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Bite Squad - Food Delivery

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Bite Squad - Food Delivery App

Get restaurant food delivered to your door in minutes with the Bite Squad app. KEY FEATURES Bite Squad provides a wide range of restaurants to choose from, along with handy filtering tools and a search bar to help you efficiently find the dishes you’re craving. We also offer low booking fees, speedy delivery and accurate orders—and we never demand an order minimum or charge menu markups. HOW TO ORDER Ordering restaurant delivery with the Bite Squad app couldn’t be easier. Simply download the app, type in your address, choose your favorite restaurant dishes and quickly check out with your credit card. And if you create an account, we’ll securely save your address, order preferences and payment information for a speedier checkout the next time you order. THE BITE SQUAD DIFFERENCE After you’ve placed your order, you can watch its progress on our live tracking system so you know exactly when your food will arrive. If you have any order changes or questions, our Live Chat customer support team will be able to help you in real-time. Whether you need your food on-demand or would like to schedule an order in advance, the Bite Squad app will get restaurant food to you when you want it. ABOUT BITE SQUAD Bite Squad restaurant delivery service is consistently rated best in the category by our customers. Our dedicated delivery squad works hard to bring more choices to our customers who want a great meal from their favorite restaurant delivered to their home or office. Bite Squad was founded in 2012 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and today, operates in more than 30 cities and delivers from more than 10,000 restaurants nationwide.


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Bite Squad - Food Delivery app reviews


    By TrevorDDD
    I love everything about this app & service. I had the best Thai food for lunch today, from an amazing restaurant, delivered to my front door, faster than going to get it myself. Of course, I could have had breakfast from IHOP, sliders from any of the bbq joints, Greek pita gyros, Indian food, cheeseburgers and fries with a chocolate shake, lasagna from one of the 20 different Italian places, or anything I wanted from the 20 different Mexican restaurants, or Chinese restaurants. I can (I do) peruse the menus from whatever place serves the kind of food I feel like eating at Exactly that moment. I am never eating another bite from a chain pizza place again. Ever. I deleted about 10 apps since I have Bite Squad now, like Dominos, Pizza Hut, Jimmy Johns, PaPa Johns, etc.... I AM “GARBAGE FOOD” FREE FINALLY. Faster, better, cheaper, better, nicer, better, easier, better, than any food you are having delivered now. It’s one of those rare things that make you say, “There’s no way to top this. It could not be better.” Thank you, and congratulations. Peace, Love, & Kindness
  • Driver toughed out the Snow for my food! 5/5

    By ljane18
    I’m not from up north so I panic when I have to drive in a snow storm. So, I ordered food from bitesquad. My driver called me and was having trouble locating my location. I heard him talking to someone else about being stuck in the snow and not able to drive. The person told the driver to get some cardboard to help get out of the snow. I have a ton of cardboard and showed up downstairs from my condo Building to help him. He thanked me for the cardboard but continuously told me to enjoy my food and he was okay, even though his car was completely sideways and no way of getting out. My friend and some strangers helped him out even though he was persistent that I go enjoy my food. Great service!!
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By k. raaaaayne
    You guys rock. & the guy that delivered my sushi was hot. Keep up the good work Bite Squad.
  • Love the options, just wish they would deliver faster 4/5

    By Yousuhck
    I recently started using Bite Squad and I like how easy it is to navigate the app and the selection of restaurants that they have. I just wish the delivery wouldn’t take so long. I’ll usually order while at work and have to plan an hour ahead before being hungry to have the food arrive on time ☹️
  • Love 5/5

    By zadielf
  • Great app! 5/5

    By sdiane1982
    The restaurant choices are great. Only twice have the orders been wrong - I contacted bitesquad and got an immediate reply and credit. Great service!!
  • Terrible Customer Service & overall greedy, bad 1/5

    By Roomsa MPLS
    My exact experience: This place is a scam and they are a very dishonest company. I have been ordering from them for a little bit now. I was trying to see if I liked them better than Chef Shuttle. I even signed up for their 10 dollar a month special. I ordered a dinner from firehouse for my family. They delivered the order and they were missing four items. I called the customer support number and was told that it would be resolved ASAP. An hour went by and my items were never delivered. Frustrated, I called back. I was once again told that my items would be delivered. Reluctantly I got off the phone and waited another hour. After that hour, I called and got no reply. I waited to the next morning to find out that the rep I spoke with marked it as resolved so the woman on the chat with me could do nothing to help me. THEY STOLE MY MONEY. THEY DID NOT HOLD UP THEIR END OF THE BARGAIN. They pretty much told me there was nothing they could do for me and to next time make sure I got my food before the end of the night. I do not know what else I could have done! Do not use this service. They are expensive and they do not deliver. They were also unwilling to rectify my order.
  • Great drivers! 5/5

    By BmwZ3boi!
    Excellent drivers, delivered before expected, and absolutely got everything correct on my meal order! very seldom with these third-party delivery services!
  • Add ability to contact driver 1/5

    By Mkg68
    The app needs to add the ability to contact the driver when en route with your order. I live in a new area not yet in GPS so the driver always gets lost. I watch them drive around for 10 minutes waiting for them to call so I can give them correct directions.
  • Ran me off the road 1/5

    By Blomington
    Got about run off the road by one of their drivers today. Wish I could post the picture I got of him flipping me off as he followed me down the road after the incident
  • Forced to edit my review. 1/5

    By Jugheadx86
    First time went great. Zero problems. Second time they never showed up, and then argued with me to get a refund. 50% accuracy is a failing grade. Try harder.
  • Don’t USE 1/5

    By 524009336
    Took 45 minutes from when the order was done for me to receive my food. They had to switch drivers because the first one took another order and dropped ours. Will never use again
  • Love the quick service and convenience! 5/5

    By MamaJane82
    First time ordering through the app! It was so easy and quick! Glad I opted for the unlimited delivery plan!!
  • False Advertising 1/5

    By Tryceracko
    They claim to not charge for order minimums, but they have a large “small order fee” if you dont buy at least $30 worth of food from them. Terrible
  • Love this service! 5/5

    By 2tired2cook
    We've used it three times so far and it's been great every time. Wait times have been completely reasonable at peak hours, and amazingly fast off-peak. Food has been perfect each time. Our drivers have been friendly and I like being able to tip online. Thank you so much for this great service!!
  • Worst service 1/5

    By Vijay hadgal
    I have clearly mentioned in the app . That the biryani needs to be spicy . These guys quite opposite to my taste . It’s so blond and i don’t like such biryani . It’s waste of time and money . I regret why I used this app . I would give -ve stars if they are present .
  • Hawaii Market - Island of Oahu 5/5

    By DJ Yung Vibe
    THE food delivery service with the most available drivers, most partnered restaurants on Oahu, and delivery cost at a very reasonable price. One request, please add Apple Pay support!
  • Poor polices 1/5

    By Renzo jones
    Put an order in today not only did I not get my order I didn’t get my money back though they took my money right away is gonna take 2 to 3 business days for me to get my money back that is trash worst service I ever had.
  • Terrible service!!!! 1/5

    By madcustomer1234
    I ordered thru bite squad and waited 30 mins for it to be “sending” and when i went to update it my order status was gone and they charged my card. I called the restaurant i ordered from and double checked to see if maybe it was a malfunction on the app but they said they never got the order from bite squad. when i tried to talk to customer service I couldnt get ahold of them at ALL!!!!
  • Not my favorite 2/5

    By katietaylor1127
    The app itself is fine but the service in general is awful I have used it in multiple cities at various times of the day and they ALWAYS take over a full hour to deliver my food every single time
  • Abuelos 5/5

    By Mema 2015
    This was our first order from BiteSquad & Abuelos ! The order was delivered by Cassie even before it’s estimated arrival time. She was very friendly! We will definitely order from BiteSquad & Abuelos again!
  • Great food hot and fast! 5/5

    By Angelfish1971
    We hate to go pick up food so I will gladly pay to have it delivered. Great price; fast delivery; super friendly!
  • Very happy customer 5/5

    By VeganJane
    I truly LOVE BiteSquad, I use the service daily because ......I’m lazy AF, I don’t want to use the gas in my car , I don’t want to put miles on my car, I don’t want to deal with restaurant crowds, the restaurant employees or sticky nasty restaurant menus. I have used BiteSquad in different states because I travel a lot and the service consistently GREAT. Delivery price is great , leaving a tip on my credit card is easier then having to deal with cash, restaurant options are plentiful. I read the online reviews and can understand the frustration some people have. BiteSquad is a semi new business so they are still working out the kinks. BiteSquad Delivery takes longer then pizza delivery because BiteSquad will travel a further distance to pick up orders , which means they might be stuck in traffic. Also , the restaurants are super slow during peak business hours. I always order my food an hour before I need it. I tried to use grub hub in my area but they only had 3 restaurant options . BiteSquad (in my location) has 20 restaurant options.
  • So convenient! 5/5

    By Lindseaco
    My fiancé and I love this app! So convenient!
  • Love 5/5

    By erinapplescruff
    Bite squad is the best. Easy, convenient and the drivers are always so nice. The app is great. I can check on my food anytime and know who o can expect at my door. Love
  • Bite Squad 5/5

    By Mo2021
    Great App!
  • Excellent service 5/5

    By GardenRuth
    Someone from Bite Squad called to apologize and let me know that one of the 8 items in my order was not available. She processed a substitution very quickly. The order was received on time and as amended. Very polite and friendly service from her and the driver, who thanked me for using their service.
  • Awesome food delivery service! 5/5

    By travelingsenior
    The app is well designed and very user friendly. Restaurant choices are many in my area. Initial estimated delivery time was updated and, in fact, shortened by 15 minutes. Food arrived hot and tasty. I signed up for unlimited delivery at $7.99 per month, for which the payback period is only 2-3 delivered orders, depending on delivery fees associated with chosen restaurants. The app also tracks the ordering process from placement to preparation to pickup, and to delivery, so you are always kept informed. A convenient and affordable service!
  • Bitesquad 4/5

    By Gri31
    Drivers are always very friendly, food always arrives hot. App sometimes is weird but nothing bad. Only time food has been late was because of the restaurant but not the driver
  • Mostly OK 3/5

    By CheesyMcWinter
    The app refuses to accept a valid address when not connected to WiFi, even just as a reference to schedule a carry out order.
  • Better than Uber eats 5/5

    By Capitano121
    It has a lot of good restraints and fast delivery
  • Estimated Delivery Time changes once order complete 1/5

    By Trying To Hit Big
    Delivery time pre-order 39 minutes post payment 45 minutes, later changed to 1 hour and 16 minutes and it keeps going up! No way to cancel and just go pick it up myself. First and only order #Starving
  • Best delivery service 5/5

    By Jusedmundson
    Perfect every time. My husband is the pickiest eater I know, so I’ve always felt like it’s a gamble ordering food. (do they check all the weird requests?) most get his order wrong(even when we’re actually at the restaurant) Bite-squad checks the order before they leave the restaurant to make sure everything is perfect. Totally worth it. And the drivers have always been really friendly and punctual.
  • good service for certain foods 4/5

    By foodie808
    I was quoted a long delivery time so I was expecting a wait. What I wasn't expecting was a long wait from the time the food was ready. It took 45 min from the time the app said my food was ready to be picked up to delivery. Since you can track the drivers, it was clear that he must have delivered someone elses food first, but it wasn't in the same direction as me; this other order was not on the way. Since there could be a long delay, I will limit my orders to foods that will last awhile: salads and soups. I dont think I will even trust burgers and fries because those will get soggy after sitting for 45 min. The soup that I had ordered was still hot and yummy. The pizza was good, the pasta was not (all from same restaurant). On a high note, the driver was friendly and courteous. And the delivery fee is small for a service that delivers more than pizza when I have no time to get it myself.
  • Horrible service 1/5

    By Tr1pleK
    The customer service seems to be nice only when the restaurant informs them about problems with the order.. If we report problems with the order they get on their high horse and don’t accept it. If you report stale and bad food they ask for pictures of it.. will photos taste stale? I mean how stupid can people be!
  • Service is great app is from 2012 3/5

    By seth_khafaji
    Your service is great but the app is from 2012. A new user interface would be nice!
  • Great app for Tampa! 5/5

    By DenmarkFrancisco
    Has good amount of restaurants in my area! =)
  • Service good, app mediocre 3/5

    By Bren5678
    The app does the job, but could use some enhancements, especially the ability to save past orders as favorites and order them easily again. Service is good though. My deliveries have been accurate and on time.
  • It has given me nothing but trouble 1/5

    By Tris waters
    I mean seriously I have used this app many times before. I really liked how convenient it was. However now you give me so much trouble it’s ridiculous!! Fix your app!
  • Greatness 4/5

    By Mo Colon
    I appreciate the professionalism of Bite Squad’s drivers. The gps tracking of my orders after the drivers pick them up is an added bonus. I know exactly when they’ll arrive so I can secure my dogs and not show up at the door like a naked weirdo. I kinda hate grubhub b/c they barely service my area and always manage to mess up the orders. My ONLY complaint is that Bite squad bought out a local delivery service and now they don’t offer as many dining options as the old service. But Bite Squad’s customer service (& pricing) makes it all worth it, tbh.
  • So convenient! 5/5

    By Benie1
    I love this app. It has increased our dinner options when we don’t want to go out. Now we don’t have to just order pizza! I always add a tip and the drivers literally hand me the food and walk away. No awkwardness about handling over money.
  • Have to tip when ordering 3/5

    By Jberg0124
    Have ordered twice now. Good service and estimated time was relatively accurate. Really don’t like that you’re forced to tip prior to arrival. This needs to change.
  • Thank You Bite Squad! 5/5

    By Cherycher
    I love Bite Squad for a number of reasons! The main reason is that out of all the apps available for food delivery Bite Squad is the only one that delivers to my area (at least for now.) Since Bite Squad is the first in food delivery for my area then that means I’m a customer for life! There’s nothing better than a good meal delivered directly to your home! Thanks Bite Squad!
  • Yessss 5/5

    By LydiaaDunlap
    Definitely the best food delivery service over ever used. Trust me, I’ve used all the ones available here and have since solely used bite squad. The people are always nice, they call and offer you options to change or remove your order if the restaurant is out of something, all of the food is kept at a good temperature, and the delivery fees are minimal. We order chili’s like once a month and it’s always hot, I’m a very particular (picky,if you will) eater and I won’t eat foods if they’re not the proper temperature, and I’ve never had to worry about that here. Keep up the good work 😁
  • Long wait times. Incorrect orders. 2/5

    By Annstpete
    A 2 out of 5 because even that is a better percentage than Bit Squad gets things right. Wait times are way off. Be prepared for a 45 minute wait time to look more like 90 minutes. Even then, it's probably going to come incorrect. The worst part is there is no way to cancel, inquiry, or trouble shoot! And no one will ever respond to your help request. I’ve been waiting 3 weeks to end a dispute. 3 weeks!!! A lazy person's dream, but needs so much work!
  • Great variety of restaurants! 4/5

    By ittybittykabob
    Bitesquad and UberEATS have been my favorite food delivery apps so far. Bitesquad offer a lot of restaurants available in my area. The app and their website is simple to use. I haven’t experienced any issues that I can remember. One reason why I deducted one star is that the delivery fee doesn’t seem right. Supposedly it’s based on distance but a restaurant closer to me has a higher fee than a restaurant farther away.
  • The best delivery 5/5

    By chef@1
    Best restaurant in food delivery service in Sarasota way better than assist you in any other place in the Sarasota area keep up the great work
  • “Small order fee” 2/5

    By Baby 2460
    Under taxes and fees for my order there was a $ .99 sales tax, “other” taxes and fees (that go towards their drivers) which was $ .81, and the the “SMALL ORDER FEE” which was $5.94. The small order fee also decrease the more money I spend. I am beyond curious to know what this fee goes towards. This is all added upon the 4.99 Delivery Fee!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t appreciate feeling like I’m being yanked around. Thank for delivering my food, but i hope in the future this “business model” disappears. TOTAL OF $12 DOLLARS IN ALL FEES!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Great service! 5/5

    By Herve808
    I really like Bite Squad and the value of their service. The only improvement suggestion I would have is their GPS tracking; unlike Über, Lyft or Glympse, Bite Squad’s GPS tracking is not in real time, it has a delay so the real location of the driver is not certain. This is not a huge problem, but it would be nice to see the driver moving in real time so people like me who live in high rises can anticipate the food arrival and come downstairs to meet the delivery person without the rush.
  • Great drivers, questionable corporate ethics 1/5

    By JPDMyers
    Bite Squad bought out a very good local delivery service in my town. The remaining drivers from the old service & the new ones are great. (NOTE: TIP THE DRIVERS IN CASH TO MAKE SURE THEY RECEIVE THEIR TIPS.) Bite Squad corporate has questionable honesty & ethics. They misleadingly state they only charge a small delivery fee based upon distance & don’t mark up restaurant prices. Not true. The “other taxes & fees” & “small delivery fee” are additional charges that go to Bite Squad corporate. Because they’ve negotiated a lower price from restaurants, they do in fact have markup built into the restaurant prices. Bite Squad claims driver tips go 100% to the drivers. That’s questionable based upon online reviews & info from local drivers. Drivers say the dispatchers take a % & that they don’t receive tips above a certain amount. It appears driver tips are being used to cover the drivers’ hourly pay and to also cover Bite Squad corporate costs. That’s just wrong. Customer service often doesn’t reply to questions and, when they do, provide a stock answer blaming the restaurants without checking their app or website for problems. Bite Squad needs to offer real customer service, be honest to customers about their actual delivery charges, & make sure their drivers receive their tips in full.

Bite Squad - Food Delivery app comments


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