Camera360 - Selfie Sticker Cam

Camera360 - Selfie Sticker Cam

  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 9.0.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: PinGuo Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Camera360 - Selfie Sticker Cam App

Camera360 has more than 800 million users and was selected by Apple’s official App Store as “Annual Featured Apps”two consecutive years in a row. Camera360 has been awarded the “Global Top Developer” title, and was selected as the “2016 Annual Featured App” by Google Play in many countries and regions Feature Highlights 【New Homepage】 The new homepage of Camera360 will give you a concise and confortable visual experience. 【Motion Sticker & 3D Funny Sticker】 Camera360 revolutionary 3D Funny Stickers will make your photos and video selfies creative and more of fun. 【Challenge】 All kinds of fun capture challenges for you to join; never worry about people not "Liking" your photos! Try 3D Funny Stickers and short videos together! 【Beauty & Makeup】 Try our real-time makeup beauty camera. Big eyes, whiten tooth, charming lips, slim nose and small face... beauty camera knows what you want! Become a goddess instantly with default beauty and makeup photo editor. 【Exquisite Filters】 Over 100 classic photo filters to make you a master photographer! Live filters include Magic Skin/Sky/Color, Mirror, Double Exposure, Film, HDR, Storm, Starry Night, B&W, Bokeh, Sketch, etc. 【Contact Us】 ●Email us at: ●Follow us on: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Camera360_Official


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Camera360 - Selfie Sticker Cam app reviews

  • Review 5/5

    By Vlblake Norman 56
    This app is fun to use because of how many different filters there are.
  • Bunny ears. 5/5

    By docpauldpm
    Very cool
  • Used to be better 2/5

    By lolilolilolipopbum bum bum
    I only rated it two stars because I hate the updates and also my photo cloud is gone 😕 so yeah other than that cool filters nice camera
  • Beauty Cam 5/5

    By Tah women
    Loving this app
  • Zahrash 5/5

    By zahra3780
  • Love it 5/5

    By For_alyona
    Great app. Makes beautiful selfies and fun filter cameras. Love it
  • New update is terrible 1/5

    By Blacknosugar
    No way to turn off stickers for selfies
  • How to use this app - what’s the point 2/5

    By Kagee814
    Received as a Christmas gift in 2016. Never used. Can’t find out even in what this is supposed to do, tried to watch the intro video, which doesn’t leave the first frame about stickers. Really? You want me to rate this?
  • Bring back CLOUD ALBUM NOW 1/5

    By Tristan D. Mom
    I loved this until until u just saw they’re getting rid of the cloud album which is one of the main reasons why i actually likes the album. I have lots of pictures and memories on that cloud album that i didn’t get a chance to download. Due to the slowness of the app. I need those pictures back ASAP! Bring back the CLOUD ALBUM NOW ‼️🤬😡
  • Can’t wait for the update. Amazing customer service! 5/5

    By Double-B81
    Too many ads! It use to be a nice app but because of the ads you can’t barely use the app anymore. Update: I received an email from them after this review. I love that they are responsive and listens to their customer. Because of this I give them 5 stars! “Really sorry for bothering you, we will adjust the ads strategy soon and try our best to create a smooth experience during use; also the ad-free version is in the plan, hope you like after it is released. Sorry again and looking forward to your support."
  • Photos 1/5

    By Breeanamariee
    Is today the last day you have to export your photos before they are gone for good?
  • I LOVE THIS APP 😍😍😍😍😍 5/5

    By Toricatlover
    It’s so cute and kawaii and fun you can EDIT ANYTHING 😍😍😍😍💗💗💗💗💗💗
  • Was once an a AWESOME App! 1/5

    By reachify
    I’ve been loyal to this App until lately. It was working very well with the options of editing the photos exactly how you’d want it to appear like choosing Glossy or Rosy, now you can’t even find those options and even when you find certain options, the update makes the pictures look flawlessly fake. I never used the stickers or all these other features that’s on there now, and to make matters worse, the camera is also gone. You now have to use your phone camera to capture the photographs, then import them into Camera360. When you import, the photos look distorted, blurred and so forth. It’s really unfortunate, but I’m going to delete it once I find another editing app.
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By Tommy Lamtuong
    Good job
  • Nice App 5/5

    By Zaw Thant
    I like this app and useful
  • Nice app 5/5

    By Pastor Rivas
    Excelent app is funny
  • Love this up 5/5

    By Enilyahdfgas
    It enhances your looks and make you more pretty🤗
  • Having difficulty 2/5

    By Firepreventor
    I can’t get the remote to work
  • GREATFUL 5/5

    By Wild krazy 1
    Love this app make me feel really good about myself. THANK YOU.
  • I finally found it 5/5

    By #CertainI'mRight
    I didn’t want to I was in allowed to have Snapchat and this is perfect I can send all these pictures to my Besty‘s
  • Amazing. 5/5

    By Zhushwah
    I’ve never written a review before, but this app deserves one. The camera and filters are exceptional. Well done.
  • 🤔 2/5

    By Zzzzzzzzz10976
    I use to love this app but now it drains my battery completely! And the filters I once loved aren’t like it use to be.
  • Perfect 5/5

    By PeuGriffiths
    I love it!! The best. Tanks a lot for it!
  • Hdhd 5/5

    By jojo-mn
    Dep vcl
  • Good 5/5

    By itsamazonliz
    I like this app 😎
  • Grace Effect 1/5

    By True Mavinola
    What happened to the Grace effect?
  • Nami 5/5

    By -Hai Lua-
    Is soo cool!!!
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By LifelessZephyr
    I remember back when this app first came out in the App Store. It was breathtaking. So so far ahead of any and all photo editing apps at the time, and I spread the word like wild fire. Fast forward like 4ish years and I get the inkling to re download it. What happened? There's already enough photo sharing platforms, there's already enough crowded, cutesy feeds. I loved how minimal the 1st edition of this app was. Import, make photographic art, and cherish. Not all of this.
  • Gửi tin 5/5

    By Hue Thai
    Cũng tốt
  • Camera 360 5/5

    By Phạm Văn Chính
  • Great app 5/5

    By Trin101
    I Love it!!i use it all the times! Great to give pic the finishing touch!

    By Dayshaaaaaaaaaaa
    The app often won’t load photos , requires internet connection . You can only take ONE PHOTO AT A TIME! Camera + has been much better
  • Wow! 1/5

    By JustNinaJenn
    I used to love this app, before it tried to turn into a social media crapfest! Literally WHAT THE FECK happened? A 4-5 Star photo & editing app turned into a clusterfuck of ads, a wanna be “instafacebook”, and is so horrible to navigate!! I pity the developer whose brain fart it was to overhaul 360 into a hot mess of poop (sorry!)
  • ... 4/5

    By xhienekenx
    Is this app going to be closed? 😕
  • How to remove the ads 3/5

    By qkrdndus
    I like the app but how can i remove the ads? Or can i purchase the app without ads?
  • AWESOME 5/5

    By Bibs_toby
    Gosh!!! This is the BOMB!!!
  • Used to Love this app 1/5

    By rouge_matet721
    I really used to love this app until now that there's all kinda of crap kitten or girls faces pop up when we try to take regular photos. I liked the older version where I can choose which filter I want. I like the Natural and Rosy. but now even I choose one of them, it would still give me like fake make up. You guys should fix this app and get rid of those weird stuff.
  • This App was great until I got a new phone 1/5

    By Chelsealeeh
    I have been using the Camera360 app for almost 2 years now and loved it so much! 75% of my photos went through this app because I used the same effects on all so that they are cohesive. Well I was forced to get a new phone and when the app re-downloaded on my new phone the effects that I had added on my old phone are no longer available and no where to be found or bought. Very disappointing not sure what to do now other than try and find a similar app with similar effects/filters.
  • Auto auto tuning isn't appreciated . 2/5

    By TaptapxD
    I loved this app more before it would auto photoshop your face. Bigger eyes and a smaller face shape are cool when you *want* them. If we could turn that feature off it would be awesome. Because I love the filters and the color tones that come from this app, but that doesn't mean that I want my face to be auto tuned when I didn't add that feature on manually.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Herzac
    It's a wonderful app.
  • Why are you closings this app 5/5

    By Salvatheresa
    I would like to know why are you closing this app please
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By Tulita74
    Just one problem hold the button to record i wish hands free video recorder.,, but amazing
  • Optimize 5/5

    By Juniorsuns
    Can you guys optimize it more please
  • Review for Camera360 5/5

    By Tweetie bird 🎶
    I love this app because I love how it kinda relates to snapchat. It’s great for little kids who can’t get snapchat because it has filters that are almost the same. I definitely recommend this app!
  • Fun Photos 5/5

    By nitawash
    If you like to take pictures this is the app. I have had so much fun with it!
  • Loved it, not so much now :( 2/5

    By Jdisbn
    I used to love this app, even when it was just new. I loved it because the camera was bright even in low lighting. Now it isn’t. I loved it because I can adjust the filters from 0% to 100% depending on my preference. Now you can still adjust it, BUT after clicking on save, it becomes and saves the 100% version which makes the pictures too fake. I always end up closing the app, deleting the saved edited picture and using a different photo editing app. :( I wish these get fixed so I can go back to enjoying the app.
  • Use to be good 1/5

    By NickFedd
    Every time I use this app there are big changes. It has changed for the worse. Right now none of the filters are working properly....when you select the filter style and then select the range from 1 to 100, it defaults to 100 every time. So you have to use each filter at 100 percent. And these filters are heavy at 100. Terrible. Terrible. Don't waste your time.
  • I used to love this app. 2/5

    By Deeashley
    UPDATED REVIEW Nov. 2017: Any other app would have been deleted a long time ago if I’d had the problems I’ve had with this one. I’ve just been reluctant to let it go because I loved it so much in the beginning! But this is the last straw. On top of the other issues I’ve experienced (see the handful of previous reviews below this one), I now cannot use this app without getting at least four or five pop-up ads** before I can even finish one project or edit! I hate to say it because I still love many of its features, but I cannot support the direction this app is going and I’m going to have to delete it now. There have been too many questionable “improvements,” gross lack of customer service, and (IMO), too much focus on cheesy stickers and childish novelty effects. I’m guessing these are geared primarily toward the pre-teen female population - A demographic for which I no longer qualify. I’ve had this app since before it was even focused on the English speaking population - in other words, since the beginning. I miss what it used to be... ... And so, It’s with a heavy heart I say goodbye. **Oddly enough, I do NOT see even an in-app purchase option to get rid of those annoying ads! That seems like a bad move in terms of customer satisfaction and a rather dubious approach to business ethics overall (and quite honestly, just foolish) to me. **** Previous reviews: **** GPS is still broken. Gives one of the two coordinates (latitude, longitude), a "0", thus placing me somewhere in north Africa or the Atlantic Ocean. It's really annoying and it's been like that for over two years now! Please fix it! Updated on 12/15/17 **** SUPPLEMENTAL: Previously, I had rated this app five stars and now I've knocked it down to two for the following reasons: Unfortunately, as another reviewer mentioned, my GPS data is still completely wrong (it always shows one of the coordinates is '0.000), and typically shows me somewhere off the northern coast of Africa or the Atlantic ocean. This is very frustrating for a couple reasons: first of all I used to use this app as my primary camera function because I preferred its effects over that of the native app, but was still able to use the GPS to reference my locations. I have tried everything I can think of, including deleting the app and reinstalling the app, but this solution only worked for a very brief period, perhaps the first couple times I used it after a new download. Then it goes back to doing the same thing again. Secondly, having to go back and delete the erroneous GPS data is a huge pain in the butt. I've had several people ask me in the past if the information is correct (as a general rule, rural Texas farmland or downtown Dallas looks decidedly different than Mumbai or an infinite sea of blue), and I end up having to go back and correct the information, which is very time-consuming. This is the major issue I have with this app, and the only issue that keeps me from using this app any longer. Another less critical issue that I've had with the last few updates, are some of the changes within the user interface. I realize that many of these changes are simply personal preferences and that an app that is any good will eventually change and evolve over time. Basically, I find it is less intuitive and more difficult to navigate to the options that I typically use and/or need. This has proven frustrating (although I will admit, I use this app less less frequently because of the aforementioned GPS issues). And lastly, I sometimes have an issue with my resulting post-edit photo looking very grainy after it is saved, rendering it unusable. I hope that that issue does not become the norm because that would also render this app unusable. ☹☹☹ Prior review: I LOVE this app. I use it more than almost any other. I only hope that the devs don't "break what isn't broken," meaning that the plethora of bigger and greater updates have recently been a bit over the top. The app's previous UI was perfectly fine, even preferable to the more "flashy," UI eye candy direction these last couple updates have leaned toward... I've seen it happen before. Please don't ruin a good thing!! Aside from that concern, I can safely say that I have never come across an app that covered so broad a scope in the entire photo/iphoneography process. Amazingly, they have managed to pack this app with TONS of editing, live previews, novelties, typography tools, and much more, and they've done it quite well. I've never had this app crash on me, and it still provides many features that are truly unique to this app alone. I was so impressed actually, that I started downloading many of their other photo apps - to varying degrees of satisfaction. In short, this app is their crowning achievement as well as a feat of app development. The "layers of the onion" are still offering up various goodies to me, even though I've used this app frequently for at least three-four years now! In short, it's worth every megabyte it takes up on your iPhone/iPad. Take the time to delve into its features and you won't be disappointed! *side-note: check out their Mix app. I deleted it at first without giving much time to checking out its features and I lost the chance to see the true power behind this app. It really is something to be commended, as well as innovative in its implementation. It has strong undertones that resemble the 360 app, but it's power is unique. It's worth a download too!
  • Fun, but keeps opening iTunes 4/5

    By Quiet mama
    When I’m on the moving filters (not sure how to word that) it sometimes will open iTunes and ask me to start a free trial. I just downloaded this today and really enjoy it. I don’t want this app to open things outside my permission though :(
  • Filters Not Showing Up Anymore 3/5

    By LPinCLE
    I love using this app but there are probably about 20 filter categories that aren’t showing up anymore. Storm, Film Flex, Hollywood, Black & White, etc. Even when I’m signed into my account - it doesn’t even give me the option to unlock them. They are just not there. Not sure what happened but my favorite ones are missing now which is why I rate it 3 stars vs. 5

Camera360 - Selfie Sticker Cam app comments


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