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Bloomberg App

Get comprehensive access to global business and finance news, market data and portfolio tracking tools from the world's most trusted source. Whether you need to monitor your stock portfolio or just want to discover breaking financial news, Bloomberg provides the news and analysis you require, whenever and wherever you need it. You can customize the app to monitor your personal portfolio and receive continuous alerts on global stock positions and summarized financial, economic, and company information that meets the needs of the global business and financial professional. FEATURES: News: Read featured and trending stories from our award winning journalists on the leading business topics from around the world in Markets, Industries, Technology, Politics, Luxury, Personal Finance, Opinion and more. Stay informed with updates and alerts on the latest financial and business news for companies in your Watchlist and on key events affecting the markets such as the Debt Crisis, Elections, Federal Reserve, Technology, Earnings etc. Market Data: Get the latest market data on your portfolio personalized for your region including Equity Indexes, Futures, Bonds, Commodities & Currencies. Additionally, select the markets and securities that are most important to you for instant access. Watchlist: Easily track your portfolio by adding a security (stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, currencies, etc.) to your personal Watchlist(s). Track, manage and analyze personal holdings with powerful performance charts, identify the Leaders & Laggers and comprehend economic movements by Asset Type, Industry & Location. Access company details that include key statistics, financials and earnings updates. Video: Watch Bloomberg Television Live which provides a comprehensive view of global business news, breaking news insights and interviews with industry leaders and market movers. No Cable or Satellite subscription is needed to watch Bloomberg Live TV. Watch featured videos specifically chosen for top news categories. Watch videos embedded in articles for deeper insights to news. Audio: Listen to interviews and analysis from around the world by the smartest names in Global Finance, Business, Economics & Investment. More Features: Add the Today Widget to quickly see featured articles, markets data in your region, and a Watchlist summary with leaders and laggers. Download the app now for accurate and concise finance news, stock market intelligence alerts and everything you need to know about currencies, commodities and futures… Scan a news story on any website to instantly reveal relevant news and data from Bloomberg related to the companies and people in the story. Visit us at:


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Bloomberg app reviews

  • Your app is not good 1/5

    By You are terrible ompany
    When look up my watch list I cannot delete certain stocks in list
  • Colbert on paper 2/5

    By Pemtry
    Way to much time spent following Trump.
  • Bloomberg is a must have app for college students 5/5

    By TRemlinger16
    I'm a sophomore in college and we don't have cable at my house, so it's often difficult to contribute to classroom discussions about current events. Bloomberg is a quick and easy way of staying up to date on what's happening around the world. I find myself spending more time on Bloomberg's mobile app than on my other popular apps such as Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook.
  • Lacking portfolio functionality 2/5

    By 1076
    Why is there a limit on the number of stocks in a portfolio? That only chases serious users away to other apps. News section is good.
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By mkt wtch
    This used to be a content-rich bonanza of portfolio monitoring tools. The re-do of about a year ago has rendered it all but useless.
  • Legibility needs 1/5

    By Guephiltefich
    1- In-app zoom, due to current too small font size. 2- Better choice of font colors to improve legibility and contrast.
  • Great app but. . 2/5

    By gonzagafan1
    Very irritating that Bloomberg automatically stops playing whatever audio I am listening to. God forbid I want to read headlines while listening to music or a podcast. . Same irritation with the website and auto play video.
  • Doesn't work! 1/5

    By WindSongWest
    Doesn't work, crashes whenever I try editing or entering my stocks
  • Crashes a lot 3/5

    By Theprof07
    This used to be a really solid news app with great content but the most recent version is really unstable. It's frustrating not being able to read an entire article.
  • Great news source 5/5

    By Bpopov007
    The content is very well put together. I only wish the site had less color - i.e. the way it was before this latest redo
  • Forget the free app - Bloomberg has a new business model 1/5

    By flyingdutch18
    With the introduction of version 4 last December, Bloomberg has changed an excellent business and stock market app into one of the worst, if not the worst on the market. This of course has been done on purpose. Bloomberg wants to distinguish the free version from their very expensive paid offerings. The result: Users have deleted the app in droves, and rightly so. What a poor decision from Bloomberg and a pity for all Bloomberg journalists whose articles aren't read as widely as they deserve. I for one read about 1% as many Bloomberg articles as before (through the browser, the app is deleted).--
  • Facts 5/5

    By Luir249
    Science, business and facts are helpful.
  • User 1/5

    By listener leaving
    The Bloomberg app was always very stable and then about 2 years ago you changed it and now it is unstable, it crashes a lot , try flipping the pictures on the phone and you'd think it was an app written by amateurs you took an excellent app and ruined it - please fix it or go back to the old one. Thank you
  • Security 5/5

    By Cejedw
    Very good apps. Would be Very helpfull If it can contain a Lot of sekuriti es to be watched.
  • Editing function 1/5

    By Financista 2013
    There is no way to edit a watch list
  • Journalists or Editorialist? 1/5

    By Daleyendecker
    Like The NY Times, Bloomberg's Conservative bashing makes me think it's just another editorial outlet for people who have never traveled outside the urban world, unless it was to visit their chateau in the south of France.
  • Oozi 1/5

    By catsna
    Your old up was much better. Your iPad app does not exist. P
  • Great Financial Info App 5/5

    By Fifi238
    Bloomberg continues to offer outstanding news, info, data on the global financial markets. Must see first thing. Easy to navigate.
  • Prefer old app 2/5

    By Dipoots
    Prefer the old app. Easier to navigate
  • Great news coverage 5/5

    By Bramble12
    As an economist, I am grateful for the analytical insights incorporated into Bloomberg news articles. And the lifestyle pieces are fun even when prices are over my head. Thanks for a great news app!
  • My goto 5/5

    By sonarmantoo
    Bloomberg has become my goto for news updates throughout my day and night, particularly with regard to business news.
  • Not only fake news, but now fake ratings too? 1/5

    By SufferingFormerBloombergUser
    All 2017 the new app was the worst rated app ever, but it took Scott Heaven juts three weeks to turn it around magically? Apple should take a hard look into the origin of the ratings, and not simply censor my review like last time...
  • Bloomberg is a God Send 5/5

    By Gay dude
    Thank God for Bloomberg news. They give us the honest truth not biased. Also politics, economic, global and technological all in one place. Thank you for your honest and pervasive news
  • Video ads stop audio playback 1/5

    By Johno1086
    The content is great but the new version stops audio playback from other apps whenever a story has a video ad. Please fix... nothing is more annoying than my music cutting out because you have placed a video ad in a story
  • Garbage ads 3/5

    By adamadam09
    Bloomberg has got to stop the stupid ads that lead IRS readers to mindless list of "stars from the 1960s", etc. it's like "hooked on phonics" that drove me to CNBC. Don't forget who your audience is.
  • The Answer man 5/5

    By Joe 3728
    When I have a business question the first place I go to is the Bloomberg APP. That says it all.
  • Mutual FundPrices 5/5

    By EdK100
    Wish daily prices could be posted before midnight. They used to be posted after 1800 every day , but no longer.
  • The best stocks app 5/5

    By j dudds
    The best money, stock, trading app out. That doesn't want a monthly subscription. I think they r trying to change that. To improve it. But I like just the basics for this app. Well put together. List and options on info is great.
  • Ads 2/5

    By Nottaken47
    Too many unavoidable ads while premium too expensive
  • Too liberal and bearish tilt. Hurts credibility. 3/5

    By When the world shook
    Too liberal and bearish tilt. Hurts credibility.
  • Great reporting! 5/5

    By Chuck 77
    Some of the best reporting around, whether you're an investor or just want the straight story.
  • Best information 5/5

    By cpoza
  • Bloomberg 5/5

    By Strong Vincent '68
    Best business website. Progressive.
  • Blomberg 4/5

    By Bahfed
    Needs to be better organized. Should be able to copy and select text.
  • Too political!!! 1/5

    By Hankmister
    Stick with business Most of your reporters and commentary are biased and leading left point of view. No independent or conservative point of view.
  • Best news app 5/5

    By Mike J283
    This app is so informative and it's all free. Great deal and perfect interface.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Bsorge1
    I have used this App for many years mostly as a portfolio tracker. They have abandoned support for this app and now when you make changes in your portfolio you cannot save the changes. You are also limited in the number of portfolio entries. Getting rid of it means I have to re input the data in another app. Their is no help screen.
  • Vitriol 3/5

    By VPacific
    I used to enjoy BLOOMBERG News when it was more centrist. Lately it's become a haven for Trump bashing and everything slightly right of center. While no fan of Trump per se, it's strikes me as a little petty and misdirected angst, perhaps from the top dog? Trump mag or may not fall on his sword but in the meantime perhaps tone down the vitriol and keep it "real".
  • Still terrible since redesign 1/5

    By Fmrappfan
    Funny how this app has been getting 1 star for the past year and now is suddenly getting 4.5 out of nowhere.
  • Watch List still not fixed 1/5

    By Behavior theory
    I know... everyone was holding on to hope that they would add more functionality to the watch list and remove the forced login to save any changes. They didn't. Save your breath and move on to another app. TV functions have gotten marginally better but still a far cry from what it once was.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By @paulwdavid
    Great app to have.
  • Not broken 2/5

    By Chchis
    Here's a perfect example of something that's not broken & some high paid guy fixes it and makes it worse. The old app was better, easier to use and more functional. The new app takes too many clicks to get what you want.
  • Propaganda 1/5

    By AF5AC
    Bloomberg used to be a credible financial news source. It has devolved into a left-wing, anti-American propaganda outfit.
  • Excellent Design 5/5

    By Nathan P. Johansen
    Beyond breaking news and markets, with a gorgeous layout and snappy typography, stay up-to-speed with global events.
  • Unbiased review 1/5

    By Exvar
    Bloomberg's Scott Havens claims in Twitter that his white-purple colored app is way better than the black-orange colored app, if that held... why force the update?
  • Adjustable text size 3/5

    By PaulKay
    The biggest complaint I have with this latest revision is the article text size is not adjustable by any means I can find. Much preferred the old version.
  • Aggressive Ads Crash the App 2/5

    By LightMiles
    Content is great - but you won't get it, as crazy advertisements overwhelm the app, and crash it.
  • Ad everywhere 1/5

    By Bullet28
    This App is going crazy on Ad. I used to like this App but every time they will add more and more Ad on a update. The Ad will open your browser by itself. It gets me very frustrated when I tried to finished read an article.
  • Thank You Bloomberg, updated 2/5

    By Grawn 12345
    2017: it's just ok. Mobile version of the website. Less navigation options- e.g. no section for muni news. Version from 3-yr was great. From 2014: Functional, this app works very well. Easy to set up, navigate, and keep up. I enjoy the quality of the news articles. Highly recommend this app.
  • Save changes in Watchist 1/5

    By Ferbaca
    The newest version doesn't allow to save changes. How come?

Bloomberg app comments


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