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  • Current Version: 10.10.11
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Camera+ App

Over 10 million sold! “The Clarity filter is iPhone photography’s secret sauce—it adds pro-camera crispness to almost any shot.” — Kevin Sintumuang, The Wall Street Journal “If the iPhone’s standard camera is like a digital point-and-shoot, the Camera+ app is like a high-quality SLR lens.” — TIME: 50 Best iPhone Apps 2011 “improves on almost every aspect of the built-in camera app” — Charlie Sorrel, Wired “tap tap tap definitely has a winner on their hands with Camera+” — Steven Sande, The Unofficial Apple Weblog Winner: Best Visual Design, Best Photography App — Best App Ever Awards It’s all about one thing... great photos! Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or someone who’s barely touched a camera, Camera+ will make you love taking photos. Touch Exposure & Focus Set exposure separately from focus. You can now easily control how light or dark your shots come out. Shooting Modes Use the Stabilizer to steady your iPhone and get the sharpest photos you can. There are countless uses for the Timer including taking the highest-quailty self-portraits. Capture all the action by using Burst to take rapid streams of shots. Digital Zoom Up to 6× zoom with advanced digital processing provides you with quality that simply blows away the competition. Front Flash How many times have you wanted to take a pic of yourself in a dark room but couldn’t. Well, now you can! Horizon Level Use the Horizon Level to eliminate taking crooked shots. Clarity Clarity is one of the biggest breakthroughs to happen to image processing in a long time. Clarity analyzes your photos and makes several intelligent adjustments that magically bring out details and breathe life into dull photos. With Clarity, you’ll stop throwing out bad photos… you’ll be amazed to see what it can do to photos that you’d typically consider unusable, like shots that came out too dark. Scene Modes Most modern digital cameras all have scene modes to help you get the best photos for your particular situation. With Camera+, you get to choose from several scene modes including Food, Sunset, Night, Portrait, Beach, and many more. Effects Professional photographer, Lisa Bettany created a slew of stunningly beautiful effects. Make your photos shimmer with “HDR”… get down and dirty with “Grunge”… fill your pics with emotion and despair with “So Emo”. And this is just the tip of the iceberg… there are dozens of 1-touch effects for you to experiment with. Lightbox All the pics you take in Camera+ go in the innovative Lightbox where you can quickly and easily skim through them and get rid of bad shots. You save only the photos you’re satisfied with so that your camera roll stays neat and clean. Sharing Whether you want to show your results to your friends and family or the whole world, Camera+ has got you covered. Proudly share your photos on Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr. Or go the more personal route and email or message them from right within the app. iCloud Lightbox sync Automatically sync your Camera+ photos between all of your devices. Shoot all day on your iPhone… and then edit at night on your iPad. Crops If you didn’t line-up your shot perfectly when you took it, you can easily fix that with Camera+. And when you want to get a bit creative, we setup a bunch of popular crop sizes for you. With a single tap, you can make your pics square, 4×6, 8×10, and more. Borders With Camera+ you get several great border designs, from simple black and white borders to more gritty designs, you’ll be able to add wonderful finishing touches. Captions Have some fun with your photos by putting captions on them. It’s a great way to really personalize your favorite shots.


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Camera+ app reviews

  • Good app 4/5

    By Buburuzele
    Must have app.
  • One of the best for iPad Air 5/5

    By Mrs.hippie
    I photograph a lot of scenic areas and domestic animals. This app is astoundingly good and I find myself turning to it to use for certain shots more and more these days. Highly recommend trying it out! Much better then a lot of the crap apps out there. Just saying.
  • Formerly the best photo app 1/5

    By Mariommg
    Now it forces you to scroll through all three camera modes until you get to the one you need instead of giving you the option to pick one instantly. It’s the least intuitive camera now.
  • Great 5/5

    By Joy Williams
    Love the macro and all other tools on this app
  • App crash 4/5

    By tonnyvan
    App crashed immediately when save edited photos to Camera Roll. Please fix it ASAP. Thanks
  • Camera+ is just simply better than most everything else available! 5/5

    By Es.A.eM
    Camera+ has always been a great alternative to the default app mostly becuz it does everything apples version does better plus much more.a constant release of updates keeps the app working smoothly as well as the addition of new features and all of this added on to the original instead of releasing half a dozen separate apps w few differentiating features.the last update finally fixed the pixelated image of the icons my ipad version had had for so long..i assumed it was due to installing the ipod edition i had prior and that it just didnt transfer over properly, but it looks perfect now and of course functions just as well..:)
  • It’s a nice app 4/5

    By Flipicaneze
    Takes pictures the way I like....Manual and RAW. I only have an iPhone 6+ and editing jpeg is almost pointless compared to RAW. However, wish it had an HDR function, so I don’t have to use another app to take HDR photos, which is shot in jpeg.
  • Love the Macro setting 5/5

    By Long time member too
    My go to app for wildflower photos giving great details with the macro setting. Good editing tools, esp. the easy crop before saving. Wish it had an Undelete because sometimes I hit the trash can instead of the save icon next to it.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Jimangryripoff
    Amazed with all this App does!
  • Ben’s updates for the X Phone 4/5

    By Johnben31
    Good update got it with new updates for the X phones !
  • Amazing upgrade! 5/5

    By ArtWiz1
    Really great upgrade! Now I can control most of the manual settings with simple slide feature. Very cool!
  • Awesome photo edits 5/5

    By cosmoore
    I love this app and have been using it for over a year now
  • Love the app 5/5

    By MrNewport
    Great app
  • Awesome new tools for iPhone! RAW!? 5/5

    By Lucky Dog OMG
    Wow. I’m back and so happy to have these features that stay one step ahead of Apple and enhance its new features.
  • Tremendous! For a long time now. 5/5

    By AbeRomano
    Just the best.
  • my go to camera when it matters 5/5

    By Nycgarden
    The iPhone app is basic and I use it in a quick moment, but when I need more control I go to camera +. And they update -which is great as some of my older apps have died in the OS. Better editing control, better shooting control -actual control! Recommend.
  • My Favorite Camera app!! 5/5

    By Cran Ninja
    This app keeps everything simple while still giving you all the features of a DSLR. Capture photos in lowlight or in camera raw with all your details in tact. Experiment. Test its limits. You will be pleasantly surprised! Editing features cover all you need to perfect your photos. Go on now! Start shooting! You won't be able to stop!! Have fun!!
  • What happened to MACRO?! 1/5

    By Jude2727
    Where is the macro setting?!? I just updated my app and now it’s gone??? Please tell me I’m just missing where it is???
  • Best camera app 5/5

    By loujenkins
    Works great and makes your pictures the makes you edit like a pro.
  • Camera + 5/5

    By Christs servant
    I use this app on so many of my photos. The clarify is great. It will make a dark photo bright. I love it.
  • Senior vp. 5/5

    By r.a. jake
    Of all the camera upgrades to this is one get.
  • 11/2017 upgrade 👎 1/5

    ... the recent upgrade has been disastrous for my iPhone 6 in two ways: 1. Slow to open and operate. 2. Unreliable about saving images to my camera roll. This is a fatal flaw.
  • Powerful camera, powerful editor 5/5

    By Humptybump
    The app keeps up with the changing capabilities of the iPhone camera. That’s a good thing. The design and development team are working very hard to add new capabilities and it shows with the feature rich Portrait implementation. The range slider is very powerful and the array of controls is the broadest I’ve tested. I’ve paid for several portrait editors and Camera+ is the only one still installed on my phone.
  • Best of the Best !!! 5/5

    Camera + is by far the best app on the market, don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself !!!
  • Excellent app 4/5

    By Rk mek
    Best app
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Monstrico
    My favorite app. Love it, recommend to everyone. But since the update for iPhone X. I keep getting the Bug. I have applied all the updates and still not working. Used to take countless pictures , now every 3 to 5 pictures the app gives the little message to report the bug. And stop working. I seriously hope you guys can fix it.
  • Great app 5/5

    By GreenNeitzen
    Very flexible and use it when I need to fix lighting
  • No access to Lightbox 1/5

    By Jemeryl
    I have purchased this app and unless you set your setting to save pictures to your iPad/iPhone you are not going to have access to them. It says the photos are saved to “lightbox” and you edit them in “the lab”, but I am not able to even find my photos. I went on Camera+ site and after and hour I was able to find a place to send an email for help. Unfortunately, what I received back from them was an automated email giving me a case number and asking to to please wait for someone to contact me. I have “iCloud sharing” enabled - but again, I need to have “Lightbox” which seems to not exist unless you are a guru or the like. I am glad I didn’t waste a lot of money - very disappointed in the app, and the creators for not having help available when needed.
  • Camera 5/5

    By *Longinus
    Great addition
  • Great camera 4/5

    By bastard76
    I like this camera a lot better than the stock one. Fun , easy to use and lots of options
  • Much better features 2 Poole cam 5/5

    By elDujo
    I’ve used it much more than the standard iPhone apps. Has many features that I need for my photos.
  • Not as sharp as stock camera 1/5

    By breakingtyson
    I bought this app because the stock camera app on the iPhone 7 makes your pictures look like watercolor paintings. This app is no better. The pictures I take with the stock camera app look way sharper and have far more detail. I've tried every setting in this app, even in RAW they look worse. I would like a refund developer!
  • It’s great 5/5

    By Former SuperCard Fan
    One of my favorite camera apps for iOS!
  • Fav app when shooting RAW 5/5

    By hetzelfde
    Using the iOs camera app for daily use but this gives me the control needed when shooting RAW, highly recommended
  • M 5/5

    By Invest long term
  • Not quite sure how to use it yet 2/5

    By SpinGFitness
    It’s hard to figure out. Also, it was a bit expensive but I thought it might be amazing. It’s just far.
  • Macro gone ..... 2/5

    By napereza
    This app originally has macro and I purchased this primarily because of that feature. Now it’s gone and I have to purchase it again. This app maybe is as good as it is, but they should not take something out that was already part of the app before. They can add more features to it or make another app that was not already on the existing ones. I don’t think this is right.
  • Waste of money 1/5

    By suzm85
    Keeps shutting down. Useless
  • Great! 5/5

    By JAKolkman
    Love this camera app!
  • Just keeps getting better 5/5

    By rickdelm
    I have been using this for a couple of years. I mostly use it for editing photos, but with the new version on my iPhone X I am also using it to shoot. The combination of the two has been pretty spectacular. I just can’t see going back to a regular camera.
  • Great App 5/5

    Although this can be a little slow (iPhone X), it’s still a fantastic app that I’ve used for a couple years now. It has great options, it’s pretty easy to use, and it’s constantly being developed and updated. Speaking of updates, DEVELOPER: Please feel free to add in a donation button inside the menu. Even though I paid for this app, I know that money is needed for “ongoing” development. Many users don’t agree with this mentality because we paid for the app, but I cannot think of anyone that wants to be paid once and then be expected to work for the next 10 years with no additional pay. Please don’t move to a subscription, we will all just move to another app.
  • U fukd ur app 1/5

    By studioarts
    can’t i leave zero stars? every image i take since the iPX update comes in with a random white balance & exposure! thanks for screwing up what used to be the most useful camera app i had.
  • Love the components 5/5

    By elejohn12
    Great camera
  • iPhone 7+ 5/5

    By Recon37
    Good app
  • Amazing. Text way too small. Confusing interface. 3/5

    By Salll
    Wonderful capabilities but text in help and elsewhere is simply microscopic. Please enable a setting for old people. Also, it’s impossible to know if something is a button or indicator. Very hard to use. Just copy Apple.
  • Excellent App. Great Quality!!! 5/5

    By 66Guns
    I love taking pictures and this app makes it become easier for me to look like a professional in the eyes of the beholder. This app really helps make your pictures more spectacular and exciting for people to see the finished product.
  • Perfect for pro's on the go. 5/5

    By Sonoftroy77
    As a professional wedding photographer, I take capturing images seriously. My pro equipment is heavy and expensive, so bringing it with me everywhere I go isn't practical. Being able to rely on my phone to take images the way I see them is very important to me, and this app let's me do that. Thank you for making something that not only does what it suppose to, but also goes above and beyond. Raw image capturing, editing, and control of exposure through aperture, shutter, and iso variations... just perfect.
  • Incredible app 5/5

    By 85Fighton
    Just speechless how intuitive this app is. Amazing.
  • I love it! 5/5

    By moogietoots420
    There are so many options! I love the clarify button! One click and your picture looks so much better. If I am in a hurry I know I can come here press the clarify button, tweak a very little bit and be done! Super fast and easy! Love it!
  • Excellent Update 5/5

    By Cobrakhana
    The latest update for IOS 11 gives users full manual control of the dual camera system on my iPhone X and is very intuitive to use. Make sure you have upgraded to iOS 11 and enjoy! Best camera app available period!!

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