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  • Current Version: 3.7.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Burger King Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
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Get exclusive coupons with the official BURGER KING® app and save like a king! Explore our menu and find your nearest BK® restaurant anytime, anywhere. Plus, you can pay for your order with your mobile phone. Specific features include: -Exclusive Coupons: Access hot mobile coupons right from your phone. We refresh coupons frequently, so the savings never get stale. - Find Your BK®: Locate your nearest BURGER KING® restaurant. Use list-view or map-view searching, or filter by restaurant features and distance. - Menu: Explore your BK® favorites and discover our freshest menu additions. Plus, you can browse item descriptions and nutritional information at any time. - Mobile Payment: Add a BK® Crown Card or activate a Virtual Card to make paying wallet-free. You can see balances and easily reload funds right from your phone. For the best experience, please be sure to enable Location Services when you first launch the app.

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BURGER KING® App app reviews

  • Needs update BAD 1/5

    By Shon c
    It only works sometimes. I've sat in line 10 minutes trying to get the coupon code. Plz update!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Not valid in Hawaii 1/5

    By K_Drama
    All the deals are not valid in Hawaii. Too bad!
  • Not valid in HI 1/5

    By mrsAkau
    This app is pretty much useless for me cause all the coupons aren't valid in Hawaii where I live! 😒
  • I like it! 5/5

    By I love IG but...
    I think it's cool.. has good prices for food... better off paying a discount oppose to full price !
  • Do they or do they not like to update the app? 3/5

    By THXLikeThis29 Poe GPoe Tokd
    The menu on the app is not the same as it is in the restaurant anymore and they didn't change it.
  • malo 1/5

    By jorkmaster
  • No Aloha! 1/5

    By Tokuhon
    Coupons not valid in Hawaii or Alaska. Why ask for our zip codes if you can't customize the offers based on location like you say?
  • Great App! 5/5

    By Rick87213
    Just used the coupons with ease, the clerk needed a bit more training but was finally able to use them.
  • What's the point 1/5

    By Aaron1977
    What's the point of offering deals then finding out none of the local stores accept the deals on the app. The app, stores, and food are subpar.
  • Update restaurant location info 1/5

    By Disappointed in AR
    You have to be standing in a BK location to use this coupon. There is a Burger King near my house that has been open for nearly a year and the app doesn't list or recognize it as a location. So you can use the coupons there. Can I use the coupons I get in the mail there? Yes. Then I should be able to use the app coupons.
  • App doesn't connect to internet 1/5

    By Mrs Strozier
    I have tried to use this app it's three different Burger King drive-through and I never seem to be able to connect to the Internet. I think it's a conspiracy. I think I'll keep clipping coupons from the Sunday paper.
  • Bad on the nutrition facts! 1/5

    By Beast of Heaven and Hell
    It needs to be more like the McDonald's app! I like to know the percentage of everything in my meals! If I don't know the percentage, I could be over-consuming something bad for me! Can't you remedy this lack of details?
  • Why? 1/5

    By CW2SAD
    Why does this app need to know where I am every minute of every day? Why isn't it an option to know my location only when I use the app? Why must location services be on ALL THE TIME to get a discount? Why not just delete it now? Oh, I can answer the last one! Goodbye.
  • A waste of time. 1/5

    By Dan Hermon
    I downloaded this and was asked for my zip code so that they could show me deals available where I am. Instead it showed a list of 13 deals that all stated they weren't valid in Alaska and Hawaii. So it was a big waste of time. Why can't they either show ones valid for my state or state that there are none rather than making me have to read a whole list that I can't use? They need to fire whoever made that decision and fix it!
  • Great when it works 1/5

    By stephieng
    I like that I don't have to carry my print coupons all the time esp when I decide to go to BK spontaneously. However, the last handful of times I've been to BK, it says I'm not at a BK location when I'm literally standing inside the store. Then I'm treated to employees giving me an attitude because I'm wasting their time while I try to figure out how to make your app work.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Daniel Pae
    All coupon offers are not valid in Hawaii. The coupon picture shown in AppStore is click bait.
  • BK Employee 2/5

    By BK-OG
    Just to let you know before you get this app me as a current BK employee will tell you right now there is A LOT on this app that we no longer have so please take this in mind before downloading. You're welcome
  • Unexpected error signing up 1/5

    By Bikingbrady
    App will not allow sign up process to complete.
  • Lame 1/5

    By Hsks193
    First off, I have no clue what my mobile app # is to send feedback within the app. Secondly, Please add deals for Hawaii! I live on Big Island and think it is VERY unfair not to include HI & AK!!
  • Slightly disappointed 2/5

    By Shahj373727
    I've stood by Burger King for as long as I can remember. As I grew, Burger King grew with me. From the whopper junior to the regular sized whopper. I've been using the Burger King coupons that I get in the mail for as long as I can remember. Recently I wanted two whoppers, but did not have any coupons with me. I was thrilled to find that Burger King had an app and was honestly a little disappointed in myself for not having downloaded it sooner. The thrill quickly dwindled as I discovered all the coupons could not be used at every location. Now I have to break it to my mom that we had to pay full price for each whopper at dinner tonight.
  • Don't Waste Your Time 1/5

    By Mattman1348
    Downloaded the app and I can't even register. I've tried reinstalling but get the same server conflict error. Not wasting anymore of my time.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Cmusany
    This app is garbage login with Facebook after previously being signed up with it and it sends me to sign up and then says email in use. You think ?? App doesn't work useless
  • Oops! 1/5

    By Beyondthegong
    Error registering account. You can never use this app again
  • I'm offended 1/5

    By A good Christian mom
    Bring back the old fries pls
  • Zero 1/5

    By mrspearce11
    Zero it asks me for my zip code opens the app shows the coupons and then they don't work in my area 😒 a warning would be nice before I go out and look like an idiot 😒😒😡😡😡😡
  • Need drink rewards 2/5

    By Mrbeaz
    Hey Burger King!!, there is a reason they the McDonald's drive thru's are 3 time busier than yours . They have a beverage rewards program and you have nothing. And hello !!, you can't figure out that if you sold Tim hortons coffee you would also have more business?, really !? Your not too smart if you can't figure these out .
  • Ease of use 5/5

    By 956ecastillo
    Good user interface, great coupons, location service, and ability to reload BK card through credit card or PayPal. PayPal can also be use to pay directly. If you enjoy eating a whopper this is the app for you.
  • Very sad 1/5

    By Mbshulman
    App didn't work properly. Manager wasn't helpful. Decided to cancel my order and go home to make a burger instead. Not going to have the bait and switch of a hot deal offered and then having it not work.
  • Can't load gift card 1/5

    By J&RBurke
    Does not allow me to add my gift card, useless ap. Support has not been able to help at all.
  • Have to tell them before you use coupon. 1/5

    By CRXM
    McDonald's just applies the coupon after the order process which makes it easy for drive thru use. Burger King does not do that. Don't forget to tell them at the intercom that you have the coupon. And then everyone in front of you better hurry up because you have 15 minutes to redeem.
  • Useless, cannot reload digital card!!! 1/5

    By GaidenVXL
    I have been trying to reload a Digital Crown Card for the past two hours. I've been trying two credit cards and nothing. I was craving BK and left my wallet at home. I guess I'm going to go right ahead and delete this useless app. I'll either go and use my Apple Pay at McDonald's or just use the mobile ordering on the Taco Bell app.
  • Can't open an account 1/5

    By Gncfohrbbrghiy467
    Won't allow me to have an account. Registered on the website, but app still doesn't recognize my ID. Clicked to reset my password, but says my email isn't mapped to any user. Sent a comment to customer service via their website, but no answer.
  • No Coupons or Deals in Hawaii 1/5

    By kivayugimoto
    Your coupon or discounted deals in the app all say not included in Alaska or Hawaii...which makes the app useless! :( You should follow your competitor McDonald's app; which is very useful with deals that actually includes Hawaii. Because of that, it gives me an incentive to visit them more often.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Jowellf40
    Tired reloading the virtual card with my PayPal and regular card and it doesn't work. Why have a option if it's their for luxury ? Trash McDonald's will continue having my business.
  • Awesome coupons! 5/5

    By sebasQuiat
    Thanks BK!
  • Coupons Need Attention 2/5

    By AntsGoMarching
    I'm not sure who's idea it was to make coupons location sensitive - but it's a terrible idea. I know what you're attempting to do, but it is a horrible user experience. 2-stars, but only because I saved a couple of dollars...I just wish it hadn't taken me 6 minutes to save those dollars.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Magdiejamesny
    Useless as a lot of shops doesn t allow you to pay with
  • Semi-functional 1/5

    By Bryan Kelley
    When will this App actually work? I have been to at least 7 different locations in the past year, none of which will recognize the codes. Many locations have a sheet printed out for the cashier to use instead.
  • Coupons worthless in HI 1/5

    By KaiKarTarg
    I put in my zip code as the app specified for coupons, and ALL of them are NOT VALID IN HAWAII-which is where the zip code I put in is. Deleted minutes after installing.
  • Eh 3/5

    By Michelleh75
    It's ok and the deals are good, BUT it does not take it at all locations. Additionally, it would be nice if BK could just scan the coupon at the window instead of the customer having to tell at Drive thru what the coupon code is. Additionally, the app will say you have a few minutes to use the coupon. It's not some top secret deal, BK. Ugh.
  • There is a reason McDonald's is winning 1/5

    By Studbuckey
    Is there even a Burger King that takes these coupons?
  • Not Available in AK or HI 1/5

    By Sachiko96
    I live in Hawaii and made the mistake of downloading this app since it was advertised on BKs website. Needless to say NONE of the coupons on the app are available for use I AK or HI. Completely and utterly useless. What a waste of a download.
  • App needs updating... 2/5

    By keys24
    It STILL shows items that are no longer available and haven't been in a year.... ????
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By SZJosh
    Always says my reload is unsuccessful but my card is valid This app is rigged to just steal your Info for marketing reasons but doesn't Actually work.
  • Needs work 1/5

    By AZSwag
    My nearest Burger King not in system and it's been open for 6 months. At other locations app showing wrong location and takes time to find accurate location before showing code. Unfortunate would go more if this app worked better. Back to paper coupons.
  • Discriminates 1/5

    By Ourdoc
    Every offer excludes AK/HI so why bother if you live where they discriminate.
  • NOT VALID IN AK & HI 1/5

    By rustycannonball
    Hawaii & Alaska people do NOT bother. None of the coupons are valid for us. Stupid.
  • No matter where I go to it never works 1/5

    By No👎👎👎👎👎
    Every Burger King that I have gone to the codes never work this app is worthless😡😡😡😡😡😡
  • Not Hawaii friendly 1/5

    By CBR900RR95
    Every single coupon said "not valid in AK&HI", don't waste your time to download this app.
  • Great coupons-First time user 5/5

    By Spark22
    Just downloaded the app and immediately went to the BK drive through. They accepted the coupon-no issues. They had a sign up to give the coupon # before ordering. Great customer service and no issues!

BURGER KING® App app comments

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