Blood Donor by American Red Cross

Blood Donor by American Red Cross

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  • Current Version: 1.4.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: American Red Cross
  • Compatibility: Android
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Blood Donor by American Red Cross App

The American Red Cross Blood Donor App puts the power to save lives in the palm of your hand. Donating blood and platelets is easier than ever. Find nearby Red Cross blood drives, schedule appointments, earn rewards from premier retailers, follow your blood’s journey from donation through delivery (when possible), and create or join a lifesaving team and track its impact on a national leaderboard. Features: • Find local blood drives and donation centers quickly and easily • Convenient, easy appointment scheduling and rescheduling • Receive appointment reminders • Manage contact preferences • Keep track of your blood donations (whole blood, double red cells, and platelets) to see your impact • Get geo-targeted blood shortage alerts let you know if your blood type is needed in your area • Snap a selfie during your blood donation and share it through social media • Claim rewards from participating retailers for giving blood or platelets • Track your blood donation from donation through delivery (when possible) • Join or create a lifesaving team, recruit other blood donors and view rankings on a national leaderboard • Earn unique badges to proudly share your achievements via social media, text, or email

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Blood Donor by American Red Cross app reviews

  • Love the app! 5/5

    By Ma2deric
    I do have a question how long does it take to update. I like to schedule my appointment for my next visit as soon as I finished but it seems to take a while to update.
  • Make appointments easier 3/5

    By JaxBooks
    I use the app to schedule my appointments. This is very difficult. It wants to schedule my appointments too early. This needs to be rewritten. I will be deleting this app until then. I will call for my appointments.
  • Helpful, but… 4/5

    By Hazy12345678910
    Please fix the crash involving joining teams. I've tried to join my local church's blood donor team but every time I select 'join' it opts me out of the team and puts me in a more popular group such as a university's. I assume that the app is supposed to put you in a stateam until you join one but even after
  • Functional, easy to use 5/5

    By Bwra8614
    This app provides all I need to give blood with the Red Cross including scheduling, directions to the site, and a digital donor card.
  • 16 with Consent? 2/5

    By SLP 4 kids
    I just donated, and I had parental consent. I tried to sign up for the app but it wouldn't let me because it said I needed to be 17.
  • App has potential to do everything you need 3/5

    By Boxfloats
    Except teams don't work, when trying to create or join a team it will randomly select any team and put you on it, no matter what you do. Other bugs come with the app but you can get around them by closing and reopening.
  • Great app 4/5

    By Jake Manzo
    However when it comes to teams it won't work. I click my team and it puts me in some other team
  • Nice, but lots of annoying bugs 3/5

    By Asefhcktnxjdbofsh689/
    The app usually works fine with the info parts, like blood data and scheduling. However, the rewards and team features need work. Whenever I hit redeem rewards, it says thanks, but doesn't give me any codes or anything so the rewards thing is currently useless. Team part keeps glitching, switching me to teams I'm not on, and then not letting me join my own team. TL;DR: Nice blood info, extra features too glitchy to work, needs to be updated more often.
  • Does what I want 5/5

    By Neil Faiman
    It has all the useful parts of the Red Cross Blood web site, but much easier to use. Scheduling is easy. I just had to cancel an appointment, and it took about three clicks. The donation history with medical details is great — now if they could just coordinate with the Health app.
  • Great app and cause 5/5

    By DayDrmer
    Well done! Very user friendly!
  • Sixteen Year-Old Donors?? 1/5

    By <3 :-) 0_o
    I am a sixteen year old blood donor in tennessee, but the app will not let me make an account (even though i have my donor card and have already given blood). it's very sad!
  • Give for Life 5/5

    By The rate'r
    Great App ! Great Organization !
  • I wish I didn't update! BUGS, BUGS, BUGS! 1/5

    By MD RE Agent
    This app was great. Then they updated it. Donation history is wrong. I created a team but was removed when I updated. I tried selecting the team but it adds me to a team I didn't select. Donation history is not correct. Blood journey and rewards don't work.
  • Getting there 3/5

    By Vttxnm
    The app is great in listing locations to donate and having the ability to schedule. The life time tracking of your donation is not "life time." It only showed the last year where I have been giving for 20 yrs. It would be fun to know the true life donations. Also, it would be nice to know when your next eligible donation date. You could quickly look to see if you are eligible and go forward with the scheduling in the app.
  • Glitches, glitches and more glitches 1/5

    By 12ia
    I've read other reviews and it seemed like everyone had an easy time with scheduling appointments, so I thought I would give it a try. I don't know why this happens but EVERYTIME I try to schedule an appointment on the app it ALWAYS says "there was a problem bad request". I've tried resetting my phone and the app yet this still shows up. It's kind of frustrating to not be able to schedule an easy appt like what other reviews say. It's also kind of disappointing when you're a universal donor and would love to help others out by donating your much needed blood, but this app makes it 10x more complicated to do so.
  • Red Cross 5/5

    By Detroitdaddysgirl
    Great information offered on this free app!
  • Team Association isn't working 2/5

    By Team Player feature broken
    Someone needs to go into the service or backend and figure out where the mobile app connects to and run some regression tests. My previous team doesn't display and when I try to leave the I correctly associated team, it saves me in another team. Gamification needs some work.
  • Seamlessly Useful! 5/5

    By Jaredtherocker
    I urge anyone even thinking about giving blood with the Red Cross to get this app. It was super simple to use and to schedule an appointment! It took 3 minutes to schedule an appointment and find a donation center nearest you. Also it will tell you certain statistics on your blood and donation history such as blood type and how many units you donated and when. GET THIS APP!
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Amelialh
    Having all your info handy is nice, but the follow your blood journey is a really cool feature!
  • Crappy service with terrible awards 1/5

    By The not-lone wanderer
    Half of the blood drives on here don't even exist. I show up and there's no one there with no trace of a blood drive. And the "rewards"...You won't use 99% of them and even though i've attempted to redeem them i don't get an email or anything with a code or something to let me use the discount code. I've also been promised twice to get a $5 certificate but never got one. I'm in the military so i'll just donate blood with the military but for someone else looking to make a difference i don't know. This app is a waste of time
  • Three key problems 1/5

    By Kativaton
    1. I can't join a team of my choosing. There are three with whom i would choose to be affiliated, and every time I try to select one, it puts me in Scentsy or some other equally unrelated and bewildering team. 2. The "Rewards" are a gimmicky coupon section that's got pretty standard discounts available to anyone through RetailMeNot. This wouldn't be a deal breaker were it not for problems one and three. 3. I can't use RapidPass through this app. It makes me question the purpose of the app aside from ego stroking and appointment making, both of which I can do through the Red Cross mobile site. If the apheresis techs tell me they can read the bar code off my photo of my donor card just as easily as from the interface, this app will be going away asap.
  • Great app for donors 4/5

    By Mateofresh11
    Near flawless minus no option for Rapid Pass.. with it 5 stars without question! 💪🏽💉
  • Such a fun app besides the team issues.. 4/5

    By Candi K.
    I LOVE this app! Normally I'd give it 5 stars - I'm a frequent donor and love how easy it is to schedule appointments, track where my blood is going, etc. My one complaint however is the fact that I can't choose my team. I used to be on the team of my choice but due to bugs, the app switches my "team" constantly. I hope this gets fixed soon!
  • Retired 3/5

    By Condopres
    It won't let me schedule a platelet donation more than 14 days in advance.
  • Well designed! 5/5

    By notthenicknameyouarelookingfor
    Haven't used the app for too long, but the layout is simple and easy on the eyes. Easy to navigate, smart, and quick access to info. Love it! Quick pass comparability would be nice (unless I missed it)
  • Fix the team feature 5/5

    By Bob the chair
    Great app but the team feature is completely broken and you can't even make teams. Please fix
  • Great!!!! 5/5

    By Gshahahab
    This app is good for making appointments
  • Helpful.. But 3/5

    By Leptonator
    I love the app. However, it would be much better if you could actually schedule 56 days (time between donations). The rewards portion of the app has no real or tangible rewards I can use (personally). This app does keep your donor history (last 30 donations), you card, and other information. It was kind of cool to see notifications of where your blood was going and I wish the Dev Team would bring that back, but I understand that may have some privacy issues too. Otherwise, a very cool app an I am grateful that ARC finally got an app for the donor community!
  • Buggy 3/5

    By Greg Love
    App needs a lot of work. Donor info changes itself and the more social sections (join/create a team) is completely broken
  • Good app, some bugs to be fixed 3/5

    By Hazelbaby19
    This app is great for monitoring your account and checking in for your blood donation. However, when you try to schedule a new appointment it keeps coming up with an error message for bad request. Once this is addressed the app will be great.
  • Red Cross BLOODAPP is fabulous 5/5

    By Gail in Western Washington
    The American Red Cross BLOODAPP is easy to use and FABULOUS for busy professionals. Just TEXT 909-99, download app, Sign-up and Login for simple selection of blood drive location and scheduling convenient time for donation.
  • Simple and fun 5/5

    By ITZDG3
    I think the app is very simply designed yet very informative it is fun to use in track your donations take selfie's make appointments for cancel appointment to give blood very useful app highly recommended
  • Lacks RapidPass 3/5

    By klmarsh3
    Convenient for booking and managing appointments. The lack of RapidPass limits the apps usefulness.
  • Dissapointing 3/5

    By Bob_John
    When I first installed this app I was impressed with the Blood Journey report feature. The last 3 times I've donated platelets the Blood Journey feature has been very delayed or not working at all. Wonder if it's an app problem or ARC not inputting the data. Also, not finding a Contact Us feature in app.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By WooTown68
    Thank you for making the scheduling process so easy with the "Smart Scheduling" feature. I sometimes forget how many days it has been since my last donation or when I am eligible to give again, this app makes it so easy to find out the answer. Thank you!!
  • Way too many bugs 1/5

    By 2inda
    The idea is great and I would love to use it. However the entire implementation of the teams feature is just one huge bug. The scrolling of the teams table is broken, can't scroll to the last few times half the time. If I attempt to join a team it either does nothing or puts me into a random team that I did not select. Creating a team is also impossible. Fix the teams feature or just remove it!!!!!!!! Deleting the app. Will deal with the annoying phone calls to schedule visits.
  • ❤️ Red Cross 5/5

    By MarsiLynn
    Can you possibly make an option on your app for rapid pass??? Other than that you all ROCK!!!!!
  • Crashing after logging in 3/5

    By Bossly :)
    Love the app from when i could use it but now the app keeps crashing whenever i try to log in. Ive tried deleting it and downloading it again and it didn't help
  • Great idea! Wish it would sync to health app 5/5

    By cchierholzer
    This is a very convenient app to have and I think will help those that donate continue to do so. I haven't used the teams or rewards so not sure how well all of that works but much easier than calling to schedule. Do wish it would sync with health app though.
  • Awesome but team issue needs to be addressed 4/5

    By Demon Poet
    This app is pretty convenient for frequent donors but there is an issue with teams. I try to join one and the app either rejects me or puts me in random teams.
  • Good app 4/5

    By kkxs65
    Reasonably good for scheduling appointments. Team concept excellent however newest update tried to put me on a different team and now doesn't show me on a team.
  • Ok 3/5

    By Poohbearjag
    It still has bugs that could be worked out. It is helpful in keeping up with when you can donate again. They need to let you do the rapid pass on it as well, we have our phones but not always access to a desktop.
  • It couldn't be any awesome-r! 5/5

    By A Proud Wolverine
    Hard work, thought, and dedication put for this creative app! It makes the donation process extremely easy and convenient for frequent donors. I only hope it would include the RapidPass feature very soon! Thank you abundantly for your service hard work!
  • Red Cross 5/5

    By JCap508
    Easier to use and for good cause
  • Good app 4/5

    By Petie436C
    Before the latest update I was on a team. Now it puts me on random teams but will not let me join any team much less the one I was in and want to be on.
  • A must-have for frequent donors! 5/5

    By globalhighfive
    I love this app. It makes donating so much easier. The best feature is being able to schedule within the app. I also love that I don't have to carry around a donor card. The social media features are fun too. I like being able to see how many units I have donated, and where they are going. I donate platelets every week and this app makes that a lot easier. For future versions it would be cool to be able to do the rapid passes within the app as well.
  • Useful, but still has lots of bugs 3/5

    By mmontenero
    This is great for scheduling and keeping track of appointments as well as having a digital donor card. However, you can't put the card in Apple Wallet or use it for rapid pass. Also, I regularly encounter bugs preventing use of the rewards, blood journey and teams features. Still seems like a work in progress.
  • Team creation 4/5

    By Ambitionxxiv
    Does not let me create a team but I like the app very useful.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Wintersky90
    Love the app , easy to use.
  • Seems useful but... 3/5

    By Chas75456
    The app generally seems helpful especially the appointment searching and scheduling, but when all said and done it wouldn't actually let me confirm and schedule the chosen appointment. Tells me error 'bad request'. So not very helpful. Also there is no option to save or input my username/password, either directly saving or allowing 1password to input the same. Manually looking up and typing these if you happen to log out is always a chore

Blood Donor by American Red Cross app comments

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