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Blaze Pizza

  • Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.0.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Relevant
  • Compatibility: Android
85 Ratings
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Blaze Pizza App

A new way to Blaze is here. Fire up the Blaze Pizza® app to get your Blaze Pizza fix even faster and earn your way to free pizzas and other Blaze Benefits. Just scan your app every time you visit to earn a flame. Complete a 10-pack of flames to get a free pizza. Can’t get much simpler than that. Want to go even faster? Place your order via the app to skip the line and earn your flame automatically. Features: • Earn flames for each visit and score a free pizza with every ten flames that you earn • Find your nearest Blaze Pizza and order your pizza straight from the app • See your online order history and quickly re-order your favorites • Use our Nutrition Calculator to help build your pizza *Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. App benefits and “Pay with phone” option are only available in non-airport US locations.

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Blaze Pizza app reviews

  • The pizza is good but the app is so awful 1/5

    By KatieOspina
    Worst app I've ever had I think.... If the pizza wasn't so good I wouldn't go back but I don't think I can even use the app it doesn't work at all
  • Cannot order 1/5

    By Vashah
    It's been two months and whenever I try to order online the app says that the service is unavailable
  • App rewards frame didn't get though 👎🏼😡 1/5

    By jberns20
    It always not updating when you use at any blaze pizza place and it needs a new update to fix the blaze pizza app system.
  • Horrible UI 1/5

    By Document Geek
    The type is the same font used in their logo, and it's really, really hard to read. Plus, there doesn't seem to be a way to edit a pizza after it has been built. I think you'd have to delete it and rebuild it. And when I went to check out, it asked for payment info, which I provided, and then I clicked on the checkout button and proceeded to drive to the restaurant. But when I got then, they didn't have my order. Apparently, after you enter payment info, you then have to click again on that payment method to select it (even if it is the only payment method), and THEN the confirm order buttons undims and will let you click on it to process the order. The staff wasn't any help; they should really be trained on troubleshooting when people order with the app. This app was just a really frustrating experience.
  • Awful 1/5

    By Tjtvagjjfeegvkkot3))4)$&6;:
    If I could Give it 0 stars I would. App never lets me log in, can't reset password, no response when I emailed them.
  • App is too slow 1/5

    By Leanos24
    The app takes forever to load everything!
  • Pointless, probably just good for rewards 1/5

    By Blah5598
    Thought the app would help you be in and out but no you have to check in there for them to make it... I want it ready when I show up
  • Customer 2/5

    By Olive705
    This app is slow to load whenever I'm trying to pull up my barcode to redeem rewards. This app needs an update.
  • Ripoff 1/5

    By BvrCvr
    This app totally rips you off. Free pizzas disappear. Customer service doesn't respond.
  • Glitchy and stupid 1/5

    By Nathan_Whyy
    ... I'm not satisfied with this app
  • So slow and then an update, none nothing 1/5

    By Sd6057
    This app won't even open now after the latest update. What a bummer because I am loyal when there is an avenue to earning rewards. Please fix.
  • Rewards need work - too slow 2/5

    By Smak
    It has to load the reward qr code every time you purchase, and if you don't have wifi or a signal, that is a problem. It's the same problem when you try to redeem! Even when it works, it's slow, and you never know if it's going to load the code. Even worse, it's a different code for reward vs redeem, so you have to scan twice when making your purchase, and that's IF the checkout person knows how this all works. What a nightmare.
  • It went from painful death slow to torturously slow 1/5

    By Jessss!!!
    At least I'm not dead yet, until I try to refresh the rewards
  • They don't know how to make an app? 2/5

    By Roaf Htun
    This is 2017 already, don't they know how to make an app?
  • App is slow 2/5

    By Gdidypsylsltely
    Trying to do anything on this app is painfully slow. I tried to redeem a promo code and, because I didn't know how the app offer redemption worked, waited until I was at the register to enter the code. Once I entered the promo code, I was given a confirmation pop up but the reward didn't appear in my tray. It wasn't until I had paid in full and sat down at the restaurant that the reward appeared. If the app is this sluggish, optimize before releasing. The standards for apps are higher now.
  • Does not honor rewards or promo code 1/5

    By Mysiddi
    I downloaded the app just because there was a buy one get one free pizza offer for ordering via mobile app. The app accepted the code KEEPINITREAL but did not apply it to the order. Pretty frustrating
  • Leaving an honest review after reading others 4/5

    By tcklme10
    I read through most of the reviews for the current version and don't understand why they are all 1 star. The app seems to work perfectly for me except for the slow load times. But other than that all my reward options work as well as ordering for same day pick up.
  • Rewards offline and two stores I tried 1/5

    By oxyph
    Both new stores in the area would not take the rewards card because they said there were errors on their system. I could not pay or get credited for the pizzas I bought. Also I noticed that you cannot pre-order less you pick a date 24 hours or more in the future. Obviously that's totally useless. I appreciate that they tried to make a rewards program buts this is not ready for prime time.
  • Can't log in 1/5

    By Sol Ko
    This app doesn't let me log in. Seems like there's other people who had a same problem.
  • Worst App Ever 1/5

    By 👎👎😕
    Deleting this from my phone doesn't work and I have scanned the app on several different times and I only have one flame
  • Doesn't work ZERO stars 1/5

    By DasBeast
    Does not work at all. I've been to Blaze 4 times and couldn't get reward credit or redeem a free dessert. The cashiers don't care.
  • App doesn't work 1/5

    By bghokie13
    Just downloaded it and it doesn't work. Just says to contact customer service.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Kkerrigan14
    Nothing on this app works. Don't waste your time or memory space
  • It works! 5/5

    By anastasb
    I don't know what all the other reviewers are talking about. The app works seamlessly for me, both the (same-day) ordering and the rewards. Granted, it's a bit of a clunky app but it gets the job done.
  • Can't Use It 1/5

    By ItsKiaunaTho
    I can't even use the app because with every button I press, the app freezes up . I can't order online because the website does the same thing. I just want pizza lol.
  • Weird. Keeps dimming the screen! 3/5

    By Pingless
    Weird. Keeps dimming the screen whenever i close the app. I do not like that it has this ability to interfere with my settings as thus! Makes me wonder what else they are futzing with and WHY?!
  • Multiple Issues 1/5

    By Ezrasimon
    1. The app says "earn and pay" but you can't pay with your phone in store. 2. If you pay for multiple pies you only earn one flame. My wife and I have to pay separately each time. Most food reward programs give you credit for each item. 3. No one at the locations has any idea how to use the app. 4. To get credit for a purchase I need to scan many times and it slows down the line and is an inconvenience for employees and other customers.
  • No pay in store option - Cash unfriendly 2/5

    By Sph3rical11
    Chipotle lets you order and choose to pay in store, you should too. Not everyone uses credit cards.
  • Pizza gets A+ app fails 1/5

    By Swx540
    I have been to blaze 6 times since downloading the app, and only two times have I actually received a flame. Very frustrating! It beeps at the scanner, but no flame appears.
  • Can't apply coupon codes on the app 2/5

    By Abellanca13
    I tried to place an order on the app to go pick it up ahead of time, but I can't use a coupon code. The coupon code shows up as a QR code that the cashier needs to scan before you pay, but you can't submit an online order from the app without paying with your credit card first...
  • Terrible App - Losing Business 1/5

    By Delux78
    We decided to go somewhere else. This app is really terrible. I can even get it to respond, just spins and times out. Makes me 😢 b/c it's really good pizza
  • Bright light 1/5

    By Projmandarin
    Please don't be smart and change the light to the brightest. Idiotic.
  • Needs Fixing 1/5

    By Jencp16
    The app doesn't reflect all of the signature pizzas off the menu and needs to update that. There's no phone orders. Based solely on this app for ordering. It's easy to use but needs to make improvements on the apps
  • GARBAGE 1/5

    By Easimony
    Absolutely garbage. Why do they even have an app !? Worthless whoever developed this should refund whatever they were paid.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By killer clans
    I keep trying to go to rewards to redeem a BOGO free and the app crashes every time. Frustrating!
  • Don't bother with the app 1/5

    By AshMa27
    They use their app to track loyalty points but it doesn't work. I have been to Blaze 5 times and I have only 2 points, one of which I had to enter a code because the store could not get it to work right. The other times they scan the code but it does not record. When you tell them it did not work, they don't care because they can not do anything about it.
  • Horrible user experience 1/5

    By Earlgreylemonade
    Slow, poor design, hard to use. It's 2017. Can you guys hire a better developer?
  • Can't login 3/5

    By Inanimate Carbon Rod
    Login bug, can't sign into my web account despite changing the password online.
  • App design 101 2/5

    By Clarence Boddicker esq.
    Duh. No way to edit a pizza in your cart. Forgot to add pepperoni? Dump the cart out, start over. Unbelievable. Crazy, huh??
  • Doesn't update always shutting down 1/5

    By Melissas18
    This app won't update your flames. Every time I try to access my rewards or see my flames it closes down. I tried uninstalling a and reinstalling the app with hopes it would work. NOPE. Very frustrating to order as well. The app spends a lot of time loading anytime you open it or change screens.
  • Pointless App 1/5

    By Bruinbown
    The app doesn't let you order pizza the same day. It will only let you order for the next day. So if you know you're going to want Blaze pizza tomorrow, go for it. Then again, if you're planning ahead for pizza you should probably get something better.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Hremin
    Every time I try to redeem a reward, the app crashes. Uninstalling and reinstalling doesn't work either. Don't waste your time with this frustrating app.
  • Pretty good! - wanna use gift card to pay 4/5

    By Bmalikb
    App is good for preordering. Easy to scan at store for points. But no way to pre-order and use my gift cards. Would like to see that in future updates.
  • Connectivity really lacking 1/5

    By IAROx
    The app keeps failing and it tells you to contact customer support via email. Took my over thirty minutes and 50 tries to place my order. Then it didn't even figure in my rewards.
  • Dose not give you rewards 1/5

    By TechSavy2014
    App is really bad... 80% of the time you never get credit for your purchases so the app is totally worthless. No one at the restaurant can do anything for you when you do not get credit. Plus 10 purchases for a free $8 pizza. Not even worth the space on your smartphone.
  • Get for rewards, not for ordering 2/5

    By TeiaGoBoom
    I got the app so I could order pickup on my way home from work. I arrive only to find out they don't cook it till you what's the point? 100% useless as an ordering app.
  • Rewards Need Work 2/5

    By reddevils1968
    I too had a problem getting the reward. Luckily, the employee knew about the problem and scanned the app again when the flame didn't appear. It finally appeared. Rewards or flames are awarded by visit, not by pizzas bought. Buy one or buy ten, either is only worth one flame. I was told that this was to encourage more visits. That is just lame. Needs to be by number of pizzas bought.
  • S.L.O.W. 1/5

    By Weems
    Every step of this app crawls, regardless of the wifi or data network I'm on. How useless
  • Incredibly slow 2/5

    By Bostn
    Standing at the register with a line behind you is the last place you want to deal with a sluggish app.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By PinkMooJuice
    The app crashes literally every single time I use it

Blaze Pizza app comments

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