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  • Current Version: 7.2.3
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Bible by Olive Tree App

Studying the Bible shouldn’t be hard. Bible by Olive Tree equips you with easy-to-use Bible study tools and resources so you can stop skimming Scripture and get answers—for free. Here are 4 ways you’ll be set-up for studying God’s Word: 1) NO WIFI That’s right, you don’t need a WiFi connection to access your Bible (and all the other tools!). You could be in the middle of the Amazon or on top of Mt. Everest. If your phone is working, so is your offline Bible app. 2) MORE THAN JUST A BIBLE God has been speaking to His people, through His people, for thousands of years… and that takes some research to understand! This is why we provide 1000s of resources to help you go deeper into God’s Word—because studying the Holy Bible shouldn’t be hard. And when we say “resources,” we mean: -DAILY READING PLANS -DEVOTIONALS -BIBLE MAPS -STUDY BIBLES -COMMENTARIES -EBOOKS -GREEK & HEBREW TOOLS -AND SO MUCH MORE 3) TECH + DESIGN Not only do we implement unique features into our app, but we do it with style. Our favorite is the split-screen window: The Study Center. You can use the Resource Guide tab to access any of the resources available in our app and read them right alongside the Bible of your choice. It even does all the hard work of tracking with you, verse by verse. Studying the Bible just became the easiest it has ever been. 4) CUSTOMIZE YOUR BIBLE Want more highlighter options? That’s fine! Pick your own color, thickness, and change it to underline instead. Have trouble reading small print? Increase the font size! Reading at night? Change the theme to be easier on your eyes. You can save your favorite passages, drop a book ribbon, create a note, add tags, and sign up to receive a daily Bible verse. Best part? Your highlights, notes, and resources sync between all your devices. BIBLE TRANSLATIONS If you’re wondering about our different English translations, this app comes with NIV, ESV, KJV, NKJV and more (available in-app). Speak a different language? No problem! We have Bibles in Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, French, and others. We also have other popular translations available for in-app purchase! Here are a few: -The Message (MSG) -New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) -New Living Translation (NLT) -The Passion Translation -Christian Standard Bible (CSB) -Amplified Bible (AMP) -New American Standard Bible (NASB) FREE STUFF Our passion is inspiring you to connect with God and His Word through technology. Not only is this a free Bible app, but we also have 100s of free resources—all day, every day. You can access these in our in-app store. INEXPENSIVE BIBLICAL RESOURCES YOU CAN TAKE WITH YOU There’s no need to spend lots of money on paper resources that sit on a shelf. By investing in digital resources, you will be able to get the answers you need wherever you are—even offline. Stop flipping pages aimlessly and get Bible study tools that do the hardest work for you! In our app, we have all your favorite Bible study tools and resources available for purchase. Here’s a few of our best-sellers: STUDY BIBLES -ESV Study Bible -NLT Study Bible -NIV Study Bible -NKJV Study Bible -Life Application Study Bible -Reformation Study Bible WORD STUDY BIBLES WITH STRONG’S NUMBERS -Available in NIV, KJV, ESV, NKJV, HCSB, NRSV and NASB Bible translations -Just tap to quickly read definitions of words in the Bible’s original languages COMMENTARIES & STUDY TOOLS -Vine’s Expository Dictionary -Expositor’s Bible Commentary -Olive Tree Bible Maps -Bible Knowledge Commentary -Zondervan Atlas of the Bible INTERLINEAR BIBLES -Easily compare the original languages of the Bible with the ESV, NIV, KJV, and NKJV Bible translations HARMONY OF THE GOSPELS -Read through the life of Jesus chronologically, available in several translations ORIGINAL LANGUAGE BIBLES -Greek New Testament: NA28, UBS-5 -Hebrew Old Testament: BHS -Greek Old Testament: Septuagint (LXX)


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Bible by Olive Tree app reviews

  • Powerful and affordable Bible study software 5/5

    By Heyhey345
    One of the best apps for studying the word of God. This app might not be as powerful as Logos, but it is affordable. Some of my favorite features: 1. The Strong’s Bibles. These Bibles with Strong’s words are reasonably priced. Tapping a word brings up a pop up with the original language word and its definitions as well as other occurrences of the word. You can view other occurrences right in the pop up. 2. The resource center. Many of the resources available on their store are linked to the resource center. A linked Bible dictionary will have automatically display the definition of, say, a cubit when reading a verse that mentions a cubit. 3. Powerful search feature allows the user to search very specific words and phrases in a specified range. 4. Items purchased on one device can be used on other devices on almost any platform. 5. Powerful reading plans that are flexible rather than the rigidity of other apps. 6. Parallel reading and split view allows you to compare passages and translations. 7. Highly customizable and in active development. My biggest complaint: include a way to display history. When jumping around in multiple chapters and books, it would be a real time saver to have clickable history links.
  • Landscape mode returns. 5/5

    By feellikeTron
    I just turned my iPhone sideways and the text turned too! Verses fit so much better.
  • My Bible 5/5

    By Thankful Okie
    I've used the Olive Tree system for 12+ years. Very few bugs. It keeps getting better.
  • Can't open the site after last update 5/5

    By Can't go on192848464846473+1
    I love this Bible and have used it for several years. It is truly amazing. Thank you, whoever came up with this! I am having a problem and cannot open the Bible since the last update. Are y'all going to do another update so that this will be corrected? Keep up the good is truly an amazing sight and app.
  • Love but 5/5

    By CoryHulbert
    I love this app so much...but I really wish the Apple Watch app would come back for quick use.
  • Something ha gone wrong? 4/5

    By Grammy25
    I love the Amy Carmichael, Edges of His Ways. Something is wrong with the latest update. Cuts off top line of the reading with that green bar. Yikes!

    By ...Tim...
    I’ve been a long time Olive Tree Bible App user, I’ve even used it as my main Bible for long periods of time. I have extensive highlights and notes throughout the Bible. I was super disappointed when landscape view was removed, it’s needed to read Poetry with proper single column formatting. Anyway very happy to have it back. Olive Tree is my favorite Bible app and a wonderful resource for anyone wishing to dig deep into the Word of God.
  • Worst upgrade since Vista? 1/5

    By Betrayed and Confused
    OT continues to show they either don’t use or understand their program. The 7.1 release does two bad things, and one HORRIBLE one. The two things a user does the most often — change books/translations and open/close the resource guide (now “study center”) — now take two taps to open instead of just one, and another one to get rid of the stripes. Further, instead of the Resource Guide button being right under your thumb when reading landscape (which I always do, to get two-page mode), now you have to reach all the way to the top of the screen for it. So, harder to get to, and double the taps. Every time you want to open it. Searches and bookmarks suffer the same fate — three times the taps as before. And, horribly, the mode to keep the most-used icons on-screen to try to cut down on the taps now takes up extra space at the top and bottom of the screen. In addition, there are two ugly green stripes taking up MORE space on top and bottom, for absolutely no reason. So less text displayed. Further, unless it’s locked, it actually occludes text. Occludes text. In 2018. Windows 95, anyone? In summary, it takes three times as many taps to do high frequency tasks, and they reduced the amount of text available on the screen. The alleged “study” program is now actively working against you as you try to study. On top of all that, we now have ads on our menu. I don’t want to see an ad in my Bible, ever. There’s been no increase in actual functionality in years — no user-defined reading plans, no “see a verse/passage in all available translations,” no quick lookup of a verse without having to leave your current spot, no NOT searches (Jesus AND NOT Christ), and on and on. Why not use something else? Well, like democracy, it’s the worst thing out there, except for all the others. Changes that impede productivity when using the app are bad because we USE THE APP! But this one is bad enough I may have to rethink it. ——————————— The good news is that the 6.3.3 release fix appears to fix what OT broke and didn’t test on 6.3.2. The bad news is they felt the need to say they fixed "nothing major" in the release notes. They killed every one of their Strong's bibles, as well as notes in every Bible, and it was "nothing major." This is a company that does not get it.
  • Good resource 4/5

    By Vertical36
    Love this app. Easy to navigate and use the various study options. However I would love more highlighting/underlining/marking options. Have had to use a competing app at times to utilize said options.
  • Great app, but... 5/5

    By LiveInFaith
    I have used Olive Tree for years and it is awesome! I have found the “Resource Guide” functionality amazing and the ability to access thousands of titles and references is great. But users should be aware of a couple issues: If you build a large library of titles and reference works (many purchased), you will not be able to “share” these titles across accounts, even to another family member. The app says it supports “Family Sharing” but that does NOT apply to sharing a title, book or study reference with a different Olive Tree Bible account, such as a spouse. Yes, you can have multiple devices so why not just log into the same account? Well, unfortunately, all personal notes and highlights you create are likewise “tied” to one Olive Tree account. So, if your spouse wants his/her own notes or highlights, they have to create a separate account...and lose access to all the library resources you have accumulated. Great app, but be aware that these are two big issues.
  • What Happened to the UI ?!&(.?!?? 5 Stars down to 4 4/5

    By GTD Meister
    What makes developers decide to scramble their app?!? Functions shuffled all around for little apparent benefit. I’ll probably get used to it but for now it’s just “friction” in the system. I’m a 20-year Olive Tree Bible user, going back to days of my Palm Pilot.
  • Amazing Resources 5/5

    By Jacque Richards
    I love that it has the different translations and the ability to look up words using Strong’s Concordance. This is by far one the best bible apps that I’ve ever used and I plan on sticking with it for a long time.

    By Sckaughttie
    this is an awesome study tool. But for some reason the Strong’s stopped working on both of my devices. Please fix I use this tool all the time!
  • Bishop Roger L. Tatuem 5/5

    By Bishop T.
    I use this bible app for all of my Pastoral activities. My daily morning spiritual devotional reading is enhanced by the read through the Bible section. I recommend this app to other clergymen and bible readers. It is a delight to feed my Spirit man with this word daily.
  • Love it! Amazing!!! 5/5

    By rj and me
    Thanks for the Bible study app, it really helps me when I don’t have my bible around. ;) I was wondering, something fun you could add to the themes is like a theme where there are little bubbles that fly around and get pushed when you scroll the page. Thanks again you guys are doing great! :D
  • Outstanding Bible study app 4/5

    By mellumac
    I have had Olive Tree for several years. I like the updates. However I am disappointed that you can no longer use it in landscape mode on the iPhone. I wish you would reconsider that change and put the option for landscape back in.
  • Always loading 1/5

    By phoobers
    This used to be a good app, but now it never finishes loading, so I can no longer use it.
  • New Start 3/5

    By Juanca1265
    I just recently downloaded this app, I am learning to navigate the site itself. That is the reason for my 3 star rating. Once I am more proficient then I will be able to rate on its content.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Kubesh94
    I love this Bible app. You can highlight, save scripture, learn and study. Thank you thank you thank you!!
  • Why won’t it open? 1/5

    By chess esq
    For some strange reason, whenever I try to open this app, it seems to get stuck! I get the spinning wheel telling me it’s trying to load but nothing happens. Is there something I can do? I love this app, but it has stopped working!
  • I ❤️Olive Tree! 5/5

    By MrsJeffB
    Absolutely a great App for my needs. It always works wonderfully and has everything I need for daily reading and looking up additional study information and questions and answers. Love it! Thank You for a GREAT app!
  • This App is a life line in mobile device 5/5

    By Professionals on the run
    I love the printed Bible. However, no one can deny the convenience offered by mobile technology. The ability to search the meaning of words in the original language and to change from one book to another, having your entire book collection and a book store conveniently placed on a mobile device is extraordinary. I have both my French and English versions open on the same screen, and one has to be grateful for that. This app is a blessing. Thank you.
  • Notes! 4/5

    By Dgwby
    I’m a note taker. I LOVE having my notes so handy, so compact! I seldom use the other features but I’m all over the notes.
  • Loading????? 5/5

    By Bill5239
    My Olive Tree continues to display loading..... for hours on my iPad running iOS 11.2.5.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Christian-stone
    I've used your apps for years now, thankful for a solid and fast Bible on the phone. Enjoying the daily reading plan. Wish there was a way to adjust the start date though in case I lose the info and want to start part way through.
  • Olive Tree 5/5

    By Mspiano2
    Love this app. It has so many resources to study the Word.
  • Thank you! 5/5

    By missnino
    I am so glad that I downloaded this app. It is my preferred method of Bible study. Thank you for developing this app and continuing to work to improve it!
  • Must pay for most versions 1/5

    By Ktol77
    Must pay for Bibles that others (youversion) offers completely free.?
  • Good, but... 4/5

    By Metractor
    I really like this Bible reading app. One thing I would like it to have is an audio option where the app reads to you.
  • My favorite Bible 5/5

    By 1simplefaith
    Being a Bible student for 16 years, I have filled up 3 bibles with notes & highlights. This App allows me to add notes & highlights without restrictions. All my notes are with me ALL the time. I have lead many Bible study groups & I use this App exclusively! Best value EVER!
  • Olive Tree and Bible by Life church are Perfect Partners 5/5

    By CraftyDIYfun
    I intend to start my day with God, the Christ and the grace of his Spirit. Don't always do it - but that's my goal! I do better staying on path if its easy and accessible. The Bible app and the Olive Tree Study App are perfect for me. They enable better habits and enhance my faith life. Over a few years, I developed a closer deeper different grace life with the help of these apps. Gone is my former scary-awesome dread of bible study. I used to view the bible as hard slogging. I believed more than a little dip would bring on more guilt than sitting front row center the last night of a hell/fire/brimstone fundamentalist revival. Now I know I was dead wrong. These two apps enable me to finally get a tiny growing "knowing" that God's great love, mercy and grace extends to ALL of us collectively and individually. God and the Bible is not about punishment although it can be about discipline. He is about companionship and grace and man's part given our free choice in dealing with each other and natural laws He instituted when our world was born. With Bible and its plans and Olive Tree with its versions and study helps - I've read and enjoyed the Bible more the last few years than all the prior fifty put together. An aside: Spiritual texts in App form can be read anywhere, shared at will yet scare no one away at the coffee shop or train station. An unabashed Jesus freak I am. Yet I'd rather draw folk to me and point them to God by friendly relationship building rather than carry a placard which may create a wide berth around me. Its not being ashamed of y faith or the Bible. Its not about "witness" numbers to me. Its just about sharing what I've learned of redeeming grace. Speaking my truth is my part; the rest is up to Him. The one thing Olive Tree lacks is audio. This is a substantial point going forward as many of us appreciate wisdom spoken as we drive, labor, relax. As Echo's and other sound bot helpers made by Google, Apple and others begin to proliferate - I see this as increasingly disappointing. Bible app by is stronger by far in this. Harper Collins should move faster in this regard in my estimation.
  • Daily reading plans 5/5

    By i_am_deL
    I love how this app offers so many interesting learning traits such as cross referencing scriptures, word vocabulary in case you have never seen that particular word used that way before, would like to have some kind of a narrator playback function to help listen to the word if you are ever stuck in a situation where you can just press play and hear the word of God, anywhere...
  • Always available 5/5

    By On the go with God
    I love this app because I always have a Bible with me. It has study guides that keep me going. Ivan bookmark my favorite verses to go back and read again. Thanks for making it easy to access where ever I am.
  • Mostly good but cluttery 5/5

    By MickeyMike12345
    Good app that allows you to do most of what you want. Shortcomings: - There are many icons and buttons that are unnecessary on the main screen. It would be nice to allow users to add or remove icons as they desire and keep the rest in the main menu. Great parts: - The split screen for study/reference is excellent. - The store is well built and intuitive. - Reading history is very useful - I use it to allow my custom reading plans. - Custom gesture shortcuts are useful in moving around quickly Suggested features: - App needs a way to build or import custom reading plans. Even if they could be built externally and imported it would be good. - Change or add subscriptions to the pricing plans. $1 per month would make getting into new references and material far easier and less sticker shock. This would also provide continuous revenue for business purposes.
  • Very Satisfied 5/5

    By djcollins56
    I would like to say, how much I appreciate this translation. It makes my bible study more interesting, opening up a different perspective. Thank you Olive Tree
  • Bible study app 5/5

    By buzzdiver
    I’ve had this app for a while and love it but a feature on it doesn’t work since the last update. My vocabulary isn’t very big so I use a dictionary a lot. This app had that before and still has the feature but it transfers you to the internet now and it’s kinda annoying. It used to have its on dictionary and it was great so please put it back on thanks.
  • Ruthie 5/5

    By Ruthie2464
    I really enjoy this app! I love how each reading is broken down. It takes me just a few minutes a day to read! Thanks so much
  • Best bible app I have found. 5/5

    By Zcrussell
    This app truly is the best I've used. It has the ability to have several bibles and many commentaries and study tools at your fingers. And they work together, so that you can have a bible up and a study guide or other tool up at same time. I just added a bible today with study notes. I have recommend this to my friends when they are looking to add a bible to there phone or table. And later heard them recommending it to another friend.
  • Great app but... 5/5

    By J⃟e⃟y⃟b⃟o⃟a⃟r⃟d⃟
    I live this app and have used it for years. I’ve been digging deeper and deeper into God’s Word, even starting one of their Year long Bible Study that are built in. Two tiny things one, the app takes up a lot of storage, so if the developers could find a way to make all the data smaller, that would be great! But it’s not that big of a deal my main issue is when you hold on a word to “lookup,” you have to buy a dictionary to use from the app, but anywhere else( as in another app, website etc.) , Apple would let us look it up on the web in a tiny window box thing, so that’s really annoying too because sometimes I want to see the word’s definition or whatever, but it doesn’t work unless a, Bible Tree has defined the word, which has happened to me 2 after all these years, or if I was to buy the dictionary, so yeah. So I Liek the app but those bugs do bug me
  • Problem fixed 5/5

    By Tabinlovewithninjawarrior
    I had a problem with the Bible not loading but they promptly helped me find a solution. Great app!
  • Love this app 5/5

    By ambermichelle23
    I’ve always used The Bible app as my preferred study app. However, the Olive Bible app has amplified my desire to study God’s Word. Love the opportunity to read a passage & reference other supporting passages in the same window. I also love the map integration. I’ve been using this app every morning with no plans to stop anytime soon.
  • So Awesome ! 5/5

    By AstroMan3000
    I thank God for the people involved in making this app ! The fact that I have the whole Bible on my phone has dramatically changed my Bible reading and studying. I am able to get in the word at anytime. Im able to share scriptures, read multiple versions of the Bible, and use the resource to help my walk. So awesome !
  • I love Olive Tree again 5/5

    By iPhone News Junkie
    The latest revision of your app needed some love on my part. Thank you Olive Tree support for responding back to my initial review and rating and for following up. Your support addressed my issues on my iPhoneX and the app is performing as expected - thank you
  • Great App 5/5

    By stuck in the suburbs
    Wonderful app and responsive customer support
  • Longtime user 5/5

    By Texan Dan from ZmD
    Love this App. Notes and highlight options. Great value!
  • Seeking the kingdom 5/5

    By jetplayerprime
    This app is just what I needed to help me in my pursuit of God thanks so much for making it available
  • My Favorite Bible App 5/5

    By deborinquen
    Update (Jan 21, 2018): This app and this company has come a long ways from the days of the disastrous 5.9.7 which I had given a one star rating (read below). I totally love what Olive Tree has done with the application with these last few updates. I was skeptical at first but when 6.1.x but after a while I got used to it. They are only getting better with each update. The amount of resources and the performance of the application as a whole is why I started using this application in the days of iOS 3 and I am glad the "beta testing" days of 5.9.x are behind us. 5.9.7 is total trash. It lost my ribbons and bookmarks giving me some idiotic “Oops!” message. They just updated to version 5.9.8 and I am not willing to go through the frustration again. I really love my Olive Tree App and cannot believe how bad this update is. I reverted to version 5.2.1 which I had on my backup drive and will spend the next, heaven knows how, long downloading everything. Update (Aug 09, 2014): I am glad I looked into it. I almost upgraded to 5.9.9 thinking that the disaster created by 5.9 was fixed. Never mind, I’ll stay in 5.5.4, it works. This is reminiscent of Windows Vista. The worse part is that Olive Tree is i denial. So it took two years to go from a functional app to this trash? Let me know when you have your act together before you bother me with your updates.
  • Amazing tool to grow deeper in God’s word 5/5

    By 1BlessedWarrior
    This app has made me accountable in my daily reading and it makes it easier to have it accessible 24/7 so there is no excuse to grow in God’s word and to have a deeper connection with and relationship with him.. be blessed
  • It ‘s The Best! 5/5

    By 16violets
    Amazing Bible app with the best features out there.
  • I miss the watch extension 4/5

    By ABCDKoch
    I love this app. It has been my favorite mobile Bible app since the Palm OS days. My only current complaint is that the developers took away the watch extension I used to use almost daily.

Bible by Olive Tree app comments


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