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Calm App

Calm is the #1 app for mindfulness and meditation to bring more clarity, joy and peace to your daily life. Join the millions experiencing less anxiety and better sleep with our guided meditations, Sleep Stories, breathing programs and relaxing music. Recommended by top psychologists and mental health experts to help you de-stress. Calm is the perfect meditation app for beginners, but also includes hundreds of programs for intermediate and advanced users. Guided meditation sessions are available in lengths of 3, 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 minutes so you can choose the perfect length to fit with your schedule. Topics include: * Calming Anxiety * Managing Stress * Deep Sleep * Focus and Concentration * Relationships * Breaking Habits * Happiness * Gratitude * Self-Esteem * Body Scan * Loving-Kindness * Forgiveness * Non-judgement * Commuting to work or school * Mindfulness at College * Walking meditation * Calm Kids * And so much more.... Also featuring: * Daily Calm: a new 10-minute program added daily to help ease you into the day or unwind with before bed * 60+ Sleep Stories: adult bedtime stories guaranteed to lull you to sleep * 7 day and 21 programs for both beginner and advanced users * Breathing exercises to relax * Exclusive music engineered to help you focus, relax or sleep * Unguided timed meditation * Open-ended meditation * 30+ soothing nature sounds and scenes to use during meditation, yoga or to help you sleep Track your progress with: * Daily streaks * Time spent meditating Calm is loved by the press: * “I’m generally wary of meditation apps because they sometimes weave in too much mystic talk for my taste. But Calm instead contains guidance like ‘Concentrate on your body’” - New York Times * “In the frenetic, crazy, digital world we live in, sometimes it's necessary to take a step back and smell the roses” - Mashable * “Eliminating distraction...ended up helping me relax and realize that all the stuff I was stressing about wasn't that big a deal” - Tech Republic * “Found myself similarly refreshed afterwards” - TechCrunch Subscription pricing and terms: Calm offers two auto-renewing subscription options: $12.99 per month $59.99 per year These prices are for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence. Your Calm subscription will automatically renew at the end of each term and your credit card will be charged through your iTunes account. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings but refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term. Calm also offers a Lifetime subscription which is paid for by a one-off upfront payment of $299.99 with unlimited access to the Calm Collection forever. Calm integrates with the Health app. This feature is optional. Read more about our terms and conditions here: Terms of service: Privacy policy:


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  • If possible, make this voiceover accessible 2/5

    By Lucky 10382
    I am visually impaired and use VoiceOver mode on my iPhone and this app is not voiceover accessible. I have used plenty of podcasts and YouTube channels for meditation. When I downloaded this app and open it up everything is labeled as button. And I wasn't even able to click on the button's. not being able to see and know what's always going around Me causes plenty of anxiety and meditation is great for this. I would think this would be useful for other visually impaired as well so making this app voiceover accessible should increase users
  • Daily renewal 5/5

    By pklovesdk
    I love this app. It has become a major part of my self-care and daily renewal. It is my go-to for peace when life gets hectic. Thank you Calm for the wonderful daily insights. I am grateful.
  • Can’t Believe It’s Worth It 5/5

    By SnkTab
    Never before believed in meditation. Downloaded Calm because I just wanted the nature sounds but ended up trying the 7 day free course. Amazing. Purchased a subscription right away. I can’t believe that I need this app. Expensive for my budget but it’s helped me so much on problems I never knew I had. I’m a digitally addicted recent father and it helped me through the previously mind-numbing chore of taking care of a 1yo. I was doing a good job but that didn’t mean I wasn’t screaming inside my head from boredom. It helped me be present rather than distracted because apparently I’m distracted by everything. Did not know this. Helped me not get upset over stupid things at work. Lessons my anxiety a little bit. Feature request, auto shut off. I’ve fallen asleep sometimes if at night and my phone died because app still running and my phone is my alarm.
  • Way too much talking 1/5

    By $uper$t@r
    I’m trying to relax. I don’t want to hear anyone talking
  • Really nice app 5/5

    By Cee.123
    This is a lovely and helpful app, but be aware that you have very limited features without in-app purchases (it's like 8 dollars a month to unlock them or something - a bit steep, if you ask me). But the basics are pretty nice. If you're at the point where you do your own mediations, then this is a great app with it's timed mediation feature. However, they should include an option for the timer alert to not just be a sound (they use a bell) but also a vibration. This would be helpful for when you’re in a quiet place and need just a quick buzz from the phone to tell you when the session is done.
  • No you cant have my email and phone # 1/5

    By Loindexter
    Dont know why they need my personal information to listen to some music to help me sleep. Deleted it before I even tried it. Youre not getting my information, screw you.
  • Calming down 5/5

    By I love a good rest
    I can calm down by drinking water and a little rest!
  • Vlblol oo U. Mmm 5/5

    By Zelda***
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  • Amazing 5/5

    By djrukspin
    it’s you
  • Just awesome! 5/5

    By KathyLynn520
    I struggle with anxiety and depression, plus the related insomnia. My doctors have all recommended meditation but I couldn’t ever figure out how to do it. The guidance on this app, however, finally made the connection for me. I’ve learned how to quiet my mind without additional medication. Not saying all my problems are gone - just that I have a new tool to help me cope. And the sleep stories are the best! Anytime the brain won’t let me sleep, I turn a sleep story on. It engages my mind enough to distract it from the litany of worries, stresses, and reminders of middle school embarrassments. I love the wide variety of narrators and subject matter. One other thing... when I began looking for a meditation app, I really wanted to avoid any that promoted specific spiritual or religious practices. I haven’t come across anything like that in Calm. I can fold these meditations into my own beliefs/traditions without feeling stressed that they’re in conflict with one another.
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By santana.sarah.m
    I have been using calm for YEARS (since 2014). And with the free subscription of it for the simple body scans (which I have relied on since I started using the app to sleep). And for some reason, they decided to make all of the guided meditations (including the previous free ones) exclusive to the paid subscription. I am a broke college student with chronic depression and I have sleeping issues, I’ve relied on that simple body scan for years and I haven’t been sleeping well without it but I can’t afford to pay for the subscription. So, I say to the creators of calm, thanks a lot guys I’m very disappointed.
  • Liked the app, but now it immediately crashes on opening 1/5

    By hettingr
    I hope there’s a fix.
  • Latest update crashes on iPhone 8. 3/5

    By 8345384
    Latest update crashes on iPhone 8.
  • Significantly changing my life 5/5

    By McMatto
    I’ve never had an app come into my life at such a moment and have such an impact. I’ve wanted to meditate for years but didn’t know how and just sitting quietly wasn’t cutting it. I immediately found the perfect groove with Calm, just the right amount of guidance to build a mental space, and just the right amount of quiet to let my mind explore. Use it daily.
  • Not that Calming/ Crashes 1/5

    By Airobatic
    Every update brings new crashes and glitches. The concept is good, not calmed by the intro voice at all, maybe she should lay off the coffee and speak in a calmer tone. On second thought, find someone else to speak. *The constant upselling, money grubbing aspect of this program does not equal its value and diminishes the message. I get it, they all want to retire billionaires as they feed you bliss... but, I just don't feel it...
  • Not free, didn't shut down on my phone 2/5

    By hungry h
    Pretty cool, but not willing to pay for it. Listen to soft rock and read a book, same thing. It said it would automatically shut down when story finished, but continues. Not cool
  • Great white noise to help anxiety 4/5

    By Mom n kid
    I don't use the meditations on the app since the vast majority you need to pay for but I use the app regularly for the different calming noises they have. I particularly love the white noise and use it to help me sleep. It's really useful for my anxiety and I love how the sounds play outside of the app too.
  • Nice But....., 3/5

    By Samson 60
    Sad it cost much. I guess if you have stress issues you also have to have money..
  • Bliss 5/5

    By yogini martini
    I look forward to my “daily calm”-it’s a wonderful part of my day!
  • Most of the time but not today 4/5

    By Oh so trusted
    Most of the time this app is great. I decided the paid version was worth it and love the daily mediation and open bell meditation however today they seem to have some issues with a version crashing. I deleted and reinstalled the app but now it won’t let me sign in to take advantage of my paid membership. I’ve sent an issuer/request form so hopefully this gets fixed soon.
  • Has Been 1/5

    By promowear
    Used to be a very good meditation aid. It’s turned into social justice brainwashing. Look elsewhere for calming mindfulness.
  • Great for beginners or the experienced 5/5

    By kutzinke
    I have a high-stress job, and at an employee wellness seminar, they suggested mindful meditation. Then I saw an ad for this app on Facebook. So I thought, “Why not?” This app is wonderful. There are sessions for beginners that are a great introduction to the practice. I used the app for two weeks before deciding to upgrade. It’s 100% worth the steep price. You can choose from a wide variety of background music or nature sounds to play during your session, or choose silence. The sessions run from fully guided to no guide. You can set a timer. You can just do breathing exercises. As someone with anxiety and depression, I absolutely love the courses on gratitude and self-worth. I have definitely noticed a difference in my ability to handle stress and calm myself in hectic moments. I have recommended this app to all my friends and coworkers.
  • Login and Password Reset are Dysfunctional 2/5

    By Alborn the Alchemist
    Blazing fast internet connection here, yet app continually tells me to “Try again when you have a faster internet connection.” Web portal will also not allow me to reset my password. Perhaps their system is down? Oh well, I’ll remain calm and move on!
  • Glitch 1/5

    By Mavsmoby08
    Won’t let me create a new account or login. says I need a faster internet connection even when I’m sitting next to my router
  • A good idea gone wrong 1/5

    By StagSA
    Calm is broken. Since the latest update, the app will not open on my iPhone 7 Plus or iPad Air, both running iOS 11.2. This morning, I deleted and reinstalled the app on the iPad. Now when I try to log in, Calm tells me to try again when I have a faster Internet connection! Speedtest app shows my speed to be 193 mbps!! Surely that is fast enough for Calm. Now I am screwed because I have an annual subscription to Calm which I am certain cannot be refunded and I cannot use the app. So sorry to see something I really used and enjoyed go bad.
  • Crashed my phone 5/5

    By barbphil
    I loved this app and pay for app without ads. But on Thurs 11/8 it crashed my iPhone. Now it won’t let me sign in as it says my Internet connection isn’t fast enough. What’s up with that.
  • So many good options! 5/5

    By MDbeliever
    I recommend this to my patients who are having a hard time coping with stress, anxiety, or depression. They can use it to learn meditation, help them sleep at night or address a specific topic that’s keeping them from experiencing life joyfully.
  • Cant even sign up 1/5

    By hell naw dawg
    It just says slow connection
  • Best app ever!❤️ 5/5

    By Bayleigh❤️
    First of all this app is AMAZING! I always get stressed over the tiniest things like a pop quiz I didn’t study for, getting that one B on my report card, and when I have too much homework. Yeah, I get stressed a lot. I saw this game in my recommendations and I figured I tried it out. I loved it right away. I did the meditating for 7 days of relieving stress and it did help me since I don’t get as stressed as I usually do, so I tried a few others. Then after doing these meditating sessions I realized how much I changed (in a good way!☺️) and how I became a better person. I definitely recommend this app!🤗
  • Sudden cut off 1/5

    By hdksksyao
    It seems like a truly lovely app but as I used it, It suddenly kept closing it self out and then it would suddenly close out my other apps to if I was using it. But I’d truly would love to try this app but not if it shuts down all the things I’m doing including itself.
  • Integrate the newest Facebook SDK and I’ll write a proper review 1/5

    By RobertSheaO
    I don’t sign into Facebook through the browser, and your app is using an outdated Facebook SDK that won’t allow me to sign in using the Facebook App.
  • Crashing & not working after update 1/5

    By Mmea
    Love the app but after latest update won’t work
  • I love this app but the red to blue update has mine not working 5/5

    By P.Schramm
    Any information on this? I did the update to change it back from Red to Blue and now I can’t open my app! I’m lost without it!!!!
  • Worth the money 5/5

    By Thunder dash Minecraft
    It is calming, helpful, and affordable which is perfect for people who are struggling Edit: I can't seem to open the app after the!
  • Crashing after update 12-9-17 2/5

    By Jelley2
    App crashes upon opening after todays update. Please fix so I can go to sleep! IOS 11.1.1 iPhone 6s
  • Opens now 5/5

    By VEE71
    After update app won’t open. ****** UPDATE....I deleted and reinstalled app and it works perfectly.
  • Calm 5/5

    By NathanV.
    Edit review: still enjoying the app! but it'd be great if they could add the breathe option for 3D Touch the latest update won’t pass the “take a deep breath” opening
  • Keeps crashing 2/5

    By Photo Cat
    Keeps crashing.
  • App doesn’t work After going Red 4/5

    By Weather two
    My calm app doesn’t work after going Red a few days ago. When I click on the Blue calm app it nothing happens. I’ve paid for full app awhile back so why is it not working now? I went to the App Store and tried to download app again but the app won’t open. To bad it’s not working. I liked using calm. But now unless I get a feed back on how to correct the problem. I will consider this app a rip off. G
  • Changing my life 5/5

    By onezanny
    Since finding this app, I have been able to use it to help me deal with several issues and two traumatic events. I am grateful I found it. I continue to use the app and find it relaxing too.
  • amazaing 5/5

    By Daphne Rocks
    immediately i felt great after my first session i did the 7 days of call my first day and i feel great
  • Love this App 5/5

    By esimon23
    I use it every morning on the train. Highly recommend!
  • Shuts down iPhone 8 1/5

    By Ver ridiculous
    I used this app once for a ten minute meditation and when it asked me to read the terms of service it kept shutting my phone off so I barely had time to delete the app. It took over my entire phone
  • App won’t open 1/5

    By Samruff
    I like this app but something happened on this last update. I can’t open it anymore.
  • Worth the time if you have it 5/5

    By Dan Rate
    Always good to spend the time to refocus on what you need to get done.
  • True peace 3/5

    By G77777777777777777!
    Can’t be provided by an app.
  • Disappointed with recent update 4/5

    By Swbud
    New comment: since the most recent update (this week) the app will not open at all. When I click on it to open, it immediately reverts back to my phone page on my iPhone. Very, very disappointed as I loved the app as it previously performed.
  • Best think to happen since I got married and had kids 5/5

    By Bill Elftman Jr
    I have always been a busy person. Distractions come in waves and used to be overwhelming. The daily 10 minute session has become my baseline status every morning. What a wonderful feeling...
  • Breathing Reminder 5/5

    By Q49
    Sometimes your in a good spot but just need a quick shot of what’s real.
  • Trouble! 2/5

    By Tlc05675
    I love this app but when I tried to access it this morning I only saw the “Take a deep breath” message and then it booted me out of the app. What’s going on?

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