Bird - Enjoy The Ride

Bird - Enjoy The Ride

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  • Current Version: 2.1.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Bird Rides, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Bird - Enjoy The Ride App

Bird is a mobile app that gives you access to shared personal electric vehicles that can be picked up and dropped off anywhere. Use Bird for your work commute, across college campuses, with friends, or simply just to spread your wings and get some fresh air! Bird is currently Available in Santa Monica, Venice, Westwood (UCLA), Los Angeles, Pacific Beach, San Diego CA but will be coming soon to a city near you. We will update as Bird becomes available in new locations. If you would like to see Bird in your area, please send a note to For more information, visit


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Bird - Enjoy The Ride app reviews

  • Excellent idea 5/5

    By Iphoner310
    Tried the bird scooter. This is a great idea. Went one mile in 10 minutes. By public transportation, it would have been a 30 minute wait.
  • Awesome alternative to a short commute 5/5

    By VOX Photography
    App is good, system in general genius! Only complaint is the people who uses them have no common sense, particularly around UCLA campus... they leave their “Birds”anywhere!!! Maybe should have a sign that says: Use fckng common sense! Don’t leave it blocking driveways, walk paths or stairs way!!! Plus, respect the pedestrians and obey the traffic rules ...
  • Zero stars if I could 1/5

    By Canfielddddd
    App is complete trash. Not enough scooters, they don’t hold a charge, they don’t account for altitude so when someone decides to take it to the 3rd floor of a mall it doesn’t show. People hide them. Basically a waste of time looking for scooters that are too slow
  • Bird Scooter Coupon Review 5/5

    By 1800paul
    Have fun and save money riding scooter with Coupon Code: XMWEW
  • Promo code 5/5

    By LaAlX2
    Use code MRRLK for a free $5 ride
  • Seems good 1/5

    By Fhjdsjdex
    But cannot read my license... can’t use it.
  • Please 2/5

    By Bostani
    We want see the price of the ride
  • App is buggy 1/5

    By Аchille
    This app is buggy and often gets hung up in a frozen state where the ride will be marked as in progress but with a spinning scooter wheel of death at the bottom left. No option to reset end the ride and get another scooter. App is frozen: No more Bird for you! Please fix this and I'll gladly update to 5 star.
  • Won’t scan my license 2/5

    By Justin Saleh
    I have a Virginia driver’s license and I can’t use the app now cause it won’t scan
  • Bird 🛴 5/5

    By LegendaryLegendMah
    First we had walking, then we had running. Now we having birding. The app and scooters rock 🤗🛴🤗
  • Stupid 1/5

    By MichaelMet
    since I'm a tourist and I don't have an American license I can't use the service?! Just stupid
  • The Time Has Come 5/5

    By HarpMeister
    I see a lot of people are actually reviewing the service and not just the app. So, I will do the same. The app itself, is fine. I have no issues with it. It finds the scooters, unlocks or locks them.. payment can be a CC or Apple Pay, which is a big plus for me. The scooters are great. They are better than the Santa Monica or LA bikes. Cheaper and you don’t have to find a frigging docking station to leave them at. In Venice. / Santa Monica, the scooters go where I go. And find them where I am. The only criticism I might offer, is that that folks who are being paid to charge them ( you can make $5.00 per battery) leave the units active In their garage or even in their car. So using the app, I find myself standing in front of a locked garage or at Someone’s van with 3 or 4 scooters inside. I
  • Drivers License 1/5

    By BHWOW
    Every time i reserve a bird and it asks me for my drivers license, it wont scan it! Frustrating
  • Bird is the Word 5/5

    By mawrterlavie
    Get $5 free with code WOGJL Listen, this is an easy app, there are tons of birds around to grab! However, this is more of a “catch on a whim” kind of situation rather than a “plan out every detail” kind of thing. If you see one and feel like a ride, go for it! I would not try to go hunting these down though as sometimes they aren’t where you expect. Have fun and remember: Bird is the Word!
  • Fun to ride, but not functional or reliable 1/5

    By ZoeS2323
    All the previous comments about poor function and availability are accurate. I was all-in on Bird in the beginning. It was such a fun and convenient way to get around, but ultimately I had to get rid of the app. Too many times I’ve walked 10 minutes to a Bird to find it missing, not working or being “held” by someone. And oh yeah, if cell service is poor (like on a busy Saturday in downtown Santa Monica), it just won’t work. If the Bird wasn’t literally next to you, you couldn’t count on getting it. You used to be able to reserve one, what happened? Initially I’d go out of my way to try to get a Bird (its fun!) but too many consecutive poor experiences caused me to delete the app. Bird has been crushed under the weight of its own popularity, which can be a good problem, but now I and several of my friends have given up on it. I’ll stick with the Bikeshare, because I can count on it. Things I’ve seen: Groups of pre teens just riding around for fun (not wrong, just chokes supply) People carrying Birds that are locked to find others to ride with their friends People locking Birds in their apartment or behind a locked gate. All of these things ruin a great idea. They need to kick off those who abuse the system, drastically increase supply, and devise a system where you can reasonably rely on getting one. Ultimately I have to give one star because a transportation tool’s foundational requirement is reliability. Would you keep a car that only started 20% of the time?
  • Thekeygun 4/5

    By Phootshoot
    Be forewarned that you cant enter your details or read the terms and conditions UNTIL you find a bird to ride. Would ask them to change that. Birds are a little jerky and flimsy but good enough for the price and the service! Really happy with this service so far. Change the way people can add their CC and I’ll be more apt to send this to my friends.
  • fun but impractical 2/5

    By zipanych
    scooters are hidden inside people's homes and garages when shows they're available, battery is almost always below 50% which is gonna last you 20-30min max, and you can't reserve one so while you're walking to get it there's a ton of ppl looking for these at the same time and they WILL snatch it before you get there
  • Great app, fun scooters 5/5

    By Flooo!
    Best ride in SM
  • I Give Up - Never Available 1/5

    By markdgrant
    I live in Venice and walk 4 miles into Santa Monica along the beach every day. I have seen people riding the scooters and wanted to try one. For the last week (mid-day) I have stopped and scanned every Bird Scooter only to have it read “not available.” Every single one — over 40 scooters. I can only assume the people I have seen riding them are actors and that this is a practical joke app. Nevertheless, deleted.
  • 4 stars because I love the idea buuut 4/5

    By RogueWaveWrangler
    I haven’t actually been able to ride one of these things yet. There are a couple zones around my work and home where I don’t get data and wouldn’t you know that’s the only place I can consistently find these. The other issue is sometimes they actually just aren’t there when you walk to one on the map. Hopefully someday I get to ride one of these things.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Refgdghgff
    This is better then Uber I feel free and like a kid again. A great scooter for travel and for doing with friends I will recommend this to anyone who lives in Santa Monica and veiny
  • Convenient & affordable 5/5

    By bbeerryce
    Should still be able to reserve (& also still show the walking distance to each scooter) but nonetheless I've had great experiences... need charging stations!
  • Warning! 4/5

    By Samo Hopar
    Make sure that you find scooters that have over 65% charge or they will die on you sooner than later! Under payment click promo and type DLZVQ to get a FREE RIDE awesome service. Hope to see more scooters near Brentwood!
  • Lacking Functionality 2/5

    By Smelller45
    I wanted to try the bird scooters since I had seen a lot of people riding around on them. Every time i would find a scooter via the app I would than search for it in person and was unable to locate the scooter. I also came across multiple scooter a that we’re not displayed on the app and unable to unlock them. I wanted this to be fun an convenient however it ended up being a pain. I use the bicycle share program in Santa Monica and after my experience with the scooters I am sticking with the bikes. Maybe I will try it again if they get a better mapping system or if it updates locations more frequently.
  • Bring back the reserve feature! 2/5

    By AColdShot
    Not sure what happened but you need to be able to reserve the birds. I walked all over from bird to bird only for someone else to scoop it up. Please let us reserve again.
  • Free ride with code EWGVY 5/5

    By Ukulele3000
    Sign up with code EWGVY to get a free ride! It’s a good app.
  • Wanted to ride the scooters but the app keeps crashing 2/5

    By Margy marg
    We saw the scooters all over Santa Monica, so we downloaded the app, registered and tried to get scooting but the app kept crashing every.single.time we opened it and clicked “ride”. Boo.
  • Nothing available 1/5

    By Notxactlythetruth
    3 scooted available between Pacific Palisades and Marina Del Rey. The one near me was in a residence-unavailable. Baby service with baby like quality. Oh, and the app crashes every time I select the inaccessible scooter.
  • Needs more birds and connection issues 4/5

    By mikey186
    On peak hours, the 'bird' is insanely popular around in the DTSM area. It needs more bird and 'nests' near the Expo Stations Plus when I reserve, unlock, and end a ride, it kinda took long and had glitches when I try to unlock or end a ride, it gave me connection issues but my phone has a strong connection and that should not happen. Please fix it.
  • Love! 5/5

    By cleverprankster
    Love this service. Super convenient. Try your first ride for free with this special code: QEJML
  • 2 stars for now. 2/5

    By Dono S.
    Couldn’t figure out how to use promo codes. Can you use Debit cards?
  • awesome, couldnt turn on light 4/5

    By johnypony3
    this thing scoots and will last a good amount of time riding full tilt. had a blast going home from a liquor run!! but, is this street or curb? how to turn on the light?
  • Love this! 5/5

    By Poppa Pelts
    Tried it for the first time today, really fun and convenient and cheap, use code DZXMO to get a free ride!
  • LOVE! 5/5

    By Taylorh68
    Bird is such a fun, neat idea! When I was finished riding, I could leave it anywhere! It was so convenient! Great experience! Affordable and easy to use :)
  • Amazing 5/5

    By bestzhoutai
    It's so sad that the comments won't let me add pics! I rode 1 hour of this with my friend, the experience was so good, we just couldn't find out how to turn on the lights. Plz let me know. Thank you!
  • So convenient and affordable! 5/5

    By OCSF21
    Bird is a great option when I want to travel short distances and best of all, it's fun!!! Plus, you can pick up and drop off the scooters anywhere.

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