Bubbles Reward - Win The Game!

Bubbles Reward - Win The Game!

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  • Current Version: 2.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: PI CHEN
  • Compatibility: Android
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Bubbles Reward - Win The Game! App

Control your Bubble to occupy more blocks! It's easy to play. Move and dye the blocks around your Bubble!


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Bubbles Reward - Win The Game! app reviews

  • Lies 1/5

    By In Love 143
    You play and play and it’s the same games but the reward is pennies even though they state that the amount is larger. Done waste your time!
  • Not What You See Above 1/5

    By SuperTurtle17
    It’s not at all a game. It’s a bunch of games of “chance” that are so rigged I know how much I’ll earn each “day” of the game... oh yes, because you’re also locked out for several hours after finishing one set of “games”.
  • Stupid aap don’t download it 1/5

    By Alibaba5790
    They just selling advertisements and making money
  • Takes FOREVER.... 1/5

    By Starbrite0322
    There are so many ads. They are definitely paying you to watch ads for the same games. But the rolls for in game coins is awful. You need $120,000 coins to get a $3 gift card... you will roll only $50s and $100s. Then there’s cool down times. This isn’t a game it’s a way to lower your self worth.
  • Me me 5/5

    By Tjbaro
    Not sure what I'm doing yet lol
  • Pictures lie 2/5

    By Cherry torte
    I downloaded this same “game” under a different name before. This app has nothing to do with bubble popping or blocks. You spin a wheel, spin a slot machine or tap a cat to win coins which when you reach a certain amount of coins per level can be redeemed for x amount of amazon gift card amount starting at 1 cent. There are ads obviously. So if you have bored time & don’t mind it’s not the worst out there but it is also started based on a deception.
  • Not what is advertised 2/5

    By Bennei
    I downloaded this because it looked fun in an ad with the bubbles and blocks and I could win real rewards. When I downloaded it I was stuck with a slots and roulette ad filled game. Where's the actual game????? One positive though is that the gift cards are real.
  • It pays but you’ll have to play a long time 1/5

    By Michael James!
    THIS GAME IS RIGGED DONT WASTE YOUR TIME! This game does pay small amounts of amazon credit but it takes a while to get to where you actually win any money worth putting the time into playing. At the end of each stage there is a spinner with some coins and Amazon money that you can land on, so far I’ve done it about 10 times and it never lands on the amazon money spaces it’s always just coins. Definitely seems rigged to where it doesn’t land on those on purpose. I only rated it two stars because it actually does pay out but it’s not worth the time spent playing to get almost nothing back.
  • Not a bubble game 1/5

    By Dani1203
    The game isn’t even sweat the pictures show you play the same three games over and over.. what a waste
  • False advertising 1/5

    By Kp1234abcd
    This game is nothing like it is advertised. It’s a lie. There are the same three ‘games’ to ‘play’ over and over to ‘earn’ money towards amazon. The money is real, but the time investment to get to it and the repetition of the same three games is kind nulling. Don’t bother.
  • Where are the bubbles and blocks? 2/5

    By PrincessAsh001
    I personally don’t mind all the ads but where are the bubble and block games that lured me to download this app??? I’ve been playing the same wheel spin, slot machine, and cat tapping for over a week now. Half of the time I can’t get the bottom “click to unlock” boxes to unlock. I really want to pop some bubbles or something as advertised but it does occupy my time when I’m really bored.
  • Worst money making app ever/fraud 1/5

    By Ali_sameena
    How do you even Cash out??!! They completely change the app. WARNING: DO NOT UPDATE!!
  • Not a game - not even close to the pictures 1/5

    By KatieW1234
    The pictures for this game are not even remotely close to what the game is. You get an ad after every single “game”. There are only 3 “games” and you can only play once a day really.
  • Misleading 1/5

    By Black page
    This game is misleading. There is no bubble match game at all
  • Not good 1/5

    By tone.z
    So I saw this on instagram and it said that the more you played you could get amazon cards or something but I have me 2 cents then never any more so what the hell and it's not a fun game at all
  • The games 1/5

    By Yewlovemeh
    I’d love to play other games... I play the same one.. everyday and it gets annoying and boring.. it gives me the same ones and doesnt change. I dont understand? I see all these fun games and I dont get them.. theres 2 casino types games and a tap the cat and thats it... over... and over...
  • Only if you’re bored 3/5

    By chickpaint
    So I had gotten this originally because I read it was fun and ad free. Well, the fun part was kind of right (fun but not exciting) but the ad part was a LIE. After everything.... every game, level, spin etc there’s some type of ad. I only play when I have a lot of free time (sparingly) or before bed... without all the ads it would be a lot more interesting/addicting
  • Awesome 5/5

    By ThatLittleKit
    Very easy to play! There are some ads, but they don't annoy me at all!
  • Pointless Game with Ads Galore 1/5

    By KristynKritters
    This game is just pointless. I use the term “game” very loosely as it’s more of a spin the wheel kinda of system that isn’t even fun. Oh and there are a ridiculous amount of ads, it’s just stupid.
  • Ads 1/5

    By GenovaZero
    Too many ads....
  • Works but... 3/5

    By Kia816
    I’m only give this app three stars cuz the prizes are real. I’ve been playing for a good 11 days and I have the learned that the further you go, the less coins you get. It’s repetitive and not really as enjoyable. You gotta wait 5 hours to play the games each time. And I’m pretty sure the slots and the roulette are rigged. You press go and it stops automatically. I don’t mind it cuz I have a lot of free time but I’m just throwing a bit of honesty here. Wanna try it, by all means. It does work, it just takes time to get there.
  • Disappointing 2/5

    By Hjiksbjkmrnx
    Sooooo many ads never seen so many in my life every game is an ad upon a ad wanting you to download something else it doesn’t even give you time to look at what your supposed to be collecting just goes to an ad right away! Ads ads ads and more ads I don’t recommend this game at all
  • One commercial after another. 1/5

    By Dulcea07
    I never got to play any games because every 5 seconds, I’d have to watch a 20 second commercial. How did this game get any good ratings?
  • Not a game 2/5

    By Kaidachan
    I don’t know why people are complaining about the ads. Anyone can tell from the first time you ‘play’ that it’s just a rouse to pay you minimal crap to watch ads at the promise of eventually getting amazon gift cards. Think you’ll get lucky and win a $10 gift card on the daily spin? Forget it. Think you’ll get that $10 gift card soon? I’ve been playing for like a week and still struggling to get the $1 gift card which is 40,000 coins and each game has been giving me a max of maybe 200 coins each turn. If you don’t have the patience for ads, don’t bother. I’m going to trudge on, grudgingly.
  • Not a game 3/5

    By StephanieNordquist
    This app says you can earn up to 10$ a day because after your daily challege you spin a wheel and one of the spots is a 10$ gift card. I personally think its rigged because every other spot is a gift card with a certain amount with the rest being coins giving you a 50/50 chance of getting a card. Im on day 16 and have never gotten a gift card. All the pictures above are not at all relevant to this “game.” Ive won 31 cents with this game in over 2 weeks. If youre really desperate for a small amount of money this is for you. But the tasks are not at all fun and there are ads after every single click.
  • Don’t waste your time 1/5

    By Quirkychris
    You spend more time waiting for the ads to finish playing than the one spin you get. And the advertisement of bubble pop isnt even a game offered
  • Free gift cards 5/5

    By Dietdrphil
    You get to play games to get coins and the coins you redeem for gift cards but it takes a while and you get ads. You start with 0.01, 0.1, 0.2, 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 than 0.01 each amount you need more coins to get to it but once you get that amount of coins you redeem it and the codes work. If you like this you should try icy fly, coin fish, make it and bubble rewards they are the same thing but different ne not what the description says but the gift cards add up. They only Amazon so be in mind of that. Have fun getting free gift cards. They free to download and you save tons of money if you in the higher rewards. Also once you get higher the games you play the pay at most you get is 200 coins but you see 400,800 and the gifts half way and at the end change from 500, 1000 to 300,600 or 400,800 or 200,400 you barely get Amazon gift cards once you reach the spin to get Amazon Gift Card but if you do you get $0.10 or $1. It takes days to get $3+ and there are lots of ads. Some ads you can X out but others you must close game complete then go back to save time. I know it’s 30 seconds but it adds up quick.
  • Works 5/5

    By Crazycandy100
    It works I love it, it’s so fun
  • Too many adds 1/5

    By Thihcxgb
    Way too many adds. I played for about 5 minutes and had to clear out about 15 adds. Every. Single. Time you spin, an add pops up and even in between! Super annoying! The app was deleted within 10 minutes!!!
  • Meh 3/5

    By Louis what Otis
    They’re basically paying you a few cents a day to watch ads with mini “games” in between. I honestly don’t mind the ads. It’s a time killer for me that will (eventually) pay out. I’m not looking at it as a source of income so...not disappointed.
  • Ridiculous 1/5

    By TbowSVG
    Not an actual game, just click to spin a wheel or slot for an unspecified amount of coins which will eventually equal 0.01. Get an ad after every click in and out of a "game" and you can only play a certain amount "per day" so it's really about 25 - 30 ads and takes 20 min to get through to not even get a penny. Definitely not worth it. Each day's "estimated worth" is $10 but you don't even get one cent each day.
  • Scam 1/5

    By M.A.B.
    This app is an absolute scam. I figured as much when seeing the ad for it (which, by the way, was nothing like the actual game AT ALL) but downloaded it just to see. All the positive comments are fake and I’m quite frankly upset that the App Store is even allowing this sham to be downloaded. Save your time
  • Ad filled 1/5

    By Sharyberry1
    Basically you just play the same 3 games over and over and have to sit through 9 or 10 ads per level. As for earning cash, it’s worth it if you like earning 3 cents for several hours worth of play. You might find more money looking under the seats of your car. Don’t bother.
  • No games yet! 2/5

    By Fk.1022
    Soo far i have not come across any games! Its just alot of tapping on bonus wheels and ALOT of adds!! And i earned 10cents. Dont know if its worth it.
  • more ads than a imaqtpie stream. 1/5

    By vince62494
    They must be making so much money with all these ads after every "game". And their payout is ridiculously high. The amount of money you're generating for them has to be significantly higher than the money they payout at the end. Yikes.
  • Confusing 2/5

    By Tallipop
    A day in and haven’t even gotten to the bubble block game yet... playing all these mini games... only won $0.02 so far... it more to advertise than anything else... they are rewarding you to watch advertisements... don’t know how much longer I’m going to keep this game.
  • Not game advertised 1/5

    By Jadrian14427
    Not the game that was advertised. Takes forever to get coins. Finally on the 3$ one and now they lowered The points I earned , going to take forever.
  • Beware of scammers 1/5

    By BigMikeHunt
    Cool game Update: Beware of scammers Now it is changes it. Loooooooooooow coins Moreeeeeeeeee ads Now I know why, they live in China. Kind of like IRS Scammers. Bunch of Scammers. Stay away
  • Not what it seems 1/5

    By Itsfoxfox
    All this game is is slots and cat tap and spin!! U also are forced to redeem coins for pennies!! U can’t save up coins to get fit cards with greater value
  • Fake ad 1/5

    By Alinagarcia13567353
    The ad was a complete lie. Not the same game and not giving rewards.. all these 5 star ratings and comments are fake 🙄😒
  • Do the games even change? 3/5

    By It's paying me
    I like playing, ads do not bother me but do the actual games ever change or is it the same three just on repeat or with double payout?
  • Confused on games but fun 4/5

    By PooBear8085
    I thought this was a bubble game...
  • Pretty cool! 5/5

    By Tjjjjjjtttttt
    Pretty cool!
  • They actually pay 5/5

    By Nell 💋
    I like this game but I want to know, how can I earn PayPal money instead of amazon?
  • Ads make it unplayable 1/5

    By Leah1738
    The ads in this game are so frequent that it is completely unplayable. Would have been cool otherwise. It’s a waste of time. You make about 2 cents for every 10000000 ads.
  • Great game 5/5

    By Carlilkalumbyrd
    You earn money fast and easy
  • Best game EVERRR 5/5

    By Boopfatty

    By BurbanLady
    All I was able to do was play some slots and watch a crap ton of ads. Where were the bubbles? It loaded a bubble screen then right into slots.
  • The Games okay 2/5

    By monae_bishh1
    Overall The Game Is Actually Fun And U Can Win Real Gift Cards But The Ads Makes Me Not Wanna Play Anymore Because everytime I Press Go Two Ads POP Up At The Same Time And Also It Takes FOREVER just to get just the right amount of coins to win the gift cards is there any other way to make To where we can play different games to win coins to make it faster then i will consider and 5 star rating
  • Meh 2/5

    By claireture
    Not what’s advertised, and it’s not a bubble game, but I’ve won 11 cents so far and, as a college kid, that’s better than nothing

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