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Bookout - Reading made better

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Bookout - Reading made better App

Bookout helps you track and manage your books, make a habit out of reading and see your progress over time. Reading is an important part of our lives and now with Bookout you can make sure to read every day in the form of a daily workout. Track your reading in real time and get access to awesome stats that will help you improve and read even more. FEATURES: - Track and manage your entire library of books - Track your reading in real time, start daily reading sessions - Add quotes and thoughts for each book - Get book details by scanning the ISBN code or searching -online - Gather tons of insightful stats: - total read time - total pages read - reading speed - time read per day - pages read per day - and many more - Setup monthly or yearly goals - monthly goals allows you to set up the number of hours you want to read during a month - yearly goals allows you to set up the number of books you want to read during a year - Unlock many achievements that can help you stay motivated and read even more. - Generate awesome infographics for every book you finish - Never lose a book again, mark a book as lent and enter the name to whom you gave it. - Take advantage of iOS10 Widgets and get access to your books with a single swipe - Use 3d Touch for quick actions, both on your home screen and within the app Bookout has a great sticker pack also. Use it to express your reading related thoughts in a fun and easy way. *Important: This app is for book TRACKING and MANAGEMENT. Book content and the actual reading is not done in the app only the tracking of it.*

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Bookout - Reading made better app reviews

  • I like it but one thing 4/5

    By lottiebee
    I was using a timer tracker app before for my books but it is really nice to have one dedicated to just reading now. However, one thing that was frustrating for me was when I was adding a session I didn't read with the timer and it asked me how many percent I read but the previous session was recorded in pages read even though I logged it as % so I wasn't sure. I wish we could add by overall % instead. It is a good supplement to Goodreads. Was thinking to replace GR with this instead because it is a lot simpler and nicer looking in design than the GR app and I don't have to make my reviews public, can add pic quotes, there is a timer and the goals section is more fleshed out and motivating, but it isn't really about cataloguing books so I can't sort the books I read into genres/tags, tag fave, or sort by rating, so I can't drop GR completely yet although I don't like using two book logging apps
  • One of the best apps for readers 5/5

    By Nikita715
    I just got into the habit of reading. I wanted to become more consistent and increase the number of books I read in a year. At the same time I wanted to keep track of which books I've read, how I liked them, how long it took me to read them, etc. and this app does all of that! If you have a goal of becoming a more consistent reader, this app will definitely help.
  • Promising, but needs polishing 2/5

    By Leviathan
    I want to like this app. I've been using GoodReads (and LibraryThing) for tracking my reading for years, but would love a good mobile-first solution. Bookout might be that, given some time. Currently, I don't think they've focused on any one feature, and that means they have not demonstrated the value for the purchase price ($4.99). So that they also support this with ads is a slap in the face. I don't think Freemium was a sensible strategy. Perhaps something more like the patronage model (see Overcast) would suit them. But, to be more technical in my review, the library, I can't tell where their data is coming from, but far too many books I've searched for either aren't there, have confusing duplicates, or don't contain any cover art. I'm glad the latest update (Jan 10, 2017) was released or this review would be with one fewer star. Necessary features were added, like percentages. I read most books in digital format now, and was actually going to abandon this app until they made that update. However, it still needs work. For instance, I was unable to convert a book that I entered as "pages" into a tracking by "percentage." Also, I finished the book since I first entered it, and was told I couldn't finish the book (read 10%) unless I read for a session of at least 10 minutes. So I deleted the book, reentered it as read in the past, and now have no tracking on the book as being something that I read in this calendar year. Additionally, lots of buttons are vague as to whether they are actually something I can tap. They appear inconsistent and sometimes are unavailable despite being the same color as available buttons (and button text). There are so many of these small details which make the app extremely frustrating to try out, and do not offer the value they are asking me to pay for. It only ranks 2 stars because I believe this app can improve after a few coats of polish (and some strong tinkering under the good.) Godspeed, and good luck, app developers.
  • Not exactly what I was looking for 2/5

    By JoeyJordano
    I was really excited about this app and all of the stats it can provide. However, I learned quickly that there is no reading done in-app that brings parity between your actual reading and stats generated. This is basically a smart stopwatch as you read the actual book in hand. This needs to be an all in one e-reader to get me interested.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Dancing brain
    This is so helpful for me and really motivates me to read more and help me keep track of reading, This app is amazing and great i wish i knew it before ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿปโค๏ธ
  • The Perfect Companion to Any Book 5/5

    By robertpcarlin
    1/10/16 - wow that was quick, and what a great update. This app just keeps getting better. Love hat you can now log percentage read, this makes it easy to use in conjunction with a kindle and also audible audiobooks! Can't wait to see what is added next! ------ I absolutely love this app and the statistics it generates based on my reading. Haven't finished my first book with it yet, but the info graphics I've seen generated look great. Would love to see the developer create a way to backup/extract our data from the app as well. Hope there are more updates in the pipeline!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By El_Sosa
    Love the design of the app...very helpful to keep you on track of your reading.
  • Love this App, could use some improvements 3/5

    By MMortis
    So far, I love the features of this app, and how they continually make it better to offer a better experience for encouraging reading sessions. What I'd like to see is a way login screen, so that our books and information are securely saved. For instance, I recently had to change exchange my phone to a new iPhone, but it didn't save my books or my reading sessions when I had to re-download all of my apps. It sucked having to start over and re-enter my books I just got done reading, and lose my spiffy infographic. :( overall, I still like the app for what it offers, but please secure our book entries and sessions, even in times like my recent situation.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Tg23425
    I really love this app. Especially since the update! Everything works great and I love the manual session addition. The only thing I would say is to make it possible to add pictures of a book after you add it to your library.
  • Wonderful developers! 5/5

    By shreddinsam
    Ok so I have just started using this app and immediately I purchased he pro version simply because I love the idea behind it. I am now giving this app five stars because of the update for their standard users. These guys went to the trouble of only showing two ads per session. I have rarely seen a dev team do something like this. Talk about non greedy developers. They are improving their free app for their customers who don't even pay, in my opinion, the advertising revenue of the internet would flourish if more developers acted like this. I for one would be more inclined to click on an ad if there were fewer to see. So great job guys. I will use your app for the lifetime of my Apple utilization. Congrats on not being greedy and thinking of even your non paying customer base I am truly inspired by how awesome you are!
  • Amazing but... 4/5

    By Solsip
    I love this app, it helps me read every day for school. I love how you can set goals and how it tells you how long it takes you to read a page, also it does how many pages you can do in a hour and it says about how long it will take you to finish the book. Now for some things I think need to be added and the bad. The bad stuff isn't much, I think the pro version is very overpriced for what your getting and I think you should be able to have unlimited books for the free version. I also think they need to make this available to the Apple Watch. Read this developer and consider these changes.
  • i lov it 5/5

    By Selfรฏe๐ŸŽ€
    lov it! :-)
  • It's the reason I read! 5/5

    By Hgxfgfg
    I never read before I used the app, setting goals encouraged me. Love it!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By YoursSincerely
    My new favorite app and the first app I've ever paid for! You can track the books you read, how long it takes you to read them, and more stats. It's fun and I love that it helps me keep up with my reading.
  • So far so good 5/5

    By Logannnnnnnn
    I like the layout. You can close the app while reading and it's still counting your time. It shows a image of your books which helps me keep track and stay accountable since I'm always reading 75 books at one time.
  • Amazing app that keeps getting better! 5/5

    By Reelvideoman
    One of my goals this year was to read more. I love reading but find that I put it off for more 'pressing things'. So far with this app I've read two books and I'm close to a third with two more in the wings. The reminders, the timers, the ability to do quotes, the statistics and it's ease of use make this an app I will be using daily for a long time (hopefully :) ). I downloaded it and almost immediately shelled out dough for it....and I'm an app snob lol. My bestfriend and my brother in law both got it after hearing me talk about it. Download it and get to reading!
  • Unique app - every reader should get it!! 5/5

    By Hadouken847
    I've only used it for a little bit....but I LOVE this app already!! It's a great help to remind me to read in the morning (as I prefer) and I can share book tips I like with friends easy. :)
  • Love it!!! 5/5

    By Sarahs333
    This app makes me want to read, it helps me keep goals and get achievements for reading! I absolutely love this app๐Ÿ’—
  • Meh 1/5

    By miss moomee
    I can't even add the book I'm currently reading. I've tried to scan the ISBN with no luck and have manually entered in the book info to no avail. I love the idea of this app and it'd be. Ice if it actually worked for me.
  • Nice app ruined by ads 1/5

    By Kinglereduary
    Beautifully designed app, theoretically useful (although not sure about it) but utterly ruined by gross cheap full screen ads that you can't even escape. No!
  • Reading app that won't let you read 1/5

    By AlohaCheyenne 2222222
    The app looked promising so I downloaded it and searched up my favorite books. I pressed on a button to read but all I saw was a stop watch, I could not read the book at all and I am disappointed in this app and it was very misleading.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Jacfue
    I love this app. Nice to know how fast im reading.
  • Amazing app. Needs friends though. 5/5

    By Jnorth777
    This app is awesome, I bought the full version after a day of using it and make sure to use it everyday when I read. One thing I'd like to see added though is a friend section. So you can see your friends progress and compete with them. Not only that, but also being able to recommend books to them through the app would be awesome
  • Couldn't even read 2/5

    By Snoop Lenny
    I opened the app scanned the book with isbn (after waiting a minute for it to focus). I click on the book and...all I see is the timer at the top and the banner that's supposed to be at the bottom. Apparently they can identify the book and even have it in there online search thing but they don't pages. Disappointed although i'm sure they'll have your book
  • Good Purchase 5/5

    By Mda2894
    Great app. Wonderful way to track your reading habits and incentivize further reading.
  • Fun way to encourage reading 5/5

    By MokonaX
    After the update, this is hands-down a 5-star app! The developers added a lot of great features that users had also suggested, such as percentage read vs pages read (for e-reader users) and being able to add progress even if you'd started reading before logging time in the app. Also able to easily add a cover if one isn't available, which is an oddly satisfying feature. App is easy to use, great interface and the infographics are interesting. Has encouraged me to read more and set more goals for myself, without feeling like a chore. Gladly paid for the pro version, I have been using this app faithfully. Someone else suggested an Apple Watch feature in their review, which would be brilliant! Would make starting/stopping the timer a little easier, and maybe the option for a little tap for the reminder to read.
  • Online search 1/5

    By Jeph T
    The online search feature is awful. None of the books I look for come up. I don't want to manually enter all my books. Fix that and it would be a great app. Until then I will not be a user.
  • Great app, some bugs 3/5

    By oncomingbeige
    I really love this app. The added features for the new update are awesome, and seeing my stats each day really encourages me to read more per day. I think the user interface is really cute, too. My complaints are with some of the app's functionality. I'm not sure what's going on, but it seems like the ISBN scanner barely works since the update (even with pretty popular books) and half the time the search function crashes the app. I'd rate it much higher if those functions worked.
  • Has potential 2/5

    By flyboysgu
    Looked like a good app. I like the idea of it. Many times the timer stops once I leave the app, which defeats the purpose of the app. Sometimes it runs in the background correctly, but can't be relied on. I like the stats though. Maybe an update could fix the erratic timer issue.
  • Perfect 5/5

    By Ghazalri
    That's amazing!!!!!!i mean omg!!!!how an app can be so cool like this?!?!๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
  • Best reading app ever!! 5/5

    By 8:55 AM
    Amazing at timing, tracking, setting goals, and rating book! Along with a lot of other great things!
  • So helpful! Gets me reading! 5/5

    By Ben Ratliff
    Love this app! (Paid for full version) Only recommendation would be to give options for sort order on my books. They currently are sorted in the order they were added to the app. At the least sorting by author last name would be awesome!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By meezy-meez
    I'm in love with this app! I think it's really aesthetically pleasing and my favorite feature is being able to see how long it will take me to finish a book. This app motivated me to start reading again! I wish there was a way to organize which order the books were in though! Other than that it's amazing. :)
  • Bug led to complete data loss 1/5

    By Elven_Star
    The app would close automatically every time I tried to open it. Reinstalled and all my entries are gone. Not having some kind of cloud backup in this day and age is simply ridiculous. People have come to take something like that for granted. I regret purchasing the pro upgrade now. This app and the team behind it are not worth supporting.
  • Good reading companion 4/5

    By Cmratliff
    I'm an avid reader and I enjoy Bookout's ability to help me track my reading better. My favorite part is the estimate of how long it will take you to finish a book. I only wish I could add books I'd already finished before I got the app to my yearly goal total.
  • Doesn't Work 1/5

    By SheysSocks
    Neat idea, but crashes as soon as I open the app every time. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and still experience the same problem. Disappointing that I can't even try the app.
  • Love the app all it needs is 4/5

    By GenkiSamaohyeabby
    AN IPAD APP!!! One with split screen functionality so I can use the app and read at the same time!! Saving quotes without leaving iBooks would be great
  • My favorite app! 5/5

    By madelinecelida
    After the new update, I love this app more than ever. I love reading, and this app helps me challenge myself to read more. It also allows me to track things like the speed I was reading (which can be helpful for figuring if certain types of books take me longer to read). Lifting the limits on hour and book goals was great, as my goal is to read 100 books this year. I'm also really happy about them adding the percentage tracking since I was wondering how I would track my Kindle books. The reminder is great because it helps me be mindful that I might be wasting time watching mindless tv and playing on my phone at a certain time of day. I happily bought the pro version for 4.99 and am happy to no longer have a book limit. It seems that these updates came quickly and that the developers are listening to people's feedback. My one request would be that this could possibly have an Apple Watch app as well, at some point. It would be nice to be able to set my phone away (so it doesn't distract me) and track the time and pages on my watch which is more convenient for pausing and such. Even without that though, I am a very happy camper. Thank you guys for a great product!
  • Couldn't even get started 1/5

    By fwgal7
    I couldn't even get started using this app. I'm sure it would be a good app later on but they have some details to sort out first. The only thing I got to do was look at the add book. When I tried to add a book the scan never would work and the search online only crashed the app and kicked me out. I got irritated and deleted it but hopefully they will fix this and I'll look it back up after awhile and hopefully all it will be workable.
  • Amazing Idea! 5/5

    By Pauledoo
    I think the app was a great idea! It motivates me to read more and achieve my goals! My New Years resolutions was never to read more books until I saw this app! I think that the developer should keep up the good work and make more apps like this!
  • Buggy 1/5

    By Snooki836361
    I downloaded this app because it was a featured app on the front page of the App Store. I tried it out and immediately it closed on me. I thought it was a fluke so I opened it again, searched for the book I was reading, right away it closed again. Tried two more times and inevitably it kept shutting down on me. Very buggy, didn't even get a chance to see what the app was about.
  • Terrible with full page ads 1/5

    By Vignesh Murugesan
    The functionality is minimal and the app shows full page ads that are hard to dismiss :(
  • love the app, not the update 2/5

    By pkong19
    the new update keeps crashing my app!
  • Amazing app 5/5

    Beautifully crafted. Great experience!
  • Great idea, but... 2/5

    By Reika33
    I really want to like this app to increase the time I spend reading actual books (electronic or otherwise) but haven't been able to spend much time with it. Downloaded the app on Jan 9, 2017. Entered my first book and did a reading session. Went to open the app today and it gets to the initial splash screen then immediately closes, every time I try. I did note that there was an update last night. Perhaps this is the problem. Running it on iPhone 6s Plus.
  • Crap 2/5

    By Wendy1853
    A good idea but clunky and badly set up. Not user friendly at all. And.... I pay 4.99 for the pro version and still get annoying ads? No thanks. Waste of money.
  • Goodreads 5/5

    By Evanssee
    Integration with Goodreads would be awesome and critical for me
  • Wonderful! 5/5

    By Dagreenkat
    After the recent update, it's evident the developers are listening closely and are responsive. The features i felt this could benefit from have swiftly arrived and for now that's all I can ask. Please enjoy this fantastic reading app!
  • Books 5/5

    By Ashmee4u
    Love that I can keep track of my reading and my favorite quotes!
  • I can't even open the app... 1/5

    By Animemekid
    You know what would make this app GREAT? The ability to get past the opening screen -__-

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