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Blue Letter Bible

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  • Current Version: 2.70.1
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Blue Letter Bible App

Powerful Bible study tools linked to every verse in an easy-to-use, personalized Bible reader! Dig deep into God’s Word with over 30 Bible versions, audio Bibles, text and audio commentaries, Hebrew / Greek lexicon, concordances, dictionaries, advanced word searches, and more. Customize your reading experience with rich color themes, fonts, auto scrolling, and parallel version views. Personalize your study with highlighting, underlining, and note taking options – all with Cloud back up.   Join our 7.5 million+ annual website users and 1 million+ app users who choose to dig deeper into God’s Word with Blue Letter Bible!  POWERFUL FREE BIBLE STUDY TOOLS  • Study the Hebrew & Greek with our original language lexicon  • Perform advanced word study searches using the many available dictionaries and encyclopedias  • Use the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge for an in-depth study • Read from the many available text commentaries  • Listen to the Bible and audio commentaries  CUSTOMIZED BIBLE READER  • Christian Standard Bible (CSB) comes free & installed as part of the core Bibles! • Choose from over 30 Bible translations available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, German, Russian, French, Hebrew, and Greek  • Choose from various color themes, adjustable fonts and sizes with an automatic option • Read different Bible versions side-by-side  • Read the Bible with the variable speed auto-scroll feature    PERSONALIZED BIBLE STUDY  • Share verse passages to iMessage, Email, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and more  • Bookmark your favorite chapters with visual indicators in the app and organize them in custom folders  • Highlight and underline your favorite verses in customizable colors  • Backup, restore, and share your preferences locally from iCloud • Launch the “New Resource” menu from the BLB icon  A NOTE ABOUT OLDER IPHONE / IPAD DEVICES  As of release of 2.65 and later we recommend upgrading to iOS 7 or later, if possible, to continue to receive BLB app updates. As of 2.65 we will no longer be providing updates for older devices not compatible with iOS 7.0 or later. If you are running the BLB app on an Apple device that is using iOS 6.1 or older and are experiencing restriction issues with BLB online content, it is due to the replacement of the older SHA-1 certificates on our servers. Please visit "" for more information. QUESTIONS?  Questions or issues with the BLB app after updating? We’re here to serve! First, visit our FAQs by clicking on the link to our support site to see if your question can be answered there. If not, please leave your feedback on the support page and a member of our staff will get back to you  as soon as possible. For those leaving iTunes Customer Reviews, please know that we have no way of contacting you unless you leave your feedback on the support page. Please review and rate the Blue Letter Bible app! Ratings and feedback will help us to improve the Blue Letter Bible app.


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Blue Letter Bible app reviews

  • Great app! 5/5

    By youth pastor B
    One of my favorite apps period!
  • Best 5/5

    By Player34278
    This is the best Bible app for mobile devices. Easy to use and works great!
  • Great study tool 5/5

    By Glory dude
    I mainly use BLB for the interlinear and lexicon, but it's chock full of absolutely pro Bible study tools
  • Glory light unveiled 4/5

    By GLorilane
    This app helps me better understand revelation by being able to see the Greek and Hebrew understanding side by side of the English understanding of words within a scripture. Being able to better understand the intentions and mindset of the original writings of scripture has been crucial for understanding. If you are a lover of Him and His word this app is a must have.
  • Love it, God sent 5/5

    By revtat
    Very good app and very helpful with bible study
  • Thanks 5/5

    By jobsend
    I started using BLB back in the late 90’s and it has been a great tool to help me understand the Bible
  • Thnx! 5/5

    By Estella Polinick
    Awesome app! This is the very very best....What would I do without it!! Major thnx for this resource.
  • Great Study Tool 5/5

    By Klopsicle
    This app has leveraged a variety of resources into one powerful tool. My study of Gods word has gain an awesome new app. I cant wait to try it online.
  • Blue letter Bible is a great Bible resource! 4/5

    By +HJC
    I’ve been using the blue letter Bible often on now for a few months, it’s becoming one of my favorite Bible apps! Ease of use, great dictionary and concordance, as well as cross reference tools.
  • The Blue Bible 5/5

    By Giver47
    This Bible App is great. If you have not tried it, it's easy to navigate and has awesome features. And it's FREE!! Check it out.
  • Great study tool 5/5

    By Chico Golfer
    The Blue Letter Bible is one of my go to sites on my computer. This app has many of the great features that I love about it.
  • Great app 5/5

    By To Live is Christ TDIG
    I love the app and the ability to compare different bible translations is awesome. I love the ability to see an interlinear bible for comparing the translations. I wish the app would add a section to view some of the cult bible versions to compare with the other bible translations and the interlinear translation. I haven’t used any of the commentary’s yet but, overall I am very happy with the app. It’s a great bible app to study and get a whole picture of what God’s word says.

    By 1 Queenpin
    Has every resource that I have need of!
  • Pastor 5/5

    By Pastor Rufus
    I am greatly blessed by the app, and I strongly recommend it for all the ministers. I found everything in one place
  • BLB ROCKS 5/5

    By Ksmith6353
    BLB is the best! Love the easy look up of scripture and the reading tool that automatically moves scripture.
  • Best Bible app ever 5/5

    By MissionsMinded
    Blueletter Bible is amazing! With all of the available versions, commentaries, concordances, cross-references, and Strong’s definitions, there is no reason to use another app to study the Word. I highly recommend BLB to anyone interested in increasing the effectiveness of their Bible study. Whether you’re a casual reader or an avid student of the Word, you will be sure to love BLB.
  • Great 5/5

    By La'Shay M.
    Love it. My fav
  • Awesome App, Love ❤️ it 5/5

    By Glamourmegirl
    This app is so helpful, it is really a GREAT app . It even has highlights and bookmarks for you. If you want a good bible app get this one. ❤️❤️❤️❤️☺️
  • Great App 5/5

    By Mj$!?
    This is an amazing app. So helpful. It’s great for a pocket bible but what I really Love is all the extra info that comes along with it. It has text/audio commentary and bible studies that go along book by book, chapter by chapter, and verse by verse! Right now I’m working my way through the Bible verse by verse and I’m using the study guides from the app. They are several guides for every chapter in the Bible so your getting info from several sources and point of views. My wife and I use this app all the time, we will defiantly be supporting it with donations.
  • Massive benefits from such a little app. 5/5

    By LawyerMAS
    Superb resource. Flexible. Detailed study easily done. Very pleased.
  • Love love love this Bible App! 5/5

    By Praiser for Life!
    I positively love Blue Letter Bible especially the easy access to Strongs Hebrew and Greek.
  • Extremely helpful in my devotions 5/5

    By Billyin808
    The interlinear/concordance and translation comparison features help me understand God's amazing Word.
  • Technology is a great thing when used correctly 5/5

    By cuentrao
    This app is the best app someone can have. God is good!!
  • BLB the best. 5/5

    By My BLB
    BLB is THE Go To Bible resource. I use it almost daily to prepare Sunday School lessons and for just my own devotions. I especially like the easy to use commentaries, very helpful. Thank you Blue Letter for providing such a valuable tool. Russ Brown
  • Awesome 5/5

    Perfect for me as I study God's word.
  • Note taking is awesome 5/5

    By Tennessee hillbilly
    The ability to take notes and organize them into categories, such as Love, ministries, Baptism, repentance etc is what really makes this app perfect for the Bible student that needs help to stay focused! Recommend it to all!
  • Best. 5/5

    By Classical Michele
    Simply the best Bible app out there. BLB’s website is also fantastic.
  • Awesome App 5/5

    By r4325
    Awesome app to study with. Thank you! Has Interlinear Greek and Hebrew next to English verses which helps tremendously. Appreciate this!
  • Great Bible App 5/5

    By Jiffandmeinthemorning
    The Word is shield and sword that protects and defends you only when it is invoked. The Blue Letter Bible enable the most novitiate to fight as a seasonal believer.
  • Awesome study tools, horrible UX 4/5

    By deema0310
    This app and website is number 1 for Bible Study tools such as interlinear and Strong’s dictionary, however the UX and UI are stuck in the early 2000s, leaving the user to fumble around and wonder why the interface isn’t on par with modern apps. This is my biggest frustration with this app.
  • BLP APP 5/5

    By TJGils
    I'm just one of the happiest learners of the word of God! This app is making everything easy for me; mostly what I like is being able to share the verses via a diverse choice of medias! It's a great tool for personal studying👌🏽❤️🙏🏽😇 I'm blessed😇
  • Comparing translations 5/5

    By Astro Wanna-be
    I enjoy using Blue Letter Bible to compare complementary translations. I choose a translation to read from and another to refer to if I am looking for more detail. Sometimes a different translation adds insight. It is easy to do in the BLB as the two selected translations appear side-by-side in verse-by-verse lock step.
  • Biblical Multi-tool 5/5

    By shipwreck danny
    The concordance/interlinear tools are great for personal and group study. When a radio pastor says, “such-and-such in the original language actually means ______” I can look up the passages in the original language for myself. I especially enjoy the audio commentaries on long car drives, and the commentaries are transcribed if feel like reading them at home instead. BLB works on every device I’ve ever owned- smart phone, laptop, and tablet. No complaints. Tell your friends.
  • Precept upon precept 5/5

    By Whirlwind1965
    BLB is my first go to. The best commentary on scripture is scripture and BLB enables going deeper into the Word and letting the Word speak for itself.
  • Every Morning ! 5/5

    By Masterfatman
    Every Morning, I read a psalm and a proverb. I started to do this because there is 150 of one and 30 of the other. When the month runs out I start again. Now with BLB, it’s easier than ever to read not only those books but so much more. A friend at work shared his BLB app with me and I sure am happy for it; real game changer. ALL GLORY TO GOD !! Thank you everyone at Blue Letter Bible you are all Golden!! Mike, Sonoma, Ca.
  • Fast Look Up 5/5

    By Rallsja
    I use BLB mostly because it is faster to load and faster to look up a new scripture than other popular apps.
  • My One Wish... 5/5

    By Lady4God
    Is that it would open up to the Classic BlueletterBible on my iPhone App like my iPad App does. This App is all I could WISH for other than that, which is why I contribute every year. I use it all the time for WORD or PHRASE searches and the deeper meanings in the original language. For instance, no one that I have met realizes that ALMOST every time you see the word LAW in the Old Testament, it is Translated from the Hebrew word TORAH. It means the first 5 books of the Bible (which are very most sacred to the Jews). Three places that it stands out to me as important are Joshua 1, Psalm 1, and Proverbs 3. I thank God for the BLUELETTERBIBLE!!!😀❤️
  • Love this Bible app ! 5/5

    By Rookard-McGill
    It’s so easy to navigate through this app. I love the commentary and study guide features that are available .
  • Love the Word! 5/5

    By romansTENnine
    Thanks Blue Letter for bringing the Word! Luke 8:11... keep sowing brothers and sisters, keep sowing!
  • Excellent resource 5/5

    By claytaf
    This is an essential tool for teaching and studying as it allows immediate access and insight to the original text. Exceedingly easy to navigate.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Youandme2
    Best bible app out there
  • God is Good 5/5

    By Arturo L. Vargas
    Great App to Use,
  • Enhances daily time with God 5/5

    By Cognitive Queen
    Diving deeper into Gods Word into the original Greek or Hebrew text, syntax reveals more about who He is, what He desires and how I can be more obedient to His will
  • Great Resource 5/5

    By B1troy
    Easy to use. No push.
  • No longer able to access 1/5

    By Pronomos
    I love this app and it is a vital mart of my studies, up until recently. Sir some reason I am no longer able to access interlinear part. It keeps saying no internet even though our am connected and it used to work with LTE but I get the same message. So this goes from a 5 to a 1
  • Best Bible App 5/5

    By ChuckC43
    Love the BLB website and mobile app. Use it all the time. The study tools are so useful such as the interlinear bible and cross-references. You can also listen to the Bible while driving. If you are serious about studying the Bible, the BLB is for you.
  • I love it But 3/5

    By AGE2EOD
    The audio reading is not working properly. When you tell it to read the entire book to the end it repeats the same chapter over and over.
  • AWESOME 5/5

    By Skyda35
    This is the best wifi free bible app ever! I use it all the time! Great substitute for my real bible when 9 kids get hectic on Sunday morning and I (Mom) forget my Bible! I don't have good cell service, so this is great! Thanks so much for giving me my guide to life on the go! P.S. You can tell who didn't pay ANY attention in Sunday school verse memory as a kid. P.P.S. That would be me....😜
  • Long time user 5/5

    By Et_is
    Been relying on BlueLetterBible since before there were apps. Now I am so glad to have this app wherever I go. I use this app daily.
  • Easy to use with deep tools available 5/5

    By JDSailfast
    Easy to use with deep tools available

Blue Letter Bible app comments


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