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BuzzFeed has it all: the stories and quizzes trending on social, the news you want now, and the recipes and life tips you didn’t know you needed. FEATURES: • Never be bored again with the best mix of News, Videos, Quizzes, and Lists • Watch your favorite BuzzFeed shows like Tasty, Nifty, Goodful, Try Guys, Violet, and Ladylike • Use the Explore tab to dive into your favorite topics like Food, Celebrity, Animals, DIY, LGBT, and more • Use the Trending section to see what stories are about to go viral • One tap to share stories with Email, Messages, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more • Share individual images and videos from within stories. Just tap the image for options! • Bookmark posts you want to come back to and sync them with all your devices • Get push notifications for trending stories so you’re always in the loop • Comment on a post or click the reaction button to share your opinion If you have any trouble with your app please email us at so we can help! And don’t forget to check out when you’re on your laptop! Note: Our properties may also feature Nielsen's proprietary measurement software which may contribute to market research, like Nielsen's TV Ratings. Nielsen's software may collect your choices with regards to it.


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  • Quizzes 5/5

    By Saradinee
    Always fun. Sweet info. Good laughs.
  • Another bad update 3/5

    By Cindy2253
    Since twitter has moved to 280 characters, Buzzfeed’s list of tweets are terrible. They don’t show everything and when you click the link in the tweet, it’ll first open up the Twitter app and then Safari just to see ONE tweet. I hate this so much.
  • Can’t create an account without Facebook 1/5

    By Bconn79
    It’s very frustrating that my only option to logging into buzzfeed is through Facebook. I don’t have FB. The app itself if fine but that’s my only complaint. Is there anyway to use the app and create an account without FB?
  • Shows old posts. 1/5

    By m3maniak
    Home page keeps showing posts that are DAYS old. I’d like to see some posts from the same day and I’m sure their contributors would like the readers to be able to see their content when they post it. Not DAYS later. If Buzzfeed using an algorithm to decide what posts you see, they need to get rid of it. It is ruining the user experience. Buzzfeed even took away the “Latest” button in the explore tab. PLEASE JUST SHOW CONTENT IN THE ORDER IT WAS POSTED!!!
  • iPad landscape 2/5

    By Main page
    Any plans to fix the app so that it utilizes the screen on the iPad in landscape view? Thanks
  • Instagram 2/5

    By Biancae609
    Love the app and all… But I’m going to say that whenever there’s a post with an Instagram post attached, it looks straight out of 2005 and only half of the picture appears. It’s annoying and most of the times the post is necessary since y’all don’t explain what’s on it…so there’s not really a story, and I’m disappointed.
  • Latest update doesn’t show photos in iPhone frame 1/5

    By NoleDale 2
    Since the last update, 11/20, the photos from stories are enlarged and only show the left. Please fix
  • Fake news 1/5

    By cookingRight
    This whole website is a fiery hellhole of liberal lies that have began festering ever since Donald Trump was elected. This website is proof that the right to free press has gone too far. This company is a disgrace and should be deleted. The only reason I gave it 1 star is because there is no other option. Their recipes are pretty darn lit tho.
  • Get the app!!! 5/5

    This app is one of my favorite apps! I totally recommend it.
  • ily 5/5

    By aleexlindsey
    I love you
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Can Never Stop!!!
    This is so much fun. On some apps, I get confused on where everything is and with Buzzfeed it's so easy to find stuff. Quizzes are my favorite though. It is absolutely amazing! I could be on Buzzfeed nonstop all day!!
  • Issues with log in 2/5

    By 2tw1nc4ts
    I've deleted the app and re downloaded it but it will not let me log in at all.
  • Ok 4/5

    By Wtratzinski
    It’s ok I think it needs less facts and more quizzes
  • Rating 5/5

    By Michael Wiltz
    Great app, enjoy it very much.
  • Used to love this app 2/5

    By kaileigh24
    I used to love this app, but ever since the update it’s been terrible. I liked it when my feed was most recent first, but now I can’t find anything on my feed from less than 3 days ago. I’ve stopped using it because I’ve already seen all the articles! Please go back to the way it was before with most recent first.
  • Problem watching videos 4/5

    By JustineLi
    Love the app and it’s content, but I’ve been having a problem with the volume when watching videos. I’ve tried updating the app and my phone but I still can’t listen to videos.
  • I️ love the app but... 2/5

    By gunnuratethatapp
    It won’t let me log in! It lets me log in on safari, but not on the app. THE STUPID GAME JUST WONT WORK!!!
  • Volume issue fixed! 4/5

    By Christine714
  • Very versatile app! 5/5

    By Borntolaugh27
    I love Buzzfeed because it has everything I need in one app! If I need a laugh there are the wonderfully bizarre quizzes and articles. When I need help with mental health/chronic pain issues, there are always articles, book recommendations, and tips to get/stay healthy. When I want news, the articles are well-researched and well written (aside from the occasional editing issue, but we all have those from time to time). When I just want to pass time, I can look up a bazillion things on Amazon that I will probably never buy, but I can imagine how organized and great my life would be if I did. And the icing on an already wonderful cake - The Try Guys! They are a national treasure and ALWAYS make me laugh (except for the video of Keith’s wedding vows where I was too busy bawling my eyes out to laugh) My only suggestion for Buzzfeed is more Try Guy videos because there will never be enough!
  • Easy to get content on the go 5/5

    By SpartySal
    Very underrated journalism in the news section. It’s well-written and very issue centric, as opposed to the click-bait or propaganda a lot of other news sources offer.
  • Stops music and no sound in videos 2/5

    By Icelanic
    Everything's good except when I'm listening to my music on Spotify and click to open the app, my music stops! This happens even when I'm not going to watch a video (which is often! I'm more of an "article" person). Also, I cannot hear sounds from videos on the app. Kind of defeats the purpose, right?
  • AMAZEBALLS!!!! 5/5

    By WSU_Soccer_8⚽️⚽️⚽️
    I love it. I love it. I LOVE ITTTTT! I am beyond pleased to learn things about myself I didn't already know. Fun for work, school, and when your just bored. Everyone needs this app!
  • Log in problems 2/5

    By Jaifuwnskchr
    The app constantly logs me out then will not let me log back in. Constantly says that my log ins fail.
  • Can’t log in 3/5

    By Shiner Girlz
    I love Buzzfeed and love the app, but I can’t log into it from this app. I made an account the old fashioned way on Safari using my Google account, but it didn’t let me sign in on the app. I figured it was because there isn’t a Google account option on the app (which is another problem), so I made a new account using a different email. And yes, the email was real. I tried logging into that account from the app—nothing. This is extremely frustrating, seeing as I can’t bookmark anything without being signed in. Edit: Whenever I go to any article, the app crashes. C’mon, Buzzfeed...
  • Keeps logging me out 1/5

    By llamas or sloths ?
    I’ve been using this app for months and never had an issue until this month. I open the app everyday and I go to save an article and it says to log back in. But when I log back in, it signs me out instantly. Every. Single. Time. Starting to frustrate me so bad to were I don’t even want to use it anymore. Loved this app until this log in glitch. Please fix
  • Log in still not working 2/5

    By Nica95g
    It won't let me log in!! I had a main account set up that I used for like a year then this past summer it completely logged me out and wouldn't let me log back in! I emailed you guys (which you never got back to me) and made a new account that only lasted a few days before it too said I couldn't log in!!!😡this is making me so mad. I see other people on here have complained about it too but still nothing has been done. I want my account back!!!
  • Absolutely Love Buzzfeed 5/5

    By DannyA3579
    One site with just about EVERYTHING. No joke. News, trivia, fun videos, dating/health tips, recipes, and fact-filled articles you never knew you needed to read. I don’t tend to follow their political stuff but it’s here too if you care to read it.
  • Why are you trying to be news? 1/5

    By Grantlarcom
    Buzzfeed, I enjoy your quizzes that don't really work as well as your fun articles. But please stop being such a left winged bias source of news. Stick to pumping out quizzes and celebrity stories rather than constantly trying to brainwash the young generation to believe in your millenial-influenced propaganda.
  • Ads in articles 2/5

    By couchpotatokasper
    I cannot stand the ads embedded into the articles. I have been reading buzzfeed for many years and I hate the ads within the articles so much I may delete the app. Put the ads somewhere else!
  • Democratic 2/5

    By Akbbka2244bkA22
    Ever thought about not making fun of the president so much? Orrrr i don't know, maybe putting a political story that isn't democratic for once? I don't mind politics and different views, so why don't you respect everyone's views and mix it up a bit? Seems like the democratic thing to do. #republican
  • Login 5/5

    By dkr811
    Great app but will not allow me to login with facebook.
  • Buzzfeed is purely 2/5

    By PurpleEars
  • Great stuff 5/5

    By Buzzed & Fed
    Whenever I need a good buzz I just open up the feed. Sometimes I don’t have anything to do with my life but get buzzed off of this feed. It feeds me, it buzzes me, it even buzzfeeds me!
  • What’s happening 1/5

    By Meginmemmories
    I usually read buzzfeed daily but the stories haven’t changed in the last week. What’s happening buzzfeed?
  • Fantastic! 5/5

    By vcoll
    This app is a must for anyone who wants to waste some time and take an obnoxious amount of BuzzFeed quizzes. Also, all of the news you could ever want is available to you and if you bookmark the articles you love, you can go back and read them at any time! Love love love this app!
  • Too much Kardashians 1/5

    By content lover 1984
    Download this app if you care what the kardashians are up to. Rename this KardashianFeed. For news, download any other app.
  • Won’t let me sign in 1/5

    By youhavegottabekiddingmeomg
    I’ve made three different accounts and I know I have the correct username and password but it still won’t let me sign in.
  • Entertaining 4/5

    By Fuzzy koala :)
    This game is a great to spend time on and just have fun!
  • Conflicted 5/5

    By Bruins hockey
    So the site itself is great but it’s so completely one sided it’s painful. They run articles about how you shouldn’t objectify any women next to articles about which half naked man you should sleep with based on which salad dressing you prefer amongst many many many other examples.
  • Confused 4/5

    By hvcfbh
    I'm trying to make an account but don't know where, there's only sign in and sign in with Facebook which I don't want to do, where do I make an acc other than Facebook??
  • Love this app 5/5

    By FrenchieFun
    Always loved BuzzFeed now I love it even more with the app!
  • Won't let me log in!! 3/5

    By Stolencornstarch
    I have tried SEVERAL times to log in. It always logs me out, saying something went wrong. Fix this, please!!
  • Yay! 5/5

    By Maya at
    Genuinely interesting app always fun to use when I get bored
  • BuzzFeed definitely isn’t news 1/5

    By Bad boy is so much
    Mostly clickbait News that is unsubstantiated and not real Lots of collective essays that highlight how guilty we should feel as heterosexual white male who earned money for education and then worked hard to get a job and perform well then buy ones own home. Ohh the tragedy that a millennial must feel since they actually have to work hard in order to get ahead Don’t worry BuzzFeed is here to make light of your struggle and inform you of all things that aren’t issues unless you allow them Stick to list of memes and funny Steiner pictures Oh wait, I think they have imgur for that
  • No sound 1/5

    By Adriana eye
    So y’all just gonna not fix the sound and not allow me to hear Mark Ruffalo read thirsty AF tweets about himself? Rude. But seriously, could y’all please fix the sound. Thanks! I do genuinely love this app.
  • Love Buzzfeed 5/5

    By Yalena B
    Yes I do!
  • Love buzz but we need.... 4/5

    By Grneyez973
    More quizzes lol
  • Good mix of entertainment and news 5/5

    By FailClasses
    This is the only way I can read news without freaking out anymore - one news story, one cat video, one news story, one quiz about Hogwarts houses. It is bizarre how good Buzzfeed at creating content, sending it out with the best of what’s really going on and whatever nonsense is on Reddit (thus cutting the trolls out of the equation). Best news app, oddly enough.

    I love all the quiz’s.And it is so fun to play with my friends and find out different crazy facts about ourselves!:)
  • Ehhh 2/5

    By irishmds
    Pretty good except that it doesn’t let me log in! There is somehow always an error please fix

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