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The Bible Gateway Bible App is the OFFICIAL and FREE mobile Bible reading and study experience from Bible Gateway, offering many wonderful ways to experience Bible reading and Bible study, including: • More than 90 different Bible translations, including NIV, KJV, ESV, NKJV, HCSB, NASB, CEB, The Message (MSG), Amplified Bible (AMP), and many more • Many Bible translations are available for download to your device, so you can read the Bible when you are not connected to the Internet (Offline Mode) • Easy-to-use and reliable Bible search, both online and offline • Daily Bible verse in the translation of your choice • Daily Bible reading plans • Bible audio in a number of different translations and styles • Parallel translation viewing (iPad only, currently only available when online) • Quick Bible reading history, so you can go back and forth between Bible verses you have viewed • Personal notes - both general notes and notes tagged to specific Bible verses can be created • Star the Bible verses that are your favorite • Highlight Bible verses or passages • Easily view Bible study resources (Bible Commentaries, Bible Dictionaries, etc.) to help you unpack your Scripture reading • And integrated sharing tools make it quick and simple to share your favorite Bible verses with your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter Our mission is to encourage Bible reading and deepen Scriptural understanding among all Bible readers. We fulfill that mission by making Scripture and Bible study texts freely available in as many languages and translations as possible, in your web browser and on your mobile device.

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  • App Bugs 3/5

    By klscribe
    This would be a great app if.... they would fix whatever bug it is that tells me that none of my searches are either found or available. And I would have accessed support instead of making this a negative review except that came up with a blank screen. C'mon guys. I use this app all the time. Can't tell you how many times I've deleted it and re-downloaded it just to access it properly. :(
  • Grandpa s 4/5

    By Nestrud
    The reader is easy to understand and the options are great.
  • Use this App 💯 5/5

    By D Yardo
    Start using this tool & it will change you. Pray to draw closer to God. Believe he will hear you and he'll draw closer to you. Share this APP with friends and you will be rewarded⤴
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Bald Eagle 39401
    Perfectly wonderful app. You can easily find the passage you want and change between versions with two taps. There are a multitude of versions available. I use this app daily.
  • Needs bug fixing severely 1/5

    By Starry814
    This app is my Bible app a few updates ago and ever since I've updated it it has so many bugs like when I click dramatized for audio Bible listening it will stay out Paul Simmons or Mac to clean. And when I go to like a book like Matthew chapter 5 it will bring me to chapter 4 or proverbs 37 helping me to 39 it does that with every chapter you look up and you have to scroll to the correct one is so annoying and there are so many other bugs to go over your coding!!!!
  • Review 5/5

    By Carebear12-7
    This uplifting app is exceedingly helpful in my daily relationship growth with our FATHER. May this ministry be continually Blessed as it continually Blesses me and many other souls. Thank you. May GOD Bless you all.
  • XXX font size is too small. Unable to see it. 3/5

    By Msnag1
    Unable to read daily scripture because font size is too small even if I place font on XXX Large in settings
  • Great App 5/5

    Helps me stay on track with my walk with God
  • Outstanding Free Audio Bibles 5/5

    By Holley-J
    I love listening to Marquis Laughlin read the ESV. His voice is tranquil, and he reads slowly, which makes him easy to follow. Move over, Max McLean.
  • Go to Bible 5/5

    By shopinful
    This has become my go to Bible. I love that is is easy to use and has so many different version of the Bible. Many times I will look up those versions to get a better understanding of the meaning. Notes are very easy to make as well. I use the highlight feature quite a bit. I plan to use the audio more as time goes on. Love this app😊
  • Employed 2/5

    By Lisa Davis in Dallas
    The settings are limited and frustrating!! I want New Testament daily reading NOT OLD TESTAMENT daily reading. I have to contact Tech Support regularly to get this NEW TESTAMENT daily reading.
  • Search issue on mobile app 2/5

    By cp77
    Let me begin by saying that I use Bible Gateway regularly for study, research, and teaching material preparation. The online site has been wonderful and until today, so had the mobile app. I am writing this review primarily in hopes that the developers will find it and resolve an issue I found today when using this app on an iPhone 6 Plus. I have never had this issue happen before today, and have no idea why it suddenly began occurring. So today, I was searching the following string of keywords in the AMP version: "that disciple would not die”. The mobile app simply would not find it. It consistently failed and also kept giving me the following popup message: “Connection Error - Are you offline? You can search…”. When this happened, I was getting four bars on the Verizon network. When I got back to my office, I tried the same search on the website,, and it went right to the phrase in John 21:23. So there appears to be some issue with the search routine in the mobile app. I use this app (and website) quite a bit, so hopefully the app search routine can be fixed. Thanks : )
  • I gotta say.. 4/5

    By Boodytw
    I love bible gateway, but please make this app as the website version. So I can highlight with diff colors...... the web version on the phone is better and much more useful honestly saying......
  • Favorite App 5/5

    By Chebu4628
    I love my Bible Gateway! Easy to use. Easy to study with! Getting to commentaries an notes for each verse is swift and practical. I use this app regularly through the day. I recommend it to everyone and all my students. Thanking God for this great technology
  • No modern translations 3/5

    By Bjlauer
    I am deeply disappointed that this app did not have any recent (last 50 years) Catholic translations of the Bible. While I like to learn from several translations, I would prefer to have a Catholic translation as my default translation.
  • 👏❤️ 5/5

    By Justiceclea
    This is the first app that I download when I get a new device (on my 4th). I use it daily. Very GOOD!
  • Great app except 3/5

    By Tricia777
    I have been using this app for about 6 months and love all of its excellent features. However, in future updates, could you please include a way to easily bookmark where I left off reading and also a way to highlight passages so I can share them with other people?
  • Best Bible App 5/5

    By mikee8304
    Thanks! Love the audio, highlighting and many more! Just another great way to enjoy the Bible!
  • The Audio 1/5

    By Fibdsbigsugvonfcbkn
    I am really upset. Why doesn't the audio option work?!
  • I use it everyday 5/5

    By NedFlexer
    The best Bible app! I use it everyday, especially to compare Scripture in different translations. Easy to use and my first "go to" for looking up chapter and verse.
  • Lack of stability 3/5

    By Vatia
    I truly love to rate this Bible app 5 stars...but there are several things that are not user friendly or practical. First off the app needs wi-fi to use, second every time you reopen it your passages aren't saved...especially when you're comparing different versions of the Bible side by side, which is one of its best features
  • Shopping with devotion 2/5

    By SistaTraveler
    Way too many ads while I am trying to study the Bible. The ads are distracting. Deleted the ap.
  • Frustrated already 3/5

    By WanderingMama
    I have only had this a few days, but already I am frustrated. I found it difficult to change the plan for reading through the Bible in one year once it was set. After I had the plan the way I wanted it, I set the reminder. The second day I was busy and didn't do my Bible reading, so I thought that I would make up for it the next day and read two sections but the app doesn't seem to allow that. I can not get it to the next passage. Further, I chose " the NT in one year" and the app just seems to give random passages out of the New Testament so there is no way to manually go to the next passage. Perhaps, once you chose a plan, if there were a list of the passages in the order you are going to read them, you could then choose the next one. Also, in the history section, it doesn't show the daily Bible reading. It only seems to show the additional passages you chose to read. Since I couldn't read any extra for "the New Testament in a year", I started reading the Old Testament and that is the only thing that shows in my history. So far, I am not liking this app very much.☹️️
  • Beautiful Blessing 5/5

    By RvCra
    Easy to use, great availability..
  • Great Bible App! 5/5

    By Bec4179
    I love this app! Quick and easy to use. Can even use while worshipping on Sunday.
  • Good but still needs improvement 1/5

    By RuvyLo
    I have used this app forever and it is the one I go back to but it needs some work. It frustrates me when I click on the link under the daily bible verse since it usually takes me to the whole verse in the Bible but it glitches. It takes me to whatever spot I left off on rather than to the verse I clicked on. Please fix! When it's fixed I'll give 5 stars.
  • A very functional and useful app 4/5

    By RC in SC
    I've had this app for sometime now for a number of different things related to ministry. I like using the audio feature for listening while on the go. However, one of my frustrations homepage I still have to go through a few clicks. It would be nice to be able to just click on listen begins to pick up. Nonetheless, I have enjoy using it for study as well as personal reading.
  • The best bible app! 5/5

    By trengland
    I have used many different bible apps and this one is by far the best. It has all the features in one app from audio bible to notes and more. I highly recommend.
  • Absolute lately amazing! 5/5

    By bebearly
    This is by far the best app I have ever had in my entire life. I have had many Bibles in my life, but this Bible along with the audio is by far the best. I love being able to listen to Max McLean as I read along. Having someone who knows the correct pronunciation of all of the names and places is the bomb! :-) Thank you and may God bless you richly. Beverly
  • My go to Bible app however.... 4/5

    By DamnitRebecca
    The ads are very distracting when concentrating on the daily scripture. Being in the word and blocking out the world is difficult when it is flashing on the page as the ads change. HarperCollins does not need to have ads on this app. Let me guess, there is a paid ad free version? Please offer the Bible in a non worldly manner. Not a money hungry worldly way.
  • Great, with 1 huge exception 4/5

    By goddogsrunning
    I like this app a lot- but every time the screen powers off, I have to reopen it - and it opens to the home screen, not the Bible passage I was reading. Seems almost impossible to accurately save my place. Very frustrating. But I do love the search and sharing features.
  • My favorite Bible App 5/5

    By Garet Van Zumiez
    Love it...It's simple to use. It has devotionals & an audio Bible which is really great!
  • Not bad, but... 3/5

    By AppGameMaestro
    ...Apparently it doesn't work offline...
  • Not Quite There 2/5

    By ET II
    Should show where we end the day in our reading history, NOT where we start the day. Should be able to go back to the exact spot where we leave off..not open at Gen 1:1 .. Should be able to easily go between audio and Scripture, you make it impossible to do so...must essentially back out or shut down or open on another device. Keep working on it. Ask users for their complaints...not just reviews.. Lord Bless, ET
  • Great but needs better "bookmarking" 4/5

    By Mithalwulf
    Great but needs better "bookmarking". Bookmarking is not quite the right term, since that would be intentional by the reader. When I start reading or listening on a chapter, Bible Gateway doesn't remember where I left off, and I have to figure it out. That's tedious and slows down my progress through the Bible. Otherwise, great app.
  • Ok for free... 2/5

    By Dlj39
    Good for a bible to read or listen to but almost useless as a bible study program. No word select to reference; scroll to select book, chapter, verse; too slow.
  • NO NRSV 3/5

    By lovelylewa
    No New Revised standard version .....
  • I AM impressed so far! 5/5

    By Joomi44
    Please allow future updates to have the choice available of how app users can scroll contrast/compare verse by verse and/or chapter by chapter. I like the way my version (36) displays the 3 Bibles I pick for current viewing for me. THANK YOU! (At first I agreed with Magistra414's complaint in her August 9, 2016 review but now I see the benefit aka silver lining in the way version 36 scroll displays the 3 different versions/translations that I choose to contrast/compare. Thank you, again!) You could throw in a selection of different number ranges, say for example, no more/less than 3 verse groupings, or equal to (=), less than (<), or greater than (>) as well as "and/or" statements not to mention "if/then" statements. --- I AM using an older iPad that my "Papa" and I bought for my "Mommy Dearest" around Black Friday of 2014 (correct year?) but which a young, slender, blond, female wearing an Apple store uniform setup with my Apple ID account (how many Apple ID's were setup in My Name?) and so forth. I downloaded this FREE Bible app late in December 2016 and am running iOS 10.2 on an iPad that feels about 3 or 4 years old. I have not even given any JW related app a 4 star review ANYWHERE! I gave the JW apps a 3 star review at best because I knew they were better than the LDS Mormon related apps. HUZZAH! I look forward to more pleasant surprises because I AM not finished fully exploring this wonderful FREE app. Sincerely, Mrs. Joo-Mi E-Borns
  • Should be ad-free for subscribers! 3/5

    By Jumbacca
    The notes and highlights are a bit wonky in this version of the app,but you biggest issue is the fact that there are ads popping up even though I am a subscriber at
  • Another great Bible study tool 5/5

    By smith321
    I need all the help I can get with the Word of God. This is just one of the tools I use to read and study God's word. Each tool is different in some ways but His word endures forever.
  • Audio? 4/5

    By hannafras
    I love using Bible Gateway and this app!! But lately the audio feature is not functioning.
  • Better, but Still Needs Improvement 3/5

    By languageandexpression
    • When copying a verse that contains parentheses, it doesn't copy the parentheses. • Needs a "Favorites" option for Bible versions. I use this app all the time, but rarely do I ever consult more than the Hebrew and Greek versions, and several English versions. And I switch back and forth between these all the time in my studies. It would be much more convenient to use the app if I could save these Bibles to my "Favorites." PLEASE NOTE: The existing "Recently Used" feature does not work for this because these versions constantly disappear. And it is a pain having to go through the process of selecting the same Bibles over and over—and over—again. • It would be nice to have more robust search capabilities. As it is, searching with the app is very limited. • The native cut/copy feature of iOS would be a welcome addition to the app. It is a lot easier to use than having to "share" a whole verse to the clipboard. Sometimes, too, I don't want a whole verse, just a particular word or phrase.
  • Like it - However... 3/5

    By Holly,P
    I like Bible Gateway very much, however I like to highlight and I am not given any option except to highlight or underline ENTIRE verse. Wish I could choose words or phrases! This would make it a 5 for me but for now just a 3. Also, it would be nice if the verses I highlight would carry over when I switch translations.
  • Wonderful bible app 5/5

    By 19Dakota67
    I love this bible app. The one question I have is... after I download the offline version how do I know if I'm using the offline version? I'm trying not to use up all my data as I listen to the Bible daily.
  • Word of God 5/5

    By ScottyYVeroCavazos
    Love to be able to read anytime needed the words my Heavenly Father wrote for myself and my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. Amen
  • Leave well enough alone!!!!! 2/5

    By Ksmooth612
    I'm not a fan of newest upgrade. It's frustrating when you have to stroll to look up the scriptures when on the old version it was much easier....It's not broke do fix it.
  • Aqwdzgyhhb 5/5

    By Fhfrcjhff
    Has everything i need!!!!
  • Thank you Bible Gateway! 5/5

    By Praying Penny
    Absolutely adore this app! Especially listening to God's awesome Word! It sometimes is difficult to read His Word, the old eyes aren't what they use to be, but, my ears are still holding their own! Thanks again!
  • Didn't like it 3/5

    By Jillxz
    Could not find the Books of the Bible listed to choose what Book I wanted to read. Very frustrating app. I will continue to use the You Version Holy Bible app as it has The Books of the Bible listed in Traditional or Alphabetical order also choosing the chapters and verses are so much easier. The Gateway app cannot measure up
  • Good app. 3/5

    By Ttclau
    It's just missing the ability to copy a vers. Also, it would be nice to have a verse pasted on a selection of background.

Bible Gateway app comments

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