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  • Current Version: 2.3.0
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: Gram Games
  • Compatibility: Android
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Bounzy! App

Looking for a way to enter the world of magic? Well then look no further than Bounzy! - the newest title by Gram Games. You’re a mage, facing an onslaught of fantastic beasts. Using your mystic powers, fight them back, and protect your town. As your spells strike the beasts, they will lose health - just make sure they’re fully vanquished before they reach you. Each attack you stave off will reward you with a chest. Destroy all enemies to find its key and unlock valuable diamonds and gold, which you can use to improve your strength and skill. The more powerful your spells, and the stronger your defenses, the more likely you are to succeed. Visit the laboratory to build the strength of your spells. Venture into the academy to learn special spells that will help you to defeat the enemies. And make sure to maintain the strength of your wall - these beasts have a knack for breaking through faulty barriers. Think you can protect your town? Try Bounzy! today.


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Bounzy! app reviews

  • Love this game 4/5

    By Born66
    I love this game but my game has stopped progressing at level 135!!! Can you hurry up and build more levels!!
  • Broken 1/5

    By Vjs2d
    Can't level up past 135 and now I can barely beat a level without using the fireballs or lightning attacks. Really frustrating and makes the game almost impossible to play.
  • Please fix video option 3/5

    By cinderella_man
    I like this game, I really do - but for some reason, they won't fix the "will it, or won't it work" video option for your bonus/weapons, that they broke on two updates ago. If they finally get around to fixing it, I'll update this review to 5 stars. Until then, 3 stars - and I refuse to make a purchase within the game.
  • No support - refuses to answer questions about bugs 1/5

    By dbaps
    This game is a lot of fun. Unfortunately there are bugs, such as the ads not working, that ruin the experience. It seems like when you get to a certain level they want you pay money instead of using ads to continue in the game. Support refuses to answer multiple emails and tweets. Avoid...
  • Won't even let me play :( 1/5

    By Tommirrow
    After this last update I can't even play! It's like the updates are making the game worse, rather then making it better!!! Plz fix this or I'm deleting it!
  • Fun but broken 2/5

    By Masakari2010
    I enjoyed this game but am now stuck at level 135 and the XP/level up bar just glitches out constantly.
  • Not fun any more 1/5

    By Volt owner
    At low levels it's fun. At higher levels less so. Plus I'm at level 135 but can't get any higher- I get enough experience to go up a level but it just resets to 0 and stays at 135. That means no more level ups.
  • Bored 1/5

    By Migra41
    It starts out fun but you get to a point where the levels are impossible and the only way to start over is to delete and reload. Not sure why they do this. Isn't the point of these games to entertain the user?
  • Level cap? 1/5

    By Susbfnsicnwocbdj
    I can't move on past level 135 so now I have nearly 1 million coins that I can't spend and now I can't finish a game without using the gem spells. Kinda ruined the game.
  • Video for bonus 2/5

    By Deathrite
    The "watching a video for bonus or to use special" feature is broken. You have a 50/50 chance of not getting anything and just having the video option vanish. Given high cost of leveling up damage in the game, these are needed options in later game. If this were fixed it would get a solid 4 stars. Adjust the cost to increase damage so I can finish levels without using special abilities and it will get 5 stars. Also. You will watch ads when you lose, win, fail, breath, blink, and at every other moment. Never have I seen so many ads. Even saw one in the middle of game play.
  • Stuck at 135 3/5

    By Carlmamder
    Love the game but stuck at 135. Is there a level cap? Please fix.
  • Game is rigged. 2/5

    By md1970
    You can't move the wizard. Once you get to a certain level, it's not about skill, it's about whether you spend money.
  • I'm happy with the happy 5/5

    By Smash ADAMS 69
    I'm very happy with the app. Mainly because I don't have auto update set and I still have the version I downloaded a year ago. The ads work sometimes and sometimes they don't. However, it is bearable. I'm just glad I read the reviews before updating my app otherwise I would be deleting like everyone else.
  • Great game EXCEPT 4/5

    By Aaaaæaa
    There are two things I think need improvement on. Upgrading the line should upgrade each spell by 2. Also I think you should be able to choose which frontline and backline. I am only a level 15 but it still would make this game more fun to play
  • Worse with each update 1/5

    By Kensdksnsb
    Last update made the frame rate even worse somehow, as well as made the upgrade system more complicated and harder to upgrade in general. Also added social features that don't add anything interesting to the game at all, pretty pointless.
  • Latest update killed the fun 2/5

    By MobileSBO
    I've been addicted to this game for a few weeks now and really enjoyed it. While I'm thrilled the high-speed choppiness issue was fixed, it's obvious the physics of the game has changed for the worse. The aim is off and corners catch the stream of spellfire (comets? blaster balls? bouncy molotov cocktails?) far too easily, sending them off in odd angles. The accuracy of hits is way off now and so unsatisfying, not to mention geometrically impossible. It used to be possible to bounce the fireballs at an angle between foes, but now they just bounce off a corner. No bounce for you! It went from fun to rage-inducing, so if it doesn't get fixed soon I'll delete.
  • ADS EVERYWHERE !!! 3/5

    By boz0w
    You are basically just downloading ads good game but slow down on the ads
  • Great game plagued by ads 3/5

    By Lunarpixel95
    This game is honestly really fun and has great simplistic visuals, however in its current state is filled to the brim with ads. Once you complete a level you will be met with an ad, lose a level? Ad, and the ads are horrendously long. Please remove or minimize the amount of ads and I'll give it a 5.
  • How many money do I have? 5/5

    By Lava_falls
    Can you add a update to see all of your money to upgrade or am I just stupid and don't know where the money is?
  • Tanks 2/5

    By Dirtbagdemko
    "In this update we realized the tanks were too tanky but instead of lowering their damage done based on how much damage they've taken we decided to just make more tanks that look more obvious and keep the old ones anyway"
  • Used to be fun... 1/5

    By RetMaster
    ...but now it's just frustrating. In all the places where there is an option to watch a video for a gain of some kind, it doesn't work anymore (such as: watch a video to - get a 50% boost to the coins in the chests, or activate the lightning). Another fine example, seen in 90% of the apps I've ever used, of an update ruining the game! I deleted the app and reinstalled, hoping it was my iPad causing the problem - no such luck. Update: Finally an update to fix the broken video issues - except it didn't, instead it added social media connectivity. Unfortunately, this seems to be another common occurrence with developers of ALL apps. Add junk that will probably cause more issues instead of fixing the errors introduced in the previous update. Although, based on other reviews, you didn't have any problems updating the areas that increase the relative costs of purchasing. I'm done with it!
  • Enjoyable 5/5

    By 000mayhem
    The game is fun and quick enough that you can play 1 round then go about your day, but sometimes you just wanna keep playing! As other reviews say, it will occasionally lag when a TON of stuff is going on, but you've already clicked to launch your attack so it doesn't effect anything.
  • Broken 50%+ 3/5

    By The dark moon man
    I'm on level 400 and I haven't needed to use any micro transactions to keep up with the power drop off but the 50% more money to watch an ad doesn't work and I've watched it almost every time.
  • good game 3/5

    By Piegod101
    its a fun game but much like others have said it becomes all most 100% luck in the later lvls side note u will quickly out lvl the gold store and for each spell u have will make upgrading it more expensive so if u rlly wanna spend money do so as soon as u start and upgrade while its 500g an upgrade instead of the several thousands, To The Devs Pls make gold store scale to current cost of upgrades i would probably actually spend money if i could get more than one upgrade for 30 bucks lol
  • one mistake ☹️ 4/5

    By ibra...,🎵
    the game is very interesting but it lags during the rush . i hope someone fix that in the next upgrade .😉
  • Really like this game but.... 2/5

    By Powder28
    Up until today I really like this game, it's hard enough to keep you playing but today with the new Knights I can see all they want is you to spend money on gems. Super sad and probably will quit playing
  • Bad update 3/5

    By I❤️semaj
    It's a really fun game and I've had it for about 8 months now but the new update kinda screwed it up. I didn't mind that it got a little glitchy when there was so much but the new update didn't let me get on the app and I had to delete all of my progress. I was on level 108 and now I'm on 1.
  • Great Update 5/5

    By Characterassassination
    Have had this game for a while - have always enjoyed it, but it would get choppy if there was too much going on. This update though? Fixed all that. Runs super smooth - awesome job, guys!
  • Very enjoyable breakout game 4/5

    By Zorilla556$
    Lots of fun. They should get rid of the weekly chest hunts. People are obviously hacking. The person in first now has 22 million points. 2nd place is 3300.
  • Fun game, memory storage hog too 4/5

    By Boatdub
    Fun game, relaxing. Noticed the game is now using 1.23 GB. Might have to delete it if it keeps growing.
  • Broken by microtransactions 2/5

    By Scud24
    This game is a very interesting concept, and is enjoyable to play in earlier levels, but the difference between the upgrade cost curve and the enemy health curve makes it quickly become unplayable unless you want to spend unreasonable amounts on microtransactions. I look forward to someone else making a better balanced version of this game.
  • Great Time Killer 3/5

    By Discomonkey93
    I like this game, it's more fun to me than others in the same vein. However I am not a fan of the limit on meteor and electricity spells that was added. Many users are also unable to advance past level 135. The progress bar fills up and then resets when it should move on. Maybe there should be a better way to submit bugs than writing a review and hoping it gets seen.
  • Ads and glitch 2/5

    By JwMoviefan
    Way too many ads for a time killing game. Like other reviews said win or lose you get an ad, many you can skip after a few seconds but still annoying. Glitch on level 135, does not allow you to level up, progress bar just resets.
  • 50% Bonus is Bogus 2/5

    Please fix the video bonus issues as noted by players below. Fix that and you'll get 5 stars
  • No me agarra en iphone 4 es itunes 7.12 5/5

    By Dln0423
    :'v se cierra el juego
  • Ugh 1/5

    By Rubeibarra17
    Very stupid. I hate it.
  • Screw the ads. 1/5

    By Tsfunder
    It's fun at first then it gets so boring after a few minutes. Also there are way way to many ads for this game. I mean come on we got this to play the game not watch a movie. Screw the ADS
  • Was fun... 2/5

    By exceller7
    Fun game.... Don't mind needing to buy some coins and jewels.... But the bonus videos during game and coin doubler videos work 1 or 2 times then disappear when clicked and don't work anymore. Have to shut down and restart iPad not just game. Then works 1 or 2 times again. So have to use coins to keep going. Too expensive and too much trouble that way. I'm out till fixed.
  • Good game 4/5

    By Nub bah
    Very fun. It gets a little old but it's a fun way to waste time. Ad over kill is a problem. Especially when the banner ads impact game play.
  • Fun games but with violent ads 4/5

    By Ben without a nickname
    Pretty entertaining game, but it occasionally has ads for Bowmasters which it or not kid friendly (animated arrows killing cartoon characters with blood spattering)
  • Ads 1/5

    By Th4tdr4nk
  • Crashes None stop 1/5

    By Aid_n_Aiz_Mommy
    I really really liked this game but it crashes every two seconds! It doesn't matter if I'm in one of the stupid f-ing ads or if I'm mid game it f-ing crashes. But what pisses me off the most is when I'm at the boss and he just dies and it crashes! The ads are f-ing ridiculous! You lose ad- you win ad and then it asks if you want to watch another ad for 50% more coins. What? You should already give me that considering I already waste 15-30 each ad! This game could be great but it's a waste!
  • Annoying things i hate about this game 2/5

    By Mesagamer
    First off is the skill shuffling mechanic, i had the same skill for 10 whole turns that i didnt even need and sometimes i actually get a good skill such as the drill that i rely on to win because its able to kill red monster, oh yeah red monsters, maybe tone them down a bit especially the numbers im getting beaten because they are so tanky and spawn in numbers so i have to rely on the drill, but when i need it the most, its gone, poof, doesnt even appear when i need it. Ads.
  • Bored after 1 day 1/5

    By Hgtdsahbbbbbb
    The amount of adds is insane, and as you max out the abilities of the game in no time at all it's not worth the $5 to get no adds. There's also really no incentive to keep playing as each 7 days you lose some of the stars you've been working on getting, it's like they punish you for not putting in enough hours in a certain period. Don't waste your time, way better bounce games out there
  • Screaming ads 1/5

    By Flyguy48687543
    Even with the volume settings off, the ads will punch loudly at you between games, they are annoyingly constant. Forget this.
  • Turn-Based Arkenoid 1/5

    By Master P C
    No variety, no replay value, no customer support or feedback; a lazy video-playing scam. Don't bother
  • So many retarded ads and other things 1/5

    By DeMz-OnYo
    K the shield monster are so retarded, I hit them on the side and they don't take damage and you pay so much just for +1 for damage 1780 just for like 15dmg that's dumb and the ads are outrageously annoying. This game is so bad
  • Too many ads. 2/5

    By Cloudcompeller
    Just charge for the game instead. The amount of ads is cancerous and this hasn't left me feeling like it's a 5+ dollar game (minimum purchase to remove ads). The ad strip at the bottom with the mandatory ads after a level, win or lose, that seem to range from 5-30 seconds long is ridiculous. I understand ad revenue but plenty of other devs seem to do fine off the optional ads that give users a bonus or some in-game currency as plenty of players will make use of them regularly without bombarding us with ads that are at best unrewarding, distracting and time consuming and forcing us to pay to remove them. The optional ads don't work at all for me. Not to use power ups or the +50% after. If I try, the icon just vanishes so I can't use power ups at all without paying real money. Not that I want to watch an ad during a match for a power, then a mandatory one after followed by a 3rd for a bonus anyways. I'd be watching ads as much as I was actually getting to play. There are plenty of other options to pass the time that are much less frustrating.
  • Broken. 2/5

    By Jayboto
    Want 50% more gold? Push button. Nothing happens. No extra gold. Wanna watch a video to use a skill? Push video button, nothing happens, No skill goes off. Finish a level, forced to watch the add for puzzles and empires, a game I've already got downloaded, for the 60th time. Yup. It was fun. For a minute. Now I'm annoyed, no longer wanna play this game, or puzzles and empires for that matter.
  • Ad-driven nonsense 1/5

    By gpo89
    The game is addicting and fun, but the amount of ads in this game is unheard of. An ad with required 5 seconds of viewing before exiting shows up after every single level (and levels can last as little as 1-2 minutes). Also, the in-game ads running at the bottom of the screen can severely lag and sometimes even freeze the game! The only official way to get rid of ads is to buy in-app purchases which start at $4.99 (purchases are completely unnecessary due to easy progression in the game). Luckily, the game can run without an internet connection, so the unofficial way to play without ads includes turning off wifi and not allowing the game to draw from cellular data (or turn on airplane mode). This technique completely gets rid of all in-game lag from ads as well. Super annoying nonetheless, which is why this game gets 1 star instead of what it actually deserves.

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