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Blue Apron App

The country’s #1 fresh ingredient and recipe delivery service, Blue Apron makes it simple (and fun!) to cook incredible meals at home. With this app, voted one of Apple’s Top 25, you’ll discover seasonal recipes, cooking techniques and how-to videos, as well as easily manage your account on-the-go. Blue Apron delivers premium, step-by-step recipes and farm-fresh ingredients in a chilled box, so everything stays fresh until you get home. Not only can you personalize your menu each week based on your preferences, delivery is free and there’s no commitment—skip a week if you don’t have time to cook! Key Features: - Discover unique, seasonal recipes created by our chefs each week. - Manage your account, schedule deliveries and customize your menus on the go. - Speed up meal prep with exclusive tips, techniques and how-to videos. - Explore our monthly wine delivery service that pairs world-class wines with Blue Apron recipes. - Snap and save photos of your Blue Apron creations—complete with special effects and filters. - Enjoy unlimited access to our library of over 1,400 delicious Blue Apron recipes. - Save all your favorite recipes, so they’re always at the ready.


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Blue Apron app reviews

  • Works well. Convenient. 5/5

    By Cam gram
    I like it.
  • cannot mail invites at this time 1/5

    By Jordanity®
    cannot send meals via app - error in title. food quality is suffering lately with meals. the red meat meals suffer from the quality of meat. step it up, ba.
  • I love Blue Apron! 5/5

    By ThisNicknameCANTbetaken12345
    This food is DELICIOUS and the delivered packages are super fun. Meals are easy to make.
  • Love Blue Apron! 5/5

    By bethehiker
    The convenience, the freshness, the great recipes and much to love! So nice to come home after a long day at work to not have to think about what to make...just have to execute! It’s fun, catch-up-on-the-day time with my hubby too when we make dinner together. Makes us feel like professional chefs! And my husband loves the food! Keep up the great work, Blue Apron!
  • Blue Apron is a good service. The app is bland and annoying. 2/5

    By jwilliams0111
    Biggest sin of the app is that it begs you to rate it when you are trying to use it. It also desperately wants you to initiate friends into the service by bugging me again while I try to use the app. The app itself feels like a website in an app. There is nothing about this that needs to be an app except to get it on the home screen. My one complaint about the service is that you can’t cancel it through the app. In general if you can sign up through an app you should be able to cancel through the app. All that stated I like the service! Good food! Good time cooking with the fam.
  • Always something different! 5/5

    By kpbrignac
    Each week we look forward to our Blue Apron delivery. Love the convenience, and we have the opportunity to try new spices and learn ways to work something different into our week night meals! Cooking for 2 can be a challenge, but with Blue Apron we have 2 nice size servings with no waste
  • Easy!!!!!!! 5/5

    By keep it easy cooking
    This app is so convenient and easy to use.
  • Blue Apron 5/5

    By Pammi k.
    I have finally tried a few different food delivery services. Blue Apron has by far the most tastiest dishes. I love being able to try so many different types of food.
  • Terrible customer service 1/5

    By humpernipples
    To unsubscribe from this food service takes an act of Congress.... Hope you don’t need to contact them because they won’t respond either! They actually claim there is no commitment on their website and I believe it! They have no commitment to customer service! I’d rather eat a weeks worth of chicken fingers from Hello Fresh than this boujee food. Terrible!!!!
  • Fab food, great app to help! 5/5

    By Yesi1719
    The app is good because you can see all your upcoming meals, see tips on how to make the food and rate the food! You can all skips meals. The app is a must!
  • Goodbye to boring meals!! 5/5

    By Not Boring Anymore!
    We received two free meals per my daughter’s suggestion. I wasn’t sure about this because my husband is a strictly steak, pork or chicken eater with rice at each and every meal. I on the other hand love veggies and potatoes etc . So I was pleasantly surprised when my husband told me he liked the different ways of making dinner ... the spices, sauces etc. Now dinner isn’t so boring for me and my husband gets to expand his horizons!!
  • It’s great 5/5

    By Ngmonroe
    I’m enjoying this new adventure on food! The app makes it super easy to check my orders or make changes!!
  • Very easy to use! 5/5

    By Jeremy_REALTOR
    Love the simplicity and functionality!
  • Get HOME CHEF! 1/5

    By Zane Hale
    Blue Apron is a sham and a scam!
  • An event 5/5

    By DanaDski
    Everything is just delicious. Dinner time is now an event!
  • Love it 5/5

    By BrayshawM
    Absolutely love blue apron! Always delicious recipes and it’s just so much fun to cook! And I don’t have to worry anymore what to cook and all the hassle with grocery shopping, blue apron has made my life so much easier :)
  • Hard to cancel 1/5

    By dropdap
    I give the food and recipes a 4 but they make it hard to cancel (not skip) for that I give the app a 1.
  • 10/10 5/5

    By Imgonnadrownmyiphone
    We got our first package and it looked small but the portions are very healthy and fed us well. The recipes are easy to follow and very specific for those who don’t cook a lot and all the ingredients are portioned and labeled. The produce and meat is super fresh and the recipes we choose are usually for dishes that we don’t normally cook so we get an opportunity to eat different foods all the time. The value is there for sure especially if you throw away anything from regular grocery runs. We’re used to cooking for many ppl but for us this works for just a few ppl. Great app. Easy to change menu. Great healthy options. Recommending already.
  • Love the meals!!! 5/5

    By SjostromEAS
    Very high quality provides variety we normally would not pursue. We have very much enjoyed our subscription!
  • Extremely Helpful 5/5

    This ap has everything you need including the recipe and techniques. But you also find out about the ingredients and an in-depth history of each one. The videos are very helpful and teach culinary skills.
  • Please stop taking my money. 1/5

    By P A S S I O N
    Why don’t you send push notifications when an order is about to ship? Unless your monetization strategy is to send un-cancelable orders to people who don’t want them. And as a bonus, your strategy includes making it impossible to delete or cancel your account via the app. This almost seems like an unethical approach to running an app/service.
  • Awesome Food! 5/5

    By Allyrules123101
    I can't say enough about these dinners. So delicious, easy to follow directions and I am learning so much!!
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By ReshaO
    Easy to use Easy to find recipes Easy to snooze or activate account.
  • Diggin’ the app! 5/5

    By jcchick33
    I love how I can handle every detail of my account directly through the app. It’s super user friendly, informative, and easy to manage for someone who is often on the go. The food descriptions are great and I love that I can plan my meal deliveries several weeks ahead of time. Customer Service is consistently on point and the meal options are always fun, tasty, healthy, and creative. Love cooking with Blue Apron!
  • App is so fast and easy 5/5

    By DianaHar
    The Blue Apron app makes choosing your meals a breeze. I love looking at what I’ve got coming and choosing for the upcoming weeks. It couldn’t be easier!
  • Faster cooking 5/5

    By faster cookeing
    I really enjoy blue apron. I think the ingredients are top notch and the food is good. I do wish sometimes that the meals could be prepared faster. Sometimes w small kids to have an hour and half to put dinner together is a lot. The times will show 30 min or 50 min but I think they are for totally prepared people. Every meal I have done has always been an extra 20 min off of what they say. I don’t mind bc the food is great. But I do think from time to time there are steps they could make to make it faster.
  • Very customer UNfriendly 3/5

    By db5331
    The Blue Apron app is not user friendly. I am new to the program and it won’t connect to the program I have and does not recognize my email. The concept is nice but the company truly does not want to offer good customer service. Burying the ability to make account changes or to cancel is a sure sign of them only pried about their profits and not helping customers. I have no idea what food, how much or when it will arrive. Very user unfriendly in many, many ways. When I can get someone at the company will be canceling immediately and probably won’t get a credit for any unused deliveries from the sound of their hefty iron clad cancellation/credit policy.
  • Easy! 5/5

    By Billyfennegan
    Straight forward and easy to maneuver through to see what's cooking, how to skip a delivery, and how to manage my account. The app is as easy and delicious as the recipes I cook up every week. I love Blue Apron and recommend it to everyone I know-and don't know!
  • Great service. Great app 5/5

    This app makes it so easy for me to edit and schedule deliveries. Love it.
  • Needs more Delivery Options 3/5

    By Lliaelwynn
    App is cool. Concept is cool. Recipes are cool. What blue apron should do (at least to get the final two stars out of me) is provide a packaging/delivery option that produces no trash. I appreciate the option to send things back, like the insulating sleeve that the food goes in for delivery. But the plastic packaging is incredibly off-putting. I at least would pay a bit more for reusable glass or cloth containers instead of the plastic that everything comes in now.
  • Won’t let me sign in. 2/5

    By Kat4858
    When I try to sign in it says that features are not available for my account. The app does let me look at recipes though which is nice, but honestly there’s no point in getting the app if it literally tells you to use your browser instead.
  • Great App! Great company! 5/5

    By Blue Apron Fan
    I have had so much fun with Blue Apron! It makes me want to cook real meals! I have saved money. I don’t buy food at the store, realize I don’t have an ingredient, never get it and end up throwing away food because I was missing an ingredient and never cooked the food. I also have an incredible picky child, she likes to cook and when she does, will try the food! I have tried new foods, fell in love with Peruvian Pickled Peppers! The app is user friendly, fast and easy. Try Blue Apron and the app!! You will not be sorry!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By BurgVik
    Very convenient
  • Great app! 5/5

    By HalyaB
    Great way to keep track of previous recipes, even if you didn't get them delivered, you can still try them at home. Also love that you have an electronic version of the instructions.
  • Food from here is excellent. 5/5

    By e car
    Save us time in cooking and let us eat healthy!
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Freeeeweeeeezy
    99% excellent meals. Can’t wait for the next shipment!!!
  • Life enhancer 5/5

    By DrEwing
    Best choice I've made in years as it really is appreciated by my wife and I enjoy a new found fulfillment. She always served me now I joyfully treat her to culinary excellence. Continues to hone my skills and enjoyment.
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By Siouxmom
    The avocado dressing was perfect topping for the kale, potato and orange salad. The chicken was a perfect match with a side of avocado. One of our favorite meals
  • Impossible to contact BA about a problem 5/5

    By MCBJ34
    I absolutely love BA. Sometimes there is a missing item or two but they get it right about 95% of the times. Food is always delicious. We’ve been loyal customers for almost a year. So convenient.
  • So Good 5/5

    By atkinson6
    We love Blue Apron! The food is delicious, easy to follow menus, convenient and fun.
  • Creative & healthy 5/5

    By gaigulfshore
    Love the addition of the whole 30 approved recipes!
  • Allow pausing or cancelling service in app! 1/5

    By Brendon Benson
    Warning: you can’t pause or cancel service in app, so expect to get orders you don’t actually want! There also aren’t any reminders of the deadline to skip like you get from a lot of other similar services. If there isn’t a pause functionality added I will be canceling soon. Great product, but bad service/interface.
  • Great app and company 5/5

    By Becker50
    The blue apron app is easy to navigate and change your meal plans or recipes. The food is great, easy to follow recipes. I made our first meal and I fill make it again. I love that all the ingredients down to the spices, and vinegar are all included. Great company.
  • Fantastic delicious recipes 5/5

    By Aareal
    Flavorful and not too difficult to make gourmet meals at home
  • The app makes it so easy 5/5

    By Hummous
    On the app, there are cooking and chopping tips. You can see all the upcoming meals and make changes or skip meals. So easy. I have been getting blue apron delivered for one year. I love it.
  • FORCING COMMITMENT SCAM? Soft fraud is still fraud. 1/5

    By JAIME💞
    HOPEFULLY THEY READ THIS AND FOLLOW UP AND FIX THE EGREGIOUS ERRORS. This company was apparently ok with charging my card and processing AFTER I emailed to request the cancellation of a delivery AND the account. They emailed me back requiring me to log back in where there was no option to cancel and thus trying to force me to stay locked into purchasing!!!!!!! *********I don’t think that’s good business and hopefully they rectify that by *replying to the email I just sent *refunding my money *apologizing *and cancelling the account as requested. Also, for YOU, after they do all that, they should *process-streamline in response to my email and this posting, making sure that not only can you postpone but also easily toggle to cancel the automaticity of ordering. Otherwise it feels kind of like a scam and no one likes that these days! That experience took something that could be great and made it a bad experience. Seems good in theory, but my ACTUAL experience is that it feels wrong and bad. Their current process takes advantage of people. I am requesting my money back AND that they modify their process for others. Jaime Flick-Moore, BA, MS 860-418-9509 of Pennsylvania
  • Love love love 5/5

    By aubandmom
    I am in love with this service. Due to weather issues on the West coast and in the Southeastern US I missed Week January 11, 2018! So sad :( hopefully those recipes will come back around soon!
  • App is great!!! 5/5

    By juniemoon0524
    Once I figured out how to change the delivery date, I found this app is easy to use and convenient, and I do change delivery dates very often, depending on my work and travel schedule. I find the blueapron food, menu options and service to be great!!!
  • First try 5/5

    By rrfitzgi
    For the first try from Blue Apron... I must say awesome... the boys helped make meatballs and everyone ate every last bit... not a common occurrence in my household!
  • Fresh 5/5

    By Calendar maker
    We love the fresh food delivered to us whether we are visiting friends or out of town. We have the blue apron shipped to us and orders the quantities that are appropriate for any occasion. Not only don’t we have to go shopping we don’t have leftovers and we eat gourmet food! Love it!!

Blue Apron app comments


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