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Bingo Party- BINGO Games App

Bingo Party is the Classic & Special Bingo Game with 8 CARD VERSION! Wanna get more bingos? Wanna be more fun? Just play Bingo Party! Game Features: # Realtime multiplayer! Play with more than 10,000 players at a time! # Join elite to play up to 8 cards! # Over 30 bingo rooms! We will be rolling out more rooms! # 500 Tickets & 30 powerups to start off. Each day you have another 150+ tickets to continue the bingo trip. Don't miss it! # Your daily bonus will increase by your level up! # Complete kinds of puzzles to get BIG BONUS! # 7 types of power-ups - Help you get more bingos! # Daily Tournament - Complete other players to win big! # Achievement - Over 200 achievements to challenge. Complete to win! If you love bingo and want to try a new one, Bingo Party is a good choice. Just have a rest out from other bingo games, we will not let you down! If you love bingo and want to try a new one, Bingo Party is the good choice. Come experience the fantastic NEW BINGO game, we will not let you down! Don't Wait and download now, a new Bingo Party is waiting for you! Practice or success at social casino gaming does not imply future success at real money gambling. • The games do not offer "real money gambling" or an opportunity to win real money or prizes. •The games are intended for an adult audience. *********************************************************************** Have questions or suggestions about Bingo Party - Bingo Casino & Slots Games? Email your questions to Thank you for playing and have a wonderful bingo trip!


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Bingo Party- BINGO Games app reviews

  • Bingo Party 1/5

    By Caseymaefriend
    No one ever responds! I’m handicapped, and can’t hit the small area allowed to claim bingo. BAD BINGO.You’re not allowed to be handicapped! I finished 3 puzzles, but they won’t show COMPLETED. I played Gaudi twice and finished it twice, but doesn’t let me use the frame or show COMPLETED. BAD GAME!
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By NFNNA
    Bongos do not count for some reason. Don't always get tickets for watching videos. If they would fix these problems I would enjoy the game.
  • Luv it 5/5

    By Mommyisstressed
  • Fun but expensive 2/5

    By Scootersjewel
    This game could be fun but when ya collect a bonus once a day for 300 tickets & a game cost 350 not worth the space on my phone! And what is up with the boost? Says I have 17 when in reality I have 1!?! Deleting game
  • Great Game 5/5

    By Great and grandmother
    Love this game
  • Not enough tickets 2/5

    By 
    I’ve played this game for months and months now and I truly like the game BUT I typically only play it 5 minuets a day because they only give you enough tickets to play 1 game with 4 cards. You actually do not win/profit anything because if you actually get a bingo they only pay you what you already paid for that card. If the card cost 120 tickets & you bingo you get paid 120 tickets so definitely NO chance of playing any longer than 5 minuets. I’m at level 191 and I get 780 free tickets and always watch the ad to get 30 extra tickets giving me 810 per day- it cost 480-600 tickets to play a game with 4 cards so again it’s like you only get to play once per day. At this rate it takes me weeks to complete a 12 piece puzzle that pays about 1500 tickets- enough to play 3 games with 4 cards. You’d can’t complete the tasks unless you buy tickets because you don’t profit enough tickets when you bingo to afford to keep playing to try and complete the tasks and you definitely don’t get enough daily free tickets. Reading other people’s reviews anyone can see that it is an obvious issue and even with the last update the point of playing and winning is to PROFIT therefore stop only paying bingo winners exactly what they paid to play
  • 2018 Bingo Party 5/5

    By puddinlove
    I love it. Great for sleepless nights.
  • bingo! 5/5

    By Georgia_grits19
    I love this game
  • Loved the game- but the sneaky “claim” purchase is ridiculous 1/5

    By Crazy4Apps96
    I was having so much fun playing this game....until I just opened it and he daily bonus looking pop-up shows up, or so I thought it was and I clicked “claim”...only to be charged $4.99! I don’t even know what I got for this $4.99....very sneaky.....I tried to see what it was I even got and I can’t see anything different in my game, but I see another pop up and look closer at it to see what I had gotten, and it says in small print “only $19.99”. Do they hoodwinked me out of $5 making me think it was my free daily stuff, and if I hadn’t looked close enough they would’ve gotten another $20. Yes, I understand I shouldn’t have just clicked claim, but the way it came up, they know they are getting people without them knowing what they are doing. I never got a “confirm purchase” pop up to realize it was charging me like I have before....
  • Very good but costly 5/5

    By Karbunny
    This was the best bingo game I’ve came across in a while. The levels are wonderful especially the candy one. I love the music and the narrators matched what part of the world you were in at that time. I love the chances to double your points. Ant the extra merits you received when you hit the right number or level. Great time consuming game. Downfall, just plan to the point. You win nothing even though you spend money. This isn’t one of those live games where you have to pay to win “real” things. I can’t see where you grab a lot of points even when you hit bingo. I came in first place and it cost more tickets to play that round than I received after winner 1st place. Great game if you have extra cash to waste. It would be nice if the game was actually fair. If you felt as if you was winning more than losing your actual cash. Also, they have advertisements in the game so they get paid from them. I miss the old days when you got a game and you could enjoy it without it being fixed to take your cash. If you have extra cash to replenish every couple days, then have fun.
  • Worst game 😤 2/5

    By Raf2772
    I never even past the first level😡not even one bingo! You better start giving me good cards or I’ll delete the app
  • Bingo 5/5

    By Don't like the timeline
    Great Game To Play
  • Boring 2/5

    By emefde
    If you are looking for a fun bingo game this is NOT it unless u want to spend over 1000 tickets for 2 bingos
  • Good variety 5/5

    By Gma1&4
    Fun game!
  • Too Much $$ 2/5

    By Landonmark7
    Like a lot of the other reviews, I agree that the cost of tickets to play the game is outrageous. I don’t want to spend $5 to be able to play two rounds. And then not get any bingos... I would think the developers would want the players to spend as much time on the game as possible, but I’m having to wait many days to collect enough tickets to have a decent 30 min game play. Lower the cost of tickets to make them more reasonable, and I’m sure you’d see sales go up.
  • Fine.....Until there is a problem 1/5

    By J.O.V
    I have been unable to reach the developer since I submitted the review below. I have tried every available means of which I am aware. ———————————————— The game itself is O.K. I have attempted to reach them re: a problem... I has been totally unsuccessful in my attempts to do that. Thus, this review. When I read the last two reviews here… I couldn’t help but notice they sounded like they were written by the same person.... Hopefully, they will respond...If I have been overly critical I will correct that. Thank you for your consideration and response.
  • Not For The Casual Player 1/5

    By WJaMhIll
    The game looked like a simple way to wipe the cares from one’s mind, but it appears I have but two options: (1) Sign up with facebook to enable saved-game status, or (2) play as a guest, repeating entry-level games for eternity. Now, there MAY be other options I’ve not seen, but those two are the only options on the entry screen (there isn’t even a “contact the programmer” or a how-to on the entry screen). And when I played one game as a guest, I couldn’t see where else to save “my” game-status. Frankly, I’d give the game zero stars if I could for the inane assumption that everyone who plays on a personal device wants to connect digitally with friends (which I would rather do in person...over movies, meals, & margaritas; conversations, cruises, & cards; laser-tag, laughter, & linguine; tacos, tennis, theater and the hallowed beauty of mere time). When I play a game, it’s to fill in a few moments when the mind needs to rest in relative blankness. Obviously, this game isn’t for players like me, but I assume it will fill a spot for those who haven’t yet “completed” a circle of very close friends with whom one wants to (and can) connect in the real world...
  • Love the game - HATE the cost - Improvement Suggestions 3/5

    By jdb1277
    Love this game, but it could be so much better for the players if some improvements were made... My suggestions... 1. Chests should be for power ups and puzzle pieces only. 2. When you increase the amount of XP needed to level up, you need to increase the reward received as well. The costs far exceed the benefits. 3. There should be more bingos available. The number of bingos in relation to the amount of players and cards is a complete rip-off. Greedy much?? 4. There should be packages available that include tickets and power ups. Having one without the other is a complete waste. 5. Elite and VIP status should count towards every bingo room - not just the tournament score. Extra XP would be an idea... 6. Payouts on bingo wins should be at least double the cost of a bingo card. Winning back what you just paid is really not winning, and double payouts only seem to happen when you don’t have any bingos or power ups, so why even bother?? If you offered better payouts and more chances to bingo, you would have much happier players. Stop being so greedy!! Thanks!!
  • Favorite app 5/5

    By Rebecca Buckner
    Love. This. Game.
  • Not as much fun since the upgrade 2/5

    By Jjul713
    This game isn't as much fun since the upgrade. It was already too expensive, as far as tickets go, to play and now it takes longer to level up. Not having nearly as much fun.
  • Love It...... 5/5

    I love playing this bingo game. It doesn't take long to move on to the next level and the payouts are great compared to other games I have played. This is by far the best bingo game I have played.
  • Love game 2/5

    By Bitchy mood
    Love the game but I hate that it doesn’t always register bingos. I have had several bingos and they not count because your server is to slow
  • Need to change your algorithms ASAP 1/5

    By Techoncall
    Please change your game algorithms ASAP! Your goal is to just make money from the public playing this game! Buying and playing (4) cards seldom brings you any bingo!!!! Even buying power ups to enhance the game DOESN’T even help as the power up daub numbers are SELDOM called!!!!!! The game is TOO EXPENSIVE to play!!!!! The public is being fooled to think they will win. Same people win all the time too!!!! What a ripped off game!!!!!!!! This issue needs to be done ASAP or the complaint will be blasted on Facebook, Twitter and all social media!!!!
  • Phazzon 5/5

    By pha24
    It’s funnn I’m super cool
  • Like this game 3/5

    By Moosh1500
    Have been playing for awhile and I've enjoyed the different themes and challenges. Today I played "Chocolate Factory" and twice I didn't get the extras that I need d to make the chocolate. Showed the candy shaper and then in another game the sprinkles neither of which were applied to the chocolates. They were just frozen. I quit playing after that. I'll try again later. Avidly please look into this.
  • Too expensive 1/5

    By 22417
    Game is fun but it costs too much to play. You don’t get rewards to offset what you spend. Rip off.
  • Bingo 5/5

    By SarahM1960
    Lots of fun
  • Addictive 5/5

    By MyChemicalRosalee
    Love it. No complaints. Not a pay to play.
  • Game review 3/5

    By Sassiestacie40
    I love the game , but I am giving it 3 stars because there is no way to contact someone if you have issues with the game . There is no way to get issues resolved if you have a problem. I have several of my friends that joined from my invite and I never got the credits for them. Unless you buy their many packages it is hard pressed to get a bingo and complete the puzzles and move to the next one . I don’t mind paying some of the ticket prices but 200 and 240 for 2 bingo cards and it gets higher the more you advance ??? Come on . That’s a bit much . Anyhoo love the game but not all the garbage!
  • Bingo 5/5

    By 100%cream
    Hey I’m just getting bingo
  • El juego te absorbe mucho es divertido !! 3/5

    By la panditaaa...
    El juego está excelente ...pero tiene un defecto ...yo he intentado mandar le a mis amigos de Facebook...para que lo agreguen ( disque te regalan tickets para seguir jugando MENTIRA...) tú enviando las solicitudes a tus amigos, el juego atrae más gente y tu chingate!! Tómala no te dan tickes para seguir jugando !! Por eso le doy 3 estrellas...!!
  • Bingo party 5/5

    By Spsrkle
    Love this game
  • Bingo party 1/5

    By Lexii36
    It a fun game; but tickets cost so much that you wait 24 hours to get to play one game of bingo. so I don’t really like it.
  • What are the lightning bolt power up for? 4/5

    By Sandyd5656
    I cannot find this answer anywhere. They are important to charge for extra.
  • Excellent bingo game but would like one improvement 4/5

    By Lilladypurple
    I love this game! It’s Better than the rest of the bingo games. I can’t stop playing, but I have to not long after I start playing, because I run out of tickets and/or power ups. I lose most of the time even though I have excellent daub. I just wasn’t lucky enough to have numbers on my card called that I needed. It drive me crazy when I have one or two cards and I just need one more number to make bingo on each card and my number wasn’t called for either of the cards. Would be nice to have the availability to earn more tickets and power ups. There’s one other bingo game I play and it lets you earn by watching unlimited videos it seems like or you can also buy power ups, credits to buy cards, and keys for that game with the coins you earn from playing and you earn so much coins you could play as long as you want. If you could offer something like that that would be awesome. On the other bingo game I play their bingo games are more generic than the many fun and challenging and interesting bingo games you offer on so if you could offer something close to that it would blow all the other bingo games out of the water.
  • Love this game! 4/5

    By Samanthalabennett
    Wish each round didn't cost so much though!
  • Gr8 Game! 5/5

    By Bpinpa
  • Deleted 1/5

    By OMG, really??
    I deleted the’s too expensive
  • 🤙🏽Awesome 5/5

    By Sweetheart 808
    Love this version of Bingo!!!
  • Great fun! 5/5

    By Blond 7 of 1
    Fun game.
  • Bingo Party 1/5

    By Lalaladyshark
    Too many Bingos not counted. If last number drawn completes s Bingo, it wont count it! it became too frustrating. other than that i would recommend it. Sad.
  • Not bad, could be better 3/5

    By -mielle80204-
    Great job offering variety and challenges for earning tickets and power-ups. Still have too many issues with being cut off during a game and having to "re-connect." Would also like more options, bingo voice is really annoying for many of the games. Overall, fun 😀
  • Fun bingo 5/5

    By Dawgirl64
    So far liking this bingo! Just loaded it up last night. So we shall see! Update: So far this has been a good game!
  • Costly bingo 2/5

    By nana tz
    Fun at first. Then you have to start buying tickets to keep playing. 15 numbers called before one of you number is called. I will have to find something new to play.
  • UGH! Friends ticket gifting changed! 3/5

    By Huggy0102
    I get that you need to make money for continued game support but this new ticket limitation between friends was a huge mistake. So many of my friends have quit playing & I am on the brink as well. Why not just make it 10 tickets rather than the 20 it used to be? I was one that purchased the Elite each month but not anymore. Instead of gaining players to get more money you are actually losing players. PLEASE reconsider that change! Hands down, as far as game play, this is the best Bingo game out there but you are shooting yourself in the foot with that change 🙁
  • Love it...however... 3/5

    By Punks pie
    A few, i am connected to Facebook, however am unable to send invites..i click send, and no one receives them nor do i receive credit..two, real bummer that tickets go so quickly..i will NOT pay to play. There should be other ways to earn tickets, bonuses..and finally, the ticket cost for so many of the game rooms is ridiculous, especially the extra and special rooms. I think i may be deleting yet another game that could be enjoyable if game play were more fair and more reasonable.
  • Asti 5/5

    By Assenna
    Enjoy very much playing..
  • Bingo 5/5

    By Lulittaa
  • Great Bingo 5/5

    By Lildab63
    Lost Bingo Rush 2 which was a good game. This one is just as good if not better.
  • Matthew 5/5

    By 42OBigtree
    Greatest app to get to be back in time

Bingo Party- BINGO Games app comments


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