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Bookout helps you track and manage your books, make a habit out of reading and see your progress over time. Reading is an important part of our lives and now with Bookout you can make sure to read every day in the form of a daily workout. Track your reading in real time and get access to awesome stats that will help you improve and read even more. FEATURES: - Track and manage your entire library of books - Track your reading in real time, start daily reading sessions - Add quotes and thoughts for each book - Get book details by scanning the ISBN code or searching -online - Gather tons of insightful stats: - total read time - total pages read - reading speed - time read per day - pages read per day - days you read in a row - most days you read in a row - and many more - Setup monthly or yearly goals - monthly goals allows you to set up the number of hours you want to read during a month - yearly goals allows you to set up the number of books you want to read during a year - Unlock many achievements that can help you stay motivated and read even more. - Generate awesome infographics for every book you finish - Use Text Recognition to save those moving quotes - Store and sync your books among devices using iCloud - Never lose a book again, mark a book as lent and enter the name to whom you gave it. - Take advantage of Widgets and get access to your books with a single swipe - Use 3d Touch for quick actions, both on your home screen and within the app Bookout has a great sticker pack also. Use it to express your reading related thoughts in a fun and easy way. *Important: This app is for book TRACKING and MANAGEMENT. Book content and the actual reading is not done in the app only the tracking of it.*


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  • Nice, but... 3/5

    By Lana33556
    I only wish it were easier to edit the times and pages after initial entry. I also wish it interacted with the Goodreads and Kindle apps.
  • Please fix dictation 1/5

    By Jeremy2012...
    Dictation stopped working. It’s kind of annoying that the main thing that I use this app for isn’t working anymore. I have paid for the pro version.
  • More Reader Customization 5/5

    By Artsy Emily
    I love Bookout so much! I’m in 6th grade, and it’s helped me a lot to know if my reading skills are improving. I have a couple suggestions for this app though.. This is a very simple thing, but it’d be cool to be able to change the color scheme. This would definitely attract more people to your app because they can customize a bit of it. Another thing I really would like to happen is for this app to be compatible with iPads, because I like to sync my data between my iPad and my phone. By the way, for people reading this, I definitely recommend buying the pro version! The experience is awesome.
  • This is addictive! 5/5

    By Uleg3nd
    My love for reading books have been multiply since i began using the app. Reading is now a big addiction, I’m always trying to increase my stats, to read faster and mainly to fulfill my goals! The app itself is greatly design and easy to use.
  • Terribly disappointed. 1/5

    By Phoenix Rising 8259
    My first and only gripe was that this was a clunky app to use on the iPad. I have since discovered this app doesn’t work at all! I can’t add more than one reading session (with the pro version), it won’t let me edit reading sessions that are inaccurate, and it tells me that I completed the book when I am on page 137. Terribly disappointed, and I will be asking for a refund.
  • Not User Friendly 3/5

    By Silver's Reviews
    I had trouble figuring it out.
  • It’s a great app but wish there was more 4/5

    By raeraelovesibooks
    I was looking for an app to track how many hours I read. I read a lot! So far it works great and enjoy the options for goals and tracking of each book. I’m rating this app with 4 stars. It is a great app but has so more potential. 1. It would be great if there was an app designed for the iPad. I read more on that than my iPhone. 2. Update the widget to include start, stop or pause for a reading session. You have to open the app to start and then open iBooks or Kindle App to start actually reading. It would take less time and distraction than having to open the app. 3. It would be really nice to have the option for a list of current books or have the option to organize in your own categories. This will be handy for books in a series.
  • Get it!! 5/5

    By Makaila😜
    Omg this app is one of the best apps I ever have discover👍👍
  • Great App that deserves 5 stars... 4/5

    By BullsNation6
    But it is missing iPad support. It would be perfect once that support rolls in. I’m going to keep my fingers crossed.
  • Disappointing Reading App 3/5

    By MelGreer
    Whereas I found the app useful for books or devices which label pages, it seems totally inadequate for audible type reading or listening. I think many audible apps come with their own stat/subprograms and Bookout does not attempt to compete with those. Bookout is fine for conventional methods of reading but not as much for more modern-day reading methods.
  • Love it 5/5

    By raddudemccoolguy
    I just got this app today and I’m already a really big fan!! The idea of earning achievements and being able to track my progress is really appealing, and I’ve already started to be more motivated to read! This is a wonderful app
  • Timer issues 3/5

    By Iansbdiskalsbd
    I’m really enjoying the pro version of this app, except for one tiny issue. If I need to pause my session and go somewhere else on my phone, the timer goes all cattywampus. I just read for 1 hour and 1 minute. I switched apps for about 10 minutes, returned, and the timer said I had been reading for 38 hours and 4 minutes. What? I will rely on my phone timer for now, but this is a big issue that I know is happening to at least one other user.
  • I love this App! 5/5

    By Cavm
    This is the perfect App for a bookworm such as my self, or for someone trying to read more. I love the statistics part. I wish that in a future upgrade it can show you the average of daily pages read. I believe is the only thing missing. I highly recommend this App (Buy Pro version, is worth it!).
  • Very useful app 5/5

    By Santhosh2386
    This is the exact app I was looking to help me keep up with a ever increasing reading list. It helps me track the reading and also plan to achieve my goals. I bought the paid version and it’s worth completely. To improve: I write long notes and the export feature exports only a part of the note in an image format. It would be nice if I can export the entire thing in a textual format.
  • Infographics inaccurate 2/5

    By AmandaJ625
    I love the idea of this app but it really needs some work. One of the coolest aspects of the app, to me, is the infographics feature. I just read about 130 pages, entered the page I was on (the last page), rated the book and marked it as complete. The infographic generated for the book shows most pages read in one day as 63 pages. It doesn’t appear that the amount of time spent reading the book is correct, either. As others have stated, it would be great to have a separate shelf for books you have already finished and I would like more badges/achievements. I wish it integrated with Goodreads so I don’t have to update my progress in both places and I wish it had an option to show percentage read instead of just x pages out of x total pages. Honestly, with the infographics being inaccurate, though, I don’t see any reason to use this app.
  • it erased my session 3/5

    By floydsastar
    Not a fan of the constant in-app notifications asking me if I enjoy the app and to rate it. I was just about to save a long reading session when it popped up and erased the session before I could save it. Not cool at all.
  • Good app, Recommendations though 5/5

    By Awsome gamer me
    I love this app, but could you please add a way to see all your finished books? If There might already be a way I don’t know of, I’m sorry
  • Goodreads integration? 5/5

    By bigjnasty
    First let me say, I LOVE THIS APP!!! Whether you are a disciplined reader or just getting into a practice, this is the app for you. If the developers are reading this, I would love to see a Goodreads integration where my lists from Goodreads show up in the app, and where my progress in the books show up on my Goodreads account. This could open the door for a social media aspect to the app, which I think is much needed. Thanks!!
  • Finally! Something to track reading metadata! 5/5

    By Zoll.Andrew
    I love Bookout! It’s so much better than Goodreads for keeping track of books being read and giving me information about my reading habits. It’s so user-friendly and intuitive.
  • Love this app 4/5

    By threenthru
    Great app love I appreciate all it’s features to track your progress
  • Doesn’t work great with multiple devices 3/5

    By download quizlet app instead
    I use the app quite often, however it does not sync very well across multiple devices. I often lose previous reading sessions data if I keep the timer on my iPad and then one of my other phones. Additionally, the family sharing it says can be used does not work. My wife and I both have the app but we are unable to share the pro version which I have and requires her to have also.
  • Too many ads 3/5

    By Nursing roc
    I don’t like the pop up adds and the frequent and persistent “opportunities” to upgrade. Please lighten up!
  • Glitch 2/5

    By Knp4597
    For some reason each time I open the app it spends several minutes syncing. Not sure why, it’s not as though I’m adding loads of data. Also, when I’m using the timer while reading and I pause it to go grab a drink or throw my clothes from the washer to the dryer, I’ll come back and open my phone to restart only to find that HOURS have appeared on the timer. And it can’t be edited so I lose the whole session and have to start over, which throws off my numbers.
  • One of my favorite apps! 5/5

    By adettep
    I’m absolutely obsessed with this app. I’m a librarian and avid reader, but lately I’ve found that I been drawn to watching tv rather than reading books in my spare time. However, since downloading this app, I’ve made sure to read at least a little bit every day in order to keep up with my monthly goal and reading streaks. I also love infographics in general, and the ones created by Bookout are so fun! (Also, this little blue Bookout mascot is adorable).
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Kristyn007
    I use this app every time I read. My only thing is every time my phone rings, it doesn’t pause so it ends up still counting while I’m reading. Also would be cool if there was more challenges like how many books you want to read in a year or month, not just hours. Also I can’t edit. Accidentally put a page number that I was not on and now I can’t edit it. But otherwise I love it. I didn’t realize how many hours of the day I actually stop and start reading. Seems like I’m reading for hours but after pausing and starting so much I don’t actually read as much as I thought I do.
  • My most used app 5/5

    By Tallywa
    I use this app everyday and it is the sole reason I’ve increased my daily reading time. Interface is great, stats are super useful. Highly recommended.
  • Five Stars! 5/5

    By 5jobsmakemoney
    I 100% recommend this app to anyone and everyone who is looking for a fun to start reading! I already love reading, but to get this app and then track my progress and reading habits is so helpful. It’s fun, it’s easy, and it’s a gentle push to start reading for those of you who don’t enjoy reading as much as others. It’s great when reading a school book, it can even make reading your boring kinda history book fun. It’s tools and achievements to help you start reading are well thought out and fun, I am totally paying for the complete full version, it’s full worth it! But even the free version is just as useful.
  • Disappointed customer service 2/5

    By mary.maxwell
    I love the idea, and the app until I contacted with their customer service for my losing sync data. I purchased the Bookout Pro, which included the sync data. However, I was not able to re-sync the data in my new iPhone. I contacted the support team five times, they barely email me back about a solution!!!! Finally, they email me back that “they will try to find a solution”... unbelievable...very disappointed
  • Why I love Bookout 5/5

    By bald book reader
    I like Bookout because it helps me keep track of my reading. Over the summer I stopped reading as much as I usually would and a friend suggested Bookout.
  • Great app, iPad version would be even better. 4/5

    By Blū
    I recently began using Bookout to track some rather dense material I needed to get through and so wanted motivation to do it. I like the layout, concept, and color scheme and look forward to using it as it develops over time. The quotes and thoughts sections could be refined a little to be less clunky (I’ve had crashes after adding multi-line quotes) and the timer buttons while the timer is active would look a lot prettier with just a little bit of brushing up but these are things that will likely improve over time and development. It would be nice to see an iPad version though, as I do most of my reading on my iPad and right now I’m using the 2x zoom version of the iPhone app on it and it’s just not pretty. All in all, a cool, reading stats designated app to get a lifetime unlock for six dollars and I really look forward to seeing it evolve.
  • Doesn’t feel complete - may be good for kids 2/5

    By ChynnaBlue
    This app doesn’t really work for me. I wants to measure everything in time - pages or percentages and reading goals. I don’t measure by time. I don’t plan a goal of reading X minutes a day or month, but those are my only options. It also doesn’t really allow me update my percentage read without attaching a time, so now it looks like I’ve read 100 pages in 3 seconds. I’m fast - I’m not that fast. One of the books I’m reading now is old, so it couldn’t find a cover image and there’s just a big white box instead of a cover, which doesn’t look good. It was able to pull the other info on the book, so I don’t know why there’s no cover image. It lets you add quotes by taking a picture of the text, but I also read a lot of audio books, so that feature doesn’t work for me. I’ll have to try it with my Kindle. I feel like this might be a good app for young kids and parents who want to track minutes read per day, but this isn’t the app for me. I’ll stick with Goodreads for now.
  • Loved this app before this past update 5/5

    By Puggyluver
    Update: I now give this app 5 stars, why? Because the developers actually listen to their customers, even if it’s negative. I even ended up purchasing the pro version because I am one that believes in supporting developers/businesses that try their best to accommodate and listen. The one thing I wish was possible would be to have more control over reading sessions. For example, occasionally I accidentally end a reading session when I mean to hit pause and unfortunately there’s no way (that I know of) to combine or edit that reading session. I’m excited to see this app grow and look forward to future updates! ............ This was a fantastic app for tracking your reading, but unfortunately the developers have basically made it so you need to buy the $6.99 “pro-version” so that an ad does not automatically stop your timer. Such a bummer, I really loved this app. If they implement an update to take away this newly added ad issue I would be happy to give it a much higher rating, but unfortunately this new update will deter me from using this app at all. Response to feedback: That was very kind of you to respond. I really do love your app. I am just disappointed I updated it. My timer completely stopped with the ad. I read for about 45 minutes and when I looked at the timer after closing the ad it was on one minute and some seconds.
  • Need a way to edit previous sessions 3/5

    By PeteJP
    Also, “adding a reading session” after the fact doesn’t show up the same way a “continue reading” does.
  • One more thing please! 5/5

    By Ponchotinoco
    I love this app.. I did not hesitate to pay for the app after reading te features. It is simple, organized and to the point. Just a couple more things and it will be my perfect reading companion.. - please add a feature to allow for rereading a book. I read a lot of growth books and sometimes after a year or so I like to read the book again to reflect on it. Currently I see no option to add additional reading sessions after a book has been completed.. - while I commute I get through a lot of audiobooks.. please consider adding a “listening” feature for audiobooks. Thank you for such a great app and I hope you continue to make it better. If you love books and want to see your reading habits and manage your reading goals, then look no further. Bookout is for you!
  • Good App 3/5

    By ILoveBlack&SexyTV
    A friend recommended this app and so far it has been easy to use. It has a simple design and I really enjoy the personal stats it gives me. An improvement would be the ability to search for a book by ISBN. Not just scan the ISBN of a physical copy - sometimes you don’t always have one of those.
  • Great! 4/5

    By Cool piol
    I love this application! There are some important improvements that could be fixed though. I noticed that sometimes I’ll turn the timer on for reading and when I unlock my phone and go to enter the page number, the timer moved 4 seconds. So then my entire time reading wasn’t recorded. If you could fix that, I’d really appreciate it! Thanks!
  • Not honest 1/5

    By LonnieDoc
    So after spending a good 10-15 minutes trying to catalogue the books I plan to read, I get to book 10 and I am hit with the make a purchase to continue being able to upload a book. It was a complete waste of time that could have been saved if they were honest. They(purposely) left out this information in the hopes that they could rope in some poor soul who thought they were getting a decent app.
  • Good for staying on track 5/5

    By Kp215TX
    Trying to stay on track w your reading? This app does it. It reminds, Times and sets you up for success if you have a goal Of 5 or 50 books.
  • I love it, but... 4/5

    By Fhjuyfgju
    I absolutely love this app. The only thing I wish is that you could put notes about your reading sessions, like “read with distractions” or just able to add your own notes about the session.
  • It stinks 1/5

    By B ldjdjdndb
    It really stinks it is just a timer that gives you achievements.
  • Good but Bad 2/5

    By efinnerty
    I love the concept of this ad, but the insane amount of ads placed in the free version is over the top and made me so resentful that I will not be buying the pro version. Also you cannot begin using the app without being prompted to rate or explore the wonderful features the pro version has to offer. If I could get to know the app a bit on its own without being distracted by ads, then maybe I would consider it. I liked everything about the functionality though - page counting, timing, keeping me accountable for reading - but the execution is annoying. Deleted the app altogether.
  • Great for school reading log! 4/5

    By Qwerty112468074
    My daughter loves the app and uses it to keep track of her weekly reading log for school. Is there a way to have multiple accounts? My sons would like to use it too.
  • Great for individual use! 5/5

    By kmcastro2018
    It’s great for my personal reading log! I would love to see a classroom friendly version in the future
  • Expensive 2/5

    By Jrter
    2 stars for price of app The rest is ok. Nice for quotes and stats. First time I took a photo of words it was all messed up and I had to type it again. Bugs with pause and resume. Just starts on it’s own.
  • Just what I’ve been looking for 4/5

    By Mama33bobs
    Almost. I love the UI of this app. The statistics are not something I would need, but have found them to be a nice addition. The only Major drawback to the app for me has been the app tracking pages. This doesn’t work for ebooks, and I just prefer to read by chapters. I was able to get around it though by changing the book page count to chapter count. Unfortunately that meant deleting the books and starting over, but it at least made the app usable and why I still give the app five stars. Hopefully this doesn’t cause problems for others using the database. An option to switch between tracking by page or chapter would be ideal.
  • Almost perfecf 4/5

    By Napid79
    This app is almost perfect as a library manager (the tracker is perfect for my needs). The app would be perfect if it 1. Exported your library to a .csv 2) could syn quotes/thoughts with Evernote and 3) could set reminders on lent books. Despite not having those features, I love this app. Add those, and it is a perfect app for every bibliophile.
  • Awesome app! 4/5

    By SensationL
    Very easy to scan the ISBN to capture the book. Many don’t pull up cover pics but it’s very easy to simply take a photo of the cover! Love the Pro features...all the stats and goals! Wish I was able to review the list of read and unread book separately. As a matter of fact, I’d like the option to display books as a list rather than the default carousel of pics. I only access a list when I hit the search icon (with read and unread listed together). Combining this app with some features from BooksWing would create the PERFECT book app in my opinion!!
  • Great app 4/5

    By AvalonLoveLee
    I was hesitant with this app because I didn’t think I needed another Goodreads. But this is completely different, with the added feature of the stopwatch. Love it! My only complaint is, I wish there was an account or login that you could create and use. I switch between having my phone or iPad with me when I’m reading, and I want to be able to have the same information about my reading on both devices.
  • Interesting idea, but needs work 3/5

    By JimInNYC
    This app is just ok, even the pro (paid) version. There are a few problems with it. First, the data that it shows in the app is wrong. I’ve contacted support about it. Given that is one of the core features, it should be fixed. Also the ability to find book covers is lacking. I added a few books by isbn and it pulled the title and author but not the cover. Finally, it should allow you to save an image of a quote as well as the OCRed version side by side. You shouldn’t have to choose one or the other. Updated 12/29/17: Further thoughts for developers after using it for a few more days... 1. The page count should not include index, sales pages, acknowledgements, or other random pages at the end of the books. 2. There needs to be a way to see a list of all my books, not just a flipping view like old school iTunes. 3. I’m still not seeing 50% of covers. At least instead of “Image not found” could you put the name of the book? 4. Categories of books would be nice: business, pleasure, etc. 5. Ability to export the lists of books as well as the complete set of notes and quotes for each book is essential. 6. There is no way to cancel a reading session started by mistake. 7. Finally, overall for me this app is not just about the data. I like the quotes and notes part a lot. The app should allow tagging the quotes and notes by chapter, time stamping them (not just date), searching of notes and quotes, and side by side image and text as mentioned above. Fix these issues and add these features and you’ll have a great app for avid readers.
  • Goodreads? 4/5

    By Olympictiger
    Love this app. Would like to see the ability to connect with Goodreads!

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