Blue Apron - Fresh Ingredients & Recipes Delivered

Blue Apron - Fresh Ingredients & Recipes Delivered

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Blue Apron - Fresh Ingredients & Recipes Delivered App

The country’s #1 fresh ingredient and recipe delivery service, Blue Apron makes it simple (and fun!) to cook incredible meals at home. With this app, voted one of Apple’s Top 25, you’ll discover seasonal recipes, cooking techniques and how-to videos, as well as easily manage your account on-the-go. Blue Apron delivers premium, step-by-step recipes and farm-fresh ingredients in a chilled box, so everything stays fresh until you get home. Not only can you personalize your menu each week based on your preferences, delivery is free and there’s no commitment—skip a week if you don’t have time to cook! Key Features: - Discover unique, seasonal recipes created by our chefs each week. - Manage your account, schedule deliveries and customize your menus on the go. - Speed up meal prep with exclusive tips, techniques and how-to videos. - Explore our monthly wine delivery service that pairs world-class wines with Blue Apron recipes. - Snap and save photos of your Blue Apron creations—complete with special effects and filters. - Enjoy unlimited access to our library of over 1,400 delicious Blue Apron recipes. - Save all your favorite recipes, so they’re always at the ready.

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Blue Apron - Fresh Ingredients & Recipes Delivered app reviews

  • Love the app and the food! 4/5

    By BabTunes
    Blue Apron brings me happiness! I love this service. Recipes are easy to follow. All ingredients included. No problem suspending deliveries. Get to cook and eat things I wouldn't normally cook due to lack of availability or having to buy more than I need. App is cool too with plenty of recipes.
  • Love the app, love the good 5/5

    By Nitenitemd
    Using the app makes it very easy to adjust your order at anytime or anywhere
  • Impressive 5/5

    By Stylgrl
    I continue to be impressed with Blue Apron! This APP is almost as good as the delicious meals. I've been saving the recipe cards, but today I found where they are all accessible right here in this APP! Plus, you can save the chosen ones you love in a file.. see upcoming menus.. opt out.. opt back in.. it's all right here.👍🏼👍🏼
  • Quality goes down as time goes on 2/5

    By Michelle d. Kim
    I've been eating blue apron for 3 months and I loved it! There were many dishes I would never even think of ordering at a restaurant. I'm a very picky eater but I was pleasantly surprised. Although, the past 2 weeks of delivery, the vegetables were delivered withered. We had to go and buy some of the produce in advance to make the dishes. I'm not sure if they do a good job in the beginning to entice customers but I'm definitely disappointed in the poor quality as the weeks went by. I have moved to a different company, but definitely sad that blue apron didn't continue to be as good as they started.
  • Great app, great food 5/5

    By JohnnyBarO
    Highly recommend
  • Just what we needed 5/5

    By Hometown Laurie
    We have never been disappointed. Food is always fresh. Instructions are very easy. Always look forward to the next shipment.
  • Yes! Blue Apron 5/5

    By B.Tuck
    Do it!
  • My kind of cooking! 5/5

    By Bjdboise
    I ordered Blue Apron while I stayed with my daughter between house sale and purchase. Every meal has been better than expected. The quality of ingredients is superb and the quantity is more than adequate. When one order was missing a couple of ingredients, the folks at BA gave me a full refund for that meal.When I needed assistance with my account, the customer service was fast and friendly. The app itself is fine for quickly managing your orders but the full site has much more content.
  • Great app and an even better product! 5/5

    By ChebbyJeffy
    A fantastic way to try something new each week while not spending a ton of money. And the app makes it really easy to look through all off your meals and cancel ones you don't want.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Cf 1960
    Easy to use and makes managing my Blue Apron account so easy on the go. LOVE Blue Apron! 👍😊
  • Easy to Use 5/5

    By Kristen Reilly
    I rarely go on a desktop and love that I can do everything from the app!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Mattsmall1972
    Works great!
  • Functionality ok 3/5

    By Macs601
    I like Blue Apron, but this app integrates poorly w my profile and makes it challenging to access customer support.
  • So convenient 5/5

    By 20/20shoes
    This app is easy to use; very thorough. You know what future deliveries will include. It allows you to edit your deliveries and your upcoming menus.
  • Great product! 5/5

    By LRMOB
    Thank you Blue Apron! My husband and I love your product! We've been able to cook wholesome meals and lose some weight while doing it!! Thank you!
  • Good and makes dinners easy 5/5

    By Deckiegirl
    My husband and I both love our blue apron meals and they are so easy to make on a busy weeknight!
  • Great! 5/5

    By Mooooo8
    Never had issues with this app and it's easy to use
  • Three Nights a week 5/5

    By Auntie Fab
    Love Blue Apron. A neighbor was out of town, forgot to skip the week, sent a text "would you like to eat our meal"? I've catered for many years, run hot lunch programs at our local schools, shopped and fed our family for thirty years. "Let's give it a try". We're hooked. Cheaper Nd less time shopping. Perfect for us as empty nesters and when our daughter the vegetarian comes home from college we switch our options. I work late and those are the nights my husband cooks from Blue Apron and yes at sixty years old asks me to take pictures of "his plates"!
  • Blue aprons great 5/5

    By Be 1056
    I am amazed how some people can be so picky or how completely lazy. This is food delivered to your house. No grocery shopping. No measuring. Just chopping and cooking. The food taste great. And if you aren't going to be around you can cancel your order. Ok. Does it always come delivered perfect. No. But customer service is great. The good certainly outweighs the bad. And it comes delivered perfect way more times than when it does not. This app is pretty handy but does it do everything you want no. Does the website have more options. Yes. If you needed more allergy options maybe pick up the phone and call them. And maybe blue apron is not for you. No one company can be great at everything. Does that mean they deserve less than five stars. No! This is a five star company because they are great at what they say they do. That is deliver great food to your door in 2 or 4 serving portions. And if they are not right for you they will refund your money. That's great customer service. That means they deserve five stars.
  • Game changer! 5/5

    By Gp2106
    This company is a real game changer! My wife and I enjoy that quick prep time and terrific food quality. It helps you prepare meals and combine ingredients that you probably would never try! So easy and so good.
  • Love Blue Apron 5/5

    By Sanjzred
    I'm amending my review from four stars to five stars because when the winter storm came through last week, FedEx delayed shipment and my order did not arrive on time. It was delayed four days. Blue Apron kept me updated with email notices and automatically gave a credit to my account for the week and said to dispose of this food. I couldn't have asked for better customer service! Thanks Blue Apron!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By SaintNomore
    Great service and app is easy to use.
  • Good app great food! 5/5

    By Debi_FNP-C
    The app is user friendly and has amazing extra things like videos that show how to prep ingredients like tricks to get the garlic quickly minced. These videos are fantastic and very helpful! I love being able to see the menu for upcoming weeks and being able to make changes easily and quickly. The app is really good and the food is great! Thanks!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Aaron4685
    We love it as a family - delicious and great family activity
  • Great idea, but where is the iPad optimized app? 3/5

    By jpsweet
    Love the idea....but why is this app not a universal iOS app optimized for the iPhone and iPad? The iPad is a much better place to watch the how to videos while cooking.
  • Best decision I ever made! 5/5

    By Noratj
    Starting blue apron was the best decision. I ever made my family is eating healthier, larger variety, and fresher foods. I am learning how to cook and best of all the food is amazing. The app helps me control what meals I want and when I want them. I can rate the recipes I like best and recook them when ever I want. I definitely recommend this to everyone.
  • Warning: easy to set up, difficult to cancel 3/5

    By Dublinsammie
    I like the food, but it takes more time for me to prepare still, averaging 30 to 40 minutes to cook. Great quality of food, but after along day work, I am looking for something can be easily done within 20 minutes. So I tried to cancel the service but you can't just cancel like any other app by click the cancellation bottom. You have to send an email to receive cancelation instruction, then you have to go to a computer ( you can do it on your phone) to click the link and enter your info to cancel. I love the food, but it's more like for weekend cooking. If it's easy to cancel and open the account again . I would be more willing to keep this app.
  • After 1 year still love it 5/5

    By Extraordinurse
    We've been subscribing for one year now and we still love it! The app is perfect! Easy ability to hold deliveries when you are out traveling. I subscribed for the purpose of test-driving and then apologizing to my husband, but he loved cooking WITH me on the first delivery. After a week, he bought new cookware and kitchen tools. Now all I do is cut up the veggies and he cooks.
  • Impressive! 5/5

    By JessicaW63
    Excellent dishes. High quality food, super flavorful. Directions are clear and easy to follow. Highly recommend, especially for couples. No food is wasted, which is hard to accomplish if you try to cook by buying all the ingredients from the grocery store. A+ for Blue Apron!!
  • I'm obsessed! 5/5

    By Hollz12345
    I doubted blue apron, and I'm so glad I gave it a try. My friend convinced me into it, and after my free week trial- I'm obsessed!!!!!
  • Love the service and the app! 5/5

    By Kimaja
    Best decision I've made about my health and budget. Fantastic variety, nutritious meals -- takes care of deciding what to cook and getting the ingredients.
  • Thank you from California 5/5

    By Jenschuetz
    My fiancé and I love this service. It gives us a chance to bond while preparing a good, healthy meal. We have 6 kids, so it gives them a chance to learn as well. I highly recommend Blue Apron over the competition.
  • ❤️ it 5/5

    By kmauro67
    Saves $, saves time and has given me valuable opportunity to share with my son before it's too late! Thanks Blue Apron 🙏
  • Excellent app and service 5/5

    By Mike McG
    This is a home run. Great food, simple recipes that teach techniques to cook healthy, tasty, and different meals. Saves planning and shopping. My wife and I love it and even the kids eat it.
  • Do it 5/5

    By Spikerella
    I have stopped apologizing to my husband for thinking it was too expensive. The savings in time shopping, cooking, figuring out what to make not to mention how delicious it is, the huge portions (enough to for my lunch the next day=saving $!). I can't say enough. I say do it! We like super spicy and nothing has been too spicy for us despite the "as much you like warnings". Try it for free. Take the chance. You won't be disappointed. s. Pike~Midwest
  • Easy app and great service with Blue Apron 5/5

    By Terilaz
    Like it a lot
  • Fabulous and easy to use! 5/5

    By Mree63
    I love this app, it makes it so easy to keep track of my shipments and change our upcoming menus. I just wish there was an iPad version too, as their mobile website sometimes doesn't play nice with my iPad.
  • Good foods 5/5

    By Judi loves golf
    We have enjoyed the food and The diversification. Will try other meals as time goes by.
  • Clutch! 5/5

    By Anya Sokolova
    I like how versatile this app is. Everything is super straight forward and user friendly. I can skip a week with a touch of a button, see future weeks' menus, and if I don't have my paper recipe on me I can easily access it on the app. Excited to keep using the app and finding more tricks! Thank you Blue Apron. You've definitely transformed my food game.
  • 👩🏼‍🍳👩🏼‍🌾 great 5/5

    By drunkmenot
    Videos are great for beginners. Nice to refer to when I'm at work and decided which meal I want to cook that night.
  • Love Blue Apron! 5/5

    By Bree12345jessieandeva
    My husband and I have been enjoying Blue Apron for 3 weeks now. I can now say I can NOT live without it! It's so nice not going to the grocery store or having to worry about what to cook during the work week. Thank you Blue Apron!
  • App review only 2/5

    By Cj2016435
    I love blueapron and have been doing it for almost 3 years. However this new app is awful! It will not show me my "upcoming", I can't send my free meals to friends. Please please please fix this app! I hate having to log in on a laptop to make selections! And because of this I got 2 weeks delivered that I didn't want because I am reliant on apps to cancel and make selections and I never had a chance to log in to the website.
  • Amazing and Convenient 5/5

    By JahdaePorcha
    I absolutely love Blue Apron including the customer service. Defiantly saves a trip to the grocery store, buys you time, and is delicious!
  • Love the app! Easy to use! 5/5

    By melia912
    The ingredients in the first recipe we tried were really easy to prepare. We enjoyed the Moroccan spices that we put in the tomato sauce. It only took about 30-45 mins total to prep and cook the food. Our experience with our first delivery was right on time. It showed up at our door on Friday morning as expected. When I had to skip a delivery that was being processed due to travel conflicts, Charity C. assisted me. I found the contact info through the app and emailed them. They responded the same day and provided me with a refund. As a brand new customer to Blue Apron, I was impressed and satisfied with the service. I also feel like the quality of the ingredients met my expectations. I love the step by step photos and video instructions. The only thing I would add to this app, is a photo album feature that would categorize and separate your photos for the different meals. Will continue to order in the future! Thanks Blue Apron! You put a little spice into our regular cooking routine.
  • Excellent app and delicious recipes. 5/5

    By Elgixin
    Well pleased!
  • Great Experience 5/5

    By Jo Mom
    I've found the app easy to use and informative. Making changes couldn't be easier. When I have had to call customer service is aware of issues even before I call! This a great economical way to try need foods, eliminate waste and eat healthy. We love it!
  • love....Love....LOVE!!! 5/5

    By D. Tuggle
    So much less pressure for 'What's for dinner''s perfect! And taste WONDERFUL!
  • Love Love Love This 5/5

    By Mjc & Rpc
    I always look forward to receiving my Blue Apron....gourmet meals that are not complicated to make! I don't have to figure out what I am going to make and search to see if I have the ingredients and make a big list and spend time at the grocery store! I can plan easier meals for my week when I am not making my Blue Apron meal! The cost is less than $10 per person per meal....that is sooo worth it! I love my Blue Apron! The app is real easy to use....if I am traveling, I just skip that week's delivery! It is just my husband and I and this is great! My husband makes one of the meals and if he can do this anyone can! Thank you Blue have improved our lives.....our appetites.....and I cannot say enough good things about it!
  • Delicious recipes 5/5

    By Homenow
    I love every recipe surprisingly since I usually cook Asian. I never really cook with fruits in the recipe but every dish with the fruits actually turn out to be delicious. I've cooked with Blue Apron for 4 weeks now. My family now look forward to every meal made with Blue Apron. Part of the reason why I use Blue Apron is that I'm so sick of the recipe I make and so does my family. They want something new and I want something fast without errors. This worked really well. So we'll have Blue Apron for 2 days a week and I cook the other 2 days. Highly Recommend this!
  • App Review: Great recipes, but needs better list functionality 4/5

    By O.R. Listener
    Amazingly delicious food, and even better quality from Blueapron! This app works very well, however it is missing one important component: the ability to select multiple recipes for the week and see the entire ingredient list all together. In addition, the ingredients should be listed according to their categories, such as produce and dairy, for easy use at the grocery store. This addition would make people value this company even more.

Blue Apron - Fresh Ingredients & Recipes Delivered app comments

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