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  • Current Version: 1.7.4
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Beauty & the Beast App

Be our guest in an all-new magical puzzle game Beauty and the Beast: Perfect Match! Join Belle, Beast, and the castle staff as you solve match-3 puzzles, decorate the Beast’s Castle, and experience a tale as old as time like never before. • Put your matches to the test! Solve magical match-3 puzzles alongside Belle and the Beast • Decorate the castle with 150+ elegant items like chairs, paintings, chandeliers, and more! • Explore the Beast’s Castle and discover enchanting rooms like the Grand Staircase, Belle’s Bedroom, and the Dining Room • Meet favorite characters like Lumiere, Cogsworth, and Garderobe as you add your decorative touch to the castle • Discover inventive boosters and power-ups to create combos. Enchantment is everywhere! Before you download this experience, please consider that this app contains: • In-app purchases that cost real money; • The option to accept push notifications to let you know when we have exciting updates like new content; We respect your wishes regarding your Privacy. You can exercise control and choice by resetting your Advertising Identifier in your device’s Privacy Settings. Privacy Policy – Terms of Use –


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Beauty & the Beast app reviews

  • Levels 2/5

    By Brew teo
    When will there be new levels?? So is this game dead?
  • Great when it works 1/5

    By Bella_Farfalla
    I love this app, but haven’t been able to use it since the last update. It just sits on a black screen and has for almost two months now. I don’t want to delete the app though because then I will lose my progress. I’ll update my review when I can actually play the game again.
  • No longer supporting app 1/5

    By ILESOP2007
    DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. after waiting months for new levels and receiving canned responses from their support team, I recently received email from Disney that the developer has No Plans for new levels and no way to get money back for purchases that can no longer be used. Super disappointed.
  • Finally got to the last level, and am waiting for more. 4/5

    By LovestoSingToo
    After being completely obsessed with this movie, I'm shocked I didn't find this game earlier. It's the same old matching gam,e but I really love that you can decorate the castle as you go. This is such a neat feature, it's hard to stop playing/shopping for furniture. As always it starts off relatively easy, and then you hit your walls. It is good though, because otherwise I wouldn't stop playing. This game is cute, fun, and the animations are lovely. Very recommended.
  • Can’t continue with out new levels being added!! 1/5

    By Mighty May
    Please add new levels as I’m stuck and can’t go any further until new levels are added. I have two rooms finished and would love to finish but am really getting tired of waiting for new stuff to be added! Please!!!!
  • PLEASE!! Add more levels!! 5/5

    By Pattiekins
    I’ve completed all of them and the Beast levels as well. I need more!
  • Disney won’t add new levels 3/5

    By iLoveYew ;]
    I’ve completed this game and beast challenge twice. Made far too many in app purchase thinking more levels would be added. After contacting support I was told NO NEW LEVELS were in the future plans for this particular game. This must be the norm for Disney developers as this isn’t the only game of theirs I’ve played and keep getting the message that NEW LEVELS are coming soon only to find out they are not. GREAT GAME, but BUYER BEWARE!
  • Update??? 3/5

    By Tcorder
    Will there ever be new levels again? Hellloooo? Anybody there??????
  • Beauty 5/5

    By RazzleDazzle 18
    Fun game
  • Great Game at one time 1/5

    By Unhappy 2016
    Wow. I don’t know what happened with this game but after watching a pink screen for a week or so now it doesn’t even open. Will be deleting. Disney has way more talented people then whoever is on this. Really sad. I so enjoyed it because it was different.
  • Always crashing 1/5

    By T34711
    The game is always crashing and today I was back at the start screen being asked to enter my age. Cinderella was a much better game.
  • You fixed the pink! 5/5

    By Servo2
    The game is back!
  • *rolls eyes* 1/5

    By Babylexilove
    I have been waiting over a month for new levels to appear. Still nothing. I am currently playing the beast challenge while I wait, BUT level 5 of the beast challenge is impossible to beat! This game has gone downhill since running out of levels. I will be deleting soon if levels are not added.
  • AWSOME 5/5

    By Vicky Leblanc
    Love this game
  • Finally working 5/5

    By Yonospanish
    So the app is finally working again. Do I dare hope for new levels?
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By Mrs.Tsig
    I’m seriously hooked and my husband is always asking what level I’m on. For a while the room was all pink but it got back on track and I’m in another room FINALLY!!! But I’m so obsessed with this game!!!
  • Good 1/5

    By 운철:D
  • Where are new levels??? 2/5

    By Biohazgrl
    Getting really sick of these updates. At least the last one fixed the pink screen but still no new levels. If the max is 274 just tell us so we can move on. This has been going on for months now.
  • Had to restart the game 4/5

    By HarryHermioneGinny
    I had made it very far, but the game wouldn’t update, so I deleted it and redownloaded it. Now it seems to be working fine, but I know I haven’t gotten as far as I was when it stopped working.
  • Please fix 5/5

    By Chris lynda
    I love the Disney games but it seems like they have someone who doesn't test their updates before releasing them or it's the embedded ads. I wish they'd test their upgrades better before releasing them cause now I have no games to play and it's very frustrating to have nothing to look toward to. Please fix them. U took Cinderella free fall away totally. Guess I should have gotten addicted to candy crush but I don't like their graphics.
  • Confirmed no new content coming 1/5

    By SinistroLH
    This app was great, until I contacted support about when new levels will be added. According to Amy, “once a fix [to the pink areas] has been completed it will be deployed and this will be the final update for the app; no new content/levels will be added.” She went on to confirm that “the game will be moved to offline mode and it will no longer be updated.” Since I have completed all the levels, I will be uninstalling this app.
  • Update incomplete? 3/5

    By OrangeJuls
    I like the game a lot, but after waiting for this update & nearly completing the challenge, I was disappointed to see that no new levels have been added! Hoping for new levels...
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By nateeter
    11/1/17: Well, graphics were fixed with the update, but STILL NO NEW LEVELS!!! 10/9/17: Still no update to fix the app; never mind adding more levels! 10/2/17: Downgrading stars again. Update has completely messed up the graphics. And who cares if you can play offline if there are NO NEW LEVELS TO PLAY!?!?! 9/17/17: Downgrading stars because it's been over a month and STILL no new levels. ☹️ 8/13/17: Need more levels, please!!! No fun logging in for daily rewards only. :(
  • What Was the Thought Process?? 1/5

    By haleygilliam
    WHY IS EVERYTHING PINK IN THE NEW UPDATE?!? I can’t go into and rooms or do literally anything to decorate. Honestly guys... what the heck has happened here?? Old Review: I am currently still "new" to the game as for only having it a month, but am quite high on levels (just above level 100). And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you are technically able to play two games in one. My favorite part of the game aspect is by far the room designing. I enjoy placing new items in the Castle's few rooms, though I do have to say that the rooms could be a bit larger. (Like as in, ALOT a bit larger. Especially for the fact of having multiple game characters placed in the room.) And since all of the extras on the screen take up a good bit of space as well. It's hard to see a lot of the room. I also don't fully understand how the game designers thought the "zoom" on this game was supposed to work to get a closer look at part of the room or items, but dadgum.. this is like the worst "zoom" that I've seriously ever seen. It only allows you to really zoom in on certain parts of the room without it looking like complete crapola. There are only two room viewing options - Straight forward or Birds Eye View. I feel like they could add at least one middle ground between the two. --- ALSO on that note... I REALLY wish there was an extra Rotation to place, at least some furniture, items in rooms. Like as in Catty-Cornered. (For chairs, frames, small tables, wall sconces, vanities, room dividers, etc.) Thankful some of the gamers advice and commets at least get responses or fixes. A lot of games don't seem to care.
  • Beauty and the beast 5/5

    By Bobbi907
    ...Alaska 907... Thank You .. Thank you for restoring all the rooms back... no more match 3 game EVER!
  • Fix the Pink! 1/5

    By Beaux55
    It's been several weeks now since the last update caused a "pink screen" issue. I'm essentially stuck since I can't decorate as I can't see where there is space. I love this game, but I wish this would get fixed so I can progress in the game!
  • Waiting for better 1/5

    By kristinleigh12
    I LOVED this game and spent a lot of money on it to support it because I was hoping it would drive for more levels and better game play. However, the newest update caused everything to go pink. It's unplayable. It's been over a month since the issue and Disney still hasn't fixed it. I've reached out for a refund and I'm still waiting to get any resolution. Very disappointed and frustrated.
  • Pink???? 3/5

    By 2 SWM KDZ
    The update made the room pink and weird. You can see belle but nothing else in the room. Like the game but please wth fix this. You can’t do anything when you want to “buy” stuff cause you can’t see the room
  • Use to be fun 2/5

    By MontoyaFamily
    This game use to be fun. Now with the new update you can’t do anything. The screen is pink and you can’t move rooms or buy anything to decorate like before. They have been working to fix it for a month now. I’m about to delete it.
  • Pink 1/5

    By Pinkrooms
    Love the game but everything is pink! Please update! Really mad that this game is still pink. It’s been pink for almost a month now. Need to fix ASAP. I’m planning on deleting the game since there is so many errors.
  • Still messed up since last update! 4/5

    By Jonsesmom
    Is this game ever going to be fixed? Since most recent update Still have pink screen and cannot see the room I'm in. Game not letting you to progress to next room. I enjoy playing this game and have been playing for months. But, being "stuck" in the same room for since last update is annoying to say the least.
  • ALL Pink! 1/5

    By Puparoo1234
    Loved this game until everything turned pink and I am unable to advance. Developers promised a fix but I am done waiting...
  • Pink screen 3/5

    By Erika_princessa
    Can’t leave dining room stuck there can not see how many stars i have its frustrating and cannot see the doors eithef please fix this
  • It’s been almost a month and still have the pink screen 1/5

    By Mereni
    In addition to the pink screen I watch videos for gems and they don’t show up, and it reshuffles even when there is more moves. When is this going to be fixed?
  • Stopped working 3/5

    By The Sandstorm
    I enjoy the game but the home screen is pink and all of the characters aren’t showing. There are no new levels.
  • Update not working 3/5

    By Rnqhg
    Is anyone dealing with an update that shows Belle in front of a fluorescent pink screen and nothing else? I'm still able to play the games but not able to decorate the castle. What is Disney's problem? Why is this multi-gazillion dollar company not able to make game updates that work?! 😕. They’ve updated this game several times now and it still isn’t working. Seriously, Disney, what is the matter with you people?
  • Beauty and the beast 1/5

    By Lyn1#3
    This was a fun game but was updated and totally screwed up. It's been over a week and nothing has changed. Not fun now. When do you plan to fix it? If you aren't, I want to delete it and find a game that's fun.

    By Miklichfam
    I enjoy the game throughly but customers shouldn't have to go broke to play after all it is meant for kids Edit: also I keep getting promise “more levels” but nothing has happened please tell me I don’t have to reload & start all over??????
  • No rush to fix the bad update... 1/5

    By mimialene
    I love this game, but there has been a pink screen for a while now and it says they are actively trying to fix the update, but if they are it shouldn’t take this long to get it fixed.
  • Bad update!! 1/5

    By Neuf303
    Been playing this game for a long time and it seems they don’t bother to test their updates. The second to last one made the screen black and unable to play. This last one renders the story line useless as everything is pink and impossible to navigate. I think they gave up on it.
  • Purple 4/5

    By lukehy10
    Love this game such a good game the only thing is the castle is purple and so are the people except belle
  • Beauty and the beast 5/5

    By Napbat
    When are you going to fix this game? The room has been pink for weeks. I loved this game, and hate to have to give it up. Thanks for your time and consideration in this inquiry. Candy
  • Update messed up game 2/5

    By Mike in ATL
    Ever since the last update that made the game accessible offline, the screens have been messed up. All pink. The game levels play fine, but the main room screen is all link and the room change screen is all pink and I can not see anything or do anything on the screens. It says I have all the stars for the room I am in, but I am not able to navigate to any other rooms. Very frustrating that I am. If able to progress in the game now.
  • Beauty and the Beast Match 3 1/5

    By gamer15909
    There was great graphics UNTIL the room is solid pink. The room has been replaced with a solid pink color. What happened to cause this?
  • Needs Another Update! 4/5

    By Abrownie
    I love the game, but I’ve been stuck in the same room since the last update on October 2nd. I can still play the game however I’m afraid to buy any furniture since it doesn’t look right. As mentioned in another review, the screen is all pink. Please update the app to hopefully correct the problems.
  • Love this game! BUT.. 4/5

    By SaraAndTylerLove
    The new update has some faults. Firstly, I’m stuck in the dining hall because that’s the room I was in when I did the update. Secondly, the decor in the room is all pink! Like a green screen effect, there’s no detail and I can’t tell what anything is. I’m still enjoying playing the levels, but I’m getting all of these coins and don’t want to spend them when I can’t even see to decorate! I really hope this gets fixed soon. I DO like that I can now play without service, because it’s touchy where I live. I also very much enjoy that I haven’t had to spend any money to play. I sometimes get stuck on levels for a long time and I’m sure if I spent a little on power ups it’d go quicker, but it hasn’t been necessary for me. LOVE THIS GAME! But please please fix the pink glitch 🙏🏻
  • Was A Great Game 1/5

    By DakotaRain22
    I’ve had this game for a while. Absolutely loved it and would rated it 5 stars until it got glitchy with a half pink background. I uninstalled and reinstalled it. Back to level one. Just found out from support that you can no longer connect it to Facebook since their app update. How dumb is that. So every time there is a problem, whether you get a new device or the app acts up as mine did, you lose all your progress. There is no way to save it. Again, what a dumb thing to do. I will be uninstalling yet another game. Too bad... it was good!
  • Bueatey 5/5

    By Snorp S
    This is the best game I ever played I have been playing it for hours 👍😂
  • New update caused bigger big. 2/5

    By sabmiles07
    Should probably get on fixing the issues that seem to happen every time there is an update. I already had to delete my app once and completely start over. If I have to delete it again I just won’t get it back. This time I’m stuck in one room. When I attempt to switch rooms everything goes pink.
  • What happened? 2/5

    By gnd_babae
    Pink characters, stuck in one room and cannot see other rooms - all pink background! Please fix the glitch.

Beauty & the Beast app comments


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