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Bloomberg App

Get comprehensive access to global business and finance news, market data and portfolio tracking tools from the world's most trusted source. Whether you need to monitor your stock portfolio or just want to discover breaking financial news, Bloomberg provides the news and analysis you require, whenever and wherever you need it. You can customize the app to monitor your personal portfolio and receive continuous alerts on global stock positions and summarized financial, economic, and company information that meets the needs of the global business and financial professional. FEATURES: News: Read featured and trending stories from our award winning journalists on the leading business topics from around the world in Markets, Industries, Technology, Politics, Luxury, Personal Finance, Opinion and more. Stay informed with updates and alerts on the latest financial and business news for companies in your Watchlist and on key events affecting the markets such as the Debt Crisis, Elections, Federal Reserve, Technology, Earnings etc. Market Data: Get the latest market data on your portfolio personalized for your region including Equity Indexes, Futures, Bonds, Commodities & Currencies. Additionally, select the markets and securities that are most important to you for instant access. Watchlist: Easily track your portfolio by adding a security (stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, currencies, etc.) to your personal Watchlist(s). Track, manage and analyze personal holdings with powerful performance charts, identify the Leaders & Laggers and comprehend economic movements by Asset Type, Industry & Location. Access company details that include key statistics, financials and earnings updates. Video: Watch Bloomberg Television Live which provides a comprehensive view of global business news, breaking news insights and interviews with industry leaders and market movers. No Cable or Satellite subscription is needed to watch Bloomberg Live TV. Watch featured videos specifically chosen for top news categories. Watch videos embedded in articles for deeper insights to news. Audio: Listen to interviews and analysis from around the world by the smartest names in Global Finance, Business, Economics & Investment. More Features: Add the Today Widget to quickly see featured articles, markets data in your region, and a Watchlist summary with leaders and laggers. Download the app now for accurate and concise finance news, stock market intelligence alerts and everything you need to know about currencies, commodities and futures… Scan a news story on any website to instantly reveal relevant news and data from Bloomberg related to the companies and people in the story. Visit us at:


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Bloomberg app reviews

  • Bloomberg app 3/5

    By BreakTheStreak
    I like the app for financial news. It gives informed investment professionals quick summaries. Unfortunately, the app has may too many “opinions” on politics. Just give me finance. I don’t need anyone editorializing in the name of news. Just give the information/news. No one cares about your political views!
  • Right on the spot! 5/5

    By Health fit Lady
    Right news when you need it. Bloomberg is on the spot with local as well as global news. Plus I can watch the market as well as do research. I will recommend!
  • President 5/5

    By Itsmetortor
    I love the market theater at the touch of my fingertips.
  • More data 5/5

    By Brittany9292
    More data please
  • Abu Nasser 5/5

    By Alnaseem
  • iPhone X support 1/5

    By Giuliano Ciccone
    I will come back as soon as they add support for the iPhone X
  • Bloomberg 5/5

    By 7nUp
    Gets the job done. However every time I switch my mobile device to horizontal view the overview changes to a chart without any info
  • Crashing on opening Nov-2017 1/5

    By Latest 11-17
    This app with the 2 latest versions do not open on older iOS 8.1 although was doing very well before updates. Please correct the bug. Thx
  • Update is horrible 1/5

    By Mtaylor305
    Still more of the same. Opened app and the first 2 articles are hit pieces on republicans. What happened to financial news? The last update changed the look so that now I feel like I am mostly seeing left leaning op ed articles. This is completely unacceptable for what is supposed to be a business news site. It used to be a good site for fairly objective news that explained the economy. Now it should be filed with CNN, ap, yahoo and other yellow left leaning journalism. Objective news is getting to be a relic of the past in favor of tilted news to either side. Shame Bloomberg. Close to deleting.
  • Watch List 3/5

    By eawizard
    My on;y criticism is that the watch list is too limited in the number of positions allowed
  • GM 3/5

    By Jimmy Ramirez Arteaga
    Information is power, but only if it’s reliable. Sometimes the current Trump bashing craze gets in the way.
  • Like the news, the app is a pain 3/5

    By Aardvark of the north
    Bloomberg’s coverage of financial news is first-rate. Unfortunately the app is not of that quality. It is slow, won’t let you swipe past a story until all the ads have loaded, which can easily take 5 seconds. On my iPad I constantly find myself launching the video attached to the story when I don’t want to ... then it’s again a slow process before the app will let you close it. The standard in news apps is set by the NYT and the Guardian. Bloomberg needs to up their game
  • Not as good as website 3/5

    By Matz4444444444
    I find myself going to website 75% of the time. App fails to refresh news. I open app and i am looking at news that was on app two days ago. Close reopen, same. Love Bloomberg but using app is just an act of fraustration.
  • Easy to use stock and copper futures 5/5

    By Frustrated light searcher
    Intuitive and informative with very current financial and political news. Good information about what impacts what on national and international scene. Long time user, just the basic free content. Excellent site. Have my own quirky approach to investing but this is one good information site for reaching my goals of financial independence. PS .. I made it unless the world blows up.
  • Too much politics 1/5

    By Macon23
    Too much in the way of politics. If I want the I hate Trump news I can read the CNN app. Stick to business reporting
  • Great information 5/5

    By juan szabo
    Easy to access!
  • Crash Crash Crash! 1/5

    By iPhone Game Lover
    This app "used" to be stable but now it loves to crash. I don't think the developer cares or read their crash logs, and management is probably asleep. Maybe Mr. Bloomberg doesn't use his own app or he has a special crashless edition.
  • Media playback 3/5

    By Juanpaulo333
    I am now unable to take full advantage of Bloomberg’s high quality contento because the app does not allow media playback without leaving the app, which is a bit frustrating and was possible with older versions. I hope the feature is enabled in future versions
  • The Best 5/5

    By rnixon
    The brightest listen, read, & watch Bloomberg & Surveillance... simply the best.
  • Constant problems 1/5

    By De Le Ree
    Keeps crashing and freezing up ,have to delete from iPad and reload each time .
  • Fake news for click bate 1/5

    By Ari Live
    Happens all the time now, fake news, and now I can't take Bloomberg seriously since the campaign. Case in point, ios banner pops up: "Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort is EXPECTED to be CHARGED in investigation..." I didn't want banners. They defaulted to a banner running in the background. It's spammy and not what Jobs envisioned. Why do I claim it fake? Paul is being presented to investigators, but not YET guilty of anything and therefore not charged.The headline, loke all their headlines, are based on opinions and incorrect information. Hillary sold USA Uranium rights to the Russians and received kick back money for it as Sec of State. This is illegal since she was holding office for the American people. She used her title and position to make personal gains. She should pay back the cash, or direct the disputed cash to her campaign ideas: STEM, or to aspiring lower income families in the USA.She never denied taking kickback cash.She kept it Bloomberg has an editorial group that approves this stuff. It is flat out fiction. There are no rules against any candidate using any help or money to campaign. Russians or Saudi Princes. Why spend a week campaigning to take $5 from an American when a foreign national will give $1 Million? If anyone claims the loss was a hack, doesn't it imply the USA tech and security is a waste of money ($100's of billions in contracts) because its so previous? Maybe USA votes don't count because hackers make the votes count? If Paul is found guilty, then the Congress, not Trump, is paid to hang people, and it isn't American justice. It's a lame duck congress who doesn't get punished for representing their own interests. There was no influential cyber hack.It was the DNC picking the wrong candidate, and that fact doesn't get published. The DNC (Bloomberg's party) pushed out Bernie. America didn't want HRC so they voted Trump.Trump stopped the press mis stating what he said by removing them from the white house.They despise him for it so they write fake reports. The DNC is so filled with greed they simply prefer to promote fictional stories and feed this to the press whatever it take to win again. All the mainstream media needs to be held accountable for writing stories without proof. This Bloomberg app is just another fake news funnel for Bloomberg to help his party.He is a disgrace to America and the concept of the Free Press.
  • Slanted reporting 3/5

    By lewie's
    I am disappointed of many articles are slanted against Trump and his administration. I expect your editorial board travel at your own peril!
  • Crashes 2/5

    By Mr T and Me
    Now crashes frequently on 4s.

    By Woodrowwoodpecker
    App is good but crashed and is stuck in update mode. Tried everything. Contacted BLOOMBERG APP support. Slow, they do not pay attention to your emails. Ask redundant questions and to perform actions I've already taken and have said so. They JUST give up. Pitiful. I would delete the APP if I could. NOT RECOMENENDED.
  • Too political 1/5

    By Climbingm
    I have had the Bloomberg app since it came out. The so called business app has become too political. To prove my point, go to the home page and just count the number of articles labeled political and go then back a few years and count. Not even close.
  • Ads - Ad Nauseum 1/5

    By Industrial Emgineer
    Swipe on one of those cleverly placed ads the user can't avoid. Up pops an ad, with no way to stop it other than stopping the app. Fix is simple: app deleted.
  • A great app from a great company 2/5

    By tlsalias
    I was excited to see an update to the app because it has been such a pain. All in all, to sum it up: great content terrible after delivery. Lots of user interface bugs. The Apple TV version is also similar in that it has excellent world class content with poor streaming delivery and difficult navigation. Certainly keeps me at bay from being a casual subscriber. I have used the app and enjoyed the content for a long period of time. You’d think they would eventually get it together and do some testing before rolling it out. I’m a big fan of the Bloomberg organization and the reporters, anchors and content creators but when it comes to app development, testing and quality control, there seems to be an anti-Apple virus or something because it just is too much for too long period of time.
  • Great financial app 5/5

    By Fan333dave
    My go app for financial data.
  • Legibility needs 1/5

    By Guephiltefich
    1- In-app zoom, due to too small font size. 2- Better choice of font colors to improve legibility and contrast.
  • Top Quality! 5/5

    By mfskier
    Great information, well delivered. Enough said.
  • Go-To App for Business News 5/5

    By Pkcarreon
    Fast, authoritative and up-to-date. Great opinion articles as well.
  • Not as good as it used to be 3/5

    By TommySalami10
    Newer versions of the free app are limited especially around charts and stocks.
  • Balanced news 5/5

    By Zan320
    CNN hates Trump while Fox treats him like a prince. The truth is somewhere in the middle (well, IMO, the truth is closer to one side than the other, but anyway...). Bloomberg seems to have more facts and less editorial slant. Sure, we’re always at the mercy of the editor who chooses what is “worthy” of reporting, and we can’t know what wasn’t included, but from what I can tell be looking around, Bloomberg does a pretty good - and fair - job.
  • Back office could be better 2/5

    By Newbie1501
    This is a good source of news, however: There is no way to modify the GUI: The fonts are way too small and pinching is not available to increase their size on the screen. The back button is stuck at the lower left, out of reach for holding an iPad with two hands. The amount of news is actually a little sparse, considering Bloomberg must publish stories every few minutes. And the ads are fairly atrocious, frequently large, locked in place so that the news must scroll over them, and not really relevant to either the article or in my opinion a business targeted audience. Other than that, not bad :)
  • Bloomberg app is crap 1/5

    By bloomberg stinks
    It’s crap. Was spectacular at one point.
  • Awful customer experience. Look elsewhere 1/5

    By OGBooya
    Decided to delete app soon after. Wall Street journal is better user experience
  • Some good stuff 4/5

    By EarningsBarrage
    When are they going to crypto currencies to the market data?
  • App won’t rotate to landscape view 1/5

    By Ack8
    Even after the update 3 days ago, the app won’t rotate to landscape view - preventing use of a lot of the chart info. Exasperating!
  • Not as robust as before 2/5

    By MrXmnstr
    The app started great, then came the upgraded versions. Each upgrade took away features and introduced more advertising. There is an issue with portfolio update, I could not edit (add or remove stocks) in my portfolio. When you go to a price graph the only way to go back is to restart the app.
  • The Boyer Co 1/5

    By Iagdboy
    I'd give it a zero if allowed. This ad, I mean app was great at one time. Now you get annoying full screen ads. Everything you do is slowed down with ads. It's time to find a more finance rather than ad dedicated app. Two years later 2017 it actually is worse. Everything you touch initiates a full screen ad. I’ve got better things to do
  • New version a downgrade 1/5

    By Broman356
    Can’t keep video ads from playing continually
  • Inf 4/5

    By Ipadprincess
    Give us info on Bitcoin and Cannabis the 2 new Investment Aloha Jean-Pierre🙏
  • App keeps cleaning store by 1/5

    By Phantom 093
    What’s going on? Love this app but lately on iPhone it keeps automatically closing everytime I pull up an article. Please fix it ASAP. Thx.
  • Suggestion 4/5

    By 83Doc
    Alphabetized stock watch list would provide easy lookup. What order is it now??? Liked old format much better.
  • Slow battery draining app 2/5

    By Louistan15
    The app is lagging after upgrade and battery is draining. Please test before release
  • Great business news 5/5

    By MBradley1013
    Really enjoy this app and the variety of business and world news discussed in a manner that is to the point. A good collection of opinionated articles on current events and economic commentary as well. I find myself spending way more time reading everything on a daily basis and ignoring my social media. Job well done Bloomberg! Thank you!
  • it has died 1/5

    By JimiO
    app won’t load, useless now
  • My go to App 5/5

    By joeleboy
    The first one open in the morning and the last looked at in the evening
  • Best 10 minutes reading for business leaders. 5/5

    By Fastquattro
    Somehow Bloomberg always managed to get the important business news out in an accurate summary. As must read for business students as well.
  • Response to survey request - comments 2/5

    By LessBSPlease
    Far to much pf Michael Bloomberg's political propaganda imbedded in what is expected to be business journalism. Need to get back to reporting business matters and leave social and political writing to those who better understand those subjects.

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