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  • Current Version: 3.13.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Capital One
  • Compatibility: Android
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Capital One Wallet App

Effortlessly save money and shop savvier with the Capital One Wallet, a shopping companion to the Capital One Mobile app. Get notified about discounts at stores you love when Capital One finds you a relevant discount. Browse nearby discounts wherever you are. Digitize your gift cards to have them handy for purchasing. Temporarily lock your card if it’s lost or misplaced. Stay organized and be ready for checkout by storing your loyalty cards in Wallet. SAVE MONEY - Find discounts at stores you’ve shopped at and love, and redeem coupons using your phone. - Get discount notifications when you are shopping in a store. - Receive notifications to use your loyalty or gift cards while shopping. - Redeem your rewards for past purchases with a statement credit. STAY ORGANIZED - Store your loyalty and insurance cards to have them handy wherever you are. - Digitize your gift cards, track your balances, and pay using your phone. - View your card balance, recent transactions, and available credit – all at a glance. - Sign in easily using Touch ID® or SureSwipe®. CHECK OUT FASTER - Set up Apple Pay and authorize payment devices for your eligible Capital One debit and credit cards, including Quicksilver® and Venture®. While you’re at it, download Capital One Mobile℠  to manage your credit cards, bank accounts, home and auto loans anywhere, anytime, from one place on your iPhone or iPad. Check account balances, pay bills, view payment activity and transaction details, set up notifications — and lots more. We look forward to hearing your feedback at NOTES - Capital One Wallet requires iOS 9 or above. - Capital One Wallet and Apple Pay are not currently available to customers of our partner cards. Capital One Bank and Capital One 360 debit card customers can use Capital One Wallet to receive real-time notifications and view account balances and transactions. Second Look is not available for all Capital One cardholders or partner cards. - If you enable gift card reminders, continued use of GPS running in the background may dramatically decrease your battery life. We’ve optimized to keep battery use efficient, but if you notice this issue, you can turn off gift card reminders at any time. - Apple, the Apple logo, and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Apple Pay and Touch ID are trademarks of Apple Inc.


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Capital One Wallet app reviews

  • IMPORTANT! 4/5

    By hduevdjwmdjg
    ever since I change from my iPhone 6s+ to my iPhone x I have stopped receiving notifications when my card is used and I'm sure I have notifications turned on in the app also in the settings in my iPhone
  • Great, except for one thingl 3/5

    By caffeineaddict115
    It still shows my deactivated cards! The app gives you no option to remove cards from the wallet. I had to get a new card sent to me, two different times, but they’re still showing up on the wallet app. Incredibly annoying. Fix it, I beg of you. I love it otherwise.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By LWillia3
    I love the fact that I can lock my cards so I don’t have to worry about getting an alert that my card is being used in another country! Yes, that happened 🤬
  • Needs better integration 2/5

    By kiingbuzzman
    everything this app does the normal capitalone app does too.. with the exception of the discounts: woah guys way to innovate! how about this? instead, of all their bloat/vaporware why don’t you take a play from BOA and give me the ability to add a card directly into my apple wallet. that would be real nice. instead of waiting around for 7-10 days for the card to arrive, just give me access to it right away?! where is the freaking mystery?!
  • It’s ok 4/5

    By OG Sexy
    Could be better
  • Good, but stop prompting for the other app! 3/5

    By leitmotif
    This app does just what it’s supposed to do and does it well. I’m only giving 3 stars because it won’t stop prompting to download their other app. I finally did and it STILL prompts me. Can I just use this app and disable the prompt on every launch?! 🙄
  • Great App, one issue 4/5

    By RustyDuck
    Awesome and reliable app.....please stop with the advertisement to download the other app. I should only get this once a year or quarter, not every time I open the app!
  • Great app love it 4/5

    By Long time bank member
    So only thing that found was a bug when adding other cards such as membership or loyalty. Keeps force closing anytime I select an option. Any help?
  • The app is good 1/5

    By FjdudbsuzceyanKxldjdu
    The only complaint I have is that this app should be combined with the capital one app
  • Useful, some limitations 4/5

    By JRD42
    It’s a bit annoying that you can’t add a card by uploading a photo in your library. I have the card in digital format, so I ended up taking a photo of my laptop screen which was rather unsatisfactory.
  • Trash 1/5

    By Itsfxcknjoseph23
    Just trash
  • Holidays and due dates 1/5

    By TheRealSkynet
    Capital one has a zero day grace period for making your payment. I was not even 24 hours late and it dinged my credit. Thanks capital one garbage!!!!
  • Let me in 2/5

    By Rosebud masters
    I was happy with this app until it stopped working. I've been trying to log in but it keep saying connectivity error. I've deleted and re download but it still won't work. I think I'll just have to delete it and never use it again. It worked for me for a few months and during that time it was great.
  • Good but... 3/5

    By DaniLopezM
    It works well. But for security reasons, they should find a way that once you change your password, the fingerprint option must be blocked as well. It happens to me that I changed my password, but then in other cellphone i was able to enter into my account with the fingerprint option. And that’s not good!
  • Problems 2/5

    By Loser ?
    There is something wrong with this app. When I pay them get an alert my payment has posted. The next day it deducts my payment, then the amount goes down and back up. One day it showed a balance of 85 dollars then the next it was 245 dollars. It keeps changing without purchases.
  • frustrating app 1/5

    By Zero112343
    I’m using this app on my iPhone X. To sign in it does the face recognition, but even after it knows who you are it wants further confirmation and ask to send an email or text # code! Every single time you sign in! Hate this app
  • App will show the number for the card you just reported lost 1/5

    By tim85254
    I interpreted the purpose of this app to be previewing a just-issued card number. Instead it's showing the number for a card I misplaced. Seems you can successfully register a cancelled capital one 360 debit card with apple pay. Attempting to use that card gets declined. Neat idea to get the customer back up and running... If it worked.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Lizbootch
    I love this app and use it all the time... the only thing I would love for capital one to do is make this app available for iWatch... It would be so nice to access the “other cards” (gift cards) on my watch :)
  • Why so many apps from Cap One? 1/5

    By marksocal
    I simply want to add my Capital One debut card to Apple Pay. I tried the same way I added my other bank cards. After taking a picture of the card, confirming the CVV and agreeing to Capital One’s Terms and Conditions a vague failure message tells me the card can’t be added and recommends I contact the issuer to find out why the card could not be added. I contact Capital One who tells me the only way to use their card with Apple Pay is by downloading another Capital One app, in addition to the Capital One banking app I already have. Horrible experience and NO THANKS to another app. Solution was easy, use almost any other bank’s card!
  • Slower than ever! 1/5

    By Necrackolytez
    Was awesome but now every time you open it a pop up warns you “purchase notifications are moving” and seems to add 5 seconds to startup....
  • Not worth it 2/5

    By FeedMeApps
    It’s a pretty useless app if you ask me if you already have the main Capital One app. You can’t even make any purchases with it and I was hoping to utilize the receipts feature but it never works no matter how many times I reinstall it😒
  • Required updates break OS 9 1/5

    By bryan121
    Required updates even though I have latest version. Forced updates are ridiculous
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By MooreMU33
    Was a great app as I really liked the instant notifications when the card is used. It was announced this is migrating over to the capital one app (hasn't yet) and I have noticed that the notifications have been hit or miss since. Very disappointed
  • Why does this app exist? 1/5

    By mlp5487
    The app itself is fine. I really like how it gives you the ability to turn your card off if needed. But I don't understand how Capital One has two apps that most of the same things, with some minor differences. Just combine them both into one app!
  • Declining 1/5

    By Bozorgmehr
    Wallet used to be a great app. I should say that I prefer its speed, layout, and functionality to the Capital One app. Unfortunately it's removing some of its useful features, such as "Groups", which was a great way of organizing expenses. What I would want from an extra app on my iPhone is more functionality, not less. Update: the new version that is designed to work with iPhone X is not able to log me into my account. It just gets stalled after the touchID verification. I guess this is totally consistent with what is promised for the app update — to work with iPhone X!
  • Features are going away. 1/5

    By kevinh52
    Custom Groups. I loved that feature. Where you could add transactions to custom groups please bring that feature back. Notifications. They are being migrated to the other app. I have a debit and credit card, but since moving the notifications to the other app I only get nofifications of credit card transactions. Might as well have only one app. Which they could be doing that.
  • Notifications? 1/5

    By crash331
    I keep getting asked to switch to the other app for notifications, but the notifications don’t seem to be the same. I want to see every purchase like in the wallet app, but the capital one app doesn’t seem to be able to do that.
  • Does not add receipts (?) 1/5

    By rdingo
    Has anyone managed to add a receipt to a transaction? Tried everything - no can do. This was the one thing thing I was looked forward to utilizing by having this app.
  • Notifications 4/5

    By HCraig13
    Love it.. I prefer the Capital One Wallet app over the Capital One app.. This user interface was fresh and free, but then again I’m not a big fan of the card style layout that have been trending for the last few yrs. I feel over saturated with “the same” everywhere I l👀k. I escaped the monotony when using this app versus the original but now I’m being prompted to turn on notifications in the other app, I would like the option to use the one I like, not one or the other type of deal. I would rate 5 stars, but this notifications migration concerns me. I wonder how long this app will be around if we’re doing migration. Rarely have I seen companies take away something and then bring it back, so notifications probably won’t return once gone, but I think getting notifications from the app you use only provides users with choice and variation. I like both apps but enjoy this one more. Developers: thanks for making such awesome apps! 😇 Best Regards.
  • Not working 1/5

    By 12-9@0?,
    This app does not work anymore. Tried logging in and does not work either. Says it wants me to confirm with my social security number, name and birthday...sounds sketchy. Is this app hacked? Never had this happen before.
  • Good idea, but. 4/5

    By Wood Woody
    I tried to add my AAA card and other personal cards like my medical card and the app will not retain my cards. No matter how many times I take pictures of my cards and click ‘looks good’ the app doesn’t save my cards. I see AAA card but, when I click on it nothing shows. Just a red card that says AAA or whatever card it shows. It doesn’t show the information on the card which you select a card.
  • Great app 4/5

    By HADBlanco
    It's a great app and I love it. Easy to maintain and keep up with expenses as well. The only problem I have is getting access to my app from my iPhone 7. It always said “connectivity issue...please try again later” and I was wondering if there is something on my end or your end? I would love to get access to see my spendings and make a payment through my app. Thanks
  • Great App - needs to keep alerts though 5/5

    By iOSJake
    I have both the regular Capital One App on my phone. For some reason they are moving the purchase alerts to the regular app. I liked it better when they were part of this app. Why move the alerts at all? The main app is very unreliable at sending alerts compared to the Wallet.
  • Better than the other 4/5

    By jecsparky
    Better of the two apps they have yet they’re tossing this one.
  • Lies 1/5

    By Scags83
    Does not work on iPod touch. I ended up locked out of my card for 14 days. Do not bother to use it unless you have an iPhone
  • Broken 1/5

    By Jarh
    Recent update caused most of the buttons needed to get around the app to stop functioning. I work as a computer instructor and would never let my students put through anything that is not tested through and through.
  • Why two apps? 1/5

    By pevensen
    Why have two apps?!? I don't want two apps on my phone. I just use the Capital One app.
  • Great App 2/5

    By Bketerwnmvzhgl
    Unable to get the app to function it always errors with a connectivity problem! To date it’s worked twice for me, I even deleted and reinstall it but still have same problem. At this time I’ve deleted it again.
  • v3.11 has trouble connecting 3/5

    By XweAponX
    Version 3.11 spins around and around and around and around and around without connecting. Other times it connects right away. Version 3.10.1 always connects. Maybe it's a problem with the server. Last night 3.11 would not connect, this morning it connects. The thing that bugs me is that the version that I'm using will stop working, forcing me to update to the latest version. Then the latest version will not connect. Please stop forcing me to update to versions that don't work! Btw: "Phantom recurring charges" are probably your interest charges, which for me are about five bucks a month. Call the Capital One customer service, they are always very good with helping me sort out issues.
  • Very disappointed 1/5

    By Wbayne
    My last card was marked as fraud by accident (if you check “do not recognize purchase” apparently it shuts off your card, was NOT happy), and i guess no card was being mailed to me. Was told by customer service to “download Capital One Wallet to access my new card info” to make the transactions that really needed to process for my job. No card info in sight. Nothing. Nada. And based on these other reviews I’m assuming calling back would be a big waste of my time that was already wasted waiting an entire week for a new card to show up that was never coming. Apparently when your card’s been marked as fraud they don’t send you a new one automatically. And this app is of NO use if that’s what you’re downloading it for.
  • Very useful app 5/5

    By upsidedownturtle
    This has been a great app that I use regularly. I’ve had fraudulent charges a few times and Cap 1 has always been very helpful. I’ve used Cap 1 for many many years. From car loans to cc’s. They’ve always had great customer service no matter how small or big the issue was. Since I’ve been able to instantly lock and unlock my cards I've yet to have an issue and the notifications are almost instant as well. It keeps giving me notice to download the other Cap 1 app, but I like the wallet one. So until I’m forced to download the other app, ill keep the wallet app. 🙃
  • Verification every time I open the app 2/5

    By Rickito4
    For some reason, I must verify my Capital One log in with a temporary 6-digit text or email code EVERY TIME I open any of the Capital One apps. That’s extremely annoying. I called customer service and they aren’t sure why I’m dealing with that since it’s not the norm.
  • Can’t use anymore 1/5

    By Audioclass
    This app has been great for a long time, but with the most recent update I’m now getting a message that I can’t use the app with a modified iOS. I’m on 11.1.1 and iPhone 6 and I’m not sure why I would be getting this message.
  • What happened to face recognition? 1/5

    By ndlou8
    Got the iPhone X 3 days ago, set it up and was very happy with the new face recognition to unlock phone and some of my existing apps including capitalone wallet. Today I update the app and face recognition goes away???? Now with no home button my only choice to login is typing out my password every time!
  • Where is FaceID ? 5/5

    By Matt Eyraud
    Where is the FaceID option to sign in ?
  • Can't access my account 2/5

    By TBlueBaby
    I just updated my app and i seem to can't login to my account. It keep telling me that the IOS is not supposed for some strange reason. What's happening here? I'm on the latest version of iOS.
  • very good 5/5

    By WC7P
    So far this is a great help. We’ll see how it works in the long run.
  • Wallet works well 5/5

    By Marjet
    It seems simple enough to use, lets hope it is secure too!
  • Used to be a great app. They want to kill it. 3/5

    By StephenD~
    Clearly Capital One want this great app dead. That's why is stuffed with ads for their OTHER app that nobody needs, and are killing-off features one-by-one because their customers aren't doing what they're told.
  • Notification issues 1/5

    By cap forever
    The app doesn’t allow me to turn on notifications when being used neither does the text messages service

Capital One Wallet app comments


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