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Bookout helps you track and manage your books, make a habit out of reading and see your progress over time. Reading is an important part of our lives and now with Bookout you can make sure to read every day in the form of a daily workout. Track your reading in real time and get access to awesome stats that will help you improve and read even more. FEATURES: - Track and manage your entire library of books - Track your reading in real time, start daily reading sessions - Add quotes and thoughts for each book - Get book details by scanning the ISBN code or searching -online - Gather tons of insightful stats: - total read time - total pages read - reading speed - time read per day - pages read per day - and many more - Setup monthly or yearly goals - monthly goals allows you to set up the number of hours you want to read during a month - yearly goals allows you to set up the number of books you want to read during a year - Unlock many achievements that can help you stay motivated and read even more. - Generate awesome infographics for every book you finish - Never lose a book again, mark a book as lent and enter the name to whom you gave it. - Take advantage of iOS10 Widgets and get access to your books with a single swipe - Use 3d Touch for quick actions, both on your home screen and within the app Bookout has a great sticker pack also. Use it to express your reading related thoughts in a fun and easy way. *Important: This app is for book TRACKING and MANAGEMENT. Book content and the actual reading is not done in the app only the tracking of it.*

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  • Great app!! 5/5

    By Music Listener101
    Perfect for any avid reader!
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Mick WII
    I love it because it has made me a more disciplined reader! Id like to be able to see how often a goal is reached with more statistics. Maybe able to set more goals simultaneously. A way to switch back and forth between or separate sections of read and books in progress instead of just hiding them. Average reading time per day. An indication of how many hours and may minutes till my goal is finished. Just more stuff would be cool though it's great.
  • Absolutely great 5/5

    By Mostafa_f93
    It's got everything one looks for in a book tracking app. Infographics, analysis, and so much more; and with awesome visuals. Top notch!
  • Great reading app 4/5

    By Tallgirl:D
    I love this app! It motivates me to read and helps me keep up with where I left off! My favorite feature is the fact that I can see about how long it'll take me to finish reading the book if I keep the same rate. That way I can decide if a book is worth staying up to finish or if it can wait til morning ;) I think it could be made better with some more features, though, like book categories or at least some way to reorganize your books. It can often be really hard to find the one you're looking for. I also wish you could set a monthly challenge for number of books instead of just for hours read. Otherwise it's a great app and I look forward to seeing how it improves!
  • Love it, but... 4/5

    By trevor777232468053848
    i love this app!! i just wish that the books you've read without the app would count in your yearly book goal.
  • Great app but just a little short of perfect! 4/5

    By laura8kath
    Every penny is worth it! The infographics are fantastic and is great when you are doing a resding challenge. The only thing I haven't been able to do is use the barcode search for my book. It NEVER works, the apo can never find a book using the barcode. I always have to look online or add my own. I just find that sort of inconvenient, but everything else, IS AWESOME!!!
  • 👍🏾 5/5

    By Frank Jr.'s Boy
  • Love this app 5/5

    By daisybndt
    I'm a Goodreads user, but once I found this app, I almost forgot about Goodreads... I love the session timer and the info graphic when you finish a book. And buying the pro add on was totally worth it for me. I'm already an avid reader, but this app helps me read even more!
  • I love it, but it can be better. 4/5

    By Jiyee Sheng
    If I choose percentage, I can not see the percentage currently, only the pages. another question, while adding session, why not input the overall percentage, but to read this session? I read books in Kindle, I do not know the percentage I have read this.session. Thanks. I hope you can realize what I mean.
  • Good, one issue 4/5

    By Athenenoctum
    I was really looking forward to setting goals for myself but whenever I click the goals option the app crashes :/
  • I love this app!! 5/5

    By #ChickenAndWaffles
    This app is worth the money and I highly enjoy it, however the only one thing I would like to add is a timer.
  • Love It and Suggest It 5/5

    By Will Fuqua
    I read a minimum of two hours a day and I use this app not only to track my progress but to then share it on Facebook via the app made graphics. My friends and family now can see often I read and which books I enjoy.
  • Very nice 4/5

    By Ka1nmat
    I just purchased pro, the app in general very good, i wish you keep developing it, i wish if you add additional way to view "my books" in easer way, flipping is really hard if the books are a lot. And it will be nice to add share button for every book, which is sharing the photo of the book and under that your 1st thought and quote. Adding a section for wishlist books including author and publisher name will be great, also an option "to marked as purchased" so we can keep everything in one place.
  • fall in love with this app 5/5

    By 桜纸
    Sooooo cute and meaningful!
  • Suggestion 4/5

    By Simo501
    I love this app, it's the only app I use for books. I suggest that you guys put a tap for books that we didn't finish, that we gave up on. that would be great. Thank you for the good work.
  • Wonderful app! 5/5

    By Dexter2323
    I have not been much of a reader but this app changed me... it is beautifully designed, has meticulously crafted features, and every bit functional. One feature that is missing, which the developer has committed for a future update, is the ability to backup to iCloud or some other cloud based services. I read first and then make notes... maybe a way to differentiate the time spent for reading and note taking is another feature for the future... great work team!!
  • Worth the money 5/5

    By phantomfears685
    I'm an avid reader and have been since a child. This app helps me so much in not only keeping track of the books I've read but my thoughts, my favorite quotes. It helps me keep a reading goal while I'm busy with school. It's wonderful. My only con is that I found out they'll charge you a dollar to alter a goal even after you've paid for the use of the app. It seems silly but at the same time I was so outraged at the prospect I left the goal alone. I suppose you can need that sort of "though love" now and again, a penalty of sorts. Either way I would totally recommend this app to other readers.
  • good to keep track 5/5

    By Angelo Kim
    like this app to make my reading more interesting
  • Love it! 5/5

    By DanFan#1
    I use it every day!! I'm an avid reader and love to be able to track my journey through books and see how much I'm reading! The timer is a little nerve-wracking for me because my thoughts often meander while I'm reading something but I've learned to stop paying attention to that; it's very helpful as a gauge as to how long it will take to finish a book!
  • Love this 5/5

    By Aamezz
    This app provides a way to make fun reading goals, track your reading and your stats. I love that I can track thoughts and quotes along the way. It also helps me concentrate on reading.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Blhsjdjhehdns
    I didn't expect to use it beyond a couple of days, as that's my usual behavior with new apps that track habits and such. I'm reading more than I ever have in my life. I look forward to starting the app timer and reading and seeing how long it will take me to finish a book. That feature is the key to keeping up with reading-seeing an end that is doable (I rarely finish books). Also like how easy it is to search for a book.
  • Excellent app; improvement suggestions 4/5

    By TheologyStudent
    I love this app. I use it almost every day. There are many things I love, but there are two things I wish this app had. One, I wish I could set a reading timer. Instead of just keeping track of how long I read for, I would like it to be able to stop me after a certain length of time if I need to. If I only have 5 minutes to read in between tasks, I want the app to be able to notify me after my 5 minutes of read time is up. This way I don't have to waste part of my 5 minutes manually logging my read time. Two, I would like to be able to change my rating on a book. Sometimes what I rate a book upon finishing it changes after a few days of further thought.
  • Absolutely top choice for a reading companion 5/5

    By Eirelavart
    Visually pleasing, daily reminders! Overall an amazing app to use while reading 🙌🏻📚💯♥️
  • Ads are annoying. 4/5

    By vthokies07
    I like this app, but I find the ads to be very annoying and intrusive. Every time I pause my reading for a little bit and go back a few minutes later, I'm presented with an ad. It slows me down.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Layca17
    Love how this app tracks my reading and keeps my books together. Live the stats when a book is completed.
  • Love this app!! 5/5

    By Kimmyroc
    I love this app. It helps me keep track of my reading and it allows me to set goals monthly and yearly.
  • Great app. 5/5

    By jtasher3
    Bookout is a great app!
  • Why aren't more people using this app 5/5

    By Love travel rewards
    You would think this app would catch on quicker then it has. In my church I have a lot of religious material that I have to read every day and it is hard to keep track of where I'm at in each book is that solve my problem. I use it as religiously as I read my religious material.
  • Best Bookish app 5/5

    By radiate.love03
    I love how easy it is to keep track of books and reading stats on this app.
  • Concentration 5/5

    By DanielDers
    It helps me concentrate!
  • Fun Reading Goals 4/5

    By Golfingrrl
    I could see this as a great app to help parents track their young readers Goals. It works for me, too! I just wish it was generated in the reader app instead of needing to change between the two. It serves its purpose, though.
  • I use this app for everything I read 5/5

    By kbeecat
    Love it
  • Perfect for tracking reading 5/5

    By allanb153
    Definitely worth the purchase. No longer will I have to write notes inside my pages and with modern technology I always have the notes available.
  • I Use It Every Day 5/5

    By Ben Larzi
    I doubted I would like keeping track of my reading but downloaded the app thanks to a friend's recommendation. It was weird at first—like all new habits—but now I use it every day. It is a huge motivator and knowing how long it will take me to finish a book has made planning for my classes significantly easier!
  • The Perfect Companion to Any Book 5/5

    By robertpcarlin
    5/9/17 - still using this app everyday and it's a wonderful adjunct that facilitates the tracking of each book I read. Would love to see some ability to customize the data that is generated in the infographic. ------ 4/4/17 - still love this app, love the continuous updates and am now looking forward to trying out the Apple Watch app! ------ 1/10/17 - wow that was quick, and what a great update. This app just keeps getting better. Love hat you can now log percentage read, this makes it easy to use in conjunction with a kindle and also audible audiobooks! Can't wait to see what is added next! ------ I absolutely love this app and the statistics it generates based on my reading. Haven't finished my first book with it yet, but the info graphics I've seen generated look great. Would love to see the developer create a way to backup/extract our data from the app as well. Hope there are more updates in the pipeline!
  • Must have for any bibliophile 5/5

    By theawesomeperson12
    It's perfect, everything I've been missing in my reading life. Thank you!!
  • Good, solid app. 5/5

    By Yummyglam
    I think the UI is simple, practical and engaging. It encourages readers to even schedule reading times and the timer puts it all in perspective. Basically, it keeps readers accountable. I really enjoy using this app.
  • Overall a good app but needs some fixes 3/5

    By Kinda Mad Right Now...
    I like this app a lot but it definitely needs some improvements. For instance I'd like to be able to set reading goals at the start of the month, not just for the next 30 days after the day I set the goal. Also the page count on some of the books is wrong. The app often has books listed with either too few or too many pages. Currently the book I'm reading is over 700 pages but the app lists it at 432. Really hope these get fixed soon.
  • I want to give this 5 stars but... 1/5

    By codygard
    This app is useless because it doesn’t have any kind of sync or backup. I have lost all my reading history two separate times. I have contacted support both times and while they responded quickly they have not been helpful. They keep promising a future way to sync but I’m still waiting for it and at this point it’s pointless to use the app knowing my reading sessions could be lost any time with no way to recover. I hope they fix this glaring issue soon, but I question why they even released this app without this capability. They should have at least had it as a premium feature (which I paid for).
  • Genius 5/5

    By Mugen89k
    Simply genius
  • Love it 5/5

    By Essmich
    Easy to use and is a great way to keep on pace with my reading. Would love to see it on the Mac with synchronization between the two platforms.
  • Love, but suggestions 4/5

    By MTKKing
    Love that I can track my reading like I track my workouts. Things I would love to see: A way to link with other reading apps like Audible so when I'm listening to a book it will automatically sync up. Takes up too much battery to have both on at same time. An app for kindle that automatically syncs when I'm reading a book.
  • Missing the essentials to make it worthwhile 1/5

    By sollocks
    Definitely NOT worth the money for the upgrade. Since there is no log in you can't sync across devices and will lose everything (all history. Books etc) if you have to restore factory settings or get a new device. It's really a disappointment. Having a login is BASIC app functionality. It doesn't matter how great the app works I'd you have to start from scratch anytime you have to reinstall, restore etc.
  • Ideas for improvement 4/5

    By ZombCatita
    Connect to others and have a feed page to show what others are currently reading
  • Awesome App... Need specific features! 5/5

    By rcdilorenzo
    I really enjoy this app. It's helped me track my reading as well as motivate me to be consistent. However, I really need the ability to skip pages since I read many textbooks where I do not need every section. If that can be added, I would be extremely grateful.
  • great appp but 4/5

    By roooshdi
    i love the app i have the pro version but i want to sync it with other devices or a desktop version and i read e-books why it doesn't allow screenshot to paste it in the quote area
  • Cute! 4/5

    By littledancernerd
    This is such a cute app! I love reading, and this only gives me more motivation to find time in my day to do it. My only request is that there be an account or sync feature so I can access it across devices and make sure I never lose my data. Other than that, it's amazing!
  • Great App for iPhone. Iwatch app buggy 5/5

    Update: Cust Service was very responsive and fixed the iwatch issue. Excited to use this app more often!! Love the iPhone app and was ecstatic with the iwatch app release! Unfortunately, recording with iwatch results in negative time accumulations after the watch automatically goes into sleep mode while reading. Seems like basic test was lacking before release.
  • Good 5/5

    By jobake28
    It's good
  • Amazing, interesting and well-designed app 5/5

    By Al_smn
    Just love he way this app turns reading into an endeavor rewarded with nice little achievements. It encourages me to read more and make us of the app as I should.

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