CarGurus: Shop Cars, Get Deals

CarGurus: Shop Cars, Get Deals

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  • Current Version: 1.87
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  • Compatibility: Android
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CarGurus: Shop Cars, Get Deals App

On the go or on a dealer lot, find the best car deals near you with one quick search. Know if a deal is bad, fair, good or great before you negotiate. WHY TRY THE CARGURUS APP? ● The best car deals shown first ● Deals are rated based on market value + dealer reviews ● We tell you if a deal is great, good, fair or overpriced ● Powerful search and advanced filtering options ● Saved searches make it simple to run frequent searches based on your criteria ● Saved listings give you quick, easy access to vehicles you save from all your devices ● Insider Insights including time on market, price history and vehicle history help you negotiate ● Custom alerts for price drops and new listings that match your search ● More than 5 million cars for sale (approximately 2 million used and 3 million new) across North America ● More than 300,000 new used cars added weekly (30% more than other car shopping sites) across North America ● Free Sell My Car Service and price calculator to find your car’s worth (sell-it-yourself and earn an average of $1200 over trade-in value)


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CarGurus: Shop Cars, Get Deals app reviews

  • Car searching 1/5

    By lowe09
    If your looking for a car the app is fine but posting a vehicle for sale the value of your car that it says and what nada says are way off. They should something else as a booking tool
  • Good results but... 4/5

    By That_fozz
    I like the format for searching and all but the pictures are entirely too small. If there could be a way to enlarge them once on the add page that would be a lot better.
  • Absolutely helpful 5/5

    By Ami.abe1123
    The way it compares each price and describes whether it’s a good deal or not is extremely helpful This app is awesome
  • It’s easy 5/5

    By shelita85
    I just love this App.. it’s so easy to use and it has options to make it specific of what you are looking for in a vehicle. And it has everything.. I love it.. I’ve tried other Apps but nothing like CarGurus.
  • Sammy m 5/5

    Me ha ayudado a ver Opciones de vehículos
  • Great and helpful resource! 5/5

    By Dozerjk
    I used CarGurus a few months back to research and prepare for my Dodge Charger Hellcat purchase. The website gives you great information, accurate details, and helps prepare you to make an educated and successful vehicle purchase. Now I am using it for the purchase of my wife’s vehicle. Thanks CarGurus!
  • Model, miles, price, then pictures... 2/5

    By 748n8
    Only 2 stars bc what’s the point of pictures if you cannot view them? Neither iPhone, nor iPad, allow me to full screen the pictures like literally every other car listing service. Once larger pictures become a feature, I’ll update my review.
  • Great app, but... 4/5

    By a_holland91
    This is a great car search app for anyone looking to buy a new or used car at a great price. It gives you a lot of insight on which dealerships have the best deals near you and also notifies you when any saved vehicles you’re interested in lower in price. They also notify you of any changes in the vehicle’s status, gives you a full report of the cars condition and also allows you to sell your own vehicle and list it through CarGuru’s. The only thing I wish would be added is for us to have the ability to make the pictures of the vehicles larger in the app. It’s hard to see the inside of the vehicle and up close images unless you actually go on CarGuru’s website. That can sometimes be inconvenient if you don’t have access to a computer at a specific time when you may be browsing and ultimately defeats the purpose of using the app. Please make the pictures larger or let us make them bigger! That would gain my 5 star rating. Other than that, I love this app.

    By Swaggerboaaaa
    Purchased my last 2 cars using this app, wouldn’t use anything els. You look up what king of car you want and what model and then what trim and it does all the work for you, even let’s you re list as either ‘best deal first’ ‘closest to me’ or anything els you need. GREAT APP. Helped me find my 2011 USED Hyundai Sonata, and my 2016 new Dodge Challenger.

    By bearly98
    I love the fact you can filter down to specific model versions like Camaro Convertible 2SS, but you go to refine it and it loses some of the previous selections like dropping the 2SS OR changing it to a generic card search. But the biggest problem is every you want to go back, you end up in a new search because the back button is too small you you end up on the home screen.
  • Worst car buying app! 1/5

    By Johnp777
    This is just the worst car buying app out there. Stick with autotrader.
  • Review❣️ 5/5

    By Egyptainn_Princee
    The best app to look for cars love that it gives you all the info on the cars as well all in all AMAZING APP!!
  • Broken 1/5

    By Kirby Puckett Rocks Out
    App has all but stopped working. Often cannot find server. Freezes when trying to search for a car model after selecting type. Used to work just fine.
  • Can’t email to a friend 2/5

    By TeddyBGood
    How can you email a listing to Anyone!?!? There’s a car that is perfect for a friend, but I can’t get the info to them.
  • Phenomenal!!!! 5/5

    By xXcryzXx
    Great app for anyone looking for what best fits your budget im in love with this app ive bought two cars thanks to this at amazing prices !!!!
  • The app is hardly functional 1/5

    By Ary Nabizadeh
    As title describes. Setting filters has a huge lag, very difficult to use in regards to efficiency of flow between individual car and listing. Overall horrible function. Would not recommend.
  • Every time I try to make a detailed search 2/5

    By Jr the FIFA king
    Every time I try and make a detailed search it never works. I’ll look for let’s say a 2011-2013 Jeep. I try to break it down by miles and price. When I hit search it shows random vehicles that aren’t jeeps. Very frustrating that It does that
  • iPhone X support? 2/5

    By marcamos
    The latest update says it supports iPhone X, however important buttons are tucked away, too high, making it nearly impossible to reach.
  • IPhone X 1/5

    By Nefarious420
    No access menus on iphoneX, covered by top menu
  • Absolutely the best app of its kind 4/5

    By JCPeeGee
    Gives comprehensive descriptions in the vehicle reports and the tools and resources are invaluable in negotiations for purchase. I was able to save $3000 when purchasing my CPO 2015 Acura using them. Two annoying problems though. I live in a NJ city on the Hudson River and the search area will extend into New York rather than only offer hits in my state. Also, “saved” search criteria would only save the most basic search characteristics like make and model. Still, much better than the other apps of this type I have tried.
  • Iphone x fix 1/5

    By krippykingmoncho
    this app doesn’t fit with the iphone x, the “back” button is out of the touch screen
  • Mixed review 3/5

    By dnbreyen
    App works, but is clunky. Isn’t iPad friendly.
  • Mediocre 2/5

    By m boogie1
    I like the search options, but it’s very frustrating that you have to re-enter all search details if you change location or radius. That’s simple programming and I’m not sure why it hasn’t been fixed.
  • App can’t be used on iPhone X 1/5

    By PrasenjitSingh
    I have updated the app to the most recent version but still can’t access option on top of screen since they overlap iPhone mobile provider and WiFi/battery logos
  • Great concept/buggy interface 3/5

    By FallbrookMac
    This is a great vehicle search tool that, unfortunately, suffers from multiple interface quirks. At least on the iPad. Filter selections are not reliably applied, drop down menus freeze then drop down repeatedly even after selection. In all, it is still useful but feels like beta product. I still use it but have reduced my expectations until developer refreshes this app.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Hannahselffffff
    Really need to redo the iPhone X update.. does not function properly. Guess I’ll be going back to the browser.
  • Horrible set up 1/5

    By dillonatisha
    This app has so much potential. This company must not care about their customers. I toggle between a couple different apps now ONLY because I have issues with getting back to the search screen after adjusting filters. On the iPhone X, they placed the “done” button right where the time is, and it takes 10-20 tries just to click it right. If you guys just put some dang time in to fix it, you would be my only app that I use. Stop losing business. Put time into making it better.
  • Searching for vehicles 5/5

    By Eddie412
    I like the filters that I can use to narrow my search down to just the vehicle I’m searching for. Can’t go wrong.
  • Good potential 2/5

    By elykkyle
    This app would be a joy to use if it actually worked properly on an iPhone X. Menu bar is usually inaccessible among other layout issues.
  • Car Gurus 5/5

    By Fresnonobodygoestofresno
    Much better than the movie, so far great for locating cars, haven’t bough one yet...
  • No back button! 1/5

    By joseluisramirezsantos
    Using this app is even worse than the website. The app doesn’t have a back button. Navigation is a real pain. You are going backwards and scrolling way to many times to search again. Just go into the website...
  • Annoyed 1/5

    By HxTBoIZ_29
    Update your app for iPhone X it’s mad annoying I can’t go back to the first page
  • Can’t zoom photos. Enough said 2/5

    By Buffett fan1
    Nearly worthless app that can’t zoom the photos.
  • As of Dec 25th ‘17, not iPhone X compatible 3/5

    By DJ3NTL3M3N
    Cannot filter car trims, as “Done” button is in left corner under current time!
  • Love it. Hate it. 2/5

    I have a love Dash hate relationship with this app. I like using the search functionality, although it’s frustrating that it limits my range 200 miles on certain searches, when I live in the middle of BFE and the nearest car dealership is over 100 miles away. So what I have to do is put in multiple ZIP Codes for major metro areas within driving distance in order to get the search results. Kind of a PIA but doable. Real hate part of this relationship comes in when the system white screens on me, which it does every few days. Mostly when I go to view a Carfax, or other link which goes to an external URL but provide the app provides no way to return to the app. So you end up stuck in limbo until you delete the app, and then reinstall it. I think I’ve re-install this app at least a dozen times. I wish the developers would fix the issue, until then I can only get this app 2 stars.
  • iPhone X support is really bad 1/5

    By tburger93
    Love CarGurus but the app doesn’t work with iphoneX due to screen geometry and it leaves buttons in the top corners where you can’t click them. Please update the app for iphoneX, it’s been out well long enough..
  • Pictures 3/5

    By lumberjack2123
    I would give you 5 stars if you could click and zoom on pictures. Pictures are tiny and hard to see.
  • Terrible app, especially on the iPhone X 1/5

    By morphorod
    This app needs work and optimization. The top of the app does not respond to commands when tapped.
  • Too bad 2/5

    By Markmc5447
    I love the desktop site! This app is so bad it’s almost like they are just trying to force you back onto the site. Navigation is rough, switching back and forth between a single car, list and search is clunky.
  • iPhone X fail 2/5

    By Bubba Mac
    The updated “stretched” screen format for iPhone X is AWFUL. In portrait you can’t hit the menu button. Shocked they’ve let it go this long without being addressed. As others have mentioned, it’s very difficult if not impossible to get back to get back to your search options without going thru 100 back buttons. Just a very poor implementation on iPhone X. Please fix. The extreme usefulness of the app is negated by the design and layout.
  • This mobile app is just plain awful 1/5

    By TX-2005380173
    This app is worthless. The filters do not work, images much too small, and not formatted properly for a mobile device. Unfortunately, you have to stick with the website on an actual computer for this site.
  • Amazing - Easy - Helpful 5/5

    Great app if you’re looking for cars at mostly any price range, and If you’re looking to sell your car too.
  • Ya 5/5

    By DK1Danny
    I haven’t actually bought anything from here yet but this app seems to be pretty cool
  • Trash 1/5

    By Lemmot
    This app is the biggest piece of garbage! Far worse than Autotrader! I'm tired of the search options resetting themselves back to default, or randomly turning themselves off as you try to sort through their UI. Autotrader might have a crappy UI, but atleast it doesn't lose your selections as you search!
  • Used truck 3/5

    By IE H
  • Good... But not on iPhone X 3/5

    By Squeaky369
    The app is really good, and it does what you need it to do. However, the iPhone X optimization is horrible. When searching or filtering the “Done” button is under the clock and you can’t press it. There’s some other graphic glitches, but that one stands out the most.
  • Still doesn’t fit the iPhone X well 3/5

    By AlexKZ5
    Please fix top menus aligned with the iPhone X.
  • 👍🏿👍🏿 4/5

    By Outlastyou
    Only problem I have with the app is there’s no zoom or full screen!
  • Helpful but not user friendly 3/5

    By Mox E
    Lacking ability to sort by options. No ability to ID a specific vehicle for specific tracking if it sells or drops in price. Would be nice to see basic engine specs: HP or trans torque. But generally helpful.
  • Pinhead pictures 2/5

    By Saveicarus
    Okay coders, a couple of quick lines should correct this, but the photos are ridiculously tiny. The photos are one of the most important elements of the shopping experience, so consider enlarging the post photo, and create the option to see full screen pop-out pics on the iPad. Glad to see the app in the store, now let's make it all that it can be!

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