Calculator Pro+ for iPad

Calculator Pro+ for iPad

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  • Current Version: 5.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Apalon Apps
  • Compatibility: Android
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Calculator Pro+ for iPad App

A simple calculator for your iPad with unit & currency converter and multitasking mode. Get it now for free! Calculator Pro main features: - Basic calculator in Portrait Mode - Scientific calculator in Landscape Mode - Universal converter for Currency, Length, Time, Weight, Pressure, Temperature, Fuel Consumption, Speed and many more categories - Multitasking mode: use Calculator Pro and any other app simultaneously Calculator Pro+ for iPad is designed for everyone looking for simplicity and functionality. Enjoy basic calculations in Portrait Mode with big handy buttons, or make complex calculations in scientific calculator, available in Landscape Mode. Calculator Pro is the only one calculator needed for math classes from primary school through college. The app is great in basic everyday calculations and solving complex problems in physics, astronomy or chemistry as well. Need to convert one unit to another? With the intuitive and beautifully designed converter, you can easily switch between currencies, temperatures, length, speed and other numerous units, and continue calculation without interruptions. Features: • Two modes are available: do basic calculations in Portrait Mode or go advanced in Landscape Mode • Degrees and Radians calculations • History Bar: see your full calculation history directly on the screen • Track Calculations History: view, save, delete selected equation or clear all • Universal converter with 19 categories, including Currency, Length, Time, Weight, Pressure, Temperature, Area, Data Size, Energy, Force, Frequency, Power, Acceleration, Density, Angle, Typography, Volume, Fuel Consumption and Speed • Handy text search to find categories and units instantly • Multitasking mode: bring in Calculator Pro while viewing web pages, photos, taking notes and more to get results instantly! • Calculator Pro is now accessible via VoiceOver as well • Smart Keyboard support: take full advantage of seamless and intuitive calculations on your iPad Pro • Pick the look from a bunch of skins to suit your own preference (Modern, Rose, Wood, Old, Doodle, Minimalistic, Zombie, Yellow, New Year) • Memory buttons to help you out with complex calculations • Accidentally input the wrong number? Just swipe with your finger to edit it! • Copy and paste results and expressions directly into the current calculation • Comment on the equation and send the calculation results with comments via email Now you can do calculations on the go seamlessly! For complete access to all Calculator Pro+ for iPad features, you will need to allow access to the following: *Location data - this will enable automatic currency selection in the Converter. Privacy Policy: EULA: AdChoices:


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Calculator Pro+ for iPad app reviews

  • GREAT VIEW 5/5

    By Gingamer
    I’m old! I love the ease of viewing and operating this APP. I like the option of changing the style too. This used just for personal purposes.
  • Dunno what background stuff this app is doing 2/5

    By thaesino
    I opened this app by mistake earlier today while I was holding my iPad. Locked my iPad. I had just charged it overnight and have only WiFi turned on with no other connections. My iPad must’ve been anywhere near 93% on battery. This is a new-ish iPad Pro running iOS 11, latest update. I come back to my iPad about 14 hours later, and now my battery is 56%. I unlock it and the calculator app surprises me. Then I feel the iPad and it is warm. And this was the only app running. iPad was on Airplane mode with only WiFi on, since this helps me conserve battery. Ridiculous. Functional app, but just ridiculous.
  • 很好用 5/5

    By Saling终点
  • Bloated 1/5

    By FitnessStar2543
    I just want a simple free calculator app.
  • Best to Worst 1/5

    By Flageobiker
    I got rid of all the other because this one was so good. Not I can even use it to finish a single calculation before some stupid game covers the screen. Not a banner but the whole screen making it completely useless. And this is the pro version.
  • Nice but 3/5

    By MichaelFL1
    Nice but ads ruin the app. For example you have flashing stars across the bottom of the app for an Ad.
  • Use to love this app 2/5

    By L-4-MJ
    I use to love this app until I updated it and now I see that the measurement conversion is no longer available to use it only has currency conversion now. That was the reason why I love using this app for years. I considering deleting the app if the next update doesn't bring back converting measurements.
  • WORST APP EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1/5

    By Tiana🦄
    i wish i could rate 0 stars
  • Review 5/5

    By 100% genious
    It is great I use it all the time
  • Ruined by ads 1/5

    By Wgdees
    A good app ruined by pop up add that worry and distract the user trying to make a serious calculation
  • Pop ups 1/5

    By spoildangelgrl
    I have had this app since day 1 on my iPad. It was a great app, but in the past month or so I have been increasingly annoyed with it. Every time I open it to calculate, it opens up a new tab in safari with one of those bogus “winner” messages (or the error you have a virus one) that take forever to close. I am done waiting for this to be solved.
  • Ads!!!! 1/5

    By KaranS.
    I keep receiving ads every 20 second saying I won something on Amazon but it is a scam and they won’t go away, I cant even use this app so i wouldn’t recommend this app at all. I’m deleting it
  • Don’t use the free version 1/5

    By mnstah
    Pop up ads like crazy. Junky free version. There are others that don’t spam you and are free to use!
  • Redirected me to safari for an ad 1/5

    By Xucthal
    The first time I tried to use this app I was diverted to safari for an ad before I could complete a simple, three-step calculation. Then, when I tried to get back to the task, it interrupted me again to ask for a rating and review. How could I know if it was a good app when I haven’t even had it installed for more than a minute? Needless to say, I deleted it immediately after writing this review.
  • Ads hijack RAM, useless for professionals 1/5

    By smashie sez
    I work in homes of clients doing construction and general contracting as well as on industrial job sites bidding big $$ jobs. I installed this calculator on my new iPad mini because I needed something on it to do little bids on this machine when I’m not using my iPad Air. Wow... it is garbage. Locks up after every keystroke because it’s trying to connect to its ad server, plays video ads constantly when connected to WiFi... I get thr need for a banner ad at the bottom that’s static (you did create the app for income, after all), but locking up because it’s priority is fetching ads before functionality of the app itself, where a dev thinks missing inputs from the client is acceptable while loading more ad banners instead of doing this function in the background... the dev obviously isn’t serious about the app and only cares about cranking in as much ad revenue as possible. If I was advertising online and saw my ad on your calculator I’d give my ad agency one chance to remove ads from crap programs like this or I’d fire them because the people who would be relevant customers would never use an app as broken as this, and I’d be wasting my PPI ad dollars on school children and people who didn’t have enough sense to check the App Store for any of the other 50 results for the search term “calculator” and download any other calculator app. At all.
  • No choice but delete 1/5

    By Fun, but needs w
    I downloaded this app when I first got my iPad and it was fine. Now, it takes forever to use just because the ads get in the way. I can’t use this app anymore, it’s gotten so bad.
  • Not cool 1/5

    By fairies68
    Was a nice calculator until ads started taking over my iPad. I hate all the ads we are bombarded with lately but I refuse to have this on a calculator. We are forced to download a calculator because Apple wasn’t smart enough to include one on the iPad, so I will download one of the ones with more subtle ads.
  • I love this app 5/5

    By Faisee786
    I rate this app a five stars and it is very good but please use it well
  • Ridiculous 1/5

    By Unseenones
    While doing functions it kicks in ads. DONT GET THIS CALCULATOR
  • Bad calculator 1/5

    By GetNinjadPplz05
    I am not complaining about the ads, they are fine. I am complaining that whenever i go into the app, i see spam pop up. Always the thing where it takes you to safari and says “Congratulations! Your iPad has won a free Amazon gift card.” I usually wouldn’t complain about this, but it happens every single time i go into the app. I am not sure if this is your fault, but it might be. Other than that, the app is fine. But please fix, since it was a good app. Thanks.
  • Can barely enter digits before a full screen ad appears 1/5

    By Ct1637
    Makes this app useless, deleted it, I’ll find something else.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By upcojr
    The app takes you to a scam site please stop it
  • Unusable junk 1/5

    By LBPhoto
    Interface designed to trick you into clicking on ads or push you to "unlock paid" version. Worst app I've seen in a long time.
  • Adds 1/5

    By iflyem
    Deleted. Too many ads.
  • Unusable due to ads 2/5

    By Kineahora
    Sorry guys. Will not tolerate apps that open safari and switch to it for ads under any circumstances. I'm so opposed to this way of doing things I refuse to pay any money to developers who use this approach. Yes I have paid money for other apps. I just want the Devs to know this tactic completely alienates some users forever, and not just ones who were never going to pay...
  • Crapulator 1/5

    By BearingTon1
    App drops you into advertisement so often that it isn’t worth the time to even evaluate. Better free apps are available.
  • Too many annoying add 1/5

    By Iman Fallah
    Too many add in the middle of my work
  • Ads ruined this 1/5

    By Akiva96
    I deleted this app because of all the ads popping up. I don’t mind some ads at the bottom of the screen but these full screen ads are ridiculous. Don’t bother - there are too many other calculator apps with less intrusive advertising.
  • Sad 1/5

    By Bonus Junk
    This calculator is littered with adds. Just another way to spam you with mindless bonus junk. Please listen to your consumers when they make suggestions. Anyway this is trash.
  • could be great 2/5

    By scubagirl27
    Paid money for the pro version of this app. Unfortunately, there’s still apps that come up while using the app. I feel like i haven’t gotten what I paid for. Will not recommend this app to others in the future.
  • Handy app 4/5

    By KimC725
    I like the functionality of this calculator. It's perfect for what I use it for.
  • Wonderful 5/5

    By deep*sky
    A great free app! Very useful with lots of functions.
  • AVOID! App jumps to loading scam sites in safari with your personal information 1/5

    By acrisis
    This basic app developer has gone too far. Worst dev updates ever. Did one multiplication, after not using app in many weeks, ... two ads on the bottom, one popup full screen and while my ipad was idle with the app open, no less than three redirects to safari, to some obscure you won a gift card scam site, ... with the balls to include my private information, IP address, town, isp, etc ... what in the world.
  • In app ads are okay. Safari swap ads are NOT 1/5

    By AndrewF33
    Ads are understood. You have to make money off of a free app. But when the ads make the app unusable for its purpose (quick calculations), they’re counterproductive for both the developer and I. This app opens ads in SAFARI. WHICH CLOSES OUT THE CALCULATOR. So I hope you’re not trying to remember a quick set of numbers to calculate. App deleted. Even if I decide to pay for an app it won’t be from this developer.
  • Ads galore 1/5

    By daverinhull
    Just downloaded this and within 2 keypad strokes I had my first pop up ad in Safari. Within 5 keypad strokes, I had another 2. Goodbye app.

    By 319 Please
    This app presents ads that are phishing ads - violating the Apple Developer license terms and exposing users to location tracking, false offers for Amazon gift cards. Apple: PLEASE REMOVE THIS APP FROM THE STORE
  • Calculate 5/5

    By Gumpsmomma
    Awesome. Can use many different calculations
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By BBB6254
    Easy to use for simple calculations have not tried complex calculations
  • Uninstalled 1/5

    By joan110
    The whole purpose of the calculator is to do calculations. Typically for me in work. The ads and self playing videos prevent me from doing the one thing the calculator is for. The ads are not encouraging me to upgrade to an ad free version, but look for someone else’s version. Uninstalled.
  • The calculator has worked flawlessly on my iPad 2. 5/5

    By BeemerGuy
    The calculator has worked flawlessly on my iPad 2. Highly recommended.
  • Ads are a little crazy all of a sudden 2/5

    By thallampppd
    It wasn’t always like that. I recently just deleted the app because it was out of control.. like every 10-20seconds, and for games and stuff I could care less about! Ads are a little crazy all of a sudden
  • Pop up full screen ad in browser ? 1/5

    By bonus45
    App uninstalled permanently after that. No way. Sleazy ad to add insult to injury.
  • Ads take away 2/5

    By Sensei Preacher
    This started out being a good app until ads starting popping up in my face and being in my way. Nobody wants that kind of hassle w a calculator!
  • Long time user 4/5

    By Jeritin
    I do not use this a lot but always find this app perfect for all my needs.
  • Adds 1/5

    By Ahelmore
    A am new to apple but why do I have to be interrupted by adds even after I have paid for the app? Disappointing.

    By Motogirlina
    This app while I don’t press anything brings me to some scam on amazon saying I can get a 1000$ Amazon gift card. Very dissatisfied
  • Extremely intrusive adds 1/5

    By pachulo
    To the point they will open other apps without any permission. Do yourself a favor, there are better free calculator apps than this one.
  • Uninstalled in 3 minutes 1/5

    By Mibster
    Ads that go full screen or open up browsers make this app frustrating and unusable. There is no good reason for a calculator app to open up new browser pages or for ads to suddenly go full screen. Ads like these won’t generate revenue when you’re losing users.
  • Calculator 5/5

    By Guarionex14
    Excellent application..
  • Heck no 1/5

    By Everyone everybody forever
    I'm just trying to calculate ONE SIMPLE THING and there's a distracting ad at the bottom, it's making noise, then this garbage app has the AUDACITY to take me to an ad in a new browser window... deleted right away. Any positive reviews have got to be bots.

Calculator Pro+ for iPad app comments


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