Bitmoji - Your Personal Emoji

Bitmoji - Your Personal Emoji

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  • Current Version: 10.6.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Bitstrips
  • Compatibility: Android
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Bitmoji - Your Personal Emoji App

Bitmoji is your own personal emoji. • Create an expressive cartoon avatar • Choose from a huge library of stickers – all featuring YOU • Use Bitmoji in Snapchat, iMessage and wherever else you chat Using Bitmoji in Snapchat unlocks friendmoji – 2-person bitmojis featuring you and your friends!

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Bitmoji - Your Personal Emoji app reviews

  • Chung 5/5

    By ugbfxgh
  • Could have had 5 starts but no custom pets 4/5

    By B•A•M•B•I
    Tittle says it all custom pet bitmojis is the way to go!!!!

    By J-ssica
    I feel as though Bitmoji is not able to truly represent who I am due to the lack of balayage option and mole option and super long hair option. Otherwise, it's a super fun and cool thing to do.
  • No Memorial Day 1/5

    By OneGreatNana
    Ok so every Holiday so far... went to send some Memorial Day greetings... all I saw was Happy Birthday and Happy Ramadan...then one with a flag!!! WTH This is a HUGE remembrance holiday and NOTHING ? Shame on you
  • Good 5/5

    By It's my favourite
    I love this app so much and how it expresses a lot of stuff :)
  • Hair/Customization 4/5

    By Miiiyajr
    I love this app but I really feel like there isn't a big variety of hairstyles & clothing. Also we should be able to customize our facial features. Have more stylish hair styles & clothes PLEASE.!
  • Doesn't work for me anymore 2/5

    By Fightjayfight54
    I loved it until I got a new phone now I can't sign into bitmoji or make a new account at all
  • Great! 1/5

    By Cade Flesch
    But I just wanted to put a one star
  • Should probably leave religion out 1/5

    By CuppaJoe8284
    Why the heck do they have no artwork for any faith group except Islam? Three Bitmoji for Ramadan? What? Even PC fear permeates phone apps!
  • Suggestion! 3/5

    the app would be so much better if we were able to completely customize the outfits. Honestly, all but 2 of them are ugly.
  • 5 except... 4/5

    By Ashlynn🖤🖤
    I wish the girls had a longer hair option. Always down to past shoulders a little bit. If they add they should do curly and straight. Along with wavy of course. Otherwise super fun! Love to use it with Snapchat.
  • More outfits 3/5

    By Llamalordofmanyclans
    I'm a competitive cheerleader and I don't like how there's no cheerleading outfits
  • I love it but... 3/5

    By Monkeys88
    This app is amazing, but there needs to be more. The app is now becoming boring because nothing good is ever added. There needs to be more things like more clothes and more hairstyles. There needs to be ombré hair and for the Bitmoji style one, there needs to be long hair for girls. There should be half-shaved. There should be more piercings and tattoos. I think this app is great, but it could be better :(
  • Bitshop icon missing??? 3/5

    By Me63478
    On iPod touch there is no option to buy theme packs?? The icon is not there. Just an icon to redesign your avatar or change outfit. Help!!
  • On the go???😡 1/5

    I don't like how if you are in the car it takes forever to get the app!!
  • GREAT APP BUT........ please read 5/5

    By Oceanx77
    I love this app I'm obsessed and literally change my Bitmoji every day it's just so much fun! But here are some things to keep in mind for the next update (I hope the creators read these) -Braces: the people who most commonly use this app is teenagers and most teenagers have braces -Bitmoji style avatar: I wish it had more stiles if hair -Summer clothes: you already have a summer selection but that only consists of a few crop tops skirts shorts and a one pice bathing suit, maybe add a few more swim suites -Cross Country/ Track and field: Okay I feel like these are the two most left out sports it's just running right, maybe you could add a Bitmoji picture of your friend and yourself passing a Baton. Maybe someone with a hurdle or disc. -Different brands: yes I understand you probably have to get the brands okay to use their styles but maybe you could add some more Nike stuff to your collection. I love this app so much but maybe just take this stuff into consideration. 😊
  • Long Hair 4/5

    By Jae506
    Before the recent update there was long hair and now there's none. I have long hair and I would like it if there was some long hair, besides that everything is good!
  • Gucci 2/5

    By Hey_gurl_hey
    Y'all need some Gucci flip flops. And dreads..
  • Good App but... 4/5

    By Alexrich1612
    You should make it so you can take a picture of your face and it makes you a bitmoji.
  • More sport outfits 5/5

    By Lto legion
    Please add a Fc barcelona shirt into the app
  • Suits 5/5

    By Werel1234678910
    You should add different types of tuxedos
  • Outfits 4/5

    By LouWho04
    I like the outfits you have now. But I would love it if you added western cloths and cowboy boots and other stuff like that.
  • long hairstyles 2/5

    By ayeeeeeewhatuppp
    i love bitmoji!!!!! the only thing is i wish they had longer hairstyles apart from ponytails
  • Love ❤️️❤️️❤️️ 5/5

    By Yesbestnew
    I love ❤️ the features no problems great 👍 posting
  • Muslims 2/5

    By justamuslima
    They should have some hijab( the scarf that goes around a woman's head )ones too.
  • petmoji request 4/5

    By fjsam
    more outfits? customizable pets! PETMOJI NEEDS TO HAPPEN! i have no use for a calico cat since my cat be black 🤘🏻 #blackcatsmatter plz and thanks!
  • Hair 5/5

    By 😕😕😕 Read this!!! 😕😕😕
    Add more hairstyles please! We need more!
  • Truly life changing 5/5

    By tiny midget
    I have been in a long distance relationship with my fiance ever since I moved two states away and bitmojis have been key to keeping the "face" of our conversations alive. This is one of extremely few and limited reviews I will ever do, but I felt it was necessary for bitmoji, because over time, it's going to change the world.
  • Lack of asian eyes 1/5

    By Gueguecs
    This app should offer the possibility of choosing an asian eye for the bitmoji... especially because of the people who only use this app for snapchat... didnt like it Smh
  • Cute I guess 2/5

    By Kfkwicneksokc
    I had a super cute Snapchat profile that got deleted without my approval and replaced with my bitmojis face once bitmoji connected to my Snapchat account. Pretty annoyed by that taking the place of my actual pictures in favor of mildly funny, meme reflecting cartoons of myself. Please fix soon.
  • Fun but... 4/5

    By Lilyismydog
    Needs more color options for hair and styles! Also more accessories! I've got purple hair but purple isn't even an option!
  • Love it but can there be more variety?(hijab colors) 3/5

    By Hramram254
    I love my bitmoji I really like making her look like me and love that you have a hijab as well, can you make more colors/designs so it wouldn't always look the same?
  • Need more options for hair color 4/5

    By gj149
    The app needs more options for hair and eyebrow color, especially the blonde! My bitmoji doesn't look much like me because of this but it's still fun to use.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Spider171
    I thought it was one of those apps where you take a picture of your face and it turns it into the emoji face
  • Amazing!! 4/5

    By Sweets "G"
    I give Bitmoji a great review. So far no problem just taking precaution. I don't want it to back fire on me. Very nice.
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Leeya Vandruff
    I really LOVE Bitmoji. It's a really fun add on to social media! (Especially Snapchat). I do have a suggestion tho. Add more fun features! Like headphones, head pieces, hats, holiday add on's, and more! Also more clothing choices would b amazing! I really do love your app and think this would make it even better! (Personally headphones! :)
  • gr8 :)) 5/5

    By Andy587
    it's great and all, i can use it perfectly and its great fun to use them in snapchat, buut i would love it even more and would use it more and recommend it more if there were a harry potter bitmoji pack and more hairstyles to go by for the bitmoji style avatar. love it ;) thx
  • This is awesome! 5/5

    By Jussjai
    Easy use for older folks and still fun! I love this app. I wish there was a search feature, so I can find what I want quickly. But overall, it's a great app.
  • Love the idea of it.... 3/5

    By mskimberly8
    Honestly I really love the idea of a small character version of our selves but the thing is I would really like more options on how myself could look like. I have curly hair and I style my curly hair way more than just one way. I wish there could be more art and give us more options to how our bitmoji could look..

    By suzprose
    Disappointing not all religious holidays not represented. This app slants in favor of one religion and promotes political correctness
  • Please add this... 4/5

    By This is me speaking
    PLEASE ADD A BYE FRIEND BITMOJI!!!!!! ME AND NY FRIENDS USE THIS APP AND THAT PHRASE ALL THE TIME!!!! PLEASE ADD! For me... please. But this app is cool, peace out homie✌🏼🚌
  • Need to go shopping!! 4/5

    By cilrabbit
    I like it ! I use it a lot and invited lots of people to get the app! I would just like a bigger selection of clothes and maybe accessories. I'm running out of clothes and hairstyles!! Other than that, I like!
  • No hat color 5/5

    By LUSZCAK 123456789
    Good fun and app. Please let me change the color of my hat...
  • How about a update? 4/5

    By ♥️Jenny♥️
    I absolutely love this app, but I find it hard to make it more relate able to myself. I would highly suggest an update that allows custom colors for skin colors or at least remove the unnecessary colors (red, green, blue) and replaced with more relate able colors. The options available for skin color are restricting and there should be more options.
  • Black Bitmoji Hairstyle 5/5

    By C Rawwww
    Add a temple fade hairstyle for the black bitmoji characters thank you everything else is awesome. Also add a folded bandana too!
  • App Won't Work...Terrible App 1/5

    By Senor Hammer
    This App is terrible. I have tried for days to sign in using my Snapchat account and it has failed to work. In the Bitmoji app I would click on "Log in with Snapchat" then it would take me to Snapchat app. In there I clicked "create Bitmoji" and it would take me to Bitmoji website on Safari and it would tell me to update to the latest Snapchat and Bitmoji apps. Well I already updated them so I clicked on "Already Updated?" And then I was redirected to another website that says "pull down and push open button to go to Bitmoji". Well this is where it fails. I pull down and no button appears. This app is complete junk. I contact Bitmoji several times and have received ZERO help. Not even a single response. Complete waste of time and terrible customer service.
  • I love this app, but... 4/5

    By Marisaniiicole
    I really wish there were more hair styles. I know first world problems but really there's not a lot of options to chose from. And I wish there were most outfit releases ! Other than that I love the app.
  • CLOTHES 3/5

    By Walter Díaz
  • Needs a Search function 3/5

    By scarecroe
    These are really useful but it takes too long to craft a reply when there are so many to go through. This app really needs to offer the ability to search "I can't even" to find the corresponding sticker. Please add.

    By Egreen3
    I love using these one Snapchat but I never fully look like my person because the bitmoji original character doesn't have long hairstyles. Please add some!!!!!!!!

Bitmoji - Your Personal Emoji app comments

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