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  • Current Version: 2.0.5
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  • Developer: Carnival Cruise Lines
  • Compatibility: Android
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Carnival HUB App

Vacationing on CARNIVAL? Maximize your fun aboard! Before traveling to the pier, download the ultimate cruise app - now available on ALL Carnival Fun Ships! When on board, connect to Carnival’s Wi-Fi to view what’s happening, weather, dining menus and more! Onboard internet purchase is NOT required to use the Carnival HUB app. NEW Features: • New, fresh homepage design for easy access to latest most relevant information • Weather for each day of your sailing • View dining menus right on your phone • Easily search for family and friends on board to connect with • Find information like dining attire easily • Ability to view and purchase shore excursions Current Features: • Chat to connect with family and friends on board. * Low, flat activation fee applies. • Day-by-day schedule of hundreds of on board events • “Favorites” feature with a reminder for upcoming events • Information for all great food and dining options • Searchable deck plans with key areas highlighted • Itinerary details, including current ship time, arrival/departure times for upcoming port calls • Real-time information on guests’ current Sail & Sign shipboard account balance On select ships: • Ability to view and purchase professional photos Go ahead. Download it now. Your vacation deserves it.


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Carnival HUB app reviews

  • App Won’t work 1/5

    By Sunnygirl49001
    I have tried using the app a couple of times and it only shows/asks if I am on board. I was really hoping to see what it has to offer but a a little disappointed.
  • Must Have For Cruise 5/5

    By momlife2912
    Loves being able to keep in touch with my friends and family that attended for only $5.00! I also loved being able to “favorite” what events/shows I wanted to attend and have my own list to go off of! My absolute favorite part of the app was being able to track my purchases and how much money was available in my account! Will definitely use again!
  • Great resource! 5/5

    By ClArAgUmM
    I loved seeing all the activities on my app. It was free to use and the $5.00 charge to chat with anyone on board was great and TOTALLY worth it. Very useful!
  • This app is a must for traveling with families 5/5

    By RNLatina
    I traveled with my hubby and two youngest kids ages 10 and 17. Three of us used the app thru out the day. If you like an get a reminder of it right before...also saves into your favorites. Also easy to text each other for easy communication. Helpful to see excursions as well.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Joecruiser62
    We used this app constantly. Not only does it show what’s happening for a day, but you can page through every day of the cruise. If there’s something you want to be sure to attend, mark it and it will notify you 15 minutes before. It gives you the menu for the evening, the times restaurants are open, the dress code for the night. It gives you the weather where you are and at your ports. Very helpful!
  • Great app. But needs to be available for iPad. 4/5

    By cruiseaddict.
    I’m only giving this app four stars because it is not available for iPad. It says it’s compatible with iPad but when I go on my iPad, it’s not in the App Store. There are many people that don’t have iPhones, but do have iPads. Other then that. Great app!
  • Good for some things useless for messaging 2/5

    By sugoii
    The app worked fine for looking up schedules, reminders of activities and basic information. I even liked that you could look up dinner menus ahead of time. The message app has significant problems. It would cause app crashes the messages would sometimes work and sometimes not. Even when it worked when you went back to see the messages it would keep the first 4-5 messages sent and everything else would disappear. While I guess it’s better than nothing it was not something that I considered as necessary. If it worked as intended it would be a must on any cruise.
  • Loved it! 5/5

    By Waterytart207
    This app made planning and organizing so much easier! There is so much you want to do on the ship and this really helped keep track of it all. Hopefully, once more people use it, it will also cut down on the superfluous paper waste on board.
  • Carnival Flub 1/5

    By WaterMark67
    The Carnival Hub connectivity was inconsistent aboard ship. It’s $5/cabin for duration of cruise and only means of ‘chatting’ with friends and family aboard the ship. Doesn’t work on excursions. Expected better of Carnival
  • My first cruise. This made it awesome! 5/5

    By SavvySIREGirl
    So glad we were all able to have this. Never wondered about anything. This app is incredibly well done. Thanks for all the information I needed and didn’t know I needed at my fingertips!
  • Great app!! 5/5

    By el electrican
    Always up to date on events and locations on the ship. I met a few people and wished I got the message feature to better keep in touch with everyone. A must for any of the cruises!
  • Good app for for our first cruise 5/5

    By Chipva32
    My wife and I downloaded the app to use on our first cruise. One of the more useful features is that the app lists out the ships activities and lets you compile a favorite list then it sends reminders 15 minutes before your activity begins. For an extra $5 per person you can also activate the chat feature. This was useful when we were not at the same activity. It also lets you talk to your dinner partners if you exchange contact information. You do need to be connected to the ships WiFi but you don’t need to buy the data package for the app to work. Make sure your phone is in airplane mode to prevent extra charges from your cell network. We also purchased the social media package and when everyone on board is online it is slow but was still good for uploading photos to Facebook and chatting with our friends back home.
  • You need this!!! 5/5

    By hunwood
    If you are cruising this is awesome!!! Make your to mark your favorite activities with the heart and you’ll get an alert. Loved this!!!!
  • A Great App! 4/5

    By TinaJB8
    This app is so convenient! It was great being able to check for daily schedules, menus, and account summary! The only thing that keeps me from giving it 5 stars is how the account summary doesn’t do the math to subtract your credits from your charges, so you’re not certain how much you will actually be paying. Other than that, it’s absolutely great!
  • Carnival hub 3/5

    By Monson323
    Finally a way to communicate with family and friends on the ship, however I only gave it three stars because there are some faults. The app does not perform well if you have international service on your phone because the phone requires your phone be in airplane mode. It also requires a refresh frequently and you have to reload the app several times. Some of my messages I didn’t receive until later in the evening. Also you can’t send pictures, which would be helpful in describing to others your location.
  • Outstanding and must have app 5/5

    By Ms. Very
    This app is essential when traveling with the Carnival Cruise Line. It gives you everything you need and want to know when you are on the ship. A must have st all times.
  • A Must Have 4/5

    By DOC8993
    This is a great app. Was very nice to have the daily activities on an app instead of having to carry around a piece of paper. Would be nice if it had the ships gps position map as a selection like on the information screen and tv on the ship. Would also be nice to be able to add to the sail and sign from the app as well.
  • Must Have 4/5

    By Firemanprice
    Great App I think the entire fleet should have it now. Lost a star due to the app not fully supporting the iPhone X (not using the X full screen Real estate) Makes it easy to know what’s going on and what’s on the menu in the dining room. Easy to chat with your family and friends while on the ship. Also can keep a eye on your ship account. This is a very convenient app.
  • Very useful 4/5

    By RNeb
    This app is great while you’re on the ship. Before you cruise, it is only a countdown timer. I read for the last update that you would be able to view and purchase excursions through the app and got excited about it, only to find that it is only while you’re onboard, too. I would give 5 stars if I could manage my cruise through the app rather than the webpage. The app is worth 5 stars while onboard.
  • Some advice 4/5

    By JamishS
    App works mostly well and I was glad to have it on the trip! Some finer points: Advice to users: turn on airplane mode in port to ensure that your phone isn’t trying to use mobile data, which doesn’t work for the chat feature. Advice to Carnaval: why does the app have to run in order to receive messages? Please change that. Also let us send images!
  • Love the app 5/5

    By Crossota
    Wish it was optimized for the iPhone X
  • Great App! 4/5

    By Goodjack
    Recently got back from a carnival cruise with a group of 10. This app was insanely helpful with the chat feature for staying in touch as we went off in different directions. It was also very helpful for staying informed on the onboard activity as well. The $5 per person for the chat option was worth it.
  • Must have app!!! 5/5

    By Beth0517
    This app tells you everything you need to know about your ship: maps, what events are going on, island info and excursions, where to eat, times on all, your account, etc. made my cruise easier and better! Always using it!!! Free to use and easy to use!!!! A must have!!!
  • A must have for any Carnival cruise 5/5

    By BarbVice
    Definitely download this app before your cruise, then the minute you get on the ship (after you grab a drink and a Guy’s burger of course) sit down, log yourself onboard, and familiarize yourself with all it has to offer and how to use it. There is a wealth of info and resources to make your cruise go more smoothly. Schedules, descriptions of each event and activity, maps of the entire ship and every deck, your account summary, your photo gallery, weather, a chat feature, and pop up reminders for the activities that you have “favorited.” It has improved and expanded immensely since I first used it in 2015. Fantastic app.
  • Could be better 4/5

    By MrOpus69
    For an app that is specific to your boat and your cruise is a plus, but having to log on every morning to WiFi was a huge pain in the butt. Nice being able to find times of shows or port departure time or which food is available at midnight. If you get other people’s pictures in you pixel account, don’t worry they are still tweaking the facial recognition software, but so much easier than pouring through thousands of pictures to find your needle in the haystack.
  • Hub 5/5

    By nuttybutter74
    Definitely a must on ship, especially if you have a group. The 5$ is worth the money. Loved being able to see ship maps and all events on phone!
  • Slow... costs $5 per person 2/5

    By zuok
    It was so much better to use than 2 way radios. I’d rate it 5 stars if it was free and worked faster and didn’t close unexpectedly often. Carnival should provide use of this app for free! Paying $5 each person when you’re together often throughout the vacation to send a handful of messages can be a waste of money. It’d be nice if it also doubled as a way to play interactive games while cruising too, ie trivia, scavenger hunt, etc.! Menus on app weren’t exactly same as what was printed in dining room. I used it more than the paper versions of Fun Times, which was so much better. Unfortunately Carnival is finding more and more ways to charge money and cut corners. It’s not what it used to be.
  • Fantastic!! 5/5

    By Omra84
    My husband and I were traveling with some friends and this app was SO helpful to keep in touch with them and keep up with activities going on during our cruise. It has maps of your ship to help guide you where you want to go and It was only $5 to access texting and wifi to use the app. We were able to favorite activities we wanted to catch and it alerted us that before the events were starting! It also let's you know when you are departing and arriving at ports as well as the weather where you will be. We were able to preview our dinner menus as well to get an idea of what we wanted to try for dinners. We will definitely be using this every time we cruise!
  • Great App! 5/5

    By Ellie-speaks
    I highly recommend using this app on your cruise. In the app, you can pull up the Activities schedule, mark the ones you want to attend as favorites, then only pull up only the favorites (which is your schedule for the day). If you allow push notifications, it will remind you when its time to go to your scheduled activities. Use chat ($5/cabin for the cruise) to text those in your group on the ship. If you bought an internet plan, it is also accessible in the app. You can also check the weather for your destinations. Dining times and menus were a useful feature. Also, you can keep track of the running total on your Sign & Sail card in the app. Overall, Carnival has done a good job with this tool.
  • Update please! 3/5

    By TiffanyH8
    I love and need this app but it won’t work on my iPhone 8+ 😫 please update!
  • Great App 5/5

    By ShansOnTheGo
    This app was awesome while cruising. All you have to do is connect to their Wi-Fi and you’re good to go. Check your balances, see a map of the ship, and even check the weather, ship & etc.
  • Carnival 5/5

    By Espen score
    Awesome Adventure
  • Cruise communications 5/5

    By DanelM
    This is a great app that helps us communicate with friends and family aboard the ship! Only $5 a week. LoVE IT!!!
  • Carnival glory 3/5

    By A23776
    Fairly good app but the chats did get glitchy. Great way to keep updated and plan your activities, monitor your account, etc.
  • Helpful 4/5

    By Maria&Manuel
    Chat feature was helpful to communicate with others on board, but not always reliable. Overall good app for onboard activities and access to specific dinner menus each day.
  • Great must have app 5/5

    By wndy26
    Love this app. Everything you need to cruise right, all events with ability favorite the ones you want to do and reminders; quick way to see your own personal spending. Only thing they could improve on was dining room spending does not show detailed receipts all other purchases had receipts you could view. Chat function for groups could also be beneficial, my group did not use it tho. Love this app and will use it for my next cruise - no wifi plan needed- ship provides free wifi for app use.
  • Doesn’t work without WiFi... 3/5

    By Lablady1974
    Would be a great app if the on board WiFi worked correctly. When the WiFi was down (frequent), you couldn’t even access the maps.
  • Please add to the off-line version of this app 4/5

    By OzZ123456789
    It would be really nice to have on the off-line version of the Carnival HUB app the FAQ.
  • Nice 4/5

    By doofus123
    Nice app and great for keeping in touch with family and knowing what’s going on. Would be really nice if I could access the carnival website to check on possible future cruises while in the ship.
  • Perfect app for knowing what’s going on 5/5

    By Swinney23
    This app will allow you to view all the ships activities and favorite them. If your smart phone allows you can then receive reminders when the activities are about to begin. You can also view shore excursions at your ports, sign up for ship WiFi for internet access as well as view your current ship board charges. As I said it’s the perfect app for cruising
  • Helpful but buggy 3/5

    By rawr4211
    This app is helpful during the cruise to find what is going on each day, but the shore excursions page didn’t work on two of our families phones. Also the chat system that you have to pay 5 dollars to use was super delayed and we eventually gave up using it. The first few days constantly logged us off the wifi that we paid for before it started working consistently later in the cruise. However the other features were done well and were great.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Kal4/14
    Loved this app, used this while on our cruise, and was great for signing in and watching our countdown
  • A must for a Carnival cruise 5/5

    By Jlmarnp
    We just returned from a cruise traveling with 11 other people. There is no other way to communicate. We used it in a group to communicate with all of us as well as individually. Everything that a person needs to know such as menus, what’s happening on the ship, how much has been spent on the boat, etc is on the app. Download it before leaving or you won’t be able to.
  • Garage 1/5

    By coforge
    I would have been better off using Wallis Talkies. $5 completely and utterly wasted.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Nicckie6
    Easy way to keep in touch with family, entertainment, and your spending.
  • Must have! 5/5

    By Loveeeeeeeeee this app
    It helps you stay connected to family and tell u all the fun things happening in the app at at your finger tips it lets your book excursions, tell you what time dinner is, what to wear to dinner, what’s open what’s close, how much money on your sign and sail card and so much more!
  • Core features great; Chat app really buggy 3/5

    By ChezBoudreaux
    App’s free features are excellent—ship maps with searchable directional locators, current and overall events schedule, even down to correct daily menus at the restaurant. Expense app was accurate and helpful. But chat feature is very buggy—delay in receiving messages, established/named groups lose members but they continue to get messages and write (come up as ‘null’), etc.
  • Must have 4/5

    By JennBroom
    This was such a great thing to have, it was great to have the menu’s ahead of time, reminders and maps for favorite events. And the chat feature ($5 per person for the cruise duration) was SO worth it! The only reason I did not give it 5 Stars was really due to the message that popped up continuously and annoyingly about the WiFi on the ship.
  • Easy to use & Convenient!!! 5/5

    By Breezy Real_Deal
    I absolutely LOVE this app. I use it every time I go on a cruise. The $5 chat is worth it because it allows you to keep in touch with others on the boat. I’m hoping Carnival releases an Apple Watch version on this app soon!!
  • Hub 5/5

    By Cruise agent
    I was on the Carnival Magic in December. I’m going on the Carnival Ecstasy April 4, 2018. I reset the count down clock but it wont let me put in the ship. It still thinks I’m going on the Magic. How can I reset ship?

Carnival HUB app comments


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