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Candy ABC Alphabet Full

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Candy ABC Alphabet Full App

Candy ABC Alphabet Full (Candybots) - Endless Learning A to Z English Alphabet - Kid educational app Welcome to Candy ABC Alphabet world - learn A to Z in a sweet way creatively! Meet ABC candy friends and have fun with 52 new words of 26 letters! Your preschoolers learn to spell these correctly: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y and Z with Candy and surprise eggs. How to make your kids happy to learn the ABC Alphabet? What is the difference between A and H? How to teach your kids spell "Lion"? Can preschoolers build up solid vocabulary Alphabet and reading well? For each letter ABC, touch the surprise egg to read a word: A is for Apple, B is for Baby, Car, Duck, Eggs, Pig… For language growth, our app encourages kids to learn ABC alphabet and new vocabulary words - Discover and join in a lot of amusing activities! The main focus of this creative app - Candy ABC Alphabet Full is to guide children learn A to Z with these features: - ABC's sequence: 26 capital letters are shown repeatedly in the app to support kids to learn sequence of A B C D E F... - Learn new words: Start at the word "Apple", our Candy ABC Alphabet Full help your kids develop solid vocabulary. Tap the surprise eggs to discover words. - A to Z memorizing: Creative cartoons for reviewing, spelling and remembering letters and words. - Candy ABC Alphabet Full: The drag-and-drop interface is easy to use, and the objects easily fall into place. - Standard American - English: Easy to hear, exact American - English of native kid voice, helps children get acquainted to this global language much easier. - English letter ABC recognition: Kids start by choosing their favorite candy friend and join in activity, preschoolers learn to spell, identify 26 capital letters and distinguish letters pronounced or written similarly. - No ads in Candybots apps. Tips: Enter "Candybots" in the search bar of Appstore, Google Play Store, YouTube and Google to find all our products. Looking for fun apps that foster creativity in kids from 2 - 8 years old? Candybots products are for children: ***Educational apps for toddlers: - Learn basic English in a fun, easy and simple way together with parents and family: ABC, 123, Shape, Color, Animal, Fruit... - Guide your preschool children: how to count numbers, how to spell the alphabet, how to draw shapes, how to call names of animals, and play with colors… ***Creative apps for kids - play games with fun: - These helps kids explore different roles, learn how things work, and learn how to work with others: how to be a doctor? how to be a farmer, a singer, a tailor, a superhero...? - Adventures are designed specifically for kids to uncover their hobbies and forts at very young age. Kid good dreams can start here creatively in the very first right concepts and orientation ***Songs and cartoons videos for babies: - Guide kids about kindness, sharing, courage, friendship and love.... ; Provide nursery rhymes, goodnight songs, bedtime story book and music. - Kids' vocabulary, creativity and awareness of society are built up. Candybots kid games and educational apps are designed for your iPad, iPhone and Android device. Play anytime and anywhere - apps do not require active internet connections. Your child have a great time spending with us and think creatively while having fun! Kids play & learn, loved & trusted by Parents. Friendly and colorful Candybots characters. Find out more at

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