Bible Memory: Scripture Typer

Bible Memory: Scripture Typer

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  • Current Version: 2.54
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Millennial Apps, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Bible Memory: Scripture Typer App

Scripture Typer is the only complete, all-inclusive Bible memory system that equips you to easily MEMORIZE verses, ORGANIZE your verses, & REVIEW your verses on your own personalized, customizable review schedule. Scripture Typer is also the only Bible memory system you can access across all mobile devices & online, at Your progress stays in sync between all of your devices, so you can memorize anytime, anywhere. Even without an Internet connection! MEMORIZE Bible verses fast by actively engaging 3 separate cognitive areas: kinesthetic (touch), visual, and auditory memory. • Kinesthetic: Type the first letter of each word in a verse to quickly memorize it in a proven, 3-step memorization process, Type It—Memorize It—Master It • Visual: Draw Pictures & use Flash Cards (*PRO features). NEW Animated Word Emphasis feature accentuates each word to ingrain it into your memory. • Auditory: Record verse audio & playback for hands-free review (*PRO feature) Create & ORGANIZE your personal Verse Library. • Import verses from ANY of the following 10+ translations from the Internet: Amplified, ESV, HCSB, KJV, NKJV, NASB, NIV, NIV84, NLT, The Message, & in Spanish with Reina-Valera 1960. • Enter verses manually in ANY version. • Choose Bible verses by topic from 57 verse collections in our Verse Library. • Create & name your own verse collections with verses you choose yourself. • Join one of over 9,000 Bible memory groups to memorize verses together. • Start your own Bible memory group. It’s easy to invite others via text message, email, Facebook, & Twitter. Never forget another verse with our SMART REVIEW SYSTEM. • Our Smart Review System reminds you to review your verses on an automated schedule. • You can also customize your review schedule for any verse to review it on your own schedule (*PRO feature). • Receive emails &/or mobile Review Notifications to review verses at the time of your choice. Some other things you might like to know: • Scripture Typer will guide you through the 3-step memorization process, Type It—Memorize It—Master It. • Once a verse is memorized, you can easily review your verses by typing, using Flash Cards (*PRO feature), or with Audio playback (*PRO feature). • Save time: Only type the first letter of each word when using the app. • Type without looking: Modified key zones give you credit for hitting any key adjacent to the correct letter. • Heat Maps automatically highlight trouble spots in your verses (*PRO feature). • Earn Badges & Advance in Rank with other members. • Track Your Progress: See history charts of your memorization progress (*PRO feature). • Share: Easily share verses with friends via text message, email, Facebook, & Twitter. • Multi-User & Family Friendly: Easily use multiple accounts on the same device. About Scripture Typer’s Audio Bible Verse Recorder (*PRO feature): • Record yourself reading your Scripture memory verses. • Play back verses individually or by collection in a continuous loop. • Review while driving, walking, sleeping—hands-free, anytime, anywhere! • Select background music from your device & independently adjust the volume. • Turn off your screen & your recordings can continue to play. • Recordings sync between all of your mobile devices. • TIP: Speak along with your recordings for an extra retention boost. Engage your senses. Succeed at Bible memory with Scripture Typer today! *Scripture Type PRO is available as an in-app purchase.


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Bible Memory: Scripture Typer app reviews

  • Great tool! 5/5

    By Scooter624
    This is a good one to have in your toolkit to help memorize and spend time in Gods Word.
  • Good but Finicky 4/5

    By Superpal123
    I like this app but why does it regularly crash when hitting the Back button to return to previous screens? I'm constantly having to restart this app to get to the "pre-crash" screen.
  • Version 2.53 5/5

    By Jnab
    I've been a ST user for 3 years and have found support to be tops. The new version is even easier to use and very clean. The real blessing is that twice or more daily it gets me in His Word, helps me to meditate day and night, and hides His Word on the table of my heart. I use the collections to refer to verses from books or pastors message or by category like encouragement, sharing the gospel, or parables. I've tried others and this is by far the best. It's the only app I use every day. I’m especially looking forward to the additional features due out soon q4 17’.
  • Great system for memorization! 5/5

    By MAFlymom1
    We all complain about our memories these days! Well, if you don't use it, you lose it! Every part of our being needs exercise and I can think of no better nourishment for brain exercise than God's Word! I love the variety of tools available to meet everyone's personal learning style.
  • I Love ❤️ Scripture Typer 5/5

    By Oh Rosie
    I love God's Word, and Scripture Typer has helped me systematically and consistently put to memory my life verses and the verses I need for what I'm going through in season. The review schedule has been spot on and the drawings really do help!!! Thank you Scripture Typer!!!
  • Game changer update: almost perfect 4/5

    By Wallyman.8
    Best Bible memory app out there. For sure worth the money. Recent update is huge improvement for how often you review a verse based on how accurate you typed it the first time. Only challenge I have is to find a way to learn the verse references better. This app is the best for memorizing the words of a verse, but after several years of use I have hundreds and hundreds of verses memorized, but the majority of them I don’t know the reference.
  • Help for the weak! 4/5

    By Bookliib
    I really like this app. It has given me incentive and help at last to systematically memorize. As I’ve gotten older or has gotten more difficult to memorize, to the point where I thought I could no longer keep verses in my mind. This app has helped to change all that. I really love using it daily!
  • My favorite app 5/5

    By Blink's mom
    This is my favorite app and has been a real blessing to me. I was nervous about the update, but when I went on today, I was able to easily restore my pro status and am enjoying some of the new features. I have recommended this app to many people and can unreservedly recommend the upgrade to anyone who needs a little help with hiding God's word in their heart.
  • Could improve 4/5

    By Brooke8231
    It would be very helpful if the app sent me a verse of the day to memorize. It's nice picking my own verses but I would rather learn them in random order.
  • Badges Are Annoying 2/5

    By jtsmythe
    This app does what it advertised but I find the badges very annoying. Not sure who came up with badges as a motivator but they work for only for 2 year olds. I’m sorry to sound so negative otherwise this is a decent app.
  • Best app out there 5/5

    By ChocolateMaya
    Cannot recommend this app highly enough. I tell my friends and family about it whenever the opportunity arises. I have gone from about 40 verses memorized to over 800 in the few years that I’ve used this app. Adding just 2 verses a week, I am now working through my 2nd book in the NT in addition to all the recommended memory passages by great men of the Word. I’d happily take anyone out to coffee to share with them the joys of memorizing the Word through this app. Such a key component to sanctification and loving and obeying our Great Savior and even examining our salvation to see if it’s genuine (2 Cor 13:5) and we can be certain it is not if the idea of obeying our Savior is unpleasant to us. Praise the Lord for His Word and for this app which gets it into our hearts that we might not sin against Him. Ps 119:11!
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By College Faculty RN
    Never had any problems with it and I’ve had it a couple of years. Easy to use and has been a good help in getting back to Bible memorization.
  • I've mastered over 700 verses in two years! 5/5

    By Bachtell STPro
    This App is great! I've tried many ways over the years, but this method beats them all! The first few weeks, I mastered 50+ verses, mostly old favorites. I think the best way to start is to use those familiar verses you love and have come to know over the years. Then add to that. I'm so pleased and thankful that after two years, I have mastered over 800 verses! I'm 67 years old, and can't remember what I had for breakfast yesterday, but God helps me memorize His precious Words!! The review system is amazing! ST keeps up with when you need to review certain verses, and voila...they appear on your review list, ready to work on. I use my cell almost exclusively! It's my favorite 'game' and the way I love to fill up empty minutes in the waiting room or waiting in line. You may want to simply brush up on your favorites or encourage your kids or grandkids to hide God's Word in their hearts! Your goal might be low or high, try ST! You'll have a song in your heart before long! God's Word is so important to me. I want to keep it close to my heart and soul! ST helps me hide His Word in my heart on a daily basis. The Holy Spirit then pulls these verses out of my soul when I need them or when I am helping someone during difficult times. I highly recommend ST Pro! So Blessed! 'Dot'
  • Force closes 4/5

    By StrongEnough1
    Trying to retrieve My Collection of verses and it force closes when trying to open one of the collections. Please fix. Thank you. Other than the force close love the app!
  • What a great tool! 5/5

    By wayne_cort
    This is a great tool in so many ways! The best part is that you can have fun while learning God’s Word! Thank you to the app makers and creators of this wonderful app!!
  • Almost 4/5

    By pi_cat
    Summary of previous review: Great app, small bugs: 31-day months skip day 9; import verse couldn't find 1 Samuel 12:22. Rating: 4 stars New 10/17: I noticed with the update it now has more day numbers missing. Is this intentional? Also, the setting where the words flicker in and out during "Type it" and "Memorize it" is gone in "Type Everything" mode. I really liked to use both and it helped me a lot... Was this done on purpose or is it a bug? PLEASE fix/bring back this combination! Lastly, I realized it can't import ANY 1 Samuel 12 verse 13 or later (there's 25 verses). I haven't encountered this problem anywhere else yet, but still, that's 13 verses missing already. Really used to like this app. Just a tip outside of what's previously mentioned: I'd really like a function to verbally memorize verses, with voice recognition or something.
  • Grateful for this app!!!! 5/5

    By SingsalotII
    I never leave reviews. I think this is my second one ever. But this app has helped me memorize the first four chapters of John and it is life changing! Anyone wanting to memorize scripture, I highly recommend this app! It's set up to where if you do it step by step, it would be hard not to memorize it! Great app!!!
  • Separate Purchase Idea 4/5

    By Keenkeencuh
    It would be a good idea to make it available to purchase curtain features of the app, only because 7.99 is a lot less tempting than maybe paying a curtain portion for just unlimited verses, and maybe another feature, and making all other features separate purchases. I love the typing, and learning feature of the app; It works fantastically! Great app.
  • Love the app 5/5

    By apuck
    Awesome system for memorizing God’s word in the digital age.
  • Love this app 5/5

    Love this app. Without it I would be lost
  • Love the app, but... 4/5

    By Mr. Pizzle
    I love this app. I haven’t opened it in a few days, but, when I got back to it, the typing was doing some funky things. I noticed that the app was updated six hours ago, so maybe something was tweaked and threw something else off in the process...?
  • Essential App for Memorization 5/5

    By Drew Gandy
    This app is the best way to memorize scripture, period.
  • App works well 4/5

    By HereComesTheSon
    Good app for scripture review.
  • Invaluable Resource 5/5

    By Troybevil
    Being a Seminary student this app has been a God send. More importantly is what a blessing it can be for the Spiritual Development of every believer.
  • Great App!! 5/5

    By katenic
    I have loved this app for years. And it’s getting better and better. Great job on the latest update!
  • So easy! 5/5

    By hms53
    I used to sit with paper and pen, writing verses over and over to help myself memorize Scripture... do you know how many trees this saves?? 😉. I love this app!
  • Effective tool for memorizing Bible verses 5/5

    By Love eating
    I looked at all of the popular apps for memorizing Bible verses, and this one seemed to have the best combination of features. I started memorizing verses in late September and now 4 months later, I have over 50 completely memorized. That's probably more than I memorized in the past 40 years! You can choose to type the entire verse or just the first letter of each word. It will ding you if you forget an "and" or a "but" or if you type "Jesus Christ" instead of "Christ Jesus." It seems harsh but it forces you to truly memorize the verse, not just get the gist of it. It makes you really think about every single word of the verse. I personally have found it beneficial. The key is consistency. I try to review verses at least once a day, but preferably 2-3 times a day. Update: I memorized over 230 verses in the first year. I work on the most recent new verses on the weekends and I try to review all of my memorized verses over the course of the weekend. It's so good to know verses that help me in my everyday life and which come in handy for teaching my children or encouraging others. Update: Now 2 years later, I have over 400 memorized verses!
  • I love the app... when it works 4/5

    By EthanDude545
    Just updated to the new 11.0.1 and it is crashing every time I open it. It’s unusable unfortunately.
  • A wonderful resource 5/5

    By Bw37
    Thank you to the creators of this app. It has been a real blessing to me in committing God's word to my memory. I had tried other plans for memorizing Scripture, but always seemed to fail to make much progress with them. With this app I am up to 500 verses and looking forward to memorizing more.
  • Even better than before 5/5

    By Redriogrand
    I really like the changes you did with this app. It had made it even easier to memorize scripture.
  • After update, still crashing during typing 3/5

    By Urbanwild
    I am confident that this is the most ingenious verse memorization software tool out there. So glad i downloaded it. Should be vetted across a full range of hardware types before being given clean bill of health. In the middle of a verse, and "poof" - it’s gone. I use ipad pro with large screen, ios 11. If i had any other criticism - and this is trivial - the interface is kind of... "blah." What it lacks in beauty it more than makes up for in productivity (call it the "Leah" of verse memorization software.) Thanks
  • Please fix bugs! 4/5

    By Stef E.
    Just started using this app, and really liked it until it kept crashing on me. I'm hoping that the recent update just has some kinks that need to be worked out.
  • This is the greatest app ever! 5/5

    By Dfry1957
    I have used Scripture Typer every day for the last few years. I started off with individual verses and now memorize chapters and books of the Bible. The app has helped me to be consistent with my Bible study and meditation on the Scripture.
  • LOVE THIS! 5/5

    By 4Brad321
    I love this app so much! I had stopped memorizing verses because it was so hard to organize large memory projects. But this makes it so easy. I love that I can log into my account from my computer and print memory verse cards.
  • Great Tool 5/5

    By Vegepilot
    Very helpful tool. This is an app that gets used all the time.
  • Text to speech 1/5

    By Scoonie14924
    Need text to speech
  • Love it 5/5

    By Lupitasmonzon
    Love it.... love it...... love it...... It helps my kids memorize their verses.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Jimothy51
    I'm challenged to devote time to this but it's a great app for Scripture memorization!
  • Wonderful tool! 5/5

    By bauerville
    The instant feedback is wonderful. I love the way it prompts me to remember the verses I have learned for review, which helps with long term recall.
  • Fantastic tool 5/5

    By jmnegley
    After several years of using this app, it's solid design, support and accessibility has allowed it to become a great facilitator for organizing, tracking and motivating systematic scripture memory. It is very flexible and helpful to encourage this critical discipline for me.
  • Helpful 5/5

    By Fwdlib
    Easy to type using first letter of each word! Helpful tool to keep God's word in my head and heart.
  • Highly recommend it 4/5

    By Yafizi
    Along with the Bible app, I recommend having this app. Everything is smooth, no problems.
  • I upgraded to show my gratitude 5/5

    By S in atl
    It's a great and thoughtful app that has a lot of flexibility. While the free version is worthwhile, I upgraded simply to express my gratitude to the developers and support team. It's a small token of thanks when you consider the impact it could have on your life.
  • Best scripture memory app out there 5/5

    By TheJess1234
    For years, I've thought surely someone out there would want to develop an app that could either replace or help supplement memorization through verse packs/cards, and this app is it!! It is so well done in every detail, and after trying various other apps, this is the only one, in my opinion, that is truly effective for the Navigators style of memorization. I love it, and it's encouraged my scripture memory so much, and made it really fun and enjoyable. The huge bonus is that I can form a group and memorize alongside my memory verse partners, which is outstanding. Thanks so much for making this app! 👏🏼
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Avatarf dog
    Our whole family uses this app to memorize verses together. Thank you!
  • Back to Scripture Memorization 5/5

    By Wifelover1982
    I have enjoyed using this app and have learned or reviewed many versus over the few months I have had it.
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By LoriBigby
    I use this app nearly every day. Not only is it helping me memorize scriptures that I love, it gives me the opportunity to meditate on that particular verse and apply it to my life. It truly is bringing me more light and for that I'm grateful.
  • Great app for Scripture memory 5/5

    By CrushedIce411
    I've been using this app for about a year & have memorized almost 400 verses. Great review system. I would recommend this app for anyone serious about Scripture memorization.
  • The best app I have ever used! 5/5

    By Pat&Rick
    I am usually disappointed with any I get, but this one is just absolutely the best. It's perfectly versatile and usable and customizable. I love it! It challenges you and keeps you interested. I thought that it would hinder by verbal reiteration but it doesn't. It almost like writing the verse over and over. The only negative thing I can say is that I don't like the was the flash cards flip. If you flip left to right it will flip the card and then go on to the next card, while up and down goes to next card while on the same face. I would prefer that left/right would strictly flip the card and the only way to advance to the the next card would be to flip up and down. It gets frustrating trying to remember if you are about to flip the card or advance, hence extra annoying flips. Other than that it's great. And I'm not even using all the features like the pictures and the vocal recordings.
  • Bible 5/5

    By Lilmiabia1
    It helped me get 100 in my bible class

Bible Memory: Scripture Typer app comments


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