBALL STARS. Play fast-paced, authentic 1v1 multiplayer basketball! Show your skills, moves and fakes to juke out your opponent and shoot for the basket! On defense, stay in the face of the attacker, steal the ball, and time your leaps to block their shots! All in REAL-TIME! REALISTIC 3D GRAPHICS Basketball on mobile has never looked this good: fully customisable 3D players and a variety of environments to play in! COMPETE 1-ON-1 IN TWO AWESOME MULTIPLAYER GAME MODES Test your duelling instincts in 1v1 Attacker-Defender battles, or rush to shoot hoops in a time-based 1v1 Shooting Race. INCREDIBLE REWARDS AND HUNDREDS OF UNIQUE ITEMS Playing like an all-star? Enter higher-ranked matches with bigger stakes, and unlock special basketballs and unique wearables to grow your power and style. LEVEL UP Start out on the Underdog court and play your way up to the top. Gain access to more exclusive courts and compete with the best Basketball Stars players out there! KEY FEATURES True 1-on-1 basketball gameplay Realistic 3D graphics 2 different online multiplayer game modes Easy to pick-up, challenging to master 400+ customisation items = thousands of unique looks! 40+ unlockable basketballs Dribble, feint, shoot, steal, block and get powerful bonuses off the backboard Free to play! -- Download Basketball Stars by Miniclip NOW! -- Requirement: iPhone 4S or newer, iPod Touch 5th gen, iPad 2 or newer This game needs an internet connection to play Don’t miss out on the latest news: Like Miniclip: Follow us on Twitter: ------------------------------------ Find out more about Miniclip: TERMS AND CONDITIONS: PRIVACY POLICY:


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Basketball Stars™ app reviews

  • Money 3/5

    By Shacknoah salamander
    You can’t use money in it I had 13,000 but couldn’t use it for anything
  • Backboard bonuses 4/5

    By 77camc
    Love that the backboard bonuses are more important now. Backboard shots require skill and you should benefit from it. I cannot stand how you distribute them throughout a match. As it stands, their appearance seem to happen around preset times but also seems to depend on whether a certain player has just shot. (You can test this by holding off on shooting around the preset time.) This isn’t good however because it penalizes players who are shooting quickly and accurately. For example, if I’m up 10 and my shooting timing is ahead of my opponent, the bonus will often appear if I’m midway through my shot while the other player just made their shot giving them an uncontested backboard shot. You should make the appearance of a backboard bonus depend on whether both players made a shot within a certain amount of time - e.g., 0.5 s at most. This has to be programmable. That way both players have to make a pressured shot. If that doesn’t happen during the match (unlikely), then don’t present a backboard bonus at all. Have the shooting depend on skill, not on “random” (which it isn’t) bonus appearances. Lucky balls are fine provided they’re given equally under comparable circumstances for both players (while on fire for example).
  • Fun game 5/5

    By Ahendren10
    This is a fun game! And takes strategy!
  • LOVE IT!!! 5/5

    By TBAA Dream Killer
    I love this game, especially with the new update. Last time I played, everything seemed dull, but now, it looks like a new game! Keep it up with some more awesome updates!
  • Disconnects during the game 1/5

    By Unconquerable
    In the middle of the game the app goes into connecting mode even when I am connected to a 100mbps WiFi point.
  • Horrible game 1/5

    By whinne the pooh
    Whenever I try to make a basket the other competitor always blocks it even tho you can clearly see it going through his/her hands, but when ever I try to block other people’s shot their ball goes right through my hands. It also tries to bring your money down if you have a lot of it. Do not recommend
  • Only Basketball Game I Like 5/5

    By #Rich4life60
    This is the best basketball game I have played on a mobile device. It’s in my top 10 sport games.
  • Whoever Made This Game is an Idiot 1/5

    By Artgirl2k098
    Snape Snape Severus Snape Dumbledore
  • Fun and addictive 5/5

    By Tired of encephalectomites
    Ive gone through and beat every level of the career up to about 80, both matches. Super fun game and despite the occasional lag or glitch, something I can come back to again and again. Definitely recommend, considering the quality of apps these days.
  • Unfair Glitches (and Hackers) 2/5

    By King Hezekiah
    I love playing the game since it puts a new spin on basketball games. I also have the soccer version of this game and I love it as well. The problem with this, though, are the glitches. While playing, I faked somebody out twice and shot the ball. The camera had starting transitioning to he point where you see if you made the shot and how many points you get for that shot. But it then moved backed to the original camera and said I was blocked. Then, when the same thing happened to me and I tried to block when I had been faked, it goes straight through. Maybe this will be fixed in an update, but until then, I will still be upset with this glitch. After playing a little longer and reading other reviews, hackers have made this game no longer fun. I thought it was a glitch, but then I couldn’t do it. After playing some more players, I could tell that sometimes something was off. Then realized they were hackers.
  • 👍👍👍👍 5/5

    By JGLJR
    This app had been great, but shuts down as soon as it opens since update.
  • 1shmael 5/5

    By ismaelrobles
    Cool game
  • Basketball stars 5/5

    By ThatCastle967
    I am hopeinge I will be like you someday
  • Wow... ratings must be inaccurate 1/5

    By Ma dukes69
    I was playing this game today and it was an alright game, but it’s lags WAY TOO much. It’s not my internet, I checked, it’s the game that lags, nothing to do with internet. If you can’t fix it, I’ll delete this game and never get any apps from this company again. Good bye.
  • Great game 5/5

    By gdsfhjh
    It is awesome
  • Basketball stars 5/5

    By Bzrf
    This game is amazing and I think that everyone in the entire world should play Basketball stars
  • Great game 4/5

    By ASupremeDagger
    Funny but gold problem is annoying
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Shirtandtie
    The game is really good towards basketball itself. It also has a couple mini games that are really fun in general. I hope anyone reading this likes the game too. 👍
  • This gameis awesome 👏✊👍 5/5

    By JohnAvolioSlimShorty
    I love this game 🎮it's one of the best 👍💯games ever THIS GAME IS LITTTTTTT🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🆒🆒🆒🆒🆒🆒💯💯💯💯💯
  • Awesome 5/5

    By jballou
    Gooooooooood game🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • New update, better crashes 1/5

    By Thewonderkid
    Can’t last 30 seconds without crashing. Great job!
  • Basketball stars 5/5

    By Famousxd23💲🤘💪♠️
    This is the best app I've ever seen found and played keep it up for a while I love to find different games you make
  • Ok 4/5

    By Annytoussaint
    It’s ok
  • This game is a freakin rip off 1/5

    By Anthony Nigido
    I HATE THIS GAME. Now when i did a shooting race, I got right on the line to shoot, but it kept missing and my opponent had no problems. He beat me 21-0
  • Good game 4/5

    By Shumukh
    It is. Good game but has a little problem with how you are about to shot then you almost make it then suddenly it is considered a block
  • Excelente Apps 5/5

    By VladimirJuárez C.
    Un apps muy entretenido. Cuenta con buenos efectos y permite una fácil interacción. Los retos cuentan con niveles de dificultad que invitan a mantenerte en forma.
  • This game is great 5/5

    By User02351
    Even if you previously didn’t like sports games (like me) this game is still fun. It is the perfect blend of competition and entertainment which constantly has something new to offer. You have to get this game.
  • Basketball Stars 5/5

    By Dudeface23
    A excellent game!
  • Great game but changes needed 5/5

    By Tjderning
    I would like to start by saying that this is a phenomenal and addictive game that a ton. I play this game a lot and have probably spent upwards to $120+ to get gold bars and Coins to post the crazy sitting game. The biggest problem I would love to see changed is that when the chicken of she player forfeits the game because they realize that they cannot win I as the player being forfeited on loses the experience points and that is extremely aggravating because it's happening more and more since the last update. I know/think that when you forfeit a game I believe that the game takes away more money from that player that should also go to the player that is getting forfeited on but it doesn't. This is a phenomenal game but the ONLY problem I have had the losing the experience points when the person you are playing does that COWARD move. Please fix in the next update please
  • To nice 4/5

    By Creek6oy
    Too nice with it
  • Blocks 2/5

    By lil_xrx
    Every time I shoot it and the defender is trying to block sometimes the ball gets blocked when it’s already at the rim and I always be losing money I leave the game and I come back and I lost 12,000 coins without losing in a game this would be fun if they had a game of horse
  • Fun but has glitches 4/5

    By cmillurrrrrr707
    Need to fix the glitch when someone is on a timeout and they can move and shoot but I can’t move Need to fixxxxx
  • Fun!! 5/5

    By Hopa's Cabana
    What a great way to pass the time with my son. loads of fun👍👍
  • More waiting 3/5

    By ironblock800
    Yup like I said more waiting and you have to pay for something you won already if you have skills you don’t need none of their junk just a 30 or above and you can win every match as long as your opponent doesn’t cheat but if they do they are losers already anyway so still don’t matter
  • unhappy 1/5

    By edith ashley
    There are NEVER any players online and as a level 67, I only play people within that level and ALWAYS lose because this game is rigged!! I was at over 20 million $ and suddenly now can’t win any games and now I’m beneath 6 million $because I lose all the time. There are NEVER any players to play, just the same ones over and over again. Turning out to be so lame! And I’ve spent so much money on this app. Total crap!!!! Change it please!! I hit the backboard not even a split second after the opponent yet never get the points. This game is so unfair.
  • Money is Useless 3/5

    By DallasSpark
    Why have money when u can do nothing with it . Cool game I like it but besides those gold bars which are hard as f to accumulate! We need to spend the money on SOMETHING!
  • Hate 1/5

    By Awsome DEVIN
  • Needs changes 1/5

    By Kbman302
    Used to be great when you could purchase new things with cash, but now it’s gold bars?! That basically makes cash pointless now lol so please go back to way things were!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Future dreamer
    I love how you win balls and bags every match now!!! Thanks for the awesome update!
  • 👎🏼 2/5

    By App reviewer 69
    Playing the game is fun but I don’t want to play it like I did when a gold bag was only 18 gold, now at over 30 gold for a bag is way too much, I guess the developers want people to buy into the game which I get it it takes time and money to make this apps.
  • Good game 5/5

    By Mrs Emily
    The game is good has good detail It should stay the same
  • Basketball stars 5/5

    By jdeufuduf
  • Help 2/5

    By YourGameIsFun
    Why is the game not connecting? Please help me, Or fix this!
  • Great game!!! 5/5

    By CJ6629
    Very good competitive game!!!
  • Super fun! 4/5

    By Dozybid1
    Love this game. I just don't like that it sometimes seems to be more computer generated cheat than an actual opponent. Either way it's my new game fix!
  • Fun for a bit 1/5

    By Mroffer
    It’s fun to start out but then gets rigged af. I stopped the shot right on the bar 3 times and it missed the shot. Horrible
  • Basketball stars 5/5

    By princedagoat
    It is a good game I like it
  • GREAT GAME but add more things 4/5

    By money_squad
    First of all, this game is my favorite Basketball game ever! But I have notice something. I notice that you have to buy the bags with gold bars! I remember it was only cash. But now you switched it! I wasn’t to happy about that but then you made up for it by the “free bag thingy”. But can you please add back the cash for the standard bag! Also, I’m pretty sure you raised the price for the bags! I remembered when the V.I.P bag was only 18 gold bars! BUT NOW ITS 39!!!! Huge mistake. So can you please change it like you used to do it. It will really help!
  • I like it 5/5

    By GreenPenguin120
    I love this it's just so fun bro
  • Falls short 3/5

    By Munomunogabba
    I really like this game. It’s very addictive and it’s really fun. But the glitches with players blocking when the ball is almost in the basket or the “last minute” shot after the timer went off is enough to quit playing. Also when you are a lower level and get matched with people over 20 levels higher isn’t something that should happen.

Basketball Stars™ app comments


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