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Bible by Olive Tree

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  • Current Version: 7.2.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: HarperCollins Christian Publishing, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Bible by Olive Tree App

Bible by Olive Tree is the best free Bible app for reading and studying God’s Holy Word and comes with great translations like the NIV, ESV, KJV, NKJV, and more! Do more than just read your Bible - take notes, highlights, and save passages and sync to all your devices. This free app features a powerful Resource Guide that links your Bible text with outstanding study Bibles, maps, commentaries, and more for an in-depth Bible study experience. Start a Bible reading plan and Bible will track your progress as you read through Scripture. Our unique split window allows you to create your own customized parallel Bible to easily compare Bible translations. Install now and explore over 100 more free titles! In addition to the New International Version (NIV), King James Version (KJV), English Standard Version (ESV), New King James Version Bible that work offline, you can also download dozens of free study resources. Even more translations and great study resources are also available for purchase in-app. OFFLINE BIBLE STUDY Read and study whether you’re connected or not. Your library, notes, highlights and all of the app features are stored on your device so that you can use the app when you are offline or in airplane mode. CLOUD SYNC Sync your Bible study resources, highlights, notes, and save passages between any devices with Bible. POWERFUL RESOURCE GUIDE With our one-of-a-kind Resource Guide, perform powerful searches in your entire library: Bible commentaries, Bible dictionaries, and more. SIDE-BY-SIDE STUDY The split window feature allows you to create your own customized parallel Bible for translation comparison, view your study notes while you read, or follow along with a commentary while you study Scripture. IMMERSIVE BIBLE STUDY • Remove distractions by opening your books and Bibles in full screen and immerse yourself in Scripture.  • Night theme for easier reading in lowlight.  PERSONAL BIBLE STUDY • Highlight words and passages • Take your own personalized notes • Save your favorite passages  • Tag anything to find it quickly later • Select and copy text from any Bible or book in your library DAILY READING PLANS • Free downloadable reading plans on various topics, books of the Bible, or specific biblical characters • Sync your reading plan across your devices • Plans vary in length with options as short as 5 days to as long as three years! SOCIAL BIBLE STUDY Instantly share the Bible with your friends from inside the app. Tap on a verse to share it through Twitter or Facebook. OTHER BIBLE STUDY RESOURCES AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE IN-APP: • The Message, Amplified Bible, New American Standard Bible (NASB), New Living Translation (NLT), New Revised Standard Version (NRSV), and over 100 more! • Best-selling study Bibles: ESV Study Bible, NLT Study Bible, NIV Study Notes, NKJV Study Notes, Life Application Study Bible, Reformation Study Bible Notes • Word Study Bibles with Strong’s Numbers in NIV, KJV, ESV, NKJV, HCSB and NASB Bible translations • Commentaries and Study Tools: Vine’s Expository Dictionary, Expositor’s Bible Commentary; Olive Tree Bible Maps, Bible Knowledge Commentary, Zondervan Atlas of the Bible • Interlinear Bibles: Easily compare the Original Languages of the Bible with ESV, KJV, and NKJV Bible translations. • Harmony of the Gospels: Read through the life of Jesus chronologically with our unique Gospel harmonies. • Original language Bibles: Greek New Testament: NA28 & UBS-5; Hebrew Old Testament: BHS; Greek Old Testament: Septuaginta, LXX • Non-English Bibles including Spanish, Portuguese, German and more: Reina-Valera, Almeida Revista e Atualizada, Dios Habla Hoy, Luther Bibel 2017, Louis Segond AND MANY MORE!


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Bible by Olive Tree app reviews

  • Words of life on my phone!! 5/5

    By elmomoh4
    I’m so thankful to be able to open this app and hear from my Lord and Savior! My Abba Father who loves me and sings over me.
  • Awesome Bible app 5/5

    By Goofjv
    It has great reading plans built in to help keep you on track. The chronological plan is a wonderful look at the world from the very beginning to the end.
  • Olive tree bible app 5/5

    The best bible app I've used so far. Thanks for the good job.
  • Reading plans 5/5

    By Terrypfahringer
    I love your plans and the many teachings available to me! I have had a bit of trouble reviewing and working thru with my phone. However, you have been most helpful directing me! That too has been a wonderful experience! I will keep learning, loving His Word. I will continue to share your plans with family and friends. Terry Fahringer
  • Best Bible app, but still could be better 4/5

    By Stefanos Gatdoulos
    Dear dev team, 1. Please make icons in tool bar interchangeable with other tools. 2. Please allow user to make some reading plans (i.e. Grant Horner Reading Plan) “endless” instead of the default setting for only “one year.” Everything else is flawless as far as display, aesthetics, note taking, highlighting,
  • Excellent until Update 1/5

    By Piano Music Lover
    20 Jan 15 - I give up...there are too many problems with this App to mention.... With every “upgrade” I lose options, now I can’t have two columns for my Bible. And all my highlighting is GONE! All that work for nothing. And with HELP...they keep suggesting the same thing....Sign in then Sign in then Sign in again and again and again and do a Restore...and that never works. Only about a third of my Library shows up. And there’s no way to “download” one of the says it’s downloading but never does. What we need is a good Bible App that does NOT ruin itself with upgrades. Just make it good and LEAVE IT ALONE. I’m really disappointed in Olive Tree. My “Strong’s Numbers KJV” is now not working at slightly turns red certain words but doesn’t give the number or the definition. Then it will spontaneously do a pop-up of some word I didn’t ask for.... Secondly, I believe they have substituted a more "modern" King James Version than the one I bought from them as it sounds much more like the New King James Version...this is distressing to me to think they can switch out my own Bible verisons for versions they would prefer me to have. What will happen when they decide that homosexuality is sanctioned by God...will they switch out my Bible for that version too? It's a subtle deception but then, the Devil is the most subtle deceiver of all says God. Then...whatever happened to the Bookshelf, where I could organize my books? Now the list is just too long to go thru...another fail by OT. I think there are problems with this App that just can't be fixed. At times, when I try to select a word to highlight...the whole column just jumps away, losing my place. Way too much trouble and time wasted on trying to highlight. There are also problems with the Search feature.... I use this App to read the Bible but I don't use its features much because I've learned that I can lose all my Notes and highlighting, etc, with one update. It happened before so I know it can happen again. Oooohhhh so much work lost!
  • Need an update 2/5

    By Kleimllc
    Hi, loved your app. That is before the last iOS 11.2 update. The app just spins and doesn’t load. Please look into it. I’ll change it back to 5 star afterward Thanks Eli
  • Horizontal reading not there now 4/5

    By maniac146
    I always had the ability to turn my device horizontal so that I could read that way but with the newer update I don’t have that option anymore and am forced to have my device vertically. Please fix
  • Some annoying display decisions 3/5

    By Senjing Bing
    Just a few display issues on an otherwise solid app: 1. Margins for the iPhone cannot be adjusted anymore. Now there is too much wasted white space. 2. No landscape mode for iPhone. 3. In iPad split mode, cannot have page swipe for the Bible (left-hand) and flick-scroll for the resource center (right-hand). Now both sides need to be the same.
  • Used to be good 2/5

    By PrincetonMike
    The interface is now too fancy to be useful. Impossible to get a split screen. Huge disappointment.
  • Landscape Mode Removed? 2/5

    By Fire ninja 14017
    I don’t understand WHY they would remove this? It’s a step backwards. Apart from this everything else seems great. Please bring landscape mode back and make not just me, but many other users happy again! Now Apple Watch support removed too!? What’s next?
  • How wonderful is the Olive Tree app. 5/5

    By i love horses9
    I am so thankful the team that has developed this app. I use it everyday. The resources and functions available in this app are so well thought out. Thank you Olive Tree!!
  • 10 Stars for Olive Tree Bible App! 5/5

    By BAR112
    This is the Bible Study app you want if you are serious about learning God’s Word! The IAP’s are well worth it, as you can view each of the related resources’ offerings along with the verses you are reading, enabling quicker learning and greater efficiency. The new Bible Topic Threads are also a wonderful resource. I look forward to delving deeper into the app and adding my own notes, etc. Highly recommend Olive Tree Bible for all Bible students!
  • LOVE this Bible App 4/5

    By T'Ellyn
    Updated comment 12/3/17: If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it!!! Why did you take away the ability to select different scrolling options in the windows? I took away one star for this. Four stars instead of five. We used to be able to select left/right scrolling in the main window while selecting vertical scrolling in the Resource view or vice versa. Now the scrolling has to be the same for both. Not good!!! Please fix it back so users can choose different scrolling options in the main screen & resource guide (split screen views). - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - I added this comment to my original review which is below. Any updates you have made, have just made it even better. This is the only Bible app I use. It's simply THE BEST!!! ORIGINAL REVIEW: This has been my favorite Bible app of all, even with the need for improvement..... HOWEVER, I now have NO COMPLAINTS!!! KUDOS on the recent updates. I am SO glad you fixed the highlighter so users can select exactly what they desire, no more having to select "blocks". The recent updates have made it even better by including things I hadn't though of. This app has the most customization and personalization I have seen in Bible apps. Thank-you for your hard work. I am sure I speak for most users when I say your labor is not in vain. It is GREATLY appreciated!!!
  • Absolute Best! 5/5

    By Rpm-80
    There are a ton of really good bible apps out there, and this is by far my favorite.
  • One more thing 4/5

    By Jonchile
    Great update yesterday. Many Thanks. I miss one former feature...not sure why it disappeared: on the iPad (mini 4 or Pro anyway), when you did a search, and all the references came up in the search window, it used to be that when you tapped on one reference it would do the usual main window display, BUT THE SEARCH WINDOW WOULD REMAIN OPEN, making it much more expedient to continue tapping other search results to see the whole verse (when it didn’t fully display in the search window). Now the search window closes every time you tap one result. I understand there’s not room for that on most smart phone screens, but there was and is plenty of space on the iPad. Please bring that feature back. Thank you for a great app.
  • Best Bible Application 5/5

    By Russell Dlamini
    My bible study has never been so easy with all the material I need ready available and only a click away every where I go. I spend more time studying than trying to recall my material. The app gets even better with time. My notes and purchases are synchronized in all my devices.
  • Better and Better 5/5

    By BillS9
    Olive Tree Bible Study apps just keep getting better and better. The only thing better than the app is the tech support that keeps it running so smoothly. Thank you for all you do! Also, Thank you for adding the Verse of the Day. I love to see God’s Word pop up in my notifications.
  • The best Bible app ever!!! 5/5

    By lionofjudah55
    Update 12.4.2017 App keeps getting better with every new update. Thank you for making the best Bible Study app even better. Love the brand new look and functionality. I have used and currently use other Bible apps. Olive Tree is my favorite and far superior to all of them. May God bless, protect and provide for you and your family. In Jesus Name, Amen.
  • Apple Watch App 2/5

    By jtberk1
    Would love to give a 5 star review. Loved the Apple Watch App. It is no more. Sad day.
  • Have been using since the beginning!! 5/5

    By Shayne Mason Vincent
    You guys have done a phenomenal job, and the app just gets better. I have used it for tons of research, and now to research my completed book! You are a part of my daily life on laptop and mobile!! It is also seamless between all platforms! I’ve spent 150$ for the same resources that would have cost thousands with Logos. Lol! :) Grace and Peace ya’ll.
  • Getting a cluttered UX… 2/5

    By astaley
    Loved this app, but since the latest “improvements” (some of which I like) the UI is getting a little cluttered with ads for the store and there is no way to hide them.
  • I love God’s Word! 5/5

    By Flower_child>
    I am very satisfied and excited about Olive Tree and all of the research available to use. Thank you very much for this excellent study tool. I am one of four leaders in a ladies group study. I find this very informative and helpful in preparing a lesson for the Bible Study. Sincerely, Patricia Van Albert
  • iPhone X update is great 5/5

    By RobT43
    Thanks for all of your hard work updating Olive Tree for the iPhone X. It looks and works great (and thanks for implementing the portrait orientation lock)!
  • Good but... 4/5

    By Kingdom Clay
    This app is good but would be exceptionally helpful if it had an audio feature. Sometimes people are not able to sit and read or perhaps would like to hear the scriptures throughout the day. The audio version would provide the option to do so. Still, this app is good.
  • Perfect in every way 5/5

    By nedzet
    I owe my growth in Faith to Jesus first, and Olive Tree second! Thank you! It's all so easy, clear and abundant.
  • Good as it gets 5/5

    By DavidE1010
    I use this app everyday. My eyes are bad, so my Bible does not get used much nowadays, but this Bible app works for me. Really Love It
  • Everything in one hand! 5/5

    By Bootimes2
    This app is a one-stop, all-purpose bible and bible resource study tool that is so very carefully crafted and user friendly. It is my complete Christian library at my fingertips! I never leave home without it!
  • The plan text and reference bible guides you! 5/5

    By Profilepee
    I learned a lot more using this Bible app than I ever had in prior years... just realizing that what I interpreted was not always right... I now understand the Bible for the words I read along with the app reference guide, “wow what an eye opener!” The Bible can be complicated to break down, and the things we interpret I’m not actually what God is saying With use of the reference guides I can no longer believe the instructions in the Bible were just for the days of OLD.. The Bible was written to carry us from generations to generations we are living in those times now... so even the parables still ring true and the reference materials provided along with this Bible made it very clear to understand we still need GODS guidance daily and the daily reading plans were a major part of this discovery! Again... this was a great experience I’m great-full for this app I love this app
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Mom2squirtball
    It won’t work with my iPhone 8+
  • No landscape mode 2/5

    By Friggo
    Sad new version doesn’t allow landscape on iPhone. 😞 Please bring back
  • Works great! 5/5

    By I love Golems, Supercell
    I’ve used this app for years. Works beautifully!
  • Giant error! 2/5

    By FoxFanRay
    This update seems to be a very nice enhancement with one giant exception - the elimination of Landscape mode! I ALWAYS used this app in landscape but now am unable to do so. It would have gotten 5 stars except for this. I find it a very poor experience on my phone in forced portrait. As an additional note, the developers should change their description of the app. They clearly state in the description that one can view two versions of the Bible side by side, but that is no longer possible with this update. Side by side is far more preferable than over and under that we are now forced to use.
  • What Happened to the UI ?!&(.?!?? 5 Stars down to 4 4/5

    By GTD Meister
    What makes developers decide to scramble their app?!? Functions moved all around for little apparent benefit. I’ll probably get used to it but for now it’s just “friction” in the system. Reply to “developer’s response”: The problem is the app IS working as intended … the “issue” is that the new layout seems like the same features (which I love) were just scrambled around for no reason. I’m a 20+ year Olive Tree Bible user, going back to days of my Palm Pilot.
  • Fantastic bible app 5/5

    By jennaybird
    Thank you to the creators and maintainers of this app. I’ve been using it for probably 6 years now and I have it on all my devices (iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Pro) and it synchronizes. I love the reading plans! It’s so easy to highlight and switch the reading view and options and translations and the updates are 💯🙌. This is my main reading and study bible because it’s always handy! Thank you Olive Tree, May God Bless you all.
  • Only Bible app to have 5/5

    By Scotty76450
    This last update made the best even better. Been using this since the palm pilot days. The resource guide is having your whole library in your pocket. And everything is available off line no need for the internet. User support is very good and quick I always get a personal reply back
  • I like it 4/5

    By B-ball22love
    It’s nice; no problems. I personally just don’t like the side swiping and that I have to pay to read some versions
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Wellofjoy
    Olive Tree has provided great user friendly resources. Love studying the Bible using this app.
  • Best App to Study the Bible 5/5

    By Pastorjake10
    I’ve used Olive Tree for years and there is no other Bible app I would use. Beautifully designed, easy to use and exhaustive in the available resources. The free resources give you a great foundation to build off of, and they regularly have amazing sales so you can continued to build a quality digital library.
  • I Love this App 5/5

    By Grammy P1
    This app has so many options that I have yet to learn how to use all of them as I study. Thank you
  • Extremely Pleased 5/5

    By John Justice
    As a Pastor, I can definitely see the value of and appreciate the ease and compactness of this amazing app! I love that I have the ability to carry not only several bibles, but also my study helps and all my notes right on my iPhone and even scriptures for meditation on my Apple Watch! Five-star, must-have app!!
  • Copy problem / highlight slow 2/5

    By Gcfrt
    I like the olive tree system over all. But It is very slow to highlight and when u go to copy commentary to notes it will only copy one page at a time. This is very time consuming and increases the likelihood of error. The copy problem is a major problem to me. The unusual thing about the copy problem is it just started copying one page at a time recently. I teach and copy a lot of commentary to notes. I also highlight almost everything I read. Overall I like the study system. I write this hoping they will fix these problems.
  • Excellent app, missing landscape mode now 3/5

    By woogie boogie2
    This app is generally very well made and highly useful. Looks like landscape mode was recently removed on the iphone. Where did it go? That feature is the only reason this is not a five star app for me.
  • Excellent Study Tool 5/5

    By rperkin4
    This is one of my favorite apps, one of my daily "go to" apps. I've been able to build a customized Bible study library that I take everywhere with me, for study or simply for reading the Scriptures or a commentary. It's easy to navigate and fun to explore!
  • A Must Have for Studying Scripture 5/5

    By jjk115
    The Olive Tree app is my go-to app for reading and studying scripture. It’s clean, easy to read, and is filled with more resources than you can imagine. My studying consists of this app on my iPad, my NIV bible, and a notebook. It’s all I need.
  • Great app 4/5

    By Tapestry78
    This is a rock solid app that delivers what you need to effectively study God's word. I have it a 4 instead of a 5 only because it seems that a lot of the resources include Reformation Theology which I do not agree with.
  • Open my eyes 5/5

    By Logwiz
    I have no reservations helping someone I know that has fallen on hard times but, the homeless and the strangers they are a struggle for me. While I'm still not sure exactly what I should do; this study has shown me that I should do something. I will now pray and ask God to be in my decisions. I ask that anyone who reads this will also join me in prayers and actions.
  • Fix please. 1/5

    By Sgt_Oddjob
    My app has stopped working ever since your last update. Can I revert to the old version? Please please please fix it.
  • The annoying ads have arrived. 1/5

    By Camilo Ch.
    Now the app is featuring ads in the main menu. Disappointing.
  • Impressive 5/5

    By A Connoisseur
    Like the new update and study guides

Bible by Olive Tree app comments


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