Capture - Control Your GoPro Camera - Share Video

Capture - Control Your GoPro Camera - Share Video

  • Category: Photo & Video
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  • Current Version: 3.3.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: GoPro, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Capture - Control Your GoPro Camera - Share Video App

Capture makes it easy to control your GoPro, view your photos and videos, and share your favorite shots on the go. (1) ) The app transforms your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch into a convenient remote control for your GoPro—preview shots, start and stop recording, quickly adjust settings and more. Create short clips from your videos, and easily share to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more. (1) And with a GoPro Plus subscription, you can access your photos and videos in the cloud to view and share anytime, anywhere. (2) --- Key Features --- CAPTURE THE SHOT + Get full remote control of all camera functions: adjust settings, start and stop recording, switch modes and more. + Frame the perfect shot with live preview. + Add HiLights while recording to mark key moments. (3) + Available on Apple Watch—preview shots, control your camera (5) and add HiLights. VIEW + SAVE YOUR FAVORITES + Check out your shots, and save your favorites to your iPhone or iPad. (1) + View HiLights in your GoPro Camera Roll to quickly find your best shots. (3) + Browse and delete files on your camera's SD card. ACCESS + SHARE WITH FRIENDS + NEW Start a free trial to GoPro Plus, and access your media in the cloud using Capture and the GoPro editing app, Quik and Splice. (2) + Pull high-quality still images from your videos for easy sharing. (1) + Create short video clips and share them to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and more. (1) UPDATE YOUR GOPRO + Easily update your camera for the latest features and optimal performance. (3) --- Camera Compatibility --- + HERO5 + HERO4 + HERO3+ + HERO3 (requires camera software update, see + HERO+ LCD --- System Requirements --- + iPhone: iOS9 + Apple Watch: WatchOS 2.0 or higher. Requires HERO3 model or newer. (PreviewnotsupportedforHERO3 or HERO2 with Wi-Fi BacPac). --- Footnotes --- (1) Compatible with videos captured in select modes only. (2) GoPro Plus is a subscription service available in select territories. Cancel anytime. Cloud access is subject to storage limits. Separate data fees may apply. (3) Compatible with HERO5, HERO4, HERO Session, HERO+ LCD and HERO+ cameras only. (4) Compatible with HERO5, HERO4, HERO Session, HERO+ LCD, HERO+ and HERO3+ cameras only. (5) Mode selection using Apple Watch is available for Video, Photo, Burst Photo and Time Lapse Photo modes only. Have problems? Contact support at

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Capture - Control Your GoPro Camera - Share Video app reviews

  • the idea of needing to sign in stinks 1/5

    By sonoffom
    like most others i also believe there is no reason to sign invto control a camera i bought - delete - best of luck to you as you continue to loose customers
  • Awful 1/5

    By Mdrake149
    Terrible. So unreliably bad.
  • Don't buy GoPro! Buyer beware! 1/5

    By Secondsilo
    I used to love GoPro and how it connected so easily to my phone. Now it simply doesn't work. It won't sync the app to my GoPro and it has taken all the fun and creativity out of what is supposed to be something that inspires you. And GoPro continues to wonder why their stock value has dropped 90%. Keep it up you're doing great GoPro! ...just keep telling yourself that, at least YOU believe it. Your app is terrible!
  • So fussy 1/5

    By Steyreo
    By the time you log in and pair with your phone (which means that you are then off of the internet) repeatedly until it works, going back and forth between screens over and over while constantly pushing buttons on the camera to keep it on, the moment is LOOOOONG gone and the GoPro battery is dead. It's crazy that an app could actually render good hardware less useful.
  • POS app 1/5

    By miss-piggy75
    After connecting a couple of times my Hero Sessions 5 I can't connect to 2 iPhone 6's or iPad. Complete garbage if you are on Apple platform. Can't format my cards or change settings now. Complete waste of $$$.
  • login ? 1/5

    By kimi.lvg
    Why do I must login?shit
  • You had ONE job 1/5

    By Stephen Courson
    All I want to do is look at my videos and pictures. That's it! Can I? Nooooooope. App won't connect. And it's called Connect. Oh the irony.
  • Bad 1/5

    By Ndnbejskdnrjskrbrh
    I hate this app. It automatically logs you out and i cant figure out how to log bad in. When I click connect camera, it says to go to settings on your phone and connect it on wifi. But the camera doesn't show up on wifi. IT IS SO BAD! Please update or fix the app.
  • Login???? 1/5

    By BlueFlashlight
    Why do I need to login???
  • Go pro hero 5 black 1/5

    By Ipone5 💎
    This app is screwed up. The app will not connect to my iPhone 7 plus. It makes my skin crawl. My go pro is fully updated. Version 2.0! The only way it will connect is when I load the new device connect and it gives me a preview of the device view. It will not let me control anything. I can't record or change the screen on the device view photos or anything. Go pro is a sinking ship and to think I played $400 for this camera. What a waste of money.
  • It's NOT ok 1/5

    By Scla420rep
    Apple Watch app is completely useless. I use the hero4 black at the park and I use a selfie stick to record video from a higher vantage point. I thought I would be able to use the Apple Watch app as a record/stop button but it doesn't even connect to the camera. The iPhone's app works for me but what it does is not very useful and drains the camera's battery like crazy.
  • Fun Camera/App 5/5

    By Ksurfiws
    I have really enjoyed my GoPro. It's another tool in my photographic arsenal. Sure beats developing film!
  • App used to be great, not anymore 1/5

    By Brett15STI
    When it was labeled the go pro app it was great, easy to use and worked well. Since it's been labeled "capture" it's now garbage.
  • You don't need local WIFI 5/5

    By jtbaudendistel
    Let me hit you with some knowledge. Your iPhone connects directly to the GoPro Sessions WIFI signal. Many of these negative reviews are from users who don't know how to use the product. Great app and product. You mad bro?
  • Stupid Login for it to work! FTS! 1/5

    By SuperMacGuy
    So I am at a remote, LITERALLY NO CELL ACCESS location. I start this app, and the FIRST thing it wants is for me to LOG IN???!?!?!? It won't connect to my GoPro Hero3 without a log in. Which requires a network connection. Which goes against everything about the GoPro- Being "out" in the world doing things and not caring about cell access or networks. F*^%$ing Dumbest Product Decisions EVER. EVER. FIRE this product manager NOW. Bring back access without logging into anything. 😡💩💩😡💩
  • Colossal Disappointment 1/5

    By Reverie Hikes
    goPro is trying to force us into a cloud storage agreement when some of us can barely afford the hardware. This software is awful. I try to be constructive in my criticisms but this steaming mound of uselessness takes a terrific piece of hardware and turns it into a waste of money. I wish I could force their application engineers into a room and refuse to give hem food or water until they fix just the essential parts of this tool. How about a one touch tool that downloads to our computer? By the way, I have zero interest in: 1. Saving to your cloud 2. Publishing straight to Facebook 3. Giving you additional sales opportunities. Fix this soon or this will be the last time I think seriously about purchasing your products.
  • Horrible!! 1/5

    By firesfd
    It won't even connect to my phone...
  • GoPro more like a NoPro 1/5

    By BillyBob - Add me
    I've had this camera all of 45 minutes and I already know it's garbage. Wait, let me rephrase that: this app is garbage. It's absolute trash. In fact, I might go buy a Sony action camera right now just to record me smashing this GoPro. Without the app, I have no desire to use this camera. The brand GoPro used to represent the highest quality, most reliable, best action camera on the market. You could go anywhere and capture anything. Now, if you're truly adventuring, forget it. You have to have wifi to login. You could be in the middle of the ocean, deep in the outback, or underground exploring caves but you'll never have the video proof. Without connectivity this GoPro is just an overpriced paperweight. Bigger and better things are here (i.e. Generic 4K action camera, Sony action camera, etc). Any of these surpass the GoPro that I'm holding in my hand right now. On top of all these problems, the app itself appears well designed, professional, and useful. I can promise you it's not. If you can get past the login (meaning you're still within cellular range) and you manage to get the app to open, then you'll certainly be met with an error message at some point "There seems to be an issue connecting to your GoPro." Try as you might, this error will keep reoccurring. For me, this is the most frustrating part. I can't begin to describe how baffled I am over the fact that whoever designed the operating system still has employment with GoPro. Until GoPro realizes the error of their ways, save yourself a lot of time and aggravation by simply moving on to bigger and brighter things.
  • Useless app. Constant connection issues 1/5

    By Pyrop
    It's extremely annoying to have to go through my iPhone wifi settings every time I need to connect my Hero5. It creates a new Bluetooth connection every time it connects so I have a list of 15+ GoPros in my bluetooth settings. Once the camera is synced with the phone it should automatically connect the GoPro every time the app is opened. It can not be that difficult to update. Ive purchased a 3rd party remote just to avoid using this app. Had I know this was an issue I would have not traded up but gone with a different brand.
  • Utterly gobshite 1/5

    By TheVeryBest005
    Wot is this new 'update'... ye guys made it worse...what do you do with all the money that you gain from us buying your cameras?
  • Login is BS 1/5

    By TedW2
    I use my four GoPro cams in remote settings where there is no Internet. Ever since the MORONS at GoPro required a login I can no longer use this app to control my cams. I'll never buy another GoPro.
  • Wireless Update Fail 1/5

    By Zambiniti
    "Something went wrong." That's all the explanation you get and no matter how many times you try; turn off/on or delete and reload the app, it's the same story. *Now where's that poo emoji?
  • so bad 1/5

    By Shh-Laoji
  • Amazed 5/5

    By InMeITrust
    Loving my hero 5 camera. Not experiencing any issues people are complaining about
  • Cannot use app without logging in with GoPro Account 1/5

    By MrBilly
    For any photographers using this where they may not have cell service- in remote areas, on the water, in buildings or areas with low reception- know you cannot use the app without logging in. Even if the app says you only have to login once every 30 days, if the app auto-updates, your login credentials may not transfer, and it will force you to login again. If there is no wifi signal or cell service, and it prevents their service from connecting, then you CANNOT USE THE APP. Do not recommend this at all until they fix this.
  • Severely Disappointed 1/5

    By Jhyoung84
    Got a GoPro Hero 5 for my birthday. Incredible camera, horrible app functionality. Definitely a let down. I really hope customers are being heard and action is taking place immediately.
  • First review ever and is a negative 1/5

    By ArtFrias
    First of all the old GoPro app was free and it work. this piece of poop I never get it to work with my GoPro hero 4 is useless plus I got a $5,99 charge to my account every month for what? In app purchase? this app is trash pure am so mad my next cam may not be a GoPro because of this app"
  • Not Functional 1/5

    By FlyingMuleRider
    Spent hours messing with this and was relieved when I read other reviews that no one has got this working. Time to return the whole package!
  • Difficult to connect 3/5

    By cjs327
    App is not so easy to connect to camera.
  • . 3/5

    By Satoota16
    With my old GoPro, it took ages to connect it. Then I got a new camera and it connected immediately! I think it has something to do with the type of camera.
  • Login just to control?! 1/5

    By Monkey_butt11
    I've had a Hero 3 Black for a few years and USED to be able to just open the app and control my camera remotely. I had t used the app in a while and when I went to use it today I was greeted with some login screen. Why do I need to create an account and then login to it just to control my camera? Lame. App just got deleted and the camera will hit eBay soon.
  • Finicky 3/5

    By Ironmaiden zman
    Finally connecting good and working like it should, I would think they are trying to work the bugs?
  • What the hell 1/5

    By Shreaky
  • Most unreliable piece of crap app 1/5

    By Jseah6
    Good luck connecting to this app or using it with your go pro. Complete crap.
  • Absolute trash software 1/5

    By Aesthetic_ironnn
    Signing into the cloud is so unnecessary for my own camera and I get logged out every time with problems along the way. Now the app simply won't control half of the functions on my hero 5. I could write a book about all the problems here but I am sure everyone can understand this from using the app for just a few minutes
  • Please remove the login requirement 1/5

    By SunniesSkies9999
    Please remove the login requirement
  • Downvote Pro 1/5

    By sneakerhead808
    Can't even connect my GoPro. POS app!
  • Why the negative reviews? 5/5

    By Shuanang
    I don't find any problems with them. The login doesn't hinder usage when in Low-connectivity areas anymore, and users who want new features (eg spot metering in the app) should contact GoPro directly and not here for they don't monitor reviews. GoPro has such a wonderful ecosystem and I don't regret buying them than the competitors.
  • GoPro's slo-mo suicide attempt 1/5

    By The Humanity!
    How does GoPro still exist with such arrogant abuse of its customers? I'm done with them.
  • Wow this is bad!!! 1/5

    By Zombie masher 919
    Your Software is complete garbage. I've wanted a GoPro for years and after having a hero 5 session for two days it's getting listed on craigslist to get sold. I can't even try it out because your garbage software won't connect. $300 camera is useless.
  • Amazingly Horrible 1/5

    By Zack614
    This is the worst app ever created for a very expensive product. It tells me constantly that I have to update the app; however every time I do, it takes me to an error screen. Absolute garbage.
  • Login???!! What if you forget to log in and you are off the grid? 1/5

    By Dr. Xia
    Did those developers really tried walking outside and test their product in the real adventurous world? Or they were just sitting in front of their desks and scratch their heads? The logic behind the login requirement is ridiculous, which makes the app useless if you are in a wildness and forget to log in before hitting the road to the wildness. Ok, I was on a trip to the Yosemite last week. I updated the app a while ago and though the workflow would pretty much be the same. And when I was trying to setup a connection between my phone and the camera so I can use the live view to control the camera, the app asked me to log in before any other action can be done. This is ridiculous!!! There's no cellular signal or wifi around. And there's no way to bypass it. The camera just became useless...
  • GoPro is now junk - bye bye! 1/5

    By 1010101010101
    After years of using many GoPro cams and investing in extras I'm sorry to say I'm dumping it all. After all this time, GoPro wants to track your use and require log ins just to use the cameras you paid good money for. Bad move. I refuse to give up privacy and sign in just to control and view my cameras with my phone. Bye bye GoPro. I'll spend my money elsewhere.
  • There should be a half star or no star option 1/5

    By K_LUB
    What the hell happeded to this app! Use to be great, now it doesn't work at all.
  • Why the change?? 1/5

    By ChuckPainNorris
    I used this app for a couple of years, and it was awesome...however, someone at GoPro who is high enough to make decisions without listening to others has now ruined it. I am thinking that they are trying to turn revenue out of the app instead if their actual products, and I cannot imagine how much revenue they have actually lost because of it. I am a huge fan I my GoPro; I use it in a drone, scuba diving, and I mount it from the wing of my single engine airplane. However, I am absolutely not going to buy another until this app lets me simply control the camera without an internet connection. Ever.
  • God why? 1/5

    By cubin the bear
    Login to what? Login to Connect to my Wi-Fi enabled go Pro? I don't see how that requires access to the account or the Internet. It has no benefit to the customer which is me. Know I some guy that has a tie for every day of the week came up with a great way to make ad revenue and possibly to sell metadata. But this has nothing to do with the function of your product nor does it add to it. All it does is alienate your customer base. Which leaves your devices unused and you're App collecting no data and no revenue. Next office meeting should be about how you're going to convince your customer base to purchase a GoPro when your competitors are focused on their products. Keep in mind today our smart phones shoot 4K, 120 frames a second and are water resistant. Add an $80 protective case and I have no reason for a login to an app for a device I've already purchased.
  • I will never create a data mining account just to remote use my camera. 1/5

    By xdacy
    The audacity and arrogance of GoPro is astonishing. They force you to create an account or the app no longer functions. GoPro can go straight to hell. There are other cams on the market nowadays. Hey GoPro, it's none of your effing business how and where I use my cameras.
  • Account required? Hard pass. 1/5

    By mister_anderson00
    I'm not signing up for an account just to control my camera. No way, no how. The old app used to do this without issue. This is just a ploy to take my personal information and I refuse. I'll either figure out how to accomplish what I want to do using the buttons on the camera, or I'll return the device. Unbelievable.
  • Chock full of uselessness 1/5

    By Jim46788544456
    I suppose this app would be ok just to control one camera. But multiple cameras? Forget it... you'll be bald by the end of the day from all the screaming and hair pulling.
  • Useless 1/5

    By pmw38
    Struggles to connect to the go pro Hero 5 every time I use it. Most of the time the connection fails. Incredibly frustrating with no useful troubleshooting support. Deeply regret buying a go pro.

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