Canon Camera Connect

Canon Camera Connect

  • Category: Photo & Video
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  • Current Version: 2.2.10
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Canon Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Canon Camera Connect App

Canon Camera Connect is an application to transfer images shot with compatible Canon cameras to smartphone/tablet. By connecting to a camera with Wi-Fi (direct connection or via wireless router), this application provides the following features: ・Transfer and save camera images to a smartphone. ・Remote shoot with live view imaging of the camera from a smartphone. This application also provides the following features for compatible cameras. ・Acquire location information from a smartphone and add it to the images on the camera. ・Switch to a Wi-Fi connection from pairing status with a Bluetooth enabled camera. ・Remote release of the camera shutter with a Bluetooth connection. [Features and compatible models] 1) Wi-Fi connection with the camera for image transfer and remote live view shooting. 2) Adding location information to camera images 3) Bluetooth connection with enabled cameras [Supporting features: 1, 2, 3] PowerShot G1 X Mark III ** / SX730 HS ** / G9 X Mark II EOS M100** / Rebel SL2 ** , 200D **/ M6 / M5 [Supporting features: 1, 3] EOS 6D Mark II / 77D / Rebel T7i , 800D (Remote release of the camera shutter via Bluetooth is available with the BR-E1, sold separately) [Supporting features: 1, 2] PowerShot SX430 IS / SX432 IS / SX620 HS / G7 X MarkII / SX720 HS / SX540 HS / SX420 IS / G5 X / G9 X / G3 X / SX530 HS / SX 710 HS / SX 610 HS / G7 X / SX60 HS / N2 / G1 X Mark II / SX700 HS / SX600 HS / N100 PowerShot ELPH 360 HS / 190 IS / 350 HS / 340 HS IXUS 190 / 285 HS / 180 / 182 / 275 HS / 265 HS PowerShot G16* / S120* / S200* / SX510 HS* / SX280 HS* / N* / A3500 IS* / A3550 IS* / S110* PowerShot ELPH 330 HS* / 130 IS* / 120 IS* IXUS 255 HS* / 140* / 135* / 245 HS* [Supporting features: 1] EOS 5D Mark IV / Rebel T6, 1300D / 80D / Rebel T6s, 760D / Rebel T6i, 750D / 70D(W) / 6D (WG/W) / M10 / M3 / M2 (W) PowerShot ELPH 530 HS* / 320 HS*, IXUS 510 HS* / 240 HS* VIXIA HF R80*/ HF R82* LEGRIA HF R86* / HF R87*/ HF R88* * Does not support Remote live view shooting **Add location information to images on the camera via Bluetooth. -Operating System  iOS 9.3/10.3/11.0 -Bluetooth System Requirement For Bluetooth connection, the camera needs to have a Bluetooth function, and your device needs to have Bluetooth 4.0 or later (supports Bluetooth Low energy technology). ・Bluetooth 4.0 supported devices: iPhone 4s or later, iPad 3rd gen. or later, iPod touch 5th gen. or later. -Compatible File Types JPEG, MP4, MOV ・Importing original RAW (.CR2) files is not supported (RAW files are resized to JPEG). ・MOV files shot with EOS cameras cannot be saved. ・AVCHD files shot with Camcorder cannot be saved. -Important Notes ・If application does not operate properly, try again after shutting down the application. ・Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.  ・In the case of using Power Zoom Adapter, please set the Live View function to ON. ・The images may include your personal information such as GPS data. Be careful when posting images online where many others can view them. ・Visit your local Canon Web pages for more details.


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Canon Camera Connect app reviews

  • LOVE ITT!!! 5/5

    By Lazertazer718
    This app is literally The best. Its helps you control your Camera if its on a tripod and you have no remote. You can also Download your images on the go and Delete your images quicker than On a laptop or on the actual camera. I would just keep making improvements on the connection and Somehow get Videos through even it kills the quality! Overall Good app for on the go and in a pinch :)
  • Continues to disconnect 1/5

    By WKoscreamjc
    Every time I use this app to transfer photos from my cannon g7x to my iPhone, it always disconnects during the process. It’s only worked maybe one out of the hundreds of times I’ve done it. This never happened before with the old app. Please fix this bug.
  • Awful 1/5

    By mykljd
    Just a terrible canon app. Nothing will pair. Shame on canon for such junk.
  • The app before was better 1/5

    By Seedless07
    What a garbage app, the one they had before was much easier to navigate and connect your devices. This app is just awful... unfortunately, I still needed to transfers my picture/videos to my phone so I guess I’m S.O.L. Thanks canon !
  • Canon makes great cameras and Terrible iPhone apps. 1/5

    By swelker92113
    I love being able to use the remote live view function and transfer photos wirelessly to my phone, but man alive...this app is so slow. I can plug in the camera to a computer, upload the photos, and air drop them to my phone all in the time it takes me to get my phone connected to this cameras WiFi through the ridiculously complex menu system, and wait for the app to show that it’s connected. What’s worse, is that the app doesn’t work at all on the new IPhone X. Makes me think I should have just bought a Sony camera instead.
  • Can’t connect worthless app 1/5

    By jcturboax
    It works 1 out of 10 times because it can’t connect... I have an iPhone X and a 77D it’s pointless. As much technology is in both devices I should be able to control certain aspects of the camera even for time lapses but I can’t even transfer pictures... I just bought an adapter to connect my iPhone to with the as card good job cannon on making something that should be simple overly complicated!
  • Awful 1/5

    By Fgh1993
    Worked with my camera for a week and now I can’t get the two to pair. 🤬
  • Latest (1-4-17) update not good 5/5

    By NikG717
    Update: App works great. Had to turn my phone off and on and worked fine! I would ordinarily give this app 5 stars, but the latest update has rendered it useless. After connecting to the camera, it just closes out of the app. Come on Canon, you're too big of a company for this to happen. This app and the wifi capabilities of your cameras is why I (and I'm sure many others) chose Canon. Fix this!
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By De Vanna 7654
    I was already bummed that there is simply no option to have a remote with my Powershot G7x. Now I learn that my absolute only option is this awful app. Connecting my phone to the camera takes several minutes each time. Once connected, there's a long delay between the camera feed capturing what's actually in front of it. I had this app once years ago, and I'm surprised it hasn't been improved in all that time. The DJI app for Osmo stabilizers is amazing, intuitive, and quick to connect. Wish THIS app was like that, especially because I need to use this remote function a lot more than I do my Osmo. Sigh.
  • Can’t even open the app 1/5

    By Fiddie05
    I got my new camera for Christmas and was so excited to use the WiFi feature. I downloaded the app and I can’t even open it. It crashes every time. I’ve deleted it and reinstalled it several times with no luck. Very disappointing.
  • It crashes!!! 1/5

    By uarkgrad1996
    Every time I try to use it, it crashes. So frustrating!
  • Great app, but get rid of the Bluetooth notice! 4/5

    By Filmeng
    I love this app; it does everything I need it to. Overall, it’s efficient, full-featured, and intuitive to use. I appreciate the thought that went into developing it. However, it’s SO annoying that when I open the app, I have to dismiss the Bluetooth notice. Every. Single. Time. None of my accessories are Bluetooth capable, so the only thing that reminder accomplishes is to delay me from using the app. That’s bad design! Seriously, Canon, after opening the app the first thousand times, we get the point that we should enable Bluetooth to connect to our cameras. So stop forcing us to dismiss that useless notice, Canon!!!
  • Very disappointed 1/5

    By Ava👎
    I am a youtuber and I can’t get my footage to send to my phone I have looked up every thing but it won’t do it
  • Newer app has never worked! 1/5

    By bigdookey
    The very first EOS app worked flawlessly. Ever since Canon decided to “upgrade” to this newer app it has never worked! And the app has been out for a couple years or more and still no fix. I’ve gone through the settings as i did the old app. And still cannot cannot. Good thing i never deleted the old app. Because that’s the only way I’m able to transfer pictures to my phone. Canon if you’re reading this please if it’s not broken don’t fix it! And if it’s truly broken please repair it properly!
  • iPhone is connected. . . or is it?? 2/5

    By Remysquarepants
    Was working fine right up until it wasn’t. Phone is connected but the app says it’s not. So I cannot do anything. Fix please.
  • Doesn’t connect anymore garbage 1/5

    By Jrvoix
    Title says it all. Please fix WiFi connectivity to canon 80D
  • Wrong Title 1/5

    By sewhidbey
    Canon NoConnect should be the name of this app as it simply does not work. Don’t waste your time.
  • Connect 3/5

    By Win like the DJ
    This app would be even better if it could connect with Facebook and YouTube live streaming. Canon make that happen for us 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️
  • Worked with iOS 8 but not X 1/5

    By R-2800
    This app worked ok with both my iPhone (iOS 8) and my iPad (iOS 8). Will not connect to my EOS 70D using new iPhone (iOS x) or my new iPad (IOS x).
  • Image layout could be better 3/5

    By Theodore Springman
    I wish you’d design image display window better for the iPhone displays. On my current iPhone X images are displayed in twos, leaving plenty of space on the right side of the screen unused. Also it would be cool if you could let users who are shooting Raw, to choose resize to JPG size manually.
  • Works great if you are not a complainer! 5/5

    By Ironmaiden zman
    works great, easy transfer every time. Does what claims
  • ? 1/5

    By Hogy2
    Have been trying to download this app for three days. It won’t download.
  • Not for pro use 3/5

    By AA 123 photog
    The app works but if you’re looking to download raw files it always converts them to a low res jpg. I have an iPad Pro and use it to get my images edited and returned to my customer quickly. Unfortunately since the app on downloads low res files I can only edit for web use. Canon if you’re listening give us the ability to download full size files! The iPad Pro is fast and can handle the processing of large files.
  • A Disaster 1/5

    By Mktymr
    Flawed is being charitable. This current version works only periodically. On a personal shoot last weeked, the app worked in downloading my images to an iPad, enabling me to do a rough edit & send them to Cloud storage quickly. Last night, I had a paid shoot, one where I needed to send the images to a Client quickly. The app refused to recognize the tablet or my laptop. This has happened several other times. Until Canon can issue a fix this app is useless.
  • needs improvement connecting 2/5

    By Sarabear569
    I have completely set up my camera to my iPhone, but only sometimes does it connect. I have no idea what the problem is. I open the app, try and connect to my phone, and only SOMETIMES it works, it usually said it could not find anything. It’s very frustrating and kind of disappointing. Please fix.
  • doesn’t work 1/5

    By PortalmasterSyd
    app won’t even open... so...
  • Ridiculous updates-terrible 1/5

    By Red Ridley
    Previously could elph to ipad and iphone, now nothing. Tried all the trouble shooting tips-no can do. I've other reviews that indicate that they cannot connect. The app should be called canon discoonect.
  • Canon should hire a pro to design their app 2/5

    By Dash 42
    App is very amateur. Why prompt to turn on Bluetooth with EVERY USE when your camera only supports wifi? GPS Location tagging is broken for EOS Rebel T6, and tech support confirmed. Canon seems far behind the social media tech age, where you can communicate so easily between cheap smart devices ($5 Bluetooth headphones). This app, however, requires you to disconnect your phone from wifi internet in order to connect to the camera. It doesn't simply pair. It requires a 3 minute process every time you want to connect, using multiple menu selections on both camera and phone every time just to sync. For cameras that supposedly handle uploading GPS, it isn't smart enough to grab GPS only when you take a picture, but instead keeps your phone's GPS ON every second, logging your entire trip, and then later it will check the time you took the picture and match it with your travel records. I'm really surprised it doesn't just automatically pair when near your iPhone (like a set of headphones) and request GPS info as needed. Why not partner with Apple and Android to become part of the digital future?
  • Won’t connect 1/5

    By JohnnyV1234567890
    Terrible program
  • Useful when/if it works 1/5

    By BrianTheKranky
    Which is rarely... Let me start my saying, I have a strong, clean WiFi network Getting it to connect to my EOS 80D is hot or miss. It may connect on the on the 10th attempt. It may not. It never connects on the first. The only thing worse than trying to get it connected is keeping it connected. I have never explicitly disconnected as it always disconnects in its own. The connection may last 1 minute or 10, but it never stays connected. These problems are true for both iPhone & iPad versions.
  • Awesome but needs improvement please!! 3/5

    By seinorwaffelz
    i want to be able to click my camera shutter, take a pic, and review it on my phone right away. please update please!!!! but it's very good with managing photos. also if at all possible can i at least watch my videos on my phone? thank you!!
  • Garbage 1/5

    Have two 5D4s and an iPhone X and still can’t connect. I’m very skilled with tech yet can’t figure it out. Typical Japanese garbage software.
  • Inconsistent and touchy 2/5

    By ealexg
    This app worked ok until I upgraded to a iPhone 8 Plus, which I have never been able to connect. Also will not connect to iPad Plus. No support available after weeks of trying to work with Canon’s website, I switched back to using an older iPad to connect.
  • Rating 1/5

    By Cnyher
    I love the raw photos, but I don’t know if it’s me but I can only view it being on WiFi? Other than that if I turn off the camera I can’t see it anymore.
  • Rarely works 1/5

    By Bgggg3473
    So frustrating. Has only worked twice out of ten times.
  • Won’t connect to my camera! 1/5

    By Stankimay
    Ever since I upgraded to the iPhone X this app won’t allow me to connect to my camera! This is creating all kinds of problems for me! I can’t get my newborn pictures and my sisters newborn pictures onto my phone! I’m supposed to be doing someone’s senior pictures but can’t because of this junky app!
  • I would never recommend 1/5

    By Hockey Photographer
    This app is terrible when trying to save photos from my camera to my iPhone 8. I use to do this same thing with the old app the EOS Remote app and it worked perfectly. Now when I try to do it, the photos are not even to the quality that I would even show to my family. This app is honestly the worst app I have ever used.
  • I love this app 5/5

    By Isatk19
    I’m a beginner of photography I own a canon 1300D rebel t6 and I’ve been using this app to know the features. I really like it because it has WiFi so I can connect it to my iPad or iPhone instead of download through a computer or any cable cord. So far everything is good.
  • Good app but a huge flaw. 1/5

    By Pastor Josh B
    The app works great for photos, however almost completely useless as a video remote. No live view for video only a record button while connected to Bluetooth. 1 yr UPDATE: Still useless for video. You can not use this as a field monitor for video at all. I use it with a EOS M5 and G7x MKii and it will not allow you to start or stop a recording, it only works with the shutter button not the record button. Super silly and could be fixed easily.
  • Useless for Video blogging 1/5

    By Torovoltan+
    This app can not start recording video nor focus using touch on my new M6. My much older Panasonic LX100 can do all that while shooting 4K video, no excuses. Connecting to the M6 is very frustrating since not always work even when using just bluetooth. Canon irritates me more and more !!
  • Only connects to phone for a couple seconds. 2/5

    By BeeGeee15
    I got a powershot sx530 hs for Christmas and I was so excited to see that I could transfer my pictures to my phone. The problem is after downloading the app and setting up my phone and camera together it only connects for a few seconds( not enough time for me to download a picture) and then it disconnects. I’ve tried it so many times since I’ve got the camera and it does the same thing. I’ve researched everywhere and I don’t know how I can make it connect longer.
  • NOT HELPFUL!! 2/5

    By RaaaayRaaaaay
    this app only allows you to save photos! it will not allow you to save videos.
  • Does not let me download videos 2/5

    By Blu Tigress
    Every time I try to download a video from my camera, it fails to do so. Also, I can only download so many photos at a time.
  • Needs an update 1/5

    By Chanice-stew
    Ever time I try to open the app, it force closes on its own right away. I tried deleting the app and then reinstalling it and even restarting my phone. Horrible
  • Almost unusable on iPhone X 1/5

    By Protato
    App severely needs to be updated to include compatibility for the iPhone X. It is almost impossible to change camera settings while using the app do to some of the changes made with the new gestures and loss of home button. If Canon is going to disappoint customers with such underwhelming camera features, the least they could do is have a halfway decent app.
  • Works well for my 80D and iPhone 5/5

    By hary536
    Just downloaded it and used it to transfer images from my 80D to iphone 6s and it worked well. Also took live view picture with the camera remotely from my iphone. This are first impressions. Haven't olayed with live view in detail yet.
  • Can’t upload videos 1/5

    By BigB7600
    The app work when uploading photos to my iPhone, but every time I attempt to upload videos it always says that it can’t upload it. Other than that it does connect to my phone easily and quick.
  • Good but could be better 2/5

    By PeachLeishman926
    This app is great for only taking pics and downloading pictures if you get this app for videos it’s not going to be worth your time. I was disappointed that I cannot connect my phone to the camera and have it take a video. I also cannot download or watch videos that I had taken with my camera.
  • Worst app ever! 1/5

    By BrandizzleFashizzle
    This camera costs a lot of money so I know it’s not me camera.. sometimes the connection works and other times you have to set it up all over again. Literally worst app ever and useless
  • Lacks video play 3/5

    By KillerbeesavagersqueS
    I rate the app 3 stars i’ve worked with other cameras and other apps and they allow video play back fairly quickly I can’t transfer my videos from my camera even if I waited for it to load through this app. If video transfer to my phone was able through this app that would be great.

Canon Camera Connect app comments


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