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  • Current Version: 2.3.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Jelly Button Games Ltd
  • Compatibility: Android
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Hello and welcome to Board Kings! Join your friends and family in the new and exciting free online multiplayer board game of our time! Meet your board! Choose your idol and throw the dice! Build the greatest city for your bunnies! Throw the dice and earn coins as you go! The dice will determine where you go! You decide what to do with your coins! If you’re lucky you’ll land on the bonus tiles and win awesome rewards and boosts! But remember, it’s not all about luck, it’s about strategy and skill. Build up your city! Use the coins to build and develop your city! Climb up the leaderboard by expanding your bunny population. The more you build, the more bunnies you will have! Build the most amazing thriving city of all time! The more you build, the bigger the board will become! Protect Your Board! To protect your city from strangers and other unwelcomed mischiefs you need to land on the police station! Upgrade the police station to deploy more police cars! Steal From Your Friends Win your friends’ coins by landing on the Steal tile! Didn’t find the richest city? No worries! You’ll win other people’s coins as well! Win Bonus Features! Land on the bonus tile and win special features for your board! Extra coins! Extra police cars! It’s always a win to have more than your friends! Visit your Friends’ Boards! Hop on the train and choose the friend you miss the most! You can also pay a visit to others who were at your board. While visiting your friends’ city you can throw the dice and: *** Own your friends’ buildings! *** *** Destroy others’ cities! *** *** Steal coins by breaking others’ piggy banks! *** Watch out for the police! Or you might get thrown in jail! To be freed you’ll need to throw a double or pay the fine! Become the Board King, now! It’s free-to-play, but you can also purchase additional items with real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings. Any Suggestions or new ideas? Experiencing any problems? We love our players! You can reach out to our support team from inside the game! Your board awaits!


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Board Kings app reviews

  • About to delete 1/5

    By Briizybri
    I LOVED this game but now it’s annoying. I have upgraded the same property 3 times on the same level and I still can’t upgrade the property beside it. The price to upgrade things has gotten ridiculously high. Please fix.
  • Can be better 4/5

    By ethan sfactu alexander
    I like it its a lot of fun but it can be better than waiting a hour for just 4 rolls. But besides that it's a great game.
  • Good Game 4/5

    By michellenaranjo24
    It’s ADDICTING! I don’t like how you have to wait a hour for only 4 rolls :( overall is a good game
  • Good game but has a couple bugs 4/5

    By SpaffyPlatypus
    Just got to the army board and when I upgraded a building it took more money then it was priced at. It’s also frustrating to get robbed while your playing right as your about to upgrade (which has happened to me several times) Other then that solid game
  • Love 5/5

    By Caddidid
    I actually really love this game, it is fun and the board pieces you can get are absolutely awesome.
  • Nice 4/5

    By Khddjkvdj
    It’s a really cute game. It’s definitely one that helps pass time. I especially love how you can collect and change your player pieces!! If you want to be my friend on there here’s my player number 750937634 😊😊
  • Awesome but improvable 4/5

    By JoPoZee
    I love this game but the dice rolls need to regenerate quicker. Waiting an hour for only 4 dice rolls is ridiculous.
  • Add me 5/5

    By Amber Loves Seth
    My code Is 288393261
  • Great game 5/5

    By Pixel gun 3-D
    Great game
  • Fun 5/5

    By Johnnyambers
    Entertaining so far.
  • In-app Purchase 1/5

    By Gdragotto
    I really do enjoy the game. However I had a little money left over and decided to buy some gems. I’m a little confused as to why I have yet to see my purchase, so to the game developers please either show me my gems or refund my purchase.
  • Pretty fun 5/5

    By Treff15
    It’s a pretty interesting game. Makes it fun when you get competitive with your friends!
  • Best app!! 5/5

    By lisseth colcoho
    Really good app, I love it❤️
  • Needs improvement 1/5

    By EriinHeartless
    I started this game and loved it, but it has zero options for your passive player. It forces you to destroy people’s boards, steal hard earned cash, and even take up residence on someone else’s board to keep them from advancing in the game. All by random roll, you land on it you have to. This wasn’t that big of a deal until some jerk had it out for me for no reason(didn’t even get to play the first week). Now Jacka**, Jason L raids my board 3 times a day! Stealing all my money, destroying any buildings he can, he took up residence on 3 different spaces in one raid! It took me all day to get them back, but first thing in the morning, there he is again. Harassing me for no reason, not like I can report him or block him... guess I just have to quit.
  • I would give this game 100000 stars 5/5

    By El-Chochin
    Oh my goodness. I LOVE THIS GAME. My friend invited me to play it earlier today and I didn’t think of it much since at first I was only supposed to roll the dice, but now I’m hooked😁👍🏼
  • Kinda fun 3/5

    By NastyJerms
    It’s kinda fun but it deleted all my data!
  • It’s pretty good 3/5

    By Apple Store Ratings
    It’s good and all I think it is fun but after a certain amount of rolls I think 45 minutes of waiting is too much! After 45 minutes I’m not even going to remember and I’ll be doing something else by then! They should have something that you can buy for like $4.99 for unlimited rolls or less time to wait for more rolls
  • Impossible 1/5

    By Jtlgbhckc
    This game used to be a lot of fun and unfortunately you would get money stolen from you but you could usually make it up by just playing the game, but now every time I get on I have 100,000-200,000 stolen from me AND while I’m rolling EVERYTIME I get to about 150000 I get at least 70000 stolen from me while I’m still playing the game.This would all be okay if you were given the opportunity to steal a lot of money back from another player BUT YOU ARE NOT I am only put on boards of people with less than a thousand and I also never literally never get higher that 10000 as the highest on the steal tile. So I guess the makers of this game decided that we need to fork out more and more money to continue after you get to a high level. Which is not worth it to me. I will be deleting if not fixed in next update. Anyone new to the game don’t be tricked by all the good reviews. You will eventually suffer the same fun sucking experience. Don’t waste your time.
  • You will THINK you like it 1/5

    By Mute_Scythe
    This game is GREAT for a couple of weeks, however you realize that people will RUIN the experience for you. Its a thrill at first going on peoples boards and owning their buildings, but other players hit hard. Theyll take so much from you that you will lose all motivation to continue. They enter your board and own 2 of your buildings, so you have "bad blood" with them and take 2 of theirs. But then... THEYLL TAKE ALL OF YOUR BUILDINGS, DESTROY THE ONES THEY DIDNT TAKE, AND STEAL YOUR MONEY!! I hate the fact that people i dont know can just freely ruin my progress. Its actually so upsetting that i had to delete the app to prevent myself from punching a hole in the wall. If you take gaming seriously, even a little board game like this, i do not recommend getting this app.
  • 100% 5/5

    By SammiLoves4Wheelin
    Everything about this game is fun. It's 100% perfect. I wouldn't change a thing.
  • More Frustrating than Fun now 1/5

    By Kittiezagg
    Ok it’s fine moving to a new board and all but to start all over with the buildings again and again is ridiculous especially when you are on a high level and were doing so well and had all your buildings almost as skyscrapers. But now it’s all the same. Plus it seems that after the update my board gets attacked way too many times. I hate playing this game now since leveling up has become impossible. A suggestion: the number of times your coins get stolen should be limited within a 24 hour time. Should be allowed only 3 times within 24 hrs and if you are online, only friends can steal from you and visit you. When offline, then can other players be allowed to steal from you or visit your board. Because honestly the minute you have enough coins while you are playing, you get it all stolen so it makes the game pointless. It’s fine if your friends steal from you while you are playing but not ok when others do while you are online. There should be a system for this. This game has become frustrating instead of fun. Please limit how many times someone can steal from you in the 24hr period. I had coins stolen 30 times in a 12 hr period. Don’t you think that’s unfair? It’s not a pirate game where the objective is to keep stealing from one player more than 30-50 times every day. Currently not enjoying this game. It lacks a proper system.

    By :D i love every game!!
    Pretty nice game but when I ran out of rolls the shop said 60 gems (whatever its called) for JUST ROLLS i was only starting. (now I use stuff fast but did you really have to charge 60 gems for it?) I had to restart the game TWICE just to see if it will WORK. everything is charged I pray and hope you will change it. -<3 I love games
  • Really think about your time played and this is what you get... 1/5

    By EnriqueSuave901
    it looks fun, and is interesting enough...but what are you doing really? Just checking daily to burn the rolls you got and watch a little piece make rounds again and again. This game is literally nothing but a time waster and it’s honestly just making everyone playing it myself included look really stupid for spending any time just to watch a dumb little piece make a round on the board and for what? So you can get a bigger board to do the same thing on. it’s cringeworthy for sure with how stupid you have to be to play this game, I’m not going to be that guy making an imbecile of himself by wasting time watching something basically make a circle. There’s no point, it’s just plain dumb and that’s just the truth whether you like it or not.
  • Fun game 3/5

    By Polar Bear Pro
    Fun game but you have to pay real money to get more rolls.
  • Good but there’s crazy ppl 3/5

    By Jijyu
    I love this game. But recently there are some annoying random players who come to my board and owns my building, but if you just go to theirs’ once, they’ll be like crazy and stick on my board every time. There should be something to prevent these ppl. It’s totally ruining the experience of this game.
  • Waste of time!!! 1/5

    By StukaJU87
    1. This game is only "free" to download. 2.You only get 4 "free" turns each hour. Once those are gone, you either have to wait or spend real money on this so called free game. 3. Other people can steal your money while you are waiting for more "free" turns. 4. You can't do anything while you are waiting for more "free" turns, except spend real money. 5. Wish I could give this game negative stars!
  • Player option!!! 3/5

    By Fedupwiththisgame
    I dont know what kind of update happened but lately all of these random players come on and take everything. This didnt upset me when it was my friends that were doing it to me but now all these random people is just wrong. There should be an option that you can play with just your friends. Myself and my friends dont even want to play anymore because this is happening.
  • So much money have stolen 2/5

    By Aileyxxxx
    Ridiculously, multiple people stole my money while I’m playing within 20 minutes. I ended up not being able to upgrade my buildings at all. You guys should control that better. I lost motivation to play. Bye
  • Fun!!!! 5/5

    By Lwiley1959
    I did this download for another game, but it ended up being more fun than the other one.
  • Fun game 5/5

    By Tkg83
  • Good game 5/5

    By sylviamarie1107
    369842485 add me please.
  • Hate the fact about how people rob u😡😡😡😡😡 1/5

    By Battle Tunes
    Hate it
  • Best ever game! 5/5

    By Jdgxusijdjckckkzkzkdj
    I am addicted to this game!!! I have leveled up to 6 in 2 days!!! The only thing is that I wish they had unlimited prizes for adding friends bc I have 35+ friends and prizes stop at 30 which is a bummer. But love the game! It's super interactive unlike normal board games!!
  • Desperate need of rework 1/5

    By Korpuskat
    The dice timer is WAY too long first of all-- 4 rolls every hour??? That's ridiculous! Secondly, the stealing mechanic needs a SERIOUS rework. I had 350K stolen in less than 8 hours. Every time I got close to getting the last upgrade I would "Mysteriously" have between 80 to 120K stolen. That is a cumulative 70 rolls worth of effort, just gone! Completely wasted my time! And there's no way to protect your money, either! You just get to sit back and watch as your money counter spins down!! On another note, there's no real gameplay element. The entire game is RNG based (what you roll, if you steal/get stolen from, etc). Once you realize there's no skill involved at all, the game completely loses its charm.
  • Hacked 2/5

    By kewlm0m
    I was at level 55 but now my game is gone. I don’t know what happened but now when I access my game it says my name is Shoeoak 331 and my level is 2! Wow!
  • Stop the waiting game plz 5/5

    By HeavensLilAngel2628
    I love the game But plz make the wait for dice a lot shorter plzplzplz
  • Board kings 5/5

    By Wagfam2
    I love this app it a bit laggy sometimes but overall it's a great game
  • Nice 5/5

    By Not_Lil_Broomstick
    Great Game But It Triggers Me
  • Fun! 4/5

    By Bmarie3832
    Very Fun game however, it doesn’t give you many instructions or tell you how to play.
  • Great Time Waster 5/5

    By -feyfay-
    It’s a good game. Entertaining enough that you want to play but limits your playing time by a set number of turns(unless you want to spend real money, of course.). And it’s cool that you can go to a friend’s board and take their coins. Only strong friendships or mature adults won’t be
  • Like but don’t love 3/5

    By MarchParks
    I like the game it’s just the wait timers are ridiculous. You have to wait 1 hour for 4 rolls? Smh
  • New game board won’t render - stuck! 1/5

    By purpledragonfly
    I really like this game, oddly enough, even though there is very little documentation to figure out the nuances. However, when I moved to the newest board in the game (the one after Swagga) it won’t render! This has made the game unplayable, and there is no help function for the game on the developer website. I have tried rebooting my iPad, I have tried different network connections, I have tried closing and rebooting the app multiple times. Still nothing.
  • Addicting 5/5

    By XxRubber_DuckiexX
    Simple yet fun. Passes time like crazy
  • Great 5/5

    By dayday0218
    This app is my favorite but it needs WiFi
  • Addicting 4/5

    By Dthax3113
    Helps pass time and very fun
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By Anna I guess
    If you like board games and just need to pass time, this game is great for that. My sister and I compete at this game and it’s lots of fun. Also, the creators are super sweet. My board game glitched so I emailed their support, they got back to me in only 2 days and solved my problem for me. I love it. :)
  • If only the game worked 2/5

    By Bubbatalk Music
    The game requires such picky internet connection that it does not allow me to play. I can do a lot on my current WiFi, yet this game is apparently not one of them.
  • Great game 4/5

    By Mr.Pabst
    So fun. So simple. I hate that I have to wait so long for only 4 dice rolls, but I always come back!
  • Obsessed, Just Obsessed! 4/5

    By creamyalmondz
    I discovered this game during an ad while playing Best Fiends, my other obsession. It only took two days to develop an addiction to this game. The 'revenge' portion of this game is too sweet, especially when someone steals money and buildings from you. The support/customer service department is very fast and responsive, they have corrected issues with my game as soon as I send the ticket/email to them. I would give the game 5 stars if it didn't take so long to get 4 rolls. Waiting an hour for just 4 rolls is too long, and it takes over 8 hours to get a full set of rolls. That seems too long to me, and obsessive people like me would have to buy extra rolls. I guess the developers have to get paid somehow...
  • Awesome game 5/5

    By Kgf.27
    A fun game for when you are bored!! 100% recommend!!

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