Blood Donor by American Red Cross

Blood Donor by American Red Cross

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  • Current Version: 1.4.5
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  • Developer: American Red Cross
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Blood Donor by American Red Cross App

The American Red Cross Blood Donor App puts the power to save lives in the palm of your hand. Donating blood and platelets is easier than ever. Find nearby Red Cross blood drives, schedule appointments, earn rewards from premier retailers, follow your blood’s journey from donation through delivery (when possible), and create or join a lifesaving team and track its impact on a national leaderboard. Features: • Find local blood drives and donation centers quickly and easily • Convenient, easy appointment scheduling and rescheduling • Receive appointment reminders • Manage contact preferences • Keep track of your blood donations (whole blood, double red cells, and platelets) to see your impact • Get geo-targeted blood shortage alerts let you know if your blood type is needed in your area • Snap a selfie during your blood donation and share it through social media • Claim rewards from participating retailers for giving blood or platelets • Track your blood donation from donation through delivery (when possible) • Join or create a lifesaving team, recruit other blood donors and view rankings on a national leaderboard • Earn unique badges to proudly share your achievements via social media, text, or email

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Blood Donor by American Red Cross app reviews

  • This is great! 5/5

    By Moniqueof4
    This is an awesome app. Very helpful to schedule and watch as your donation goes through the process. And I always have my donor card.
  • Useful App 4/5

    By Standing 8
    Very handy and fun to watch your blood journey and history rack up bit found one bug. When sharing your experience via your device camera and social media, the prebuilt "frames" or borders for your image has a black semi-transparent bar across the top that shows up in your posts online. Other than that, rock on.
  • Do it, dammit! 5/5

    By targetmarket
    You know you want to because you know you should. Get on a schedule. This is more fulfilling than praying. Help someone you don't know. You'll be glad you did!
  • Missing info 3/5

    By Bevc1111
    My last donation doesn't show its journey. Also, when scheduling I wanted to do platelets and it won't let me change.
  • Best blood related app I changes really. 4/5

    By Willydoedntcare
    Great for scheduling donations & in my case, tracking down blood drives so I can give "power reds" (or whatever they call it now) since my local facilities aren't set up for it. Wish the app was more functional like helping me give feedback on my local donation center. I'd be able to attend more drives if they were on weekends or had "power red" machines at my local donation area.
  • Great functionality 5/5

    By asbauer15
    Easy to use. Great to keep track of appointments.
  • Great... but 5/5

    By meeoch
    Needs rapid pass option for appointments. Fantastic other than that!! Thank you!
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Charles0663
    It nice to see your history on the app.
  • Good for electronic card 2/5

    By Frankly-Speaking
    The app is good for electronic donor card. Scheduling is cumbersome and you can not complete the fast pass info via the app prior to an appointment. That is a huge deficit. Also it would be nice if the app would sync your collected vitals (blood pressure & pulse rate) to the health app. All of this data is collected and entered into your account at the appointment but is not synced or even available through the app for later recollection.
  • Badger 1 2/5

    By GHBadger
    Needs to be made fully phone-friendly. Password change page is too narrow for phones. Still can't do Rapid Pass on a phone.
  • Wow it has my history 5/5

    By Igottagetalife
    I had lost my card and made a donation. Found this app and after registering saw my history. It had my last donation and then ALL my previous ones... very neat.
  • Extremely relaxing experience staff completely knowledgeable 5/5

    By CocoaMorris
    Personally I have been donating blood on a regular basis since 18 years of age (21 years) like clockwork… Is the most precious gift anyone can give to complete strangers. Today's donation was exceptionally cleaving because my 18-year-old twin girls donated for the very first time as well. The staff comforted them and walk them through it step-by-step while I held your hands and it was an awesome experience... I can't express enough how proud I am of them!!! #FAMILY TRADITIONS
  • Well done 5/5

    By dopi30
    In scheduling a recent appointment, I became aware of the app and downloaded it. Upon signing in, the first thing I was presented with was my total donations. I actually was unaware I had donated 46 pints of blood, dating back to 1998. But the history was all there. And in recent years I can look at donations to see what my blood pressure and pulse was at the time. A lot of thought put into this app. Well done!
  • Making donations easier! 5/5

    By Robyn152
    This app makes the blood donation process so much easier! All your information is at your fingertips and your donor card is scanned at the venue. Fabulous!
  • Not user friendly 1/5

    By 57gf
    App does not allow me to schedule because it is too soon, but it does not state when it will be ok. Digital rapid pass: impossible to find. Etc
  • So easy to use. 5/5

    By Pixieeyes26
    This app is great. It make finish drives and participating so easy. I can't wait to donate again using this app!
  • Great App 5/5

    By Cjosef
    I think this is a great tool for PR and ensuring that users have access to informs about their donations. One of the cool things about this app is that I can see the impact in making with each donation.
  • Great for First Time Donors 5/5

    By RagnarMac
    My friend is not a fan of needles. After 5 years of nudging, she showed up to donate. She doenloaded the app while at her first appointment and is excited to keep giving. The app made a scary process more fun, more tangible and also distracted her from her fear!
  • 5 stars by far 5/5

    By RescueSquad
    As a young donor this app is awesome!
  • O- 5/5

    By Neonsaenz
    I'm glad I am able to help!
  • Nice looking app, ok experience and frustrating to schedule 3/5

    By thanos230
    Update: so frustrated! Three times I've tried scheduling an appointment through the app and the American Red Cross has either called me to tell me the appointment has been cancelled or I show up and I cannot give double reds. Get your act together ARC! I've been giving blood for more than 20 years now. I thought it would be cool to try the app mainly to see if it made donating any easier. First, it got my location wrong for nearby donation opportunities. For some reason the app was showing places in Chicago even though I am in south central IN. Today I donated (setup appointment via browser, not the app). When I showed the person asked for my donor ID card I showed them the ID in the app. They said what was that!? No one on the donation bus knew anything about the app. Furthermore the scanner wouldn't scan the bar code. Fortunately they looked me up by my ID number. So far, it's been an ok experience. I hope blood drive workers will receive some education on the app and I hope the developers can work on making the app more accurate.
  • Good for keeping track! 4/5

    By xlshields
    Easy way to know how many times you've donated and to find new drives!
  • Awesome! 4/5

    By dbaugher
    Love it! Just have some thoughts: - Make it integrate with the iPhone Health app to track vitals (this is the best means for me to do so..) - Do team vs. team "sprint" battles to see who can donate the most blood.
  • Makes Donating Much Easier and Faster 5/5

    By Thomashero
    This App allows you to search every donation time in the area and schedule it right then and there. It also provides great information on the donation process.
  • Poor but useful 1/5

    By JTKingEPEG
    For repeat donors, like myself, I find the app very useful, but the app is ridiculously difficult to navigate. It is not intuitive, in the least, and a lot of time is wasted navigating to your desired needs.
  • Super Helpful 5/5

    By ChrisAnn307
    I've been pretty inconsistent with giving blood even though I have always had good experiences doing it and know it's seriously just the right thing to do. This app has made it incredibly easy for me to schedule appointments and is helping me be a more regular donor! I love that it tracks your donation history, tracks your blood donation as it makes its way to a hospital and has a lot of other great information. Now that I can so easily see my personal donation records, I feel motivated to get my donation numbers up and will remember to keep giving blood.
  • Great App 4/5

    By One for life
    I just updated the app today so I'm hoping it will work better (I kept getting a blank white screen every time I tried to use it). I wish it had the "free pass" feature. I only learned of this today while donating, but was bummed to find out I couldn't do it from my app. For the most part, great app, I like being able to see my blood's destination.
  • Love❤️ 4/5

    By mamatb
    I love this App! It's so nice to be able to make, change or cancel appointments. It's just great! I would like to see Rapid Pass be available on it.
  • Add Calendar accessibility 4/5

    By Satisfied Ambitious Runner
    Great App. It's slick, easy to understand, and great for managing my donation schedule. But what I really want is for the app to add in my appointment to my iPhone's calendar app. I check my calendar frequently and seeing the appointment there would help me out with my personal schedule. Keep up the good work!
  • ❤️️ 5/5

    By DispicableMe24210103
    I love donating blood. I'm O- it's te least I can do. This app makes it so much easier.
  • Great 5/5

    By Freebird67
    Needs the rapid pass on it
  • Annoying 1/5

    By Fluffy47323
    I'm 16 and I live in New York. I have donated before, yet it says I'm too young to sign up. Very disappointed.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Green castle
    Awesome for scheduling and rescheduling appointments; much easier than by phone or online.
  • Good app...but could be great 3/5

    By Mister DT
    Biggest shortcoming and opportunity for improvement is the absence of the "rapid pass" pre-donation screening tool within the app. Having this feature will expedite the donation process making Red Cross employees more efficient and saving the donor some time. Having said that, I like the appointment management feature - very helpful! Also, this app has helped motivate me to remain active in my blood donations.
  • Good but 4/5

    By ResOfHsv
    Nice app. Would be nice to have link and/or way to do the RapidPass via the app.
  • Great way to keep track of and schedule donations 5/5

    By Cococat54321
    I like that the app lets me know when I am eligible to donate again
  • Halfway useful 1/5

    By Errrble
    The scheduling is crashing the app when trying to view locations and book an appointment.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Hollie H.
    I absolutely love this app! As a first time blood donor, I was intrigued when I found out there was an app. I was excited to get my blood donor I.D. Card as well as finding out my blood type. I asked one of the workers what I had to do to get my card and she referred to this app. She said it doesn't take as long for my stuff to get processed on here and that I would know my results sooner if I got the app. Within a week or two my results were posted. I love that it logged the donation site in for me. I haven't ran into any problem yet. I think the app is great and an easy way to keep yourself organized. I do believe it should keep a record of ALL donations and not just your last 30 just because I'd like to look back and know where I went and all. Overall, I love the app!
  • Needs improvement 3/5

    By Dan123txshgtuff
    There is still no way to pre-register the day of donation using a mobile device, inconvenient for those of us who do not use a computer.
  • Suggestion 4/5

    By Robcom99
    Not sure where else to post suggestions, so... It would be great if I could enter blood donations to other organizations in the app and have the date I can next donate get updated to reflect that donation. Not all organizations have an app like this and since the main goal is helping people, why not make it easier for the donors to keep track of donations regardless of the organization collecting the donation?
  • App 4/5

    By CpFit
  • It's okay-ish. 3/5

    By Blatay
    Maybe not fair that I'm reviewing based on what I would like it to do rather than what it does, but it just doesn't do much that I find useful. (The only really useful things it does is double as my donor card, and let me schedule appointments. And I don't schedule appointments.) A couple of things that would be useful: • I would like to be able to answer the pre-donation questions while I'm sitting around waiting to be taken back. I know there is the rapid pass thing, but I can't seem to make that work. Maybe I need an appointment? Why? I'm there about to donate. • I would like to access more detail in my history of donations. What was my weight, pulse, & blood pressure. (Not that they actually check my pulse. Most just put down an average number. But that is not an issue with the app...) • The survey could be a little more detailed. Currently it asks me to rate my experience with emoticons, so either I'm happy, sad, or meh.
  • Rapid pass update 1/5

    By danaramel621
    Include an option to complete Rapid Pass prior to an appointment or this app is garbage with limited functionality.
  • Can't log in 1/5

    By Jlovesnwbrd23
    Doesn't work
  • Keeps crashing 1/5

    By Jen in PDX
    It won't let me schedule and appointment and I just get an error message, "There was a problem/bad request" 🙄
  • Convenient to schedule appointments 4/5

    By OilPainterTN
    Seriously would love the convenience of filling out rapid pass on iPhone... but the app is great for scheduling/or canceling blood donation appointments. And I love the convenience of having my Blood Donor card on my iPhone.
  • Easy to navigate 5/5

    By el20fitz
    The app is extremely easy to navigate. Everything is right there: blood type, the last time you donated, when you are eligible to donate next, all of your stats from the previous donations, and it gives you all of the locations close to you that are having drives.
  • Great App 4/5

    By Lar 125
    This app makes things so much easier to donate blood. It takes out the hassle of scheduling and tracking. One issue occurs in the "14 day out" scheduling. It won't allow the option without some type of code.
  • Great App, love the ease and convenience!! 4/5

    By Monkeyo3
    Great app and I appreciate the ease and convenience. It makes it so easy to schedule appointments and find close blood drives. This app would definitely be a 5 Star if the Rapid pass could be access!! So please add the Rapid Pass to the App :)
  • Makes donations so easy 5/5

    By Supernatural witch
    This makes giving blood and becoming an organ donor simple and fast. Within minutes and a few clicks you can save a life!!

Blood Donor by American Red Cross app comments

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