Bed Time Fan - White Noise Sleep Sounds Aid

Bed Time Fan - White Noise Sleep Sounds Aid

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  • Current Version: 1.42
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Ellisapps Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Bed Time Fan - White Noise Sleep Sounds Aid App

Get to sleep in 20 minutes or less with Bed Time Fan™ High quality deep sleep and fall asleep faster with this APP! √ Highest Quality Sleep √ Fall Asleep Faster √ 3 Soothing High Quality Fan Sounds √ Sleep timer with soft fade out √ Keeps running in background Many people rely on the sound of their fan to help them fall asleep... Problem is that you can't always bring your fan with you!! ...BUT wait, you have your iPhone or iPad with you 95% of the time!! So if you download this FREE app then you have the noise of your fan with you wherever you are! Get a better sleep with Bed Time Fan! Download now for FREE!


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Bed Time Fan - White Noise Sleep Sounds Aid app reviews

  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Eocuph
    Fan keeps shutting off with constant alerts asking you to pay money
  • I thought I was going crazy 1/5

    By Astorms
    After using this for a while, I tried it again because I was having trouble sleeping. To my surprise, there was a faint “dum dum dumdumdum dum dum” very softly in the background of the fan noise. These types of rhythmic melodies can be dangerous if used maliciously, re: brainwashing and control techniques through rhythmic sound. Zero stars if I could.
  • Irritating piano keys in background... 2/5

    By Ok, but...
    The fan itself is fine but the constant keys of piano sound in the background are very irritating to the point of keeping me awake... you start listening deeper to see what else you can here.... “....duh.... do,do,dododoot.... duh..” over and over ever 5 seconds. Just the fan should have been better.
  • Very Useful App 5/5

    By OfficerMaples
    Simplistic design that is easy to use and works. This is very useful in helping me fall asleep. I sincerely thank the app developer(s).
  • It's simple and works 5/5

    By Lghr60
    This app is very simple to use and it works. It is not fancy, simple white noise, it works all the time.
  • Okay except for annoying beep 3/5

    By Joe Blow 07
    The app works as promised and like it except that very quickly I could hear a regular beeping almost like a stray radio signal or emergency tone underneath the fan noise. And it’s regular enough that instead of being able to relax to the white noise, my ears instead immediately Home in on the beep and then I can’t relax. If they got rid of the beeping noise I’d be fine with giving it a 5-star rating.
  • White noise 5/5

    By Red Baron 29
    Helps me sleep by blocking other noises.
  • Good but 4/5

    By Looooove iiiitttt
    Ok so I loved this app before I started hearing this creepy like tune in the background. And now that I’ve heard it, that’s all I hear and it’s eerie creepy.
  • Tom sweeney 5/5

    By Hekokd e
    I’ve had this app before and it’s been very useful to fall asleep. Having it work with the phone off is sick, and for people debating downloading this, the fan actually works. It makes you very cold don’t have it on high.
  • Good app 4/5

    I have seen many bad reviews but I have not had the issues they have had. The app still works while the phone is locked, not sure about the battery my phone is usually charging at night. I wish that it had a softer oscillating fan nose but that's all. People complaining about the sound need to try a better speaker or better headphones. A cell phone speaker isn't great and I found that it sounds much more like a fan with good headphones. Overall this is a good app.
  • Worked great - until ads became noisy 2/5

    By storyleader
    I liked everything about how this app worked - until they began running ads automatically with audio on them. Worse, these ads play automatically and can NOT be stopped for several very disruptive seconds. What’s the point of a sleep app that wakes up everyone within earshot?
  • Does not sound like a fan 1/5

    By a_stevins
    I have to have a fan on every night to sleep. My fan isn't working right now so I thought this would suffice from the reviews. It did not. This does not sound like a fan, but rather a lawn mower.
  • Drowns our other noise. 5/5

    By Olvaso79
    If you need to focus, put in the earbuds and it drowns our almost all other noise. Five stars!!! Thank you!!!!!
  • Perfect Sound 5/5

    By Rex_Havoc
    Great 'like fan' sound. Really love it! Thanks!
  • Glitches still. 1/5

    By Brittany9m
    I have used this app for a very long time and loved it! Closest noise to an actual fan I had found. I used almost every night. Now every time I open it and turn it on, it glitches very shortly after, and sounds like some sort of “electrical disconnection” or as if there was a “short in a wire sound.” Which is a bit odd.... But as soon as it makes that noise it force closes itself. So. Can’t use it. Others have pointed this problem out before me and it is still not fixed. (App crashing when phone is locked) and it never did that before! Happens almost immediately now and it has been a week or 2 or so. Will have to find another app I guess. 😏 Used on iPhone, most recent updates. Update: 11/12/17 Still same. Uninstalled.
  • Well it WAS awesome. Not now. 1/5

    By Litlolmi
    I slept like a baby with my earbuds plugged into the bedtime fan for nearly a year. Now it crashes within a few seconds. So sad--my aid for insomnia is history, and I don't know what I will do now :(
  • Great app 5/5

    By satisfide
    Best fan app
  • But why? 2/5

    By Waysh409
    Why create an app meant for sleep if you are going to run loud ads that jolt one out of the sleep the app promised to aid? Very frustrating.
  • Life saver 5/5

    By Starfish1368
    I can't sleep without the sound of a fan so this app was a god send while on vacation in a rental house!!! Now I use it to replace my actual fan in the colder months.
  • Great. Free. Works. 5/5

    By Sailingship86525728837737
    Being a very light sleeper, I highly recommend. Many sound machines can have inconsistencies that bother me, but this one has worked really well so far.
  • Bedtime Fan 5/5

    By Lollipop Lou 57
    Great for blocking out the early morning noise of traffic ... so you can continue sleeping👍🏼
  • Same sound on a loop 1/5

    By Gatorcris
    7 second sound looped and repeated over and over. Once you figure it out you’ll never get to sleep. Yet another disappointing white noise “generator”.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Shadow offeredbcndjeiensn
    Helps me sleep better at night for sure. I had been looking for one that let me play it when the app wasn’t open, thank you!
  • Consistent 5/5

    By Nnngggddbmjdwcj
    Definitely helps to go to sleep to
  • Update: App now crashes just after locking the screen 1/5

    By Jdwalker 2010
    The app crashes after you lock the screen and is essentially unusable. Please fix. On iPad.
  • Bed time fan review 5/5

    By Crazy man killer
    Really love this app. Wonderful to have when traveling, especially in hotels. Don't have to haul around a bulky fan.
  • Perfect! 5/5

    By CurtD6633
    Just what I needed!
  • frustrating app 1/5

    By djcuvcuv
    just don’t bother downloading it. why? 1. occasional disturbing glitching sounds occur for no apparent reason 2. adds will play at random causing obnoxious sounds 3. app crashes often 4. white noise sound itself has repetitive patterns
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Harnitus
    This definitely helps if you have trouble sleeping in the silence, if your power goes out and you need noise but your fan doesn't work, then you can use this. Last night, my power went out and i was sleeping and the power went out waking me up since i didn't have a noise, so i lit some candles and turned this off then i stopped hyperventilating
  • Ahhh....sleep 5/5

    By Jennydowd
    Helps me fall asleep easier. Love it!
  • Ads everywhere 3/5

    By parrapaola
    Works fine but filled with ads that you have to wait out, interrupting the noise.
  • Great 5/5

    By Maddiewall
    No need for fan. Awesome.
  • Melodie in background - hate it 2/5

    By MaryPJohnson
    I love the fan noise. Works great on high. The soft melodious tones over and over when I wake up in the middle of the night drives me crazy and I can’t sleep! Please get rid of this and I will upgrade the stars.
  • Ads actually defeating the purpose. 1/5

    By Waiting for an update?
    I used to love this app but lately I have been getting woke up by loud video ads, pretty much defeating the purpose. I totally get that ads pay for free stuff, but there has to be a way that doesn't totally negate the point of the app like this.
  • Mkay 1/5

    By SPav8r
    App is fine, one star for it keep asking me to write a review.
  • Great white noise 5/5

    By BlondieBrady
    Works perfectly to create generic white noise when on travel or when you've got house guests.
  • Why the faint background tunes? 3/5

    By keacam
    Would be great but there are these faint digital tunes in the background that are incessant and prevent me from sleeping. Drives me crazy. Why???
  • Fabulous! 5/5

    By Kiko Beach
    Can't sleep without a white noise. I knew this was out there somewhere. So happy to have found it. Fabulous app everyone should use it!
  • Background tones and beeps 3/5

    By KYFlasher
    It would be fine even with the pop up ads, but the repeating background tones and noises that repeat every few seconds is way annoying. Please get rid of these!
  • Disappointed 👎 1/5

    By A3R14/L
    This works awesome.....until the ads start especially if you use the sleep timer. Every time the sleep timer is over the loud ads starts waking me up👎👎👎..... very disappointed 👎👎👎👎👎
  • Nice app 4/5

    By Good app for going away
    I usually sleep with a fan every night, so when I went to my aunts house they did not have a fan in the spare room I just used the app on high sound and I fell asleep just fine. I would recommend plugging in your device if you are going to use it overnight because it will drain the battery.
  • Great For Sleeping 5/5

    By NMJacoby
    I need white noise for best my best sleep. I was pleasantly surprised that this app reproduced the sound of my fan at home and allowed me to sleep peacefully at the hospital recently. I'll be using this for travel.
  • Nope. Had to delete it 1/5

    By Robertmiddleton
    A) the adds are crazy loud. And if you use the timer function, they play after the time is done. So instead of waking up to my alarm, I woke up to adds. B) there is a high pitched noise that kind of sounds like Morris code in the background of the fan. Once I head it, there was no un-hearing it. Couldn't stand the high pitched tones. Very weird.
  • Great white noise. 5/5

    By cully pepper
    Fan is great if you need white noise.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Sunshine5711
    When I don't have my actual fan, this is the best substitute.
  • Great free app! 5/5

    By B1gxDan
    This app has helped me in many situations invested living sleep, with myself, my wife and our baby. I've got to have that "real fan noise" when I sleep and this free app certainly delivers!!
  • Saved me from silence! 5/5

    By MommaT6275
    We just went through Hurricane Irma. The night of the storm was so rough. And the nights after were so quiet that I used this app to create the white noise I needed to help me sleep.
  • Great app to use when away from home 5/5

    By Harmonyfred
    When I'm at home, I sleep with a fan near my bed. This does a great job of simulating that sound. Wish it didn't have the annoying ads, but that should. Be expected when using a free app.
  • Actually sounds like a fan! 5/5

    By Bulldoggerjk
    First app that sounds like a real fan. Only thing that would make it better would to be able to change the pitch. Whatever it's set at is pretty close to what I'd want. I'm falling right to sleep and it's blocking out the tinnitus. Great app!! Now if it would make a breeze...
  • Works great 5/5

    By Da black ninja
    drowning out my husband's snoring! Love it for travel too!

Bed Time Fan - White Noise Sleep Sounds Aid app comments


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