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Bluebird by American Express

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Bluebird by American Express App

HOW IT WORKS: • Quickly view your Available Balance without logging in to your account • View your transaction history • View information about your transactions by clicking on an individual transaction FEATURES: • Locate MoneyPass® ATMs • Set funds aside in your SetAsideSM Account • Send money to your Family Accounts and see their transaction history ADD MONEY: • Add checks with your mobile phone • Add money to your Account from your bank account or debit card • Find cash reload locations near you on the go MANAGE MONEY: • Access your Direct Deposit information • Pay Bills • Pre-authorize Bluebird checks TRUSTED BENEFITS: • Add offers to your Account and start saving on dining, shopping and more What is Bluebird® by American Express, brought to you by American Express and Walmart? Bluebird is a financial account with flexible features and convenient management tools to help you get more from your money. There are no monthly, annual or overdraft fees, and there is no minimum balance requirement. With a Bluebird Account, you can direct deposit your paycheck, government benefits and tax refund, pay bills and have access to 24/7 customer service. Visit us at for more information.


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Bluebird by American Express app reviews

  • Security Question 3/5

    By midniteclubber
    To the makers of this app. In order to answer a security question to open app, it is kind of important to know what the question was in order to answer it.
  • System crashes 2/5

    By DarkMocha1987
    the weekend of feb 17 i uploaded money . then i went to try to pay a bill card was declined twice . tried checking the app , internet and 800 number systems down. but before the system went down the app displayed the right amount in my account , after the card was declined used the 800 number different balance . system has been down for the past three hours
  • Junk 1/5

    By Tp79mom5
    The app won’t even open. It pops up and immediately closes. 😡
  • Love it 5/5

    By kathy.51
    I uses this card for years, love it
  • Needs an iPad optimized app! 2/5

    By Iamjlong
    The app needs to be updated to be optimized for iPad. As of now it only works on iPhone.
  • Worst card ever —don’t waste your time 1/5

    By crap card--greedy
    Worst card ever —-CHARGE FOR EVERYTHING (even when they say they don’t)
  • Worst “Banking” App Ever 1/5

    By Vanburenastone
    This app is truly the worst banking app ever! Always glitching out, and always glitching our on the main login screen! Fix this or I leave! I’d rather go to a credit union than be with this stupid off brand bank!
  • Apple Pay 4/5

    By Berryb14
    Great card and benefits the customer greatly! Would be nice to use on Apple Pay
  • What happened to TouchID? 3/5

    By RaditudeForever
    I used to be able to login to my account with TouchID. Now I don't get prompted, and I don't see an option to activate it again. What gives?
  • Don’t Use this Card! 1/5

    By El_Kee
    I made a return at a retailer on 12/26. As of 12/31 my funds are still MIA. I called customer service and was told they have to contact the retailer to verify the return. The retailer has to confirm the return. Then it will take 7 calendar days for the funds to released. Use another card. I will be. 7 days is ridiculous!
  • Update app for iPhone X 1/5

    By mmpcody
    You guys are a banking app there is no excuse for not updating the app for the iPhone ask it came out on November 3.
  • Seriously? 2/5

    By BeachFoot
    The first day using this app, and I’m having all kinds of problems. I even updated the app. I have an iPhone 6. Wth!? So - the money transfers - *twice*, even though the first time received an error message saying “request could not be processed at this time”, and now I have to wait for the transfer reversal to update with my bank. Then - I try to wire the money I actually did transfer to this card, to do a Walmart to Walmart transfer to a family member - and I’m getting an error message again! I mean - it’s a good thing it wasn’t a dire emergency, even though it *is* extremely important! Why did I give Bluebird *two* stars? Because I’m trying to be *nice*!!! >=(
  • Love this card! 5/5

    By Boazpatlur
    It’s awesome cause: 1. instant money reload 2. Free US Bank ATMs! 3. No Overdraft Fees for Life! 4. The App is as good as Chase 5. Inexpensive checkbook ! 6. Early direct deposit !

    By Guccithadon
  • App no longer able to xfer to son’s card 1/5

    By Peterdog15
    This app has been broken for months. Whoever the developer is, should find a new line of work. Went to the trouble of getting the cards and account set up for what? What a big waste of time and energy.
  • Peanuts 4/5

    I like this app when it is working. It recently won’t open when I try to use it. I see reviews of similar experiences. I hope this will be corrected soon. At this time I can only give 4 stars.
  • Can’t transfer 2/5

    By TheAlarmspecialist
    I tried to transfer money to my daughters card and it keeps failing. Two weeks later and I still can’t transfer money to my daughter even after deleting and reinstalling.
  • Now better than previous version 3/5

    By k9gardner
    I've increased my rating by one star, from 2 to 3. It's still just a bit of a bizarre user experience, but the reason I've raised my rating is that others seem now to have misguidedly followed suit, and Bluebird is not alone in this. Still, here's a puzzler for you. To log in on the iPhone, you need to enter the account ID and the password. Not only that, but it had to be a pretty secure password too. After that you have to answer your security question. So they really don't want to have unauthorized persons accessing this account. So why, then, why? do they bury the log off selection way at the bottom of the sidebar menu? Do they think we should keep it open, once we get into it? I hardly think so. What's the point of secure log in if you're not going to log off? Dumb. I'll leave the previous review here for now but it's less relevant. They've cleaned up some things. It works. - - - - The changes they have made to this app make it a royal pain in the butt to use. Gone is the simplicity, where everything you need to do appears on the home screen. Gone is the instant feedback; you make a transfer to a subaccount and it does NOT show up right away. Oh, and you're not even transferring to a subaccount any more, which we all understood. You're now sending money to an email address. Is that the same as transferring to their subaccount? Why change it then? And you have to search in hidden sidebars or the top bar for things that used to be plainly visible. As near as I can tell, there is absolutely NO new functionality. They simply made it much more difficult to navigate and to use. Kudos, Amex! Great job!
  • My app is not redeeming my money 4/5

    By Dyde4lyf
    I did the update and it’s still not redeeming the money. Don’t know what to do. Help. Thank you.
  • Version update 10/25/17 5/5

    By Gillette63830
    App working now
  • One feature missing 4/5

    By MrSummo
    Great app. Would be perfect if real-time notifications were available when transactions occur.
  • App not functioning 1/5

    By JaanB1
    I updated the app and now when I try to use it, it does not let me go into the app. It just flickers like it wants to turn on but instead it just kicks me out.
  • Lacks functions the mobile website has 1/5

    By alex42092
    I usually expect a mobile app to be the superior experience compared to a mobile optimized website, however the app lacks the ability to transfer/withdraw funds from the card to a linked checking account.
  • Holy $&%# 1/5

    By Grand Schemes
    I was removed from my hotel room today because I couldn’t spend my available balance to rebook my room! Thanks financial institution that I allowed to hold my money! SMFH
  • Bluebird Card 4/5

    By Paige285
    I wish this could be added to Apple Pay. It’d be so more convenient!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Redbone70
    Terrible App..... haven't been able to transfer money to card for weeks. Please Please fix this bug. Terrible Terrible Terrible! Defeats the whole purpose!!!!!!!
  • Apple Pay 3/5

    By nicoLoVe95
    Can we get support so I can load this on to my phone I rather pay through Apple Pay it makes everything more convenient, please figure this out
  • Awful animation 3/5

    By ~brokencyde4evr~
    The app works well enough but the unusual animation at the bottom implies "slide here" and its nerve wracking. I wonder what kind of inexperience the developer had when they thought "let's put this here and make people nuts."
  • Help plz and can u fix it 5/5

    By Britt_73
    My app not working right now it just come on and then take me off it it took doing it and I ever update it and it still doing it I have iPhone 4s
  • Floyd 5/5

    By floyd woods
    No problems best card out there
  • Only shows the balance 1/5

    By __QueenJo__
    For a while now it will show the balance only. "Due to technical problems" It shows no transactions or anything else. What is the point of an app when I have to use the website any ways each time because the app won't work?
  • Luv it / just needs round up 4/5

    By HM Clark
    I really love the features of the bluebird card it's a great alternative to a regular checking account however I would love to see a round up feature where you can set it if you spend say for example $10.49 then round it up to $11 and put the spare change into a spare change savings.
  • Works good 3/5

    By Cindyn33
    So far it is working good
  • Great bank alternative, now with TouchID 5/5

    By whitewolf361
    After having used Bluebird (both the app and an account) for a while (over a year maybe), I would have to say this is one of my favorite banking alternatives (out of the few I've used). The money transfer is instant, the account history and balance are easy to see, and the card works at most places. A few times I haven't been able to use it, but it's been working just fine as a second account. The most important feature I have been waiting for, though: TouchID. After upgrading to an iPhone 7 Plus yesterday, I finally see the TouchID option. Apparently my older iPhone 6 wasn't supported yet. If you've been waiting for TouchID, it is "technically" available, but apparently isn't compatible with most older phones. On mine, it works just fine. Much easier to sign in. Also, the "remember me" option for the username had just been updated & was working for a short while before I got the new phone & TouchID. In conclusion, I love this app/account, even though they do seem to roll out new features to (potentially) older phones very slowly. Highly recommended.
  • People Use Mobile Password Managers 4/5

    By From Afar
    Cannot copy passwords from my password manager (paste is disabled)
  • Can't copy and paste login info at sign in 1/5

    5/20/17 So worthwhile passwords require switching back and forth between 1Password app and can't be completed. 7/26/17 - still can't paste passwords into app. No email contact info for app found on website
  • Great! 5/5

    By Hyshira
    We don't use credit cards, as it just causes issues. So we went with this prepaid and it's fantastic! The only draw back is that it takes too long for an electronic transfer from my bluebird to my bank — as many places still don't do AMEX like visas. I'd like to see the time for an ELECTRONIC transfer take less than 5 business days. Make it more like 1-2 days and that'd make this card unbeatable in the prepaid world! This card also allows Better financial management that has helped both me and my husband. It allows direct deposit and also makes transferring money between me and hubby bluebird cards simple and easy. ATM withdraws are decent and easy. I love my bluebird! And totally recommend it to anyone looking for a great way to manage money.
  • Great 2nd bank account 5/5

    By Astheworldturns2
    I have a credit union account and use bluebird as an alternative for certain things as hotel reservations or putting money on my kids' bluebird cards. It had always worked flawlessly. I only fund this account with cash at Walmart registers. I find bluebird to be essential for my simple household finances. I don't use credit cards. I've called customer service a few times only and that was because my daughter was new to using cards and she wasn't following the instructions at the gas pump card reader and they put a hold on her funds without her getting gas. Customer service explained exactly what happened and were nice enough to remove the hold as a one time courtesy for us. I don't understand all these negative reviews but I can only speak of my experience which has always been great. The app works flawlessly when I need to transfer money to my daughter for snack food at school or if she's out shopping.
  • Can't Add Funds 2/5

    By J91011
    Good app, but every time I go to add funds from my debit card, it always comes up with a box that says that they are unable to process my request due to tech difficulties. You'd think that after months they would fix that, but after trying 50 times over months and months I give up!
  • Best card ever! 5/5

    By JesusWalksAlot
    Wow, this thing is so easy to use and it is truly an amazing card. You should all try it out and say goodbye to banks forever. I will continue to use this forever.
  • Garbage! 1/5

    By AdonyaW
    Crashes and never opens. #deletedapp
  • Meh 2/5

    By MissV<3
    Honestly there are better prepaid out there. If you need to dispute anything with them, it's a nightmare! Stick to PayPal.
  • Needs an update 3/5

    By zheil9152
    I really like bluebird. I use the card daily in all situations that take Amex and since using it for a few years now, I have a few pieces of constructive criticism that I feel would make it a better app/concept: 1) Rework Touch ID. I get the feeling the app/developers really have no faith in the Touch ID system at all. After setting it up (which is more complicated than a slider in app settings somewhere), the app will maybe accept my finger print once without having to enter the password again, but then fails to let me use my finger each subsequent time. Also, if I haven't opened the app in a while, it will pretend like I never had turned on Touch ID in the first place. Why can't you just implement a simple solution where I can easily get into the app using my finger and nothing else?.. like in the password prompt of the app "1Password". 2) Have the card platform accept Apple Pay. If you're really going to advertise the bluebird platform as online banking, you're going to have to start supporting features that every bank already has: Apple Pay. This isn't the 20th century anymore, and paying with NFC devices is much easier than those scourge-of-the-earth chip cards that take 20 seconds to make a transaction 3) Balance notifications It would be great if the app had simple notifications such as the following: - John Appleseed sent you $xxx.xx - John Appleseed accepted your amount of $xxx.xx. - The balance of sub-account "Jane Appleseed" is below $50 - You just made a purchase to Amazon of $xxx.xx - Your transaction of $xxx.xx to Amazon cleared - Jane Appleseed just made a purchase to amazon of $xxx.xx - Your account just went under your threshold of $xxx - Did you just make a purchase to (abnormal location far from me)? (Y/N) Just a few ideas. Other than that, the app and platform functions as expected
  • Touch ID has never worked -Going on 1 year 3/5

    By Yvette Marie 65
    The Touch ID feature will work once when you set it up and then it no longer works again Please get this feature right. I use the app all the time throughout the day. Please fix.
  • Lit 5/5

    By Gangsbvcvvhv
    I love it ❤️ it's so simple 💁🏾
  • Great app but no Apple Pay 2/5

    By nikato123
    Companies such as Moven and Shift, which are both prepaid support Apple Pay, but Amex Bluebird and Serve do not. There is no technical reason why not. This is an arbitrary decision by Amex in an attempt to keep their premium cards relevant. As of 4-1-2017 leaving bluebird for gobank due to acceptance. Amex not accepted everywhere. Apple Pay would have made the difference. As of 5-22-2017 they now charge for checks 19.95 for 40 preauthorized checks. No reason not to go to gobank now. 😔
  • Can't paste in passwords from 1Password 3/5

    By Mumbles
    Great service but I don't get why they make it so you can't paste in passwords from apps like 1Password. Now I have to reset and simplify my password just so I can login in on the iOS app. This isn't helping security AMEX, it's hurting it.
  • Can't copy and paste 3/5

    By merwync
    I can't copy and paste my 36 character password into the app. Please fix this.
  • Need help! Locked out! 1/5

    By lavde44
    I called last week! Locked out of my card! No help, person to person! Need to reset password!
  • Needs an update. 4/5

    By PBoiC
    I really like the app. I use it all the time. Why I gave it 4 instead of 5, is because the app needs an update. The web version, you can add and edit categories and insights. But you can not on the app version. Other than that, it's a great app.

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