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  • Current Version: 3.81.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Playtika Santa Monica, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Bingo Blitz - Bingo Games App

Bingo Blitz Around the World! Get your dauber and Bingo Cards ready and experience endless excitement with one of the best free bingo games around! Join Blitzy and Moxie, your energetic online bingo assistants and travel the globe winning incredible bingo tournaments and spinning Vegas slots Feel the rush and get your daily bonus with Bingo Blitz! Play your best bingo cards, compete in tournaments, play in different cities all over the world & win free bonuses everywhere you go! Enter our sensational seasonal rooms and join special events or quests to collect a HUGE assortment of shadow cards from different corners of the world every time you call BINGO! An Elite Bingo Experience Find your lucky numbers and claim your BIG BINGO BONUS! Discover new free bingo and slot games. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you heard right, bingo slots games! Challenge yourself in playing multiple bingo cards dabbing on treasure chests and mystery chests to unlock lucky rewards & have fun playing bingo! Travel the world on a Vegas SLOTS & BINGO ADVENTURE and play in the hottest cities! Make your way from London to Tokyo and all the way over to Atlantic City. Daub your way through while playing multiple cards and unlocking new cities! Win HUGE REWARDS and collect XP points while reaching new levels and climbing the leaderboards. Use your Power-Ups and boosts to collect BIG WINS and level up. Free Bingo Game for True Bingo Lovers Join our Vegas BINGO HOLIDAY FUN and invite your friends to play! Find the biggest jackpot bingo has to offer and gain Playtika rewards along the way. Play to see if you are the lucky winner of the day at our online bingo game tournaments. Play social bingo with friends to become a champion and send them our bingo blitz free gifts. Want more? Play slots online in one of the most dazzling apps! Learn the bingo Vegas lingo and never put your dauber down again! Enter our bingo palace and feel like royalty! Collect all of the shadow cards to receive your Blitzy Badges and feel like you’re in bingo heaven. Join tournaments online in one of the best bingo multiplayer apps – Download Bingo Blitz today! What are you waiting for? Join the largest bingo community around and start collecting your huge jackpots today! We would love to hear from you! You can reach us at BINGO Blitz contains optional in-app purchases. This product is intended for use by those 21 or older for amusement purposes only. Practice or success at social casino gaming does not imply future success at real money gambling. The games do not offer "real money gambling" or an opportunity to win real money or prizes. Enjoy a game of Bingo – You’ve earned it!


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Bingo Blitz - Bingo Games app reviews

  • Last update 1/5

    By Chyna Grace
    With this last update the game is frozen and I can’t get it to do anything!!
  • Impossible 1/5

    By tldesigns
    They should just turn this app to a real cash winnings game because it’s like a waste of time when you just want to relax and win at least one game. Stupid!!!!!
  • Won't connect 1/5

    By Wmfrozen
    Update- still unable to connect with FB!!! After update app won't connect to FB. Uninstalled and reinstalled twice, still nothing!! Will let me play as guest but not log in.
  • One Problem After Another 1/5

    By BCFlyBy
    This game has always had issues for me, several years of trying to play. The most current one is there is NO sound. All sounds for the game are turned on, and everything else on my ipad has sound. Going to delete this app and find one that works -just thought I’d give it one more try so I didn’t lose all my credits. Not worth it anymore...
  • Bingo Blitz 1/5

    By *64
    Totally disappointed with this game. You are never given a chance to use the last number given. There are no instructions and I still don’t know what good the money is as I can’t purchase power-ups with it. Also, what is XPR used for? Would not recommend it to anyone. I am trying to use up my credits and delete.
  • Tournament 2/5

    By eily2
    I missed 2 bingo rounds in daily tournament because game kicked me out also the game doesn't give instant bingos and you can't trade power ups for bingo points and the red gem is too hard to get I have been playing for 7 years and still don't have it you made it too hard to get having to score in top of game. I am tired of guests winning the first bingos thus eliminating regular players from getting their prizes totally unfair I am getting ready to quit playing because of this plus you can’t convert power ups for tokens I found another bingo game that is easier to get points and credits than bingo blitz You can get tickers ,points and credit. I lost faith in bingo blitz when after playing forb7 years I still need red finish room totally not worth it
  • Fun..Then Frustrating..Finally No Longer Fun. 1/5

    By JustBCoz
    Great bingo app if you enjoy buying more and more and then even more credits to “randomly” ...(bulls**t)... get a shadow card you need.
  • Jbwmom124 1/5

    By jbwmom124
    I have literally been trying to get some of the hard to find items to show up randomly for a great deal of time...I will win some items over and over and over and over...same with used to be fun when ppl could trade and it was not a money pit...the excitement wears off when you feel that buying credits and buying coins is your only option...make it fun may have a lot of “listed” players who haven’t deleted the app, but wonder how many still really play? Hope the money was worth all of these bad reviews because greed works for a while, but soon your repeat customers disappear and it becomes just an old app...try to remember from whence you came and who helped you get there
  • Fun 5/5

    By SIRROE1
    Like this game but I really would love to actually not to be cheated on the game.
  • Rosey 1/5

    By roseydel
    Awful, almost impossible to win!!!
  • Used to be fun 1/5

    By glshayes
    I have to agree with everyone else. I have been playing for years but in the last year it changed. Even the normal items are hard to get. Sometimes you won’t see a needed shadow card for weeks. I used to play every day, now just once a week. And, use all my credits and still never see the shadow I need. One room I got the same 2 shadow cards 10 games in a row. I think bb needs to review their game before everyone goes to another bingo app.
  • Manipulation at its best 1/5

    By D*_
    Tries to force micro transactions so hard i refuse to spend any money even when i want to. I literally have 5 pop ups every single time I open a screen. Obnoxious blinking ads on the sides of the page.
  • Never got credits 2/5

    By Breblancoent
  • In app purchases are so much for so little. 1/5

    By ktb224
    I really hope people are smart enough not to purchase credits or anything from bingo blitz. You are asked to spend a lot of money and get very little in return. It’s insulting tbh. Also, the seasonal rooms and quests are a total joke. They are not worth the rewards. 400 credits for a room than will take you thousands to complete? Come on people, do the math! I quit even looking at seasonal rooms before Christmas and it’s the meat choice I’ve ever made! If you’re desperate to play more, create a second account, it’s not hard. Whatever you do, don’t buy anything with real money!
  • Money grubbing 1/5

    By Hahahahahahhahahhahahahaha
    I love the game but ur right it’s all about the money u hardly ever bingo and the little amount of daily credits u get for bingo is ridiculous I’m really over it I’m thinking about deleting the app I’m tired of paying for things then it don’t ever get downloaded
  • Really sad it’s so bad 1/5

    By gitter6
    I have been playing here since 2013 and I am Guest no. 014. That means I was the 14th person to join here. I only get 92 credits and 13,OOO coins daily. I have played 27,525 cards and only bingoed 3113 times and I am on level 153. I don’t even get enough coins in 23 hours to play 2 games. How SAD. This new gold wheel I see is all it does, NO SPINS , IT IWLL NOT SPIN At ALL. This is a fun game but those that run it keep u from winning. I am about done on this site so STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME. TERRIBLE at being fair Too sad
  • Bingo blitz 5/5

    By 139sd
    My favorite bingo game I’m addicted !

    By Yursafe
    All about getting you to spend money. I’ve had a lot of rip-offs. Some are impossible to win.
  • Time killer 4/5

    By Mrshindu
    It’s a good game to pass the time.
  • Bingo Blitz 3/5

    By Lyhodson
    I’ve been playing this game for 5 or so years now along with several other bingo games. I stopped playing this game for about a year or so because of issues with the game, but recently started playing the daily bonus games everyday. This game has changed drastically, and LOTS of players complain daily about the scores. I have a large amount of coins and tokens, so I always play FOUR cards, but I seldom have a total score of 300-500! Some days I don’t get even one bingo, unlike the other bingo games I play the same way and ALWAYS have scores between 1000-2000 with large bonuses every day. If you review the chat, you will see numerous complaints about the final scores! This really takes the fun out of playing the game. Also, Bingo Blitz should give an option of auto dabs ALL THE TIME like the other games I play because it allows you to play and multitask!
  • Can’t log back into facebook 1/5

    By Nahkande
    My wife and I played this game for years. Recently she logged into her account on my iPad because her iPad is too old and slow. Now I cannot log into my account anymore. When I contacted support I was told to log into my account and resubmit my ticket. Yeah, sure. If I were able to get into my account there wouldn’t be a need for me to contact them. After I post this we both are deleting Bingo Blitz. Edit: Logging out does not work. The app automatically logs into her account with out giving me an option to log into another account. Edit: It did not work.
  • Read the review people...don’t purchase this app 1/5

    By Momto2boys09
    I’ve played this bingo game for years and it’s always been fun...UNTIL the past year. It’s all about the money now. Rooms are too hard to complete; items are too hard to collect. They say it’s not rigged but it has to be. In the free tournament rooms I always seem to get the instant win power up but in the seasonal room I get coins or a double xp. Weird right? Or how about when I miss a shadow card four times in a row. Not fishy at all. 🙄 I’ve actually purchased a few credits here and there but something always goes wrong and I don't get what I paid for. I contact support so much they probably know me on a personal level. I wish they would show a tiny ounce of concern for their players. It would also be nice if they would quit being crooks and actually maintain what used to be an awesome game. Just stay away from this app and try some others. It’ll save you a lot of frustration and heartache.
  • Extremely Disappointed 1/5

    By Kimburlzes
    I’ve been playing Bingo Blitz since 2013, and although they have continually changed the game, it wasn’t until a few days ago when they changed the “Daily Bonus” points that I’m now done! I’m an Elite member and have been for several years. I get 97 credits and 700 coins a day. That’s what I’ve worked myself up too and it adds up to quite a bit each month. I actually believe their trying to get long-standing members to quit so they don’t have to give away this amount of credits and money each month. For the last three days spinning on that “new wheel” they have created, today I got a whopping 29 credits. Yesterday, I believe I got 13! The way it use to be is like what you see when your deciding if you want to download the app. Like a slot machine. It was fun! And you could actually win something once in a while. Now they’ve changed it. And although they’re not suppose to be rigged, if you read enough reviews, there has to be no doubt that they are. So, your chances of winning ANYTHING good on the Daily Bonus is probably the same odds as winning the Lottery! I am so very disappointed in Bingo Blitz. You guys ruined a game I know many people enjoyed playing. By the way, you better remove the slot machine on your app. That’s misrepresentation.
  • Daily Credit Change 1/5

    By LoyalChiveAppUser
    I have the most up to date app, 1/26/18. However, overnight a push was made that eliminated the collection of daily credits and spins. It's just a free spin every 10 hrs. This change turns this free game one that's pay to play. Especially since the credit cost per card did not change. Other changes have been ok but this is too much and very unfortunate.
  • Done with this game 1/5

    By Po d user
    I have been playing this game for a number of years and it has only gotten worse to play. Now they take away the daily slots to screw you out of freebies.
  • Rooms too hard to complete 1/5

    By Lac31705
    Use to be a fun game to play but game has gotten way to hard. Unable to play and complete rooms. Same people win over and over! Just not fun anymore.@
  • Done 2/5

    By ShanonHuelsman
    I’ve been playing this game for around four years and now it’s all about the money they’re trying to get from you, and the game quality has gone down hill! I randomly get booted off the game for poor connection, yet I have good WiFi. I’m done playing this game!
  • Rigged 4/5

    By cathie527
    I love the game, but it is disheartening when I only have 5 balls out if 24 that are called and none of them in treasure chests or money. This usually happens when I am close to being out or are out of Bingo chips. It makes me wonder if the game is rigged so that I will purchase chips.
  • Bingo Blitz 5/5

    By Okieeez
    Great bingo game, I have hours of fun. Everyone will enjoy this game.
  • Bingo 5/5

    By Duckman77
  • I’m not happy yet 3/5

    By Cjc522
    I am not happy with the timing of the last ball dropping and the clock reaching zero. I had a double Bingo and as soon as my # dropped which was the last number it’s the same time as zero so you can’t even punch the number bc the cards grey out. You need to either change the timing where the time hits zero before another ball drops or if the last ball drops give some time before the zero, don’t let them both happen at the same time.
  • Great Game 5/5

    By Acqua104
    Love the game, very addictive
  • Good game 5/5

    By teachpjm
    Fast paced exciting. Only thing I don’t like is to get penalized for an incorrect t. I go if u are playing multiple cards the bingo is so close to the triangle that flips the cards back and forth and ur finger can slip
  • Intentionally being locked out by developers 1/5

    By dj bizzlez
    Update 7: I do not have the Facebook app on my iPad. Try again. If I reach out and am rejected again I am done. Update 6: After new update I still cannot access on my iPad. Once again no response or assistance Update 5: So after putting in a ticket 2 weeks ago through android, I received an email from Emma White stating that they are sorry for the delay, but because they're busy and I am not important they are not going to investigate my issue. She told me to clear my cache and cookies and wait for the update. Oh and to submit a new ticket if it continue. You know what Emma it still continues. Also, I am done. I am filing complaints and I am going to tell everyone anyway how disrespectful and awful your support team is. So unless you pay for elite your not important. You're bias. Update 4: I have done 3 updates in 12 hours and it still is not working. So they cannot fix their own app. Disturbing Update 3: Already done that. Still not working. Update 2: I have not been able to log in for five days. I cannot connect to Facebook. Nor can I contact support since you can only do that FROM LOGGING IN THE APP. I can log in as a guest but not my account. I guess their feelings got hurt because they are INTENTIONALLY LOCKING ME OUT. Also reading reviews the developers only respond to people who talk about quitting the game. So that's a huge sign. I have complained about the developers not contacting me three times with no response. So hirer better developers and dump the interns. Update: After five years I finally completed the daily tournament room. But my app crashes daily. It always crashes while I am at the end of the game having treasure chest giving to me. So I lose credits and my treasure chest. Isn't being connected to Facebook suppose to be beneficial? I never had these issues as a guest player. Developers I expect a response other then email the developer that never responds. This game used to be fun, but now it's obvious how rigged it is. How can I play the daily tournament and the SAME people bingo in the top three spots for three rounds straight? You will lose all of your bingo credits just to complete a room. That is after waiting a week for the one shadow card you need to come back available. It takes a full day for your daily credits to become available for you. I have not reached over 90 daily credits in five years of playing. I also have not completed the daily tournament room after five years. I wonder if the developers sold shares and no have to recoup money to shareholders? Five pop up ads come up as soon as you open the game. They push you to spend money. Every update the game itself is worse. Constant lagging of my power up being used, but the people that are bingeing never lags. It used to be if you were dropped from a room because of the game, they would refund you. Now, they do not refund you.
  • Bingo Blitz 5/5

    By Upland88
    I have been playing B.B. for quite awhile and have account on Facebook. The problem I’m having is that with the latest update (1/26/18) I can’t play without logging into Facebook. Please fix it so I can just hit the app and the screen comes on and shows game loading as before the update. Thank you.
  • Lily 5/5

    By Dixiepaola
  • More effective 1/5

    By savaneta 21n
    Hi, It does not give you much fun Regards
  • Poor customer service 1/5

    By yasssss love it
    I have been playing this game and had no issues. Until I purchased a $20 chips. They charged me $200 and refuse to give me back my money. They don’t even have a $200 package. It’s horrible. I can’t afford this. I’ve been emailing customer support and they still refuse to at least give me the money back that they over charged me. I reported it to the Better Business Bureau and waiting for their response. To take advantage of me is just horrible. Anyone else have this problem? Julie Lustro just so you know my name
  • Love this but Not getting my rewards 3/5

    By webdeb8
    Fun game and enjoy the free daily rounds. I’ve just notice that I’m getting my rewards after the round but then not getting transferred to the leader board or added in my total score. Hopefully this won’t continue for long and will be quickly fixed.
  • Poor game management 1/5

    By Macnmolly
    I just spent 40 minutes trying to do a required upgrade of this game only to have the glitchy upgrade hang for the entire time at connecting to Facebook. Rebooting doesn't half. I cannot get the game to appear. While this game is a lot of fun to play, the rewards are poorly managed. You often will not receive bingo credits won, especially during special events, daily gifts from friends are not applied to your account, and worst of all is failure to answer requests for help. If you send in a ticket with a problem, it is automatically closed with no action at all. This company needs to learn to how to do things correctly and professionally.
  • DONT PLAY!! 1/5

    By Mimi_808
  • Bingo Blitz 1/5

    By Long_Tooth
    I love the game I play on the computer & IPhone . On the phone you can't see numbers called - we need that option if you miss a number u can't go look and see if it was called but I hope they fix that ......I don’t play much it’s got to be rigged. They higher players always bingo first. It’s not fun anymore you all have changed and now it’s not playable you never win any pieces you need let alone get a bingo. I’m done. Bye.
  • It is an awesome free game 5/5

    By Scootch94
    I have never paid for anything with this game and have been playing since 2014. It is relaxing, if low on credits I drop back to the first room and play for 4 credits a round.
  • Bingo for days 5/5

    By 805 Chiques
    I have been playing this game since I first made my Facebook profile, and that has been some years now. I refuse to play bingo on a different App, there just isn’t one that keeps me excited about playing Bingo. What I love about this App is that you never get bored, and there’s more than just Bingo to play. I give this App 5 stars, and would recommend Bingo Blitz to all my Facebook friends. Margie Arthur Honolulu, Hawaii
  • I have to agree 3/5

    By tondda
    Lately or maybe it’s always been that way it’s how much money they can get you to spend which is unfortunate because I like to play but in order to win abything good it costs you a lot per ticket and then they want you to boost the ticket which is three times more to play than the fifteen per ticket yes they give you five free games but the most you can win that I’ve seen is a token and maybe if you play for years and years you just might and I do mean might get a red jewel ooooh wow it’s pretty messed up if u ask me but I guess all games are just out to get you one way pr another but for as many people who play this game and pay I think they can afford to be A little more generous and maybe not be so greedy about how much they charge and maybe more people would play .
  • Accidentally bumping bingo bar... 3/5

    By Whatbugsme65
    I like the game, but I hate that you lose your card if you bump the bingo. Other games just freeze the card for a few seconds. I've lost a card just for walking with my iPad and accidentally bumping the bingo. Very annoying. Also feel like it takes too long to collect shadow cards. The special rooms cost a lot of credits and they insist that you boosts to get any chance of winning. Way to "expensive" to play, even with your free credits.
  • Fun 5/5

    By Beginsod
    What I expect-fun
  • Why I can't play 5/5

    By Pretty KT
    Why my game won't load I have didn't anything will please take care of problem I love playing bingo blitz thank you
  • Bad game 5/5

    By Applepie4
    So fed up with that game I just don’t know how people can get bingo on one number it not real bad game can’t win ever sad
  • all about what you spend 2/5

    By Hannah Lee.
    i love bingo sooo much. i love this game.. but lately it’s all about how much you can spend. if you’re not spending real money you don’t have high chances of winning.

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