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Blue Apron App

The country’s #1 fresh ingredient and recipe delivery service, Blue Apron makes it simple (and fun!) to cook incredible meals at home. With this app, voted one of Apple’s Top 25, you’ll discover seasonal recipes, cooking techniques and how-to videos, as well as easily manage your account on-the-go. Blue Apron delivers premium, step-by-step recipes and farm-fresh ingredients in a chilled box, so everything stays fresh until you get home. Not only can you personalize your menu each week based on your preferences, delivery is free and there’s no commitment—skip a week if you don’t have time to cook! Key Features: - Discover unique, seasonal recipes created by our chefs each week. - Manage your account, schedule deliveries and customize your menus on the go. - Speed up meal prep with exclusive tips, techniques and how-to videos. - Explore our monthly wine delivery service that pairs world-class wines with Blue Apron recipes. - Snap and save photos of your Blue Apron creations—complete with special effects and filters. - Enjoy unlimited access to our library of over 1,400 delicious Blue Apron recipes. - Save all your favorite recipes, so they’re always at the ready.


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Blue Apron app reviews

  • Great Food!!! Great App!! 5/5

    By pennygs
    The food is awesome! It’s like fine dining everyday! I highly reccomend giving it a try. Once you do, I bet you will be getting meals every week!
  • Meals Ok, Sketchy Cancellations 3/5

    By Dustman321
    Be prepared to receive extra meals after cancellation for a charge.
  • They drop and run 1/5

    By SeaSnowChk
    I live in a building and have contacted blue apron many times because the delivery person drops the box and runs. I despise delivery day because I have to run to the foyer every 15 minutes to see if my delivery was left in front of the door. My buzz code is in the delivery instructions yet I have never been notified when the food is delivered. To add insult to injury, I canceled my membership and they told me I would receive one more delivery because it was already processed. Sure enough it never came! I had a feeling that was going to happen when I didn’t get an email saying the food is on its way. I guess Blue Apron could care less about its reputation. It’s too bad because I really enjoyed the meals. Time to try a different company.
  • Pretty good, always room for improvement 4/5

    By Rooster420
    For a single guy, this works with my lifestyle. Don’t have to go shopping for meals. Easy to prep meals. Only thing I can say needs improvement is packaging. Some of the veggies come smashed and smooshed. On more than one occasion there were some ingredients or a side missing. I did bring this up to Blue Apron and they credited my account, but it is frustrating if you cannot complete your meal or have to improvise. Example, didn’t get a sweet potato for a side. Another meal didn't come with seasoning it was supposed to. If they double checked the packaging then I would have given them five stars.
  • Food Quality 2/5

    By Miles Stone
    I love the app itself. Easy to use. The actual food quality, though, is an issue. The chicken tastes like rubber, the vegetables aren’t fresh, the cheese is old. I recommend HelloFresh. Cheaper, and the food quality is amazing.
  • Easy to use! 5/5

    By JaniceYe1987
    Great and convenient
  • Love cooking again 5/5

    By GAPeach1965
    I have been using Blue Apron now for just over two months and I love it. The app is user friendly and helps you manage the selection and delivery of the meals each week. The ingredients are fresh and the quality of the meat is excellent. I am experiencing and cooking with ingredients I probably would not have considered before such as the pickled shallots, shishito peppers, pan sauces using lemon and red wine vinegar, and I love the fresh herbs. I look forward to the delivery of meals each week.
  • Blue Apron app is easy to use and greatly organized!! 5/5

    By Zen Runner
    Very artistic and true! Love the colors used and the format.
  • Blue Apron App 5/5

    By debbieeder
    Extremely user friendly!
  • Great 5/5

    By Jenniwanders
    Love the diversity of the meals.
  • Yum Yum!! 5/5

    By DebiRN4
    I made this meal for my husband and daughter, who both like enchiladas; me, I don't like them. So, I thought...since I cooked them, I wanted to give them a try. To my surprise, they were delicious!!
  • Blue Apron is a hit! 5/5

    By Dwight T
    My wife and I have been cooking Blue Apron dishes for 3-4 weeks now. We have been thoroughly pleased with the idea of receiving 3 pre-packaged meals ready to prepare each week. The 30-40 minute prep-time we do, together, and it gives us time to talk about our workday. The food is very high in quality and delicious. We love it!
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By mindful in boston
    The app is easy to use and it’s great to be able to look up recipes we made previously.
  • Will not let me cancel 1/5

    By Anw21
    The app is not working will not show me the cancel subscription button.
  • Easy to prepare, but missing items 2/5

    By skeletons2
    Its like every other week one of my essential items in the meal kit does not come within the “eco friendly” fridge. I’ve contacted them about this twice already, and it’s two weeks back to back. Im ready for Amazon meal kits already.
  • Blue Apron changed my life 5/5

    By eggshelly
    I went from frying eggs and boiling pasta to a really good home cook in about a year. I love the food I can make and the skills I’ve developed. The app is awesome, the only minor annoyance is that recipes look a lot better on the actual cards that come with the shipment. And that there’s no bigger iPad version.
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By Purple Tweet
    Thank you for this great app that keeps me up to date with all my blue apron box recipes, tips, and up and coming! Very user friendly, aesthetic, and organized.
  • Perfect for our family 5/5

    By Jbelli
    Great to have meal variety and kids love to try everything and sometimes even help in the preparation!
  • Retired couple and we love the variety 5/5

    By kmhyre
    My husband does most of the Cooking, and we love these meals. He said that he likes the variety of meals and so many new healthy selections. We took about a month break this summer as we “got behind”! He thinks our great variety we choose from really improves our diet. Thank you!
  • Love 4/5

    By pkgolfgirl
    Blue Apron is fantastic. I have a tendency to over eat so I love the portion control it offers me. The freshness and quality of the ingredients is amazing. Following the instructions on the recipe cards has improved my cooking skills. My only constructive criticism is I wish there were more options with meat when you want to change what dishes are scheduled.
  • Positive changes 5/5

    By Osh7
    I liked blue apron before,but with the new changes I like it even more! The food is fresh(as always), the choices are fun and really great and the app is so easy to navigate!
  • Total value 5/5

    By electricparker
    Ingredients and their combinations are delicious, easy follow recipes, all at a reasonable price.
  • No email to confirm shipment 4/5

    By BreezySwift
    When I forget to skip an order, because I can't afford it, I get NO EMAIL reminding me they are shipping my order. So I am out $60 I didn't have.. They have my email; and like every other subscription program they should give me a second chance to say NO to delivery. And now I'm having trouble canceling my subscription altogether online. When I can afford it the food and recipes are amazing! But I don't like feeling trapped. UPDATE: I now give BA 4 stars.. calling to cancel saved Blue Apron for me.. it took 30 seconds and they canceled my order that was accidentally being processed, and deactivated my account for the next year(while I continue to save for my wedding). I'm excited for next year when I can order Blue Apron again.
  • Great app., needs iPad version 4/5

    By Ivorytower
    It has the convenience of logging into the web site without having to. I just wish there was a native iPad version, as there are times I will log into the web version for a bigger layout.
  • Nice App. For Beginners 2/5

    By tommytlf
    I really enjoyed the video's, how to shows great tips for us the beginners. I would like to be able to use my finger print to open.
  • Love BA 4/5

    By Cectpa
    I am a HUGE BA fan. The app is good. I wish I could search within my saved recipes.
  • Quality of life 5/5

    By RoseJergens
    I appreciate how Blue Apron has improved my quality of life by providing a meal plan with delicious and unique recipes. The quality of food, ease of preparation and stress free evenings have reduced that after work meal time fatigue.
  • Delicious and Easy 5/5

    By Kent0525
    Blue Apron is always delicious and easy to prepare. My husband and I think it is fun and affordable and a nice change of pace to the normal dinner options we often cook. I love the ability to skip weeks and choose what is best for you.
  • too much prep! 3/5

    By ApplePayForever
    compared to hello fresh, i think blue apron meal kits take way too much prep time.
  • Useful only to a point 3/5

    By AJ Texan
    It's very frustrating, because blue apron send you notices such as discounts but then when you click on them, it takes you to the website and not to the app. Then when you go to the app, it doesn't seem to recognize discounts. It's very frustrating. The instructions are also very poor and the organization is spotty. The only good thing is the ease with which you can select meals
  • Blue Apron app 5/5

    By juli1357
    I love the Blue Apron app because it is intuitive and easy to use. I love the beautiful photographs and the inclusion of detailed recipes and lists of ingredients ingredients as well as how many calories are in each meal. I also love how easy it is for me to review and determine which of the eight meal options would best work for me. Blue Apron also makes it very easy for me to skip weeks as needed. I can't say enough positive things about Blue Apron or their app.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By jchoff11
    Quick and simple way to manage my account.
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By Gearsgirl
    This app is robust, well designed and user friendly. The photos, feedback and review features make it a pleasure to review and change orders and preview recipes. And the tips videos are simple but well done.
  • Great! 5/5

    By Gladdiemaddie
    I love everything about this app and service. It has given me creativity and confidence in the kitchen!
  • Opt Out/ Opt In 2/5

    By Ferg86
    There should be an option to automatically set it so meals are opted out of instead of automatically shipping if you forget. This should be a simple thing unless you are trying to get people to accidentally let orders ship when they forget. I have now cancelled my service and I am stuck with three meals I didn't want.
  • Easy to use on the Go! 5/5

    By Shellster222000
    I love that if I remember I need to cancel a delivery because we are traveling I can do it from my phone when I think of it. The app is easy to use & the service saves me time & money$$$👍🏼
  • Our go to meal service 5/5

    By Nickis23
    We have tried several, and Blue Apron is our favorite. Best recipes, Best costumer service, and best quality and freshet ingredients.
  • Easy to navigate through 5/5

    By שרונה - חו״ל
    Easy app
  • Blue Apron 5/5

    By Buntin93
    Easy to use
  • Soooooo easy to use 5/5

    By PasadenaHeather
    I love blue apron and I LOVE the app! Easy to find past recipes. Great layout.
  • Super! 5/5

    By Nicndave
    My husband and I have truly loved Blue Apron. We love not wasting food, saved trips to the store when we are busy, and easy-to-follow recipes. My husband usually does the cooking- I have never been one to cook, but now all of my meals have turned out great! It’s also fun trying ingredients we don’t normally think about using. Learning a lot, saving money, enjoying the meals, fresh food! I have to give it a 5!
  • Love love love Blue Apron 5/5

    By Belberry
    This is the freshest food with the absolute easiest app around. I cancelled my other food deliveries after trying them all. Blue Apron is, hands down, the best!
  • Awesome Service! 4/5

    By Starrbaby52
    I love the recipes and a chance to try new foods and sauces, vegetables and herbs! Thank you for the fresh foods and new ideas sent directly to our door! 🍷
  • Awesome sauce! 5/5

    By Beenanigans
    Works great and easy to use!
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By ReeRee70
    I actually enjoying cooking these meals! The ingredients are fresh and the recipes are easy to follow.
  • Review 4/5

    By CLRAY5
    The meals are delicious! I wish the packaging was as organized as Hello Fresh where the vegetables and other supplies for each meal are individually boxed. It is nice to be able to just grab and go and not have to sort through everything. I love that you have more vegetarian options than the other plans out there!
  • Horrible ui, too hard to delay or skip meals 1/5

    By This is crap review process
    Horrible ui, too hard to delay or skip meals
  • Love the app, but it needs iPad support. 3/5

    By A-Sow
    Having a full sized recipe card experience on iPad would be great.
  • Useful App, meals not friendly for dairy intolerant 4/5

    By Elylions
    I like the ease of use this app has, everything I need is readily available and I enjoy being able to pick my meals for the week whenever I have a moment in the day as opposed to lugging my laptop out. It's especially nice when I need to skip a week due to work trips or unexpected events. My only issue lies with Blue Apron's "one size fits all" recipes. Many of the meals contain dairy ingredients. My dairy intolerance isn't something I make a big deal of, but it's frustrating when I choose a meal specifically because it has a non-cow cheese option and then that ingredient is swapped out for a cow's milk item after the deadline for changing meals has passed. It's not a common occurrence and I know I can replace the ingredients on my own, but it's sad to waste food because there isn't a way to customize the box beforehand to avoid allergy/intolerance items. Unless there is a way to change it, and I've just been unable to discover it. Thanks for the great app and the great meals.
  • Love that the recipes are on the app 5/5

    By sherringdon
    Love that the recipes are one the app and you don't have to save the paper copies !!

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