Battery Life - check runtimes

Battery Life - check runtimes

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  • Current Version: 2.1.6
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Battery Life - check runtimes App

Did you ever wonder why your device's battery is always running low? With Battery Life and its technique to identify battery runtimes you will always know what's wrong with your battery. ► WHAT IT DOES Battery Life is pioneer compared to all other battery analysis tools from the App Store. The application will display your device's runtimes adjusted accordingly or even show you further data of your battery (depending on iOS version). ► KEY FEATURES • Monitor your device's runtimes • Estimated, calculated raw data • Customizable Today widget • Apple Watch app to view battery charge & estimated raw data directly on your Watch ► PRO FEATURES (In-App Purchase) • No advertisements • Further Today widget options • Further Apple Watch application details ► SUPPORT The main objective of Battery Life is to give users an overview of their device's runtimes. If you are unsure about a battery replacement, feel free to send us an e-mail or tweet us (@BatteryLifeApp).


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Battery Life - check runtimes app reviews

  • People Please Beware! 1/5

    By WayTooBigToBeReal
    This app is now pushing a scam contest! You will be forced to buy products in order to participate which is a violation of my States lottery laws! Beware! Don’t give your info for a scam contest! Read the fine print! I liked this app before they started this crap....
  • Not accurate 1/5

    By jmwu91
    How can this be accurate when every time I open this app the wear % is different? To keep things constant I closed out all apps and left brightness the same. Wear levels fluctuate from 20% to 47%. Also there are so many awful 5 star reviews here, “the app works great it confirmed my suspicion that I needed a new battery” what a useless review. Yes my battery is obviously not as good as it used to be but do I really need a replacement? This app is unreliable with mixed wear levels with constituent tests that I’ve run. 1 Star.
  • قمة المعرفة وكل مايقول صحيح رائع 5/5

    By حسن ناظم
    جميل جدا روعة اصيل
  • Good thank you 5/5

    By مشاعل السكران
    جميل خاصة بعد دعمه للغة العربية
  • 很好很好! 5/5

    By jdgif6488
  • Real Deal 5/5

    By -=Razor-Blade=-
    This app does exactly what you expect. Shows battery health and related info. Has nice documentation and a clean design. I was pleasantly surprised.
  • Rate you 5/5

    By bomhieu
    I love this app! Very usefull
  • Awesome app! 4/5

    By iPhoneDevin
    But can you fix the widgets? I purchased the full version but all the widgets don't show up! Also would be cool to see the battery charge mah be real time instead of calculating the percentage with the mah! That would make this the perfect battery app!
  • Battery monitor 5/5

    By FuManSlew
    Apple batteries are a pain so this helps me monitor and charge when accordingly.
  • Fairly accurate 5/5

    By MrBearr54
    Have it installed on 2 IOS devices. Gives me reading as close to the report.
  • Very useful app 5/5

    By WP Tarrelynski
    This app tells you your battery's cycles, wear level, temperature, and a lot of other details. I have iOS 9.3. Other reviewers who have updated to iOS 10 say the app isn't able to give as much information, but it sure works great on my iOS 9. I will have to see what happens when I upgrade, but it sure has been useful. I got the app when I was having battery troubles, my wear level was 58%, it said I needed to replace the battery. I bought a battery thru Amazon, the app let me know that the cycles on the new battery were 0, so that was reassuring. Some people have bought batteries that had a lot of cycles on the battery, how did they know? They had an app like this that told them. That's when I searched for an app and found this one. It works great!
  • One of the best 5/5

    By Jon.Chang
    Hope to have more battery health info and charging status displays, like cycle counts in Macbook.
  • Dope Bruh 5/5

    By calmike1976
    So dope bruv...
  • Good for determining battery life 4/5

    By Narcotics officer 4562
    No information provided on at what battery levels the phone will be purposely slowed by the Apple empire to “improve performance” which was the main reason I got this app. Maybe an update will include this important information.
  • Apple cut access to most features 5/5

    By Borisk11
    Apple limited most raw dara readings. But still the best app to determine battery wear level. Used to love to be able to see temperature charging rate and so. But Apple decided to keep those data secret :(.
  • Questionable Results in Jan 10, 2018 Release 2/5

    By Very Good Recording!!!!!
    I did enjoy this app...until yesterday’s update. My iPhone 6 Plus consistently tested at 59% battery usage. To be expected from a 40 month old phone. This reading was also consistent with Apple metrics measurements. Testing the battery again yesterday, after the upgrade yielded a 7% battery usage. This is an impossible reading from my phone, given it’s age. My advice is don’t trust the results in the upgraded app. I did email them about this issue and they have yet to respond. Not great customer support.
  • Works as described, see FAQs 5/5

    By 25Yrs USAA
    Lithium batteries perform and age depending on their care and maintenance. I have many apple products from one to eight years old, all above 95% capacity and stable because I follow advice in FAQS,, and educate myself. As the developer stated this app used to have more statistics, but Apple took them away. Not developers fault. One Apple device still runs IOS 6 and older app version, so I can see the difference. Still this app provides valuable long term information in IOS 11. This is not a diagnosis tool! To benefit from this app you must understand or educate yourself about battery life and care. Too many uninformed ADD reviewers are looking for a magic solution to their poor battery management and issues. They complain about this app not giving solutions or information they want without first understanding how batteries work. This app is 100% legitimate, free, and valuable with minimal adds. Ignore the noise. If you use this app long term as an have, you will benefit and you will be using it correctly. Cheers!
  • Real battery capacity indicator 5/5

    By Dzygwu
    Right after I open it, it tells my battery capacity and wear level. Thats exactly what i was looking for, and only thing i was looking for. Good app
  • Great App! 5/5

    By Shinobi_l
  • . 2/5

    By Bamiléké Sauvage
    Why are we not able to see the amperage of the charger again ? 🤨
  • Misleading in app ads 1/5

    By Falken0000
    The developer decided to add an X within a circle on the top right of the ads (running on the bottom of the screen) implying they can be closed. This leads to fat fingers opening the ads. This is deceptive and in my option unethical. It’s a shame too because the app wasn’t that bad. I’ll wait for Apple to include the battery information in the next point releases of iOS. I would have paid for the app to toss the developer a bone but this behavior of the fake close button brought me here with the next step of deleting the app. Maybe next time!
  • Temperature 5/5

    By 1000,1000,1000,1000,
    It would be cool/nice to be able to view the temperature of your iPhone or iPad other than that I love this app
  • So far, so good. 5/5

    By Jett Man Do
    Have had the app installed on my 7 Plus for several weeks now, and am very pleased with the way it functions. Have not had any issues using it. FINALLY an app you can depend on for reliability and functionality.
  • Wildly inconsistent 1/5

    By qp360
    Basically what this app can tell me is that I have anywhere from 1% to 25% battery wear. Every time I run it, I get something different. So what it all means, I have no clue.
  • Aboonet 5/5

    By abunet
    More accurate app.
  • Tommy Nguyen 5/5

    By Nguyen tommy
    Good for check phone
  • CD43 5/5

    By Planet seeker
    A very accurate and helpful app to measure your battery’s condition and when you need to get a new battery. Helpful also for older phones.
  • Battery life Iphone 5/5

    By Mazakguru
    App is Simple and easy to use! Installed the App and discovered my battery life was about 55%. Called Apple and they confirmed Iphone battery needs replacement. Apple is running a 29.00 dollar special.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Edccm
    I have a 4 year old device that won’t hold charge for more than 20-30 minutes yet this says the wear is only 9%
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By JasonHSmith
    App is really good for giving you a breakdown of how your battery is holding up.
  • Battery 5/5

    By Gahaden
    Now I know
  • One of the best 5/5

    By Real gamer (SHAHRIYAR)
    Very useful,,, helpful to use ,,,lite and very easy ,,,every things you get what you actually needs,,,amazing performance,,,all the best.just little bit ads. Pop up but no problem.Great job!!
  • Best batt app for iPhone 5/5

    By Distar97
    I agree with other 5 star reviews. This is the best app for iPhone users.
  • Easy to use battery monitor and free to boot 5/5

    By Netsk8er
    Shows how well my 5S original OEM Batt still works. I think this proves that waiting until 10% or less and then charge over night each and every time saves the life of the battery. App shows my nearly 3.5 year old iPhone 5s has 87% capacity. Thanks for such a great app
  • Perfect 5/5

    By Darkkrypton
    Probably the best app for battery. Raw informations and healthy are accurate. I'm really satisfied.
  • Simple and Easy to Use 5/5

    By pfrantz
    This app gives you everything you need to know, from telling you right off the bat whether you need to replace your battery (by showing it’s current “wear level”) to the individual information, like how much time select functions can continue to run on your device. Would recommend downloading before taking a trip to the Apple Store to take advantage of their “Reduced Price” Battery Replacement Program (it can potentially have a long waiting list).
  • Cool app, not intrusive 5/5

    By mackditty
    A lot of info and non intrusive adds. Very cool app.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Jack19382
    Very good for monitoring battery status. Not just charged % but % of original capacity. Essential. 5 stars!!!
  • Inconsistent 2/5

    By Threecases
    First off, this app CLEARLY has a lot of fake reviews. Most don’t make any sense and don’t really mention the app or what it’s supposed to do. What is that all about!?! As far as the app goes, I knew my battery was going bad due to how often I had to recharge but thought I’d try this free app to see if it told me anything else about my battery issues. Well it give such a wide range of diagnosis that I don’t trust it at all. In a single day on a single charge it will give capacity readings from 30% to 70% and after a week of use the history info doesn’t appear to factor in any of theses variances. The history numbers aren’t even close to why it shows when I check the app. The estimated amount of usage left based on the battery state and charge is completely useless too. It shows several hours of standby time remaining at 15% charge and 40% capacity but the phone dies in less than an hour without using it and with no apps running. So this app did absolutely nothing for me. There is a similar app with a lot less reviews that has much more consistent data.
  • Good app 5/5

    By Downtime Dan
    Get this app, not the similarly named one. I was a bit suspect that my nearly one year old battery still has 92% capacity but it may be hard to tell at first glance. Will see how it fares over time.
  • Really neat and helpful 5/5

    By TibiaTibia
    Helped let me know I needed a new battery
  • Scott’s review 5/5

    By Disaster scott
    It is a very handy app it allows me to know whether or not I need a new battery on my phone keeps me updated how well my battery is thank you
  • Great app 5/5

    By NonchalantTaco
    I really enjoy this app, it is really helpful and told me things about my battery that i didn't know. The Apple Watch is useful as well.
  • good app 5/5

    By Dungvu5733
    really good ! exactly !
  • Fluctuates from Average to High 3/5

    By DMan99999
    I know my iPhone 6s was having poor battery performance after iOS 12.x, but each time I connected with Apple support to check my battery they said it was fine and does not need to be replaced. However my battery would drain to 50% in 2-3 hours of limited use. I saw this app advertised on USA Today article and thought it would help prove my case. It seems to show a different number and color each time I open the app. It will range from Very High (Red) 48% to Average (Yellow) 13% on my phone. Not sure why it fluctuates each time even when app is open. Also history doesn’t seem to show these data points. I’ve been taking screen shots of different colors to show Apple for support to get new battery. Wish me luck
  • Actually nice app and will use on my devices 5/5

    By NikEryuggfd
    Quick and easy to use. The ads aren’t intrusive either. I really like this project. The weird thing is when I updated iOS it showed a wear from 87% to 82% just after upgrading to 11.2 The total capacity went down. By 5% from updating my iOS. Something is fishy.
  • awesome ap 5/5

    By Nikkidoodle72 1203
  • Good app 4/5

    By Zolbar6163
    The level varies from average to very high but it gives a good indication of my battery health in real time.
  • Awful 1/5

    By Wattpadgirl05
    you can find this in your settings. Rip off, waste of space
  • Perfect % 5/5

    By echologic
    I’m quite familiar with the use and life spam of LiPo Batteries, the App gives the numbers to prove what I already suspected.

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