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Blink Health App

Blink Health is the new way for all Americans to save on their prescriptions. It's easy. Simply pay in the app before you pick up at the pharmacy of your choice to save up to 95% on your prescriptions. Blink is free to use and is accepted at most U.S. pharmacies. When to use Blink: • When the Blink Price is less than your copay • When you are uninsured • When you have Medicare Blink Health is accepted at over 40,000 pharmacies nationwide, including: Walmart, Rite Aid, Kroger, Sam's Club, Kmart and more!


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Blink Health app reviews

  • Unbelievable savings 5/5

    By Venkata Subbareddy
    Unbelievable savings I hit 95% savings
  • Lifesaver 5/5

    By judytheville
    Enabled me to stay healthy w/out insurance. Absolutely saved my life!!
  • Recommended by healthcare professional 5/5

    By Weckenurse
    After 25 years of being a nurse and taking care of others the wear and tear on my back resulted in multiple back surgeries and permanent nerve damage. I can no longer work. I was left titanium in the lower half of my spine. Complete numbness and shooting pain in my right leg, lower back and hip pain. My COBRA insurance ran out and I have been denied disability. Because of my husband's income I do not qualify for any assistance. So for the first time in my life I found myself without a job, no insurance, and struggling financially. A pharmacy tech told me about Blink, of course I was a little skeptical, I did some research and completed my first Blink transaction. My prescription started at $270 out of pocket and with Blink the prescription was $62.50. Enormous savings. The most awesome thing is that it can be used with or without insurance. My grandfather is a diabetic and has the typical Medicare. With his insurance his diabetic medicine was $95 a month. With Blink it was actually $0. No cost at all. Would highly recommend to anyone who is getting prescriptions filled.
  • Astonishingly not a scam 5/5

    By kalbert801
    It works. It's bananas. 2/3 of the time it's cheaper than my insurance. It's ridiculously easy to use. I tried this when I was desperate b/c my COBRA was still processing. I still use it despite having a functional health plan. Soooooo easy. It makes pharmacy runs faster too- everything's prepaid. Sad they're no longer contracted with CVS, but Blink is so convenient that I switched from the pharmacy chain I've been using over a decade.
  • Blink 5/5

    By Lpc22332425
    This is an amazing discount for meds and so easy to use. I am thrilled 😄It is such an easy and money saving App. 👍👍👍
  • $$Savings! 5/5

    By Jhg923
    I have a prescription that is not covered by insurance and Blink saves me over half! It is super easy to use too!
  • Saved Me 50% 5/5

    By DarChan
    My elderly mother’s back has been hurting. The first patch the doctor prescribed cost $700 (flexor) and her insurance wouldn’t cover. We tried getting lidoderm patches and again it wasn’t covered. They did approve a gel. We tried for a week but the pain was not getting better. I happened to see a KCBS TV Los Angeles story Obamacare and they highlighted Rx coverage and talked about blink. I looked it up right away and although they could not offer a discount on the flexor, the lidoderm patch cost $160 (normally $300). That i could afford! I wasn’t sure how legit this was, so I took a shot. Luckily it all worked out. The pharmacist told me they’ve been doing Blink business and are astonished at the savings. So thank you Blink! Btw with a first time discount I actually paid $145. App easy to use. Kudos to Blink. I am telling everyone!
  • Excellent App 5/5

    By Randy Smith
    It is rare to find an app that surpasses what it promises but Blink does. I had a medication that cost 230 dollars. That was a discount price at the cheapest pharmacy....which was Walgreens. Walgreens consider the words customer and service to be mutually exclusive. I had to change pharmacies to Rite Aid.....which is several orders of magnitude better. Using Blink that same medication was only 90 dollars. This would make the app a value even if they charged for it. As a free app it really is a no brainer. The app is easy to use. Works flawlessly with the pharmacy and the service is beyond top notch. It delivers on all promises.
  • Free diabetes drugs 5/5

    By njporn
    They offer free metformin for a year.. Nice find. Great app..
  • Price is right 5/5

    By 5Frankie3
    I have insurance but use Blink for some medications cheaper than my covered meds. I have recommended to others and they too have found on some items a savings.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Aprilfurey
    Best way to save money on scripts ever !!!!
  • Greatest 5/5

    By Tom52000
    Best app for RX. Saves big bucks every single time. Saved me money I needed for other things in life. A lot more f money. One RX was over 300 and I paid $18.00. Real deal!
  • Disappointment 1/5

    By Sarahmarie02
    I am disappointed in blink. The app is great but they just dropped coverage for two of the biggest pharmacies in the nation with no warning. So if your pharmacy is CVS or Walgreens don’t bother downloading.
  • Saves me way more than my insurance plan! 5/5

    By Anna48
    Found there prices to be half the price of my health insurance plan that I pay a lot to have. Great app interface and easy to use. They also save you money on the prescriptions insurance companies don't even cover.
  • Unbelievable 5/5

    By Mmlcs
    Lost my insurance coverage, couldn't afford my medication till I found Blink. I've used it over a year now one small issue was resolved immediately. No long outdrawn wait or nasty customer service. Can't say anything bad about this app. Sign up you won't regret it.
  • Awesome Savings 5/5

    By Lit former
    Blink Health has saved me substantial $$$$ on my medication not covered by my spouse's health insurance!
  • Blink health 5/5

    By Joserosa
    Just try it and you will see how much Blink saves you... Its a must if you have no insurance!!!!
  • This is a must have with or without a different pharmacy plan 5/5

    By Movie lover 4255
    The app and system are amazingly helpful. I had a problem with my health care coverage. I found this. Crisis averted! To my utter amazement the prescription was LESS expensive than my expensive plan. I had a problem setting up my daughter and the support was immediate and solved the problem in a few minutes Great experience. Highly recommended
  • Amazing!!! 5/5

    By shetis
    I can't thank you enough for your awesome service and the huge savings on my meds!!!
  • The Real Deal 5/5

    By faib65
    I didn't believe the savings could be for real. Until we filled our first scripts. It's for real. App is super simple to use. My husband is saving hundreds of dollars on his diabetes meds. And I'm paying less for my meds than when I had "good" prescription coverage under my old employer insurance plan.

    By Zenagin
    BLINK is easy and all BIG pharmacies take it. It's even cheaper than my Medical Plan co-pay half the time! Last Rx was $270 copay thru my insurance. BLINK only cost me $73 total !!
  • We love blink it's saved our family a lot of money 5/5

    By Wrangler gurl
    Blink is neat u have to make an account sign in an pay online on the app but it's easy . Most all pharmacy will take blink not (Walgreens) / but this blink is so much cheeper than any other discounting any where it's crazy thanks so much blink u r awesome Sign in pay on the app I have had no problems yet! Quick n easy for this momma
  • Cost savings and life saver! 5/5

    By Hekkfhnskaoshd
    Would not have been able to buy my medications without the savings. Life saver!
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By POS yaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    Very good company. Money saver.
  • Greatest find ever! 5/5

    By Criv132
    Has saved us a ton of money!
  • Use it! 5/5

    By From a CPHT
    As a pharmacy tech , I have seen many "discount cards" that claim to help you save 75% (they don't) . This app stays true to lower prices & also helps cover meds that aren't covered by insurance such as weight loss meds & cough medicine . I recommend this app to anyone & everyone ! It's easy for the techs to bill & also easy for the patients to use ! Download it , you won't regret it !
  • Extremely Awesome! 5/5

    By Kerri62
    I'm between insurances working for a temp agency. When I complained to the secretary that my medicines cost me $117 she asked if I had ever heard of BLINK. I had not. So day before yesterday was my first time using it. Because of the first time user credit I got my meds for nothing... yup! ZERO. Future meds will likely be under $20 for both together. I was more than impressed; the pharmacist was also. I use CVS and while they had never heard of it before, it went through with no problem. After you make your payment you get a group code and some other number that they used. It was fast and painless. It immediately showed up on my phone but additionally I received an email with the same information. Guaranteed, you will love this app.
  • Wasn't sure at first, but it's the real thing 5/5

    By Motox20
    I saw an ad for this and when I looked it up I couldn't believe it, some of the prices seem far too good to be true, I even called my local CVS and they said they'd never heard of it so I was very skeptical after that. A family member had a script that costs just $30 with blink so I tried it out. When I took it to the pharmacist he said I might have been scammed but when he ran the code on the receipt he was shocked that it worked. Now scripts that would cost over $150 are more than affordable. If you're like me and thousands of others without prescription coverage, Blink is a life saver.
  • Blink saves me money!!! 5/5

    By 3shepards
    Blink saves me a lot of money. I also work in the medical field and we tell our patients about Blink because the meds we prescribe our patients are really expensive but since we've told them about Blink they are able to save a lot of money.
  • Saving Muy Grande aqui 5/5

    By iOS Passbook for rewards
    I keep telling people Blink will save the massive amounts of coins but i feel like they don't hear 👂 me. Makes feel like a frugal person when I am not. A step in the right direction though.
  • Lost my insurance 5/5

    By Cawamc
    Very happy I found this! Already saved $70 on one rx!
  • Nancy 5/5

    By Chilover3
    Wonderful app. Saves me as much as $5 on some meds. Only problem is it seems like cashiers at my druggist don't know how to handle it. I always have to wait while they get pharmacist to approve it
  • Thank God for this App! 5/5

    By MrsThizz06
    Amazing App with real savings!
  • What did I do before? 5/5

    By Leopreditress
    Blink is easy to use, and I love it so much. It takes care of all my medications and reminds me when something has to be refilled and calls the pharmacy and tells them as well. I have yet to see an app to anything as much is this one does. Go Blink, TYTYTY
  • Awesome!!! Do not pass this up! 5/5

    By Michellehope74
    If you are doubting doubting this DON’T!! I just saved $122 on my prescription which would have costed me $134. I have been paying the regular price for the past 3 months. Not anymore. Make sure your pharmacy accepts this first
  • THANKS 5/5

    By I saved
    If only you knew.
  • $$$$ Saver 5/5

    By Rae Rae LeMaster
    I am without insurance at this time. It is saving me a pretty good bit of money. Very exciting in times of need!!
  • Worthy 5/5

    By Annoe835184
    Great savings
  • Savings 5/5

    By chip7769
    I've saved so much by using Blink. With some of my medicines not covered by insurance it's been a life saver.
  • This APP is a life saver!! 5/5

    By SweetGirl1029
    It is easy to use and all the pharmacies that I normally use except it. So it was exactly what I needed. And saved me so much money!
  • Blink 5/5

    By Mrosenberg92
    Blink has saved me so much money on my prescriptions! I am so grateful for this app!
  • Scripts 5/5

    By TheREDHED
    This app has been a lifesaver for me! Love it. My nexium would cost me over 200.00 a month. Got it here for 1/3 of the price. It is my lifesaving medication. Since my reflux damaged the right side of my throat.
  • Best ever 5/5

    By Shawn Sweat Sr
    I'm so happy with the blink health app it's a must have for any fixed budget
  • Great Savings! 5/5

    By Waggies12
    Great app for saving a lot of money. I highly recommend it!
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By MISHA4Luv
    Has saved me money on every Rx
  • Great 5/5

    By TheG-Man
    Has simplified my life greatly, and saved me a lot of money. While Drugs for diabetes remain too expensive BLINK has been a godsend in reducing our costs.
  • Under a fixed income 5/5

    By Kathy Bianchi
    My pharmacist Helen Recommanded the Blink App to me since my insurance company wouldn't pay for my medication and I'm on a fixed income. She know how expensive this medication is and i needed this medicine and I couldn't afford to pay out of pocket. With this app it helped me so much. Thank you Helen and Blink you made it possible for me to keep my medication that I need to take.
  • Amazing !! 5/5

    By Fhifhibabee
    It doesn't get better than this! My meds all together were $500 and are now $100! It really did help, I definitely recommend Blink!!
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By KristaMarieD
  • Wow! 5/5

    By Ashlealove<3
    This company is excellent. Lots of savings.

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