BIGO LIVE - Live Stream

BIGO LIVE - Live Stream

  • Category: Social Networking
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 3.14.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Compatibility: Android
4,365 Ratings
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BIGO LIVE - Live Stream App

From live video streaming to real-time interaction, BIGO allows you to live broadcast your life, connect with your friends, fans and favorite broadcasters as well as following them. BIGO LIVE, which is creating a completely new modernized world of connecting and sharing, has reached 150 million users around the world. Don't wait – Join us, broadcast your life, gain fans and make new friends now. ===KEY FEATURES=== ▶ New! Join Multi-Guest Live Group Video Chat Now The Multi-Guest room is much more fun way to interact with others. See what the groups are chatting and doing, then join them. Just imagine how crazy and funny it is! ▶ Go LIVE Singing, dancing, eating, chatting... Just broadcast what you are doing with nothing more than a smartphone. ▶ Watch Live Streams Explore the amazing world through thousands of live videos or search for broadcasts by location or topic. ▶ Gameplay Streaming Watch your favorite games, showcase your gameplay, meet gamers like yourself and play games together. ▶ Vlogging Your Life Turn your life and talent into creative vlog & discover all the vlogs you love. ▶ Real-Time Interaction Chat with broadcasters, send them gifts or join the live. ▶ Guest Live Invite your friends to co-host your show! ▶ People Nearby Discover and make friends with people nearby. ▶ Exchange Gift to Cash Exchange your beans to cash. Broadcast, earn money and rejoice! More innovative & exciting features coming soon… Follow us to get the latest news and updates: BIGO LIVE Official Website: Facebook: @bigoliveapp Twitter: @bigoliveapp Instagram: @bigoliveapp YouTube: Dear BIGO LIVE users, if you have any feedback and suggestions please kindly send them to


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BIGO LIVE - Live Stream app reviews

  • Fun!!! 5/5

    By Wapatoa
    Very good app!
  • مشكورين 5/5

    By السمزد
  • Awesome app to chat 4/5

    By sweetxo
    It’s a cool fun app to meet different people... chat rooms are always great!
  • جميل 5/5

    By 🌟👌🏻
  • Super nice !!!! 5/5

    By HaironTeamH
    Súper nice , me gusta mucho muy divertido 😆 y tengo muchos amigos ... gracias
  • برنامج جدا جدا جميل 5/5

    By فراس اليوسفي
    برنامج راقي وجميل جدا
  • Awesome 5/5

    By 29 fen
  • Good apps 5/5

    By MrSam1102

    By Francesca Nesva
    omg I love this app people are super engaging! But the only thing that I hate is that there are so many guys that try to get girls! I mean come on!
  • Two thumbs up 5/5

    By Bustah006
  • ggg 5/5

    By شدوو
  • Love 5/5

    By ikingkeeto
    Love it
  • برنامج جدا رائع لكن فيه الانسان الجيد والعكس صحيح.. 5/5

    By BLACK2_27
  • SCAM!! Developer Response/Support Lies... Bought Gems, and Banned 100% wrongfully. 1/5

    By Nickhaaaaa
    Developer Response tells me to download the latest version and try the self-unbanning system when I stated I have tried that multiple times. 15173578495096 Stay AWAY!!!! APP will TAKE your MONEY and BAN YOU!!!!CUSTOMER SUPPORT IS ALL AUTOMATED. I played this app over a year, I was level 23 and a frequent diamond buyer. I know every rule on this app. I read each one carefully to make sure I wasn’t mistaken. The app said I’m permanently banned for a class A offense right after I made a purchase of 20$, the diamonds are still on my account from a year ago. I tried to send emails, and even the new feature of the auto-banning system. I keep getting the same automated response that I was banned, and I can’t even plead my case. I asked what exactly I did, but instead I get the same automated response that tells me nothing. If I spent about 300$ USD I deserve a response that isn’t automated. This means that anyone who spends a lot to get a high level is liable to get banned for no cause. I’m certain. I’m not a liar by any means, at this point I just want to warn people don’t spend too much. They will ban your account in an attempt for you to make a new one to get a higher level. It was so simple to make a new one, but I refuse to make a purchase unless they unban my main. Please share the evidence of what I did write here in this section if I did something wrong, I want to see. I know myself, I’m not that type of person. Live.Me is much better, I never had a problem with them and I do live much more on there. If this app proves me wrong, I’ll give it 5 star but it will never happen because I was scammed! They don’t care about customer support.
  • ❤️ 5/5

    By Nkkhhr
  • God💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻♥️ 5/5

    By خشمان الشمري
  • روعة 4/5

    By ياسين العزاوي
  • This app is ok if you are ok with harassing women 2/5

    By 😽💩👻🤝😹
    We on this app has bad people most do not speak English people say you know show that booty or let me see your jugs and more that I can’t even say the Notifications go through the roof your phone iPad iPod with go off 20 4 7never ending I get notifications 24 hours and even though you can block people it is still not enough because that is just for the one live stream not all the time people mostly target women and that still make me physically ill and mad and no one can do anything about it
  • ❤️❤️ 5/5

    By kizooko
    very nice app
  • 07701242472 1/5

    By بيكولايف
  • شيرين 5/5

    By ابو مؤمل الاهوازي
    جمييييل جداً
  • Very nice 5/5

    By Madamedoo
    Very good
  • Raed 5/5

    By رائد العمودي
  • Bigo Live 5/5

    By ItsWooLicious
    This is an awesome app for going live, and talking to different people around the world. It's easy to use and lots of fun! :)
  • Not good 1/5

    By VapingClouds
    First off, app design is terrible. Everything looks thrown around and hard to get used to. Second, there is no way to keep things private. Anyone can watch and with screen record available, they creeps screen record and post anywhere. Nothing but women teasing, dancing, and doing whatever to get beans? It’s a ridiculous app with good intentions with a huge dark side. Then, there is no way to completely delete your account! Between the privacy factor and forcing you to keep account open, i don’t see why Apple even allows this app. If you want to keep it clean, it needs a subscription to use. Otherwise, it is going to keep getting worse. Nothing but a virtual nightclub/stripclub.
  • hj 5/5

    By tdhfdj
  • Best social app 5/5

    By Zain111110
    I love this app you meet lots of cool and interesting people around the globe.
  • I’ve come to this conclusion. 1/5

    By Duvirdviobbdeukv
    I think I’ve figured BIGO out. Here’s how it works. If you’re a big star, have a lot of followers spending money on the app to give you beans, then you’re exempt from the rules. That’s what I’ve noticed after being on this crappy app for a while. All the “show girls, BIGO whores” that have a lot of followers, BIGO won’t ban them from breaking the rules because they bring it a lot of money from basement dwelling guys that are too ugly or scared to approach a woman in real life. BIGO is basically the equivalent of without the nudity. The more popular girls are protected from banning, while the less known broadcasters are banned for next to nothing. That’s because they don’t have a lot of fans or bring in enough revenue. The BIGO app basically pimps out their BIGO sluts for money. That’s why this app is a piece of garbage. Not only that, though. When those sick perverts aren’t jacking it to the BIGO whores, they like to spend their time harassing underage girls by trying to talk them into getting nude for beans. It’s really a terrible app. They need to enforce the rules for EVERYONE. Not just the smaller broadcasters. Bunch of perverted hypocrites.
  • مممتاز بس بدون تعارف احلى 5/5

    By قرروب صيانة الايفون
  • G 5/5

    By _mjeed.s
  • Good app! 5/5

    By Candyvile
    I think it is a very good live streaming app! It’s very easy to learn how and plus you can do it with your friends! Also I found that more people come to watch my streams more then any other app!
  • العراق 5/5

    By تيموررر😍😍😍
    برنامج رووووووعه وانصح بلكل تنزله
  • Banned for no reason 1/5

    By Sungyeols forever
    I got banned for not looking 18. I provided them with my license proving and yet I am not unbanned. I think bigo needs to reevaluate some of the VIPs and also not let people ban others just because they don't get their way. I've heard from many people that bigo doesn't even look into who they are banning and why. Fix this immediately or others will soon leave this platform.
  • Nice 5/5

    By AbdullahMSAS
  • Should that be banned or not? 1/5

    By Cary8888
    Girls with skimpy outfits are there all the time, but if you have a robe it’s 50/50. You can sleep or see a video game menu up doing nothing and they can bore us to death and they stay on. Buying beans,receiving things and exchanging is confusing. Sometimes people put some effort on their broadcast and get banned while some broadcast from a pool with the same outfit stay forever. I guess they have different moderators/gods to say if it’s okay or not. 90% of the stuff that are on are garbage like a empty chair, the persons ceiling, person half/top of their head. Banned them and tell them to broadcast when they are ready or when they know how.
  • Todo funciona mal 1/5

    By Nechyyy
    Para ser una aplicación monetaria nada funciona bien los top todo anda mal es sera una manera de agradecer a los inversores ???
  • Random Bans 1/5

    By LeeBoBoRam
    I got Ban because they amuse my age, like hello. Because someone looks young doesn’t mean they are young and because someone looks older doesn't mean they are. Maybe ask proof of age
  • Its okay 4/5

    By Tashyah
    I love this app I just wish it was more people that speak English on here
  • Sickening 1/5

    By Gazle582357
    Too many pervs from India you guys seriously are scum!
  • Read! 5/5

    By :::::::::)))))))))
    I’m not being racist but there are so many people speaking another language and I can’t understand, very few people that speak English on here, can we get an English hashtag so people can get there own language?
  • 😴 1/5

    By Chicago1978@m
    I don’t know why when I sleep they stop me three daysIt’s illegal to somebody sleep or it’s wrong I’m just sleeping I’m not doing bad thing I feel sleep they stop me three days
  • Ban multiple times for no reason 2/5

    By Moeclay29
    I got ban for being under age when my little brother was the one who was on my account without my knowledge. I would like my ban to be appealed cause I didnt know he was on my account
  • Rate 5/5

    By Hluanvo
    I love it 😆😆😆
  • hẹdjdj 5/5

    By hdjudđ
    5 sao
  • Just another chatroulette 2/5

    By Textcrwds
    It's a monetized group chatroulette. The only saving grace are actual singers and entertainers. Diamonds are too expensive. Only ones making out financially here is bigo; not the hosts. I've seen their ranking renumeration on their contract. Laughable.
  • Great except memory-hog 4/5

    By DC596
    Great App with lots to see. Only complaint is that it uses massive memory on Apple devices, for no apparent reason. Tried deleting and re-installing, but quickly became a huge file again, even with clear-memory option in App’s settings.
  • Nice! 5/5

    By *MrToan*
  • Alex32 5/5

    By Aleksandar 32
    Good 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
  • Dis is f***aannoying 1/5

    By Cerreny
    I really love this app but people are really really inappropriate year and I'm only 10 years old if you want to do this app please the older but if I were you DO NOT GET IT !!!!!!
  • Not happy 1/5

    By Dk honey
    I’ll spend mad money but they block me for no reason like 3 times

BIGO LIVE - Live Stream app comments


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