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Breitbart App

Breitbart News Network's iPhone app delivers quick, free and easy access to the largest source of breaking news and analysis, insightful commentary and original reporting, curated and written specifically for the new generation of independent and conservative thinkers. News, politics, culture or sports, the Breitbart News iPhone app will keep you updated, informed and entertained. You deserve the truth…no matter where you are.


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  • Pop up ads that won’t go away make it unusable 1/5

    By Ty & Blake's Mom
    I love the site but can rarely access it with this app because of insufferable pop ups! One in particular has no way to cancel out of it it. 😡
  • Ad on! Viewer gone! 1/5

    By lowes no account
    I have read Breitbart for years and today I removed the app due to The ad! Maybe you need to rethink Marketing tactics
  • Not What You’d Expect 2/5

    By wowousk
    As Breitbart News’ readership and influence grows exponentially, it’s app is sadly not a reflection of that growth. It is corrupted by full page ads that hijack the app and force you shut it down and start over to get any reading done. On the plus side, it “works” with iOS 11, despite zero developer effort, somehow.
  • Waaaaaay too many ads 1/5

    Look, I get that you have to pay for content with ad dollars, but come on. Ads pop up so often it keeps you from reading the article you are there to read! Advertisers - you are losing ad dollars with this type of aggressive pop up protocol. I'm can tell you I won't be seeing your ad b/c I'm deleting the ap. I'll be back when I hear the pop ups are under control. I downloaded the ap bc I like Breitbart, but not the constant pop up ads.
  • Great site terrible app 1/5

    By Cliffjumper68
    I don’t mind ads, but they make the app unusable. Have a option to close or move on. Better yet time them out after 30 sec
  • Begging for ad free version! 2/5

    By NewsreaderLN
    I love Breitbart for the news content but the ads have reached the point of ridiculous!! I frequently have to read the news on the other apps I have rather than Breitbart, which I'd prefer, because of the infuriating pop ups! I think I'm not alone in begging for an ad free paid version of the app. And for goodness sakes, enough with "sez" in the article titles!
  • Love Breitbart 5/5

    By SlimCed
    With the liberals dominating news; we need good news organizations like Breitbart to provide us the stories we'll never see from the mainstream media. I pray for their continued success! 👍🏾👍🏾🇺🇸
  • Love Breitbart, ads are annoying 3/5

    By HD6478
    Please fix your annoying ads so that your stays relevant! The Verizon pop up is particularly irritating OMG!
  • Crap App 1/5

    By DPTPhD
    Clumsy, slow and crashes often. Ad screens takeover and can’t be closed. Freezes on black screen constantly. Refresh very inconsistent.
  • Insidious ads. Cannot cancel. I wound up deleting app. 3/5

    By 03bnerd
    Stop the aggressive ad program. !!!
  • Website works great! Breitbart app is cr@p. 1/5

    By speedymandan
    This. App. Is. Terrible. Non responsive, locks up and ads cover what you want to READ. Don’t waste your time downloading it.
  • Very faulty website with an iPhone. 1/5

    By CrackersPlays
    I've never seen such A poorly enabled website. You read things and they keep moving around on you. You try to sign up and it doesn't let you. You post a comment and give you some kind of an error and you can't even close the box for the error to find out what the error might be. You try to write something as a comment and for who knows whatever reason the keyboard keeps closing on you, or, if you are dictating, the dictation keeps closing on you. Things open that you haven't clicked on and you can't close them. Terrible site development.
  • Love Breitbart but not the app. 2/5

    By Nhdhitfhkudgjirf
    If I'm listening to music and open up the Breitbart app the music shuts off, and I'm not talking about when you click on s video. Extremely annoying.
  • Great app 5/5

    By to much dough
    Breitbart is one of the only reliable truthful news sources left.
  • Best 5/5

    By Not a prog
    Not fake news
  • Layout and functionality. 1/5

    By beatlebumm
    It is literally like the app was designed by a child
  • More opinions than journalism, subpar interface 1/5

    By Red-Blooded-American
    Simply put: their writers are more interested in projecting a narrative for more clicks. Report very few facts and speculate wildly on tangents on very loose "facts". Their interface is clunky, slow, and doesn't always work. Half the time the comments don't even work because it fails to activate the text parser and bring up keyboard on a phone. If you're looking for intellectual convervatism, you WILL NOT find it here.
  • Finally a truthful news source! 5/5

    By Mr. Maxx
    Excellent!! No other way to describe this app and the news it reports.
  • Not great 1/5

    By Brady2854
    Not impressed
  • Only place to go! 5/5

    By Bill from mass
    As good as drudge. More In depth.
  • THE propaganda app to end all propaganda apps 1/5

    By Technkl
    In case the national inquirer wasn't enough for you. Breitbart will take it a level further into the propaganda swamp. The app is a fail and the content is even more of a fail. If you want to wear a tinfoil hat and be scared of the world, by all means read away!
  • Good source of factual news 5/5

    By Jay Bay Kay
    This is my first app I open for news. I look for reliable news that's 100% factual. If that's you, you can count on this.
  • Best news source but app needs improvement 5/5

    By sethnonstop
    I love Breitbart but the app needs some improvement :/
  • Finally some real news!!! 5/5

    By Liamsgrammy
    Thanks for giving us news with facts and sources!!
  • Aye that's pretty good 5/5

    By Bewarbgurl
    It's good. Don't mind the ads.
  • This isn't news 1/5

    By Iliketobrowseanonymously
    This isn't a news source. This a conspiracy theorist Hillary hating piece of crap.
  • Good opinions 5/5

    By Mad dabbed
    I am very happy that there is a reliable right wing news network
  • news good, app very poor navigation 2/5

    By User tmc
    news good, app very poor navigation
  • C'mon Breitbart, fix it!!! 1/5

    By 65murph
    Great news content, but it's pretty sad when you have a terrible App rating yet everyone loves your news. Please please please please P L E A S E don't take us for granted like the liberal media did for years and lose us the same way!!!! Spend some money and Fix Your App!!!!
  • Almost unusable!?¥%#@?! 1/5

    By WingChunOne
    First of all, I consider Breitbart News to be an essential element in learning about world events and political opinions, but, this app is beyond bad. Besides the misdirection to the Breitbart Store which I have no interest in, many times it is impossible to navigate out of the store and whenever you can veer away, the navigation icons are useless. Such a great website and such a poor application.
  • Robert 5/5

    By Oooooöœòõ
    Breitbart provides cutting edge, accurate, and exciting news on a consistent basis.
  • Ads, ads, ads 2/5

    By kdoyler
    New ads covering the front page that you can't dismiss. Deleted the app.
  • All the negative reviews are lies 5/5

    By Dudius broius
    I'm just giving this 5 stars because there's a lot of bots or angry liberals spamming this app with low reviews. It's a very basic app, none of the complaints people have are validated. Just try it for yourself. Good articles, fine app.
  • It's great. 5/5

    By Sming-Smong McDiddlepits
    MAGA 'pedes.
  • Great News App 5/5

    By PakaLoloSwami
    I really enjoy this app for getting the latest news and information. It covers both local and international news all without any bugs or crashing. No fake news or biased Democrat-sponsored news, just objective insight and up-to-date facts. Love it!
  • App functions 5/5

    By Papa Pat 2012
    App Functions have improved significantly! Great news source, Great Site, Great App..... now we just need a TV Network.
  • Great news but not a great app. 3/5

    By Its_Bardy
    I love Breitbart news, but this app is not. It is very laggy and hard to use.
  • News is great but app is terrible 1/5

    Your news is great. But your app is terrible. It's messy, filled with advertisements and glitchy. Please make your app like Fox News. Their all is seamless, clean, and easy to use. I hate having to give your app a 1 star review because I love you guys and your news is mission critical. Please please make a better app. (1) get rid of the messy and glitch advertisement that's always at the and takes up the whole screen. (2) make you app like Fox News so I can simply forward your articles to my friends on my Facebook app. Your current app makes me log into Facebook via the web and I never do that because I use the Facebook app and have no idea what my login info is. Plus Facebook on the web on a iPhone is horrible - that's why I use the Facebook app. Your app needs to let me forward news to friends on Facebook app, twitter app, and all the others. If you make your app clean, seamless, and easy to use like Fox News app Brietbart will be number 1 in News!
  • Love the app 5/5

    By Ilovetwizzlers
    Best news app! I love how interactive it is. Being able to discuss the articles in the comment sections is awesome.
  • Great News, Horrible App 2/5

    By pruett76
    1) Too many ads that get in the way of reading and 2) There's no functioning reload page to see latest articles.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By grif4of10
    The ad is irritating.... can't even read an article.....
  • Navigation is horrible 1/5

    By stuku56
    In the latest version, whenever you navigate back to the home page from an article, it takes you to the very top of the home page. This makes navigating a chore. I'm giving up on this app if the problem isn't corrected.
  • Awful pop up ad - disappointed. 1/5

    By TurboPoker
    There are ad pop ups in the middle of reading an article. You have to either close down the app or click OK. I know better than to click OK so I closed the app one too many times and finally just deleted the app. Very disappointing.
  • Fake news 1/5

    By DCLinda
    I can't believe this is called news.
  • Ads Are Horrible - Part For The Pro App 1/5

    By Occasional Insomniac
    Sick of the ads and instability of the app. I bought the Pro app and am liking it quite a bit more.
  • Articles written by bigoted Nazis 1/5

    By Flickrdude
    This is the most disgraceful "hyperbole pundit news" bs I have ever heard in my entire life. The articles are as dishonest and assbackwards as humanly possible. You should have lawsuits for how frivolous your reporting is. Why you are aloud to continue is nothing shy of a human rights abuse issue. You're disgusting breitbart.
  • Worst App I've Ever Used 1/5

    By JimB1010
    This app is ok if you just want to read the articles and you have patience to let everything load. Posting comments barely works. Most of the time when you click to post a comment the keyboard doesn't appear. Sometimes when the keyboard appears and you start typing, the keyboard disappears and you will mistakenly hit one of the links for social media (twitter, facebook, email) which are RIGHT UNDER THE KEYBOARD. If yiu want to try again you have to go back to the article and wait for it to load, but usually it does the same thing. It seems like they fixed this problem a couple months ago but it is happening again. This honestly is the worst app I have ever used. Breitbart has great reporting; one would think they would make their app a priority.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Bibbhys
    This app doesn't stand for the left wing bull crap, it's great!
  • Great content 1/5

    By Nick Mar.
    This app seriously aggravating to navigate. Too many ads
  • Terrible user interface 1/5

    By Blakecjksoldmkld
    I like to get my news from a lot of sources so I'm not going to rate this on how biased it is; however the interface is disappointing. Difficult navigation, WAY TOO many adds, all around bad app.

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