Canon Camera Connect

Canon Camera Connect

  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 2.2.10
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Canon Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Canon Camera Connect App

Canon Camera Connect is an application to transfer images shot with compatible Canon cameras to smartphone/tablet. By connecting to a camera with Wi-Fi (direct connection or via wireless router), this application provides the following features: ・Transfer and save camera images to a smartphone. ・Remote shoot with live view imaging of the camera from a smartphone. This application also provides the following features for compatible cameras. ・Acquire location information from a smartphone and add it to the images on the camera. ・Switch to a Wi-Fi connection from pairing status with a Bluetooth enabled camera. ・Remote release of the camera shutter with a Bluetooth connection. [Features and compatible models] 1) Wi-Fi connection with the camera for image transfer and remote live view shooting. 2) Adding location information to camera images 3) Bluetooth connection with enabled cameras [Supporting features: 1, 2, 3] PowerShot G1 X Mark III ** / SX730 HS ** / G9 X Mark II EOS M100** / Rebel SL2 ** , 200D **/ M6 / M5 [Supporting features: 1, 3] EOS 6D Mark II / 77D / Rebel T7i , 800D (Remote release of the camera shutter via Bluetooth is available with the BR-E1, sold separately) [Supporting features: 1, 2] PowerShot SX430 IS / SX432 IS / SX620 HS / G7 X MarkII / SX720 HS / SX540 HS / SX420 IS / G5 X / G9 X / G3 X / SX530 HS / SX 710 HS / SX 610 HS / G7 X / SX60 HS / N2 / G1 X Mark II / SX700 HS / SX600 HS / N100 PowerShot ELPH 360 HS / 190 IS / 350 HS / 340 HS IXUS 190 / 285 HS / 180 / 182 / 275 HS / 265 HS PowerShot G16* / S120* / S200* / SX510 HS* / SX280 HS* / N* / A3500 IS* / A3550 IS* / S110* PowerShot ELPH 330 HS* / 130 IS* / 120 IS* IXUS 255 HS* / 140* / 135* / 245 HS* [Supporting features: 1] EOS 5D Mark IV / Rebel T6, 1300D / 80D / Rebel T6s, 760D / Rebel T6i, 750D / 70D(W) / 6D (WG/W) / M10 / M3 / M2 (W) PowerShot ELPH 530 HS* / 320 HS*, IXUS 510 HS* / 240 HS* VIXIA HF R80*/ HF R82* LEGRIA HF R86* / HF R87*/ HF R88* * Does not support Remote live view shooting **Add location information to images on the camera via Bluetooth. -Operating System  iOS 9.3/10.3/11.0 -Bluetooth System Requirement For Bluetooth connection, the camera needs to have a Bluetooth function, and your device needs to have Bluetooth 4.0 or later (supports Bluetooth Low energy technology). ・Bluetooth 4.0 supported devices: iPhone 4s or later, iPad 3rd gen. or later, iPod touch 5th gen. or later. -Compatible File Types JPEG, MP4, MOV ・Importing original RAW (.CR2) files is not supported (RAW files are resized to JPEG). ・MOV files shot with EOS cameras cannot be saved. ・AVCHD files shot with Camcorder cannot be saved. -Important Notes ・If application does not operate properly, try again after shutting down the application. ・Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.  ・In the case of using Power Zoom Adapter, please set the Live View function to ON. ・The images may include your personal information such as GPS data. Be careful when posting images online where many others can view them. ・Visit your local Canon Web pages for more details.


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Canon Camera Connect app reviews

  • Won’t connect to phone 1/5

    By Bridg9616
    I’ve been having problems with the app connecting my camera to my phone even after the last couple updates. App won’t connect to my phone at all now.
  • Doesn’t connect with iOS 11.2 2/5

    By Seikaharp
    I used to love this app when it worked. I just updated to the new iOS 11.2 though and redownloaded the app. It doesn’t connect at all no matter what I do with network settings. Very disappointed.
  • never works 1/5

    By jfkoenckal
    It never works
  • App doesn’t work with iPhone X 1/5

    By App review semi-official 913
    No matter what I do, the app will not work with the iPhone X. To hopefully help the developers: - when I connect to my camera Wi-Fi on he iPhone X, it shows up as connected in settings - when I go to the canon connect camera app, the Wi-Fi connection shows as connected then immediately disconnects. - my phone defaults back to the Wi-Fi network I was previously on. Ive tested this in areas with no other Wi-Fi networks to make sure it wasn’t skewing functionality, but the same problems persisted.
  • Tough to connect 2/5

    By Scan95
    Play around with it long enough and it will (as in might) connect. Basically I haven’t found the secret to consistently getting the app and camera linked. Sometimes easy, sometimes darn near impossible.
  • Great when it actually connects 2/5

    By White Peppa
    The camera seems to decide arbitrarily whether or not it will connect to my devices. WiFi connection is easy to make, but the app actually connecting once WiFi is established seems to be purely based on chance. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. Just now spent about half an hour connecting and disconnecting WiFi, turning Bluetooth on and off, restarting the app, camera, and phone to try from scratch - basically every possible order of events I can think of. No luck. Please make the connection process more reliable.
  • Used to work with my iPhone 1/5

    By AA in Mountain View
    Was always non-intuitive to use but at least it worked. Now I can’t transfer pictures at all. And of course the ‘Easy Connection Guide’ is anything but... I have a PowerShot ELPH190IS Disappointing
  • Disconnects by itself automatically 1/5

    By Alin3rs
    I’m on an iPhone X and a point and shoot Canon SX530 HS. Connecting to WiFi and downloading pics the very first time was easy. Unfortunately, every time after that it literally disconnects by itself almost immediately and I am not able to download anything to my phone. Very discouraging and highly annoying. Come on Canon, fix your stuff. I know you can do better than this!
  • I love it 5/5

    By Kasscandi
    I have the canon sx530 && I watched a YouTube video how to set it up & let me tell u this is the easiest app to transfer photos from your camera to the iPhone 6s , no complaints I love it ❤️
  • Elementary 1/5

    By Whyzguy
    This must have been an elementary school coding contest. Unbelievably poor instruction set and likewise mind numbing installation process. EOS remote was balky, but this takes useless to an entirely new level.
  • Needs raw transfer option 3/5

    By Taci
    This app is easy, connects quickly enough though it was tough to find on the 5d mark 4. My g7x has a button for it. Easy enough to transfer my images to my iPad but I am sad that it doesn’t let you transfer raw files so if I want to put Raws in Lightroom cc I have to use my camera connect which doesn’t support CF so it’s a whole thing.
  • App not working. 1/5

    By redvii
    In the previous version of this app it was workin great. Now that I have the iPhone 8 the camera won’t connect, even when there is a successful WiFi connection.
  • Used to work 1/5

    By Nicolitafaj299
    After this past update, the app no longer works with my camera. Please fix this, i loved how easy it was to use and how fast it took to transfer images to my cellphone
  • Keeps disconnecting - iPhone 8+ 1/5

    By robtronik
    I can get the app to connect for a few seconds, then it automatically disconnects on its own. Can’t get it to stay connected. Very frustrating.
  • Ridiculous 1/5

    By Tcp102
    Only real feature this adds is geotagging, and it hardly works for any cameras. There’s absolutely no reason why this couldn’t add location to the EXIF data on an attached M-series camera, but it doesn’t. Typical pointless Canon feature segregation.
  • This app is a 1/5

    By GreginJax
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Tigh61
    After downloading the recent update I can’t sent images to my phone anymore. This happened before. The camera is virtually useless to me now. Smart phones are destroying the point n shoot market. If Canon can’t get this fixed, they’re shooting them selves in the foot. It has been frustrating trying to get it to function. Worked fine before the update
  • Your Remote Control Solution 4/5

    By Markietots
    I used this for my Canon T6. I suggest you set this up prior to an event because it’s a bit complicate doing this on the fly. Also, I wish it can do “monitor” mode. Like send the pic you just took from the camera to the iPad but you still do the control on the camera. So you can preview your photos in a larger screen.
  • Garbage. 1/5

    By Oldguythatplaysgames
    Can’t/won’t/refuses to connect to my iPhone X. I was able to use it when I had a 6s plus, but since upgrade to new phone, nada. My iPhone will connect to the camera but that’s it, nothing else after that, no communication between app and iPhone, disconnects from WiFi as soon as soon as the app starts looking for iPhone. Such a disappointment.
  • Ver issue 3/5

    By Jeff845
    11/21 update (ver build 707) has issue with iPhone X where icons used to transfer pics from camera to phone are hidden by the bar at bottom of iPhone X making it difficult to select. Older version of camera connect had these icons slightly above that bar making them easily accessible
  • good all round but 5/5

    By panthee84
    my old mini ipad work better with the old retired EOS remote app, faster to load and picture review seem natural. i cant find anything to complain on newer devices 5 stars rating to use with newer devices i recommend to get EOS remote to use with older devices
  • Ugh 1/5

    By Purple pup1022
    Can not get my camera to connect at all. Wish you would just update the cannon camera window for iOS 11 because that app works amazingly and I never had an issue with it.
  • Was an amazing app, update makes my work harder 5/5

    By Wildcardfox
    I'm a freelance photographer for a major motorsports publication. This app has been crucial to my work for taking long exposures while having the camera mount high and far away from me. Update: 11/21/17 This app is back to being great!!! Love it. Wouldn’t work without it!!!
  • New Update Still Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By Farley213
    Update to my original review is simply this...the app still doesn’t connect to my camera via iPad or iPhone. So basically no update. Oh took a lot longer for it to tell me it disconnected so I guess that’s something! Original review: This is going on months and months of not being able to connect my camera! What the hell is the point of bragging you can use an app with your products if it is completely useless?! Used to use this constantly and now I can't use it all. Just as others have said, it won't connect and have had to reset the camera over and over and it still won't stick. PLEASE fix this! One of the reasons I bought the camera to begin with was for the wifi connectivity to my phone and iPad.
  • Could use a bit of help on the “Easy connection guide “ 2/5

    By HoBo cycling
    Was able to make it work on a G1 X Mark II but it’s not intuitive. First go to your iPhones WiFi settings. Then press the playback button on the camera. Next press the WiFi button on the camera. Refresh your WiFi by pulling down on the iPhone screen. The cameras SSID name/number should show up as a WiFi point. Choose it. Wait for the blue check mark to the left to make sure you are connected to the camera. Launch the app. The camera screen should change and show a iPhone image outline. Hopefully it’s connected and the option to select photos will now be available plus the other attributes of the app. Good luck! *quick update : when connecting you want your phone open to WiFi settings. I started the camera after this recent update and had no problems. Was able to remote shoot using the app too. All good at this point.
  • Provides useful functionality but is very slow. 2/5

    By xeno_sapien
    Also, the app automatically resizes downloaded images and drastically lowers the resolution when saving photos over WiFi. There’s no reasonable explanation as to why it does that.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By BruthaManFrmDa5thFlo
    The very first time that I connected my camera to the software or the app it went smoothly. Sometimes I wonder why other people have such a hard time. I love the fact that I can be out and about, Capture an image of someone or something and I’m able to send it to people almost instantly!
  • EOS 8000D 5/5

    By Salah Khatib
    Works pretty well. Never had any issues.
  • Gets the job done 5/5

    By HerezJonny
    This app isn’t perfect, but is built exceptionally intuitive and useful. It’s clearly not a perfect app with little subtitles that can use improvement, but it definitely allows the user to effectively transfer images wirelessly and use the camera remotely. This app get its done.
  • S.O.S.! This is Garbage! 1/5

    By I'm unimpressed what's up
    This app does NOT work. It refuses to connect with the camera. VERY FRUSTRATING. Harms my ability to do business by sharing pics from the field with my clients. Very irritated with Canon. :-(
  • Terrible 1/5

    By fotogirlsb
    I’ve only been able to use this app a couple of times. Every time I try to use it it will not connect. The camera finds phone and my hotspot says the camera is connected, yet the app will not connect to the camera! Why advertise a WiFi transferable camera when it’s obviously not one since the app doesn’t work!
  • App keeps crashing!! 1/5

    By P.B. 67#
    Please fix asap cannot open app without it crashing
  • Laptop compatibility? 3/5

    By Anabananabegginer
    What if I want to see this but on my phone laptop?
  • update!! 3/5

    By DizzleDopDoop
    the app worked fine but now it doesn’t because of the new iPhone update.. please update!
  • It doesn’t work 1/5

    By egfugjdsyno
    I open the app and my iPhone goes white and then it just takes me back to my home screen
  • WOW!!! 5/5

    By Andreas B9
    I connected my iPhone in 5sec. I couldn’t believe that I have so much control. This is amazing. I love it.
  • :( 1/5

    By Ecoli@Chipotle
    I just spent an hour trying to figure out how to send myself a video on my phone from the camera on this new app, but after all of that, sending videos apparently doesn’t work and I’m really upset about it. Please fix
  • Delightfully surprised 5/5

    By Rob Dozier
    ...and you will too when it connects. Mine did from EOS D6 to my new iPad. Took a few minutes, and I suppose there are other options but took it right to the camera, and could see the photos on the card, download whichever I wanted, or remotely operate the camera, then, use the laptop to directly upload to social media. Splendid.
  • Can’t download pictures 3/5

    By CVUSA
    Unable to transfer pictures to iPhone X.
  • Disconnect issues 1/5

    By Forensic84
    The app will not stay connected long enough to send photos. As soon as I go through the connection process the app and camera disconnect from each other and I have to start all over again. This appears to be a common issue. Why hasn’t it been fixed.
  • Need to support RAW Images 1/5

    By Rostrum Records
    I really like the app but the only problem is that I almost always shoot in RAW. Since the app doesn't support .CR2 images.
  • Good for pics Trash for vids 2/5

    By Reap Genius
    Theirs no hope for transferring videos at all
  • Doesn’t work on iPhone 8 2/5

    By LexPantera
    Phone software won’t connect to camera, never completes set up.
  • Perfect again 1/5

    By Deannau9
    Here we go again. I accidentally updated the app and my camera stopped connecting to my phone. Does anyone know of any other Canon connection app? This is ridiculous.
  • Really good in my case but one problem 4/5

    By Morgs7120
    I have a canon power shot and take all these amazing pictures and when I’m done I obviously want it in my computer or iPhone to edit. So I turn it on and a send I picture to my phone and that one picture works but then all the sudden it says disconnected? I don’t know if it’s my phone or camera but I need someone to answer this question ASAP
  • Doesn’t work anymore! 1/5

    By Yayabless
    This app used to work perfectly. Now I cannot connect to my camera. It will say connected but the minute I select view images on camera, it says camera is not connected. This is VERY frustrating, especially because this camera never came with a cord for easy connection.
  • Does not work 1/5

    By Vanillawhip
    I use a canon m3 and this app works terribly. It only ever shows such a small subset of photos even if you widen the date range. Useless app
  • Connection issues 1/5

    By Spinnersend77
    Wifi is connected but it’s app isn’t downloading
  • Horrible…Worst App Ever for Photographers 1/5

    By ElohimThaGod
    I’ve only made one connection to my phone from my camera but that’s one out of ten tries with the app. Plus the WiFi connection I have is great for it to not be connecting. After this time I will be deleting this app off my phone since it’s basically a waste of space.
  • Terrible. 1/5

    By Ms. Photog
    This app is the worst. Connecting to my phone every time takes entirely too long. Now that I’ve updated my 7Plus with the new software, it doesn’t connect at all. I expect more from Canon.

Canon Camera Connect app comments


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